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  1. Book Suggestions?
  2. ONE AND ONLY: Amazon "Share the Love" for Book Talk .... [merged & updated]
  3. Stephen Jay Gould dead
  4. Anyone familar w/ Dale Brown books?
  5. John Irving fans?
  6. Truman Capote: In Cold Blood [discussion thread]
  7. I want to start getting the Dr. Seuss books for my kids. I need your help.
  8. Any word on Book 5 in the Harry Potter series? [part two]
  9. Roger Ebert's Movie Home Companion Feature: Revivals & Restorations
  10. one city, one book - mass reading
  11. What's So Great About America
  12. Robert Heinlein recommendations? -- and scifi/fantasy in general (older stuff)
  13. 'One Hundred Years Of Solitude' [all together now]
  14. Is the novel "Battlefield Earth" any better than the movie it spawned ?
  15. Newbie to Star Wars novels needs info
  16. a nice little amazon buy.... take a look
  17. Info on DK2 #3 (Dark Knight Strikes Again)
  18. Black Book of Arda
  19. Where can I purchase Korean Books?
  20. Resources for readers & writers
  21. Waiting for Godot has made me question life
  22. Five Favorite Science Fiction Novels
  23. What are you reading? Part 3
  24. City of Bones goes on sale today!
  25. Has anyone read "Hummingbird House"?
  26. Batman fans - question for you
  27. Various SF & Fantasy Award Nominees & Winners Thread
  28. Anyone read Jeff Noon?
  29. Good short fiction collections?
  30. Online Sales of Used Books Draw Protest
  31. I started my book.
  32. Anyone read Time & Again (Jack Finney)?
  33. David Sedaris
  34. Have you read the dictionary from cover to cover?
  35. Fight Club
  36. Unfortunately it's not an April Fool's joke (new French best seller)
  37. Mo Hayder: Birdman and The Treatment
  38. Do you have any autographed books?
  39. Laurell K Hamilton Chat
  40. Greatest American fiction novelist?
  41. Any suggestions on modern pulp / adventure books [Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider, etc.]?
  42. Anyone remember the Usbourne Book of the Future?
  43. Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones [novelization now on sale]
  44. Ray Bradbury makes the Hollywood Hall of Fame!
  45. Is DUNE: House Corrino in paperback yet?
  46. Loan out your books?
  47. Anyone ever attempt writing a book?
  48. R A Lafferty [RIP]
  49. Attn: Michael Connelly fans! Blood Work is a movie!
  50. Desperate! Crying of Lot 49 help!
  51. Help in Crying of Lot 49 essay
  52. Stephen King's Everything's Eventual: 14 Dark Tales
  53. So who are the most iconic characters?
  54. Books recommended for long journeys ?
  55. The Stranger
  56. Book Magazine's Top 100 fictional characters of the century...
  57. looking for quotes (specifically from choke)
  58. Help. Need a list of Edgar R. Burroughs first printings
  59. One city, one book
  60. 1001 nights
  61. The destruction of the Ego.
  62. Robertson Davies?
  63. What should I read next?
  64. "The Satanic Verses"
  65. I interviewed the guy who's writing the Spider-Man film novelization
  66. Do you read a book before the movie comes out?
  67. Does anyone really care what others are reading?
  68. Need opinions on great books on great directors [inc. Kurosawa]
  69. Roger Ebert's "The Great Movies"
  70. Reviews Wanted: The Cold Six Thousand
  71. History buffs, I need help!
  72. Cornwell's "Sharpe" & O'Brian's Aubrey / Maturin series discussion etc [merged]
  73. Gene Wolfe
  74. Good Travel Books for Orlando??
  75. New Patterson book...why the co-auther?
  76. Question to magazine subscribers
  77. Why so few posts here?
  78. GBN books that will change your perspective on things
  79. Book Exchange Thread [ inc. comicbooks / audiobooks ]
  80. Looking for a book
  81. Could someone post the chronological order for Tom Clancy's series with Jack Ryan?
  82. Does anyone here like Bentley Little?
  83. Recommendation repercussions
  84. any suggestions for books on wrestling?
  85. gruelling sports fiction
  86. The TNIV Bible What are your thoughts?
  87. Fast Food Nation
  88. What are some good JFK books?
  89. Dune Research paper - critical reviews?
  90. Some good "end of the world" novels?
  91. Crime Fiction Award Nominees & Winners Thread [Edgars etc]
  92. Anyone else read "Poet in Exile"?
  93. so i've decided to become a ww2 buff ... where do i start?
  94. Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man
  95. Help me order this book!
  96. Literary Character Association Thread [GAME ONE]
  97. Who likes H. Beam Piper?
  98. Robert McCammon Fans...Rejoice!!!!!! [again]
  99. Books you couldn't finish [Why?]
  100. Review Wanted:Killing Time by Caleb Carr
  101. For those interested in finding Erikson's Malazan series...
  102. Other book forums / sites for book news / reviews [merged]
  103. How many books do you have, and how do you store them?
  104. Just finished reading Band of Brothers
  105. Orson Scott Card has a new "Ender" book out
  106. How to find find first time authors?
  107. Where to find rare book prices? [merged]
  108. Wild Cards edited by George RR Martin
  109. books on the worlds mysteries?
  110. Pelecanos HELL TO PAY...when?
  111. "Satanic Verses"
  112. Star Wars Novels: news, questions & discussion thread [merged]
  113. The #1 Bestseller
  114. Looking for advice on books to read about African History
  115. Anyone know when Book 10 of the Wheel of Time will come out?
  116. Gene Simmons' new book...
  117. J D Salinger / The Catcher In The Rye Discussion Thread [merged]
  118. Why is everyone so down on Ayn Rand?
  119. Review Wanted: The Wealthy Barber
  120. Stephen Kings, down to his last 5 books.
  121. R.I.P. Astrid Lindgren, creator of Pippi Longstocking
  122. What are you reading? Part 2
  123. Book Exchange Forum?
  124. Any Honor Harrington / David Weber fans about? [some small spoilers] [merged]
  125. In a similar vein, who are your five LEAST favorite authors?
  126. Your five favorite authors
  127. Can anyone help me aquire this book for a good price?
  128. Need some recommendations...
  129. Well-read or perfect condition?
  130. The Chronicles of Narnia
  131. Who reads Sci-Fi, but not Fantasy, or vice versa?
  132. Help finding [cheap online] book outlet
  133. Rue Morgue magazine- worth a subscription?
  134. Best Louis L'amour book?
  135. Does anyone actually LIKE abridged books?
  136. Another Dennis Lehane pitch
  137. Concerning various LOTR editions....
  138. Anyone else enjoy video game tie-in books?
  139. Test post - sorry
  140. Do you like book previews?
  141. How great was Hemingway?
  142. Welcome Benedict, the newest Book Talk moderator!!!
  143. Other Lord of the Rings / Middle Earth / Tolkien books
  144. The Works of Frank Herbert
  145. trade paperbacks to get
  146. [What left unread from 2001 & earlier] Do you take a long time to complete a series?
  147. Roger Ebert's Books
  148. I have always been in love with Muriel Pritchett
  149. Andy McNab - Action Thriller God
  150. best holiday books
  151. Any other Bukowski fans here?
  152. Last Night a DJ Saved My Life ...
  154. Are you a fan of an obscure author or series?
  155. Review wanted - Zoobooks
  156. Anyone as big a fan of medical fiction as I am?
  157. "PLAGIARISM" and Harry Potter
  158. What genre do you read?
  159. why sorcerer's stone in the US for harry potter?
  160. Did you have to read "A Separate Peace" in school? (RIP John Knowles)
  161. Online bookstores
  162. Okay James Patterson has finally got me back.
  163. Books you would like to see made into MOVIES ?
  164. Need help selecting a book for Econ class
  165. David Mamet's new book...
  166. Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere book - also a TV series?
  167. House of Sand and Fog question
  168. Opinions on Pillar of Creations
  169. Sequel to Dark Knight Returns?
  170. [Finally bought] LOTR Book [inc. first timer's questions]
  171. Anyone ever read "Trout Fishing in America"
  172. Need Help with buying a book on philosophy/ethic
  173. Wild Blue by Steven Ambrose?
  174. Any Ridley Pearson fans out there?
  175. Posthumous Adams collection/Book6 in Hitchhiker's Guide "Trilogy" [UPDATE: 2008-2009]
  176. When is the paperback of Harry Potter 4 coming out?
  177. Has Stephen King fans noticed this?
  178. "The Corrections" wins Natl. Book Award
  179. DROP ZONE=Behind Enemy Lines?
  180. adobe premiere/after affects books
  181. Did anyone get "Sea of Swords"?
  182. Titles discussing the meaning of life.
  183. Will I understand Harry Potter #4 without reading #1-3?
  184. Black Hawk Down
  185. anyone else collect TWIN PALMS art/ photo books?
  186. What's your favorite Elmore Leonard book?
  187. What are the best Kurt Vonnegut books? [merged]
  188. Harry Potter is evil, discuss.
  189. Weird book releases in the UK?
  190. Do many adults read Harry Potter? [Why are they considered kids books?]
  191. Do you support independent book stores?
  192. Win a copy of The Avengers: The Kree-Skrull War
  193. SF/Fantasy masterworks listing?
  194. How to tell if a book is a first edition? [merged]
  195. Black House
  196. Terry Brooks New Series "Voyage of the Jerle Shannara"
  197. Raymond E Fiest, anyone read?
  198. "The Fermata" by Nicholson Baker
  199. Need some Ghost story recommendations [merged]
  200. A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius [duplicate]
  201. Hawking's A brif history of time, and the forward by Sagan
  202. Anybody ever read anything by or about Aleister Crowley?
  203. Help wanted locating / finding title of a childrens' / teen book [various merged]
  204. Clive Barker....."IMAJICA"
  205. Need suggestions for analysis of a Tolkien Language
  206. Do you think "pop novels" have any literary value?
  207. isn't it kinda sad?
  208. Which books have made you cry?
  209. The Exorcist....A quick story then Questions(spoilers?)
  210. Earth Abides
  211. Anyone have info on MP-3 books?
  212. Tom Brokaw - The Greatest Generation
  213. Home - For Sale by Owner question - good books?
  214. Michael Connelly coming to DC.
  215. Am I too old to read LOTR?
  216. The Stephen King Dark Tower Series Connections Thread ***Spoliers***
  217. Any noir / hard-boiled crime fiction fans / recommendations ? [merged]
  218. Clive Cussler news & discussion thread
  219. Stephen King: favorites and least favorites [merged]
  220. Once a Hero series by Elizabeth Moon
  221. Looking for Zombie Fiction
  222. Jhonen Vasquez thread
  223. Did anyone read "After Worlds Collide"?....
  224. invisible monsters
  225. Anne Rice - Vampire Chronicles
  226. Bushdawg . . . .
  227. any kerouac fans out there?
  228. forensic anthropology fiction
  229. New Lawrence Block - Scudder mystery!
  230. Hearts In Atlantis & The Dark Tower series
  231. Any Michael Crichton fans?
  232. Recommended Reading?
  233. The Talisman
  234. Goodbye Barnes and Noble
  235. Familiar with Dos Passos?
  236. dune books: prequels or originals?
  237. Question about LOTR Box set on Amazon
  238. Where to preorder "The Pillars of Creation" ?
  239. Has anyone ordered from doublediscount.com?
  240. An evening with Harlan Ellision, Neil Gaiman and Peter David....
  241. good novel
  242. $10 off $100 + Free S&H www.ecampus.com
  243. Can Someone Explain What A "Trade Edition" Is?
  244. Any good new fantasy books out in the past month(s)
  245. Nora Roberts new book
  246. Lord of the Rings - 2001 Calendar question
  247. Question about paperback book availability
  248. How's Bruce Campbell's "If Chins Could Kill"?
  249. James Hadley Chase Books Wanted!
  250. Is product placement a complete sell out or commerically savvy?