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Re: The 13th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Threa

F = First Time Viewing
S = Subset Film
T = Daily Theme
---100 movies
---Finish checklist, themes, and subset films
---Actually finalize list at the end
September 30
October 1
2Silver Bullet1985imdb
3Gerald's Game2017imdb
5The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 21986imdb
6I'm Dangerous Tonight1990imdb
October 2
8Little Evil2017imdb
9The Shallows2016imdb
October 3
10The Final Terror1983imdb
11Child's Play1988imdb
12Child's Play 21990imdb
13Child's Play 31991imdb
October 4
16Mad Monster Party?1967imdb
17Night Gallery: The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes... (S02E01)1971imdb
-Night Gallery: Death in the Family... (S02E02)1971imdb
18Over the Garden Wall2014imdb
October 5
20The Boy Who Cried Werewolf1973imdb
21Bad Moon1996imdb
22The Beast Within1982imdb
October 6
24Mermaid Chronicles Part 1: She Creature2001imdb
25The Bye Bye Man2017imdb
26Snow White: A Tale of Terror1997imdb
October 7
29The Void2016imdb
30The Gate1987imdb
31Get Out2017imdb
October 8
32Train to Busan2016imdb
33Blair Witch2016imdb
34Bride of Chucky1998imdb
35Seed of Chucky2004imdb
36Curse of Chucky2013imdb
37The Exorcist: Janus (S02E01)2017imdb
-The Exorcist: Safe as Houses (S02E02)2017imdb
38Don't Breathe2016imdb
39A Stranger Is Watching1982imdb
October 9
42The Love Witch2016imdb
October 10
44MST3K: The Return: Yongary1967/2017imdb
45Highway to Hell1991imdb
October 11
46Channel Zero: This Isn't Real (S02E01)2017imdb
-Van Helsing: Began Again (S02E01)2017imdb
47Ghost Wars: Death's Door (S01E01)2017imdb
-Ghosted: Pilot (S01E01)2017imdb
-Ghosted: Bee-Mo (S01E02)2017imdb
48The Screaming Skull1958imdb
49Night Monster1942imdb
October 12
50The Mummy2017imdb
51Wolf Lake: Unaired Pilot (S01E00)2001imdb
-Wolf Lake: Meat the Parents (S01E01)2001imdb
52Wolf Lake: The Changing (S01E02)2001imdb
-Wolf Lake: Soup to Nuts (S01E03)2001imdb
53Bubba Ho-Tep (w/commentary)2002imdb
54The Mummy's Ghost1944imdb
October 13
55The Black Cat1934imdb
56Mirror Mirror1990imdb
57Friday the 13th2009imdb
58Friday the 13th Part 21981imdb
59Friday the 13th Part III1982imdb
60Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter1984imdb
October 14
61One Dark Night1982imdb
62Cult of Chucky2017imdb
63Saturday the 14th1981imdb
64The Curse1987imdb
67The Video Dead1987imdb
68The Babysitter2017imdb
69A Dark Song2016imdb
October 15
70Tales of Halloween2015imdb
71Grim Prairie Tales: Hit the Trail… to Terror1990imdb
72The Vault of Horror1973imdb
74Dead Awake2016imdb
75Stranger Things: The Vanishing of Will Byers (S01E01)2016imdb
-Stranger Things: The Weirdo on Maple Street (S01E02)2016imdb
76Stranger Things: Holly, Jolly (S01E03)2016imdb
-Stranger Things: The Body (S01E04)2016imdb
77The Devil's Candy2015imdb
October 16
78Amityville: The Awakening2017imdb
79Halloween II2009imdb

---Select 10 actors
---Kevin Bacon
---Tobin Bell
---Michael Biehn
---Doug Bradley
---Veronica Cartwright
---Peter Cushing
-✓-Jocelin DonahueDead Awake
-✓-Brad DourifChild's Play
-✓-Ethan EmbryThe Devil's Candy
-✓-Boris KarloffThe Black Cat
-✓-Brea GrantHalloween II
---Kane Hodder
---Elizabeth Kaitan
-✓-Bela LugosiNight Monster
---Christopher Lee
---Rose McGowan
---R.A. Mihailoff
---Dina Meyer
-✓-Meg TillyOne Dark Night
-✓-Mary Elizabeth WinsteadWolf Lake
-✓-Select 5 recently deceased actors, directors, etc.
---Don Calfa
-✓-John VulichThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
---Ted V. Mikels
---John Zacherle
-✓-William Peter BlattyThe Exorcist (TV)
---Carrie Fisher
---Miguel Ferrer
---John Hurt
---Bill Paxton
---Robert Day
---Alessandro Alessandroni
---Michael Parks
-✓-Adam WestOne Dark Night
---George A. Romero
-✓-John HeardC.H.U.D.
---Sam Shepard
---Robert Hardy
---Haruo Nakajima
---Sonny Landham
---Jay Thomas
-✓-Tobe HooperI'm Dangerous Tonight
---Martin Landau
---Harry Dean Stanton
---Bernie Casey
---Hugh Hefner
-✓-Select 2 film composers
---Antón García Abril
---John Carpenter
-✓-Daniel LichtBad Moon
-✓-Harry ManfrediniFriday the 13th Part 2
-✓-Select 5 directors
---Dario Argento
-✓-Don CoscarelliBubba Ho-Tep
---David DeCoteau
-✓-Mike FlanaganGerald's Game
-✓-Tom HollandChild's Play
---Mary Lambert
---Jean Rollin
-✓-Steve MinerFriday the 13th Part 2
---James Wan
-✓-Adam WingardBlair Witch
-✓-Select 2 makeup effects artists
-✓-Patrick BaxterThe Void
-✓-Jason CollinsBubba Ho-Tep
---Mark Shostrom
---Bud Westmore
-✓-Select 2 producers
-✓-Bradley FullerFriday the 13th
-✓-Dino De LaurentiisSilver Bullet
-✓-Roy LeeIt
---Lloyd Kaufman
---Select 2 writers
---Jaume Balagueró
---Robert Bloch
---Jack Ketchum
-✓-H.P. LovecraftThe Curse
-✓-Select 30 sub-genres/types
-✓-3-D FilmFriday the 13th Part III
-✓-Anthology FilmTales of Halloween
---Appears on BFI's 100 European Horror Films List
---Appears on Video Nasties List
-✓-Based on a True StoryAmityville: The Awakening
-✓-Based on a NovelHideaway
---Cinema Inspired By: Edgar Allan Poe
-✓-Cinematic Titanic/Horror Host/MST3K/RiffTraxYongary
-✓-Classic Universal Monsters MovieThe Mummy's Ghost
-✓-Comedy/SpoofLittle Evil
-✓-Criterion/Masters of CinemaCronos
-✓-Death By: FireBride of Chucky
---Distributor/Studio: Vinegar Syndrome
-✓-Extraterrestrial/Takes Place in SpaceTerrorVision
-✓-Film From Someone Else's List You've Never SeenThe Devil's Candy
-✓-Film From TCM's October ScheduleThe Black Cat
---From a Basis Gogos Painting
-✓-Found FootageBlair Witch
-✓-K-HorrorTrain to Busan
---Killer/Evil Animal
-✓-Killer/Evil ChildLittle Evil
-✓-Killer/Evil DollChild's Play
-✓-Made-for-TV MovieI'm Dangerous Tonight
-✓-Monster/Creature Feature/GodzillaYongary
-✓-MummyThe Mummy
---Musical/Rock 'n' Roll Horror
---Nation of Origin: China
-✓-PsychologicalGerald's Game
-✓-Slasher/Psycho/Homicidal ManiacThe Final Terror
-✓-Takes Place on a HolidayHolidays
-✓-Takes Place on/under the SeaThe Shallows
-✓-Three Installments in a FranchiseChild's Play
-✓-WerewolfBad Moon
-✓-Witchcraft/Satanic/ReligiousThe Love Witch
-✓-With CommentaryBubba Ho-Tep
-✓-With Two or More Horror LegendsThe Black Cat
-✓-ZombieTrain to Busan
-✓-Watch 1 Film w/Commentary from "The Masters"
---Joe Bob Briggs
---John Carpenter
---Larry Cohen
---Joe Dante
-✓-Guillermo del ToroCronos
---David del Valle
---Tim Lucas
-✓-Watch Films in at least 3 Formats
-✓-First format: DVDSilver Bullet
-✓-Second format: StreamingGerald's Game
-✓-Third format: Blu-rayChild's Play
-✓-Watch Films in at least 3 Languages
-✓-First language: FrenchThale
-✓-Second language: NorwegianTrain to Busan
-✓-Third language: Korean
-✓-Watch 3 Films that you've never seen before that:
---Stars a Barbara (Steele, Crampton, Hershey, Shelley)
-✓-Features music by Richard BandTerrorVision
-✓-Was made in the 1950sThe Screaming Skull
---Features a disembodied/possessed hand
---Was written by Jimmy Sangster
-✓-Features a solar eclipseGerald's Game
-✓-Has the word "It" in the titleIt
---Was directed by David Cronenberg
---Stars Michelle Bauer
-✓-Takes place at a cemeteryOne Dark Night
-✓-Features an actor who played Michael Myers, Jason, Freddy,
Pinhead, or another pop culture horror killer in a different role
Grim Prairie Tales (Brad Dourif)
-✓-Select 8 Decades of Film History
-✓-1930sThe Black Cat
-✓-1940sNight Monster
-✓-1950sThe Screaming Skull
-✓-1960sMad Monster Party?
-✓-1970sThe Boy Who Cried Werewolf
-✓-1980sThe Final Terror
-✓-1990sChild's Play 2
-✓-2010sDon't Breathe
-✓-Select 1 from the "Chronological Horror Years Faceoff"
-✓-1942 (75th)Night Monster
-✓-1967 (50th)Yongary
-✓-1992 (25th)Sleepwalkers
-✓-Select 1 from the following anniversaries:
---100th Birthday of Santos
---15th Anniversary of The Rondo Hatton Awards
---20th Anniversary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
-✓-25th Anniversary of The Sci-Fi Channel/SyFyHomewrecker
-✓-Select 4 Ratings
-✓-PG-13The Bye Bye Man
-✓-R It
-✓-XThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
-✓-UnratedMad Monster Party?
---Optional Items
---Attend a Live Event
-✓-Read a Horror Novel or NovellaGrady Hendrix, My Best Friend's Exorcism
-✓-Read a Horror Comic Book or Graphic NovelChilling Adventures of Sabrina #1
---Read a Horror Magazine
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