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Re: The 13th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Threa

(1) The Birds. 1960. Rod Taylor. Hitchkock's masterpiece about a California community being attacked by birds. 8/10

(2) Horror of Dracula. 1957. Christopher Lee. The first and best Hammer Dracula film. 8/10

(3) Slaughter of the Vampires. 1962. Italian 60's horror. The count reeks havoc at the local castle. Atmospheric.I always like this one for the challenge. 8/10

(4) Carrie. 1975. Outcast high schooler gets revenge on the kids that pick on her. All-time original classic. 9/10
(5) The Fall of the House of Usher. 1960. Vincent Price. The first of many Price viewings for the Challenge. 8/10

(6) American Horror Story Episode 5- The clowns are revealed. Why, I don't really know. The cult killings intensify. 7/10
(7) Outpost. Ray Stevenson. A mercenary team is sent to Central Europe to investigate a long lost WWII bunker. And who they find there. 8/10
(8) Dead End. 2003. Ray Wise. A family has a fatal car accident driving to a family Christmas party. ONly thing is they don't know that they're already dead. 8/10
(9) The Wolfman. 1941. Lon Chaney. Our ol'e buddy Larry Talbot get's bitten by a wolf and turns into the Wolf man. One of the better Universal Horror pictures. 8/10

(10) Brahm Stokers Dracula. 1992. Winona Ryder. Tale following the Brahm Stoker Dracula novel. Big fan of this one. 9/10
(11) The Omen. 1976. Gregory Peck. Ambassador to England has his son murdered and replaced with the birth of the Anti-Christ. Great early horror movie that makes you think about things a bit. 10/10

(12) Brides of Dracula. 1960. Peter Cushing. Dracula is dead ( no he's not ) but his decibels live on. And they invade a girls school ( why not ? ) 7/10

(13) The Night Stalker. 1971. Darren McGavin. A Las Vegas newspaper reporter gets involved with a story concerning a vampire running loose in the city. 8/10
(14) The Evil of Frankenstein. Peter Cushing. Frankenstein gets banished from his city for creating the monster. Then returns a few years later to continue the project. 7/10

(15) The Pit and the Pendulum. Vincent Price. Didn't understand this one too much. A man takes on the role of his ancestor by torturing people. This one didn't grab me like the other Price movies do. 6/10

(16) Jaws. 1976. Roy Schneider. A lone shark is terrorizing the local beaches.
And it takes a crew of three to haul him in. 8/10

(17) Hansel and Gretel. More of an action picture. But has some gore to it. 7/10
(18) American Horror Story. Episode 6. The cult makes waves on the TV screen. Getting rid of the competition. 7/10
(19) Masque of the Red Death. Vincent Price. The prince hold refuge from the Red Death at his castle. Until the end. 7/10

(20) Shadow of the Vampire. Willem Dafoe. What if the actor who played Nosferatu was a real vampire? 8/10
(21) The Long Hair of Death. Barbara Steele. Two sisters seek revenge on the family that burned her mother at the stake for being a witch. 8/10
(22) Frankenstein. 1931. The original Universal movie. 8/10
(23) Frankenstein Must be Destroyed. 1969 Peter Cushing. A pushy Baron Frankenstein takes over a boarding house, blackmails the owners to help him create the monster. Good bluray picture.8/10

(24) The Mummy. 1932. Boris Karloff. I thought it was slow and boring. Others love it, but it didn't grab me. Lost interest but stayed with it for the challenge. 5/10
(25) An American Haunting. Sissy Spacek. The curse of the Bell Witch hits a Tennessee family. 8/10
(26) Alien- Covenant. A team explores a future planet only to find out that deadly Alien creatures are living there. 8/10

(27) Friday the 13th. 1980. Kevin Bacon. Yes I had to do it. Friday the 13th on Friday the 13th. 9/10

(28) Creature from the Black Lagoon. A trip to the Amazon produces a long lost creature living there. 8/10

(29) The Others. Nicole Kidman. A woman tries to shield her kids from the light while living in an old mansion not realizing that they're already dead. 9/10
(30) The Fog. Hal Holbrook. A boating community is ravaged by the ghosts of pirates of the past. 8/10
(31) Tremors. Kevin Bacon. Worm-like creatures terrorize the local Nevada community. 7/10

(32) Vampires. Jon Bon Jovi. Bpn Jovi vampire hunter. Who moonlights with his musical band. Is down in Mexico building a team bent on exterminating vampires. 7/10
(33) Scars of Dracula. 1970. Christopher Lee. Don't go to the castle, Don't go to the castle they say. So what happens? they go to the castle. 7/10
(34) The Witch. An early 1600's family gets outcasted from the village and takes up a home in the woods. Where witches are about. Not a lot of action. But this one serves the purpose. 8/10

(35) Plague of Zombies. 1966. Didn't understand this one too much on a first time ever viewing. The best part I liked was the dream sequence with them coming up out of the graves. 6/10
(36) American Horror Story. 2017. Flashback to the 60's and the zodiak killings. Looking to do a copycat with the scum. 8/10

(37) House of Wax. Vincent Price. The original House of Wax movie is a gem. Yes it's the older movie and it shows. But it still is a pleasure. I think that I need to get the bluray though. 8/10
(38) Dracula. 1931. Bela Lugosi. Universal classic. Bela's accent helps the picture out a lot. 8/10

(39) Dargento's Dracula. Campy, fun. Van helsing takes on Dracula, with a bit of everything. 7/10.

(40) It Follows. 2015. After teens have sex, the person that they have sex with gets followed and attacked, killed by ghosts. 4/10

(41) Ghost Ship. Gabriel Byrne. Ship salvagers run across a long lost ocean liner ghost ship. 8/10
(42) Dracula- Prince of Darkness. 1966. Christopher Lee. Don't go to the castle they said, so what happens? They end up at the castle...again. 8/10

(43) An American Werewolf in London. 1981. David Naughton. A pair of American tourists traveling in London encounter some werewolf creatures. And of course one gets bitten while the other one is killed. 9/10

(44) Mark of the Vampire. 1935. Bela Lugosi. A strange movie, eerie in most places. But I have to get a second viewing to remember what's going on. Loved the eerie female vampire, she stole the show. 7/10

(45) They Live. Roddy Piper. Surprise hit from the 80's. Saw it in the theatre when it was released. A drifter stumbles upon an alien invasion of sorts. Starring the now deceased wrestling star. 8/10
(46) Halloween. Jamie Lee Curtis. A lunatic escapee from an insane asylum targets the old neighborhood. Original classic. 9/10
(47) American Horror Story- Episode 8- A new member joins the cult. 7/10
(48) American Horror Story- Episode 9- A spouse is murdered. 8/10

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