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  1. Anyone else try the FedEx option from Coola?
  2. Any R2-Spain DVD sites written in English?
  3. Good places to order discs from Germany?
  4. Malata Remote Question
  5. What is D.R. Comp?
  6. HKL sale at under18.org.com!
  7. Deep Discount DVD need help
  8. Which version of Dragon Lord should I get?
  9. ? about the version of "Taxi" being sold by HKFlix
  10. DDDHouse and HiVizone - how do they do it?
  11. Has anyone actually seen a Shaw Bros film in it's original language?
  12. Canada Godfather Price?
  13. NTSC and PAL
  14. Which UK etailers list technical specs on DVDs?
  15. DVD-ROMs and NTSC/PAL Question 2
  16. WB/Disney VCD quality
  17. Planet of The Apes Box Set R2, All Anamorphic
  18. [Review] Sakuya - Slayer of Demons (Japan)
  19. Any knowledge of the 7thZone website?
  20. Please sign the "Angel Anamorphic Widescreen DVD Release" petition
  21. The Kingdom HK discs -- what's Lars saying?
  22. In the Mood for Love French DVD Mah Jong Question
  23. What's wrong with the SDU?
  24. Anime/Manga
  25. DVD of KISS OR KILL available? [Australian film]
  26. Futureshop free shipping returns
  27. [Review] Bakery Amour (HK)
  28. Police Story questions/discussion
  29. Anyone familiar with Asia Argento movies??
  30. Upgrading to Region Free
  31. [Review] Legend Of Zu (HK)
  32. Anyone have the Dragon DVD of DEAD AND BURIED?
  33. Disappointed with Fulltime Killer (spoiler)
  34. Buying Iron Monkey!!! Any deals? Which store should I use?
  35. [Review] And I Hate You So... (HK)
  36. DVD-ROMs and NTSC/PAL Question
  37. Searching for a movie on Amazon.co.jp
  38. Hans-Jürgen Syberberg film
  39. Shaolin Soccer DVD scans? Any site with any? [PICS]
  40. O DVD! Where Art Thou?
  41. Where can I buy Korean DVDs of American movies?
  42. POLICE STORY: Comprehensive review of HKL DVD and other versions
  43. For Fans of The Matrix...
  44. Memento Mori DVD - R3 Version
  45. chungking express on e-bay
  46. International Users: at which webstore do you buy the most Region 1 DVD's
  47. Forwarding DVDs from US to Singapore
  48. Warning Simpsons Season 1 (Québec Canada)
  49. where to find boondock saints region2
  50. new version of In The Mood For Love ?
  51. Recommended etailers specialising in NON-Region One DVDs?
  52. does anyone had R4 The World At War boxset?
  53. UK buyers seeking competitive prices check out this new store....
  54. The Killer....Universe vs Fox Lorber
  55. Gaarrrr! Problems with Universe - & other - DVDs?
  56. Have you seen this?? James Bond - Monsterbox
  57. Anyone heard or or deal with WWW.CDPLUS.COM
  58. Thai movie "Jan Dara" from director of "Nang Nak"
  59. The one and only NON-R1 DVD personal recommendations thread
  60. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Region 2 & 4 Box Set Question
  61. Full Time Killer DVD review
  62. Swordsman 2
  63. Can my Mom watch Cannibal Holocaust?
  64. Is the Harte Jungs R2 German DVD 16:9 Enhanced?
  65. Tonari no Totorro Region 2 (Japan) DVD
  66. Soooo.... who's picking up HKL's Tower of Death?
  67. Italian TV series on DVD?
  68. Canada Deceiver w/ Tim Roth DVD Specs???
  69. Region 2 (Buena Vista re-releases)!!
  70. Mad Max region 4 DTS ??
  71. Latin DVD Forum
  72. The Puppetmaster (the Taiwanese film, not the U.S. horror film) on DVD, yucky....
  73. Can purchasing pirated DVD/VCDs ever be condoned/justified?
  74. The one-&-only NON-R1 DVD personal recommendations thread [Part II]
  75. Pearl Harbour (Region 2) is it DTS
  76. Shaolin Soccer - GET IT!
  77. Shania Twain VCD question
  78. What's the R2 Shogun Assassin DVD like?
  79. Looking for Berserk on DVD
  80. Do we need a one-and-only Malata techie questions thread?
  81. Bootlegging companies. I hate these people!
  82. What DVDs are worth getting from Germany?
  83. Universe's "City on Fire"....looks like I got a lemon
  84. Is there a better version of The 13th Warrior w/ Antonio Banderas maybe uncut?
  85. Suspiria 3 disc set 10, 000 Unit Run in Canada
  86. Ravenous special edition coming Oct. 22!
  87. Malata and beyond: discussing the Region-Free DVD player options
  88. Do you like British comedy ?
  89. Salo PAL Region 2 $29.99
  90. Battle Royale Dvd!!!!!
  91. WTF: CDNOW raises international shipment costs?
  92. Wild At Heart (French DVD)
  93. Amazon Germany Shipping
  94. Canadian dvd price search engine?
  95. Help with coding ID for Armageddon
  96. Do anyone remember what this movie title is.......
  97. Loved Shiri & Bichunmoo - Any other Korean films this good?
  98. R2 release for Moonlighting - Season 1?
  99. Skinny Tiger Fatty Dragon - How is this?
  100. Looking for Raise the Red Lantern for a good price
  101. Canada Memento question
  102. Once Upon a time in China-which dvd to get?
  103. Where can I get "Versus" on DVD? (Like John Woo meets "Dead Alive")
  104. Is there a better version of I Stand Alone with "Carne" perhaps on 1 DVD?
  105. Star Trek Movies Box Set
  106. Ordering Movies from HK
  107. CD JAPAN taking pre-orders for Japanese AKIRA with 5.1 track
  108. R1 vs R2 Fawlty Towers...
  109. Britcom updates - Black Books etc.
  110. Crying Freeman on eBay. Anyone familiar with this version?
  111. Scent of the Green Papaya, R1, disappointed....
  112. Any places that I can find amazon.co.uk gift certificates?
  113. Crimson Rivers - Here are the US features (Good!)
  114. Is it safe to buy r2 dvds from ebay?
  115. Release quality - Wong Kar Wai's movies...
  116. I just ordered...
  117. shipments from DVDShelf.com
  118. HKFlix Jackie Chan movies deal...opinions?
  119. Zero Woman $14.99 at Best Buy
  120. Ratcatcher & Trouble Every Day...Any News?
  121. Jackie Chan Eastern Heroes DVDs
  122. [Review] In The Mood For Love (Mei Ah)
  123. Princess Mononoke Japan Edition
  124. Full Time Killer to be released on DVD
  125. Kieslowski's Three Colors R2 French Box set?
  126. Anyone seen any of the MONKEY r4 dvd's? Any good?
  127. Anyone know when SOUTH PARK SERIES 5 will be available on DVD?
  128. US/Int'l Shipping Delays Post-September 11 [MERGED]
  129. mini[Review]Dr. Wai In The Scripture With No Words
  130. Benedict...
  131. Le Pacte des Loups
  132. MGM announces Complete James Bond tin box in Region 2
  133. HK NTSC R3 DVD for "Big", "Planet of the Apes", "Chariots of Fire", et
  134. One and ONLY International DVD - FS/FT
  135. Star Wars Episode 1 Release date question
  136. Which Malata DVD Player Do I Order - and from where? [Merged]
  137. japanese dvds cheaper in japan?
  138. Memento Aspect Ratio Problem
  139. So why did Miramax cancel Jet Li's THE LEGEND 2 DVD?
  140. mini[Review] Attack the Gas Station
  141. Guns N Roses Live In Las Vegas
  142. Brotherhood of the Wolf (Pacte des Loups)2001
  143. Canadian deals at Futureshop
  144. Master Q 2001 and DVD Megashow?????
  145. Best Prices - UK Region 2 DVD's?
  146. ID HK fantasy from around 1980?
  147. What are the top 5 Gordon Liu films.
  148. The Crimson Rivers SE (R2-UK)
  149. Poker Industries Coupon?
  150. has anyone seen The Hot, The Cool & The Vicious?
  151. Hivizone = Aweber Systems?
  152. R2 Prophecy coming out anytime soon?
  153. Overseas Shipments to US will see delays...
  154. Just saw Legend of Zu
  155. Message from Canada
  156. region 2 encoding
  157. If You See One Film At Toronto...
  158. Does anyone know what this movie is.......
  159. R1 discs on Multizone Player
  160. Is This Really Code-Free?
  161. pal disc help please!
  162. Family Guy Season 1 DVD - Region 2
  163. Review Request: Memento Mori & Interview [Korea]
  164. suggestions on Storm Riders, The Sword, others....
  165. Open Your Eyes (Abre los ojos) and Amores Perros (Love's a Bitch) ??
  166. Shipping Rates to US for Euro-sites?
  167. Universe of Hong Kong now has a floater-proof keep case!
  168. Anyone ever order from Adrenafilm?
  169. FT: Armour Of God (HKL, R2)
  170. 2nd wave of classic TV in Region 2/England (Oct. 1st)
  171. Bunuel and Ray on DVD
  172. My latest order... opinions?
  173. R4 "Raging Bull" 2 Disc Set
  174. is there an faq somewhere for the PAL/NTSC conversion differences?
  175. Lars von Trier's "The Kingdom"
  176. Legend Of The Sacred Stone
  177. ATTN: Literate people who speak Dutch---Could contain Mature content
  178. Tower Records Toronto Closing Shop 7 October!
  179. Differences b/w HK and US versions of Fist of Legend?
  180. Matalta / Wega Question
  181. mini - [Reviews] - Love on a Diet & Fighting For Love
  182. Buffy Season 2 Issues
  183. The 6th Day with Scwarzenegger -- Is there a better version out there?
  184. Princess Mononoke 3 disc set?
  185. Provisional One-And-Only Malata Problem Busting Thread
  186. Credit Card Question (USA) Anyway to avoid those fees-DVD Related
  187. Any websites which list non R1 exclusives?
  188. Croupier DVD?
  189. TERRIBLE news about Jackie Chan's POLICE STORY - footage of extended scenes destroyed
  190. HK Top 5?
  191. Jackie Chans Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars
  192. Some decent R2 bargains at www.play247.com
  193. Battle Royale availabe 9/21
  194. HK Miyazaki collection, anyone?
  195. review wanted: Legend of the Flying Swordsman
  196. The Kingdom
  197. Where can i get R2 Vampyros Lesbos
  198. 3000 miles to graceland -- any better versions out there region wise?
  199. Any Spanish, South American, or Italian Online Retailers
  200. New release news from Tokyo Part 2
  201. Memento Special Edition Coming
  202. Anyone disappointed with "Crying Freeman" movie? [Possible Spoiler]
  203. I need help finding a certain jet li dvd
  204. Witchfinder General
  205. newbie just found out about the region codes. need hack for toshiba sd-1700
  206. The Brood
  207. SOTL/Hannibal box set (4 disks)
  208. What are region dvds?
  209. Where to Buy "Scent of the Green Papaya & Cyclo" - Arte Edition
  210. "Man Bites Dog" - uncensored European version
  211. What is the best Sammo Hung movie.
  212. HK movie sale at Under18.org.uk
  213. DVDs from France with English subtitles
  214. Jackie Chan Japanese DVDs?
  215. Futurama season 1 up for preorder (Germany?)
  216. The First Time Is The Last Time DVD in PAL only?
  217. Any Netherlands etailers (R2) that will ship to the U.S.?
  218. just got Brain Dead (Red Edition) in the mail today and .....
  219. Warning if Orders from Malaysia
  220. Let's Welcome your New Moderator, Benedict
  221. hong kong movies in LA???
  222. Shaolin Challenges Ninja Problem???
  223. Any NTSC VCD sites?
  224. hivizone 4th anniversary sale
  225. Can Anyone Help??? HK Expert needed...
  226. OK... what now?
  227. French DVDs - starring Laetitia Casta
  228. Bjork's Vespertine (DVD Audio - UK edition) - anyone own it?
  229. Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me: UK or wait for R1?
  230. Korean Fallen Angels
  231. 2 dvd for £20
  232. Anyone know anything about DVDs in Malaysia?
  233. Flambards Exposures
  234. Shaolin Soccer anyone?
  235. HELP! Need some Region 2 reviews!
  236. Ballistic Kiss probs...?
  237. HK Romance Films... recommendations
  238. Does the R2 UK label, Medusa, have a website?
  239. Cover Art for G vs. Megaguirus Box Set
  240. Miramax bought rights to 'Purple Storm'
  241. Stalker street date: Nov 2001
  242. HKL's Drunken Master & Snake in the Eagle's Shadow?
  243. What would customs and exchange come to on something like this
  244. ER R2(Japan)?
  245. HK flix you had no expectations for but turned out to be solid flicks
  246. Bollywood
  247. Here is a website that will translate foreign language web pages for you!
  248. The Mission, Mei Ah or Tai Seng?
  249. Terminator R4 for sawp
  250. Bichunmoo Deltamac HK version