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Re: The 13th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Threa

Goal: 50

Blue = Repeated viewing
Green = 1st time viewing
Red = Vinyl Soundtrack

Sept 30th
1)Eraserhead - (BLU RAY) I learned that Admiral Ackbar sure was a fussy eater as an infant. Have no idea what I watched, but certainly an achievement for filmmaking and a film I can't wait to read more about and watch more of. The lighting alone is fantastic! 7/10
a)Black Christmas (1974) Soundtrack - Good blend of angelic christmas songs with nightmarish sounds. Not a vinyl I'll be spinning repeatedly as the Billy noises do become unnerving after a while.
2)Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) - (BLU RAY) I learned that if pills and coffee aren't enough to keep you up, try injecting epinephine or burning yourself! The teen killed in the diner at the beginning sure had amazing hair for someone who has been up for 3 days. Like the idea of micronaps introduced, but nothing else noteworthy in this remake. 3/10
3)Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll - (BLU RAY) I learned that being suave and indulging your every pleasure without any regard to morals is more damaging than opium addiction. Features a delightful opening credit score and great performance out of the lead. 8/10

Oct 1st
4)The Gorgon - (BLU RAY) I learned amnesiacs make effective murderers. Good Hammer affair, unfortunate Christopher Lee came into the film so late though. 6/10
5)Resident Evil - (BLU RAY) I learned automated lights are DEFINITELY something to worry about. The licker CGI does not hold up, and a multi-billion dollar company can't use more than a paper towel as a gown on test subjects? A surprising departure from the source material, but worth a watch. 5/10

Oct 2nd
6)The Lorely's Grasp - (BLU RAY) I learned that doing nothing is a completely ineffective survival skill when being mauled by a monster. Seriously, the Lorely attacks 6-7 people in the film, and NOT ONE even attempts to defend themselves or run. Not sure which school these girls attend, but my gosh, do I want to submit an application. All they do is swim in a pool all day and giggle. 4/10
7)The Mad Magician - (3D BLU RAY) I learned to ensure none of your acquaintances are dating a detective if you are going to murder someone. The story was not what I was anticipating, but it has a quick pace and the immortal Vincent Price. 6/10

Oct 3rd
8)Dr. Giggles - I learned that doctors have a very forceful golf swing. This movie is fucked up, not in a gory, mess with your head, give you nightmares type of way, but rather a 'what teenager steals his mother's lingerie and asks his girlfriend to wear it' type of way. I laughed seeing an actor named Doug E. Doug in the credits. An essential 90's slasher only because there aren't a ton of them, enjoyable if only for cheesy one-liners. 6/10
9)Popcorn - (BLU RAY) I learned that revenge is much like directing - it requires vision, craft and must be perfect. The villain is memorable and gives a Jim Carrey like performance. 7/10

Oct 4th
10)Nightmare Sisters - (BLU RAY) I learned that next time I'm at a rummage sale, I'll be sure to pick up that old fortune teller crystal ball to turn my dull love life upside down should it be needed. 4/10
11)Black Candles - (BLU RAY) I learned that the penalty for warning outsiders about your secret, Satanic cult is a sword in the ass. This is seriously nothing more than a porno, there is sex literally almost every five minutes, so much so that I said to myself out loud "I can't believe I'm saying this, but this movie has too much sex". 2/10

Oct 5th
12)Society - (BLU RAY) I learned that as sexy as it sounds, be sure to turn down any girl's offer to shunt you. Good paranoia throughout that keeps a viewer interested as it teases things to come, and boy, what a payoff at the end. 6/10
b)Evil Dead 2 Soundtrack - Loved the creepy 'Rock a bye baby' song.

Oct 6th
13)Get Out - (BLU RAY) I learned you should never trust your girlfriend with your car keys. Everyone should try to go in without having the movie spoiled. I knew it involved race in some capacity, but holy shit, there is just enough tension to keep every horror fan wanting more. 8/10
14)Coraline - (3D BLU RAY) I learned that when nothing else is around, throwing a cat is perfectly acceptable. I award this film as having the best 3D effects. Great story and award winning animation. 9/10

Oct 7th
15)The Janitor -I learned that apparently there is a janitorial code not to rat out your fellow custodial staff should you find out they are completely psychotic and on a murder spree. Cheap effects, hated the main actor's "batman voice" and too childish of humor for my liking. 3/10
16)Evils of the Night - (BLU RAY) I learned that escape from abductors is much more effective working together. All of the victims are completley cringe worthy in their stupidity which is simply impossible to overlook. The cover art on the blu ray is more enjoyable than anything in this film. 2/10
17)Phantom of the Paradise - (BLU RAY) I learned that only one person makes you sign a contract in blood - the Devil. Also, don't piss off any music executives. I'm already awarding this my favorite new view of the year, it' that good! A parody on the music industry blended with a classic opera story and rock music. 9/10

Oct 8th
18)Curse of Frankenstein - I learned to never keep your corpse unattended in your laboratory during a thunder storm. The one that started it all and such a great update of a classic horror character. Forgot how dark this movie is for the time - the monster is shot in the head causing blood to splatter from it's eye, Victor kills his maid by locking her in his lab after she confesses she is pregnant with his child and threatens to go to the police with his experiments. Hammer horror at it's finest. 9/10

Oct 9th
19)Horror of Dracula - (BLU RAY) I learned that Dracula gets pissed when he doesn't get first dibs on victims. A horror essential, great update on the classic monster. 9/10

Oct 10th
20)Brides of Dracula - (BLU RAY) I learned that a quick cauterization and a dab of holy water is an instant cure for a vampire bite. Hammer went in another direction here, in place of an imposing, silent Dracula, they went for a handsome and charming younger character which was refreshing. Still, no comparison between Lee's portrayal, but worth a watch and great effort. 7/10

Oct 11th
21)Knock, Knock - (BLU RAY) I learned that hot chicks can get away with, well, murder! Worth a watch, but any amount of sympathy Keanu goes away with his 'free pizza' speech. However, when those hot bitches were breaking apart his record collection, I about lost my shit as a fellow vinyl enthusiast. 3/10

Oct 12th
22)Split - (BLU RAY) I learned that despite physician warnings, cutting and other self mutilating behaviors can save your life. The acting was phenomenal, but I felt the movie felt fading once it got to the 'beast' persona, and the tie in to Unbreakable felt a bit forced. 6/10

Oct 13th
23)Friday the 13th (1980) - (BLU RAY) I learned the essentials! Don't have sex, don't do drugs, etc. My girlfriend jumped 10 feet at the ending so that was fun. 8/10
24)Friday the 13th Part II - (BLU RAY) I learned the essentials continued: Don't split up, make sure the killer is dead, etc. 7/10

Oct 14th
25)Butcher Baker, Nightmare Maker - (BLU RAY) I learned how important it is to draft a will, otherwise you risk your infant being in the custody of your crazy sister. 6/10
26)American Psycho - (BLU RAY)
27)Orphan - (BLU RAY)
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