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  1. Firefly Movie gets a greenlight!
  2. Looking for a good Horror movie any suggestions
  3. Unpopular Movie Opinions Part II
  4. And the new Batman might be...
  5. Looking for a page with in-depth differences of FOTR theatrical and extended..
  6. Help identify this NOIR movie
  7. The Magdalene Sisters
  8. Sept. 5-7 Pretty lame weekend for movies.
  9. HELP. Watch Barry Lyndon or go straight to The Shining?
  10. SFX double standard
  11. Supporting characters you wanna know more about
  12. Hey guys got a brain stumper from the 80's!!
  13. The ending of one flew over the cuckoo's nest?
  14. The Secret Lives of Dentists
  15. Step into Liquid (Spoilers)
  16. re-releasing films.
  17. sequels you would watch.
  18. Matchstick men: Is Nicolas Cage back for good?
  19. Joe Pesci: What in the world happened to him?
  20. What will the "Alien" directors cut include
  21. latest bertolucci film to be censored???
  22. Ferris Bueller's Day Off was ripe for sequels...
  23. Johnny Depp has an excellent chance of getting a Best Actor nom
  24. macaulay culkin as lecter?!?
  25. 2001...h...u...h...???
  26. What is this movie?
  27. R.I.P. Charles Bronson
  28. Jennifer Love Hewitt perfecy Bond girl
  29. Need Help Identifying This Movie
  30. weekend estiments
  31. best place to order movie posters?
  32. Favorite Clown movie?
  33. De Palma's Best and Worst...you make the call!
  34. Comments on the Paper Moon Commentary [Mild Spoilers]
  35. Alive! Credits
  36. Aladdin on IMAX
  37. Jeepers Creepers! (Friday estimates)
  38. Junior: Hilarious cheesy horror
  39. How well do you know Academy Awards Winners?
  40. Fox declines to distribute "The Passion"
  41. Everytime I turn around, there's JOE PANTOLIANO - Thank God!!
  42. Kill Bill Volume 2
  43. Re-watching one of your favorite films - does it ever seem like a whole new movie?
  44. The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra - trailer
  45. John Landis on CNN tonite(8/29)
  46. are El Mariachi and desporato essential to enjoying once upon a time in mexico?
  47. Movies that were supposed to have sequels that never happened
  48. Movies you wish had a Different Ending when you rewatched it ? - Huge Spoilers!
  49. Jeepers Creepers 2 - Reviews, Discussion & Thoughts
  50. best film about early exploration/colonization of the US?
  51. Question about the end of Dr strangelove
  52. Movies that you are obsessed with?
  53. Duplex Trailer - Stiller/Barrymore
  54. John Singleton gets a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame...
  55. Was The Two Towers shot on Super 35 just like The Fellowship Of The Ring?
  56. Blade: Trinity
  57. Were movies more violent in the 70's?
  58. Does anyone else like thrillers fm the 70s?
  59. The Kevin Costner Appreciation Thread
  60. nudity in lord of the flies?
  61. Flying Dragon, Leaping Tiger....
  62. Does anyone own this ring from Lord of The Rings?
  63. Anyone Here Like Making/Editing Movies or Video?
  64. Cold Creek Manor
  65. Tupac & Biggie / Roger & Me: Worth Owning?
  66. WORKPRINT Question
  67. games to movies?
  68. Cheech or Chong?.
  69. Why are there no big movies for Labor Day Weekend?
  70. indiewood 10 : a great article from and old premiere issue
  71. Q: The Winged Serpent at the Pioneer Theater in NYC tonight...
  72. What's been up with the last two weeks?
  73. Captain America "cameo" in Spider Man?
  74. Favorite baseball movie?
  75. Do you think they'll make a documentary or Action Thriller DVD on 9-11-01?
  76. anybody got any good (or bad) movie theater stories?
  77. For those that care, ebert on npr west coast 8pm:)
  78. So...was this summer movie season a success or a big disaster?
  79. Weekend Box Office 8/22-8/24
  80. so what was the alternate ending in 28 Days Later
  81. X2 deleted scenes
  82. So who here will be seeing the Matrix 3 when it comes out in the theatres?
  83. Is New Line Cinema the most successful studio out there?
  84. YATAM yet another thread about memento
  85. Freddy vs. Jason still on top (Fri estimates)
  86. Whats the worst movie to get two thumbs up?
  87. Which 5 movie characters would invite to dinner?
  88. I saw 'The Medallion' last night (your thoughts)
  89. Antoine Doinel 'Stolen Kisses' Question
  90. Help me identify a classic(?) film shot...
  91. Which DVD movie inspire you for 50-60's Interior Design
  92. familiar with Guy and Dolls gangster-speak?
  93. Wonderland - Val Kilmer, Kate Bosworth
  94. Woody Allen's Anything Else
  95. The LOTR: Extended marathons, in theaters 12/03!
  96. Freddy and Jason...Ok, what crossover would you like to see?
  97. Cold Creek Manor - what kind of film is it?
  98. Please explain "The Hunger"
  99. Catwoman
  100. Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks
  101. what's the buzz on The Last Samurai?
  102. Hollywood VS. Alan Moore (rant)
  103. what is right with Hollywood today (and conversely, what is wrong?)
  104. Who didn't like Extreme OPS
  105. What's the buzz on 13?
  106. Recommendations for good "coming of age" films on dvd.
  107. Waxwork II question
  108. best "epic" fight of the year?
  109. How many hollywood studios can put out 1 film?
  110. Best Picture winners..a little observation
  111. How would David Lean direct today?
  112. An Affair to Remember - Question about Ending *SPOILERS IN THREAD*
  113. Bowling for Columbine - Do the factual inaccuracies bother you?
  114. Alamo Trailer
  115. MPAA says text messaging to blame for poor ticket sales
  116. (FT13 @ NOES)Old School vs MTV film making style of horror movies.
  117. "The Crazies" and films in a similar vain
  118. if you could choose the director of King Conan, who would you choose?
  119. Riding on the heels of 'Freddy Vs Jason'...Ronny Yu's next project..
  120. Question for those who have seen FREDDY V JASON - No Spoilers
  121. Movies that feature the "delayed body slice" effect
  122. Couldn't sleep last night, so I watched GO...
  123. Least PREDICTABLE Romantic Comedy ?
  124. In which sci-fi movie are there villians who have...
  125. Back to the Future 2 question
  126. Seemingly Different Movies, Surprisingly Similar Plots
  127. What was she thinking?! (Reloaded spoilers abound)
  128. Does it bother you when you see a child at a rated R movie?
  129. "Marci X" : looks p-r-e-t-t-y bad
  130. Dreamworks' Sharkslayer release date moved up
  131. Why should SNL get all the movies?
  132. Hitchcock's Birthday
  133. Solaris (2002) -- why was this film so despised?
  134. King Kong - not nominated for Best Picture of 1933 ??
  135. How many versions of Versus are there?
  136. Anything Else
  137. Basic...WTF???
  138. Let's talk about Traffic by Steven Soderbergh
  139. The Eye
  140. Freddy vs. Jason II: Please God, let THIS happen.
  141. Friday Box Office #s for Freddy vs Jason, etc.
  142. The Hard Word
  143. Something weird on IMDB......
  144. Fall preview time....what are you looking forward to?
  145. Lost in Translation (Big Thumbs Up)
  146. Original ending for National Lampoons Vacation?
  147. Keka!
  148. Which Eastwood western dvds would you recommend?
  149. Matrix Revolutions
  150. Kurosawa film fest!
  151. Eisner says "2D animation is dead...", whittles down the traditional arm of animation
  152. Looking For Movie Posters Comparison Web Page
  153. SNL Mike Myers DVD Error
  154. The Two Towers DVD: Return of the King Preview
  155. Are any of the Shaw Brothers classic available in its original language?
  156. what is the best way to hang movie posters (without frames) so I don't damage them
  157. Matrix Reloaded, final scene, your interpretation: SPOILER
  158. Gibson has "softened" Passion
  159. Freddy vs Jason ..(* Official thread* )
  160. Announcing the sequel *EVERYONE* has been waiting for. . . .
  161. Question for White Zombie & Horror Movie Fans - what movie line is this from?
  162. question about Ocean's Eleven (2001)
  163. First glimpse of Garfield.
  164. The Creeping Flesh on DVD?
  165. Good cop/police movies?Suggestions please.
  166. Swing Kids
  167. Daddy Day Camp
  168. Mike Judge Signs for 2-picture deal at fox
  169. new godzilla vs mechagodzilla?
  170. I really hope Pixar leaves Disney.
  171. Confess, Fletch - Fletch reboot (D: Mottola) S: Jon Hamm
  172. Chainsaw Tag Team? Bruce Campbell v. Freddy and Jason?
  173. Finally a reason to go see "Gigli"!!
  174. The Best Martial Arts Movies
  175. Peter Jackson and King Kong News
  176. will LOTR 3 be better than LOTR 2?
  177. john williams.. best ever?
  178. Sinbad/Harryhausen, which best?
  179. The Beatles Anthology
  180. Pirates of the Carribean post credits?
  181. The Shape Of Things - blind buy?
  182. Are movies art or entertainment?
  183. "A Decade Under the Influence" IFC/DVD question
  184. What is with the speaking cadence in "Guys and Dolls"?
  185. Rainman
  186. The Believer, worth a blind buy?
  187. Name this movie quote!
  188. The Lord of the Rings movies should've been Rated R
  189. Freddy vs Jason vs. . . Ash?!?
  190. And the director of Harry Potter And the Goblet Of Fire IS...
  191. What happened to the "Chicago" re-release with a new musical number?
  192. Question about Dead and Buried (spoilers?)
  193. another freddy vs jason question
  194. What Woody Allen movie is this scene from?
  195. R.I.P. Gregory Hines
  196. the five worst sylvester stallone movies
  197. Celebrating the hilariously craptacular moments in film: The 2003 Jordy Awards!
  198. Help finding a name of a movie...
  199. S.W.A.T no. one with freaky friday no 2 (and gigli at no. 14) box office nos.
  200. Did "Le Divorce" open wide today or is it next week?
  201. "The Black Cat" - my fav. universal horror movie
  202. Longest timespan between a movie and it's sequel?
  203. Terminator Will Return Even if Schwarzenegger Wins
  204. Episode 1 TPM: Jake Lloyd too young for the part of Anakin?
  205. Question About SHREK 2
  206. First R-rated movie you saw as a kid
  207. RECRUIT Question (SPOILER!!)
  208. LOTR: ROTK trailer?!?!
  209. Jason vs. Freddy (who will wins?)
  210. Song from The Medallion Trailer
  211. Dickie Roberts - Former Child Star
  212. Kevin Costner: "Waterworld was a Great Movie."
  213. School of Rock (2003 - Linklater) S: Jack Black
  214. recomend a movie
  215. help me find a scary horror movie
  216. Opening Day for LOTR:ROTK?
  217. Where's BOX OFFICE POKER?
  218. What Ever Happened To X-Files 2?
  219. At what point would you end Return of the king?
  220. Films set in European Cities
  221. Rank the Top 5 animated films of all time.
  222. Yet another thread to identify a movie
  223. question for dvdsavent re snl25th anniversery set
  224. Ultimate 80's Teen Film Movie Matching Game v.1
  225. Fear dot com
  226. Cult, rare, underground or otherwise unknown movies that YOU love (merged)
  227. what was the song in the opening of Old School?
  228. freddy's dead: the final nightmare question (spoilers)
  229. Northfork, a film by the Polish Brothers
  230. Freddy vs. Jason Question
  231. Ben Stiller and Jack Black's Envy to go straight to video?
  232. B. Monkey trailer vs. actual ending?
  233. does T-2 really have the first wire removal shot ever?
  234. I wonder how they do those "see person-bus passes-person is gone"
  235. Intolerable Cruelty - Impressions
  236. 'Freaky Friday' will blow 'S.W.A.T.' out of the water this weekend
  237. Comment & Question on Auteur Theory
  238. is Star Trek The Next Generation offically done?
  239. Wow! Manos is no longer the worst movie in existance!
  240. Sean Penn - from Taps to Fast Times at Ridgemont High
  241. What's your favorite movie that a singer that died was singing your kind of music?
  242. Help me remember this movie.
  243. Question(s) about cinematography
  244. Give me an idea for this "simple" movie
  245. How ironic. Ben Affleck giving advice on scripts on 'Project Greenlight'.
  246. How good is Hero (starring Jet Li, Zhang Ziyi, Maggie Cheung)
  247. What actor does the best retarded person?
  248. The Crime of Father Amaro
  249. The Quiet American
  250. The Best Movies of 2003 (so far....)