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  1. For Ganster Flick Fans
  2. Spider Man Cameo?
  3. Anyone Else Feel The Music In "Spirited Away" Is A Let Down?
  4. What's THE funniest movie?
  5. How Exactly Are Movies Made as Far as the Camera Work Is Concered?
  6. Brian Cox (of X2, Adaptation, The Ring, 25th Hour, Manhunter...)
  7. (The) Runaway Jury trailer
  8. Harry Potter...how many movies
  9. Biggest mind ****...Possible Spoilers Inside
  10. The Recruit...My thoughts...Your thoughts...and of course, SPOILERS!
  11. Praying with Anger M. Night Shyamalan 1st movie
  12. The Bond Girl Thread: who would you like to see as one, who never should have been?
  13. What is the cheesy inspirational music in Bruce Almighty?
  14. SPOILER: Superman movie
  15. Apple.com trailer page
  16. Sequels That Are Worse Than the Original or Have Ruined the Series
  17. Mullholland Dr - Can someone explain this movie to me?
  18. What DVD had the most misdirection and/or plot twists that had you baffled?
  19. RUMOR: Daniel Radcliffe to Retire
  20. Any sequel better than the original?
  21. Are they going to make a REAL Dumb and Dumber 2
  22. Movies you like, but SHOULD NOT recommend
  23. Box Office 6/13-15 estimates: "Nemo" #1 again
  24. What's a film that upon seeing again, you changed your opinion of it?
  25. The Matrix movies explored and explained (spoilers)
  26. VULGAR- Seriously, what a terrific movie!
  27. Classic Film Series in Louisville, KY
  28. Hills Have Eyes. Suggestions?
  29. A emotional moment in a film you hate to admit? Possible Spoilers
  30. Matrix screen savers again?
  31. Would a movie like "Jaws" be able to succeed in a modern summer?
  32. Anyone have Revolutions Spoilers?
  33. Any script ideas?
  34. 70 minutes till Hulk
  35. Movie quote question
  36. Name that movie?
  37. HULK (Ang Lee) Official Reviews Thread (spoilers!)
  38. New stills from Hulk
  39. Trivia
  40. What is up with the trend of announcing the rating of a movie at the last minute?
  41. Ed Gein and Ronald DeFeo - No movies on these serial murderers
  42. Best "suspense" moment? *Spoilers*
  43. recommendations for mario bava films
  44. The Matrix Reloaded banned in Egypt
  45. Movies That Strain Credulity
  46. Gregory Peck dead at 87!
  47. The Believer?
  48. How's it all going to end?
  49. Renee Zellweger eating 20 doughnuts per day to beef up for Bridget sequel
  50. Ying xiong AKA Hero question
  51. Once Upon A Time In America! What do those who watch it for the first time think?
  52. Who Would Win?? Matrix AI or Terminator AI??
  53. Shorts before movies, do you like 'em?
  54. Any reviews/news related articles on Pirates Of The Carribbean?
  55. Bob the Builder Movie.......starring Harrison Ford?!
  56. Favorite "Mr" character in Reservoir Dogs?
  57. Awful!
  58. breasts removed from Knick Knack short before finding nemo
  59. question about the "head vise" scene in Casino
  60. How bad will Dumb and Dumberer tank?
  61. Best John Hughes father
  63. What would your MARTIX name be?
  64. Please, no Matrix-in-a matrix cop-out ending
  65. any other movies like terminator
  66. From "Ice Age" to "Robots" - the next CGI feature from Blue Sky....
  67. Wallpaper?
  68. What movie have you tried to watch but circumstances always prevent it?
  69. Reloaded Soundtrack
  70. Dinsey's next animated feature film is "Brother Bear" (Nov '03)
  71. NEW!!!!! Interview with Collin Chou (Seraph)
  72. MiaM Poll
  73. Neo Stopping the Sentinels??
  74. What is your *favorite* Animatrix episode?
  75. Why does Stallone SUCK so much as an actor?
  76. Reporter fired for plagiarizing Ebert
  77. Besides Julia Roberts, your favorite whore in a movie
  78. Trevor Goddard "Jag" Found Dead In L.A. Home
  79. Unanswered questions from The Matrix
  80. CATCH ME IF YOU CAN - The Musical!
  81. Inglorious Bastards - Tarantino's Next Project!
  82. Introducing the Rock as...Buford T. Pusser?!??!?!?!?
  83. Revolutions Trailer in Front of T3?
  84. help settle a bet regarding The Wizard of Oz and color....
  85. TOGETHER! Anyone see it!?
  86. Name one actor you like that everyone else dislikes???
  87. This is what the film "THEY" could have been, but wasn't
  88. I am looking for Movies based on real stories ?
  89. Will we see the twins again in Revolutions?
  90. Ebert gives the new horror film "May" Four stars!
  91. Logan's Run remake in the works
  92. Recommendations for movies featuring a movie w/in a movie
  93. Your favorite Harrison Ford movie? (besides the obvious Star Wars/Indiana Jones)
  94. OMG: "The Foreigner" - It's that bad
  95. Adv - Matrix Revolutions Poster
  96. Just saw Hollywood Homicide
  97. Where can I get a Twin 2 figure?
  98. Sweet Sixteen (a Ken Loach film)
  99. Lawless Heart
  100. Blow mirror
  101. Any TMR: IMAX Experience reviews?
  102. Matrix or Terminator?
  103. Make your own "Heroes and Villians List" here.
  104. Matrix or Terminator?
  105. Original Star Wars to Play at New Cine Capri in Phoenix
  106. Is there going to be a Terminator 4?
  107. Friday Box Office - 2 Fast 2 Furious Dominates
  108. Matrix Reloaded is #1 movie of the year.. so far
  109. Put the Matrix Code on your desktop
  110. Im looking for good horror DVDS
  111. Ringu is it realy worth it?
  112. I Watched The Hulk
  113. relativly new war movie fan looking to explore. .
  114. Hulk: Much more than a Summer Blockbuster. ((Spoilers))*long*
  115. Why wasn't Neo able to punch superfast like he did in the first matrix?
  116. Soul Survivors: did someone actually get paid to make this?
  117. Sly Stallone News. Yeah!!!!
  118. Pang Brothers horror film THE EYE opens in NY and LA
  119. What would you call the THIRD Fast and the Furious?
  120. Thoughts on Godsend with DeNiro?
  121. Smith Rules All
  122. Plastic surgery gone bad
  123. What's Cameron Crowe up to?
  124. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou --- Wes Anderson
  125. Spielberg To Go 'Back To The Future'?
  126. The Special Effects are "Beyond Comprehension"
  127. Keymaker discussion - can you make sense of this?
  128. Dirty Harry Fans: Why No Ketchup Allowed on Hot Dogs?
  129. I just saw the trailer for Gigli [Affleck & Lopez] on Access Hollywood...
  130. MTV Movie Awards.
  131. HBO makes better trailers than studios
  132. Inaccuracies in "Fact-Based" Movies (Inspired By True Events)
  133. Whale Rider: Anyone hear anything about this?
  134. Kill Bill,: get ready to vomit or be offended by violence
  135. Movies you are suppost to root for the bad guys
  136. Why was the Nebucannezer's crew downsized so much?
  137. Besides Rounders, any other good poker/card movies?
  138. Zion Defense
  139. TALK TO HER....impressions?
  140. Ken Park ( new Larry Clark film )
  141. Which is more blasphemous to Romero? Night (1990) or new Dawn?
  142. Travis Bickle is NOT a Villain!!!!!!
  143. Heat (1995, D: Mann) S: Pacino, De Niro, Kilmer, Ashley Judd's "Great Ass"
  144. What does Jim Cameron think of Terminator 3?
  145. Does anyone have a WAV or MP3 of the "Keep Swimming" song from Finding Nemo?
  146. Movie Suggestions
  147. Same location-different movies?
  148. Vincent Gallo calls Roger Ebert a "fat pig"
  149. What are the Ice Age creators up to?
  150. Complete Reloaded Transcript
  151. NYTimes Article
  152. People that live under a rock: should it matter?
  153. "Mauled by a Tiger?!"
  154. Strange bit 'o' irony( spoiler I guess)
  155. Looney Tunes: Back In Action
  156. Ben Affleck Hair Piece picture
  157. When will they make a COMPLETE movie about ENTIRE history of THE BEATLES?
  158. 'FreeFlixTix'?
  159. Raiders of the Lost Ark: Fan edition
  160. Question About SUPERMAN (1978)
  161. Another 60% drop..
  162. Nemo Imax?
  163. Spellbound
  164. Wanna get rave reviews? Play a retard!!
  165. "Secret Window, Secret Garden" by Stephen King coming...
  166. What is the average life expectancy for a summer movie nowadays?
  167. Are you looking forward to the Incredibles? / One and only (Merged)
  168. movies similar to the matrix
  169. Pixar Perfect! Drop Deadweight Disney
  170. Historical inaccuracy in "Glory"
  171. Weekend Box-Office (5/30-6/1)
  172. TCM spotlights Bollywood every Thursday night in June
  173. Larry Wachowski to become a "Laurie" [2016 update: Andy now "Lilly"]
  174. All hypocrites Unite! Actors you despise but like some of their movies
  175. Emilio Estevez is finally making a big screen comeback!!!!
  176. Spiderman in The Italian Job? <minor spoiler>
  177. Disney remaking their animated classics in CGI; help stop them before it's too late!!
  178. Seabiscuit
  179. Actors suffering from the "Julia Roberts Syndrome"
  180. How bad was your audience during Finding Nemo?
  181. T3: Rise of the Machines get an "R" rating
  182. The Almighty Phone #...
  183. Empire Records, seriously, who likes this piece of garbage?
  184. Best pixar/disney cgi movie?
  185. Free movies on the web?
  186. Producers who have appeared in their own movies?
  187. Why I loathe movie theaters even MORE!
  188. EVERYONE MUST WATCH NOW!!!! Clip of "Taxi 3"!!!!
  189. Little Moments (scenes) that stand out in a film
  190. Figured something out...
  191. Harrison Ford Receives Hollywood Star After 19-Year-Mixup
  192. Apollo 13: The IMAX Experience - anyone seen it?
  193. What should the title of Romero's fourth DEAD film be?
  194. Surely a sign of the Apocolypse
  195. Matrix Reloaded DVD
  196. I think I'm falling in love with Orlando Jones...
  197. Opening credits...why?
  198. Your Choice for the New Wonka?
  199. Indie/Foreign films becoming formulaic?
  200. Question about "Tombstone" and "The Road to Perdition"?
  201. The Matrix online comic series...
  202. George Romero's LAND OF THE DEAD
  203. Who is your favorite male or female Secret Agent on DVD besides James Bond?
  204. What Do You Think About LOTR: The Musical?
  205. Weiss brothers working on Elric script
  206. Alien re-release & series continuity
  207. What was the last price you paid for a movie?
  208. Listing of IMAX theatres playing THE MATRIX RELOADED: THE IMAX EXPERIENCE
  209. If you made Jurassic Park IV, how would you improve on the series
  210. Super Sucker, what happend to it
  211. Questions about Tarkovsky's "Stalker" (Warning : Spoilers).
  212. upcoming disney animated movies
  213. My interest in seeing "Garfield" has slightly increased...
  214. How did Phil Hartman do the kiki (anime) dub?
  215. Favorite Cheesy Montage.
  216. Straight to video: What is "Bloodfist?"
  217. New zombie movie
  218. The Samuel L. Jackson Award for Bad Movie Hair
  219. I'm seeing Double. Same Theme Movies
  220. When people talk...
  221. Ending was very cheezy...idea for more dramatic ending (spoilers of course)
  222. What happened to Originality?
  223. Why are the majority of people in Zion.....
  224. Hellsing [Anime] Question?
  225. Profile of Roy Lee (and info about Sam Raimi, Ju-On)
  226. Casting a Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie that continues the series...
  227. News Flash: Fox to Release DVD 6 weeks after Movie Release of "Justin and Kelly"
  228. No more Lizzie McGuire??!?!
  229. New Godzilla film this December in Japan
  230. "Wicker Man" staring Nicholas Cage
  231. Any ideas of what the dvd will be like?
  232. Help Me Name This Movie...
  233. Theory about the end [spoiler]
  234. No-Frills Cinema....
  235. Whats the appeal of Good Burger for many of you?
  236. How much would The Matrix Reloaded have made if it was PG-13?
  237. 25th Hour Script?
  238. Finding Nemo reviews out
  239. The "these actors were considered for these movies" thread
  240. Poster for Kevin Costner's "Open Range" - looks good!
  241. Top 5 Mob/gangster movies
  242. Spun
  243. 2003 - Not the Year of Brad Pitt
  244. Planet of the Apes Marathon on Encore 5/26
  245. The phony parody theatrical movie poster art thread!!! (for you photoshoppers here)
  246. So what's Winona up to?
  247. Intereting tidbit about the Architecht's words
  248. Hey check out this awesome site
  249. Whats the worst movie that you have seen so far this year?
  250. What is the oar?