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  1. Anyone collection the Burger King toys?
  2. Star Wars books...
  3. Best girl on girl catfight in film history...what do you think?
  4. Box Office - June 10 - 12, 2005
  5. Oh dear.. The Wicker Man Hollywood remake...
  6. ESB only one with 3 acts?
  7. News Media Doesnt Know Tyson Stole 'Gut Like A Fish' From 'Scream'?!?!
  8. Cruise Or Crowe? Who's More Unhinged?!
  9. HALO MOVIE - It's official
  10. Anyone see R2D2 smoking a cig?
  11. TCM: Future Shock, 18 Sci-fi classics
  12. WAR OF THE WORLDS controversy brewing
  13. OLEG TAKTAROV ex-UFC chamption/actor is MISSING! Possible kidnapping...
  14. tarnation
  15. Lucas Finally Decides to Get AFI's Honor
  16. Article about Manos: The Hands of Fate in the latest EW
  17. Stripes: How come Winger and Russell didn't get crew cuts?
  18. Mr.& Mrs. Smith directed by same director of Bourne Identity...OH NO!!
  19. Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man - Yay or Nay?
  20. need help with another movie title - details inside - plz help..
  21. Which film is better The Sting or Chinatown?
  22. Vader as Luke's Father: anyone else not believe it in 1980?
  23. Little Shop of Horrors Unused Ending
  24. I need help with a movie title...i think it is 48 hrs but not sure..
  25. Movie: Into the BLue
  26. Anyone else think Mr. and Mrs. Smith is doomed?
  27. Hedge your bets AFI'S 100 Years...100 Movie Quotes
  28. Return of the Jedi question
  29. Chemistry in Movies?
  30. 2nd Viewing of ROTS
  31. Steve Martin's "Pink Panther" delayed 'til 2006
  32. "Famous" movie lines that never happened.
  33. I <3 huckabees...whats the deal?
  34. Stallone and Banderas in ''Assassins'' - Opinions?
  35. funny ep 3 review
  36. Obi-Wan and Episode 4 question
  37. Remake of the Poseidon Adventure
  38. An Odd Question About Amadeus
  39. Pride and Prejudice Full Trailer!
  40. Remember when DiCaprio was the rumored Anakin?
  41. Star Wars Boxset(all 6 films)...11/1/05
  42. Did the novelization make you enjoy the movie more?
  43. Movies that might have fared better with a different release time
  44. Question about Casablanca..
  45. Napoleon Dynamite Wins 3 MTV Movie Awards
  46. Larry Clark
  47. "Night Fox" Figurine??
  48. BATMAN BEGINS review thread...
  49. Did Anakin ever completely die?
  50. Any Gamera fans in the house?
  51. Stuck On You - Not bad
  52. Saving Face - w/ Joan Chen
  53. Poll: Favorite Kathryn Bigelow Directed Movie.
  54. Help ID this kids movie from the 90's...
  55. From the director of Ninja Scroll and Vampire Hunter D comes....Highlander 5???
  56. Yoda = Hypocrite?
  57. What will be #1 movie at the box office June 3-5?
  58. Challenge: Oldest still-active movie website?
  59. Thora Birch and the case of the thinning bleaching uglifying actresses
  60. What's your favorite year for movies that you experienced?
  61. Steven Spielberg named best director of all time
  62. Who is the most overrated director in movies today?
  63. "Lords of Dogtown" -- anyone see it?
  64. T2 and T3 mess continuity errors?
  65. Need help with some scary movies..
  66. Interview with Bruce Campbell
  67. No M:I-3 For You! (Apparently)
  68. An interesting note about the Star Wars planetology
  69. Ok Palpatine, So you took over the Galaxy. Now What?
  70. "Landing strip's straight ahead." --Obi-Wan
  71. Year of the Dragon (Mickey Rourke)
  72. Anakin gets a British accent???
  73. "RENT" - The film! (Nov 23, 2005)
  74. Jabba must have been pretty powerful
  75. Can you tell me what this movie is?
  76. New Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Trailer - 6/2/05
  77. Why does The Fantastic Four look better than Batman Begins?
  78. larry king is the worst film critic ever
  79. Anyone Else cringe..... [Spoilers]
  80. Help: Recommend me some movies with twist endings
  81. Was Vader choking... (major ROTS spoilers)
  82. Where to get SE/prequel posters?
  83. Israeli policitican or Star Wars Character?
  84. The Star Wars holiday Special Contest at DavisDVD
  85. Did anyone else liked The Last Boy Scout?
  86. anakin's turn to the dark side
  87. Comic-Con '05: Hollywood's "Reach the Geeks" campaign
  88. I have a question about "Se7en," (spoilers).
  89. Just rewatched Steven Seagal's Above the Law...
  90. Movie references in the PT vs the OT...
  91. The Who Movie
  92. Why do Anakin, Owen, Beru, and Obi-Wan age so horrifically in the 20 years post-ROTS?
  93. Christian Slater arrested in NYC for groping...
  94. 'Star Wars' wins holiday weekend
  95. Episode III smarmy comments!!!
  96. What was this movie?
  97. Not one Madagascar thread???
  98. Trailers as far as the eye can see...
  99. Looking for Madagascar Movie Still
  100. A comment on stilted acting/dialog in Star Wars Movies
  101. Sandler vs. Sith
  102. Where's Padme?
  103. What happened to the guys on line in front of the Chinese Theatre?
  104. Ships of ROTS
  105. How do the lightsabres attach to their belts?
  106. Watching 'A New Hope' straight after ROTS
  107. Simultaneous movie, video release plan irks theater owners
  108. Oliver Stone Arrested on DUI, Drug Charges
  109. Weekend Box Office (5-27 to 5-29)
  110. California Suite & Lovers and Other Strangers?
  111. Batman Begins- 10 Minute Preview!
  112. Any theories on why...
  113. George Lucas' original plan for Star Wars (9 eps) from an OFFICIAL source!
  114. R.I.P. Eddie Albert
  115. Tarkin - who is he ?
  116. Where was Triumph?
  117. The Brothers Grimm
  118. A History Of Violence..What a ride!
  119. Droids cartoon series no longer canon?
  120. A prequel to The Phantom Menace?
  121. Obi-Wan is the greatest Jedi with the lightsaber
  122. Quick question about AotC dialogue...
  123. Hans Solo as a Kid living amongst the Wookies, yay or nay ?
  124. Anyone else think that something was lost now that everything is pretty much cgi?
  125. The new scene in the Empire Strikes Back DVD
  126. 'Lightsaber duel': two critical
  127. New Charlie and the chocolate factory is online
  128. How Obi-wan got to Tatooine and other musings? *Spoilers of course*
  129. Another force ghost question *Spoilers*
  130. When did Vader realize Luke was his son? *SPOILERS*
  131. Anyone Else Fall Asleep?
  132. New IMDB policy?
  133. Should one ebay the SW 2004 SE DVDs?
  134. Will we see Special Editions of the Prequels?
  135. Weinstein brothers set several movie release dates for their new company
  136. Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez's new film: Grind House
  137. Which prequel could we have done without: TPM, AOTC, or ROTS?
  138. Should we be thanking Spielberg for ROTS?
  139. CGI Yoda or ESB Puppet Yoda?
  140. Now we know the Millenium Falcon made made the kessel run in less than twelve parsecs
  141. Things they forgot to invent
  142. Lucas's comments on ESB RoTJ directors
  143. Question about hyper-speed
  144. Ismail Merchant of Merchant/Ivory Films Dead at 68
  145. I guess R2D2 loses his jet pack between trilogies?
  146. The Aristocrats
  147. Most recognized movie score...
  148. THE LONGEST YARD review thread...
  149. Original Anakin/Obi Wan scene (possible spoilers)
  150. Filmmaker Ismail Merchant dies at 68
  151. What if? Remember when Leo was rumored to play Anakin?
  152. Darth Vader 20 questions type flash game
  153. For Which Actor or Director are you a Total COMPLETIST for ?
  154. Are there plans for the twins?
  155. Left for dead? (Spoilers abound)
  156. A question about cloning and Jedis
  157. Luke: Too old or is it subjective?
  158. How I had pictured as one of the last scene in episode 3 (SPOILERS)
  159. Hostel....Eli Roth's new flick...nice pics baby!!! ("they rock my motha")
  160. Kevin Smith on Star Wars and Darth Vader in Rolling Stone
  161. Anakin to stop acting
  162. Something illogical about AOTS - plot hole *SPOILERS*
  163. Why didn't Dooku say something (spoilers)
  164. Best. SIMPSONS. Star Wars. Parody. EVER
  165. Home Made Star Wars Movie Injury
  166. Movie poster prints question
  167. Group asks Burger King to halt 'Star Wars' deal
  168. Stormtrooper / Clonetrooper Conversion
  169. Obi Wan and Yoda’s strategy (Spoilers)
  170. Spoil Dark Water for me
  171. So who ordered the clones? (AOTC Question)
  172. Why was Leia's mom sad alot?
  173. Qui-Gon and his Ghost Powers?
  174. Shouldn't have Anakin saved his mom years earlier (AOTC Question)
  175. Best and Worst moments in the prequel trilogy?
  176. Clonetroopers and the Jedi
  177. "I have a bad feeling about this"
  178. Hoop Dreams
  179. If you wrote ROTS...
  180. Trying to figure out how ROTS actually rates
  181. Sigh. "Duel Of the Fates"....AGAIN?!?!
  182. Leia's relationship with Obi-Wan?
  183. Star Wars: Revelations
  184. How can I see the "Clone Wars" series now?
  185. is finding nemo's best out of pixar's catalog?
  186. Ain't It Cool Talkbacks
  187. Standard Jedi Training
  188. Were the colors muted/faded purposefully or...
  189. Regarding the Death Star (possible spoilers)
  190. Does the Tech inconguence from PT to OT bother you?
  191. Regarding General Grievous (possible spoilers)
  192. Regarding bodies of dead Jedis (possible spoilers)
  193. Vader's Theme in Sith? and clip from Empire used over and over again in reviews
  194. Ep.III: has it restored your faith in Hayden, the prequels, or Lucas?
  195. ROTJ - Scene at the end where Ben Yoda and Anakin appear
  196. Yoda
  197. For as evil as Darth Vader is....
  198. Is Star Wars in the distant past or distant future?
  199. Can StarW Fans/Fanatics Accept That Some People Don't Think ROTS is a very good film?
  200. Do you have to watch both "Clone Wars" series to enjoy Ep. 3?
  201. More questions about the twins
  202. Jedi and Suicide
  203. Top 100 movies of All Time accd to Time magazine's Schikel and Corliss
  204. Who hasn't seen ROTS yet that wants to?
  205. how can i find out if there's a digital theater nearby?
  206. Time Lapse: ROTS to ANH (~18-20 yrs) ??
  207. Episodes 7,8 and 9
  208. Why are the Alien Jedi such Wimps ?
  209. Question about the line to see Ep III
  210. Layer Cake
  211. Any Word On A SE Version Of Training Day
  212. Padme dialogue question
  213. Why can't the Jedi sense Sidious..and other ?'s
  214. How Would You Split the Other 40% of Plot
  215. Since you Luke & Leia were twins
  216. why lucus didn't make the films in the correct order?
  217. Mace Windu - anyone disapointed by him?
  218. Are the Jedi too powerful in the prequels?
  219. Frist = Palpatine According to Lautenberg
  220. Is It All Mace Windu's Fault?! (SPOILERS)
  221. Bboisvert explains it all (or at least he should)
  222. Jar Jar
  223. Anakin does NOT turn to the dark side too quickly
  224. Something I Don't Understand That Maybe A Star Wars Fan Can Explain
  225. General Grevious
  226. Is it ever explained how Chewbacca...
  227. Did Obi Wan Know that He was Delivering Luke...
  228. Error in star wars 3 ?? mabye not... (spoilers)
  229. Better Space Battle: Jedi or Sith?
  230. There is another?
  231. Triumph of Destiny: ACting on the Future in ESB and ROTS
  232. If the Star Wars saga was remade by fanboys
  233. $50,013,859 Box Office just for Thursday!
  234. Can anyone remember the Sci Fi movie...
  235. Where can I buy a nice replica light sabre?
  236. Which part of RotS did Spielberg direct?
  237. The Sith Sense
  238. isn't it too early to have a scarlet johannson band wagon?
  239. how to fix the problems of episode 3
  240. Future SW Marathons: Anybody else plan to skip Eps I & II and just start with III?
  241. Weekend Box Office May 19th-22nd
  242. The Official ROTS "Bush Bashing" Thread [spoilers]
  243. Will we ever see a Buffy The Vampire Slayer Movie with TV cast??
  244. OFFICIAL POLL - How much total gross? SW:Episode III does 16.5M at midnight alone!
  245. Caption This: Episode III ("Fans In Line" Version)
  246. Ooops: Episode III already pirated
  247. If R2 never payed Luke a visit in ANH...
  248. How Does Anakin Become a Jedi Ghost in RotJ? (Ep. 3 spoilers)
  249. In AOTC why did Dooku tell Obi Wan that the senate is controlled by the Sith?
  250. What I would have like to have seen in EP 3.(spoilers)