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  1. Top 100 movies of All Time accd to Time magazine's Schikel and Corliss
  2. Who hasn't seen ROTS yet that wants to?
  3. how can i find out if there's a digital theater nearby?
  4. Time Lapse: ROTS to ANH (~18-20 yrs) ??
  5. Episodes 7,8 and 9
  6. Why are the Alien Jedi such Wimps ?
  7. Question about the line to see Ep III
  8. Layer Cake
  9. Any Word On A SE Version Of Training Day
  10. Padme dialogue question
  11. Why can't the Jedi sense Sidious..and other ?'s
  12. How Would You Split the Other 40% of Plot
  13. Since you Luke & Leia were twins
  14. why lucus didn't make the films in the correct order?
  15. Mace Windu - anyone disapointed by him?
  16. Are the Jedi too powerful in the prequels?
  17. Frist = Palpatine According to Lautenberg
  18. Is It All Mace Windu's Fault?! (SPOILERS)
  19. Bboisvert explains it all (or at least he should)
  20. Jar Jar
  21. Anakin does NOT turn to the dark side too quickly
  22. Something I Don't Understand That Maybe A Star Wars Fan Can Explain
  23. General Grevious
  24. Is it ever explained how Chewbacca...
  25. Did Obi Wan Know that He was Delivering Luke...
  26. Error in star wars 3 ?? mabye not... (spoilers)
  27. Better Space Battle: Jedi or Sith?
  28. There is another?
  29. Triumph of Destiny: ACting on the Future in ESB and ROTS
  30. If the Star Wars saga was remade by fanboys
  31. $50,013,859 Box Office just for Thursday!
  32. Can anyone remember the Sci Fi movie...
  33. Where can I buy a nice replica light sabre?
  34. Which part of RotS did Spielberg direct?
  35. The Sith Sense
  36. isn't it too early to have a scarlet johannson band wagon?
  37. how to fix the problems of episode 3
  38. Future SW Marathons: Anybody else plan to skip Eps I & II and just start with III?
  39. Weekend Box Office May 19th-22nd
  40. The Official ROTS "Bush Bashing" Thread [spoilers]
  41. Will we ever see a Buffy The Vampire Slayer Movie with TV cast??
  42. OFFICIAL POLL - How much total gross? SW:Episode III does 16.5M at midnight alone!
  43. Caption This: Episode III ("Fans In Line" Version)
  44. Ooops: Episode III already pirated
  45. If R2 never payed Luke a visit in ANH...
  46. How Does Anakin Become a Jedi Ghost in RotJ? (Ep. 3 spoilers)
  47. In AOTC why did Dooku tell Obi Wan that the senate is controlled by the Sith?
  48. What I would have like to have seen in EP 3.(spoilers)
  49. ROTS and The Stand (Spoilers)
  50. Four main questions and some guesses about ROTS and the original trilogy
  51. How many times will you see ROTS?
  52. How long was Dooku working for Palpatine?
  53. Midnight Showings reported to break record with 17 million
  54. RITS Grevious vs CW Grevious (Spoilers)
  55. Keira Knightley in TPM
  56. Topher Grace Joins Spiderman 3
  57. Why call Obi-Won Ben?
  58. C3PO question (spoilers contained within)
  59. Road to Perdition Plot Point *** SPOILER ALERT ***
  60. Deleted Scenes in Ep3?
  61. Timeline Question (SPOILER ALERT!)
  62. Fun With Fanboys
  63. Ever think 1 actor is in a movie only to be totally mistaken years later
  64. Dooku & Palpatine / Droids vs. Clones
  65. Help me find this movie
  66. So, Besides the Film, How Was Your Overall Opening Night Experience?
  67. Cameos etc in ROTS?
  68. Looking for mailman movie/short film
  69. Favorite Movie Critic Quote from ROTS Review
  70. Explain the "separatists" (please)
  71. Han Shoots Second
  72. Movie palletes
  73. Hollywood's 50 Most Powerful
  74. Kingdom of Heaven trailer music?
  75. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead..Questions
  76. Caption This:Star Wars Edition
  77. The Jedi and Sith for Dummies
  78. Best Movie Theater in Portland, OR
  79. Curses! Mr. + Mrs. Smith = PG-13
  80. Top Ten Things Never Before Said By A "Star Wars" Character on David Letterman
  81. Da Vinci Code Teaser Trailer
  82. Was Han Solo supposed to be in Episode 3?
  83. movies that are too long (please list specific scene's if possible)
  84. Star Wars roundtable with Kevin Smith, Simon Pegg, and Edgar Wright
  85. WWE Films pick up a new action flick
  86. '70s Movies that relate to Politics, Economics and Society
  87. Star wars on vh1 best week ever.
  88. Why does Obi-Wan suck at dueling? *SPOILERS*
  89. Watching Revenge of the Sith: Digital or Celluloid?
  90. Ep III at a Drive-In
  91. Obi-Wan is the most hardened good character
  92. how crowded will theaters be thursday?
  93. Pallindromes
  94. A New Hope indeed...
  95. Help with Star Wars Trivia
  96. Anyone have "Darth Tater" and is it worth it?
  97. Interesting first date movie choices...
  98. Grade ROTS thread
  99. Monster in Law- Complete Garbage Review
  100. If you could only see 1 movie, in a theater, in your entire life...which would it be?
  101. Lucas: Under 25 love ep I-II, over 25 don't
  102. In the Real World, Anakin Skywalker.....
  103. I have just heard the dumbest movie trailer narrator line ever
  104. For those who have seen Ep.III--LOTR influence?
  105. Dark Crystal 2 rumors, news
  106. Question about the dvd for ROTS
  107. Vader's "secret" no longer for Ep.V?
  108. Where do you buy movie T-shirts
  109. best star pilot in the galaxy?
  110. Kicking and Screaming - quick review
  111. ugh... i have to go see Monster In Law
  112. Question about John Williams linear notes on Ep. 4
  113. Weekend Box Office May 13th-15th
  114. Star Wars Creatures - Wed 9pm on AP
  115. "Clone Wars" replaying on Cartoon Network today
  116. Get ready for Kung Fu Hustle 2!
  117. Entertainment Weekly Cover
  118. film critics, why are they so rude?
  119. Why is ROTJ Luke dressed in black?
  120. Man, they are seriously stubborn (people in line at the Grauman's Chinese Theater)
  121. Why did Lucas explain the force w/ mitochlrins?
  122. Anyone know the true story behind Bully
  123. So who's going into ROTS a virgin (translation: spoiler free)?
  124. SPOILER THREAD: Ask questions for those who have seen Ep. III
  125. Star Wars: Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith -
  126. Which of these should I buy?
  127. I do believe the marketing has gone a little too far...
  128. Was "Unleashed" (a.k.a. "Danny The Dog") cut in its US release version?
  129. Star Wars Babes
  130. David Lynch's new film: INLAND EMPIRE
  131. Need help finding a Star Wars inspired dance mix...
  132. Catch Me If You Can
  133. Any Quakertown, PA midnighters?
  134. Store Wars
  135. Return of the Jedi soundtrack question
  136. How much do she thinks Wanda Sykes gets paid?
  137. Very quick question for those who have seen the film
  138. Does Universal Plan On Promoting Romero's Land Of The Dead?
  139. Can the Michael Stone "Depravity Scale" be used to measure violence in movies?
  140. "Forced to explain" - 10 things the final ‘Star Wars’ should resolve
  141. ESB question
  142. Assault on Precinct 13: Dog hitting should be left out
  143. Eli Roth can't direct Cabin 2.......yeah, something like that
  144. Star Map
  145. Normally I'm not into "Urban Dance Flicks" but this looks really good.
  146. Forman, Bardem, Portman: Goya's Ghosts
  147. WTFlohan
  148. all time box office sales
  149. Dark Side of Oz-Any other recommendations?
  150. FINALLY..."Urban Legends 3: Bloody Mary"...everyone can now rest easy....eh...
  151. Movies that are adapted from a play
  152. Best transition from comedic to serious/dramatic actor.
  153. Who is going to JAWS FEST in Cape Cod?
  154. Help ID an obscure horror witchcraft time travel film
  155. So when did movie credits become 1/4 of Today's film length?
  156. Monster in Law Screening (so cal)
  157. Movies like the Ninth Gate?
  158. Which Version of Rambo:First Blood Has It?
  159. So...Red Dwarf: The Movie....is it dead yet?
  160. Sympathy for Lady Vengeance - Teaser trailer.
  161. DVD Talk Radio's Spoiler Free Review of SW ep 3 - UPDATED
  162. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Trailer
  163. Does anyone else like Shadow Magic?
  164. My 12 days of Star Wars
  165. TRAILER: Return of the Living Dead 4 & 5...Wow, just..wow...
  166. Identify old movie "The Stoneman"
  167. Chicagoland Star Wars Fans
  168. Weekend Box Office May 6th-8th
  169. Does Ryan Renolds look like Jason Lee to anyone else???
  170. Any dark surrealism DVD's to recommend?
  171. Starman Question
  172. First Ten Minutes of "Batman Begins"...May 18!!
  173. "I am your father" remix
  174. Anyone DRESS UP in costume when they see this?
  175. Help me identify this 60's flick
  176. Shark Boy & Lava Girl - 3D trailer looks better than the title suggests!
  177. Best HITMAN from any Movie ?
  178. Dukes of Hazard trailer up
  179. I wont defend this one; AVP2
  180. could "Napoleon Dynamite 2" be far off?
  181. Need a Pep Talk...can Hayden pull this off?
  182. What trailers will be likely shown before ROTS?
  183. Old Disney VHS "cereal box-size" gift sets info?
  184. Article about the final demise of UA (+some Bond history)
  185. Go see CRASH (review thread)...
  186. Movies that portray common phobias...
  187. Sam Raimi to direct Spider-Man 4, 5 & 6?
  188. Favorite STAR WARS TOY growing up?
  189. AP reports on SW:EpII PG-13 rating
  190. Can anyone identify this?
  191. are we EVER gonna see "Rendezvous with Rama"??
  192. Fincher to push a "Button"
  193. Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
  194. "Saw" - Suitable for 15 year old? How about Sin City?
  195. ESB and RoTJ influences?
  196. Custom Cover Art For the Revenge Of the Sith Soundtrack/Bonus DVD?
  197. Any chance of ROTS being bumped up to the 18th?
  198. Anyone remember the ROTJ cookies??
  199. Extended "DLP" version
  200. Darth Dew Slurpee at 7-11 Who's had it?
  201. CHEAPEST prices for the Revenge Of the Sith Soundtrack and PS2 game?
  202. Attn. Sergio Leone fans - "Colossus of Rhodes' on TMC
  203. pulp fiction, the family film?
  204. Cool Pirate movies I don't know about?
  205. I have a very specific film terminology question…
  206. Star Wars on cover of Time w/Review
  207. Anyone going to a press screening this week?
  208. Any NJ Midnight Showing people here?
  209. Watching Ep. 1-6 back to back
  210. Has Star Wars helped the careers of...
  211. Great idea but poorly executed
  212. Queen Amidala
  213. I couldn't sit through American Graffitti
  214. What's the Big Deal with Wes Anderson
  215. RotS Footage from the Game
  216. New York Times Reams Star Wars as Sci-Fi
  217. So, if this is really the end of the Star Wars movies: then who is Anakin's daddy?
  218. Help with presentation
  219. Most violent mainstream movies you have ever seen
  220. If someone likes Closer would they like...
  221. Recommend a movie on the the fall of Saigon.
  222. Weekend Box Office - April 29th - May 1st, 2005
  223. Pool Movies?
  224. Biggest box office directorial debut?
  225. Most unlikable character?
  226. Quicktime 7
  227. New Revenge of the Sith Music Video (repost?)
  228. Jacket
  229. Lego Star Wars: Revenge of the Brick on Cartoon Network 05.08.05
  230. Soderbergh's six picture deal
  231. "House of D" What a great movie!
  232. Who could have been a better voice for Grievous?
  233. Footage from Norwegian TV!
  234. Hitchcock Fans: Can you help me with this question?
  235. Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame To Kill For (2014) D: Rodriguez/Miller
  236. Feed
  237. "No animals were harmed during the making of this film...", NOT!
  238. Fangoria's Weekend of Horror (Burbank, California)
  239. Anakin Question (spoilers)
  240. Labyrinth of Evil
  241. Please help me find this movie
  242. Post Pics of your HT & Movie Memorabilia Collection, Part 1
  243. Chalk up another reason why Michael Bay is Satan
  244. Land of the Dead TRAILER is HERE!!!
  245. Some Bond news...
  246. First review of ROTS! (Spoilers in review)
  247. More movies like Texas Chainsaw, Toolbox Murders, House 1000 Corpses, etc.???
  248. Star Wars Tattoos?
  249. How many times will YOU see Revenge of the Sith in the theater?
  250. Will EIII:ROTS break Box Office records?