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  1. Which do you prefer in a war movie? Battle scene or story/emotion
  2. Need help with name of a movie
  3. most underrated actresses
  4. Star Wars vs Indiana Jones
  5. Movie series that changed ratings
  6. Apparently they changed "The Core"
  7. What is with all the movies with pop/rock/rap/etc. soundtracks?
  8. Does an actor's political views affect the way you see them in their roles?
  9. director's guild upset?!?
  10. Need Help with Music from This Trailer (New Bulletproof Monk)
  11. Cradle to the grave #1 with Daredevil in 3rd
  12. Leonardo cast as Alexander the Great
  13. Script idea, need advice
  14. Head of State trailer
  15. City of God - further research
  16. Damn you, Iraq! Max Rockatansky 4 takes a hit!
  17. Metropolis - Flub or Sociological Difference?
  18. Is it even possible to make a mainstream comedy without toilet humor?
  19. Which actor ruins a movie?
  20. Does any one scene ruin a movie for you?
  21. Is Lord of the G-Strings a prequel to LOTR?
  22. What is the music that plays towards the tail end of the new X2 trailer?
  23. Another remake that's not needed - Can't Buy Me Love
  24. Favorite Obscure Movie Songs?
  25. Kodak to close Cinesite...
  26. Pi by Darren Aronofsky -- brilliant!
  27. garfield live action?!?
  28. One Hour Photo ending question (CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!)
  29. Just watched the Ring... [SPOILERS]
  30. Bulletproof Monk
  31. Seven Samurai coulda had better choreography
  32. Poolhall Junkies
  33. A View From the Top - just saw trailer
  34. Dreamcatcher... Methinks There's A Hella Lot of Potential
  35. Lets Play an edited for TV game
  36. Question aboot Goodfellas?
  37. Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day (Duffy, 10/30/09)
  38. Movies about time/dimension travel
  39. A Common Complaint..."No Character Development".
  40. What Movie's Ending Would you Change?
  41. people who have done no wrong (movie-wise)
  42. Elektra Movie Announced!
  43. spider-man 2 in about 20 years
  44. Best closing shot (spoilers)
  45. Help me find good Jet Li flicks
  46. My idea for a new Jackie Chan movie!!!
  47. No ROTK trailer to be attached to LOTR:TTT before it ends its run
  48. Favorite Keith David character
  49. Would Transformers: The Movie do well as a midnight movie?
  50. Carnahan to direct M:I3
  51. I really want to download an LXG preview that's decent!
  52. how do YOU find good movies that nobody has heard of?
  53. Matrix News
  54. Cisco Systems = Cyberdyne Systems.
  55. Question about "Gods and Generals" (I haven't seen it yet)
  56. Cradle 2 the Grave: What's the buzz?
  57. Let's play a game
  58. Pulp Fiction - what made him choose Ving Rhames?
  59. The TCM 31 days of oscar celebration schedule
  60. Can someone explain to me the appeal of Empire Strikes Back
  61. When David Letterman Hosted Oscar
  62. The Transporter --- Jason Statham
  63. Who is that guy that seems to always narrarate trailers?
  64. Kill Bill To Be Released in 2 PARTS - RIP OFF!!
  65. Name for the scariest trailer ever?
  66. "Exciting" trailer music that is so often used- What is it?
  67. I just watched a foreign film tonight that really surprised me!
  68. Why didn't I like Minority Report?
  69. rivers and tides documentary
  70. Have you learned something from Lord of the Rings movie, or...?
  71. Universal acquires rights to "Elric Saga"
  72. 1&O Lion King IMAX Discussion Thread!
  73. New X2 footage
  74. Favorite Director?
  75. Who sings "My Name is Death" in the credits of Final Destination 2?
  76. Dragon Wars- Preview of an Upcoming Korean Dragon Movie
  77. has anyone heard anything about a new movie called "The R.M."(Returned Missionary)?
  78. Highly Rated Movies That You Didn't Like.
  79. Best David Fincher Film
  80. NEWS!! One & Only Spider-man 2 NEWS!!
  81. So called "Director's Cuts" that are still missing scenes?
  82. Has any movie ever been Banned in the United States?
  83. Song used in the second half of the Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Trailer
  84. A Friday the 13th Part 7 Da New Blood Discussion
  85. sequel to XFILES the movie??
  86. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Discussion
  87. The Godfather Discussion
  88. A Silence of the Lambs Discussion
  89. An Amadeus Discussion
  90. A Goodfellas Discussion
  91. The Deer Hunter Discussion
  92. A Dances With Wolves Discussion
  93. old school and daredevil fighting out the # 1 spot
  94. Here is why OLD SCHOOL is the best comedy in the last 13 years
  95. Do you "dress up" when you go to see certain movies?
  96. Movies you love but never seen the sequel
  97. directors over sixty, who still kick tail
  98. Shanghai Knights ,How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days , or Chicago ?
  99. Documentaries are now "In" . . .
  100. Clive Cussler's Sahara
  101. Blake Edwards is remaking "10"
  102. was that 'precious' guy on Lord of the rings real or computer animated?
  103. New Dumbledore Cast For 'Potter' Movies
  104. Theater sued for pre-movie commercials
  105. your Favorite movie year?
  106. A new Cheech and Chong movie "Cheech & Chong Get Blunt", can't wait.
  107. What's Joe Pesci doing lately?
  108. Chicago - How many awards will it win?
  109. Comic book movies..
  110. Is there a review site that gives spoilers?
  111. One Hour Photo questions... (I'm not blacking out, so SPOILERS)
  112. "Show Up Late Or Suffer" (LONG!)
  113. In need of "Making of Scarface" documentary...
  114. What was this movie's title?
  115. Movies without happy endings?
  116. Directors Favorite Movies (Kubrick’s Top Ten)
  117. need help picking a good love story
  118. Suggestions for a Hitchcock scene analysis?
  119. Crappy movies with only one or two good scenes in them?
  120. Did anyone read William Goldman's bashing of Martin Scorsese?
  121. Which big budget summer movies are going to flop?
  122. Terry Gilliam's THE BROTHERS GRIMM
  123. "End of the world" scenario movie reccomendations? (ex.-Signs, NOTLD, Body Snatchers)
  124. holy crap -- with a cast like this, how could it possibly suck?
  125. is anyone going to see "The Life of David Gale"? What's the buzz over it?
  126. Help name this foreign movie
  127. Famous movie scenes you would change??
  128. Worst Ending Ever?
  129. Tired of Reality TV shows? How about Reality MOVIES!
  130. funniest critic blurb youv'e ever read?
  131. Best DVD/Movie posters
  132. Best "Chase" Movies
  133. "Pre-movie ads rip off theatergoers, suits claim."
  134. Robin Hood - Men in tights
  135. Judy Dench in the Pitch Black sequel?
  136. X-Men...seriously underrated?
  137. George Lucas is a jack ass (IMO)
  138. Guess this quote...
  139. Question About a Movie...!?!?
  140. Iis Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets worth seeing for $2?
  141. Worst movie ever?? Backyard Dogs
  142. Run Ronnie Run
  143. George Clooney Proves a Popular Director
  144. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas question
  145. Oscar Myths 2003
  146. NEWS!! Only One Villain in Spider-Man 2
  147. Wolverine in XMen
  148. Boy made short film on Marilyn Monroe
  149. "Donnie Darko" : Midnight Shows?
  150. For what little known movies do you try to spread the word most?
  151. Joyride question and thoughts (spoilers)
  152. Movies With Good Music
  153. Movies With Bad Music
  154. Powerpuff Girls movie... cameo Jay and Silent Bob?
  155. Casablanca question
  156. Head Of State Trailer(Chris Rock, Bernie Mac)
  157. What did Richard Gere do at the end of "Unfaithful"? [SPOILERS]
  158. Anybody know what movie my friend is thinking of?
  159. Your favorite "Grease" musical number!
  160. Your Oscar Predictions?
  161. Piglet's Big Movie?
  162. The Lizzie McGuire Movie anyone seeing / what's the buzz over it?
  163. Movie characters you wanna know more about!!
  164. Snowed in?? What are you watching?
  165. Dustin Hoffman joins the "I hate Disney" bandwagon!
  166. Daredevil is BETTER than Spiderman, heres why.
  167. This trailer made me wanna rush out and see this movie RIGHT NOW
  168. Circus: Why didn't I see this @ box office?
  169. Daredevil ... more proof that Roger Ebert has lost it.
  170. need an old movie identified.
  171. How crowded was your showing of Daredevil?
  172. Movie help?
  173. Best Career Year
  174. Looks like Daredevil will be #1 with around 35/40 million
  175. Most overrated movie?
  176. Your favorite Bill Paxton moments!!
  177. Another 2 Unoriginal Movies coming soon...
  178. Ah, the wonders of Frame-By-Frame analysis.
  179. Warning for anyone who has not yet seen Seven
  180. Worst Career Year
  181. Whatever happened to Jenny Wright (Near Dark) ?
  182. Phantom of the opera to be directed by the Batman franchise killer!
  183. Nations Love Affair with LOTR Threatening relationship with Star Wars
  184. Final Destination question with SPOILERS so don't read if you haven't seen it
  185. Morvern Callar
  186. Movies that made you cry like a baby!! ( Chicks welcome also!!)
  187. League of... Trialer up
  188. Robota Teaser
  189. Oh for the love of.....Josh Hartnett as "Superman"?
  190. Which of these movies is worth seeing on the big screen?
  191. Worst deaths
  192. Where did they film The Shinning take 2
  193. Mark Dacascos (in Cradle 2 the Grave)
  194. Funniest Imdb reviews
  195. Does the hotel used in "The Shining" actually exist?
  196. Undeserved Oscars
  197. Is it just me or does Josh Lucas look like Mattew McConaughey's twin?
  198. Favorite number in Moulin Rouge?
  199. Question about "The Shining" story plot
  200. How did your newspaper rate Daredevil?
  201. Cowboy Bebop: Knockin on Heaven's Door - release date?
  202. Other comic books that should be made into movies
  203. Go see DAREDEVIL!!!
  204. What do you think Forrest Gump said during the Peace Rally?
  205. "The Quiet American" - what a gem !
  206. Daredevil review *SPOILERS*
  207. anyone ever see the movie "Gummo"?
  208. feel good movie of the year!
  209. <Buying the Cow>
  210. why are credits at the end of new movies?
  211. Do not leave your seats during the end credits of Daredevil - here's why....
  212. What is your view of the Daredevil movie (spoilers possibly)
  213. What is Your Favorite Movie Series?
  214. Your Favorite Overall Movie
  215. Royal Tennebaum Question
  216. Sylvester Stallone Joins Spy Kids 3
  217. What ever happened to "Slap Her She's French"?
  218. questions about Payback??? (spoiler)
  219. A"Scary" Two-Pic Pact for Charlie Sheen
  220. Sequels that do not have similar title as original
  221. I'm seeing "Dark Blue" tonight, what's the buzz on it so far?
  222. Films using multi-aspect ratios/split screen
  223. Films that you love, but dont think you can ever watch again.
  224. Your government in action! NYC bans c-phones at movies!
  225. Trailer music - what are the most played tunes?
  226. Worst Movie Cameos
  227. Christopher Guest's A Mighty Wind
  228. Actor Sean Penn Claims Lost Movie Role Over Iraq Views
  229. is anyone here going to see "Agent Cody Banks " starring Frankie Muniz& Hilary Duff?
  230. James Cameron's next project?
  231. Primiere Magazines top 100 movie moments of all time
  232. undercover Brother
  233. Trailers that spoil the endings (deliberatly or not) un tagged spoilers
  234. looking for a title
  235. Robert Redford To Play J. Lo's Dad
  236. Alien Quadrilogy - Buy Buy Buy!
  237. Online Oscar pool?
  238. Diane Lane is Hottt in Unfaithful
  239. The Shield - Best Series on Dvd
  240. Favorite one-word movie lines
  241. Strongest & weakest filmographies?
  242. Tears of the Sun Trailer Question...Song?
  243. Bin Laden speaks out about...Miramax (!)
  244. What movie is this?
  245. IFC Awards
  246. Banger Sisters is Da Bomb!
  247. Jennifer Aniston Shines in Good Girl
  248. Anybody else not care about the Oscars?
  249. Brown Sugar is Best Movie of Year!
  250. Daredevil vs. How to Lose a Guy:which will win this weekend?