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Ebay Scam?

Old 03-10-02, 05:36 AM
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Ebay Scam?

i was looking for casino on dvd on ebay and i came across a pretty good deal. then i realized the seller had no history. i passed him off as a newbie until i looked under his other auctions. dozens of auctions all starting at 4.99 british pounds (keep in mind this is an american seller) and requesting only a check or money order. then i did a random search for moulin rouge. found a deal for 4.95 british pounds, looked under other auctions and found dozens of auctions with the same deal (pounds, american seller, money order or check). does this seem too good to be true to anyone else? the auctions are obviously related. i have a feeling these guys are just creating accounts for one day and raking in as much cash as they can, ruin the feedback on one account and then move on to another.

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Old 03-10-02, 09:05 AM
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I would stay away from his auctions.......wait until you begin to see some positive feedbacks then bid on future auctions.

His location on his id history is United Kingdom so I am unsure why he has USA as his region on the auction.
Old 03-10-02, 09:35 AM
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Well, a lot more people in the UK buy different region discs than those in the USA, so it might be that.

Also, more TVs can play NTSC, and all DVD players can.
Old 03-10-02, 09:44 AM
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NO. I have bought from...........

Don't get confuse becasue of this. I have bought like this before. Let me explain: The auction is for items outside the US but the person who is going to ge the money lives here in the US. I once bought a Soccer shirt and I had to pay to someone in NJ but whoever had to send it to was from "Thailand" SO, they are trying to save you money on shipping as well as sending the money so that it comes out cheap and convenient.
Old 03-10-02, 11:33 PM
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Here's a similar fishy Ebay story

This guy was selling four expensive Sony region-free DVD players on ebay. All of these players were being sold with a buyitnowprice of $200 US or about $200 US for the two UK auctions. I did a little research and found that these players were going for $450 or $550 I can't remember which. This seller really put me on guard though. He was selling two of the players in English pounds and listed his location as the UK. He was selling the other two players for US dollars and listed his location as somewhere in the US. I think it was CA. My question is: how could this guy be located in the UK and CA at the same time? The players were supposed to be shipped to the buyers from Hong Kong. I took a look at the guys feedback and he had 11 positives, with 8 sales, but the 6 sales that I could see the item information about were all for things that sold for between 10 cents and $1.25. I decided that the guy was probably bogus and put his feedback page in my favorites, so that I could see the feedback from the DVD player buyers. Here is the first review from someone who bought one of the DVD players from him.

"Complaint : BOGUS SELLER, Would rather cut off my genitals than buy from him again."

"Response by jaychow69 - Informed employee ran away with products and is currently refunding (IMPATIENT)"

EDITED POST to add jaychow69's response which he took two days to make. Still sounds pretty bogus to me

I think I was right! His feedback page is here The negative comment doesn't list the item because it says that it is "private", but the two DVD players he was selling in England were listed as "private" and he had nothing for auction in the last month besides those four Sony DVD players. I'm interested in seeing the next three comments that he gets because he sold all four of the DVD players that he had listed.

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Old 03-11-02, 12:11 AM
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i went to check back on the auctions of the second seller and they're all gone and now he's listed as an unregistered user

maybe my instincts were right about this
Old 03-21-02, 04:36 PM
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If you're going to check feedback, take a look at where it came from, also. Not only were this sellers completed auctions for low cost items, the buyers had low or no feedback also, and some of the same buyers bid on multiple auctions. You can build up a feedback rating fairly quickly and inexpensively this way - offer obscure items at low cost that no one would ever bid on, then have a friends bid on and buy them and post a positive response. The item doesn't even have to be real, since no sane person would ever bid on it anyway. Even if someone does bid, they won't bid much, so your friend can just outbid them. Who is going to buy an old Parker pen that needs "cleaning" for $1.25. or bid on a "real old and dirty Camel" (whatever THAT IS)?

Why would a legitimate seller even LIST items with descriptions like that? Or pay a $0.30 listing fee for a junk item that sells for $0.10? Don't just look at the number of responses and the selling prices, look at the item descriptions and buyers, too. If you find an item like "real old and dirty Camel" it was probably listed to establish a feedback rating.

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