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more blockbuster crap

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more blockbuster crap

Old 11-08-01, 06:07 PM
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more blockbuster crap

* i searched for any similar events but didn't see any, if this was better suited in an established thread, i apologize*

We all see alot of trash talking when ever BBV is mentioned. most people refuse to have anything to do with them, i'm somewhat in the middle of the road, atleast i was before today. I always have known BBV is crap and has some real issues with policy and employees etc. but i have often found some use for them and since i don't expect much at all, they usually meet my expectations.

so, i send my brother to BBV to use my account to get a free movie with my shrek card and to get an old vhs with my free favorite coupon from their rewards club. he comes back empty handed saying that they wouldn't let him use the account because he wasn't on it. well that's good news, 5 years ago i removed all but my name from the account since my family was racking up late fees and being late in paying them, however this is the first time sine i request that --again, it really was like 5 years ago-- they actually held anyone to it. fine no problem with that really. but they also told him that the swordfish dvd is 7 days late. i suppose it could be, but that fact that i returned it on 11/1 after noon (meaning it was a day late) is nagging in my head. so i head on over later, to clear this up. first if i didn't return it, then i have just recently had the most vivid dream ever and the dvd and rental case has turned invisible. so i got there and kindly explain that i have already returned the dvd. as i banter with the CSR? i realize, i'm not positive of when i returned it. i expected no problems so i didn't commit that to memory. i forget whether i returned on the afternoon of 11/1 or later on that night and when i rented it in the first place. so it's hard for me to take an extreme stance but i know i did return it. then they ask repeatedly "am i sure i returned it to the right BBV,? well since this one is only 10 minutes from my house and the other is 35, plus i'm not an idiot, i doubt that is what happened. they claim they did a whole inventory check on 11/3 or something and it didn't show up anywhere. they tell me to go home and check again. so i do. i talk to my brother to refresh my memory. i said at the store i rented it on tuesday, the CSR said it was on wednesday. after i talk with my brother i realize that now i am positive i rented it on tuesday. i hunted through the garbbage and find the reciept. it proves i did infact rent swordfish on the 30 of oct, tuesday. when i get to the store and present the reciept the CSR changes her story and says she never said the computer said i rented it on wednesday. sigh. so i'm like ok, well the fact remains i did renturn it so now what? she get the manager and they briefly talk and decide to take me at my word. they print out like 4 things for me to sign. they charged me 15$, so i ask is that late fees or the cost of the dvd? the CSR said 15$ was for late fees, the price of the dvd was 84$ (rofl! i really wanted to tell her about bestbuy- 16.99 vs 84!? but i realize she is probably just confused about the vhs pricing) as it turns out they weren't charging me the 15 in late fees. the print outs where for a credit, however she decided to charge me one late fee since i admitted before hand that i was pretty sure i returned it one day late. thanks alot. they screw up my return and put me through the hassle of being nearly accused, 2 trips to them, and having to dig through trash, and they are kind enough to charge me a late fee on top of all this. at this point i wish i was trying to scam them, atleast i'd get something from all this. quite a few years ago they claimed i never returned a vhs movie and low and behold they found it sitting on their selves sometime later, so it's not like i trust them much. i think i have 3 more rentals on the shrek card then it's bye bye BBV for good. hollywood is really so much better on awhole lot of different levels. i can't want to cancel. infact my mother did not to long ago. this BBV seems to be very lazy about scanning rentals in before noon. she was charged, or atleast they tried to charge her, 5 times for late fees on movies which where returned anywhere from 2 hours to half an hour before noon on the due date. F'em.

3 more weeks! i just hope they find it within that time, so i can beat them all to a bloody pulp with it!
Old 11-08-01, 09:10 PM
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they charged me 15$, so i ask is that late fees or the cost of the dvd? the CSR said 15$ was for late fees, the price of the dvd was 84$ (rofl! i really wanted to tell her about bestbuy- 16.99 vs 84!? but i realize she is probably just confused about the vhs pricing)
Nope. The VHS of "Swordfish" was released as a sell-through title. In fact, Amazon has the VHS with a MSRP of $22.98.

I don't know where BBV got the $84 price. Do they value all of their inventory at those prices, regardless of how much a replacement would cost?

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