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Re: The 13th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Threa

13th October Horror Movie Challenge

Total: 31

Oct. 1

1. Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead -Alex thinks I'm a slut. Do you think I'm a slut?

Oct. 2

2. V/H/S 2 -Come taste the flesh of our slaughtered beast, earth creature.

2.25. The Twilight Zone: Mr. Denton on Doomsday (S1E3) - Mr. Henry Fate, dealer in utensils and pots and pans, liniments and potions. A fanciful little man in a black, frock coat, who can help a man climbing out of a pit - or another man from falling into one. Because, you see, Fate can work that way - in The Twilight Zone.

2.50. The Twilight Zone: Elegy (S1E20) - The time is the day after tomorrow. The place: a far corner of the universe. The cast of characters: three men, lost amongst the stars, three men sharing the common urgency of all men lost - they're looking for home. And in a moment, they'll find home, not a home that is a place to be seen but a strange, unexplainable experience to be felt.

Oct. 4

3.50. 13 Demons - This is not a game!

3.75. The Twilight Zone: The Last Flight (S1E18) - Witness Flight Lieutenant William Terrance Decker, Royal Flying Corps, returning from a patrol somewhere over France. The year is 1917. The problem is that the Lieutenant is hopelessly lost. Lieutenant Decker will soon discover that a man can be lost not only in terms of maps and miles, but also in time - and time in this case can be measured in eternities.

4. The Twilight Zone: The Mind and The Matter (S2E27) - A brief, if frenetic, introduction to Mr. Archibald Beechcroft, a child of the twentieth century, a product of the population explosion, and one of the inheritors of the legacy of progress. Mr. Beechcroft, again. This time, act two of his daily battle for survival. And in just a moment, our hero will begin his personal one-man rebellion against the mechanics of his age, and to do so he will enlist certain aids available only - in The Twilight Zone.

4.25. The Twilight Zone: A Game of Pool (S3E5) - Jesse Cardiff, pool shark. The best on Randolph Street, who will soon learn that trying to be the best at anything carries its own special risks in or out - of The Twilight Zone.

Oct. 5

4.50. The Twilight Zone: Nightmare at 20,000 Feet (S5E3) - Mr. Robert Wilson is a frightened man. He's just been discharged from a sanitarium where he spent six months recovering from a nervous breakdown—a breakdown that occurred during a night flight on a plane very much like the one he has just boarded. Looking out the airplane window, Wilson suddenly sees a bulky, furry creature land on the wing.

4.75. The Twilight Zone: The Lonely (S1E7) - For inmate James A. Corry, solitary confinement means life on an asteroid nine million miles from Earth. Corry craves human contact —so much so that he counts the minutes until a roving ship makes its annual drop-off of provisions. Corry may well be the loneliest man in the universe. But all of that is about to change. Because the supply ship is on its way, this time carrying a special package for Corry that will help him to forget his problems...and present him with a whole new dilemma.

Oct. 6

5. The Twilight Zone: And When the Sky Opened (S1E11) - Her name: X-20. Her type: an experimental interceptor. Recent history: a crash landing in the Mojave Desert after a thirty-one hour flight nine hundred miles into space. Incidental data: the ship, with the men who flew her, disappeared from the radar screen for twenty-four hours. But the shrouds that cover mysteries are not always made out of a tarpaulin, as this man will soon find out on the other side of a hospital door.

5.25. The Twilight Zone: Time Enough at Last (S1E8) - Henry Bemis, a bookish little man with thick horn-rimmed glasses wants only one thing out of life; the time to read. Reading is his only passion in an otherwise mundane existence...yet, it's almost an impossibility due to a shrewish wife who deems reading silly...a boss at the bank who's interested in efficiency not education...and the unrelenting hands of the clock. Now all that is about to change. As he does everyday, Bemis sneaks down to the vault to read during his lunch hour, but today when he emerges from his private sanctuary, he will enter a new world. A world that might or might not fulfill his life-long dream.

5.50. The Twilight Zone: Where is Everybody (S1E1) - Mike Ferris finds himself walking into a town utterly devoid of people, with no memory of who he is or how he got there, the only clue to his identity being the Air Force jumpsuit he's wearing. Thus began the first episode of The Twilight Zone, the pilot, the half-hour that sold the series.

Oct. 7

5.75. The Twilight Zone: One for the Angels (S1E2) - Street scene: Summer. The present. Man on a sidewalk named Lou Bookman, age sixtyish. Occupation: pitchman. Lou Bookman, a fixture of the summer, a rather minor component to a hot July, a nondescript, commonplace little man whose life is a treadmill built out of sidewalks. And in just a moment, Lou Bookman will have to concern himself with survival – because as of three o'clock this hot July afternoon, he'll be stalked by Mr. Death.

6.75. Ulli Lommel's Zodiac Killer - Lets go Mel, I want to bang a bunch of strippers.

7.00. The Twilight Zone: The Big Tall Wish (S1E27) - In this corner of the universe, a prizefighter named Bolie Jackson, one-hundred and eighty-three pounds and an hour and a half away from a comeback at St. Nick's Arena. Mr. Bolie Jackson, who, by the standards of his profession is an aging, over-the-hill relic of what was, and who now sees a reflection of a man who has left too many pieces of his youth in too many stadiums for too many years before too many screaming people. Mr. Bolie Jackson, who might do well to look for some gentle magic in the hard-surfaced glass that stares back at him.

7.25. The Twilight Zone: A Nice Place to Visit (S1E28) - Portrait of a man at work, the only work he's ever done, the only work he knows. His name is Henry Francis Valentine, but he calls himself Rocky, because that's the way his life has been- rocky and perilous and uphill at a dead run all the way. He's tired now, tired of running or wanting, of waiting for the breaks that come to others, but never to him, never to Rocky Valentine. A scared, angry little man. He thinks it's all over now, but he's wrong. For Rocky Valentine, it's just the beginning.

7.50 The Twilight Zone: Nightmare as a Child (S1E29) - Month of November, hot chocolate, and a small cameo of a child's face, imperfect only in its solemnity. And these are the improbable ingredients to a human emotion, an emotion, say, like - fear. But in a moment this woman, Helen Foley, will realize fear. She will understand what are the properties of terror. A little girl will lead her by the hand and walk with her into a nightmare.

7.75. The Twilight Zone: A Stop of Willoughby (S1E30) - This is Gart Williams, age thirty-eight, a man protected by a suit of armor, all held together by one bolt. Just a moment ago, someone removed the bolt, and Mr. Williams' protection fell away from him and left him a naked target. He's been cannonaded this afternoon by all the enemies of his life. His insecurity has shelled him, his sensitivity has straddled him with humiliation, his deep-rooted disquiet about his own worth has zeroed in on him, landed on target, and blown him apart. Mr. Gart Williams, ad agency exec, who, in just a moment, will move into the Twilight Zone - in a desperate search for survival.

Oct. 8

8. The Twilight Zone: A Passage for Trumpet (S1E32) - Joey Crown, musician with an odd, intense face, whose life is a quest for impossible things like flowers in concrete, or like trying to pluck a note of music out of the air and put it under a glass to treasure...

8.25. The Twilight Zone: The Fever (S1E17) - Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Gibbs, 3 days and 2 nights, all expenses paid, at a Las Vegas hotel, won by virtue of Mrs. Gibbs' knack with a phrase. But unbeknownst to either Mr. or Mrs. Gibbs is the fact that there's a prize in their package neither expected nor bargained for. In just a moment, one of them will succumb to an illness worse than any virus can produce, a most inoperative, deadly, life-shattering affliction known as the fever

Oct. 9

8.50. The Twilight Zone: One For The Angels (S1E2) - Lew Bookman (Ed Wynn) is an unremarkable, sixtyish salesman who works the city streets. Life passes without incident, until one July afternoon when Mr. Death informs him that he is to die at midnight. Faced with the problem of finding a replacement for his elusive subject, Death arranges for little Maggie, a neighborhood child, to die in a traffic accident. Bookman, now determined to save the girl, has no choice but to confront Mr. Death and deliver the toughest sales pitch of his career

8.75. The Twilight Zone: The Chaser (S1E31) - Mr. Roger Shackleforth: Age: youthful twenties. Occupation: being in love. Not just in love, but madly, passionately, illogically, miserably, all-consumingly in love with a young woman named Leila who has a vague recollection of his face and even less than a passing interest. In a moment you will see a switch; because Mr. Shackleforth, a young gentleman so much in love, will take a short but very meaningful journey into the Twilight Zone.

9.00. The Twilight Zone: Mr. Beavis (S1E33) - In the parlance of the twentieth century, this is an oddball. His name is James B. W. Bevis, and his tastes lean toward stuffed animals, zither music, professional football, Charles Dickens, moose heads, carnivals, dogs, children, and young ladies. Mr. Bevis is accident prone, a little vague, a little discombobulated, with a life that possesses all the security of a floating crap game. But this can be said of our Mr. Bevis: without him, without his warmth, without his kindness, the world would be a considerably poorer place, albeit perhaps a little saner. Should it not be obvious by now, James B. W. Bevis is a fixture in his own private, optimistic, hopeful little world, a world which has long ceased being surprised by him. James B. W. Bevis, on whom Dame Fortune will shortly turn her back, but not before she gives him a paste in the mouth. Mr. James B. W. Bevis, just one block away from The Twilight Zone.

9.25. The Twilight Zone: A World of His Own (S1E36) - Victoria West is dumbfounded when she looks in the window of her husband's study and sees him with a pretty blonde. But she's even more shocked when she barges in and finds him utterly alone! Playwright Gregory West calmly explains that all he need do is describe anything into his dictaphone and —poof!—it magically appears. To make it vanish, he just throws the tape in the fire. He demonstrates both actions, first with his mistress and then—when Victoria tries to run off—with a full-grown elephant in the hallway. Unfortunately, Victoria's still not convinced of her husband's supernatural powers. It seems Gregory's going to have to teach her a lesson...

10.25. It Follows - It could look like someone you know or it could be a stranger in a crowd. Whatever helps it get close to you.

11.25. Backcountry - We're not gonna see anything bigger than a chipmunk!

11.50. The Twilight Zone: Shadow Play (S2E26) - Adam Grant is convicted of murder and sentenced to die in the electric chair. Every night, he wakes up screaming, drenched in a cold sweat. Quaking with fear, he is like all other criminals meted out the same fate. Except what he fears is worse than prison, worse than death. He fears that he is living a nightmare -an actual dream! And if he dies now, the world will disappear with him...into The Twilight Zone.

11.75. The Twilight Zone: The Obsolete Man (S2E29) - You walk into this room at your own risk, because it leads to the future, not a future that will be but one that might be. This is not a new world, it is simply an extension of what began in the old one. It has patterned itself after every dictator who has ever planted the ripping imprint of a boot on the pages of history since the beginning of time. It has refinements, technological advances, and a more sophisticated approach to the destruction of human freedom. But like every one of the super states that preceded it, it has one iron rule: logic is an enemy and truth is a menace. This is Mr. Romney Wordsworth, in his last forty-eight hours on Earth. He's a citizen of the State but will soon have to be eliminated, because he is built out of flesh and because he has a mind. Mr. Romney Wordsworth, who will draw his last breaths in the Twilight Zone.

Oct. 10

12.75. Would You Rather - So, Cal, would you rather electricute yourself or would you rather electricute Amy? The blue button is for you. Press the red button if you want to zap Amy. You have fifteen seconds to decide beginning... now!

13. The Twilight Zone: Once Upon a Time (S3E13) - Mr. Mulligan, a rather dour critic of his times, is shortly to discover the import of that old phrase, 'Out of the frying pan, into the fire' - said fire burning brightly at all times - in The Twilight Zone.

13.25. The Twilight Zone: Kick the Can (S3E21) - Charles Whitley, a resident at Sunnydale Rest Home, becomes obsessed that the secret of eternal youth lies in acting young. A romp through the sprinklers only lands him in isolation. But Whitley is sure that if he can play a game of kick-the-can, he will regain his lost youth. Only problem is, he can't play it alone—he needs the other old people to join him—and his best friend, sour Ben Conroy, is dead set against such a notion, certain Charley is going senile. [/I]

14.25. They Look Like People - I don't believe what you believe but I know you believe it. So just be honest with me, and you have to promise me not to kill anyone, okay?

Oct. 11

15.25. Stake land 2 - The call him Mister.

Oct. 12

15.50. The Twilight Zone: To Serve Man (S3E24) - Headlines around the world blare the news. Aliens have finally found us. Weighing in at 350 lbs. each, the Kanamits are an impressive breed. Standing a little over nine feet tall, they dazzle the world with polished rhetoric and winning promises that would make a politician's head spin. With their superior technology, they teach man how to end famine, harness energy and lay down their guns. The title of a Kanamit book left at the UN seems to say it all—translated it reads: "To Serve Man." While decoding experts struggle to decipher the rest of the book, thousands, including head cryptographer Michael Chambers, book passage to the Kanamits' home planet. By the time his assistant translates the book, it's too late...because Michael Chambers and thousands more like him have just bought a one-way ticket into The Twilight Zone!.

15.75. The Twilight Zone: Stopover in a Quiet Town (S5E30) - Bob and Millie Frazier, average young New Yorkers who attended a party in the country last night and on the way home took a detour. Most of us on waking in the morning know exactly where we are; the rooster or the alarm clock brings us out of sleep into the familiar sights, sounds, aromas of home and the comfort of a routine day ahead. Not so with our young friends. This will be a day like none they've ever spent - and they'll spend it in the Twilight Zone.

Oct. 16

16.75. Cube - I'm not dying in a fucking rat maze!

17.75. Tales of Halloween - When you least expect it she's going to take your eyes.

Oct. 17

18.00. Tales from the Crypt: The Man Who Was Death (S1E1) - Aww, poor little fellas. When I think of their childhood, all those cute little maggots hahahahaha. Our story is about a man with nobler ambitions. He likes to kill human pests and he does it in front of an audience. Now that's entertainment hahahaha. So hang onto your hats kiddies, this one's a real shocker.

18.25. Tales from the Crypt: And All Through the House (S1E2) - Ho ho ho kiddies. Just your old pal The Cryptkeeper having a little fun. Why else would I be in this get up? Unless there was a clause in my contract. In fact I've got some Christmas goose for you, goosebumps that is. Yes indeed. A little terror chocked full of holiday fear. I mean cheer of course. So, get a gander in a yep yarn, that goes a little something like this. "'Twas the night before Christmas. And All through The House.

19.25. Zombi 2

19.50. Tales of Darkness - Trick or Treat: And All Through the House (Pilot) - My Timmy's gonna find what he's looking for tonight, yes sir. I've toughened him up with me strap, I've toughened him up enough to beat you at your game, yes sir. Tomorrow morning the Muldoons is gonna be out of debt for the first time in history.

Oct. 18

20.50. The Axe Murders of Villisca - Life is about the choices we make and we have to do our best to make the good ones, otherwise we get stuck living in the bad ones.

21.50. The Babadook - You can't get rid of the Babadook.

Oct. 23

22.50. Saw 2 - Greetings... and welcome. I trust that you are all wondering where you are. I can assure you that while your location is not important, what these walls offer for your IS important... salvation, if you earn it. 3 hours from now the door to this house will open. Unfortunately, you only have 2 hours to live. Right now, you are breathing in a deadly nerve agent. You've been breathing it since you've arrived here. Those of you familiar with the Tokyo subway attacks will know its devastating effects on the human body. The only way to overcome it and walk out that door is to find an antidote. Several are hidden around this house. One is inside the safe in front of you. You all posess the combination to the safe. Think hard... the numbers are in the back of your mind. The clue to their order can be found "over the rainbow". Once you realize what you all have in common, you will gain a better understanding of why you're here. X marks the spot for that clue, so look carefully. Let the game begin.

Oct. 24

23.50. Happy Death Day - Who takes their date to Subway? Besides, it's not like you have a footlong.

Oct. 25

24. Stranger Things - Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers (S1E1) - Mornings are for coffee and contemplation.

24.50. Stranger Things - Chapter Two: The Weirdo on Maple Street (S1E2) - I think it’s cool; it’s like a superpower, like Mr Fantastic.

25.50. Stranger Things - Chapter Three: Holly, Jolly (S1E3) - Why do we even need weapons anyway. We have her.

Oct. 26

26. Stranger Things - Chapter Four: The Body (S1E4) - Wow, she looks...

26.50. Stranger Things - Chapter Five: The Flea and the Acrobat (S1E5) - Do you really want to fight the demogorgen with your wrist rocket? That’s like R2-D2 fighting Darth Vader.

27. Stranger Things - Chapter Six: The Monster (S1E6) - I’m the monster.

27.50. Stranger Things - Chapter Seven: The Bathtub (S1E7) - My God, is she Russian?

Oct. 28

28. Stranger Things - Chapter Eight: The Upside Down (S1E8) - Six. Six people have been taken this week. This thing that took your son… We don’t really understand it. But it’s behavior is predictable. Like all animals, it eats. It will take more sons. More daughters. I want to save them. I want to save your son. But I can’t do that. Not without your help

Oct. 29

28.50. Stranger Things - Chapter One: MADMAX (S2E1)- I'm talking a full on Russian invasion right here in Hawkins!

Oct. 30

29. Stranger Things - Chapter Two: Trick or Treat, Freak (S2E2) - This is not a normal family

30. ThanksKilling - Nice T*ts, B*tch!

Oct. 31

31. Jigsaw - No, that's not creepy at all

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