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Re: The 6th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Thread


"Dick Laurent is (still) dead" ...and is participating in...

The 6th Annual October Horror Movie Challenge!

Stuntman Mike says: "Watch more horror"


Previous year's lists:

2009/100 Watched/87 FTV2008/74 Watched/57 FTV

This year’s goals:

-x- Watch 101 films
-x- Watch films on at least 12 formats
-x- Watch each 31 Films Subset on the specified day
-x- Watch at least one film for each Theme Day, on specified day
-x- Complete the Expanded Checklist

Total Watched = 127

All films USA unless noted otherwise
Shorts 1 Min or less counted as 1 Min
* = First Time Viewing
WC# = Wild Cards 1-3
"Quotes" = First line/words spoken (or prominent scream)

October: 1
1. Death Proof (DVD – 2007 – 113 Min – Color) IMDb
"Hold on, I gotta come up!"
More on the Slasher/Thriller side of the genre, but has some of the most unsettling kills I've ever seen, and a good example as to why we don't dangle our legs out of a car window.
Goodbye, Sally Menke.
2. The Faculty (DVD – 1998 – 104 Min – Color) IMDb
"Look alive!"
Masters of Horror meets Dawson’s Creek, featuring the best use of a paper-cutter, EVER! Bonus: Harry Knowles changes a water jug.
3. Happy Birthday to Me (DVD – 1981 – 110 Min – Color) IMDb *
"Winston! Winston! Winston!"
The first scarves club. I found this movie really confusing, and it seems like it shouldn't have been. No idea what was going on in the end. Cool kills, though.
4. Abominable (DVD – 2006 – 94 Min – Color) IMDb *
"What…what is it?"
It’s cool to see that Aliens android again in proper character. Too bad he didn’t make the film worth watching. This movie does feature one of the coolest analog phones I’ve seen. And that’s about the extent of how much I cared about this Red Circle production.
5. Anaconda III (DVD – 2008 – 91 Min – Color) IMDb *
"Take it easy, Peter."
Big CGI snake + Knight Rider = 91 minutes I’ll never get back.
6. The Seven Brothers Meet Dracula (DVD – 1974 – 75 Min – Color – UK/Hong Kong) IMDb *
So tonight I decided to have my “Tea and Crumpets” with a side of Shaw take-out. I’ve never seen the US edit of this, so I thought I’d give it a gander. Definitely has more of a grind house feel, but it’s still pretty cool. Glad Hammer and Shaw got together on this. Really feels like a little bit of both. I’m also pleased that these vamps don’t jump.
7. From Beyond (DVD – 1986 – 86 Min – Color) IMDb - 31 Films Subset
I absolutely love watching this. There’s not much to it, considering how short the original story was, but anytime Yuzna/Gordon are together you know you’re in for a fantastic good time. It’s great to have the Lovecraft world inhabited by such capable lunatic film makers. And how weird is it that I manage to watch two films in one day, the first with a “Dr. Block” and the last with a “Dr. Bloch”?

October: 2
8. The Trollenberg Terror AKA The Crawling Eye (DVD – 1958 – 82 Min – B&W – UK) IMDb *
"What’s he doing?"
Wow, this was a lot of fun! Not too campy, not too serious. Plenty of old-school gore. Janet Munro is easy on the eyes, yet she’s kinda creepy when she does that psychic stuff. This is a keeper for sure. I’ll have to stay clear of the MST3K version.
9. The Ruins (BD – 2008 – 93 Min – Color – USA/Germany/Australia) IMDb
"Help me!"
This is hard to watch, but it is so well done. The scenery is beautiful, the plants are effectively creepy, and we get a whole lot of Jena Malone. Maybe not the hottest actress, but definitely the coolest.
10. It came From Beneath the Sea (DVD – 1955 – 79 Min – B&W) IMDb *
"From her beginnings on a Navy drawing board… "
Hmmm… Hard to critique this one. I love the monster effects, the story, and the idea. But the execution of this is just plain boring. Worth a watch, well, because it’s Ray Harryhausen.
11. The Death Wheelers AKA Psychomania (HDTV/TCM – 1973 – 85 Min – Color – UK) IMDb *
"Well, he’s on the hook."
Clockwork Orange meets Easy Rider… are some words that describe this film from the pages of this Oct’s Fangoria. And I must agree. Cool pic, in a not-cool, super weird way. And that whole biker-funeral scene is simply bizarre. We’re talking Death Bed bizarre. But overall it’s a lot of fun, and by-the-way, what’s with the frogs? Is there some kind of devil-worshiping frog cult in the UK?
12. Sisters (Roku/Netflix – 1973 – 93 Min – Color) IMDb - 31 Films Subset *
"It’s Peeping Toms!"
Great watch. Don’t know why I hadn’t checked this out before. I really dug the split-screen effect that is mentioned quite a bit by viewers. Terrific story, big win in execution. Of course now I have a complex about hide-away bed/couches…

October: 3
13. Alligator II – The Mutation (DVD – 1991 – 92 Min – Color) IMDb *
"What’s this stuff gonna do down there?"
Fun monster cheese! I was pleasantly surpised at how entertaining this was. Not a good film by any means, but compared to today’s direct to SyFy fare, this one’s got some magic.
14. Eight Legged Freaks (Roku/Netflix – 2002 – 99 Min – Color) IMDb *
"Do you know fear?"
What an entertaining watch! This has a great mother-daughter casting, plus my man-crush, Matt Czuchry (yes, my wife thinks that’s weird). A fun time.
15. The Cat and the Canary (Roku/Netflix – 1927 – 82 Min – B&W/Tinted) IMDb - 31 Films Subset *
". . ."
I know some silent aficionados frown upon this a bit, as I’m told it was rather clichéd and below-par for the late ‘20s. But I sure enjoyed the heck out of it. Great use of tinting and the presentation of wording changes up a bit, which I liked to see. Effective score as well. I highly recommend for silent fans or horror/mystery watchers alike.

October: 4
16. The Ghoul (PD/YouTube – 1933 – 77 Min – B&W – UK) IMDb *
"We don’t want to buy no – "
I may be a little late to this classic monster party, but I’m glad I finally made it. This is a good, creepy crime thriller, with an even creepier Boris Karloff in what is now one of my favorite rolls. The acting seems over-played at times (even for the 30’s), but I really enjoyed it. Great atmosphere as well.
17. Thir13en Ghosts (PD – 2001 – 91 Min – Color) IMDb *
I have yet to see the original this is based on, but the idea is so fun I may just have to check it out. This was entertaining, except that I just can’t watch anything staring Tony Shalhoub without thinking of Monk (or Trevor). Fun film, lots of gore, and Shannon Elizabeth. Worth a watch.
18. The City of the Dead AKA Horror Hotel (Roku/ – 1960 – 75 Min – B&W – UK) IMDb - 31 Films Subset *
"Bring out Elizabeth Selwyn."
This is such a great little movie. Effective atmosphere, great story, really enjoyed it. Also features one of the scariest roads to drive down. Totally a sign you’re going in the wrong direction. Something else I found interesting, this film did a good job of making me feel cold. It has that air about it. I like that. Terrific ending as well.
19. The House of the Devil (DVD – 2009 – 95 Min – Color) IMDb *
"I can tell you like it."
Holy crap…

October: 5
20. House on Haunted Hill (PD/YouTube – 1959 – 75 Min – B&W) IMDb *
I’ve not actually watched this up until this point, but this challenge (and Chad’s OHMC6 banner) made me have to correct this error. I thought it was a lot of fun. Great story, didn’t move slow at all. I really enjoyed every aspect of this. Good time.
21. Snake People (PD/YouTube – 1971 – 90 Min – Color – Mexico/USA) IMDb *
"During many centuries in various parts of the world…"
What do you know? Boris Karloff can make a bad movie. Really bad.
22. Maniac (PD/YouTube – 1934 – 51 Min – B&W) IMDb *
"Tonight, my dear Maxwell, I am ready to try my experiment on a human."
Whoa, a 1930’s BOMB. But we get boobs, so worth a watch.
23. Død snø AKA Dead Snow (LG/Netflix – 2009 – 91 Min – Color – Norway) IMDb - 31 Films Subset *
"Å som setter meg ut"
I’m not a big fan of this one. It wasn’t exactly bad; it’s just that I constantly watched the clock through the last half. It seems to have been forced into a feature length, 90 minute run. The most annoying aspect is the whole movie felt like other movies mixed in. And not mixed well. And zombies should never squirt or spew blood. Never.
Now that I got my dislikes out of the way, I do feel the movie was a lot of fun, with a lot of gore, and COME ON, Nazi zombies? That's horror.

October: 6
24. It’s Alive (PD/YouTube – 1974 – 91 Min – Color) IMDb - 31 Films Subset
This film has all the right notes for the horror genre: great title; perfect score; apt directing; fun story; plenty of gore. Always a good time. And I love the Frankenstein speech.
25. It’s Alive 2: It Lives Again (PD/YouTube – 1978 – 91 Min – Color) IMDb
"(crowd noise) Who is this from?"
Great sequel. All the same ingredients that made the first a great time, except now that the audience is in on it, we can enjoy the ride all that more.
26. It’s Alive III: Island of the Alive (PD/YouTube – 1987 – 95 Min – Color) IMDb *
"(crowd noise) Hey! Hey! Hurry up!"
Was it really 10+ years since the last one? Well, great job jumping right back into the mutant kid story. This was a lot of fun to watch. Kind of a mixture of Jaws 3, Jason takes Manhattan, and a little bit of Lost thrown in for fun. Of course two of those are post 1987, but that’s was my impression during this watch, which made it all that more fun. And in the end, it’s kind of a sad story, huh?

October: 7
27. Octaman (PD/YouTube – 1971 – 76 Min – Color – Mexico/USA) IMDb - 31 Films Subset *
Great, fun watch. Not a “good” film by any means, but a heck of a lot of fun. The monster is delightfully campy, and the actors play their parts so serious. But they don’t over-act. Someone here needs to get a hold of this for a special edition treatment. Hey, if it can happen for Death Bed it can happen for Octaman. And notice in the opening credits that Octaman is credited as… “Octaman.” I guess that wasn’t an octo-suit after all.
28. Satan’s School for Girls (PD/YouTube – 1973 – 78 Min – Color) IMDb *
"Operator –"
This is a mildly enjoyable made-for-TV film. I’m a little surprised that such a movie was born in the TV world, but it does kinda play like an episode of Columbo. Some cute Nancy Drew elements are prominent as well. Worth a watch.
29. Teenage Zombies (PD/YouTube – 1959 – 73 Min – B&W) IMDb *
Terrible. Just, terrible.
30. What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (Roku/Netflix – 1962 – 134 Min – B&W) IMDb *
"Wanna see it again little girl?"
This is perfect for the challenge Theme Night. I enjoyed this enormously. It is chock full of really great camera angles, settings, pacing, all of it simply right on point. Kind of creepy at times, but that works wonderfully. I love the above-angel, wheelchair-crazy shot.

October: 8
31. The Fog (DVD – 2005 – 103 Min – Color – USA/France) IMDb *
An average quality remake. Nice and slick and big-budget style, but it is relatively effective. I was amused through most of it. I sure wished Selma Blair was my mother. Eh, make that step-mom.
32. Werewolf of London (Roku/Netflix – 1935 – 75 Min – B&W) IMDb *
"What will you do if they won’t go?" (1st English line)
I didn’t realize there were such well done werewolf films before The Wolfman. This one was quite enjoyable. The acting wasn’t too over-the-top, the sets were nice, the story seemed unique to the werewolf idea. Great pre-curser to the “Classic.”
33. The Uninvited (BD – 1935 – 87 Min – Color – USA/Canada/Germany) IMDb
"I love you...I have a condom."
For a remake, this is done extremely well. This isn’t a straight re-shoot, just a good interpretation of the story. I think it works extremely well as a companion to aToTS. Well framed and great acting.
34. Salvage (DVD – 2009 – 79 Min – Color – UK) IMDb - 31 Films Subset *
"What is this noise?" (1st English line)
This is a good little movie. It’s nice to go into a film completely oblivious as to what the story is about. I enjoyed the father daughter banter at the beginning, and boy did it make a quick turn into strange events. One of the best aspects of the film was the little village it was shot in. It provided some great atmosphere and believability. I had a problem with the ending, but overall it was a good watch.

October: 9
35. Plague of the Zombies (HDTV/TCM – 1966 – 91 Min – Color – UK) IMDb *
Great, atmospheric zombie fare from Hammer studios. I love the cinema photography for this. The framing is pleasant, the costumes delightful, and the sets downright grimy. When the coffin is dropped early on, wow, that was rather unsettling. Good, tight, well made film. I enjoyed it immensely.
36. The Devil Rides Out AKA The Devil’s Bride (HDTV/TCM – 1968 – 96 Min – Color – UK) IMDb *
"Hello, Nicholas!"
This was a really fun, enjoyable film from Hammer. It was great to see Christopher Lee play a good guy. And he plays it very believably as well. I loved the satanic ritualistic elements. They were presented in a very creepy way, and were very effective in execution. The car chase scene was a lot of fun to watch as well. I can’t wait for this title to be readily available for purchase.
37. Last House on the Left (DVD – 1972 – 84 Min – Color – w/ commentary) IMDb
Craven to Cunningham during the MGM Lion roar: "Oh my God. Sean, there’s your old house cat…"
This is always a tough movie to watch. So I thought I’d give the commentary a try. This is by far the best commentary I’ve ever heard. It is fun, informative, lighthearted, and a genuine good time hanging with Wes and Sean while watching the film. Made the disgustingness a little bit easier to watch.
38. Never Cry Werewolf (HDTV/SyFy – 2008 – 87 Min – Color – Canada) IMDb *
"Dwayne? Okay…okay, chill."
I was pleasantly surprised by this Sci-Fi production. It wasn’t terrific by any means, but it was a lot of fun to watch. I enjoyed the story, the actors, and the werewolf effects. It was a treat. Good daytime, popcorn entertainment.
And Nina Dobrev is simply beautiful:

39. The Reptile (HDTV/TCM – 1966 – 86 Min – Color – UK) IMDb *
"Anyone? Anyone there?"
I wasn’t really into this for most of it. The story was decent, but it just felt like it drug on. I loved the ending sequence, but the rest was just there I suppose. Nice to see the set re-use from Plague of the Zombies.
40. The Gorgon (HDTV/TCM – 1964 – 83 Min – Color – UK) IMDb *
"Yes. Yes, I think I can stop painting in the morning."
This was a good take on a classic story. I like the idea of the Gorgon being able to take human form. I think the build-up of the creature was also great. There was a lot made of what wasn’t seen. My only complaint was the makeup for the snake head. It just looked terrible. I liked the stone effects, though.
41. Black Rainbow (HDTV/TCM – 1989 – 103 Min – Color – UK) IMDb - 31 Films Subset *
I knew nothing about this before watching it. This moves with a slow burn of gritty crime drama, and mystery suspense. A lot of what happens is presented in such a realistic, low-key way that it makes it almost unnerving. Rosanna Arquette delivered a great performance.

October: 10
42. White Zombie (Roku/Netflix – 1932 – 69 Min – B&W) IMDb *
"Looks like a burial."
Wow, no idea why it took me so long to get to viewing this. Really amazed with this picture, and kinda blown away as well. And they filmed this in 11 days? In 1932? Cool.
43. Zombi 3 (DVD – 1988 – 95 Min – Color – Italy) IMDb *
"We’re ready."
This was chock full of zombie blood and guts and nonsense. And bad dubbing, of course. Not much to this, but I did like the flying skull.
44. The Video Dead (Roku/Netflix – 1987 – 90 Min – Color) IMDb *
"Go away…"
So what we have here is a cross between The Ring and Dead Alive. Obviously innocent of the first reference, but you can’t help but think of a Japanese video while watching zombies come out of a TV. In general I have real mixed emotions of this. I enjoyed the idea and the effects, but the execution was terrible. There were framing mistakes and set-up fails galore. I don’t think these cats even went to film school; no fundamentals at all. But, zombies come out of a TV. I guess that’s good enough.
45. Fear Itself: New Year’s Day (DVD – 2008 – 44 Min – Color) FEARnet
Sure, this story maybe isn’t the best, but I sure enjoy the heck out of it. And for those that argue that
…Helen doesn’t walk or act like a zombie. Well, remember that she killed herself by over-dosing on pills and booze. This would impair her senses somewhat I believe, even as a newly awakened zombie. And she would not immediately be slowed by broken bones or missing parts, as we know she just went to sleep and died. The tarantula proves that the zombie virus that’s infecting everyone is something in the air, not transmitted by bites.
…That’s my take at least.
46. Paura nella città dei morti viventi AKA City of the Living Dead (Roku/Netflix – 1980 – 93 Min – Color – Italy) IMDb - 31 Films Subset *
Absolutely terrific Fulci outing. This is probably the most visually arresting of all of his films that I’ve seen. It kind of had an Argento feel to it. What sticks out in my mind the most is the bleeding glass shards. That scene was very well done, and so subtle. I did find it difficult trying to follow exactly where the plot was going. But it was a groovy, ghoulie ride.

October: 11
47. The Blob (PC/Crackle – 1988 – 95 Min – Color) IMDb - 31 Films Subset *
"That’s a first down."
Cool remake. Well, not really a remake per say. More like a new film with the same idea. I liked it. Nice and gooey and gory. Over-the top military experiments gone awry; always a go-to plot.
48. The Craft (DVD – 1996 – 101 Min – Color) IMDb
"Now is the time. This is the hour. Ours is the Magic. Ours is the power."
This film actually holds up rather well for me. I have fond memories of splicing the reels for this together (I held the position as Regal Cinemas Head Projectionist/Asst Manager in Myrtle Beach, SC for a time). I found the 35mm frames fascinating as I was matching them up. The movie is pretty simple, and there’s not much to the climax of events, but with some cute girls in school skirts, and a rockin’ soundtrack, it had the right elements to make it hold. And Robin Tunney is just cool.
49. House on Sorority Row (Roku/Netflix – 1983 – 91 Min – Color) IMDb *
"I told you to keep an eye on her."
Great, classic offering that’s way above average for the ‘80s horror craze. This one really blew me away as far as expectations go. The visuals are stunning. The cane is one of the coolest horror accessories I’ve ever seen. The way it moves in the dream sequences is fantastic. I really believe that if Fulci had made a teen-scream style film, it would be exactly like this. I can see why Quentin Tarantino picked this for his first QT film festival.
50. I Know What You Did Last Summer (Roku/Netflix – 1997 – 100 Min – Color) IMDb
"I tell you what, that’s got to be the prettiest girl we’ve ever had in the competition."
A decent offering during the Kevin Williamson craze. There’s not much to it, but it’s made well enough that it keeps you entertained throughout. And even though this was a pre-curser to the teen, PG-13 phase years later, at least here we have plenty of gore and some pretty heavy (sometimes unnecessary) language. It was also cool to see a young Ryan Phillippe. And there’s always time for a little JLH action.

October: 12
51. Zombie Wars (PD/YouTube – 2006 – 80 Min – Color) IMDb *
"These were the darkest days the world had ever known."
What we have here is post-survival of a world-wide zombie epidemic. I think the ideas here are pretty cool. I like the thought that zombies would have “Human” farms to feed off of. I also really enjoyed the characters. The production is very sparse, but the actors were really into it, and the story moved along fine. All of the narrating really reminded me of T2, though.
52. Night Shadows AKA Mutant (PD/YouTube – 1984 – 99 Min – Color) IMDb *
Some brothers head into a town. People turn up dead. They investigate. I really wasn’t into this.
53. War Wolves (HDTV/SyFy – 2009 – 104 Min – Color) IMDB *
Oh, my. Sometimes I find original “Sci-Fi” films to be decent. This one was not. I suppose the story was good enough, and it’s always fun to see more John Saxon. The biggest problem I had was that nothing is really explained, there’s no real pay-off. And the effects are just terrible. The quality of the production was fine, but the wolf make-up was a joke. I’ve seen better trick-or-treating. And the teeth? Come on! Did they get those out of a quarter machine?
54. Sheitan (DVD – 2006 – 94 Min – Color – France) IMDb - 31 Films Subset *
"Vous êtes ok?"
I was really looking forward to this. And I was mesmerized while watching, and in the back of my mind, the cues were telling me, “This is it, this is where all hell breaks loose.” I heard that from myself for a good hour before, well, only part of hell broke loose. I can appreciate the cinema photography here, the quick cuts, jump cuts, cut to’s, but sometimes enough is enough. This is way heavier on style than it is substance. And it’s too bad. I really like the characters and where the story was going. I even liked where the story ended up. But come on, this is one of the most pretentious films I’ve ever seen.
Oh, but it is worth a watch to see Roxane Mesquida.

October: 13
55. Hellbound: Hellraiser II (DVD – 1988 – 97 Min – Color – UK) IMDb - 31 Films Subset
"What's your pleasure, sir?"
This is a great continuation of Barker’s Hellbound Heart novella. Barker gets the exec producer credit for this, and I believe he did an exceptional job. I also think that this benefited from having a different director than the first. The choice to take the producer position here probably allowed for a better over-all product. The story seems so huge I’m sure it was good to have more “hands” on the reigns. The biggest problem is the matte work did not age well. This really could benefit from some Lucas-type tinkering.

October: 14
56. Flesh, TX (PD/YouTube – 2009 – 92 Min – Color) IMDb *
"Hello, my name’s Joseph."
This is a perfect example of don’t judge a movie by its poster. Great poster. Even a great title. Awful, awful film. Just awful. It’s pretty bad when a little kid is your best actor. I’m sorry she got stuck in this production.
57. OC Babes and the Slasher of Zombietown (PD/YouTube – 2008 – 70 Min – Color) IMDb *
"(mumble) Did you hear that?"
Well, I guess you should know what you’re getting into with a director named Creep Creepersin. I think this quote from IMDB sums it up best: “An unborn baby with a used teabag in a desert could've produced a better film than this.” – Robert Stone
58. Body in the Web AKA Horrors of Spider Island (PD/YouTube – 1960 – 75 Min – B&W – West Germany/Yugoslavia) IMDb *
"Here’s Singapore."
This was good at times…but mostly bad. There was a lot of potential, which of course makes it all the more irritating to watch. But there are some cute girls, and the shots are decent. I’m a bit of a ballet freak, so the little dance bit in the beginning was the highlight for me.
59. Vampire Circus (Roku/Netflix – 1960 – 87 Min – Color – UK) IMDb *
"And there you are!"
I enjoyed this a lot. It felt like a very modern Hammer film, but it worked fine. There’s some great visuals, and the cast is mostly stunning to watch. Some of the kills seemed very unique for the time. And of course the presentations of undress were very, well, delightful. Soft frames and presence aren’t qualities I usually equate to Hammer. But this worked.
60. The Children (DVD – 2008 – 84 Min – Color – UK) IMDb - 31 Films Subset *
"Stop bothering Paulie, Miranda."
Truly a magnificent surprise. This was a blind bye for me at one point, and I’m glad I saved it until now to watch. Other than the obvious disturbing and horrible ideals the film deals with, it is just beautifully photographed. This is a true joy to watch. Simply, just, watch.

October: 15
61. Evil Laugh (PD/YouTube – 1988 – 87 Min – Color) IMDb *
"Mr. Burns, what’s wrong?"
I was actually surprised by this. It’s not that great, but served as a better than average slasher scenario. And execution wasn’t so bad. I loved the Fangoria mag shot, and the blood spray was a real treat. Expect the least, and you may just achieve enjoyment here.
62. The Final Terror (PD/YouTube – 1983 – 82 Min – Color) IMDb *
"Jimmy, look out!"
Not too bad of a film. There’s some good slasher moments here and there, and some of the characters are pretty far out as well. I can’t name anything particularly bad, but there’s nothing that really stands out either. Nice locations.
63. Carnival of Souls (PD/YouTube – 1962 – 84 Min – B&W) IMDb *
"Hey, Joe –"
This is such an amazing film. The visuals are just stunning. I knew I was in for a real treat once the intricate opening credits began. There are many moments in this film that could easily stand on their own. And the entire abandoned carnival sequence was quite mesmerizing. Reminded me a of Rollin’s early B&W work. Highly recommend this gem of horror.
64. After Midnight (DTV/Reelz – 1989 – 90 Min – Color) IMDb *
"Allyson? What are you doing…"
I enjoyed the heck out of this. Great time, the stories are decent. The first story is my favorite by far. For an anthology film, this was very well done, but still campy and light. I really enjoyed the over-dramatic narration from the professor. The whole thing gives you a good ghost story told by the campfire feel.
65. Night of the Creeps (BD – 1986 – 88 Min – Color) IMDb - 31 Films Subset
This is always a fun watch. But I seem to be having a problem with the fact that I've seen this so many times, it's a bit tough to get through. Only a bit, though. Still great fun. Also, I believe this film features the best bathroom graffiti EVER. And to confirm, Stryper does rule.

October: 16
66. Blood From the Mummy’s Tomb (HDTV/TCM – 1971 – 94 Min – Color – UK) IMDb *
This was my first time watching a female mummy movie. It was a lot better than I expected, and I really like the beauty and pain we get from the feminine view of this ideal. The movie did a good job of making a fun plot that I was actually interested in. And I was really interested in Valerie Leon. Both of them.
67. Planet of the Vampires (Roku/Netflix – 1965 – 86 Min – Color – Spain/Italy) IMDb *
"Are you able to see anything at all, Bert?"
This is a case where I’m very glad that I started the Expanded Checklist for the challenge, or I never would have taken the time to seek out a horror film set in space that I hadn’t seen before. And this one is a real treat. The tension is course throughout the length of the film, foreboding and moody. Even though there is little to no budget, Bava works well with what he is given, though I could have done without the spacecraft-flying shots. I can see the heavy influence this had on Alien. Practically the same movie, minus the chest-bursters.
68. Fear No Evil (DVD – 1981 – 99 Min – Color) IMDb - 31 Films Subset *
"And God endowed one specific Archangel with striking beauty, wisdom and power."
Not a fan of this. Too much going on. The soundtrack and the score are completely mismatched. There seemed to have been a lot of potential here, but just ended up a big mess. John Waters could have done much better here.

October: 17
69. My Bloody Valentine (DVD – 1981 – 90 Min – Color – Canada) IMDb - 31 Films Subset *
Great 80s slasher film.
70. My Bloody Valentine (BD – 2009 – 101 Min – Color) IMDb *
"Listen! We’re not sure what caused the collapse."
Decent remake. First time watching it in 2D. Lots of gory, horror fun.
71. His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th (BD – 2009 – 86 Min – Color) IMDb *
An okay documentary. Nothing really special here, just a bunch of interviews strung together without any cohesion at all. It really plays as just an ad for the Universal Studios horror theme that the park was promoting at the time.
72. Never Sleep Again: The Making of ‘A Nightmare on Elm St.’ (DVD – 2006 – 50 Min – Color) IMDb
"Whatever you do, DON’T FALL ASLEEP…"
This was a lot of fun to watch, but really seems like just a teaser to the mammoth 4 hr project we were recently blessed with. This one remains aptly done, organized well, and filled with some great deleted scenes sure to please any fan with only an hour to watch making-of Freddy.
73. Freddy vs Jason (DVD – 2003 – 97 Min – Color) IMDb
"My children... from the very beginning, it was the children who gave me my power."
Fun film. It’s great to see these two legends together, and narrated by Freddy! Doesn’t get much better than that.

October: 18
74. The Raven (Roku/Netflix – 1963 – 86 Min – Color) IMDb *
"Once upon a midnight dreary…"
This film was a real treat. Kind of goofy at times, but the special effects were really cool and the whole story was pretty entertaining. Kind of a pre-cursor to the old Freddy vs Jason. I also loved the way the Poe poem was intertwined with the story. Great execution.
75. Tourist Trap (DVD – 1979 – 90 Min – Color) IMDb - 31 Films Subset *
The beginning of this reminded me a lot of Death Bed, with the crickety, rigged style special effects. And the movie got pretty crazy as it progressed. I found it a little odd the way the supernatural element was present, but not prominent enough to make sense in the story. But this was delightfully campy, and good fun.

October: 19
76. Blood Thirsty Butchers (PD/YouTube – 1970 – 79 Min – Color) IMDb *
"How long have you been in London?"
Well, this one is hard to decide about. On one hand it’s a low-budget, badly acted crapfest. On the other, it has a certain mystique to it, and some of the images are quite fascinating. The over-the-top removal of the ring was a creepy scene to watch play out in the beginning, but what remains fizzles as a mild exploration of unsettling boringness. And that’s about the extent of what I got out of it.
77. Countess Dracula (PD/YouTube – 1971 – 93 Min – Color – UK) IMDb *
This was mildly enjoyable to me. One of my lesser favorite Hammer films, but there are some great visuals. And the basic story works well enough. Ingrid Pitt does a great job with the starring role.
78. Samurai purinsesu: Gedô-hime AKA Samurai Princess (PD/YouTube – 2009 – 82 Min – Color – Japan) IMDb *
Here we have a great Japanese gore fest. Not much to it but your standard exploiting of all things horror and hotness, with a lot of craziness thrown in for good, or over-the-top measure. This is pretty standard Japanese gore gone wild, but it is the first time I’ve ever seen killer, flying boobs.
79. Smash Cut (DVD – 2009 – 86 Min – Color – Canada) IMDb - 31 Films Subset *
"Ladies and Gentlemen –"
What a perfect homage film this is. The filmmakers really captured the feel of Herschell Gordon Lewis. The ridiculous acting, nearly insignificant plot, cheesy gore, crazy score…it all works perfect here. And Sasha Grey on top of all that? A jewel. Of course if you are not a fan of HGL or are completely unfamiliar with his work, then chances are this won’t be as much fun. The corniness really has to be appreciated to be enjoyed.

October: 20
80. Fright Night (PD/YouTube – 1985 – 106 Min – Color) IMDb - 31 Films Subset
"What was that?"
There’s always time for a little Fright Night. This was again lots of fun to watch, as expected. There are some cool elements here that are fantastic and very relatable, with that fantasy of mystery just within reach, posing as your next door neighbor. Sometimes I look out of my neighborhood window and hope to see a dead body being moved into a basement. Well, I don’t wish harm, just mystique.
81. Count Dracula and His Vampire Bride (PD/YouTube – 1973 – 87 Min – Color – UK) IMDb *
"Here ye, great demons of hell."
Kind of an underground conspiracy/cult theme going on here. Not much to keep me interested, except the ladies, of course, and chained vampires in a cellar = SCORE! I found this to be more of a boring mystery than gothic horror. But rituals and nudity make it worth the watch.

October: 21
82. Creepshow (DVD – 1982 – 120 Min – Color) IMDb
"I told you before, I didn’t want you to read this crap."
This is truly a classic to me. Probably one of the best comic book adapts. The precision of the comic frames mixed with the live action, and the melding of the story all works so well. I have fond memories of all of these stories, but the last one, with the bugs, that’s by far my favorite one now. It really stands out as all-out crazy. Love it.
83. Attack of the Puppet People (PD/YouTube – 1958 – 79 Min – Color) IMDb *
This is a film with a title and artwork that would be hard-pressed to deliver on. And I’m pleased to report that it delivers well. The idea of humans suspended as “puppets” is just insanely fun. And the miniatures work so well here. Everything seems to work well. There’s just a right amount of oddity and believability that makes this a real joy. And that doll maker is one crazy dude.
84. Masters of Horror: Cigarette Burns (PD/YouTube – 2005 – 59 Min – Color) IMDb *
"Film is magic, and in the right hands, a weapon."
Wow. By far this is the best MoH I’ve seen. It has some all-out, gross-out moments, gore galore, but man is it well done. Just the premise of a film as a weapon I found intriguing. And the journey to find it was quite the ride.
85. The Seventh Victim (PD/YouTube – 1943 – 71 Min – Color) IMDb - 31 Films Subset *
"Come in, please."
Really a great film. It has such perfect pace and substance that it almost commands that you sit and pay close attention to everything that is happening on the screen. I especially liked the sounds of vocal practice and chatter that you hear during the stairwell walks. The ending was so simple, but quite perfect. And just the fact that (mystery) room is there (with what’s inside of it), locked… well, is kind of scary, no matter how you look at it.

October: 22
86. Kill, Baby…Kill! (DVD – 1966 – 85 Min – Color – Italy) IMDb *
"Nooooo! Nooooo!"
This is classic Bava that I’ve never actually watched. Not sure why, as it is a pretty terrific film. I loved the atmosphere, the way the “baby” is show. Great, simple story shot very effectively.
87. Succubus (DVD – 1968 – 95 Min – Color – West Germany) IMDb *
A very apt film from the master of Euro “trash” cinema, Jess Franco. This one is much better made than Franco’s later efforts, which can be good and bad. With this film we get a great snapshot into the mind of a paranoid schizophrenic, draped with crazy jazz and swingin’ love-ins, minus the trademark Franco frenetic cinemaphotography. I personally prefer Franco’s shaky camera style, with his crazy zooms and wandering pans. I enjoy his style, though I know how difficult it can be for others to watch. You could compare it to Hemingway vs. Kerouac. One is a literary genius, with skilled word craft and carefully planned story-telling. The other, a jazz, Beat poet that writes to the rhythm of life as he experiences it (but a genius in his own right). They can both be appreciated, but to read On the Road, expecting it to be For Whom the Bell Tolls, is unfair to both artists. Appreciate the style as it’s offered, and enjoy each as its own. Me, I'll always be a Franco-phile.
88. Demons (DVD – 1985 – 88 Min – Color – Italy) IMDb - 31 Films Subset *
"Uhhh, can I have another one?"
So, I started off the day with a classic Bava, and then ended it with a classic next generation Bava. This movie is a lot of fun. There’s plenty of gore and crazy happenings. But what really stands out is the premise of the theatre, and how the victims are targeted. Cool film all the way around.

October: 23
89. The Wolf Man (DVD – 1941 – 70 Min – B&W) IMDb *
"Talbot Castle, Mr. Larry."
So here we have a great film about some creepy perv that peers into unsuspecting woman’s windows with a telescope, then proceeds to stalk them with knowledge gleaned from said telescope. Oh, and eventually he turns into a werewolf.
90. Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (DVD – 1943 – 74 Min – B&W) IMDb *
"Laurence Stewart Talbot, who died at the youthful age of 31."
Now this is a great werewolf film. I love the excitement of knowing that the wolf man is going to be resurrected as the thieves are messin’ around in the beginning. It kind of reminded me of the enjoyment of seeing Jason brought back to life many times over. The monster comes into the picture when the wolf man decides that the good doctor may have a cure for him. The desperation that Chaney shows in trying to find his release from the curse is very well played. The Frankenstein aspect kind of takes a back seat most of the film, but it succeeds for what it is. I enjoyed it.
91. Elvira’s Movie Macabre: The Werewolf of Washington (PC/Hulu – 1973 – 90 Min – Color) IMDb *
"Happy days are here again…"
I’ve seen some pretty bad movies for this challenge. Some I won’t even consider a “movie” per say (just having access to YouTube doesn’t make you a filmmaker), but this one is pretty bad. I was looking forward to a young Dean Stockwell’s performance, but this whole thing was a mess. Never mind the government and White House inaccuracies. Never mind the terrible plot and acting. What really got me was the shoddy camera work. And not just the framing, but what made it into the frame. There are at least two scenes where you can clearly see the shadow or reflection of the cameraman. One scene in particular shows a full figure shadow of the cameraman (and camera) while filming, and it is way too noticeable to be a mistake. Clearly the filmmakers wanted to send a message that they either didn’t care, or were being paid for a job that they were just going to deliver, no matter what the result. Elvira was cool, though.
92. She-Wolf of London (DVD – 1946 – 61 Min – B&W) IMDb *
"What is it, Latham?"
This was an excellent watch. It’s much more on the mystery/crime side of the genre, but a great watch non-the-less.
93. Ginger Snaps (DVD – 2000 – 108 Min – Color – Canada) IMDb - 31 Films Subset
"What have you got there?"
I’ve always been a big fan of this film. There are so many quotable lines in here, that it’s almost overboard, but not delivered in a comic way. Of course this mainly boils down to a film about female adolescence, but I believe a lot of the themes are relatable and the subtext is easy to read.

October: 24
94. Toolbox Murders (Roku/Netflix – 1978 – 93 Min – Color) IMDb *
"At the same time came the disciples unto Jesus –"
This was a mildly amusing slasher. There was a lot of promise here, and some of the kills are great watches, but the execution just doesn’t work. It’s like there’s no suspense or drama at all. Just some crazy guy killing. Who really cares. None of the characters seem to care about one-another either. Worth a watch for some cool killing.
95. Flowers in the Attic (Roku/Netflix – 1987 – 93 Min – Color) IMDb - 31 Films Subset
"Grandmother’s house."
I think this is an okay movie. It’s effective in its creepiness, and the story is decent enough. I never read the books, so I can’t comment on the “closeness” of the siblings, but there are only mild hints in the film. I still feel uncomfortable watching this, I guess from being disturbed by it when I was younger. Kind of scary to think of an adult/authority figure being so crazy and mean. That’s just not supposed to happen, is it?

October: 25
96. Drive-In Massacre (PD/YouTube – 1977 – 74 Min – Color) IMDb *
"Okay, we haven’t got all night, come on."
So in this film we get a great opening kill. Then it’s all downhill from there.
97. Chopped (Ep: 5x10): Fright Bites (HDTV/Food Network – 2010 – 44 Min – Color) *
WC #1
I love me some Chopped, and this one delivered the goods with a great Halloween spin.
98. Gojira (DVD – 1954 – 96 Min – B&W – Japan) IMDb - 31 Films Subset *
Classic creature movie, and one of the best ever. I am amazed at how well done the miniatures were. They were so detailed, and the lighting and framing was perfect for each scene of destruction. Sure, the war message is pretty in-your-face at certain points, but considering the subject, the fear of the time is bound to show through. This also has the best Godzilla growl I’ve ever heard.

October: 26
99. Master of Horror: Dreams in the Witch-House (PD/YouTube – 2005 – 55 Min – Color) IMDb *
"What do ya want?"
This is a great entry into the MoH series of films. I loved the dimensional mystery-play. Very well done. And the rat, well, he gets rather gross at times.
100. Food Network Challenge (Ep: 11x02): Outrageous Pumpkins 2 (HDTV/Food Network – 2010 – 44 Min – Color) Livedash *
WC #2
What’s better than watching pro’s carving pumpkins? Watching pro’s carving “Outrageous” pumpkins, of course.
Oops…didn’t mean for #100 to be a Wild Card…

101. El espinazo del Diablo AKA The Devil’s Backbone (DVD – 2001 – 106 Min – Color) IMDb - 31 Films Subset *
"¿Qué es un fantasma?"
An absolutely beautiful film. The ghost element kind of rides quietly in the background, but is effective. The acting is great, and a there are some subtle hints here and there as to what Del Toro will show us in the future. No matter if you enjoy this or not, it is wonderful to look at.

October: 27
102. Splinter (BD – 2008 – 82 Min – Color) IMDb - 31 Films Subset *
"Go on, I ain’t got nothin."
Surprisingly, this was a really great film. Not much to it, but very effective in portraying fear and a whole lot of scared confusion. The “splinters” themselves looked really good, and what they do to the bodies they collect is pretty creepy. Great monster flick, presented at a high-speed, action pace.
103. Friday the 13th (BD – 2009 – 106 Min – Color) IMDb
I still enjoy this quite a bit. I believe they really captured the feel of a Friday film, only polished and with a big budget. When it comes down to it, though, everything you need in a horror film is right here.
104. A Nightmare on Elm Street (Roku/Amazon – 2010 – 95 Min – Color) IMDb *
"Can I have another?"
This is absolutely terrible. I came into this pretending like it wasn’t a remake, like I never heard of Freddy. I wanted to give the movie the best chance on its own merit. And this is so far removed from the original film that it really shouldn’t even be considered a remake in the first place. My problem with this: I just didn’t care. Freddy wasn’t scary. He was annoying and not at all interesting. And his appearances jacked-up the flow of the film more than anything else. Every time he showed up, it felt like the filmmakers were forced to figure out what to do with him. Even if Freddy wasn’t already an established character, I would expect from the way the movie presented him that he wouldn’t be so small and unintimidating. And it doesn’t help that he has the voice of Eeyore. Total disaster.
105. Halloween Block Party 2010 (Ep: HHBP2-S10H) (HDTV/HGTV – 2010 – 44 Min – Color) HGTV *
WC #3
Learn to make some pretty cool Halloween decorations. Or in my case, abandon ambition and just watch. Remember to support UNICEF!

October: 28
106. Dark Night of the Scarecrow (DVD – 1981 – 96 Min – Color) IMDb - 31 Films Subset *
"Are the flowers that I’ve seen, growing in the fields so gay –"
For an ‘80s TV movie, this little title blew me away. This is the perfect example of a hidden gem, and just a real fun treat. There are some great supernatural elements here, but mostly it’s a good story, decent kills, and a “killer” looking scarecrow.
107. Revenge of the Living Dead Girls (Roku/NetFlix – 1987 – 76 Min – Color – France) IMDb *
This was an okay zombie film from France. There’s some cool visuals, interesting kills, and I love the zombie makeup. But the story is pretty flat, and the directing uninspired, so it rates as an average genre watch.
108. MST3K: Zombie Nightmare (Roku/NetFlix – 1987 – 92 Min – Color – Canada) IMDb *
"MST3K intro: Sector four clear. Platform secure for traveler. Proceed."
Wow, I didn’t realize that Jon Mikl Thor could actually act worse than he did in R ‘n R Nightmare, but here’s proof. This actually wasn’t the worse movie I’ve ever seen, but the MST3K version certainly helped.

October: 29
109. Day of the Dead (DVD – 1985 – 102 Min – Color) IMDb *
"Nothing, nothing at all!"
This is the only entry from the original trilogy I hadn’t seen before. I don’t know why there’s so much love for this, to me it seemed sort of drawn out and a little unnecessary at times. I loved the gore, and the near final scene with the salute was very cool. But over-all, this was a bit tedious and felt long as I was watching it. I think the pacing killed this for me more than anything else.
110. Repo! The Genetic Opera (BD – 2008 – 98 Min – Color) IMDb *
I finally got around to watching this, and absolutely loved it! Cast was perfect, the songs a lot of fun, and the gore was delightful. This is actually the only film this challenge to make me tear up…
And how cool is it that sweet Alexa Vega drops an f-bomb?

111. Evil Dead (DVD – 1981 – 85 Min – Color – w/ commentary) IMDb *
Bruce Campbell: “Evil Dead was not the original title…"
This is such a classic, but being that I’ve seen it so many times, I wanted to hear what Ash himself had to say. I’m pleased to report that he gives a very enlightening and entertaining commentary. I really enjoyed his insights and MST3K style comments. Highly recommend.
112. Monster Squad (DVD – 1987 – 82 Min – Color) IMDb - 31 Films Subset
"Three minutes. The girl. Now!"
Always a fun watch. I really like the club/tree house. My inner child is so jealous.
113. Hausu AKA House (BD – 1977 – 88 Min – Color – Japan) IMDb *
I had really high expectations for this; so many reviews had so much to say about it. I was looking to have my head twisted off by the craziness on screen. But this was not the case. It is a very good film, full of color and life and yes, craziness. The problem with my expectations and what I watched was that the entire film was equally crazy. The horror elements didn’t really stand out because they fit right in with the rest of the film. Great watch, though.

October: 30
114. Resident Evil: Afterlife (2D) (Cinema/35mm – 2010 – 97 Min – Color) IMDb -31 Films Subset *
"My name is Alice."
You can’t expect too much from the RE franchise except for mindless action and a lot of zombie killing. And that’s just what you get here. Unfortunately, this one is a little heavier on the mindlessness, and my least favorite of the series. But a fun watch, and that’s all I can really ask for.
115. La noche de Walpurgis AKA Werewolf Shadow (DVD – 1971 – 86 Min – Color – Spain/West Germany) IMDb *
"The inspector might have at least waited until the morning."
This was a decent addition to the werewolf cannon. Good story and some great visuals, nice ladies as well. Kind of a corny execution, but enjoyable none the less.
116. Shorts (92 Min TOTAL for the day)

(Shorts listed in the order they were watched)

Une nuit terrible (PC/YouTube – 1896 – 1 Min – B&W – France) IMDb *
That’s quite the spider problem you got there…
Le Diable Noir (PC/YouTube – 1905 – 4 Min – B&W – France) IMDb *
That’s quite the chair problem you got there…
Frankenstein (PC/YouTube – 1910 – 13 Min – B&W/Tinted) IMDb
Always a great watch. So creepy for the time it was made.
Les Pays Loins (DVD – 1965 – 17 Min – B&W – France) IMDb
I love Jean Rollin’s eye for framing and his knack for storytelling. Even when you have no idea what’s going on, it seems like you’ve experienced a grand story. My interpretation of this is pure horror. I’m sure everyone that watches will come away with something different.
Voodoun Blues (DVD – 2004 – 6 Min – B&W) IMDb
Misty Mundae and a topless sorceress. What more could you need?
Michael Jackson’s Thriller (DVD – 1983 – 14 Min – Color) IMDb
Such a great short.
Amante del vampiro, L' AKA The Vampire and the Ballerina (8mm – 1960 – 10 Min, edit from 85 Min feature – B&W – Italy/USA) IMDb
Wonderful visuals here. I really need to watch the entire film one day.
Castle Films: Creature from the Black Lagoon (16mm – 1954 – 8 Min, edit from 79 Min feature – B&W) IMDb
Creepy creature looks even scarier on “real” film.
Treevenge (LG/YouTube – 2008 – 16 Min – Color – Canada) IMDb *
The Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots (PC/YouTube – 1895 – 1 Min – B&W) IMDb
Still amazed at how well this looks considering when it was made.
Le chaudron infernal AKA The Infernal Boiling Pot (PC/YouTube – 1903 – 2 Min – B&W/Tinted – France) IMDb
Great use of coloring. Very imaginative, and not at all limited by the day’s technology.

117. TV (88 Min TOTAL for the day)

(TV shows listed in the order they were watched)

Modern Family: Halloween (Ep: 2x06) (HDTV/ABC – 2010 – 22 Min – Color) *
Nice cat.
Community: Epidemiology (Ep: 2x06) (HDTV/NBC – 2010 – 22 Min – Color) *
This is by far one of the best Halloween theme sitcoms I’ve ever seen. This one just gets crazy. Love the cute dinosaur.
The Office: Costume Contest (Ep: 7x06) (HDTV/NBC – 2010 – 22 Min – Color) *
I’m glad that Jim came around in the end.
Outsourced: Bolloween (Ep: 1x06) (HDTV/NBC – 2010 – 22 Min – Color) *
I really dislike this show. But that is a great spice rack…

October: 31
118. Night of the Demons (DVD – 1988 – 90 Min – Color) IMDb - 31 Films Subset *
"Trick or treat!"
Crazy party, cool house. Love the make-up and gore effects. And what the HECK was up with that ending?
119. House of Frankenstein (DVD – 1944 – 71 Min – Color) IMDb *
"Now, will you give me my chalk?"
This was a lot better than I was expecting it. I was pretty involved with the story, and I’m glad they kept the continuity from the last Wolf Man film. And as always, great visuals.
120. Return of Dracula (Roku/NetFlix – 1958 – 77 Min – Color) IMDb *
"It is a known fact that there existed in central Europe a Count Dracula."
What a cool idea. Take Dracula out of his home dwelling, and drop him right into the good 'ol U.S. of A. Kind of boring in execution, but it works for what it is.
121. Dr. Giggles (LD – 1992 – 95 Min – Color) IMDb
"We’ve negotiated the outer epidermis and the subcutaneous fat layer."
This really is a great, fun watch. It’s too bad that it is so underrated. I for one enjoy the heck out of it.
122. TV (94 Min TOTAL for the day)

(TV shows listed in the order they were watched)

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (HDTV/ABC – 1966 – 25 Min – Color) IMDb
Always a pleasure, Chuck.
Scared Shrekless (HDTV/NBC – 2010 – 22 Min – Color) *
Standard Shrek fair, which is fine by me.
Monsters vs Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space (HDTV/NBC – 2009 – 22 Min – Color) IMDb
You explode when you eat too much candy. Sucks to be a pumpkin!
Addams Family: Halloween – Addams Style (Ep: 2x07) (DVD – 1965 – 25 Min – B&W)
They do Halloween the best (and all year long).

123. The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (BD – 1970 – 98 Min – Color – Italy/West Germany) IMDb *
Here is an entry from the master of Giallo himself, Dario Argento. Lovely piece of filmmaking this is. This film is atmospheric, mysterious, tense, and visually arresting. What a way to begin.
124. The Midnight Hour (VHS – 1985 – 94 Min – Color) IMDb
"Lookout it’s the midnight hour, baby!"
I think this is my favorite Halloween special. I really look forward to putting it in the ‘ole VCR each year. This really needs a good special edition re-release.
125. Sleepy Hollow (HD DVD – 1999 – 105 Min – Color – USA/Germany) IMDb *
"Help here!"
This is one of the few Tim Burton films I hadn’t seen before. No good reason why, just never set aside the time to watch this. But it is great. The setting, the lush costumes, even the characters themselves are all a thrill to spend time with. I think it could have benefited with about 10 minutes less in runtime, and maybe lose the silly eyeball and tongue gags as well. But I enjoyed this a lot. Nice to get a new take on the Hollow legend.
126. Child’s Play (Roku/NetFlix – 1988 – 87 Min – Color) IMDb
"I got the strangler!"
Chucky is such a simple idea, but entirely effective as a horror subject. I think the original movie even holds up today, mainly due to the scare factor being simple and relatable. Toys aren’t supposed to attack you, just like parents are supposed to protect you (I’m looking at you, Flowers in the Attic). But the bigger question on my mind, whatever happened to all of those Good Guy dolls you see in the stores and commercial? I don’t care if they work or not. It’d be cool to have one. Preferably one not possessed.
127. Halloween (DVD – 1978 – 91 Min – Color – w/ commentary) IMDb *
John Carpenter: "Hi, I’m John Carpenter."
Well, you always have to watch this for Halloween, even if it’s late Halloween night. This is the first time I watched with commentary. There’s some good stuff in there, but the way it’s edited (the commentary) is a little off-putting. I like it better when everyone is live and watching together. But there are some entertaining moments, and the film is a classic no matter who talks. Great way to end.

(Foreign Language translations notated using Google Translate)



Total Watched = 127
Total Approx Min Watched = 11084
Total Approx Hrs Watched = 185
Total First Time Watches/Listens = 108 *

(BD) Blu-ray Disc = 10
HD DVD = 1
DVD = 48
(LD) LaserDisc = 1
VHS = 1
Cinema/35mm Film = 1
16mm Film = 1
8mm Film = 1
Roku/LG Streaming Device = 23
(PC) Personal Computer/Internet = 5
(PD) Personal Device/iPod Touch, Droid X, Zune = 29

* Shorts/TV counted as seperate first watches/formats per title

List Photo (1st Film Watched) = Death Proof
Total List Words/Code = 11,566
Approx Hours in List Edit Time = 82 **
Forecasted Years Institutionalized for Challenge Mental Damage = 2.1

** List stayed open during some watches


31 Films Subset:

-x- From Beyond (1986)
-x- Sisters (1973)
-x- The Cat and the Canary (1927)
-x- Horror Hotel (1960)
-x- Dead Snow (2009)
-x- It's Alive (1974)
-x- Octaman (1971)
-x- Salvage (2009)
-x- Black Rainbow (1989)
-x- City of the Living Dead (1980)
-x- The Blob (1988)
-x- Sheitan (2006)
-x- Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988)
-x- The Children (2008)
-x- Night of the Creeps (1986)
-x- Fear No Evil (1981)
-x- My Bloody Valentine (1981)
-x- Tourist Trap (1979)
-x- Smash Cut (2009)
-x- Fright Night (1985)
-x- The Seventh Victim (1943)
-x- Demons (1985)
-x- Ginger Snaps (2000)
-x- Flowers in the Attic (1987)
-x- Gojira (1954)
-x- The Devil's Backbone (2001)
-x- Splinter (2008)
-x- Dark Night of the Scarecrow (1981)
-x- The Monster Squad (1987)
-x- Theatrical Showing – Anything – Resident Evil: Afterlife – 2D (2010)
-x- Night of the Demons (1988)

Theme Nights:

I’ve listed only the first film watched that meets each theme (to the best of my knowledge) –

-x- Bloody Tea & Crumpets - Hammer / Amicus / Ealing – The Three Brother Meet Dracula
-x- Outback Chillers & Kiwi Killers - Australian / New Zealand – The Ruins
-x- Mother Nature Runs Amok! - Natural Horror Films – Alligator II
-x- An Excellent Day for an Exorcism - Possession / Satanic / Demonic – Horror Hotel
-x- Human. It's What's for Dinner – Cannibalism – Snake People
-x- The Freaks Come Out at Night – Mutants – It’s Alive
-x- Killer Grannies & Saggy Mammaries - Psycho-biddy (Hagsploitation) – What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
-x- Fava Beans & Chianti Mindf#$ks - Psychological Horror – The Uninvited
-x- A Dish Best Served with Bloody Mayhem - Rape & Revenge – Last House on the Left
-x- They're Coming to Get You, Barbara! - Zombie Films – White Zombie
-x- Welcome to Virginityville - Population: 0 - Teen Screams – The Craft
-x- Get the Hell Off Jethro's Property! - Backwoods Horror – Sheitan
-x- Reading is Fundamentally Dead - Films Based on Horror Novels – Hellraiser II
-x- Schedule a Play Date with Damien - Creepy Kids – The Children
-x- Fermented for Your Approval - Cheesy '80s Horror – Night of the Creeps
-x- The Newly Expanded Asian Buffet of Terrors! - Korean / Thai / J-Horror / Indian / Chinese / Philippine / Indonesian – Meatball Machine
-x- It Slices, Dices & Guts You Like a Fish - Slashers / Giallos / Serial Killers – My Bloody Valentine (1981)
-x- Nevermore Frightening - Cinema Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe – The Raven (1963)
-x- Ooh! Scary, eh? - Canadian Horror Films – Smash Cut
-x- A Reel Cinematic Suckfest! - Vampire Films – Fright Night
-x- Once, Twice, Three Times the Lacerations - Horror Anthologies – Creepshow
-x- Passport to Sheer Terror! - BFI's 100 European Horror Films – Kill, Baby…Kill!
-x- Full Moon Madness! – Werewolves – The Wolf Man (1941)
-x- Condemned to VHS Hell! - Video Nasties – The Toolbox Murders
-x- Giant Monkeys & Radioactive Lizards - Creature Features – Gojira
-x- ¡Mierda Espantosa! - Spanish Horror Films – The Devil’s Backbone
-x- Supercharged Zombie Go Boom! - Action Horror – Splinter
-x- They're Still Here - Supernatural / Haunted House / GhostDark Night of the Scarecrow
-x- It's Pronounced "Fronkensteen" - Comedy Horror Films – Monster Squad
-x- Death by Caffeine on Devil's Night - Mass Marathon of the Damned – (Shorts Marathon)
-x- I'm Crazy Blu-ray Face! Give Me Some Candy! - Halloween Related – Night of the Demons

Expanded Checklist:

I’ve listed only the first film watched that meets each category (to the best of my knowledge) –

Watch one film from every decade of film history.
-x- 1890 – Une nuit terrible (1896)
-x- 1900 – Le Diable Noir (1905)
-x- 1910 – Frankenstein (1910)
-x- 1920 – The Cat and the Canary (1927)
-x- 1930 – The Ghoul (1933)
-x- 1940 – The Wolf Man (1941)
-x- 1950 – The Crawling Eye (1958)
-x- 1960 – Horror Hotel (1960)
-x- 1970 – The Seven Brothers Meet Dracula (1974)
-x- 1980 – Happy Birthday to Me (1981)
-x- 1990 – The Faculty (1998)
-x- 2000 – Death Proof (2007)
-x- 2010 – A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

Watch a film for each rating:
-x- Unrated (pre-MPAA) – The Crawling Eye
-x- G – The Devil's Bride
-x- PG – It’s Alive
-x- PG-13 – Alligator II: The Mutation
-x- R – The Faculty
-x- NC-17 – Evil Dead
-x- X (original or final) – Succubus
-x- Unrated (post-MPAA) – The Ruins

Watch films in at least three formats (DVD, BD, HD DVD, Laserdisc, TV, online, UMD, theater, iPod, etc).
-x- First format – DVD – Death Proof
-x- Second format – BD – The Ruins
-x- Third format – HDTV – Psychomania

Watch a film starring:
-x- Basil Rathbone -or- Glenn StrangeHouse of Frankenstein
-x- John Saxon -or- Danny Trejo – War Wolves
-x- Paul Naschy -or- José "Coffin Joe" Marins – Werewolf Shadow
-x- Donald Pleasence -or- John CarradineHouse of Frankenstein
-x- Clint Howard -or- Michael BerrymanSmash Cut
-x- Bill Moseley -or- Keith David – The Blob (1988)
-x- Dick Miller -or- David Warner – Night of the Creeps
-x- Udo Kier -or- Barbara Steele – Masters of Horror: Cigarette Burns
-x- Tony Todd -or- Brad DourifChild’s Play
-x- Linnea Quigley -or- Debbie Rochon – Night of the Demons

Watch films in at least two languages other than English.
-x- First language – Norwegian – Død snø AKA Dead Snow
-x- Second language – French – Sheitan

Watch a film in each of the following subgenres/types:
-x- Vampire – Vampire Circus
-x- Frankenstein – Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man
-x- Werewolf – Werewolf of London
-x- Mummy – Blood From the Mummy’s Tomb
-x- Ghost/haunting – Thir13en Ghosts
-x- Witchcraft/satanic/religious – The House of the Devil
-x- Zombie – Zombi 3
-x- Slasher/psycho/homicidal maniac – I Know What You Did Last Summer
-x- Monster/creature feature/Godzilla – Gojira
-x- Documentary – His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th
-x- Musical – Repo! The Genetic Opera
-x- Spoof/comedy – Night of the Creeps
-x- Revenge – The Last House on the Left
-x- Killer/evil doll – Child’s Play
-x- Killer/evil animal – Alligator II
-x- Killer/evil child – The Children
-x- Giallo – The Bird with the Crystal Plumage
-x- J horror – Meatball Machine
-x- MST3K/rifftrax/CT – MST3K: Zombie Nightmare
-x- film and its remake – My Bloody Valentine (1981/2009)
-x- based on a novel / “Jewel of the Seven Stars” – Blood From the Mummy’s Tomb
-x- directed by Fred Olen Ray or Frank Henenlotter or Ti WestThe House of the Devil
-x- won an Academy Award – Best Costume Design, B&W – What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
-x- silent film – Cat and the Canary
-x- Criterion version film – Sisters
-x- with commentary – Last House on the Left
-x- film and at least two of its sequels – It’s Alive plus sequels
-x- anthology film – After Midnight
-x- appears on video nasties list – The Last House on the Left
-x- hosted by Elvira – The Werewolf of Washington
-x- takes place on a holiday (Valentine’s Day) – My Bloody Valentine (1981)
-x- takes place in space – Planet of the Vampires
-x- takes place on or under the sea – It Came From Beneath the Sea
-x- animated film – It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
-x- called "Day of ..." – Day of the Dead
-x- called "Night of ..." – Night of the Creeps
-x- called "Return of ..." – Return of Dracula
-x- called "Revenge of ..." – Revenge of the Living Dead Girls
-x- called "Attack of ..." – Attack of the Puppet People
-x- with the words "Living Dead" in the title – City of the Living Dead


This was a great Challenge this year. I had a lot of fun, and I met all of my goals (and exceeded most). I really wanted to break 100 this year, but I also ended up with some bonuses:

• Total over 100 watches
• Completed all 3 “Checklists”
• Watched each 31 Films Subset on the specified day (I think this was the most difficult)
• Watched on 12 formats (some lumped together as the same, i.e. personal devices)
• More than half of my watches were first time views

It seems that everyone got along quite well this year, which I believe the Challenge benefited from. It’s never any fun when the threads get uncomfortable to read.

I also really enjoyed the 31 Films Subset this year (well, except for Fear No Evil). Some stand-outs for me:

The Children
Dark Night of the Scarecrow

And other than the 31 Films, one of my favs this year was Repo! The Genetic Opera. I don’t know why I waited so long to watch it, but it was so good, and even made me tear up at the end. I also enjoyed my first viewing of Carnival of Souls. Souls is such a terrific visual and atmospheric feast. These were two big plusses for me.

Special mention also goes to The House of the Devil which was something very special all on its own. Nearly perfect in every way.

So, many thanks to Chad for the hard work, and Trevor for the constant oversight.

Thanks also to my wife, whose love for horror even surpasses my own, and makes the Challenge that much more fun. And of course thanks to all of you participants and lurkers and anyone that loves horror, even if it’s just for once a year. Good time, lots of fun.

And whatever you do…
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