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[Review] Sakuya - Slayer of Demons (Japan)

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[Review] Sakuya - Slayer of Demons (Japan)

Old 10-08-01, 10:50 AM
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[Review] Sakuya - Slayer of Demons (Japan)

Sakuya - Slayer of Demons
Universe Laser - (says Region 3, but may be Region 0)
Cantonese DD5.1 and DTS
No Japanese Language track.
English Subs (removable)
Extras = Trailer (in piss-poor shape)

Transfer = 8/10
Sound = 9/10 - excellent - the DTS rocks!
Film = 7/10 - recommended

Sakuya - Slayer of Demons is that silly looking DVD that came out a few weeks ago. The cover looks like Cirque De Solei or something. The film is basically what would happen if Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson collaborated on a Japanese Live-Action anime about demons and swords and they tried to model it after watching 48 straight hours of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers. The cinematography is great for the most part and despite being geared a bit more for kids, I found this film to be quite entertaining. I am a fan of anime, but I don't think that's why I liked it. I hate Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles, so I don't think that's why I liked it. It's hard to explain. It's just a really trippy movie. The stuff cult films are made of. I've seen much stranger films than this, but if you're a fan of Peter Jackson and Sam Raimi, you'll surely get something more out of this than the average moviegoer.

It's about this girl (Sakuya) who watches her father die at the hands of a demon and his dying wish is that she take posession of this sword that not only will destroy any and all demons, but it also sucks the wielder's live-force (unless they kill humans with it)... I know - it already sounds dumb... but wait... So she avenges her father by killing said demon and notices a demon baby in the grass - it's the child of the demon she had just slain. Well - she decides to take the child as her brother... The child grows about 10 years worth in the period of a few months (fancy that growth spurt) and they venture on a quest together to destroy the demons (who want to take over the world and make it an evil dark place - as demons always want to do). Anyway - what happens next is an hour of lunacy and dazzling special effects. Totally worth watching IMHO - and nothing I care to spoil for you.

It's Japan we're talking about, so the production values are high -It's even slicker than Godzilla 2000 was. Very stylish and manga-esque. The lack of an original Japanese language track is a little saddening, but it's difficult to be distracted by the decent cantonese dub. The languages are different of course, but I don't speak either - so I didn't mind. I'd say that it's hardly noticeable with regard to lip sync because what's mouthed on screen seemed to match fairly well with what could be heard. Only thing that would make you notice is seeing a bunch of Japanese people speaking Cantonese. It's worth noting that Anita Mui did the dub as well as Ho Wan Sze and So Chi Wai. The voice acting was of course good (for the cantonese anyway - didn't listen to the Mandarin).

As I summarized - the DTS track rocks. It had top notch sound with good use of the surrounds and the subwoofer. Not quite a first choice demo disc, but it's a contender. The picture is good - I don't have a widescreen TV, but it looked like it was anamorphic. Someone else will have to verify. The special effects were ranging from fantastic to cheeseball goofy... That's what I like. There's never really a dull moment (except during a few of the beginning exposition scenes).

This probably isn't for everyone... don't rent or buy this expecting some Karate/Samurai epic actioneer... Think: Godzilla meets Power Rangers concieved as an anime and realized by Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson. If that sounds appealing to you - then you should pick it up... otherwise, I don't know how to advise you. My girlfriend thought it was stupid. It's the kind of movie I'd show my kids and I imagine they would want to watch it over and over - which is fine by me cuz I enjoyed it too.

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