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  1. "The Passion" Trailer
  2. Movie Poster framing question
  3. The Legend of Zorro - September 23rd, 2005
  4. Anyone seen LXG and care to give their review?
  5. The Assassination of Richard Nixon
  6. Groucho Presents…BOX OFFICE POKER!
  7. Just Finished Memento **Spoilers**
  8. "LXG" bombs with critics
  9. Funniest Sex Scene
  10. Empire Strikes Back Box Office
  11. RE: Ebert & Boobs
  12. Lalawood Movie /Jiminy Glick DVD???
  13. What's the oldest movie you can name that had Matrix or the Matrix in it?
  14. Arr! 'Pirates' pulls in over $13 mil opening day!
  15. I know who is the new Superman runner up
  16. 'Charlies Angels' Cat Fight
  17. T-X vs. T-1000, who would win?
  18. Are You Getting Annoyed With Directors Quitting Two Movies into a Trilogy?
  19. Troma and Full Moon films
  20. Don't spoil films for your fellow members, use SPOILER tags (learn how inside)
  21. Pirates of the Caribbean [Merged]
  22. What one really nitpicky thing drives you crazy about your favorite movie?
  23. Small question about TITANIC dialogue
  24. The Haunted Mansion trailer is up. Let the mocking begin!
  25. Do you guys consider John Turturro to be a good actor?
  26. What was the first color film ever?
  27. Matrix Reloaded question (spoilers)
  28. Dallas/Ft. Worth film fans...go see GIANT!
  29. Mafia Movies
  30. Avoid the writer's featurette on "Basic"
  31. So what should the title of T4 be?
  32. Terminator clothes re-generate?
  33. Pirates vs. LXG (who will fare better this week?)
  34. Caddyshack III
  35. Best pirate movie?
  36. Movie quote help?
  37. Terminator 3 Question about why the machines....
  38. Are you ready for.... ANACONDA II?
  39. best Steven Spielberg movie?
  40. NKOtB on the Silver Screen...? Did they learn NOTHING from FJ2K?
  41. DALLAS - The Movie [soon to be in the works]
  42. Alien 5 (D: Blomkamp) S: Weaver
  43. 2 "there's something about mary" questions (no spoilers)
  44. Your Favorite Movie-Making Brothers
  45. Wrong/Worse use of Music
  46. Best year-top-grossing film of the '80s?
  47. My fiance just watched her first horror flick!!!!
  48. The 80s teen film actors who need a comeback thread.
  49. James Cameron likes Terminator 3?
  50. First timer directors that should be making more movies...
  51. movie with fireworks scene?
  52. What is the name of this song?
  53. Yet Again.. More proof Roger Ebert has lost it.
  54. How many times did u watch your favorite summer movies?
  55. Legally Blonde 2 Director calls film "Politically Subversive"
  56. Envy Trailer
  57. Movies that are only good when you're in a certain mood
  58. Favorite Back to the Future Film
  59. Box Office: July 4-6
  60. Riddick movie info...
  61. Terminator Time Travel Theory (T3 SPOILERS)
  62. BEST big summer movie so far?
  63. Takashi Miike films
  64. What's your favorite Evil Dead Movie?
  65. At least one theater gets it!!
  66. Funny Finding Nemo reference in Monster's Inc.
  67. the matrix solved....
  68. Do any of you read screenplays?
  69. K-19 : Were they supposed to be speaking with a Russian accent?
  70. N!xau from "The Gods Must Be Crazy" has died.
  71. Your Favorite Wes Craven Film
  72. Your Favorite Hellraiser Film
  73. Your Favorite Poltergeist Film
  74. Trailer for Sequel to Dirty Dancing (Seriously!)
  75. Capturing the Friedmans
  76. Bad Boys II Review(Spoilers)
  77. Your Favorite Sylvester Stallone Film
  78. Your Favorite Farrelly Brothers Film
  79. The MPAA Rating System
  80. Original Planet of the Apes (spoilers contained)
  81. Best Sword Fighting Scenes
  82. From Dusk Till Dawn, II and III
  83. New Dreamworks Press Sheets (incl. Shrek 2)
  84. Lost in La Mancha
  85. Is it fair to compare T3 to Matrix Reloaded..? [& Vice-versa]
  86. did t3 deserve it's R rating?
  87. Which is your favorite movie poll?
  88. Good monster movies?
  89. The Hour Good?
  90. There will be no ROTK teaser
  91. Well, I guess T3 is a box-office dud!(only $12 million Wednesday)
  92. 'Golden Age of Slapstick Comedy' Filmfest
  93. OMG! Predator 3?!
  94. Check out Ninja Fury! (link to free download)
  95. Which Terminator Film is Your Favorite?
  96. What's Your Favorite Friday the 13th Film? (merged)
  97. Which is Your Favorite Nightmare on Elm Street Film?
  98. Which is Your Favorite Halloween Film?
  99. Which Rocky Film is the Best?
  100. Legally Blonde 2 - short review
  101. can anyone explain the full "plot" of pulp fiction? (will contain lots of spoilers)
  102. Connery: Spielberg not doing Indy 4
  103. The Crow: Wicked Prayer
  104. which trailers ran with T3
  105. Gibson decides to add subtitles to "The Passion"
  106. Worst Movie of the Summer (so far)
  107. Charlie Chan film festival is off of FOX movie channel!
  108. If you had your own bodyguard programs....
  109. How big are the crowds for t3?
  110. Why is Edward Furlong not in T3?
  111. Terminator VS A Blonde
  112. Does Your SO's Taste In Movies Differ From Yours?
  113. Pirates of the Caribbean: Disney's first Pg-13
  114. Complaints Doom Charlie Chan TV Fest
  115. Activision sues Paramount for more Star Trek
  116. Need Help Identifying This Actress
  117. Why Can't Some Stand-Ups Comedians Make Good Films?
  118. TCM rates "Clash of the Titans" TV-MA !!
  119. Gremlins 3
  120. Terminator 3: Reviews and Disscussion
  121. The influence of Queen Kong?
  122. Buddy Hackett Is Dead
  123. Script Doctors: do they get any credit?
  124. Can you name this movie from sparse trailer info?
  125. Best year-top-grossing film of the '90s?
  126. Hercules in NY is hilarious!
  127. Does "Old School" have a CD soundtrack?
  128. Viggo's new movie: Hidalgo
  129. The Ruination of a Movie: T3 (Major f'n spoilers)
  130. # of Tickets sales down (9%)
  131. Worst movie accents
  132. Favo(u)rite Character
  133. Scary Movie 3 Posters
  134. Best Horror DVD in an Amusement park
  135. Anyone else upset with the term "genre movie"?
  136. Anyone seen Wendigo? Thoughts?
  137. How much box office makes a 'blockbuster' today?
  138. Your Favourite...?
  139. Jaws, Media Hype, & the death of the Summer "Popcorn Movie"..?
  140. Will we see a Shrek 2 trailer with Sinbad?
  141. Terminator 3 - Box Office Predictions
  142. Longest Running Movie Series?
  143. HDTV to wide screen view URL answer question please
  144. Punch Drunk Love - Mattress Man Commercial
  145. Whats your favorite movie(s) on DVD that were made b 4 u were born?
  146. what Jack Black movie is this?
  147. Just saw Ebert and Doper's review of Charlie's Angels...LMFAO!!!!!
  148. Katherine Hepburn Dies.
  149. Return of the King Trailer?
  150. are there any horror movies that break "the rules" (scream rules)
  151. VO Narration -Good or Bad?
  152. weirdest movie in your opinion?
  153. Why do so many people need 'buzz'?
  154. Upcoming post-Chicago musicals?
  155. Soul Survivors: Blind Buy?
  156. Danny Boyle Movies
  157. Which Rambo Movie?
  158. Anyone else "worried" about T3?
  159. Recommend some John Wayne westerns....
  160. Alltime Greatest Mobster/Gang movies
  161. Are There Really 196 Films Better Than MILLER'S CROSSING?
  162. Screenplay software?
  163. Wizard's "50 Best Comic Book Movies Ever!"
  164. Matrix goes azn
  165. Box Office #s for Full Thottle, etc.
  166. Charlie's Angels 2: Full Discussion Thread (spoilers included)
  167. Soundbite needed from Private Parts
  168. Too Funny! Box Office Mojo: From Justin to Kelly vs. Glitter
  169. ANOTHER useless remake -- Back To School
  170. Need help with title of Japanese film
  171. How has your taste in movies changed over the years?
  172. Most advertising EVER for a summer movie
  173. Why THE PIANIST Sucked
  174. Parker and Stone's "Team America"
  175. Best On Screen, Gut Wrenching Breakups
  176. Commercial in Theatres (Love)
  177. Cabin Fever
  178. RETURN OF THE KING - first official teaser one-sheet...
  179. New Jersey Man Pleads Guilty to Bootlegging 'The Hulk'
  180. 'Star Wars' Title Riddle
  181. Anyone sad that the Matrix and LOTR are ending?
  182. New Mr. Bean movie.. who's gonna see it?
  183. where do you go to get upcoming movie information?
  184. would I enjoy Boogie Nights?
  185. Comic book movies you want to see re done, and right this time.
  186. OK, eww! John Travolta in "Bridget Jones" sequel?
  187. Star Wars question: why didn't they evacuate Alderaan?
  188. Why are so many movies trilogies nowadays?
  189. Sci-Fi Books That Need to Become Movies
  190. Trilogy that you are most looking forward to the concluding chapter of?
  191. John Sayles Best Movie?
  192. What will make the next great trilogy
  193. Best Vegas Movie?
  194. Watched SCOTLAND, PA Last Night
  195. another day in paradise
  196. What films would look better in b/w, and vice versa?
  197. Is there any good straight to video movies?
  198. help with the title of book re: movies that almost were made?
  199. sophia bush- any photos?
  200. Most novel to movie adaptations?
  201. movies that contain head exploding or brain explosions?
  202. Movies you can always depend on like good friends (make you feel good about life)
  203. Favorite Auhnold action movie
  204. Horror reccomendations
  205. NEON GENESIS EVANGELION - Live action film from WETA
  206. What movies cancelled any future sequel?
  207. Comic Book Hero movies: what they should do an where they have failed
  208. Hulk sequel in the works
  209. Movies that were terribly butchered
  210. Official Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle Film References Thread [Spoilers]
  211. Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas
  212. Carrie Sucked (Sure to have Spoilers)
  213. Waking Life - directed by Richard Linklater - Your thoughts?
  214. When oscar mixes up lead and supporting roles.
  215. What actesses auditioned for the role of the female Terminator in T3?
  216. Goodfellas Soundtrack Q?
  217. anybody know this movie...CYPHER?
  218. Undeserved Oscar NOMINATIONS
  219. Just goes to show...
  220. Who Will Win An Academy Award?
  221. "The Passion Of Joan Of Arc" Criterion Question?
  222. OK, the ending to Psycho just plain sucked
  223. Best Godfather movie?
  224. Dumb and Dumber- comedy classic or childish?
  225. Clive Owen - Not the next James Bond
  226. Your single most memorable/special Theater experience?
  227. Meatballs, and other movies with strange titles
  228. George Clooney -- The Modern Clark Gable?
  229. Killjoy?
  230. What's the best modern day mob movie? (1980-current)
  231. Can anyone help me I watched a DVD called The Ring
  232. Looking for Movie... Title Unknown
  233. Your favorite Monica Bellucci movies?
  234. The director of Good Burger is the star of C.H.U.D. II: Bud the Chud
  235. Lucas based the trench run on WWII movie?
  236. What's the worst transfer (picture quality) you have ever seen?
  237. 1939 marathon in july saturday's on tcm!
  238. HULK, would you take your kids to see it?
  239. Hulk Disappoints, From Justin To Kelly Flops, Weekend Box Office 6/20-6/22
  240. Any Hollywood Stock Exchange Players here?
  241. Six String Samurai - the last shot
  242. This just in: George Lucas in talks with Metallica to do the soundtrack for ep.3
  243. Question about "The Recruit" (spoilers)
  244. Movies released in the wrong time frame
  245. DVD Talk reviews of 'Hulk'
  246. The Matrix Reloaded: The ABRIDGED script
  247. Why did Moulin Rouge! flop in american theaters?
  248. The Royal Tennenbaums question
  249. Which one of Charlies Angels needs to be permanently retired?
  250. What does Nick Nolte need more?