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Re: The 13th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Threa

Haven't done this in a while, but my October might allow it this time around. Gonna be feast or famine, days where I watch a ton, and weeks where I can't watch any. Using a lot of streaming services, and their definitions of horror, so expect some terrible movies to make the list.

Goal: 32

Day 1:
1. Prom Night *(?)- I was sure I'd seen this one, but nothing about it seemed familiar. Probably would have skipped it if I'd remembered it and knew that the constantly ringing phones in the movie would wake up my dog every time. (amazon prime)
2. Sharknado * - Why the hell did nobody tell me how amazing this movie is? It's seriously fantastic. Already watching the sequel. (Hulu)
3. Sharknado 2 * - Too much of a good thing? Too self-aware? There was something special about the first one that they didn't recapture here despite more B,C, & D list celebrities than I've ever seen in one production. Still gonna do at least one more since the first 3 are on Hulu. (hulu)
4. Sharknado 3* - Meh, I'm bored with this series, but I'm a completionist of sorts (hulu)
5. Sharknado 4* - Pretty much lost the element of fun completely at this point, but I'll probably watch part 5 if I can find it and 6 when it comes out. Just a string of lazy references and cameos. (netflix)

Day 2
6. Yoga Hosers* - Better than Tusk, which isn't saying much at all. I thought that after Red State maybe Kevin Smith was back and could make cool horror, but I guess that one was a fluke. (netflix)
7. VHS Viral* - Clearing out the netflix queue with this one. Pretty much what I expected, a drop in quality over the first couple of VHS movies. Nacho Vigalondo's segment was by far the best, but we all knew that was going to be the case. (netflix)
8. Beyond the Gates* - I really wanted to like this one more. It wasn't bad, just never really did anything that worked for me other than a couple nice practical fx. (netflix)
9. 31* - I like Rob Zombie movies more than the next guy, but this one just didn't do a lot for me. (bluray)
10. In Hell Everybody Loves Popcorn* - 2 hour making of 31 doc. Verite style, pretty interesting if you're a nerd into this type of stuff like a lot of us doing this challenge. (bluray)
11. The Stuff* - I don't know how I've never seen this one. I'm a fan of Larry Cohen, and this one is some of his best stuff, get it stuff (bluray)

Day 3
12. Dracula vs Billy the Kid - Didn't remember much about this one other than it's terrible. Turns out that's the only memorable thing about it. (plex)
13. Frozen Scream* - One of the worst movies I've ever seen. Horrid acting, bizarre exposition through voiceover, terrible ADR, terrible photography, terrible writing, there is nothing good at all about this movie. It's not even entertainingly bad. But it was banned as a video nasty, so people will still track it down and watch it. (plex)

Day 4
14. The Mutilator* - Apparently this movie initially got an X rating.
People (myself included) love to bitch about the MPAA being ridiculous today, but this thing would barely merit an R now. A 2nd rate slasher, that is boring as they come until the last act when you get a couple decent deaths. (amazon)
15. Demented Death Farm Massacre* - I don't know that I'd necessarily call this a horror movie, but that's how it's listed online, and I guess it sort of fits as much as a lot of similar trash from the time. A later Troma pickup of some B-movie crap. If you are ever thinking of watching this one, do yourself a favor and watch Two Thousand Maniacs! instead. (amazon)
16. Blood Orgy at Beaver Lake* - An accidental Troma double feature on amazon. Was looking for something that seemed like it would fit a category on the Psychotronic Challenge and found this. Pretty much exactly what you would expect from a Troma inspired movie with a title like this one. (amazon)
17. Walking Dead 601/602 - I've watched 601 before, but for some reason stopped there. Needed a break from garbage B movies, and just noticed this was on netflix. (netflix)
18. Walking Dead 603/604* 604 is a pretty great bottle episode.

Day 5
19. Walking Dead 605/606*
20. Walking Dead 607/608*
21. Cult of Chucky* - Solid outing in the Chucky series. The last one didn't do much for me, but this was back to basics, with better gore scenes than I was expecting. (netflix)
22. Walking Dead 609/610*

Day 6
23. John Dies at the End - Had enough time to squeeze a movie in before class this morning, and after comparing the theme list to Netflix realized I hadn't seen this one in while. Pretty solid movie. (netflix)

Day 7
24. Walking Dead 611/612
25. Purge: Election Day* - Reading through other lists and realized I hadn't ever watched this one despite it being on my plex server for a long time. If you like the series you should like this one. (plex)
26. Walking Dead 613/614

Day 8
work, playing with new camera lens, a lot to do around the house, no movies, but I did get to go to LA Zoo's Boo at the Zoo, technically a live Halloween/horror event, though not that horrific.

Day 9
work/dodgers game, no movies

Day 10
27. Walking Dead 615/616* - Not a bad season all in all. Not my favorite show in the world, but I'm glad I'm finally getting caught up.
28. Walking Dead 701/702* - Didn't see that death coming. Well I mean I did in the sense that I had heard it was going to happen, but thought it was later in the season.
29. Death Note* - It was on Netflix, I hadn't seen it, those were my two criteria. Adam Wingard put me over the edge. This was not at all what I was expecting. I mean it wasn't great or really even all that good, but it wasn't terrible. I wish they would have deviated a bit more from the manga antagonist dude a bit more (I mean maybe they did I haven't read it, but it seemed pretty manga-ish). (netflix)

Day 11
30. Walking Dead 703/704*
31. Saw - Interested in watching the new one, so I figured I go back and rewatch the old ones. We'll see, maybe I won't watch any more and will go back to stuff I haven't seen before. (plex)
32. Walking Dead 705/706*

Day 12
33. Walking Dead 707/708*
34. Walking Dead 709/710*
35. Walking Dead 711/712*
36. Walking Dead 713/714*
37. Walking Dead 715/716* And with that I'm caught up in time for the new season. Could be a good one, I'll probably watch before it gets to Netflix this time around.

35. Ouija* - A nice creepy little movie. Surprised me a bit that I actually liked this one, though the end was kinda weak once they decided to spell out and telegraph everything that was about to happen way too heavy handedly. (plex)
36. Ouija: Origin of Evil* - I feel like this one is probably technically a better movie than the first, and looking at reviews and ratings it seemed that it was generally liked more, but I have to go with the first one. This one took too long to ramp up, and suffered from the same lame 3rd act as the first one. (plex)
37. Texas Chainsaw Massacre - It's been a while since I've watched this classic. I've always wondered why they get out of the truck at the end, why not just drive away with black mamba. (amazon)
38. Hotel Transylvania 2* - On the not as bad as I thought it would be list for this challenge, also the comparing checklist items to netflix list. (netflix)
39. ABCs of Death 2* - Been watching this in chunks over the past few days when I had a few minutes here and there. Finally finished it, felt like a bit more of a chore than the first one. (netflix)
40. Saw 2 - Continuing my rewatch in anticipation of the new one. The needle scene in this is still brutal. (plex)

Day 14
41. The Babysitter* Who knew that McG could make a super fun throwback type light horror flick. I mean I didn't know he was making anything anymore, but I'm hoping he makes more like this. (netflix)
42. The Devil's Candy* (plex)

Day 15
Had a lot of work to get done for monday and Baseball

Day 16
43. Fear the Walking Dead 101/102* (hulu)
44. Fear the Walkind Dead 103/104* - I feel like this is where the pilot should have ended. Pretty bored by this so far. Maybe I'll go back to it sometime.
45. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Checks off a few things on the checklist, and I hadn't seen it in a long time. (plex)

Day 17
46. Bride of the Monster (plex)
47. Bride of Frankenstein (plex)
48. Lake Placid vs Anaconda* - Pretty much unwatchable. Nothing more to say (youtube)

Day 18
49. Holidays* - Back to being a Kevin Smith completionist now that I've seen this. Like most anthologies it was hit or miss, though this was mostly miss unfortunately. A couple decent little bits but nothing really fully realized. (netflix)
50. Puppetmaster* - Not sure how I've never seen this one, give my love of trash and a good friends love of Charles Band, it was shocking to me that I hadn't. Well now I have, and the world is better for it.

Day 19
51. Hellraiser - I hated this movie the first time I saw it, but that was probably 13 years ago. Maybe a rewatch was in order to see why this is a classic. I still don't get it. (netflix)
52. Train to Busan* - Totally lives up to the hype. Solid infected movie, despite the running infected.
53. Stir of Echoes - First time really sitting down and watching this since it played in the theater. Holy shit, this is a criminally underrated movie. Bad timing to come out against The Sixth Sense I guess, but I feel like this one better stands the test of time.
54. Hatchet - This one just doesn't do much for me. I was hoping I'd like it enough on the rewatch to make me interested in the sequels. Nope, skipping the sequels

Day 20
55. Body Bags* - A fantastic anthology with a great roster of cast and crew. I've had this one sitting on my hard drive for years but haven't ever seen it. Tales from the Crypt sorta vibe to it. I have to pick up the blu-ray.
56. Collected Shorts #1 -
  • -Le Diable au Convent (3 min) gotta love these classic silent shorts when people were just figuring out editing and in camera tricks. The sort of stuff we'd do as kids with the big ol VHS camera
  • -Behind the Scenes Haunted Mansion Tour (50 min) - I love this ride so much, and it's nice to see the real version this time of year when it has the lame Nightmare Before Xmas overlay (actually an awesome overlay, I just think it's up too long each year). Also cool to see differences between Orlando and Disneyland (the one I live near)
  • -The Haunted Curiousity Shop (3 min)
  • Frankenstein (1910) (14 min) This was pretty rough. The first adaptation, just long lingering pretty boring shots. I prefer my silent horror shorts with crazy camera tricks.
  • The Terrible Old Man (20 min) - Holy god was this awful. I'm not a fan of Lovecraftian stuff in general, but I'd hate this even if I was.
57. Men Behind the Sun* - Classified as horror on imdb and by several other sources, it's certainly horrific but not sure it should be thought of as a horror movie. The Chinese version of Ilsa, without the sex. Just a few horrific scenes based on real life atrocities committed by the Japanese against the Chinese during WWII. (plex)
58. Tales of Halloween* - A pretty fun anthology from a lot of talented horror directors of the 2000s.

Day 21
59. Monster on the Campus* - Super cheesy 50s sci-fi horror about a coelacanth somehow infected things and making them monsters. Man into werewolf type monster transition that rivals American Werewolf in London, if Rick Baker were blind and in 3rd grade. (dailymotion)
60. Deathrow Gameshow* - The distributor classifies this as horror. It's horrific to watch for sure.
61. Ghost of Frankenstein* - Gotta appreciate the classics. (plex)
62. Mondo Smash A' Go-Go EL SANTO vs VAMPIRE WOMEN - I'm not sure I've ever sat down and watched a Santo movie in it's entirety and don't know if I will again, but I'm trying to get as much of the checklist done as possible. Found a version by youtube horror hosts that made it longer and more boring (youtube)
63. Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger Part IV - One of my all time favorites.

Day 22

Day 23

Day 24
64. Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein* - There aren't a lot of G rated horror movies out there for the checklist completionist. Luckily this one was streaming on one of those malware filled bootleg sites, so watching it was actually sort of scary.
65. Evil Dead - The OG Evil Dead. I've been meaning to start at the beginning again and get up to Ash vs Evil Dead. Not sure I will this month, but this is a start.
66. Godzilla: King of the Monsters - One of those borderline horror movies that makes a lot of lists of horror movies, so I'll count it for this challenge (especially since Haruo Nakajima is on the checklist).

Day 25
67. Extraordinary Tales* - Super amateur looking, like a high school project that somehow got awesome voices to read some Poe. (netflix)
68. The Beast of Yucca Flats* - If you ever want to make an hour feel like 3, hop on youtube and watch this piece of shit without the MST3K treatment. (youtube)
69. Puppet Master III* - Speaking of unwatchable shit, made even better by the ridiculous cropped version I found online. (youtube)
70. [REC] - Maybe the best found footage style movie out there (shudder)
71. Psychomania* - Hammer style undead biker trash, surprisingly boring. (shudder)

Day 26
72. Night of the Living Dead - A classic for a reason. I've seen it so many times, but never get tired of it. (plex)
73. The Gorgon* - Reaffirming my idea that classic British horror is boring. (shudder)
74. The Exorcist III - It's no Exorcist I, but thankfully it's also no Exorcist II. (shudder)
75. Doctor Black, Mr Hyde - Good old blaxploitation horror. (plex)
76. Multiple Maniacs w/ commentary - About time this movie got the Criterion treatment. (Blu-ray)
76. Escape from Tomorrow* - Lucky they had the gimmick of shooting in the Disney parks. (shudder)

Day 27
77. Planet Terror - (blu-ray)

Day 28
78. Death Proof - (blu-ray)
79. Return of the Evil Dead* - (shudder)
80. Found Footage 3D* - This movie proves the character who said a 3D found footage movie would be lame right(shudder)

Day 29
81. Torso - Black gloves, J&B scotch, beautiful women, this has everything that a good giallo needs. (shudder)

Day 30
81. Living Dead Girl* - Jean Rollin bores me and this was no exception.
But it gets a couple checks on the list.(shudder)
82. Collected Shorts Vol 2.
  • - The Nest (2013, 9 min) David Cronenberg short.
  • - Haunted House (1929) Mickey Mouse short (7 min)
  • - The Big Shave (1967) Martin Scorcese short/Vietnam allegory
  • - HP Lovecraft's The Beast in the Cave (2016) (8 min)
  • - Olivia (8 min)
  • - Butterfinger the 13th (38 min) - Butterfinger apparently paid for this terrible slasher movie where people die after eating Butterfingers cause somebody stole Butterfingers from a kid 20 years before.
  • - 100% Organic (5 min) CryptTV - Title gave away the twist. Looked great though.
  • - Playing Doctor (2 min) CryptTV - I hope they were going for campy, either way it didn't work
  • - Playing with the Devil (7 min) - Atmospheric/creepy j-horror styled American short. The old adage about kids and animals really seems to be true here though.

83. Deathgasm* (netflix)
84. CHUD (shudder)

Day 31
85. The Addams Family - Something light while the horror hating gf is home. (netflix)
86. Alien - I forgot what an incredible cast this movie has.
87. Society* - A bit of a slow build that I'm not sure is worth the ride in the end.(shudder)

88. TV Shows
- Brooklyn 99 504 - Halloveen (30 min)
- Alfred Hitchcock Presents - The Final Escape (30 min)
- Scooby-Doo and the Beach Beastie (30 min)
- Bobs Burgers - Full Bars (30 min)
89. TV Shows
- Bobs Burgers - Tina and the Real Ghost (30 min)
- Bobs Burgers - Fort Night (30 min)
- Bobs Burgers - The Hauntening (30 min)
- Bobs Burgers - Teen-a Witch (30 min)
90. TV Shows
- Bobs Burgers - Wolf of Wharf Street (30 min)
- Community 107 - Introduction to Statistics (30 min)
- Community 206 - Epidemiology (30 min)
- Saved by the Bell - Mystery Weekend (30 min)
91. TV Shows
- Parks and Recreation - Greg Pikitis (30 min)
- Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XXVII (30 min)
- Treehouse of Horror XXVI (30 min)
- Treehouse of Horror XXV (30 min)
92. TV Shows
- Treehouse of Horror XXIV (30 min)
- Treehouse of Horror XXIII (30 min)
- Treehouse of Horror XXII (30 min)
-Treehouse of Horror XXI (30 min)
93. TV Shows
- Stranger Things 201
- Stranger Things 202
94. TV Shows
- Stranger Things 203
- Stranger Things 204
95. TV Shows
- Stranger Things 205
- Stranger Things 206
96. TV Shows
- Stranger Things 207
- Stranger Things 208
97. TV Shows
- Stranger Things 209
-Treehouse of Horror XX
-Treehouse of Horror XIX
98. TV Shows
-Treehouse of Horror XVIII
-Treehouse of Horror XVII
-Treehouse of Horror XVI
-Treehouse of Horror XV

99. wildcard #1 Youtube Horor-ish Stuff - Ellentube IT haunted house (3 min) - Millie Bobby Brown Raps Stranger Things Recap (3 min) - Monster Maker - 60 second docs (1 min) - End of the World Prank on Wife (6 min) - Stranger Things BTS Duffer Bros (2 min) - Stuff They DOnt Want You to Know REPTILIANS (3 min) - SNL Office Halloween Party (4 min) - Top 5 walking dead mistakes (2 min) - Halloween Fails (7 min) - 31 min

[b]100. Wildcard #2: Leftover TV the only way I could make it to 100 was with wildcards, but I guess I made it despite the Dodgers being in the playoffs/World Series.
-Treehouse of Horror XiV
-Treehouse of Horror XIII

* denotes first time viewing
Red is for theatre
Green is DVD
Blue for Blu-ray
Yellow is on TV
Black is online/plex


Select 10 actors: COMPLETE
-x- Kevin Bacon - Stir of Echoes
-x- Tobin Bell - Saw
-x- Michael Biehn - Planet Terror
-x- Doug Bradley - Hellraiser
-x- Veronica Cartwright - Alien
-x- Peter Cushing - The Gorgon
-x- Jocelin Donahue - Butterfinger the 13th
-x- Brad Dourif - Cult of Chucky
-x- Ethan Embry - The Devil's Candy
-x- Boris Karloff - Bride of Frankenstein
-x- Brea Grant -Beyond the Gates
-x- Kane Hodder - Hatchet
--- Elizabeth Kaitan -
-x- Bela Lugosi - Ghost of Frankenstein
-x- Christopher Lee -Extraordinary Tales
-x- Rose McGowan - Planet Terror
--- R.A. Mihailoff -
-x- Dina Myer - Saw
--- Meg Tilly -
-x- Mary Elizabeth Winstead - Death Proof

Select 5 recently deceased actors -or- directors COMPLETE
--- Don Calfa -
--- John Vulich -
--- Ted V. Mikels -
--- John Zacherle -
-x- William Peter Blatty - The Exorcist III
--- Carrie Fisher -
--- Miguel Ferrer -
-x- John Hurt - Alien
--- Bill Paxton -
--- Robert Day -
--- Alessandro Alessandroni -
-x- Michael Parks - Planet Terror
-x- Adam West - Scooby Doo and the Beach Beastie
-x- George A. Romero - Night of the Living Dead
-x- John Heard - CHUD
--- Sam Shepard -
-x- Robert Hardy - Psychomania
-x- Haruo Nakajima -Godzilla: King of the Monsters
--- Sonny Landham -
-x- Jay Thomas - CHUD
-x- Tobe Hooper - TCM
--- Martin Landau -
-x- Harry Dean Stanton - Alien
-x- Bernie Casey - Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde
-x- Hugh Hefner - Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger Part IV

Select 2 film composers:COMPLETE
-x- Antón García Abril - Return of the Evil Dead
-x- John Carpenter - Body Bags
--- Daniel Licht -
--- Harry Manfredini -

Select 5 directors: COMPLETE
--- Dario Argento -
-x- Don Coscarelli - John Dies at the End
--- David DeCoteau -
-x- Mike Flanagan - Ouija: Origins of Evil
--- Tom Holland -
--- Mary Lambert -
-x- Jean Rollin - Living Dead Girl
--- Steve Miner -
-x- James Wan - Saw
-x- Adam Wingard - Death Note

Select 2 makeup effects artists:COMPLETE
-x- Patrick Baxter - ABCs of Death 2
-x- Jason Collins - Tales of Halloween
-x- Mark Shostrom - The Mutilator
-x- Bud Westmore - Monster on the Campus

Select 2 producers:COMPLETE
-x- Bradley Fuller - Ouija
--- Dino De Laurentiis -
--- Roy Lee -
-x- Lloyd Kaufman -Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger Part IV

Select 2 writers:COMPLETE
-x- Jaume Balagueró - [REC]
--- Robert Bloch -
-x- Jack Ketchum - Olivia
-x- H.P. Lovecraft - The Terrible Old Man

Select 30 of the following sub-genres / types:COMPLETE
-x- *3-D Film - Found Footage 3D
-x- Agoraphobia -[REC]
-x- Anthology Film - VHS Viral
-x- Appears on BFI's 100 European Horror Films List - Torso
-x- Appears on Video Nasties List - Frozen Scream
-x- Based on a True Story - TCM
-x- Based on a Novel - Bride of Frankenstein
-x- Cannibalism - TCM
-x- Cinema Inspired By: Edgar Allan Poe - Extraordinary Tales
-x- Cinematic Titanic / Horror Host / MST3K / RiffTrax - Mondo Smash A' Go-Go EL SANTO vs VAMPIRE WOMEN
-x- Classic Universal Monsters Movie - Bride of Frankenstein
-x- Comedy / Spoof - Hotel Transylvania 2
-x- Criterion / Masters of Cinema Version Film - Multiple Maniacs
-x- Death by: Fire - Saw 2
-x- Distributor / Studio: Vinegar Syndrome - Deathrow Gameshow
-x- Documentary - In Hell Everybody loves Popcorn
-x- Extraterrestrial / Takes Place in Space - Body Bags
-x- Film From Someone Else's List You've Never Seen - Purge Election Year h/t MikeWendt
-x- Film From TCM's October Schedule - Billy the Kid vs Dracula
-x- From a Basis Gogos Painting - Bride of Frankenstein
-x- Found Footage - Found Footage 3D
-x- Frankenstein - Hotel Transylvania 2
-x- Ghost / Haunting - Ouija
-x- Giallo - Torso
-x- K-Horror - Train to Busan
-x- Killer / Evil Animal - Sharknado
-x- Killer / Evil Child - Ouija: Origin of Evil
-x- Killer / Evil Doll - Puppetmaster
-x- Made-for-TV Movie - Lake Placid vs Anaconda
-x- Monster / Creature Feature / Godzilla -Lake Placid vs Anaconda
-x- Mummy - Hotel Transylvania 2
-x- Musical / Rock ‘n Roll Horror - The Devil's Candy
-x- Nation of Origin: China - Men Behind the Sun
-x- Nazi - Yoga Hosers
-x- Psychological - The Nest
-x- Rape / Revenge - Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger Part IV
-x- Slasher / Psycho / Homicidal Maniac - Saw
-x- Takes Place on a Holiday - Holidays
-x- Takes Place on or Under the Sea - Bride of the Monster
-x- Three Installments in a Franchise - Sharknado 2-4
-x- Vampire - Hotel Transylvania 2
-x- Werewolf - Hotel Transylvania 2
-x- Witchcraft / Satanic / Religious - The Babysitter
-x- With Commentary - Multiple Maniacs
-x- With Two or More Horror Legends - Body Bags featuring appearances by Tobe Hooper, John Carpenter, Wes Craven, Roger Corman, Greg Nicotero, & Sam Raimi)
-x- Zombie - Walking Dead

Watch 1 w/commentary from the "Masters of Commentary":
--- Joe Bob Briggs -
--- John Carpenter -
--- Larry Cohen -
--- Joe Dante -
--- Tim Lucas -
--- Guillermo del Toro -
--- David del Valle -

Watch films in at least three formats:
-x- First format, online streaming, Blood Orgy at Beaver lake
-x- Second format, Blu-ray, 31.
--- Third format, (insert format), (insert title).

Watch films in at least three languages:
-x- First language, Korean, Train to Busan.
-x- Second language, Spanish, [REC].
-x- Third language, French, Living Dead Girl

Watch 3 films that you've never seen before that: COMPLETE
-x- Stars a Barbara (Steele, Crampton, Hershey, Shelley) - Beyond the Gates
-x- Features music by Richard Band - Puppetmaster
-x- Was made in the 1950s - Bride of the monster
--- Features a Disembodied / Possessed Hand -
--- Was written by Jimmy Sangster -
-x- Features a solar eclipse - Holidays
--- Has the words "It" in the title -
-x- Was directed by David Cronenberg - The Nest
-x- Stars Michelle Bauer - PuppetMaster III
-x- Takes place at a cemetery - Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Final Escape
-x- Features an actor who played Michael Myers, Jason, Freddy, Pinhead, or another pop culture horror killer in a different role - Lake Placid vs Anaconda w/ Robert Englund

Select 8 decades of film history: COMPLETE
-x- 1890 - Le Diable au Convent
-x- 1900 - The Haunted Curiosity Shop
-x- 1910 - Frankenstein
-x- 1920 - Haunted House
-X- 1930 - Bride of Frankenstein
-x- 1940 - Ghost of Frankenstein
-X- 1950 - Bride of the Monster
-x- 1960 - Billy the Kid vs Dracula
-x- 1970 - Demented Death Farm Massacre
-x- 1980 - Prom Night
-x- 1990 - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
-x- 2000 - Saw
-x- 2010 - Yoga Hosers

Select 1 from the "Chronological Horror Years Faceoff": COMPLETE
-x- 1942 (75th) - Ghost of Frankenstein
-x- 1967 (50th) - The Big Shave
-x- 1992 (25th) – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Select 2 from the following anniversaries: COMPLETE

-x- 15th Anniversary of The Rondo Hatton Awards - HP Lovecraft's Beast in the Cave Best Short Film 2016
-x- 20th Anniversary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
-x- 25th Anniversary of The Sci-Fi/SyFy Channel - Sharknado Series
-x- 100th Birthday of Santo - Mondo Smash A' Go-Go EL SANTO vs VAMPIRE WOMEN

Select 4 ratings: COMPLETE
-x- G - Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein
-x- PG - Hotel Transylvania 2
-x- PG-13 - Yoga Hosers
-x- R - The Stuff
-x- NC-17 - The Evil Dead
-x- X - The Evil Dead
-x- Unrated - Bride of Frankenstein
--- M -
--- GP -

Attend a live event (convention, play, haunted house, ghost tour, etc.): COMPLETE
-X- LA Zoo, Boo at the Zoo

Venture Into the Literary World:
--- Read a Horror Novel or Novella (insert title). OPTIONAL
--- Read a Horror Comic Book or Graphic Novel (insert title). OPTIONAL
--- Read a Horror Magazine (insert title). OPTIONAL

Theme Nights

-x- 10/02: Radioactive Materials Produced from Industrial Waste, These Slimy Carcinogenic Poisons Will Give You Superpowers to Fly to Outer Space! - Slime, Goo & Toxic Waste Horror - The Stuff
Emotional Frights. Summoning the Dead by Candlelight. - Supernatural / Quiet/Soft / Seances – Stir of Echoes
-x- 10/21: R.I.P. VCR: You're Officially Belated, But Your Kick-Ass VHS Video Cover Art Will Never Be Outdated! - 1980s Video Companies Spotlight: Media Home Entertainment / Video Stores – Deathrow Gameshow
-x- 10/25: The Shittiest, Cheapest Movies Mankind Ever Sprung; Some So Bad, They're Good ...Others are Killer Tongue! - IMDB Lowest Rated Horror – Beast of Yucca Flats
-x- 10/26: Goodbye Godfather of the Modern Living Dead & Social Commentary Guru of What Needed to Be Said. - R.I.P. George A. Romero - Night of the Living Dead
-x- 10/27: Hello Friends, Welcome to the 100th Anniversary of Antonio Bay! We're Murderous Ghost Mariners from A Leper Colony ...Yeah, We Can't Stay! - Small Town Horrors – Stranger Things 2
--- 10/29: Electronically Produced Via Keyboard from the Bowels of Hell... This Retro Futuristic Music from Beyond Is the Proverbial Death Knell. - The Synth of Fear - Torso
-x- 10/30: Evil Witches Cast Their Spell, Runaway or Discover the Demon-Infested Layers of Hell! - Devil's Night Debauchery: Demonic Possession / Satanic / Witchcraft / Hell - Playing with the Devil, Deathgasm

--- 10/31: Halloween Evokes the Spirits of the Dead, Tread Lightly or Experience a Decapitated Head! - All Hallows Eve Horrifically Hideous Hellfest / Samhain: An Evening of Celtic Horror - Treehouse of Horror marathon.
--- 11/01: Comedy Plus Tragedy Equals Hilariously Horrific Death - Horror Comedies Crossover -

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