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  1. Charles Taylor top movies
  2. Am I the only one who doesn't like war movies?
  3. master and commander Trailer. Russell Crowe
  4. PJ and Philipa explain...
  5. Max payne the movie
  6. What is the difference between a goblin and an Orc?
  7. Mel Gibson Movies - Looking For Dialogue
  8. Parallels between LOTR and other myths
  9. The Pianist
  10. Worst Movie lines or dialogue
  11. Silmarillion and others
  12. Favorite Coen brothers film?
  13. Something is wrong in Hollywood...
  14. Catch Me if You Can
  15. What's the best, or, your favorite version of A Christmas Carol?
  16. Potter longevity versus LOTR
  17. If you were disappointed with TTT when you saw it...
  18. Elves....in relation to LOTR series.
  19. Your children and older movies
  20. Young Obi-Wan or Luke Skywalker?
  21. Who will rule the Christmas Day/weekend B.O.?
  22. do you think that critics were too harsh on the violence in pulp ficiton?
  23. Best movie that has Dan Hedaya in it?
  24. Round II: LOTR versus Star Wars
  25. What's your favorite Udo Kier movie?
  26. Aragorns Sword
  27. Extended Editions - How long is too long?
  28. LotR as done by Howard Hawks...
  29. Question regarding Rings
  30. Straw Dogs (2011) - Dir: Rod Lurie, St: James Marsden, Kate Bosworth
  31. Continuity Errors in TTT?
  32. What is your favourite scene
  33. Can anyone list some London-based "swinging sixties" films?
  34. LotR Bobbleheads??
  35. Roger Ebert's THE GREAT MOVIES - can anyone name the films from the cover?
  36. "Tears of the Sun" staring Bruce Willis
  37. The tennis ball to the head/crotch thread
  38. "Devdas" : Best Foreign Film Oscar guaranteed?
  39. Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever or XXX
  40. LOTR:FOTR and TTT rumors that turned out to be bull
  41. Peter Jackson's Movie School!!!!!!!
  42. Why aren't there any more comedy teams?
  43. Tom Bambadil
  44. Why is there so much excitement??
  45. What movies are you watching for the holiday?
  46. Rate the recent Trilogies
  47. rank your studios
  48. Who has NOT seen TTT yet?
  49. Anyone catch the National Geographic special?
  50. The Ten Greatest Films of All Time: Poll
  51. [OT] Why Shelob isn't in TTT
  52. Which is better Fellowship or Towers?
  53. Bjork?! Two Towers?!
  54. ROTK: When is it coming out?
  55. Article On The Matrix Sequels, Contains Very Minor Spoilers
  56. Will PJ change the ending of ROTK for Aragorn?
  57. best cheezy 90's movie (0r teen movie)
  58. The Two Towers Rules Box Office!!!!!!
  59. I think they spent to much time on the battle of Helms Deep.
  60. Anyone thinking of visiting the locations?
  61. Looking for 'bitter' movies for XMas
  62. Switch to the Dark Side
  63. Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd
  64. The PERFECT film [spoilers]
  65. Signs of Jackson's splatter roots in TTT?
  66. Re-Animator. Any fans?
  67. Saruman & the trees [spoilers]
  68. I don't really come from outer space.
  69. 12/20-12/22 Box office (Star Trek is obliterated?)
  70. My "Hero" review
  71. BBC America spoofs Tolkien (at 7:30 PM EST tonight! - real soon!)
  72. Gandalf question in TTT
  73. Great Movie Characters - Name The Actor/Actress Who Played Them
  74. sitting in the front of a theater
  75. Best time for theatrical releases: summer or winter?
  76. help for those who didnt read the book
  77. Need help with song in "Crocodile Dundee II". . .
  78. Was there a Peter Jackson cameo in TTT? Or other 'easter eggs'?
  79. If you could erase your memory, which movie would you watch all over again?
  80. Seperated at birth
  81. Any rumors on deleted scenes for EE DVD?
  82. Warning: potentialy unpopular opinion inside
  83. Question about "The Ring"
  84. Best theaters in cities to view movies?
  85. Did anyone watch Charlie Rose last night?
  86. Jackson doesn't follow the book (spoiler)
  87. I know a fun game that I havenít seen here for a while.
  88. Never seen scenes in LotR trailers?
  89. Star Wars ep 2: Count Dooku's Sword Style
  90. Do you want to see PJ & Co. do The Hobbit?
  91. A Man Apart trailer (Vin Diesel)
  92. THE REVIEW THREAD. Please paste your reviews here SPOILERS
  93. Differences between book and film (spoilers)
  94. The Two Towers Soundtrack Discussion
  95. Can we please limit the reviews to 1-2 threads, this is getting ridiculous!!!
  96. Peter Jackson needs a new fight choreographer
  97. My Thoughts
  98. how crowded is it at ttt??
  99. My thoughts on LOTR:TTT after 2 viewings.
  100. A funny thing happened at the Golden Globe Noms...
  101. My Biggest Problem with TTT : Sam's Ending Speech
  102. Wednesday (12/18) box-office results in
  103. Finally, the message board you have all waited for. All Hail Ator!!!
  104. Antwone Fisher Review
  105. LOTR:TTT Clapping moments-spoilers within
  106. Sarah Connor is the KEY Figure In Terminator Series!!!!
  107. Steve Buscemi was awesome as Gollum
  108. Gods and Generals
  109. The Two Towers rakes in $27.5M opening day
  110. Golden Globes Announced this morning... here they are!
  111. who hates Frodo?
  112. Your favorite TTT scene (spoilers of course)
  113. Critics of Peter Jackson's Version of LOTR
  114. What is the name of the song in The Producers...
  115. Trailers that ran in front of LOTR:TTT
  116. Questions, continuity errors, and things I just don't get.
  117. The Two Towers: My Review (Spoilers)
  118. what are your problems with TTT?
  119. What films (or TV) will NEVER be released, according to the studios?
  120. I'm sorry but I am disappointed with TWO TOWERS...
  121. How many times will you watch TTT?
  122. Unbelievable! It's on VCD ALREADY !!!
  123. When Harry Met Lloyd. . .
  124. The Two Towers - a review (minor spoilers)
  125. Frailty: spoilers requested
  126. Ebert: LOTR:TTT goes against Tolkien's intended spirit
  127. 99% freshness rating at RottenTomatoes!
  128. Did the book come before the movie for you or vice versa?
  129. Who watched (or is planning) to watch the EE of FOTR right before they see TTT?
  130. Will you wait for the extended edition of TTT in late 2003 or buy the 2-disc version?
  131. House of 1000 Corpses -- Rob Zombie
  132. The Two Towers is a GO! spoilers inside nothing too major.
  133. Thoughts on TTT or I Just Got Back and I'm Not Tired So I'm Going to Post
  134. The One and Only Name The Freaks You Saw on Opening Night Thread
  135. Bad Boys II Trailer
  136. Lotr.fotr.ttt.rotk
  137. Intermission?
  138. MovieCash from the 4DVD Set
  139. Terminator 3 Trailer
  140. Spinal Tap and Black Stallion join the National Film Registry
  141. Which was better?-Nemesis or Clockstoppers?
  142. Wes Craven to remake Kurosawa's "Kairo".
  143. T3 trailer and coverage on Access Hollywood
  144. Oscar Potential?
  145. Who's going at midnight?
  146. Who's your favorite LOTR character?
  147. Oops, how'd I get here?
  148. Bruce Almighty Trailer
  149. First thread... and I dont even like LOTR :)
  150. HELP!Quentin Tarantino's talked about horror movie
  151. Caption this Lord of the Rings fan
  152. Golden Globes: are they annoucned tomorrow?
  153. Best Fight Sequence
  154. Anamorphic Lens Distortion
  155. Stormtroopers or Old Men?
  156. How many times will you see The Two Towers before the end of the year?
  157. My views of The two towers (Spoilers)
  158. Favorite Directors: Old/New School
  159. Best Film of 1960 (ongoing survey)
  160. K-PAX and a question about Prot
  161. Just curious. Which trailers attached to Two Towers.
  162. Fan Review - Evelyn
  163. What are of LOTR:Two Towers being sold out on Friday night?
  164. The Ending of Minority Report -- Spoilers Within
  165. Quoth Eminem: "I'm Batman!"?
  166. Weekend actual b.o. totals announced: CLOSE!!!
  167. New pics for Matrix Reloaded..very sexy
  168. Hulk - director: Ang Lee / starring: Eric Bana
  169. AFI's picks 2002's best films
  170. Godfather Saga (confused) [SPOILERS PLEASE]
  171. The Next big Hong Kong movie....
  172. Top 20 docs of all time??
  173. Saw "The Core" Preview today
  174. Help! Can someone explain to me the whole wesley crusher/star trek thing.
  175. Russian Ark - 2hr16min...one shot....
  176. AMC IS participating for Two Towers Movie Cash
  177. Rabbit-Proof Fence
  178. The Academy Awards - Those Who Deserve, And the Make-Up Oscar
  179. "Maid" beats "Star Trek" at box-office this weekend
  180. The difference between the theatrical release of LOTR and the new DVD's
  181. Star Trek movies question
  182. LA Critics' best film: About Schmidt
  183. Two Weeks Notice
  184. SERIES 7 song question
  185. If Lucas (for some reason) couldn't direct Ep3...does the company have a plan to...
  186. Gangs Of New York - Entertainment Weekly
  187. Original Insomnia question
  188. Plots for near impossible sequels?
  189. Obscure question re. "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country"
  190. Antwone Fisher
  191. Armageddon - Gatling Gun Explanation?
  192. Finally saw The Ring...too bad it sucks!
  193. Judgment at Nuremberg on TCM tonight (14th at 11:30pm) - not available on DVD
  194. Newest LOTR:TTT Trailer
  195. Actresses that look better with age
  196. about 'about schmidt'
  197. Theaters botching soft matted movies
  198. How many people see more than one movie at the theater?
  199. The Hot Chick
  200. The Disorderlies Is On Bet Right Now!!
  201. movie books that display OAR info?
  202. CGI is animation
  203. So... who's copying who?
  204. Gangs of New York thoughts and discussion
  205. Anger Management Teaser/Trailer.
  206. K19 Widowmaker, any good?
  207. 5 holiday films you can't wait to see
  208. Has a fictional character ever been nominated for an Oscar?
  209. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
  210. Old School Trailer - Will Ferrell and Luke Wilson
  211. Chicago- the movie...just saw it!
  212. Scary Movie 3: Episode I - Lord of the Brooms
  213. Movie quote help needed... again
  214. Movies that still go on after credit roll..... (merged threads)
  215. Oh, God please don't let this be true!! - Bambi 2
  216. "Bringing down the house" fo' shizzy!
  217. takashi miike discussion thread
  218. Gollum for Best Supporting CGI.. i mean Actor?
  219. Sly Stallone Starts Rocky 6 in December
  220. What kind of film do YOU want for the next Bond movie?
  221. Is "Mulan" any good?
  222. Would Captain Ron have done as well if we never had the War of 1812?
  223. Bill Pullman/Bill Paxton - What's The Difference?
  224. Russian Ark
  225. The Best of 2002 Nods & Picks
  226. Would Star Wars had done as well if World War 2 never happened?
  227. I just found out "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" has old footage mixed in with the new!
  228. Clerks cartoon movie?
  229. Would LOTR and Harry Potter have done as well if 9/11 's tragedies had never occurred
  230. Gods and Generals trailer (Gettysburg prequel)
  231. Harvey Weinstein says foreign movies are "sh*t"
  232. Kingpin - A Cinematic Masterpiece
  233. Christopher Walken
  234. Favorite Movie : What and Why
  235. Favorite episode in "New York Stories"?
  236. A.I. Discussion
  237. Do you sneak food into theatres?
  238. Fat Bastard come to life
  239. Save King Conan!
  240. hard target
  241. Glengarry Glenross mainstream or independent film?
  242. Proyas is Back!
  243. nc 17 movies
  244. hero's shed no tears
  245. Disturbing (new?) trend: Commercials playing before trailers and movie
  246. What's this movie? (It's driving me crazy)
  247. Mad Max Fury Road (D: Miller) S: Hardy, Theron
  248. Best Animated movie 2002!
  249. Coolest Stunt in a Movie
  250. if you have declared you do not like a movie, do you ever change your mind after?