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  1. "The Mists of Avalon" is suckekekekeke!!
  2. Does anybody know what book this is?
  3. Reading Frenzy
  4. The Informant by Kurt Eichenwald
  5. House of Leaves - No Discussion Thread?
  6. War of the Art of War recommendations...
  7. Can anyone tell me what book this is?
  8. Recommend a great fantasy book series to me
  9. Help me identify this book!
  10. Wilbur Smith and his latest
  11. Worst book you've ever read?
  12. One-and-only free "e-text" thread
  13. Johnny Cash's Autobiography "Johnny Cash by Johny Cash"
  14. Has anyone read the new John Irving?
  15. Night Dogs, by Kent Anderson
  16. Thom Jones
  17. Most durable read.
  18. The Left Behind Series [merged discussion thread]
  19. Dennis Lehane!! WOW!!
  20. Anyone here like Douglas Coupland?
  21. Ridley Pearson fans out there?
  22. "Print is dead."
  23. Can anyone help me find this essay online...
  24. Any Pern fans out there?
  25. William Gibson - reviews & discussion thread
  26. Timeline(s) - nothing to do with Crichton
  27. Favorite Tom Clancy books?
  28. Has anyone read Motley Crue's book?
  29. Tove Jansson, creator of the Moomins, dies at 86
  30. AMERICAN GODS by Neil Gaiman
  31. What are your criteria for buying a book?
  32. Books you should have read, but haven't
  33. A Clockwork Orange - I need a translator...
  34. Any good post-apocalyptic survivalist books out there?
  35. Dark Tower [ news and discussion ]
  36. Yet another LOTR question... [merged]
  37. Lord of the Rings question...
  38. What the heck happened to Jean M. Auel?
  39. I have to wait 'til 2002?!! [A Song Of Ice And Fire]
  40. Dune books.
  41. Martian Chronicles and Brethren
  42. Robert Heinlein news / reviews / discussion
  43. Anybody familiar with Haruki Murakami?
  44. Books comparable to Motherless Brooklyn ?
  45. Any books like "Red storm rising" out there.
  46. Any other Kinky (Friedman) fans out there? [merged]
  47. Tips on displaying books?
  48. Flowers for Algernon
  49. The Virgin Suicides
  50. Genome
  51. Bruce Campbell Book Signing Tonight in NYC!
  52. ATTN: Literary gurus...
  53. Met Neil Gaiman tonight...
  54. Author of the novel "e"
  55. $10 off $35 Amazon.com Promo GC up for grabs.
  56. Help identify this science fiction story / novel [various merged]
  57. Whatcha readin'?
  58. Gravity's Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon: My favorite book
  59. The James Joyce appreciation thread: Ulysses / The Dubliners / Finnegans Wake & more!
  60. Books similar to "American Beauty"
  61. Parents... What are your favorite children's books?
  62. I just finished reading
  63. Octavia Butler
  64. H. P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos [merged]
  65. When is the next V.C. ANDREWS series coming out?
  66. Books that Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was adapted from.
  67. The Mysteries of Pittsburgh by Michael Chabon - Discuss
  68. Harry Potter Harmful?
  69. 1984 SPOILERS
  70. So how's that book of the month coming?
  71. Lumley / Necroscope - recommendations & discussion thread [merged]
  72. The Talented Mr. Ripley [merged with "did you like the book/movie better" thread]
  73. Please help me afford books!!!
  74. Aside from the Bible/Dictionary etc what's the MOST READ BOOK in History ? [merged]
  75. Is it just me, or does Elmore Leonard...
  76. I need your help
  77. CHICAGO: Brandeis Book Sale begins this weekend!
  78. Eaters of the Dead
  79. Thoughts on Kerouac and Burroughs>>>
  80. Everyman's Library
  81. "House Of Leaves" - very inventive...
  82. What does Incorporated Hardcover mean?
  83. Anybody read "Ice Station" by Matt Reilly? Any good?
  84. Chuck Palahniuk - news, reviews, discussion, recommendations etc
  85. Favorite Female Authors
  86. (CHICAGO) Printer's Row Book Fair this weekend!
  87. Mature - What text only book have u read and wanted to let the fishes out ?
  88. Dorian Gray
  89. What books do you recommend to others?
  90. How hard is it to get published?
  91. Buy that June Book! Enders Game
  92. Best Version(printing) of the Lord of the Rings?
  93. Pearl Harbor Reading
  94. I command you to give me a sci-fi epic series
  95. Suggestions?
  96. Science-Fiction "Action" Discussion
  97. Does anyone remember those Rigby Osborne childrens books?
  98. Can someone recommend a good book on the Roman Empire.
  99. Ch. 1 of Antrax now Online!
  100. Book Review Sites [merged]
  101. Bukowski fans, story question
  102. George R.R. Martin again -- what are the criticisms of these novels?
  103. Need help finding name/author of a book....
  104. Stephen King's - The Plant
  105. Question on Tolkein's books.
  106. Voting for the June Book
  107. What makes a book a 'classic'?
  108. Kevin Murphy (of MST3K) has a book coming out in 2002
  109. Miles Vorkosigan
  110. Terry Pratchett & Discworld [Discussion/appreciation thread]
  111. Release dates of some books?
  112. Those of you who enjoy Thrillers, Espionage - check out Greg Iles
  113. Fantasy Fiction Discussion
  114. "Taiko" by E. Yoshikawa
  115. If Chins could kill. confessions of a B movie actor
  116. Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk (questions/possible spoilers)
  117. May Book Discussion - time to discuss anything
  118. ATTN Fellow Tolkien LOTR Fans/Tolkien Class @ B&N University
  119. Foley is Good : And the Real World is Faker than Wrestling
  120. Favorite (Complete) Fantasy series?
  121. Nominations for the June Book
  122. Attn Alyoshka
  123. Writing a Memoir for a summer job???
  124. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
  125. Douglas Adams R.I.P.
  126. Character crossovers &/or looking at a plot differently [merged]
  127. AMERICAN TERRORIST (aka the Tim McVeigh book)
  128. A good site for used &/or cheap books? [merged]
  129. Book Closeouts Coupon + Good Book Deals [updated]
  130. Book: The Limits of Glory (Waterloo)
  131. Any Robert Crais fans?
  132. Book characters who were 'nailed' in the movie version?
  133. May Book Discussion - Part 2
  134. Chuck Palahniuk fans - new book (s) / signing tour (s) [mergéd]
  135. Help me w/ finding these books!!
  136. Most VIOLENT Book Ever ?
  137. OT: Library / Book-Collection Software Suggestions Wanted [merged]
  138. 3001: Final Odyssey (spoilers)
  139. C.S. Lewis "Out of the Silent Planet" Trilogy
  140. Books made into movies which had sequels
  141. May Book Discussion - Part 1
  142. Who wrote the novelization of Jurassic Park 3?
  143. I need cliff notes for cliff notes!
  144. Afterburn by Colin Harrision...
  145. "Still Me", by Christopher Reeve
  146. the trouble with book forums . . .
  147. Lord of the Rings hardcover available anywhere?
  148. May Book Discussion - Everything before Part 1
  149. Weetzie Bat
  150. LOTR [duplicate]
  151. There really aren't enough Stephen King threads, so...
  152. Douglas Adams & The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy
  153. Favorite travelogue?
  154. Any authors here?
  155. The Cold Six Thousand- anyone read it?
  156. Best AUTO BIOGRAPHY and BIOGRAPHY by Third Party
  157. Books which made you ANGRY
  158. Where do you get the books you read?
  159. "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance"
  160. May Book AHWOSG Reading Schedule and other ramblings
  161. Searcy's "Ordinary Horror" - theories? (possible spoilers)
  162. Great summer travel reading - recommendations
  163. Stupid Question...Abridged vs. unabridged...
  164. Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators
  165. Philip K. Dick
  166. Anyone here ever read Musashi?
  167. Lord of the Rings [ Audio - Radio ]
  168. Anyone collect signed first editions?
  169. Who wrote this classic SF story (by way of the Simpsons) [MERGED]
  170. Thanks to all (re:The Hobbit)
  171. Robert Jordan looks like a pimp; Other fantasy epics?
  172. What did your high school consider essential literature?
  173. Did anyone read Homer back in High School?
  174. The [One-&-Only] Collected Eggers
  175. OTHERLAND by Tad Williams [possible spoilers]
  176. Stephen King's Best Works?
  177. Great Non-Fiction Books - Recommendations
  178. Best / favorite detective / investigator in a mystery book / series ?
  179. Real Life Discussion Groups - Tell Us About Yours
  180. Post Your Original Poetry
  181. Remember those "Choose Your Own Adventure" and "Endless Quest" books?
  182. Favorite Biography
  183. Anybody know any good Apocalypse Novels?
  184. Online book store recommendations [merged]
  185. The May Book Thread
  186. Do you find yourself looking at what other people are reading?
  187. Anyone preordering the Iron Chef book
  188. Game of Thrones
  189. Best use of symbolism in a novel or short story?
  190. Definitive HORROR Reading List... [Dark Fantasy: BOOKS FROM THE DARKSIDE]
  191. James Ellroy's Opinion of Hollywood
  192. What horror book scared you when you first read it, but makes you laugh now?
  193. new harry potter-esque book
  194. The Alchemist
  195. Sherlock Holmes: the truth at last
  196. The polls are open: Voting for the May book
  197. Anyone here have any VALUABLE Books ?
  198. Damm ! I wish i still had all the Books from my Childhood !
  199. Well, what about discussing books that are now DVDs?
  200. Gurdjieff
  201. Top 3 Favorite Books of All Time
  202. When do you find time to read?
  203. Books VRS Movies
  204. So who here reads Stephen King's Dark Tower Series?
  205. The Gay/Lesbian Literature Thread
  206. Book club question / discussion thread [ inc. QPB, SFBC etc.]
  207. Electronic Books/Readers--Discuss them Here!
  208. Steve Rasnic Tem
  209. So who here is a Piers Anthony Fan?
  210. Listening to audio books.... inc. audible.com info [merged]
  211. Any McSweeney's fans out there?
  212. best war novels?
  213. Best HORROR Book ever ? and Best HORROR Author ever ?
  214. Ender's Game should be done justice on the big screen
  215. A ? for Caleb Carr Fans
  216. What are you reading right now?
  217. M. Connelly fans in France and LA
  218. Who's your least favorite author?
  219. An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
  220. For those of you who like Stephen King and horror. . .come inside. . .
  221. Who Is Your Favourite Author
  222. Mature - BOOKS which Elicted an EMOTIONAL State from you ?
  223. Disparate information/review requests [merged]
  224. Looking for good mystery / whodunnit novels
  225. Nominations for the May Book of the Month
  226. DVD Talk book reading club
  227. That 'Never' looks so lonely
  228. A Billion Appologies