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Re: The 13th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Threa

No goal, watchlist or checklist-following this year.

- All first time viewings, unless indicated by a *.
- I'm on iCM:

2010: 28
2011: 176
2012: 306
2013: 182
2014: 158
2015: 144
2016: 43 (dropped out)

September 30
# The Birch (2013) 5/10
Review/comments: Basic in story and execution. Build-up was slow and pay-off was pointless. Not scary or interesting. 4 mins
# Le diable noir (1905) 7/10
Review/comments: 'Horror' is pushing it, but I found it just plain enjoyable. It was fun and the effects were pretty great. 4 mins
# Zombinladen: The Axis of Evil Dead (2011) 7/10
Review/comments: This was stupidly funny. The first minute or so I found really funny, and after that it was ok. The political and Osama references weren't funny at all. 4 mins
# The Event (2012) 7/10
Review/comments: Really liked the animation and the bleak and depressing feeling. The dialogue was a bit lame sometimes and I felt the story needed a little more clarity. 4 mins
# The Haunted Hotel (1907) 5/10
Review/comments: Strange watching this and Melies' film from the same year so close together, because this seemed so plain and dull in comparison. 5 mins
# Thunder (1982) 6/10
Review/comments: The point of it completely eluded me, but it was still oddly entertaining at times. Reading an analysis of it made it seem even more pointless. 5 mins

October 1
1. Mr. Jones (2013) 5/10
Review/comments: Took itself too seriously and had too many plot holes and dumb character behaviour. It didn't seem to know what kind of film it was and broke too many found footage rules that made it lose credibility and immersion.

October 4
2. Chinjeolhan geumjassi (2005) 5/10
Review/comments: Messy plot, messy characters, messy film.

October 5
3. Grave (2016) 8/10
Review/comments: Amazing performances and character development. Cinematography and sound design very impressive too.
4. Don't Kill It (2016) 6/10
Review/comments: Ok fun, but humour often falls flat and is only saved by some funny lines and fun killing scenes.

October 6
5. February (2015) 5/10
Review/comments: Great performance by the lead, but the story was convoluted and messy, making it seem pointless.
6. The Invisible Ray (1936) 4/10
Review/comments: Didn't understand what the title had to do with anything in the film. The story was pretty dumb and it pretty much played like a typical 30s horror/sci-fi film.

October 7
7. It (2017) 6/10
Review/comments: Great child actors and drama stuff, but Pennywise was awful and none of the horror scenes were scary because he just seemed like a retarded clown.

October 9
8. Freaks of Nature (2015) 6/10
Review/comments: This was a really hit and miss horror comedy. Some of it was quite funny, but some stuff was painful ('brains' ugh).

October 10
9. Grace (2014) 4/10
Review/comments: Interesting style choice, but the character wasn't.

October 13
10. A Cure for Wellness (2016) 6/10
Review/comments: Looked good and Dane DeHaan is good, but the story was told in the most awful and stupid way. The major twist was something I thought was a minor plot point but it turned out we weren't supposed to know yet :/

October 17
11. Right at Your Door (2006) 6/10
Review/comments: Great until the wife turns up. The neighbour guy was pretty bad too. I liked that it stayed away from the real action and just inside. The wife was completely crazy and strange and the film really struggled in the middle. The ending was ok but it was too late.

October 21
12. Apocalyptic (2014) 4/10
Review/comments: Seemed to take itself too seriously and the production value wasn't really there which was too distracting. The characters were stupid and the cult and the prophecy were never really interesting. Has been done better before.
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