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Best Buy Story-NO real 'Complaints', but kinda funny....

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Best Buy Story-NO real 'Complaints', but kinda funny....

Old 11-01-01, 05:32 PM
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Best Buy Story-NO real 'Complaints', but kinda funny....

When I read about the 'Opera' fiasco, I had NO way of testing my disc...and I followed only the rudimentary parts of the threads...I hadn't had a chance to see it yet, but I messed with it, and it seemed okay.

My receipt was 9/4 at 4:37 pm at Best Buy.

Last week, I took it back to Best Buy, and much to my shock, they were REALLY nice.....and while they had NO corrected copies in stock, they notated I had ANOTHER 30 days!!!!

I was, for once, impressed with the CS, and I must have looked like an idiot...I was thanking them on my way out the door!
(I complain a LOT when returns go bad...but when I receive GOOD CS, I always follow up with a letter of praise and make sure the manager knows I will be spending more money at that store....and it DOES change how/where I buy....).

Last night I called BB, the SAME one, and was told they had 9 copies of the LE.....6 more than last time, so I took my defective Opera back there..feeling glum I missed out on the threads and wishing I had just e-mailed AB....I have wanted Super-Girl(Oh, on many levels...) for a few years....

Anyway, I walked in with my NOTED AND DATED receipt,calmly walked up to the CS desk and was greeted by two people...a hawkish older lady and a young guy.

I happily explained that I was here to swap the discs out, and showed them the receipt..scribbled upon by the STORE MANAGER...which they didn't 'get'....

Allow me to look at the receipt and transcribe the rough message...

"Pressing defect on all copies of DVD. Allow even exchange for good copy by 11-25-01"

They looked puzzled, and the young dude asked me what the issue was. Truth being told, I wasn't too sure myself, but explained it was a sound issue. Then, the hawkish older lady came over and loked it over and said 'No...it has been 30 days..."

I pointed out the manager's opinion, which she looked at again and again....did I forge it?

Finally, she told me to grab 'Whatever I wanted...THIS ONCE..."

This was nice, but then she told me "Next time you buy a DVD, make sure it is the right one...."


It WAS the right one!
I LOVE 'Opera'!!!

I had a LOW NUMBER!!!

The young guy seemed less enthusiasticv and wanted me to come back and speak to the same manager....he said he didn't 'Buy It'...as a former employee(This was my old store, LOL...but it has beena long time!) and I checked his uni...yup, a common CSR!!!

The manager told him to drop it and again told me to grab a new copy...

I went back and they only had the SAME TWO discs!!!

I looked at them, looking for the red 'O'......none.
I DID see the unlimited copies had "Version 2" as a sticker on the back, and brought all of them up for these employees to study...

They STILL didn't get it, and the young guy asked me question after question....

Annoying, but I then explained again to BOTH of them why I was doing the return....

She just gave me a gift card, which was trusting of her...as I was REQUESTING they just call a store with a corrected version, or at least ten copies, and send me there...I was willing to travel, and wanted to show my sincerity...I wanted OPERA.

Just a working one....

The funniest thing is....

As she says 'No...not neccassary', she then looks me DEAD IN THE EYE as she hands me the gift card and says...

"Glad we could help, but please....next time you purchase a DVD, please make sure it is one that works BEFORE opening it!!!!"

Uhm, okay!!!
I'll test it on my Pioneer Psychic 110-C.

To top it off, at a dead slow hour, I bought two other DVDs for kicks...and the security guy ACTUALLY stopped me and checked my reciept and products for 4 or 5 minutes....comparing SKU's...after he has been watching me the whole time...and I knwo he watched me go back to the media dept. on one of the four screens...and I just flipped through the copies of Opera and brought them up with a Media employee!

I then bought the two $9.99 titles from the front, again..right in front of the guy, and he SAW me pay for them at the desk!!!


The moral of this story is....
Your return depends on who you get , CSR -wise....

And folks, PLEASE..before you open a film....make sure it works!

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Old 11-01-01, 06:30 PM
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Man, I would have chewed out the dumb old lady manager. I don't take crap from bestbuy anymore. I just try to get in and get out within 10 minutes. I can't believe the people who work there, they have no common sense at all. Why would I want to spend $6 for a product service plan on a $13 battery for my phone?
Old 11-02-01, 12:05 AM
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Re: Best Buy Story-NO real 'Complaints', but kinda funny....

Originally posted by Weapon X
...Finally, she told me to grab 'Whatever I wanted...THIS ONCE..."
Surely there were some nice college age female cashiers you could have selected (if they said anything you could say "hey, your manager told me to do this")
Old 11-02-01, 06:02 AM
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Huzefa-I once was asked to buy a $5 PSP on a $6 cassette walkman.

I was employed there once. I knwo the empty gaze and what is behind it.

I USED to be more intolerant, but posting here and realizing CSR's are all the same online, B&M...screw it...they are human, they do what they are TOLD to do, s*** rolls downhill....

I just smile and let them go. I make more money than they do now, and hopefully, they will move on and change as people.

If not, they become Store Managers.
Old 11-02-01, 07:44 AM
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I've been reading about your troubles with CSR's for a couple of days and I feel for you Weapon X .
I'm all too easily intimidated by the snooty stares and grim looks and half the time, if the fault is only minor I don't bother taking things back.

It's great to hear that you don't take any stick from these employee who know nothing, wish I was more like you.

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