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Is talking about Orderbox allowed ?

Old 09-20-01, 06:08 PM
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Is talking about Orderbox allowed ?

I understand that this site needs its affiliate income to survive, but an extra 25% off is hard to pass up. It can't possibly last forever, so I'm sure that we'll all come back to using the links here.

Can you please fully explain your decision and tell us what the limits are. Can we mention orderbox in bargain threads, but just not have threads devoted to it?
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Old 09-21-01, 09:44 AM
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48 views and no replies? Did I miss a memo?

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Old 09-21-01, 03:59 PM
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Waiting for the "boss" to respond, but he gets busy sometimes.

The fact of the matter is what you stated in your first sentence. DVDTalk needs affiliate fees to survive. That's how Geoff stays in business.

Allowing discussion and instruction on how to use things like orderbox is free advertising for orderbox on Geoff's dime. Especially given the tight economic times of companies, we have had to take an increasingly narrow view of "deals" like this.

I believe DVDTalk provides a great resource for all of us. Things like orderbox compete for the dollars that keep DVDTalk up and running. I hope that you can understand the need to protect the site's livelihood vs. Geoff's continuing desire to provide the members with the best information and deals available as well as a place to discuss and post them.
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Old 09-21-01, 08:05 PM
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Thanks Blade, I couldn't have put it better.
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Old 09-22-01, 03:26 PM
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I understand the point. But remember that DVDtalk is not the only place for DVD bargain discussion. I will always appreciate Geoff and others at this site for helping me save money, and hope that this site finds a way to survive no matter what happens to the internet economy in the future.

But for now, I simply can not pass up the EXTRA 25% off. And what is the purpose of this site anyway? Is it an open forum dedicated to help others save money on our mutual hobby? Or is just a way for one person to make money?

I hope I'm not sounding too harsh.....but I'm playing the Devil's Advocate here to some degree.....

I fully expect Orderbox to go out of business or to lessen the discount to the point where it isn't pratical (not being able to use coupns with it and all).

And again, what is the 'rule'? Can we mention Orderbox at all? Or are just detailed threads not permitted?

I would consider it almost criminal to tell someone to buy their DVDs thru Geoff's affiliate links and not at least tell them of the option of Orderbox.
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Old 09-25-01, 06:13 PM
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I would not worry. All the enthusiasm over ******** has faded as the site has taken the same path as many dot com failures before it by turning off their customers with poor service, broken promises and cut backs on promised savings.

I predict it will go under by the end of the year...
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