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Re: The 13th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Threa

List is FINAL

Total films viewed = 132 Goal was over 105
First time viewings = 99 (75%)
My Eighth Challenge

Completed Theme Nights and Basic Checklist

By media: DVD (64), Blu-ray (64), Commercial VHS (2), TV (1), In Theater (1)

By decade: 1930s (1), 1940s (2), 1950s (9), 1960s (12), 1970s (31), 1980s (30), 1990s (12), 2000s (19), 2010s (13)
Lovecraft shorts, commentary, and Svengoolie not counted in decades.

2017 Horror Movie Challenge

Goal this year: More than 105

2016 Total: 102
2015 Total: 83
2014 Total: 60
2013 Total: 90
2012 Total: 88
2011 Total: 105
2010 Total: 104

* = First Time Viewing
Theme Night Film
Media if not DVD

Oct. 1 thru Oct. 15
October 01
01. Critters 4 (1992)* (4 Film Favorites * Critters Collection)
Charlie and the last two remaining Crit eggs end up in deep space in the year 2045. Mayhem follows. Surprisingly entertaining finale to the Critters series borrows shamelessly from other, better movies but that doesn't spoil the fun. Once again I got several laughs out of this. Brad Dourif has a good part and the Crits still look fine. 6/10
02. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986) Blu-Ray
Leatherface and kin are back in an over the top, crazed fever-dream of a movie. A few scenes go on just a bit too long but the sets are amazing and there are several genuinely cringe worthy moments. The humor works well. I liked it better this second time around. 7/10
03. Eaten Alive (1976)* Blu-Ray
The disturbed and murderous owner of a seedy hotel has a crocodile for a pet but very few return customers. Pretty effective film with bloody kills has some tense moments and manages to build up suspense at the end even though you're pretty sure how things are going to turn out. The hotel sets do a good job establishing a sleazy, claustrophobic feel. There isn't much of a story but Neville Brand does a nice job as the killer. The electronic, clangy score works well. 6/10
04. Poltergeist (1982)
A family starts to experience strange events in their home which become more and more sinister. Good haunted house story with effects that still hold up. A long but not a slow build up since plenty is going on to keep your interest. A couple of great scenes and one really good gotcha jump. 5.5/10

October 02
05. Caltiki, the Immortal Monster (1959) Blu-Ray
In an ancient Mayan temple, archeologists discover an unknown creature that threatens to destroy the world. Entertaining monster movie with some excellent sets in the beginning and a good looking, occasionally creepy blob type creature. The indoor miniatures aren't effective but the outdoor ones are OK. I've always liked this film but the Blu-Ray really makes it something special. 8/10
06. C.H.U.D. (1984) Blu-Ray
Something from the sewers may be causing people to vanish and someone is trying to cover it up. Solid monster movie with really good looking creatures. The monsters don't appear all that much but there is a nicely paced build up and enough of a conspiracy going on to keep things interesting. Good urban street locations also help. 6.5/10
07. Poltergeist II: The Other Side (1986)
Even though the Freeling family moves away from their haunted home supernatural trouble follows them. A good story and good acting, especially from Craig T. Nelson, and OK special effects. I almost liked this one better than the original except for a very weak ending. I really thought that I hadn't seen this before but I recognized major plot points and characters but none of the details. 5/10
08. The Man Who Could Cheat Death (1959)*
A man who is 104 years old need a gland transplant every ten years to stay alive but the doctor who has performed the operation cannot do it any longer. Standard plot, slow moving and with just a little bit of good makeup but competently done in the usual Hammer manner. Just not very exciting. 5/10

October 03
09. Madhouse (1974)* Blu-Ray
An unstable actor known for his Dr. Death character returns to the role for a TV series but a series of murders based on his old films plague the production. Fun if a bit predictable. Vincent Price is good as the soul searching actor and Peter Cushing adds a touch of class as his old writer. Several clips from old Price movies are worked into the story. 5/10
10. It (2017)* In theater
A group of kids try to fight an evil force that is influencing a small Maine town. Excellent movie with fine acting, several good scares and a nice sense of period (late 1980's). The evil is quite disturbing. 9/10
11. The House on Sorority Row (1983)*
Members of a sorority are being stalked during a graduation party while they are trying to cover up something terrible that happened. Good slasher movie with more of a complex plot than most. The kills aren't all that creative or quirky but the chases are well done with good atmosphere and suspense. 6/10

October 04
12. Mad Monster Party? (1967)*
Dr. Frankenstein throws a party for the monsters in order to reveal his latest discovery and to announce his retirement. Fun movie with very good stop motion animation and some of the jokes are really very funny, especially the one liners. Boris Karloff, who voices Dr. F, is always a pleasure to hear and adds class to any movie. The film seems to go on too long though. My attention started to wander about half way through. 5/10
13. The House With Laughing Windows (1976)*
An artist is hired by the mayor of a small Italian town to restore a damaged painting in the local church but shortly after he arrives strange and ominous things start happening. Not your typical giallo - there is only one death until near the end and some aren't even shown. Slowly paced but with a sinister atmosphere that gradually builds. Very confusing through most of the film and a lot isn't cleared up by the end although it really packs a wallop and is worth waiting for. I might like this more the second time around. 6/10
14. Caltiki, the Immortal Monster the with Tim Lucas commentary* Blu-Ray
Another very informative commentary from Tim Lucas covering all aspects of the movie, including the fact that a car crash scene was stock footage from a Republic Serial.
15. Mutilations (1986)*
An astronomy professor takes his secretary and some students on a field trip to rural area in order to investigate strange light in the sky that the locals have been reporting. Very low budget with sub-par acting, script and effects but I've seen worse. The leads are very wooden but the students are more natural if not professional. The effects have their moments with decent monster design and stop motoin but it's poorly integrated with the actors. Moves quickly and is short but it does feel a little repetitious near the end. Still, I liked it but it's not for everyone. 4.5/10

October 05
16. The Creeps (1997)*
A scientist tries to bring Frankenstein's Monster, The Wolfman, Dracula, and the Mummy to life from the pages of books. Full Moom silliness but entertaining. Phil Fondacaro as Dracula was particularly good and the lead actress was kind of cute. 5/10
17. The Boy Who Cried Werewolf (1973)* Blu-Ray
A boy and his father are attacked by a werewolf who is killed but not before biting the man. No one will believe the boy's story though, even his father. The werewolf looks pretty good but it has a slight muzzle tipped with a dark doggie nose which makes it look cute at times! Good story with an appropriate ending and Kerwin Matthews does a good job as the father. 6/10
18. Sssssss (1973)* Blu-Ray
A student goes to work for a herpetologist and his daughter but discovers too late that the injections he gets do more than make him immune to snake venom. Very good movie has likeable characters and went off in a more interesting direction than I thought it would and does a good job building suspense. It's more than just Willard with snakes. 7/10
19. Night of the Werewolf (1981) (The Paul Naschy Collection) Blu-Ray
Three women, all students of the occult, attempt to bring the Countess Elizabeth Bathory back to life. Opposing her is the werewolf who used to be her slave. Fine Paul Naschy film full of crumbling castles, creepy dungeons, beautiful women, atmospheric scenes, and a truly savage werewolf. 7/10

October 06
20. Leprechaun (1993)* (Leprechaun The Complete Movie Collection) Blu-Ray
A leprechaun escapes after a decade of imprisonment and will kill to get his gold back. Warwick Davis makes this movie as the smart mouthed leprechaun. The rest of the cast is pretty good and we do get to care for some of them. 5/10
21. Leprechaun 2 (1994)* (Leprechaun The Complete Movie Collextion) Blu-Ray
The leprechaun is back, this time looking for a wife (and more gold) after waiting 1,000 years. The kills are more interesting in this one but the other characters are not. I found the quips a bit funnier. 5.5/10
22. Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (1970)* Blu-Ray
Bizarre, experimental film about a the week that a girl becomes a woman. There is a story of sorts but I admit I didn't get all of it. Still, there are vampires, some disturbing scenes and kind of a fairy tale atmosphere. Many of the images are striking and I was never board, just confused but I enjoyed the experience. I wouldn't mind seeing this again sometime. 6/10
23. Bloody Mary (2006)* (Echo Bridge 4 Film Horror Collector's Set 67909)
A nurse at a psychiatric hospital disappears and her sister discovers that it has something to do with a mirror. Surprisingly good. The killings are always very bloody but pretty much all the same. There is a nice feeling of unrelieved oppression through the film and there are several spots where the tension builds up very well. The acting is above average for a low budget horror film and the director is more than adequate. 6.5/10

October 07
24. A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)* (4 Film Favorites * Slasher Films Collection)
Remake of classic isn't bad if just taken on it's own but some of the actors seem too old for their parts, at first I thought it was about college students. Also hard to get used to Jackie Earl Haley as Freddy and I never liked his voice - too standard. Freddy's origin is more detailed which does make for some creepy moments and in general the tone is darker and more serious than many of the previous films. Good final scene. 6/10
25. Dreamaniac (1986)*
The night before a party, an amateur occultist summons a succubus that he has seem in his dreams. Not good. Most of the movie is lame sex scenes alternating with lame killings. The last 15 minutes is decent so if the film had been cut to a half hour it would have been OK. The twist ending offers a double blast of lameness. 3.5/10
26. Deadly Dreams (1988)* Blu-Ray
Alex, a college student, plagued by nightmares of the man he saw murder his parents, begins to see the deceased killer when he is awake as well. Very good horror/mystery movie does a nice job of mixing up dreams and reality so the viewer, like Alex, isn't sure what's real anymore. Also makes good use of masks (the killer wears a fox mask, Alex's room is decorated with masks of all kinds) to add some creepiness. 6.5/10
27. Poltergeist III (1988)*
Lots of the same moved to a ultra modern high-rise in Chicago. Most of the movie is someone or something running from or after stuff - basically lots of running down corridors. Smoke and mirrors are most of the special effect but there is some good makeup jobs. The story is just a pale rehash of II. Quite a comedown from the first two. 4/10
28. Fender Bender (2016)* Blu-Ray
After exchanging contact information with a middle aged man after a minor auto accident a teenage girl begins to think something is wrong when she is left home alone on the weekend. Not the most original but very well made with lots of suspense and tension and good acting to boot. It actually creeped me out quite a bit. 7/10

October 08
29. The Ghost Galleon aka Horror of the Zombies (1974) (The Blind Dead Collection)
Two models alone in the ocean on a small boat for a publicity stunt encounter a decrepit galleon with a cargo of the blind dead. One of the more absurd setups and slow moving but the ancient ship provides an eerie setting and the blind dead look great. There isn't a whole lot of blood but there is one great scene where a victim is dragged into the hold and the last few minutes are very good. 5.5/10
30. Zeder aka Revenge of the Dead (1983)* Blu-Ray
A writer tries to discover the owner of an old typewriter and gets trapped in a complicated web of death. Not a whole lot of undead action, this is more like a giallo with an innocent getting involved in a complex mystery but involving reviving the dead instead of a serial killer. More of a sinister atmosphere than horrifying. Interesting but not action packed. 6/10
31. Train to Busan (2016)* Blu-Ray
A man is on a train with his small daughter when a zombie outbreak occurs all over South Korea, including the train. Top notch action horror movie makes good use of the restricted train setting but there is also time for getting to know the characters and their development. Some very clever moments as a small group of survivors tries to evade hordes of fast moving zombies on the train. 7.5
32. Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll (1974)* (The Paul Naschy Collection) Blu-Ray
A drifter becomes the handyman for a large house where three women live and soon after the bodies of young women start to be found with their eyes missing. Good Spanish giallo throws in a few curves and there are some very stylishly shot scenes. The identity of the killer is a bit far fetched. 6/10

October 09
33. Invaders From Mars (1986)
A boy sees a UFO land late at night but no one believes his story and he soon notices that his parents and other people he knows aren't behaving like they usually do. Remake of 1953 movie which I love but this one is also very good with well done action and general creepiness. I didn't care for some of the creature designs but the sets were good. 7/10
34. The Mafu Cage (1978)*
Excellent film about the relationship between two sisters. The older one was charged by their father when he died to care for the younger and allow her the freedom she learned while living in African jungles. Lee Grant and Carol Kane shine as the sisters and the jungle like interior of their home is a great set. Sometimes touching, sometimes bizarre, sometimes brutal and very intense. 8/10
35. Ravenous (1999)*
During the gold rush, a starving man stumbles into a mountain fort with the tale of settlers lost in the mountains who resorted to cannibalism in order to survive. Well acted with some intense and bloody action, a good script, and a little dark humor thrown in as well. 7/10
36. The Babadook (2014)* Blu-Ray
A single mother and her disturbed seven year old son begin to experience strange and terrifying events after a sinister children's book appears out of nowhere. Great script and acting, even from the boy, with plenty of strange happenings and an emotional intensity unusual to find in horror. Absolutely riveting. I was a little drained when it was over. 8/10
37. Pit and the Pendulum (1961) (The Vincent Price Collection) Blu-Ray
A man travels to an ancient castle to demand the details of his sister's death from the man who married her but finds mysteries and madness. Fine costumes and sets, especially the torture rooms. Vincent Price is good as the widower. Nice use of color creates an eerie mood. 6.5/10

October 10
38. Yongary, Monster from the Deep (1967) Blu-Ray
A moving earthquake, apparently triggered by an atomic test, turns out to be a giant dinosaur like beast. Seems like a low rent Godzilla movie with an annoying kid straight out of a Gamera movie thrown in the mix. The effects are a mixed bag. 4.5/10
39. Highway to Hell (1991)* Blu-Ray
Charlie and Rachel, on their way to Las Vegas to elope, are stopped by the Hell Cop who grabs Rachel and heads for Hell City to turn her over to Satan. Charlie pursues them to try to get her back. This was a lot of fun with good action scenes, a strong cast, and a bunch of bizarre characters that Charlie runs into during the journey. This is a classic quest story with equal parts humor, action and horror. Satan's makeup is great. 6.5/10
40. The Undying Monster (1942) Blu-Ray
A Scotland Yard scientist and his detective assistant are sent to investigate whether a family curse is the reason for an attack on the head of the Hammond family. Starts out great - full of atmosphere and menace but all this is quickly dispelled when the two upbeat Scotland Yard people enter. There are still some spooky scenes and a touch of the possibly supernatural at the end. Nice camera work. 5/10
41. Curse of the Doll People (1961)*
Five collectors, cursed for stealing a voodoo idol, start dropping like flies only a minute before the curse is set to expire. OK Mexican horror movie doesn't generate many scares but has two interesting heroes (both MD's but one is also an expert in occult rituals) and a really cool looking zombie. 5/10

October 11
42. Wyvern (2009)* (Syfy Mega 6 Pack - Maneater Series)
A small town in Northern Alaska is attacked by a Wyvern which was recently freed from a glacier. Surprisingly good Syfy movie with likeable characters, a decent story and a well done CGI monster above average for a Syfy movie. 6/10
43. The Skull (1965) Blu-Ray
A collector and researcher into the occult obtains the skull of the Marquis de Sade which is rumored to have evil supernatural powers. Peter Cushing is excellent in a very good cast. The opening scene is as good as anything Universal or Hammer ever did and the script maintains a sinister intensity throughout. The camera is used very well, including some eerie shots from the skulls point of view. 8/10
44. The Creeping Flesh (1973)* Blu-Ray
In Victorian times, a paleontologist returns to London with a bizarre skeleton which seems to predate Neanderthal man but has a much larger brain case. Takes off in a unexpected direction and isn't the creature feature I expected; it is more of a medical horror story at least for a while. Cushing and Lee both shine in this one. 6.5/10
45. The Iron Rose (1973)* Blu-Ray
Two lovers visit a huge cemetery but once it gets dark they cannot find the way out; as the night goes on tensions rise. Kind of arty at times which does provide some striking and often eerie images. There's not a strong story but there are changing moods. 6.5/10
46. Boogeyman 2 (2007)*
Patients and staff in a psychiatric ward are being killed using their greatest fears. Could it be the Boogeyman? Intense, well paced slasher film with lots of blood and many kills, some of them pretty disgusting. Nifty looking killer. 7/10

October 12
47. The Curse of the Aztec Mummy (1957) (The Aztec Mummy Collection)
Sequel to Attack of the Aztec Mummy. The evil Dr. Krupp escapes from prison and continues his search for the Aztec treasure in order to finance his new experiment. Not a whole lot of mummy action. More attention is paid the the criminals and a pathetic El Santo wannabe known as The Angel. He gets beat up a lot. There is a nice mummy rampage at the end though. 4/10
48. The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy (1958) (The Aztec Mummy Collection)
The evil Dr. Krupp escapes certain death and returns to pursue the Aztec treasure, this time with the help of a robot (really a cyborg). Although almost half of this movie is scenes from the previous two, it's a better film than Curse. Most of the best parts of the original are shown and since the mummy is now located in an ancient cemetery, some of the creepy atmosphere from the original is restored. Also Dr. Krupp is now totally maniacal and the masked hero is gone. Alas, the promised match up only lasts for a couple of minutes. 5/10
49. The Birds (1963)* (Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection)
A coastal town in Northern California is attacked by all the birds in the area. Very slow build up and I didn't connect at all with the two main characters for the first hour or so. I liked many of the minor characters and things got better once the well done bird attacks really got started. 6/10
50. The Mutilator aka Fall Break (1984)* Blu-Ray
A student's disturbed father asks him to close up a seaside condo for the winter so five of his friends go along to help out and party. OK slasher has plenty of blood and gore but not too much suspense or mystery. The characters are standard issue. 5/10

October 13
51. Friday the 13th (1980) (Friday the 13th 4-Movie Collection)
Some counselors at Camp Crystal Lake, a summer camp that hasn't opened yet, are killed one bloody night. Good slasher movie with a mystery killer, OK acting, and a very good score. No jumps for me but the murders are well done and there is a uneasy mood at times. 6/10
52. Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981) (Friday the 13th 4-Movie Collection)
A counselor training camp opens not far from Camp Crystal Lake with similar results. Many slayings caught me off guard and the soundtrack was even better than the first film. I liked Jason's bag over the head look. 7/10
53. Island Claws (1980)* Blu-Ray
Deadly things happen on an island which has a research lab working on crabs as a future food source and a leaky nuclear power plant. Standard plot leaves some things undeveloped but entertaining overall. Robert Lansing is good as an Irish bar owner, although his accent comes and goes. 5/10

October 14
54. Lady Frankenstein (1971)* (Roger Corman's Cult Classics Vampires, Mummies & Monsters Collection)
After Baron Frankenstein is killed by his creation, his daughter and his assistant carry on his work. Decent, if just a little trashy, Frankenstein movie with a twist has competent acting, a pretty good lab setup, and a nifty looking monster who goes on an entertaining rampage. Several of his victims are found with naked women which just adds to the fun. 6/10
55. One Dark Night (1982)* Blu-Ray
A girl is locked in a mausoleum as part of a club initiation but a powerful telekinetic has recently been interred there. Very lengthy buildup does produce a payoff in the last 15 minutes or so which are OK but nothing special. There are a couple of good effects and some gore but it is a long wait. 5/10
56. I Drink Your Blood (1970) Blu-Ray
Satanist hippies settle in a small, dying town and wreak havoc and then they are exposed to rabies. Kind of plays out like a zombie movie. There is plenty of blood and gore. The acting isn't that good and there is a nasty streak to the film possibly due to some cruel animal shots that look (and may be) real. If you can put those aside it is fun in a stupid kind of way. 6/10
57. I Eat Your Skin (1971) Blu-Ray
Originally titled Zombie, renamed to play on a double bill with the above. Four people visit a remote island where a doctor is searching for a cure for cancer using snake venom and where there are rumors that the natives practice voodoo using humans as sacrifices. No skin eating here. The acting is often lacking and the voodoo rituals often resemble show tunes. Still there is a certain charm although no scares. 5/10

October 15
58. La venganza de las mujeres vampiro aka The Vengeance of the Vampire Women (1970)*
A scientist resurrects a female vampire to help with an experiment but all she wants to do is to create a new vampire race and destroy the ancestor of the one who staked her - Santo the masked wrestler. OK Santo movie has some atmospheric photography and good co-stars but the story is a bit of a muddle. This is middle aged Santo wearing a turtleneck and a sweater but he can still take on the baddies. 5/10
59. H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival Classics Collection Vol. 1 (1990 - 2012)* Total running time = 113 min.
Collection of 12 shorts from the Portland film festival, most of which were made between 2008 and 2012. There are a few adaptations of Lovecraft stories but all are inspired by his writing. I likes some better than others but all were interesting and a couple gave me a good scare or two. Two hours well spent. Average rating 7/10
60. Tales of Halloween (2015)* Blu-Ray
Ten stories set in the same town all taking place on Halloween night with some character crossovers. This was fun but bloody at times. For a while it seemed like too much gore but it was either toned down as the film went on or I just got used to it. Several laughs throughout the movie and it was neat when I started to notice the crossovers. One really good jump scare. 7/10
61. Don't Breath (2016)* Blu-Ray
Three thieves break into a reclusive blind vet's home, hoping to find money he was given after his daughter was accidentally killed but they run into much more than they bargained for. Very intense home invasion movie had me on the edge of my seat all the way. Music, pacing, directing, acting all work flawlessly together. I found my attitude toward the characters shifting through the movie and they remained ambiguous to the end. 8/10

October 16
62. Carnivore (2000)* (Lionsgate (Another) Horror Collection 8 Movie Pack)
In a government lab located in an abandoned house, a deadly creature escapes on the same night that four teenagers decide to break into the house to party. A bad movie. Poor acting and plotting. I hope this was supposed to be a parody or spoof since I can't imagine someone would expect a script like this to be taken seriously. Even so it's not funny or clever. And it's not a full movie, ending when the last act should begin. They hoped for a sequel??? 3/10
63. Children of the Living Dead (2001)* (Lionsgate (Another) Horror Collection 8 Movie Pack)
A serial killer who was murdered in prison but somehow lives may or may not be responsible for a series of zombie outbreaks. Begins with a zombie hunt where Night of the Living Dead ended and then gets confusing. Low budget but the acting and effects are passable as are the zombie attacks which are pretty standard stuff. A few nods to previous zombie films but the story is kind of stale. 5/10
64. Lifeforce (1985)* Blu-Ray (Cover of Fangoria #46 7/85)
Space creatures discovered on a ship near Halley's Comet threaten the existence of the human race. Slickly produced with lots of action and special effects which still hold up pretty well. The big finale is spectacular but the plot gets convoluted at times. 6/10
65. Home Sick (2007)*
A demonic killer goes after a group of friends, and some of their enemies, after the friends each answer the question "Who do you hate?". A plot eventually emerges out of choppy storytelling. There is a huge amount of gore and some nasty murders along with dark humor that had me laughing out loud at times. Most characters are crazy and not very sympathetic. The acting is usually poor but this will linger in my mind for a while. 5/10
66. Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013)*
The supernatural woes of the Lambert family follow them and continue to threaten their lives. There are still plenty of creepy scenes and the characters old and new are likeable but by the end it seems like too much of a good thing. Entertaining though. 7/10

October 17
67. Boogeyman (2005)*
A young man who's still afraid of the dark and closets must face his fears when the people he cares for start disappearing. Pretty good supernatural thriller with a clever structures and some exciting scenes but too many camera tricks were used way too often. 5/10
68. Hostel (2005)* Blu-Ray
Three male friends kicking around Europe hear about an amazing hostel just full of beautiful, horny women so they decide to check it out with awful consequences. A very bloody, particularly nasty movie. Artificially upbeat ending. Well made for what it is but not really my cup of tea. 4/10
69. Death Walks on High Heels (1971)* Blu-Ray (Arrow Death Walks Twice)
A famous exotic dancer starts being threatened by a masked man who demands to know the location of some diamonds stolen by the dancer's now deceased father. Complicated but easy to follow giallo with only a few murders and only one of those very bloody. 5/10
70. The Night of the Sorcerers (1974)* Blu-Ray
In Africa a safari camps near the site of the slaughter of native voodoo kings which turns out to be a bad idea. How could a movie with zombie voodoo priests and vampire leopard women be so damned boring? Repeat the best scene, the opening, two or three times and in between lay out some jungle soap opera. The women look great and we see a lot of them but that's about it. 3/10

October 18
71. The Loreley's Grasp (1973) Blu-Ray
In a German town on the Rhine, a hunter is hired to protect a girl's school from a mad killer who rips the hearts out of the victims. Good supernatural killer movie makes clever use of a slightly cheesy monster suit and uses some nifty outdoor location shots for mood. There is also a nice underground set near the end. 6/10
72. The Imp (1981)* (R3 DVD)
After a man, whose wife is pregnant, is hired as a security guard, his coworkers begin dying is strange ways. Very good Hong Kong film uses basic effects in creative and satisfying ways and the score is good as is the camera work. The characters are sympathetic and the ending is unexpected. 7/10
73. Jug Face (2013)*
A backwoods girl, pregnant by her older brother, tries to escape being sacrificed to The Pit. Unusual film, bloody in parts with good, well acted characters. 6/10
74. Horror Rises From the Tomb (1973) (The Paul Naschy Collection) Blu-Ray
When his severed head is unearthed, the spirit of an evil sorcerer returns to take revenge on the ancestors of those who killed him 500 years ago. Naschy has a double role and does both well. Good sets and outdoor settings add mood. Plenty of blood and babes and a good ending. 7/10

October 19
75. Junior aka Engine Trouble (2002)* (Lionsgate (Another) Horror Collection 8 Movie Pack)
In Belgium, a bizarre killer terrorizes people whose cars break down. Lamest slasher film I've seen. The acting is awful, so is the dialog and plot. Much of the "action" has the heroine trapped in a car that won't start. More tedious than it sounds in a movie filled with tedium. I don't think this was a spoof but I laughed quite a bit which is why the rating is as high as it is. 3.5/10
76. Bloody Murder (2000)* (Lionsgate (Another) Horror Collection 8 Movie Pack)
A killer with a hockey mask and blue overalls with a chainsaw terrorizes the counselors at a summer camp not open for business yet. Mediocre slasher movie, some might call it derivative. The best kill involves a lawn dart to the back. Not that much blood and no boobs. Identity of the killer is unexpected due to plot point only revealed at the end. 4.5/10
77. Under the Shadow (2013)*
In Tehran during the Iran-Iraq War unsettling things begin happening to a woman and her daughter after a missile crashes into the building where they live. Well acted with growing tension and menace as neighbors begin to leave the building due to the threat of more missile attacks. No fancy effects but they are enough for some real scares. 7/10
78. Frightmare aka Cover Up (1974)* (The Pete Walker Collection Vol. 2) Blu-Ray
A woman's parents are released from an asylum after fifteen years but she begins to suspect that they haven't been totally cured. Tasty horror thriller is well plotted and has some bloody scenes. Sheila Keith is particularly good as the unstable mother. 6/10

October 20
79. The Black Cat (1934) (Universal The Bela Lugosi Collection)
A newlywed couple gets caught up in the hatred between two World War 1 veterans. One of my favorites of the Lugosi/Karloff films well directed and set in a strange futuristic house built on the ruins of an old fort. The dialog may be just a little old fashioned at times but there is an underlying sense of menace and corruption, especially from Karloff's character. 7/10
80. The Vampire (1957) (The Vampire Collection (Mexican))
A vampire tries to dominate a family that owns a hacienda where an ancestor of his in entombed. Well done vampire movie with lots of creepy sets in a run down hacienda and some underground tombs. The vampire is menacing but the hero is a bit of a chicken. 6/10

October 21
81. American Nightmare (1983)*
A serial killer is murdering strippers and prostitutes and one man fears his missing sister might have been a victim. Very sleazy with lots of exotic dances on display and plenty of lowlifes in view. Not terribly bloody and the killer isn't too hard to figure out. 5/10
82. Psychomania (1973)*
The leader of a motorcycle gang discovers how to return from the dead (you have to really really believe you can) so he commits suicide and returns. He then convinces most of his gang to do the same. Strange but fun movie, not exactly lighthearted but not to be taken too seriously. Love those helmets. 6/10
83. Devil Times Five (1974)*
Five annoying psycho-kids take on seven dim witted adults. No matter who wins, the gene pool will lose. Exciting at times but also somewhat ridiculous. some bloody killings along with some kind of nutty ones. The acting is flat but maybe it's the script. Even old pro Gene Evans can't help. 4.5/10
84. The Curse (1987)* Blu-Ray
Shortly after something falls in a farmer's field the local plants and animals begin to undergo horrible changes. Although not credited clearly based on Lovecraft's "The Color Out of Space". Very exciting and creepy at times and while some of the effects are good, the miniature work leaves a little to be desired. The acting is variable but gets the job done. 7/10
85. Demonoid (1980)* Blu-Ray
A severed hand, able to possess people, is found deep in a mine in Mexico and tries to become part of the couple that found it. Fun but kind of insane with lots of hands cut off and a mashup soundtrack that ranges from funky action music to screeching violins. One car chase has vehicles flipping over right and left just for the heck of it. 5/10

October 22
86. Deadly Species (2002)* (Lionsgate (Another) Horror Collection 8 Movie Pack)
An anthropologist takes a group of students into the Everglades to search for a lost Indian tribe while the man financing the expedition searches for something far more valuable. The acting is pretty bad, especially the rich guy, the plot has been done before, the creatures are only fair, and it just gets boring at times. 4/10
87. Goodbye Gemini (1970)* Blu-Ray
Twins, a boy and a girl with a very strong, creepy relationship, go to London and run into all sorts of trouble. More crime drama than horror but well acted and paced with strong visuals and a few disturbing moments. Takes an unexpected turn I didn't quite get and ends on a downbeat note. 6/10
88. Madhouse aka there was a little girl (1981)*
A woman is terrorized after her now deformed twin sister escapes from a hospital. First hour is OK then the plot derails and the whole tone changes. I appreciated some of the insanity of the last part but it was also filled with nonsense and stupidity breaking any tension built up and giving me a few laughs. 4/10

October 23
89. Bloody Murder 2 (2003)* (Lionsgate (Another) Horror Collection 8 Movie Pack)
Counselors helping to close down a summer camp for the winter start dropping like flies after they play a game of Bloody Murder. Effective slasher with several suspenseful stalking scenes and brutal murders. The acting isn't that good but the plot has a couple of twists that almost make sense. 6/10
90. Gothika (2003)* (4 Film Favorites * Thriller Collection)
A psychiatrist suddenly finds herself a patient in the asylum in a penitentiary where she worked after being accused of killing her husband. Good ghostly thriller with an mystery that kept me guessing and a decent solution. There are a few improbabilities in the plot but the acting is fine and there are several creepy moments. 6.5/10
91. Dungeon of Harrow (1964)*
Two survivors of a shipwreck find themselves on an island ruled by an insane, sadistic count who shares his castle with his Nubian servant, a nurse, and a couple of other folks. Absurd dialog and awful acting make this a bad movie but one that I liked due to OK sets and makeup and a story that has several surprises along the way not to mention moments of weirdness that keep you watching for more. 4/10
92. Death by Invitation (1971)*
A witch seeks revenge on the ancestors of those who killed her hundreds of years ago. Standard story with subpar acting and dialog. Little emotion is shown except in the opening witch burning scene which results in a dream like quality and an aura of strangeness permeates the whole movie. This is not a good movie but I found it very much worth watching. 5/10

October 24
93. The Man and the Monster (1959)* Mexico
A musician makes calls upon dark forces to make him the world's greatest pianist. Of course, there's a catch. Atmospheric with good use of light and shadow and a slightly different take on the Jekyll and Hyde plot. OK looking monster. 6/10
94. Blood of the Virgins (1974)* Argentina
A bunch of fun loving vacationers run out of gas in the middle of the night and decide to stay at a deserted resort until morning. Uh Oh! Sometimes erotic modern day vampire tale has an eerie mood mainly due to a few arty touches and an excellent soundtrack. 7/10
95. At Midnight I Will Take Your Soul (1964)* (The Coffin Joe Collection R2) Brazil
A sadistic, bullying undertaker is looking for a woman to bear his son and causes plenty of suffering along the way. Very creepy atmosphere both from sets and the slightly over the top acting of star and director José Mojica Marins. There's a great scene at the end where he's running through a forest while certain omens happen one after the other. There are a few effects that don't work well but that's a minor point. 7/10
96. The House at the End of Time (2013)* Venezuela
After 30 years, a women convicted of murdering her husband is allowed to live out the rest of her sentence under house arrest at her former home where she is finally able to make sense of what happened. A haunted house story with a twist and an emphasis on characters which pays off in the end. There are also plenty of scares and strange events. The wrap up may be a little too pat but I didn't mind. 8.5/10
97. Yambao aka Cry of the Bewitched (1957)* (VCI Psychotronica Collection) Cuba/Mexico
The granddaughter of a slain voodoo priestess returns at the same time as the plague, plunging a usually peaceful sugar plantation into chaos. Just awful. There is minimal voodoo (a healing, a little mind control) and maximum song and dance whenever a ritual or significant event takes place. To be fair, the musical numbers aren't bad but there are way too many. Add an insipid love affair and you've got plenty of nothing. 2.5/10

October 25
98. Jack Frost (1997)* Blu-Ray
After an accident with a genetic research van, a serial killer turns into a killer snowman and seeks revenge on the town where he was captured. An absurd idea for a movie but I enjoyed every minute. There are a lot of funny lines an scenes and the murders can be pretty strange. 6/10
99. Hobgoblins (1988)* Blu-Ray
Creatures who can tap into a person's fantasies in order to destroy them escape from a vault and try to do just that. Didn't start out too bad but got boring pretty fast. Acting bad, script stupid, creatures look good but can barely move, humor falls flat. 3/10
100. Evils of the Night (1985)* Blu-Ray
Aliens who need to extract platelets from humans to save their own race hire two middle aged mechanics to obtain the people. OK. A little goofy but also bloody with some good looking women. Slow at times but exciting at the end. Several name stars a little past their prime are featured including the always welcome John Carradine . 4/10
101. Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966)* Blu-Ray
A family on vacation in the desert gets lost and ends up staying at sinister house with a bizarre caretaker. This is a bad movie but it's also funny as heck for much of the time. Torgo makes this film. When Torgo is on, I laughed my head off. Once The Master awakes things slow down. First time viewing the non-MST version. 4/10

October 26
102. Monkey Shines (1988)*
A man suffers an accident and becomes a quadriplegic and in order to help him out his best friend gives him a trained monkey that has been experimented upon to increase it's intelligence. Well acted with a good build up and a plot with some interesting ideas. Part of the resolution is quite shocking but another aspect is just too easy. 7/10
103. The Dark Half (1993)* Blu-Ray
When an academic writer reveals that he wrote trashy fiction under a pseudonym he is shocked to discover that his alter ego may be a real person who is trying to fame him for murder. Really creepy beginning and a good finish but in between is a little variable. 5/10
104. Two Evil Eyes (1990)* Blu-Ray
George Romero and Dario Argento each adapt an Edgar Allen Poe story. I liked Romero's ("The Facts in the Case of Mr. Valdemar") a bit better than Argento's ("The Black Cat"). Performances are good in both but they seemed a bit too long, especially Argento's although his was grislier. 5.5/10
105. Human Beasts (1980)* (The Paul Naschy Collection) Blu-Ray
A mercenary is shot by those who he betrayed and is nursed back to health by a doctor and his two beautiful daughters who have their own plans for the man. Starts out as a crime drama with elements or horror gradually added to the mix. 6/10

October 27
106. Slither (2006)* Blu-Ray
Alien slugs land near a small town and start taking over humans. Lots of fun with good effects, gross monsters, a good story and funny jokes. 7/10
107. The Evictors (1979)* Blu-Ray
A couple moves into a house with a history of murders and a terrifying figure is soon stalking the place. Pretty standard plot although frankly the motivation for the terror seems a little weak and the perps are pretty easy to spot. The end doesn't quite ring true. 5/10
108. Sinister (2012)* Blu-Ray
A writer, researching a mass murder, finds some 8mm film that documents that crime and several others. Pretty good movie with a few jumps and a little different take on the killings. Never connected with the characters much. 6/10
109. The Mad Ghoul (1943) VHS
A chemistry professor reproduces a Mayan gas that robs people of their wills, turning them into zombie like slaves. Nice B-movie horror thriller has George Zucco, as the chemist, in fine form. Not very original but well carried out. 6/10

October 28
110. The Curse of the Crying Woman (1963)
A woman plans to use her niece to bring a powerful witch back to life. Very good with lots of great indoor and outdoor sets and a strong story. The miniatures are a little obvious but cool nonetheless. 7/10
111. The Brainiac (1962)
A demonic sorcerer, who must eat brains to live, returns to Earth after 300 years to kill the ancestors of those who originally destroyed him. Standard plot both entertaining and bizarre. The special effects are crude and the monster makeup is rubbery but it is put to good use. 6/10
112. The Initiation (1984)* Blu-Ray
After inmates escape from a sanitarium, friends and family of a collage girl plagued by nightmares begin to die. Very good slasher, with a plot a little more complicated and fleshed out than some and a good setting. A twist comes out of left field at the very end but it works well in this case. 7/10
113. Blood Orgy of the She-Devils (1973)*
Some parapsychologists try to save a couple from a blood sacrifice but really there is almost no plot, just a series of vignettes about the powers and history of witchcraft. Some good looking women in sexy outfits and cheesy effects to wrap it all up. Not uninteresting but you're really glad when it's over. Fantastic title though. 4/10
114. The Velvet Vampire (1971)* (Roger Corman's Cult Classics Vampires, Mummies & Monsters Collection)
A female vampire invites a couple to her desert home in order to seduce them. I guess. Another slow mover, this time in kind of an arty style and dreamy atmosphere. Some nice desert shot but not much happens until the end and then it's too little too late. A chore to get through. 3.5/10
115. Scream of the Demon Lover (1970) VHS
A female biochemist goes to a typical Euro-horror castle and falls for a man trying to find a way to restore burnt flesh to help his brother. OK story, a little slow and with nothing new but entertaining. 5/10
116. Brides of Dracula (1960) with Svengoolie (2017)* Live TV
Not one of my favorite Hammer films but Sven always makes things more interesting. Originally aired in 2006 there were some new segments added to this broadcast.

October 29
117. Deranged (1974)* Blu-Ray
A deranged farmer unearths his mother a year after she was buried because he misses her and then decides to dig up some friends first to patch Mom up and then to join her. Well acted by lead Roberts Blossom with some really gross scenes especially near the beginning. Darkly humorous at times. Based on a true story. 7/10
118. Headhunter (1988)* Blu-Ray
Two Miami police detectives are assigned to series of murders where the victims heads are missing. OK police vs supernatural killer movie goes by the book and never really grabbed me all that much. When the creature is finally reveal it's only fair. Kind of forgettable. 5/10
119. Re-Animator (1985) Blu-Ray
A medical student develops a formula to re-animate dead tissue which causes a whole bunch of trouble. Smart, bloody and funny at times. Very entertaining. Jeffrey Combs is particularly good as the obsessed student. 7/10
120. The Tomb (2009)*
A literature professor is seduced and gives up everything for a beautiful woman trying to find a way to live forever. A little slow with low key acting but nice photography used to establish the mood. A little confusing a times and a few too many not so clever camera tricks. 4.5/10

October 30
121. The Haunting of Morella (1990)* Blu-Ray
During US colonial times followers attempt to resurrect a witch seventeen years after she died so she can possess her daughter. Based on a Poe story. Not as lavish as the earlier Corman Poe movies but pretty good. Nicole Eggert doesn't quite have the chops to carry off the double role and some of the other characters just seem too modern. 5/10
122. The Omen (1976)* (The Omen Collection) Blu-Ray
A diplomat and his wife begin to suspect that their son contains a great evil. Very good mainstream horror. Well acted and directed by seasoned pros. There is a growing sense of menace as we find out more about the child and a nice build up of tension near the end. There is also a very atmospheric scene in an abandoned cemetery. 7/10
123. Drag Me to Hell (2009)* Blu-Ray
A loan officer is cursed by an old gypsy woman and tries to find a way to stop a demon from taking her soul. Good story, good acting, and some good scares. 6.5/10
124. Metamorphisis (1990)* Blu-Ray
A scientist tries to crack the genetic code in order to find a way to get eternal life. Really cheap, often stupid, and slow moving. A monster takes forever to show up and at one point is just laughable. Lead Gene LeBrock does not do a very good job. 3/10
125. Beyond Darkness (1990)* Blu-Ray
A reverend is tricked into moving his family into a house that is controlled by a demon and twenty witches and is also a door to hell. Weird stuff starts happening and keeps happening. That's the plot in another Gene LeBrock starring role. He's only a little better in this one. 4/10

October 31
126. Halloween (2007)
A disturbed man, who killed most of his family when he was a child, escapes from an asylum and returns to his hometown on Halloween. Remake of a classic is good but suffers in comparison. Delves deeply into what made Michael Meyers a crazed killer. perhaps too much. Bloodier than the original but not more frightening. 6/10
127. Halloween II (2009)* Blu-Ray
Micheal Meyers returns and we see how his previous attacks affected the lives of the survivors. In some ways (more atmosphere and creepiness in spots) a better movie than the first, I did not like the direction this one took, although it was nice that it tried for something different. Seems to take place on Earth A-hole. 4/10
128. Trick 'r Treat (2007) 9/10
129. The Cabin in the Woods (2012) Blu-Ray 7/10
130. Night of the Living Dead (1968) 8/10
131. The Thing From Another World (1951) 10/10
132. The Man From Planet X (1951) Blu-Ray 7/10


--- 1890 -
--- 1900 -
--- 1910 -
--- 1920 -
--- 1930 - 1
--- 1940 - 11
--- 1950 - 111151111
--- 1960 - 111151111511
--- 1970 - 1111511115111151111511115111151
--- 1980 - 111151111511115111151111511115
--- 1990 - 111151111511
--- 2000 - 1111511115111151111
--- 2010 - 1111511115111


-X- 10/01: Farewell Texas Gentleman Who Took the Chainsaw That Extra Mile, You Directed Poltergeist; We Know Your Style! - R.I.P. Tobe Hooper -
-X- 10/02: Radioactive Materials Produced from Industrial Waste, These Slimy Carcinogenic Poisons Will Give You Superpowers to Fly to Outer Space! - Slime, Goo & Toxic Waste Horror -
-X- 10/03: It Slices! It Dices! It Circumcises! - Slashers/ Giallos / Serial Killers -
-X- 10/04: Produced Carefully One Frame At a Time, These Two-Dimensional Abominations Are Nightmare-Fueled Versions of Modern Day Pantomime. - Animated Horror -
-X- 10/05: Straitjackets Unhinged; Crazies On the Fringe! Holy Crap, It's Societal Collapse! - Werewolves / Were-Creatures On A Full Moon -
-X- 10/06: Enchanted Forests, Men with Hooks for Hands, A Ghostly Woman Residing in the Mirror ...It All Goes Hand In Hand. - Folklore, Urban Legends & Fairy Tale Horror -
-X- 10/07: Mindfuckery of Lynchian Dream Logic Style with Hallucinogenic Head Trips that Beguile - Nightmares & Dreamscapes / Hallucinations & Drug Trips -
-X- 10/08: Viruses! Plagues! Outbreaks! Walking Corpses that are Undead!
Call In the Military; Shoot 'Em in the Head! - Zombies -
-X- 10/09: From Scream Queens to the Final Girl, These Deadly Women Will Make Your Nightmares Unfurl! - Day of the Woman: Female Directed Horror Films -
-X- 10/10: Chronological Horror Years Faceoff - Chapter 5 - 1967 (Gold) Vs. 1992 (Silver) : It Survived -
-X- 10/11: Dusty Decaying Bones in Rat-Infested Paris Catacombs - Skull & Bones -
-X- 10/12: Some Poor Sap in the Museum's Egyptian Wing is Lying Dead ...Never Remove the Cursed Sarcophagus Amulet From the Mummy's Ancient Rotting Head. - Mummies -
-X- 10/13: It's That Annual Event At Camp Crystal Lake When Teens Get a Little Perverse ...Meanwhile Crazy Ralph Politely Reminds Everyone You're All Doomed; There's a Death Curse! - Unlucky Charms - A Celebration of Friday the 13th: Black Cats / Broken Mirrors / Ladders / F13 Films -
-X- 10/14: Intestinal Annihilation with a Little Arterial Spray, Add Some Gory Depravity & Blood Spatter... It's All In a Day! - Splatter / Gore -
-X- 10/15: Once, Twice, Three Times the Lacerations - Horror Anthologies -
-X- 10/16: Print Media is Slowly Decaying. Two of the Big Dogs Unfortunately Won't Be Staying. - R.I.P. Fangoria / Video Watchdog -
-X- 10/17: Friends, Frenemies or Just a Figment of the Imagination;
That's a Friendship Crapshoot Gambling with Your Eradication! - Friends 'till the End: The Good, The Bad & The Imaginary -
-X- 10/18: Expectant Mothers Carrying the Antichrist; Their Freakishly Mutated Offspring Presumably Won't Play Nice! - Pregnancy Horror -
-X- 10/19: Ectoplasmic Entities Materializing at Night. Strong Yet Suspenseful Emotional Frights. Summoning the Dead by Candlelight. - Supernatural / Quiet/Soft / Seances -
-X- 10/20: Bela's Blood Sucking Bloodbath Birthday Bash Bonanza Extravaganza! - Vampires -
-X- 10/21: R.I.P. VCR: You're Officially Belated, But Your Kick-Ass VHS Video Cover Art Will Never Be Outdated! - 1980s Video Companies Spotlight: Media Home Entertainment / Video Stores -
-X- 10/22: Manufactured Tulpas from Unearthly Dimensions Or Maybe Evil Twin Siblings Just Hanging At Local Horror Conventions? - Evil Twins & Doppelgangers -
-X- 10/23: Tonight's Forecast Calls for a 100% Chance of Unadulterated Fright! - It Was a Dark and Stormy Night... -
-X- 10/24: Now Boarding: Your Ticket to Sun-Drenched Terror! - Coffin Joe's Caribbean, Mexican & Central/South American Cruise to Port Oblivion Featuring Hispanic Icons -
-X- 10/25: The Shittiest, Cheapest Movies Mankind Ever Sprung; Some So Bad, They're Good ...Others are Killer Tongue! - IMDB Lowest Rated Horror -
-X- 10/26: Goodbye Godfather of the Modern Living Dead & Social Commentary Guru of What Needed to Be Said. - R.I.P. George A. Romero -
-X- 10/27: Hello Friends, Welcome to the 100th Anniversary of Antonio Bay! We're Murderous Ghost Mariners from A Leper Colony ...Yeah, We Can't Stay! - Small Town Horrors -
-X- 10/28: Binge-Watch Parties From Beyond the Grave & Benighted. Beware! There's a Catch; Pray You're Not Invited! - Mass Marathon of the Damned 8: Horror Parties -
-X- 10/29: Electronically Produced Via Keyboard from the Bowels of Hell... This Retro Futuristic Music from Beyond Is the Proverbial Death Knell. - The Synth of Fear -
-X- 10/30: Evil Witches Cast Their Spell, Runaway or Discover the Demon-Infested Layers of Hell! - Devil's Night Debauchery: Demonic Possession / Satanic / Witchcraft / Hell -
-X- 10/31: Halloween Evokes the Spirits of the Dead, Tread Lightly or Experience a Decapitated Head! - All Hallows Eve Horrifically Hideous Hellfest / Samhain: An Evening of Celtic Horror -

Select 10 actors:
-X- Kevin Bacon - Friday the 13th (1980)
-X- Tobin Bell - Boogeyman 2
--- Michael Biehn -
--- Doug Bradley -
-X- Veronica Cartwright - The Birds
-X- Peter Cushing - The Skull
-X- Jocelin Donahue - Insidious: Chapter 2
-X- Brad Dourif - Critters 4
--- Ethan Embry -
-X- Boris Karloff - The Black Cat (1934)
--- Brea Grant -
--- Kane Hodder -
--- Elizabeth Kaitan -
-X- Bela Lugosi - The Black Cat (1934)
-X- Christopher Lee - The Man Who Could Cheat Death
--- Rose McGowan -
--- R.A. Mihailoff -
--- Dina Myer -
-X- Meg Tilly - One Dark Night
--- Mary Elizabeth Winstead -

Select 5 recently deceased actors -or- directors
--- Don Calfa -
--- John Vulich -
-X- Ted V. Mikels - Blood Orgy of the She-Devils
--- John Zacherle -
--- William Peter Blatty -
--- Carrie Fisher -
--- Miguel Ferrer -
--- John Hurt -
--- Bill Paxton -
--- Robert Day -
-X- Alessandro Alessandroni - Lady Frankenstein
--- Michael Parks -
-X- Adam West - One Dark Night
-X- George A. Romero - Monkey Shines
-X- John Heard - C.H.U.D.
--- Sam Shepard -
--- Robert Hardy -
--- Haruo Nakajima -
-X- Sonny Landham - Poltergeist
-X- Jay Thomas - C.H.U.D.
-X- Tobe Hooper - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
--- Martin Landau -
--- Harry Dean Stanton -
--- Bernie Casey -
--- Hugh Hefner -

Select 2 film composers:
-X- Antón García Abril - The Ghostly Galleon
--- John Carpenter -
--- Daniel Licht -
-X- Harry Manfredini - Friday the 13th (1980)

Select 5 directors:
--- Dario Argento -
--- Don Coscarelli -
-X- David DeCoteau - Dreamaniac
--- Mike Flanagan -
--- Tom Holland -
--- Mary Lambert -
-X- Jean Rollin - The Iron Rose
-X- Steve Miner - Friday the 13th Part 2
-X- James Wan - Insidious: Chapter 2
-X- Adam Wingard - Home Sick

Select 2 makeup effects artists:
--- Patrick Baxter -
-X- Jason Collins - Insidious: Chapter 2
-X- Mark Shostrom - The Mutilator aka Fall Break
--- Bud Westmore -

Select 2 producers:
-X- Bradley Fuller - A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)
--- Dino De Laurentiis -
-X- Roy Lee - It (2017)
--- Lloyd Kaufman -

Select 2 writers:
--- Jaume Balagueró -
-X- Robert Bloch - The Skull based on a short story
--- Jack Ketchum -
-X- H.P. Lovecraft - Re-Animator

Select 30 of the following sub-genres / types:
--- *3-D Film -
-X- Agoraphobia - Boogeyman 2
-X- Anthology Film - Tales of Halloween
-X- Appears on BFI's 100 European Horror Films List - The House With Laughing Windows
-X- Appears on Video Nasties List - Death Trap aka Eaten Alive
-X- Based on a True Story - Ravenous
-X- Based on a Novel - The Undying Monster based on novel by Jessie Douglas Kerruish
-X- Cannibalism - Ravenous
-X- Cinema Inspired By: Edgar Allan Poe - Pit and the Pendulum
-X- Cinematic Titanic / Horror Host / MST3K / RiffTrax - Brides of Dracula with Svengoolie
-X- Classic Universal Monsters Movie - The Black Cat (1934)
-X- Comedy / Spoof - Jack Frost
-X- Criterion / Masters of Cinema Version Film - Valerie and Her Week of Wonders
-X- Death by: Fire - Island Claws
-X- Distributor / Studio: Vinegar Syndrome - Hobgoblins
--- Documentary -
-X- Extraterrestrial / Takes Place in Space - Critters 4
-X- Film From Someone Else's List You've Never Seen - Fender Bemder from SethDLH 10/6
-X- Film From TCM's October Schedule - Poltergeist 10/31
-X- From a Basis Gogos Painting - Madhouse (1974) portrait of Vincent Price as Dr. Death
-X- Found Footage - Sinister
-X- Frankenstein - Lady Frankenstein
-X- Ghost / Haunting - Poltergeist
-X- Giallo - Death Walks on High Heels
-X- K-Horror - Train to Busan
-X- Killer / Evil Animal - The Birds
-X- Killer / Evil Child - Devil Times Five
-X- Killer / Evil Doll - Curse of the Doll People
-X- Made-for-TV Movie - Wyvern
-X- Monster / Creature Feature / Godzilla - Yongary, Monster from the Deep
-X- Mummy - The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy
--- Musical / Rock ‘n Roll Horror
-X- Nation of Origin: China - The Imp
--- Nazi -
-X- Psychological - The Mafu Cage
--- Rape / Revenge -
-X- Slasher / Psycho / Homicidal Maniac - Bloody Murder
-X- Takes Place on a Holiday - Trick 'r Treat
-X- Takes Place on or Under the Sea - The Ghostly Galleon
-X- Three Installments in a Franchise - Poltergeist I, II, III
-X- Vampire - The Vampire
-X- Werewolf - The Boy Who Cried Werewolf
-X- Witchcraft / Satanic / Religious - The Omen
-X- With Commentary - Caltiki, the Immortal Monster commentary by Tim Lucas
-X- With Two or More Horror Legends - The Black Cat (1934) Karloff and Lugosi
-X- Zombie - Train to Busan

Watch 1 w/commentary from the "Masters of Commentary":
--- Joe Bob Briggs -
--- John Carpenter -
--- Larry Cohen -
--- Joe Dante -
-X- Tim Lucas - Commentary for Caltiki, the Immortal Monster
--- Guillermo del Toro -
--- David del Valle -

Watch films in at least three formats:
-X- First format, DVD The Birds
-X- Second format, Blu-Ray Fender Bender
-X- Third format, VHS The Mad Ghoul

Watch films in at least three languages:
-X- First language, Italian, Caltiki, the Immortal Monster
-X- Second language, Spanish, Night of the Werewolf
-X- Third language, Czech, Valerie and Her Week of Wonders

Watch 3 films that you've never seen before that:
-X- Stars a Barbara (Steele, Crampton, Hershey, Shelley) - Insidious: Chapter 2
-X- Features music by Richard Band - The House on Sorority Row
-X- Was made in the 1950s - The Man Who Could Cheat Death (1959)
-X- Features a Disembodied / Possessed Hand - Demonoid
--- Was written by Jimmy Sangster -
--- Features a solar eclipse -
-X- Has the words "It" in the title - It (2017)
--- Was directed by David Cronenberg -
--- Stars Michelle Bauer -
-X- Takes place at a cemetery - The Iron Rose
-X- Features an actor who played Michael Myers, Jason, Freddy, Pinhead, or another pop culture horror killer in a different role - Robert Englund played Buck in Eaten Alive

Select 8 decades of film history:
--- 1890 -
--- 1900 -
--- 1910 -
--- 1920
-X- 1930 - The Black Cat (1934)
-X- 1940 - The Undying Monster (1942)
-X- 1950 - The Thing From Another World (1951)
-X- 1960 - Night of the Living Dead (1968)
-X- 1970 - The Iron Rose (1973)
-X- 1980 - American Nightmare (1983)
-X- 1990 - The Haunting of Morella (1990)
-X- 2000 - Deadly Species (2002)
-X- 2010 - The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

Select 1 from the "Chronological Horror Years Faceoff":
-X- 1942 (75th) - The Undying Monster
-X- 1967 (50th) - Yongary, Monster from the Deep
-X- 1992 (25th) – Highway to Hell

Select 2 from the following anniversaries:
-X- 15th Anniversary of The Rondo Hatton Awards - Brides of Dracula (1960) with Svengoolie Sven won Best Horror Host many times
--- 20th Anniversary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer -
-X- 25th Anniversary of The Sci-Fi/SyFy Channel - Wyvern
-X- 100th Birthday of Santo - La venganza de las mujeres vampiro aka The Vengeance of the Vampire Women

Select 4 ratings:
--- G -
-X- PG - Poltergeist
-X- PG-13 - Critters 4
-X- R - Lady Frankenstein
--- NC-17 -
--- X -
-X- Unrated - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
--- M -
-X- GP - I Eat Your Skin

Attend a live event (convention, play, haunted house, ghost tour, etc.):
--- (insert event). OPTIONAL

Venture Into the Literary World:
--- Read a Horror Novel or Novella (insert title). OPTIONAL
--- Read a Horror Comic Book or Graphic Novel (insert title). OPTIONAL
--- Read a Horror Magazine (insert title). OPTIONAL
Challenges - Leap Day: 12 16 A/A/C/M: 2018 Drive-In: 2018 Make Your Own: 2018 Historical: 2017 Sci-Fi/Fantasy: 11 12 Animation: 10 11 12 Horror Movie: 2017

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