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LOTR humor

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LOTR humor

LOTR humor (geek mode on)

I found this on another forum, and thought it was great. Come up with the best combo of LOTR and another movie. Some examples written so far:

Deliverance from the Ring.
After getting separated, Frodo and Sam are found in the wilderness by a group of redneck trolls who torment them endlessly.

Requiem for a Ring.
Despite Gandalf's insistence, Frodo refuses to leave the Shire, he and Sam and Rosy get into heroin and begin a downward spiral that ends up with Sam and and Frodo being jailed in the south of middle earth and Sam losing his arm to an infection.

Shire History X.
Frodo, Pippin and Merry become influenced by anti-establishment elements in the Shire, Frodo gets a big Sauron tatoo on his chest, and finally goes to jail for killing an elf, where he he is redeemed and comes back to try to save Merry and Pippin from a life of hate.

Hobbitz in the Shire.
A downturn in the Shire economy plunge Sam, Frodo, Merry and Pippin into a world of fast horses, cross bows, and pipe weed. Can they find their way through this maze of limitations and disappointments and violence to become well adjusted men?

The Underhill Identity.
Frodo is discovered floating down stream in the Brandywine and can't remember his name, but he has a message embedded in his hip that holds a numbered bar tab at the Prancing Pony. Can he discover who he is before the secret forces of Saruman can plug this leak in their secret weapon's program?

Kill Bill Vol3.
The pony, left behind at the Gates of Moria, is now consumed with rage over his betrayal. He embarks on a vengeful, hate-filled rampage and he's headed directly for the Shire! An anguished Samwise must hunt down his once faithful companion and end this reign of terror.

The Mordor Job
After bringing the ring to the center of Mt. Doom Sam double crosses Frodo and company and runs off with the Ring, killing Aragorn in the process. Frodo and the other survivors band together with Aragorn's secret half-elf love-child when she becomes of age to track down Sam and retrieve the ring. They do so riding on brightly colored Ponys that seem incredibly fast and agile and go places regular horses can't.

The Second Breakfast Club

Fear and Loathing in Lothlorian
Raul Dunedain and Dr Glorfindel attempt to dive into the heart of the Numenorian dream by covering the Mirkwood 4000. Fueled only by Lembas, Maggots special reserve and pipeweed they break all the rules, burn the help, insult the tourists and dont pay the tab.

Reservoir Hobbits
After a discussing how much a tip should be. The Hobbits rob a jewery store and get a suitcase with a speical ring inside.... The only problem, one of the Hobits is a cop......

Fangorn Gump
This one would be worth it just for the scene depicting the March of the Ents, with a pretty blonde yelling, "Run, Forest, Run!"

Bright Oil Lamps, Big City
After being brought to Minas Tirith, Pippin falls in with a fast crowd of young Gondorians and falls into a life of partying and drugs.

Dude, Where's My Ring?
Sauron and Saruman are two blithering idiots who seem to have misplaced the One Ring... Dude, Where's my ring? Where's your ring dude?

Lothlorien In Translation
Two hobbits longing for home find themselves out of their element. Comedy ensues.

Ring It On
Low budget, high return movie centering on a bunch of hobbit cheerleaders obsessed with firstly, getting their routine right and winning the championship and secondly, vanquishing evil by destroying an evil toe ring.

Isengard Wide Shut
Frodo gets pulled into the glamorous and dangerous world of the sex lives of the wizards and their

My Cousin Gimli
Hilarious LOTR prequel where we meet Balin, who finds himslelf wrongfully accused while traveling through Rivendell! What else to do but call his street-smart but inexperienced dwarf warrior Gimli who may be a little too "rough around the edges" for the Rivendell justice system!

Bend It Like Boromir
Boromir, driven mad by his lust for the One Ring, runs away to coach an elven all-girls soccer team. Against the will of his father, and through dedication and alterior motives, he proceeds to take them to the championship game at Pelennor Fields.

Fast Times At Uruk-Hai
Those gnarly Hobbit dudes are all about babes, parties and pipeweed, bro. Even when held captive by the righteous yet totally bogus enemy. Co-starring Salma Uruk-Hayek.
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They are all gold, but this one really set me off:

Fangorn Gump
This one would be worth it just for the scene depicting the March of the Ents, with a pretty blonde yelling, "Run, Forest, Run!"

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I'm just sad there was no description for The Secondbreakfast Club...

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