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What genre do you read?

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What genre do you read?

Old 12-12-01, 02:10 PM
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What genre do you read?

I don't think this has been done in awhile...and DesmondP seems to be ignoring us.

So what type of books do you generally read?

Science Fiction (Heinlein, Niven/Pournelle, Alan Dean Foster (old stuff))
Fantasy (Christopher Stasheff, Steven Brust, Robert Aspirin, Tad Williams)

Very Occassionally:
Matt Wagner and Frank Miller comics.

Old 12-12-01, 03:21 PM
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What do I read?

A little bit of everything.

Science fiction (William Gibson, cyberpunk, space opera, hard SF, classic SF like old Asimov, Bester, Herbert)

Horror (King, Barker, Rice, McCammon, 80s splatterpunk, Brite)

Mystery/thrillers (not my fave genre, but I'll occasionally dip into here. Lansdale does some good stuff)

Classics (Particular fondness for Oscar Wilde, Byron, Shelley)

"Literature" (Pynchon, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Burroughs)

I don't really care for fantasy, though. I've read "Lord of the Rings" a few years ago and that's about it.

I read mostly fiction, though I'll occasionally read some non-fiction -- occasional biography

books about movies ("Easy Riders Raging Bulls" is highly recommended)

books on the occult (mainly books about wicca, paganism, magick)

some history/politics, (generally with a leftist or libertarian slant)

Comic books, too. "Graphic novels," if you prefer. Very little on the superhero side, though. Though I'm currently reading Grant Morrison's "New X-Men" and Milligan/Allred's "X-Force," my tastes generally run along the lines of Vertigo and Fantagraphics (Eightball, Love & Rockets, Hate). Favorite creators would be Los. Bros., Alan Moore, Eddie Campbell, Neil Gaiman, Matt Wagner (GRENDEL!), Grant Morrison, Mikes Mignola and Allred, Garth Ennis, Dan Clowes, Peter Bagge.
Old 12-13-01, 07:36 AM
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I typically read three books at a time: one film-related, one philosophical/theological study, and one work of "great" fiction. At the moment:

Ingmar Bergman - Images: My Life in Film
Blaise Pascal - The Pensees
William Faulkner - Absalom, Absalom
Old 12-13-01, 11:18 AM
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As far as normal reading

75% Mysteries - Classic stuff from Christie, Sayers, Doyle and newer detective/thriller stuff from Sandford, Woods, etc.

20% Fantasy - Terry Brooks and Piers Anthony mostly.

4% Non Fiction - History and Biographies mostly.

1% anything and everything

I usually do stuff like Stephen King, James Patterson, and other pop authors on audio books. I never finish their books when I try to read them.

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Old 12-13-01, 11:22 AM
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A little bit of everything, but I tend to stick to 3 genres.

Detective/Crime - Micheal Connelly, Patricia Cornwell (although I am quickly losing interest), Elmore Leonard, Ridley Pearson, James Patterson, a few others...

Legal/Law - John Grisham, and some names escape me right now.

Horror - King, The Repairman Jack books (although they are not quite horror, but not quite sci-fi. I don't know how to categorize those).

I also read some biographies if the mood strikes me.

Old 12-13-01, 12:29 PM
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Mystery/Thriller/Detective/Police procedurals

Also classics, and some biographical.
Old 12-13-01, 01:22 PM
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The vast majority would be (fantasy/horror). I also try to read at least two classic fiction works each year.
Old 12-13-01, 03:44 PM
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I read mostly all fantasy except history for school, but those aren't novels.
Old 12-13-01, 06:09 PM
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Sci fi
Old 12-13-01, 09:50 PM
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Mostly science non-fiction (I'm currently reading the EXCELLENT companion book to the PBS series _Evolution_) and some science fiction. Rarely a work of fiction from the fantasy or horror genres.
Old 12-14-01, 03:42 AM
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I will read almost anygenre, as long as it doesn't say Harlequin on the cover.
Old 12-14-01, 03:57 PM
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mainly sci-fi
some fantasy (tolkein stuff)
humor (scott adams, the actual books he writes not just the dilbert comic collections)
occasional history or other non-fiction
Old 12-15-01, 03:55 PM
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I try to have one "serious" book going and at least 1-2 lighter reads going at a time. I'm also have been buying tons of used Star Trek paperbacks to read on the bus and in the tub so i always have a star trek novel going as well.

Right now, my serious book is Rolfing by Ida P. Rolf
Lighter is Dream Master by Roger Zelazny
and finally a star trek novel How Much for Just the Planet
Old 12-17-01, 02:14 AM
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Medical fiction - Robin Cook, Michael Palmer.
Old 12-17-01, 11:10 AM
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I tend to prefer classical fiction but read current books as well... ones with historical significance/depictions are particular favorites (The Alienist, fictional books on Jack the Ripper, etc...)
Old 12-17-01, 02:13 PM
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Anything by John Grisham or Michael Crichton. I usually just go to the book store/section, look at the titles, read the back, and if it sounds interesting, I'll read it. I like books that have court room dramas, or ones that are an easy read, and arent too thick.

I once read a Nora Roberts book, Montana, because, well simply, because it is called Montana. Turned out to be a really good book.
Old 12-18-01, 10:05 AM
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Mostly Fantasy, Gaiman, R.R. Martin and the likes, and occasionally an odd Classic or two and of course I am always rereading my Dr. Suess stuff
Old 12-23-01, 12:49 AM
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Literature (Poe, Goethe, Schiller, etc...)

Science Fiction / Horror
Old 12-24-01, 02:39 PM
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On Occasion:
Old 12-25-01, 09:38 PM
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Military History

I read lots of other stuff on occasion too.
Old 12-28-01, 07:32 PM
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Mostly epic fantasy, some "regular" fantasy and sci fi, comics/graphic novels/novels based on comic book heroes, some "modern" stuff (mostly grisham and crichton), and classics (mostly Jane Austen - love her). Oh, and sometimes historical fiction. For the most part, I like 'period' books and fantasy - I get enough reality IN reality. I like the escapism of my books to truly be an escape.
Old 12-28-01, 11:49 PM
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Sci-fi until they did the split into different series I read every star wars book.

anything by Michael Crichton
Old 12-30-01, 05:36 AM
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Mostly horror (Straub, King, Koontz, McCammon) but I've also strayed into older Sci-Fi some (Asimov, Clarke, Niven, Haldeman, Harrison).
Old 01-02-02, 04:42 PM
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I guess I'm the oddball here, I stick to non-fiction 99% of the time. I'll occasionally delve into a sci-fi/literature/Sherlock Holmes book, but not often at all. I may have a humor book near the toilet from time to time.
Old 01-03-02, 02:04 PM
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Pretty much anything but romance.

Classic literature, modern "literature", history, sci-fi/fantasy, horror, technical books, etc.

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