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  1. Charlie Chan film festival is off of FOX movie channel!
  2. If you had your own bodyguard programs....
  3. How big are the crowds for t3?
  4. Why is Edward Furlong not in T3?
  5. Terminator VS A Blonde
  6. Does Your SO's Taste In Movies Differ From Yours?
  7. Pirates of the Caribbean: Disney's first Pg-13
  8. Complaints Doom Charlie Chan TV Fest
  9. Activision sues Paramount for more Star Trek
  10. Need Help Identifying This Actress
  11. Why Can't Some Stand-Ups Comedians Make Good Films?
  12. TCM rates "Clash of the Titans" TV-MA !!
  13. Gremlins 3
  14. Terminator 3: Reviews and Disscussion
  15. The influence of Queen Kong?
  16. Buddy Hackett Is Dead
  17. Script Doctors: do they get any credit?
  18. Can you name this movie from sparse trailer info?
  19. Best year-top-grossing film of the '90s?
  20. Hercules in NY is hilarious!
  21. Does "Old School" have a CD soundtrack?
  22. Viggo's new movie: Hidalgo
  23. The Ruination of a Movie: T3 (Major f'n spoilers)
  24. # of Tickets sales down (9%)
  25. Worst movie accents
  26. Favo(u)rite Character
  27. Scary Movie 3 Posters
  28. Best Horror DVD in an Amusement park
  29. Anyone else upset with the term "genre movie"?
  30. Anyone seen Wendigo? Thoughts?
  31. How much box office makes a 'blockbuster' today?
  32. Your Favourite...?
  33. Jaws, Media Hype, & the death of the Summer "Popcorn Movie"..?
  34. Will we see a Shrek 2 trailer with Sinbad?
  35. Terminator 3 - Box Office Predictions
  36. Longest Running Movie Series?
  37. HDTV to wide screen view URL answer question please
  38. Punch Drunk Love - Mattress Man Commercial
  39. Whats your favorite movie(s) on DVD that were made b 4 u were born?
  40. what Jack Black movie is this?
  41. Just saw Ebert and Doper's review of Charlie's Angels...LMFAO!!!!!
  42. Katherine Hepburn Dies.
  43. Return of the King Trailer?
  44. are there any horror movies that break "the rules" (scream rules)
  45. VO Narration -Good or Bad?
  46. weirdest movie in your opinion?
  47. Why do so many people need 'buzz'?
  48. Upcoming post-Chicago musicals?
  49. Soul Survivors: Blind Buy?
  50. Danny Boyle Movies
  51. Which Rambo Movie?
  52. Anyone else "worried" about T3?
  53. Recommend some John Wayne westerns....
  54. Alltime Greatest Mobster/Gang movies
  55. Are There Really 196 Films Better Than MILLER'S CROSSING?
  56. Screenplay software?
  57. Wizard's "50 Best Comic Book Movies Ever!"
  58. Matrix goes azn
  59. Box Office #s for Full Thottle, etc.
  60. Charlie's Angels 2: Full Discussion Thread (spoilers included)
  61. Soundbite needed from Private Parts
  62. Too Funny! Box Office Mojo: From Justin to Kelly vs. Glitter
  63. ANOTHER useless remake -- Back To School
  64. Need help with title of Japanese film
  65. How has your taste in movies changed over the years?
  66. Most advertising EVER for a summer movie
  67. Why THE PIANIST Sucked
  68. Parker and Stone's "Team America"
  69. Best On Screen, Gut Wrenching Breakups
  70. Commercial in Theatres (Love)
  71. Cabin Fever
  72. RETURN OF THE KING - first official teaser one-sheet...
  73. New Jersey Man Pleads Guilty to Bootlegging 'The Hulk'
  74. 'Star Wars' Title Riddle
  75. Anyone sad that the Matrix and LOTR are ending?
  76. New Mr. Bean movie.. who's gonna see it?
  77. where do you go to get upcoming movie information?
  78. would I enjoy Boogie Nights?
  79. Comic book movies you want to see re done, and right this time.
  80. OK, eww! John Travolta in "Bridget Jones" sequel?
  81. Star Wars question: why didn't they evacuate Alderaan?
  82. Why are so many movies trilogies nowadays?
  83. Sci-Fi Books That Need to Become Movies
  84. Trilogy that you are most looking forward to the concluding chapter of?
  85. John Sayles Best Movie?
  86. What will make the next great trilogy
  87. Best Vegas Movie?
  88. Watched SCOTLAND, PA Last Night
  89. another day in paradise
  90. What films would look better in b/w, and vice versa?
  91. Is there any good straight to video movies?
  92. help with the title of book re: movies that almost were made?
  93. sophia bush- any photos?
  94. Most novel to movie adaptations?
  95. movies that contain head exploding or brain explosions?
  96. Movies you can always depend on like good friends (make you feel good about life)
  97. Favorite Auhnold action movie
  98. Horror reccomendations
  99. NEON GENESIS EVANGELION - Live action film from WETA
  100. What movies cancelled any future sequel?
  101. Comic Book Hero movies: what they should do an where they have failed
  102. Hulk sequel in the works
  103. Movies that were terribly butchered
  104. Official Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle Film References Thread [Spoilers]
  105. Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas
  106. Carrie Sucked (Sure to have Spoilers)
  107. Waking Life - directed by Richard Linklater - Your thoughts?
  108. When oscar mixes up lead and supporting roles.
  109. What actesses auditioned for the role of the female Terminator in T3?
  110. Goodfellas Soundtrack Q?
  111. anybody know this movie...CYPHER?
  112. Undeserved Oscar NOMINATIONS
  113. Just goes to show...
  114. Who Will Win An Academy Award?
  115. "The Passion Of Joan Of Arc" Criterion Question?
  116. OK, the ending to Psycho just plain sucked
  117. Best Godfather movie?
  118. Dumb and Dumber- comedy classic or childish?
  119. Clive Owen - Not the next James Bond
  120. Your single most memorable/special Theater experience?
  121. Meatballs, and other movies with strange titles
  122. George Clooney -- The Modern Clark Gable?
  123. Killjoy?
  124. What's the best modern day mob movie? (1980-current)
  125. Can anyone help me I watched a DVD called The Ring
  126. Looking for Movie... Title Unknown
  127. Your favorite Monica Bellucci movies?
  128. The director of Good Burger is the star of C.H.U.D. II: Bud the Chud
  129. Lucas based the trench run on WWII movie?
  130. What's the worst transfer (picture quality) you have ever seen?
  131. 1939 marathon in july saturday's on tcm!
  132. HULK, would you take your kids to see it?
  133. Hulk Disappoints, From Justin To Kelly Flops, Weekend Box Office 6/20-6/22
  134. Any Hollywood Stock Exchange Players here?
  135. Six String Samurai - the last shot
  136. This just in: George Lucas in talks with Metallica to do the soundtrack for ep.3
  137. Question about "The Recruit" (spoilers)
  138. Movies released in the wrong time frame
  139. DVD Talk reviews of 'Hulk'
  140. The Matrix Reloaded: The ABRIDGED script
  141. Why did Moulin Rouge! flop in american theaters?
  142. The Royal Tennenbaums question
  143. Which one of Charlies Angels needs to be permanently retired?
  144. What does Nick Nolte need more?
  145. Bad Ideas For Live Action Films
  146. the One & Only "From Justin To Kelly" [aka FJ2K] Appreciation/Discussion Thread
  147. HULK Questions Alert! SPOILERS Alert!
  148. Charlies Angels:Full Throttle-who's going?
  149. What Movie Is This From?
  150. Friday Box Office for Hulk, etc.
  151. Best Zombie films?
  152. disney/dali short now playing!
  153. Chicago to be back in theaters with "Class" intact
  154. What film must have been a fluke after seeing the director's other work?
  155. What do you feel is great mainly due to the director?
  156. Tell me why I should like Jim Jarmusch's "Dead Man"
  157. some good movies
  158. Movies you are guaranteed to find in a college student dwelling (DVD and VHS)
  159. Best/favorite car chase scene
  160. Favorite Brian De Palma movie
  161. Get It While You Can (D: Vallee) S: Amy Adams - Janis Joplin biopic
  162. Street Fighter (94): How does this movie suck?
  163. 6 New Vignettes by Bill Plympton
  164. Attn: Atlanta "Donnie Darko" fans!
  165. what happens at the end of Event Horizon? (obviously, spoilers)
  166. Your opinion on these (IMO) under-rated actors?
  167. knockaround guys: thoughts?
  168. SOLDIER BLUE- 70's Western-anyone seen it?
  169. The BEST "Story" in a DVD movie
  170. Anybody know where I can buy the old spiderman movies on vhs?
  171. what kinds of helos were used in The Hulk?
  172. FJTK Underground...
  173. What is actual title of "The Thing"?
  174. The Worst "Summer Blockbuster" Movie?
  175. Is Prozac Nation not coming to the US anymore?
  176. 3:10 to Yuma Remake '07 (Crowe, Bale)
  177. Has anyone heard of Wonderful Days?
  178. Random Ramblings and a few questions (spoilers?)
  179. Worst Three CGI Movies
  180. the anti-MIAM thread.
  181. From Justin To Kelly - Reviews are in
  182. what are the essential blaxpoitation movies?
  183. Once Upon A Time In America
  184. The Eye....?
  185. T3 Score + Movie Questions
  186. WHO Can't Act!
  187. Review: About Schmidt [spoilers]
  188. Summer 2003 Box Office Game
  189. Are IMAX theaters going to become the mainstream standard?
  190. "The Eyes of the Dragon" by Stephen King - coming in animated form
  191. PREDICTIONS: "The Hulk" Box Office 6/20-6/22
  192. Man Scared to Death by Horror Movie?
  193. Spoilers - Great villains that make you angry...
  194. whatever happened to Shane Black?
  195. Movie Related Item at Sports Authority
  196. Whatever happened with Turner's colorized movies?
  197. Hollywood Homicide
  198. Construct a film festival from my collection!
  199. Poll: Worst Comic Book Movie Change
  200. Best "pissed off" movie?
  201. The Fall Guy (2024, D: Leitch) S: Gosling, Blunt, Taylor-Johnson
  202. When will we see another full length, adult themed CGI movie?
  203. What's the deal with Bane?
  204. Anyone else pick up the Mcfarlane figures?
  205. Malkovich to play Kubrick imposter (sounds like Close Up to me)
  206. What is Broadcast Depth?
  207. Movies where actresses/actors look their WORST!
  208. I need a movie clip...
  209. "Boy's Wont Cry" a good blind buy?
  210. We all know THEM, but what was the first film you saw THEM in?
  211. If you could see one of these films tomorrow which would you pick?
  212. What's Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko dir) doing now?
  213. My theory on the "Uncopyable FX"
  214. Movie Alert - Terror Train on FMC
  215. My Theory on Why CGI Looks Bad
  216. Movies where actresses/actors look their best
  217. Lost Highway
  218. Top 10 Hottest Sex Scenes Ever
  219. question for the action/adventure movie gurus out there
  220. Making a Short Movie...give me advice!
  221. Lesser known actors you notice in movies...
  222. Movies Filmed in Your Neighborhood
  223. Owning Mahowny - Must See!!!
  224. Edward Norton's Frida Role
  225. feardotcom - what the hell?
  226. "The Hulk" Reviews
  227. What's with the "verb pronoun" trend for movie titles?
  228. For Ganster Flick Fans
  229. Spider Man Cameo?
  230. Anyone Else Feel The Music In "Spirited Away" Is A Let Down?
  231. What's THE funniest movie?
  232. How Exactly Are Movies Made as Far as the Camera Work Is Concered?
  233. Brian Cox (of X2, Adaptation, The Ring, 25th Hour, Manhunter...)
  234. (The) Runaway Jury trailer
  235. Harry Potter...how many movies
  236. Biggest mind ****...Possible Spoilers Inside
  237. The Recruit...My thoughts...Your thoughts...and of course, SPOILERS!
  238. Praying with Anger M. Night Shyamalan 1st movie
  239. The Bond Girl Thread: who would you like to see as one, who never should have been?
  240. What is the cheesy inspirational music in Bruce Almighty?
  241. SPOILER: Superman movie
  242. Apple.com trailer page
  243. Sequels That Are Worse Than the Original or Have Ruined the Series
  244. Mullholland Dr - Can someone explain this movie to me?
  245. What DVD had the most misdirection and/or plot twists that had you baffled?
  246. RUMOR: Daniel Radcliffe to Retire
  247. Any sequel better than the original?
  248. Are they going to make a REAL Dumb and Dumber 2
  249. Movies you like, but SHOULD NOT recommend
  250. Box Office 6/13-15 estimates: "Nemo" #1 again