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Old 05-25-06, 12:03 PM   #1
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Movies by the month

Hello Everyone,

I'm trying to find a site that will show me the month and year a movies was released in theaters. The reason I am doing this is because my g/f and others said that "ALL" acadamy award winning movies are released closer to the end of the year and they would never release it at the beginning of the year or during summer. I might be wrong but I cannot accept this without proof, as many movies that have won there has to be a few out there that are excetions to this rule. They challenged me to find one acadamy award winning movie that was made in the last 20 years released between january to july. If anyone could provide me a link to this information it would be most appriciated.

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Old 05-25-06, 12:07 PM   #2
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I believe this site shows the exact date of release but you have to search for the titles:
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Old 05-25-06, 12:17 PM   #3
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Here's a website I just heard about that might help you:

BTW, Silence of the Lambs was released in February.
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Old 05-25-06, 12:22 PM   #4
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Well, you don't really have to go back very far to disprove your girl friend's claim ... like, maybe two months?

This years Best Picture winner - CRASH - was released on May 6, 2005.

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Old 05-25-06, 12:28 PM   #5
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That works.

Thank you
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Old 05-25-06, 12:36 PM   #6
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Is there a specific Academy Award you are looking for because a lot of movies get awards that are in lesser categories.

Godfather in March:
Robocop in July:
ID4 in June:
Star Wars in May:
Raiders of the Lost Ark in June:
Usual Suspects in JANUARY(Albeit in Sundance, widespread much later in the year):

And in January 1998, Good Will Hunting was released and they even have it on the dvd cover that they won two oscars. It did, however have a limited release in Dec of 1997. So that would depend on which release date you are going for:
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