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Re: The 7th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Thread

* LIST IS FINAL (still updating format) *


Previous year's lists:

2010 = 127 Watched/108 FTV/First Line Quoted
2009 = 100 Watched/87 FTV/Random Line Quoted
2008 = 74 Watched/57 FTV/Random Line Quoted

This year’s goals:

-X- Watch as many as I can (no number goal this year)
-X- Watch at least one film for each Theme Day, on specified day
-X!- Have fun

Total Watched = 68

All films USA unless noted otherwise
Shorts 1 Min or less counted as 1 Min
* = First Time Viewing
WC# = Wild Cards 1-3
"Quotes" = LAST line/words spoken (or prominent scream)

October: 1
1. La mano de un hombre muerto AKA The Sadistic Baron Von Klaus (DVD – 1962 – 95 Min – B&W – Spain) IMDb - Theme
"Get him in the car."
What’s more fitting for the cult movie theme than a piece from one of the masters of the horror-cult cinema himself, Jess Franco. This is one of his earliest works, and his talent as a filmmaker was quite pronounced here. Thankfully for me and I’m sure many Franco fans, this proper talent for the camera did not last long, and his favoring of crazy zooms and lingering, way-too-long shots would prove to be his trademark bread and butter. Good ‘ole Franc.

October: 2
2. The ‘Burbs (DVD – 1989 – 101 Min – Color – USA) IMDb
"God I love this street."
I absolutely love this movie. This fun work, that of course features a young Tom Hanks, also features two of my favorite movie themes: Horror and suburbia (with a side of cheese). I watch this movie every challenge, so not much to add except that it’s always a lot of fun, each subsequent viewing. This ‘burb is one of the best on film, and I’d love to live there (minus the neighbor). Hollywood housing is always so appealing to me.
3. The Crazies (DVD – 1973 – 103 Min – Color – USA) IMDb - Theme
"Are you kidding me, soldier?"
One thing I love about this film is that it gets going right away. No waiting around, you’re just thrown right into it. I find that it’s even more terrifying when things are moving without the viewer, and then you show up, and the immediate challenge is to figure out what the heck is going on. And of course there’s the infamous white suits and gas masks. I also love the explanation to get actors out of their masks. Just put some lights up around the doors! Oh, and Lane Carroll as Judy…
4. The Last Man on Earth (DVD – 1964 – 86 Min – B&W – USA) IMDb - Theme *
"All safe."
Two things immediately come to mind while watching this: 1) Vincent Price needs a dog (for a much longer amount of time) 2) Old Vince does a great job trimming hedges and mowing grass for the mass amounts of abandoned land. But the movie is very effective and though you can poke fun at it today, it would have been very effective for the time. Very well done. Except for the “blind” kid. Most horrendous child acting I’ve ever witnessed. And no free pass for it being a kid. This was just terrible.

October: 3
5. El ataque de los pájaros AKA Beaks: The Movie (YouTube/Roku – 1987 – 90 Min – Color – Spain) IMDb - Theme *
"A plan to choose who will survive."
Ummm, yeah, well, this was worth at least one watch. One has to really witness the insane, slow-motion bird attack sequences, at least once. Not much here to really comment on. There was some nice, soapy nakedness, and the slow-mo birds. I already forgot the rest.

October: 4
6. Shock AKA Beyond the Door II (YouTube/Roku – 1977 – 95 Min – Color – Italy) IMDb - Theme *
"Now what game shall we play?"
Mario Bava is kind of hit or miss, and this one didn’t work 100% for me, but it was a good watch none-the-less. More than anything else the pacing was off and the plot had some strides to make to get to the conclusion. It felt more like a 20 minute idea stretched into an hour and a half. But still, creepy and Bava, and worth a look.

October: 5
7. The Horde (YouTube/Roku – 2009 – 90 Min – Color – France) IMDb - Theme - 31 Films Subset *
"Je vais vous montrer hardcore!"
I really enjoyed the deliberate slowness and quite in the opening scenes of this film. Really made me pay extra close attention and had no idea why. This is one of those fast-paced thrills, with faster paced zombies that erupts into nearly non-stop destruction. Had a good vibe to it, but not one I’d watch again anytime soon.

October: 6
8. Sometimes They Come Back (Netflix/DroidX – 1991 – 97 Min – Color) IMDb *
"Coins that belonged to my big brother."
I have always been a big fan of Stephen King’s storytelling, and this film did a great job of capturing his sense of fiction. I loved the characters and the idea of the film. It was week in the beginning, and this guy was pretty whiney at times, but once it got going it moved at a pretty good pace. I love the scene where the “car” is chasing the kid on the bike.
9. Dead and Burried (Netflix/Roku – 1981 – 94 Min – Color) IMDb - Theme *
"…Come, Dan, let me fix those for you."
Great little film. It has a kind of lame intro that steamrolls to rewarding fairly quickly. Not sure what the cover has to do with the film, but both are aptly entertaining.

October: 7
10. The Haunting of Molly Hartley (DVD – 2008 – 82 Min – Color) IMDb *
"See you soon."
This was a pleasant surprise. Not sure why there are so many negative reviews for this, I had a lot of fun with it. We have some lovely girls, a great (but simple) plot, and likeable characters. And not a straight-forward kids movie either. It pretty much involves something that “happens” to certain kids when they turn 18. Sure, some of the details are easy and maybe a bit childish, but I lost myself here for an hour and a half, and what more could I ask for? (cute girls in private school uniforms, yep, plenty of that here too!)
11. Urban Legend (DVD – 1998 – 99 Min – Color) IMDb *
"This is how the story really goes…"
Hated it. Really.
12. Piranha (HDTV/Showtime – 2010 – 88 Min – Color) IMDb *
"So, where are the parents?"
For a remake, sequel, reimagining, whatever it’s called, this one does it very well. There’s tons of gore, lots of nastiness, and plenty of T&A. I think we know how the story goes, and I enjoyed it, not really knowing what the payoff would be. My biggest complaint is with the (inevitable) warnings, police, “panic,” etc, there was really no sense of urgency. The underwater dancing was just, well, an amazing bit of filming. Amazing.
13. The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll (DVD – 1960 – 88 Min – Color – UK) IMDb - Theme *
"…it is my duty to arrest you on a charge of willful murder."
Decent movie, but seriously lacking in the horror department, or at least for my watching needs. But this film kind of presents my biggest problem with Hammer, and that’s the beauty and macabre of sets and tone, versus a sometimes dull, self-absorbed awareness. But ultimately enjoyable, this one is heavier on the romance aspect, but still delivers.
14. --And Now the Screaming Starts! (DVD – 1973 – 91 Min – Color – UK) IMDb - Theme *
"Unto the third and fourth generation. "
One of the highlights of last year’s Challenge for me was discovering Amicus films. I had never really watched, or at least paid attention before and I’m so glad it’s on my radar now. But with that being said, I was a little bit disappointed with this film. The main culprit for my displeasure is that the difference that sets Amicus apart from Hammer is that Amicus is known as the lower-budget horror company, and that means that most films are set during the present, as opposed to the more expensive gothic, classic horror. This film feels like a low-budget Hammer, straight up, instead of being its own production. Still a great watch, though. The hand effects were surprisingly effective.

October: 8
15. Resident Evil (BD – 2002 – 100 Min – Color) IMDb - Theme
"Let me out!"
Always a fun watch. Feels just like the game.
16. Resident Evil: Apocalypse (BD – 2004 – 94 Min – Color) IMDb - Theme
"What did they do to you?"
Cool to see Jill. I love the way Milla crashes into the church. Total video game cheese-fest.

October: 9
17. Resident Evil: Extinction (BD – 2007 – 95 Min – Color) IMDb
"I’m going to be bringing a few of my friends."
This is actually one of my favorites of the series. I like the desolation, end of the world vibe through the beginning. The convoy is a great character in itself, I could have watched a couple hours just following them around. Milla at the pinnacle of her powers, lots of fun.
18. Resident Evil: Afterlife (BD – 2010 – 97 Min – Color) IMDb
"You are going to be in for the fight of your lives."
Multiple Millas! What more could you ask for? This one was pure fun. I’m still a fan.
19. Resident Evil: Degeneration (BD – 2008 – 97 Min – Animated) IMDb
"’till next time."
This is one of those heavy (or all) CG animations that seems so rendered that the viewer is just detached from the story. I like the idea, and it was great to see something else going on in the world that doesn’t center around Milla and company. I enjoyed it on a whole, but this felt long and cold. Great use of animated scenery.
20. Yogen AKA Premonition (Netflix/Roku – 2004 – 95 Min – Color – Japan) IMDb - Theme - 31 Films Subset *
Not sure if there’s such a thing as a “gentle” horror film, but if there is, this one would really fit that bill. A little slow moving and difficult to get into at times, but I really enjoyed this as a whole. I also appreciated that the whole slimy, wet, long-haired Japanese girl-contortionists were spared here. The unsettling scare effects that were used were terrific, but not overwhelming. I look forward to watching it again, as the ending—though not really a twist, does beg for a second viewing. In November, of course.

October: 10
21. Hexen bis aufs Blut gequält AKA Mark of the Devil (DVD – 1970 – 96 Min – Color – West Germany) IMDb - Theme *

I love the warning/announcement in the beginning. Great torture scenes, and although this does go a bit deep into the gore, the idea and expectation of what’s going to happen still holds up stringer for the horror effect. I can’t imagine stuff like this actually happening in our lifetime.
And don’t forget your free Vomit Bag!

22. Non si sevizia un paperino AKA Don’t Torture a Duckling (Netflix/Roku – 1972 – 102 Min – Color – Italy) IMDb - Theme *
"In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit."
Great, classic Fulci, which of course means some fun effects and slow, gruesome deaths, but also a lot of nonsense storytelling using sub-par actors. I have to admit watching kids die this way was quite a bit unsettling. But if you know Fulci, and you’re prepared, then this is a great little piece. I was left guessing until the final reveal as to whom the killer really was, and the pay-off was quite nice.

October: 11
23. Dog Soldiers (DVD – 2002 – 105 Min – Color – UK) IMDb - Theme - 31 Films Subset *
"It is now."
Fun, Aliens style action movie. Great sci-fi kind of feel. My biggest complaint is I didn’t really connect with any of the characters, but it was fun.

October: 12
24. Maximum Overdrive (DVD – 1986 – 97 Min – Color) IMDb - Theme
"I’m gonna lose my cookies."
Killer trucks, Emilio Estevez, and AC/DC… what more could you ask for? Pure horror gold! I can’t believe my wife hadn’t seen this before. She loved it as much as me, and I loved watching it for the 20th or so time.

October: 13
25. Trolljegeren AKA Trollhunter (Netflix/Roku – 2010 – 103 Min – Color – Norway) IMDb - Theme - 31 Films Subset *
". . ."
Found footage is fun to watch, and this one had me attentive the whole time. The “stalking” style documenting in the first quarter of the film peeked my interest. Great little film.

October: 14
26. An American Haunting (DVD – 2005 – 83 Min – Color) IMDb - Theme *
This was a mildly entertaining film, with some decent scares. I have to admit I didn’t get the central theme of the film at the end. I actually went and watched some of the alternate endings which explained the film’s intention a little better. Great idea, good effects, just seemed the filmmakers didn’t know how to end it. Worth a look.

October: 15
27. The Frighteners (HD DVD – 1996 – 123 Min – Color) IMDb - Theme *
First time watching the director’s cut. I really enjoy this film. Lots of fun and laughs, and Michael J. Fox was in top form. Love it.
28. The Last Exorcism (Netflix/Roku – 2010 – 87 Min – Color) IMDb*
Decent watch, not as bad as most reviews make it out.

October: 16
29. Creepers Contamination .7 (Netflix/Roku – 1993 – 91 Min – Color – Italy) IMDb - Theme *
"Did you get your present?"
This film felt good to watch. Fun, light. Liked the Dr. Krueger with the red and black striped tie.
30. Phenomena (DVD – 1985 – 110 Min – Color – Italy) IMDb - Theme *
"(…monkey sounds…)"
Classic Argento, classic Connelly.

October: 17
31. Asylum (DVD – 1972 – 88 Min – Color – UK) IMDb - Theme *
"As Doctor Star used to say…"
Effective, wonderful film. Drawings in the beginning were a little annoying though. Great imagery.

October: 18
32. Fright House Secrets Revealed (HDTV/Diy – 2011 – 60 Min – Color) *
WC #1
Watch some idiots build a haunted house in Thrillvania, TX. Kinda boring.
33. Child’s Play Seed of Chucky (DVD – 2004 – 87 Min – Color) IMDb - Theme *
"(…maniacal laughter…)"
Fun, creepy. Fango, Britney, what more do you need?

October: 19
34. The Blood Splattered Bride (DVD – 1972 – 100 Min – Color – Italy) IMDb - Theme *
Slow moving, effective giallo.

October: 20
35. Horror of Dracula (DVD – 1958 – 82 Min – Color – UK) IMDb - Theme *
"… Gasp! …"
Unlike a lot of Hammer films, this one is not so slow and drawn-out. I enjoyed the heck out of it!

October: 21
36. Dead-End Drive In (DVD – 1986 – 88 Min – Color) IMDb - Theme *
Great vibe, terrific sets. A lot of fun, even if it’s light on the actual horror element.
37. Hell Night (Netflix/Roku – 1981 – 101 Min – Color) *
"… Gasp …"
Surprisingly fun watch. With Linda Blair in top bidding I was worried that this would suck, but I enjoyed it immensely. Well worth the watch.
38. Blade II (DVD – 2002 – 117 Min – Color) *
Good stuff.
39. Chopped Halloween (HDTV/Food Network – 2011 – 60 Min – Color) *
WC #2
Scary Chopped. The only thing better than a cooking show is a scary cooking show.
40. TV (120 Min TOTAL for the day)

(TV shows listed in the order they were watched)
Pretty Little Liars: The First Secret (HDTV/ABC Family) – 2011 – 60 Min – Color) *
Never watched this show before, probably won’t again, but good for a Halloween theme.
American Horror Story: Pilot (HDTV/FX) – 2011 – 60 Min – Color) *
Not sure what all the buzz is about. Not my thing.



Oct 22
#41 – Night of the Comet – 95 Min
#42 – Zombie Girl – 89 Min *

Oct 23
#43 – People Under the Stairs – 102 Min
#44 – Slither – 95 Min *
#45 – The Wolfman (Unrated) – 120 Min *

Oct 24
#46 – The Unnamable – 87 Min *
#47 – MOH – Cigarette Burns – 60 Min
#48 – Red State – 88 Min *
#49 – Nightbreed – 112 Min
#50 – Ghoulies – 81 Min *
#51 – Bedlam “Cohabitants” – 60 Min *
#51 – Castle – “Demons” – 60 Min *

Oct 25
#52 – The Fly – 94 Min *
#53 – Madhouse – 89 Min *

Oct 26
#54 – The Black Belly of the Tarantula – 89 Min *

Oct 27
#55 – Psych “This Episode Sucks” – 60 Min *
#55 – Suburgatory “Halloween” – 30 Min *
#55 – Community “Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps” – 30 Min *
#56 – Parks and Recreation “Meet ‘N’ Greet” – 30 Min *
#56 – The Office “Spooked” – 30 Min *
#56 – The Big Bang Theory “The Good Guy Fluctuation” – 30 Min *
#56 – Last Man Standing “Last Halloween Standing” – 30 Min *
#57 – MOH – The Black Cat – 60 Min *

Oct 28
#58 – Burn Witch, Burn! – 90 Min *
#59 – Drag Me to Hell – 109 Min *

Oct 29
#60 – Vampire’s Ghost – 59 Min *
#61 – The Wasp Woman – 73 Min *
#62 – Dolls – 77 Min *
#63 – The Relic – 110 Min

Oct 30
#64 – Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter – 91 Min *
#65 – Dead Girl – 101 Min *
#66 – Death Bed – 77 Min

Oct 31
#67 – Sleepwalkers – 91 Min *
#68 – How I Met Your Mother – 30 min WC #3 *

(Foreign Language translations notated using Google Translate)



Total Watched = 68
Total Approx Min Watched = 6426
Total Approx Hrs Watched = 107
Total First Time Views/Listens = 61 *

* Shorts/TV counted as separate first watches/formats per title


31 Films Subset:

(need to update titles)

Theme Nights:


I’ve listed only the first film watched that meets each theme (to the best of my knowledge) –
(need to update titles)
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