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  1. Favorite pre-70's decade?
  2. Trying out my new digi cam: Autograph Display PICS
  3. Biggest Waste of Talent...Director Edition
  4. Cinetopia Theatres?
  5. How much time progresses through each film?
  6. 'Digital Cinema' impressions
  7. Overall ticket sales for Star Wars question
  8. Movies that take place in the jungle
  9. Forest Whitaker's martial art style
  10. Socal,see Once Upon A Time In America on the big screen!
  11. Secret Window [movie] did a complete RIGHT turn from the novel...
  12. What Makes A Movie Good?
  13. Some clarification...
  14. looks like there's going to be more canon Star Wars sources
  15. God Of War - Movie
  16. PT Anderson hired as Altman's backup/glorified AD/ghost director
  17. Wong Kar-Wai on "Charlie Rose" TONIGHT 7/26
  18. Michael Moore does good: Traverse City Film Festival July 27-31!
  19. Reservoir Dogs: Orange is a Wuss!
  20. Sling Blade: Did Dyle want Karl to ? Warnig Spoilers!
  21. What's up with Leelee Sobieski?
  22. Help with class assignment needed
  23. Voltron is coming to the big screen.
  24. Desperation
  25. Walk The Line - Joaquin Phoenix is Johnny Cash
  26. What does it take for a movie to be a "success"??
  27. Which Do You Like Better: TPM or AOTC?
  28. Anybody remember Dream A Little Dream with the 2 Corey's??
  29. Ep. III in " Dollar " Theaters ?
  30. Any Love For Nicolas Cages' ''Family Man''?
  31. Matthau vs. Thorton in (The) Bad News Bears?
  32. Reservoir Dogs actor Edward Bunker (aka Mr Blue) past away
  33. The most underrated movie ever thread!
  34. "Killing Words" (2003) aka "Palabras Encadenadas" - buy, buy, buy this movie! Now!
  35. Mysterious Skin
  36. John Badham
  37. The Fall
  38. Nicollette Sheridan as Emma Frost, the White Queen?
  39. Help with Title of movie? 70's, Amazon, Plane Crash, woman survivor
  40. Animation - P3K (Pinocchio 3000)
  41. Swimming with Sharks (major spoiler inside)
  42. quiz!
  43. Metropolis Movie trivia (Spoilers)
  44. Stealth - any thoughts?
  45. Weekend Box Office, July 22 - 24
  46. What's Your Favorite Johnny Depp Role?
  47. Why Did Harvey Keitel quit Eyes Wide Shut
  48. Will Edward Norton make a comeback?
  49. Old movie posters that would be edited or not used at all today
  50. The phrase appearing in the largest number of films...
  51. Mel Gibson to dive back into antiquity with next film Apocalypto
  52. The BFI's list of the 50 films all children should see by age 14
  53. Steve Buscemi...
  54. The Blue Lagoon (1980) question ***spoiler***
  55. Favourite sarcastic movie review lines
  56. Actor's greatest decade?
  57. Waiting...
  58. Batman vs. Batman Begins - What the hell?!?! (Spoilers)
  59. FATAL ATTRACTION is being re-made...with LL COOL J!!!
  60. where did Lucas get the idea for YODA?
  61. Why didn't Obi Wan find Luke sooner?
  62. New version of THE OMEN coming
  63. Help with a movie title
  64. Polar Express to be released in IMAX every X-Mas?
  65. 80's Sword n Sorcery
  66. The end has come: my 20 year search for a movie is over!
  67. Why Obi-Won put Luke on Anakin's Home Planet - I've got the answers
  68. Favorite movie of the summer so far?
  69. help me find an old obi wan poster (OT)
  70. Which Wonka?
  71. Death Star Sound
  72. james doohan, 85
  73. Article on film delays...
  74. Tons of new Horror Re-makes slated for theaters....
  75. Do remakes/sequels ruin your enjoyment of the originals?
  76. Eight Men Out - Most Underrated Baseball Movie Ever??
  77. Can you relate to modern superheroes in film?
  78. Batman and Robin
  79. The Exorcism of Emily Rose
  80. The "I didn't realize that was him/her" thread
  81. Are the movies really dying?
  82. So who has played the best Batman so far?
  83. Hand me the keys you fairy Godmother
  84. Harry Potter GoF Comic Con Trailer??
  85. Where to lend classic cars for movie filming?
  86. Who's image is on Brad Hamilton's t-shirt?
  87. Your favorite movie when your were young? (theater and video)
  88. Say it isn't so.......Spielberg to do an ET sequel?????
  89. "The Theory Of Cinematic Art", by acclaimed filmmaker... KIM JONG IL
  90. Thad Christ - trailer "High...In Heaven."
  91. Miramax and their massive 2005 rollout...
  92. Trailer music from Dawn of the Dead 2004 teaser trailer...what is it?
  93. March of the Penquins
  94. Wedding bells for Sandra Bullock and Jesse James!
  95. Movies That Everyone Seems to Like... Except Me (and Explain Why)
  96. Who Exactly Does The Title "A New Hope" Refer To?
  97. Best Russell Crowe Movie?
  98. Which Naked Gun Movie?
  99. Pretty Persuasion
  100. Weekend Box Office thread (07/15 - 07/17)
  101. Murderball
  102. Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Review Thread
  103. What's your favorite Al Pacino performance?
  104. How to find movie run end day
  105. Movies that Feature Backgammon
  106. Me You And Everyone We Know
  107. Godzilla: Even BIGGER!
  108. New Batman sequal already in talks??!!
  109. When you were under 17, were you ever turned away from an R rated movie
  110. Dennis Leary fans. Double Whammy
  111. Bring Me The Head Of Darth Maul!
  112. War of the Worlds 2005. Starring Jake Busey. WTH?
  113. Taking my 12 year old to the movies...
  114. "Story of a Love Affair", Antonioni's first film: Thoughts, etc.
  115. Where to download movie trailers?
  116. Time Span for the Day After Tomorrow
  117. Need some Movie Help
  118. 'Gladiator' May Return Without Crowe...
  119. There may be a sequel to The Usual Suspects.
  120. The Sequels are COMING...
  121. ClickStar - download movies same-day released in theaters, pre-DVD
  122. Another comedy remake: Summer School
  123. The war of the War of the Worlds movies
  124. So....I just finished watching The Running Man....
  125. King arthur dvd case misprint
  126. Top 20 goofiest movie monsters
  127. Why didn't they show the rebels reacting to the Death Star on Yavin?
  128. The Exorcism of Emily Rose Trailer
  129. The Descent -- D: Neil Marshall
  130. Meet the Little Focker (another sequel)
  131. the anatomy of a fanboy?
  132. Terror at Red Wolf Inn
  133. Does your audience normally applaud during/after a film?
  134. Asians in Star Wars
  135. My thoughts on Tarantino and his movies
  136. Scenes where record abruptly stops
  137. Jessica Alba
  138. The Adventures Of Milo And Otis
  139. A great Land of the Dead Review....
  140. SW Soundtracks
  141. re: A debate concerning that great American classic Waterworld....
  142. San Diego Comic Con: Who's going and who are you looking forward to see?
  143. How many other ppl think LOTR was awful.
  144. Oliver Stone to Direct Nicholas Cage in a 9/11 movie
  145. July 8-10 Box Office - Fantastic Four: $20 Million opening day!
  146. SKY HIGH looks Awesome !
  147. The FANTASTIC FOUR Review Thread
  148. Obi-Wan Statue (Sideshow)
  149. Dummy...has anyone seen this?
  150. Anakin's Missing Nightmares
  151. Anime help?
  152. What is the best horror movie message board?
  153. SO how long will this subforum last
  154. "Disasters in Time"
  155. Your Thoughts On: The Rock (the actor, not the movie)
  156. Do you listen to Movie Reviews?
  157. Ernest Lehman dies; writer of "North by Northwest," "Sound of Music"
  158. Star Wars Flash Movie
  159. A Degrassi movie! Directed by...!
  160. Pirates of the Caribean....2?
  161. So who else hated American Psycho?
  162. Whats your favorite Lethal Weapon movie of the series, and why. (Haters welcome too)
  163. Fincher to shoot two films back-to-back!
  164. Which DVDs do you own due to the fact that you loved them growing up?
  165. Land of the Dead vs. Dawn of the Dead (remake)
  166. What Was the Best Movie Summer Ever?
  167. A new version of Frankenstein?
  168. Question about the original 'Wonka' movie
  169. JAWS question - what's with all the heavy clothing?!
  170. Jack Magner (not Wagner) - whatever became of that boy?
  171. Jeffrey Wells' take on CZeta Jones
  172. Will new films ever be added to the AFI's top 100 (plus a rant)?
  173. DJ Darth....
  174. How old were you when you first saw Star Wars?
  175. Did Sidious enslave all planets the droids invaded?
  176. First Half of 2005: Best Film Yet? (Now With Extra Poll Goodness)
  177. Anyone notice all the shooting stars in "JAWS"?
  178. Socal,see Apichatpong Weerasethakul on the big screen!
  179. The Warriors, Assault on Precinct 13, Big Trouble in Little China...
  180. Another "Does anyone know any movies where..." thread
  181. Movies with cool car chases...
  182. definiition of Imax please
  183. What movies deal with Imaginary Friends?
  184. "War of the Worlds" Last summer movie of 2005!
  185. THX 1138 - memo/script coverage dated December 18, 1968
  186. Trailer Music for "Swimming Upstream" Help!
  187. Where do Wookies go to the bathroom?
  188. 2005 Toronto International Film Festival
  189. War of the Worlds plotholes...HUGE SPOILERS!!
  190. Why don't billionaires in movies have any security?
  191. Ok. Ok. Who would be the worst Joker?
  192. Being a Skywalker means..........
  193. War Of The Worlds aspect ratio question
  194. Coming soon: MUST LOVE DOGS. Cusack! Lane! Newfie!
  195. Films with thunder and lightning...
  196. Weekend Box Office June 29th-July 4th
  197. Saraband, Ingmar Bergman releases his last motion picture
  198. Uwe Boll's Dungeon Siege - Statham & Sobieski
  199. Music from War of the Worlds trailer...Where can I find it?
  200. So if Serenity does well at the box office...
  201. I.M.P.S. - Chapter 1 ('Troops 2') fan film
  202. Smokey and the Bandit Plot Question
  203. I'm looking for some good Sci-Fi...
  204. James Cameron developing new love story...
  205. Take Three Of Your Geek Pals...One Geek Gets In For Free!
  206. What good movies are coming out next?
  207. New into the blue trailer
  208. Tsui Hark's "Seven Swords"
  209. So this is the cast for D.O.A.: Dead or Alive?
  210. Which version of WAR OF THE WORLDS was better?
  211. Mysterious Island 1927
  212. What movie made within 5 years ago do you think they will eventually remake?
  213. Movie Remakes..
  214. anyone seen "Nothing"?
  215. Southland Tales - Richard Kelly's upcoming film...
  216. Money-back guarantee offered for 'Cinderella Man'
  217. The real Domino Harvey died yesterday...Could this mean a delay for "Domino"?
  218. Why cast a foreign actor/actress to play an American character?
  219. Random Facts About Vin Diesel...
  220. Who would win: Anakin vs. Luke, Vader vs. Sidious, Obi-Wan vs. Yoda
  221. Which current actors or directors would you most like to see make a big comeback?
  222. Movies you hope they never remake
  223. WAR OF THE WORLDS thread... (merged)
  224. Did Vader ever learn the secret?
  225. Is another edition of "Fantasia" in the works?
  226. Why did yoda give up?
  227. Lightsaber question <spoiler>
  228. the official "what did michael bay ever do to you?" thread
  229. Don't Look Now, but another remake in the works
  230. King Kong trailer/teaser?
  231. Where's the Primer thread?
  232. Why is a movie's financial success weighted so heavily by domestic sales?
  233. Paul Winchell, Voice of Tigger, Dies at 82
  234. I've been wrong my whole life
  235. Question about Reservoir Dogs/Pulp Fiction *spoilers*
  236. Need the name of a movie..
  237. Weekend Boxoffice 6/24-6/26
  238. Have you seen the original King Kong (1933)?
  239. Michelle Pfeiffer
  240. FARGO Question may contain spoilers
  241. Truffaut or Godard?
  242. Okay, is War of the Worlds doomed?
  243. Possible to edit Michael Keaton/Tim Burton Batman to pretend it's a Begins sequel?
  244. Would current movies be better if you saw them as a kid?
  245. More proof that the Clone Wars cartoon is canon!!
  246. Stanley Kubrick reccomendations? Just watched full metal jacket
  247. Kenobi on Council?
  248. Did the emperor sense Vader was trying to overthrow him in ROTJ?
  249. War of Worlds: Anyone dissapointed it's modern?
  250. the greatest badass moments