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The 5th Annual October Horror Movie Challenge!

Death Bed

Total Watched = 100

All films USA unless noted otherwise
Shorts 1 Min or less counted as 1 Min
* = First Time Viewing
WC# = Wild Cards 1-6
## = Horror or Halloween related/NOT COUNTED

October: 1
1. Pathogen (DVD – 2006 – 87 Min – Color) IMDB *
"You’re either gonna die… or DIE!"
I wanted to start off this year’s challenge with something unique and really worth the title of “Number One.” So I decided on this independent film, that really puts the DYI into movie making. If you’re not familiar yet with this film’s writer/director/editor, Emily Haggins, you need to be. She was only 12 yrs old when she began filming this feature-length zombie movie. Yes, that’s 12 yrs old… The film itself is a lot of fun. It is evident that she had a lot of support from friends and family to get this going and completed. There are a lot of great reviews online that go into much more detail, and I’ll let their stellar points enlighten you more (see for more info). Of course the movie isn’t perfect, but it was enjoyable and better executed than a lot of direct-to-video releases that I’ve seen. One of the best attributes of what makes a great horror film for me is to think back on memorable images or scenes. The more these images pop up in my mind, the greater and more effective the film. I get a lot of fond memories from this movie. Pathogen is worth a blind-buy, and if you don’t like it, at least you’re contributing to a competent future film-maker.

October: 2
2. The Strange Door (DVD – 1951 – 104 Min – B&W) IMDB *
"I’m in the mood for relaxation – let’s visit the dungeons!"
This was a mildly fun Boris Karloff film that I’ve never heard much of anything about. Though not the best Karloff I’ve seen, the film’s strongest point is that it has great imagery. The sets are very detailed, and I love the creaking sound FX. The water was very effective as well. There’s a part that involves walls closing in together, which really reminded me of Star Wars. Karloff plays a sort of henchman type of character. More of a servant, I suppose, and he doesn’t get much screen time. But the big thing I didn’t like about this film was that I couldn’t really follow the plot very well. I wasn’t entirely sure why everything was happening as it did. Not too big of a deal, as the movie was quite enjoyable weather I knew the story or not; maybe just a result of convoluted editing. And what happened to the cat after it was thrown? The “door” is pretty cool, though.
3. The Uninvited (Blu-ray Disc – 2009 – 87 Min – Color) IMDB *
"Who will I tell my stories to?"
Whoa, this was a great surprise! I was telling my wife I wanted to watch this, but knew nothing about it. I could only tell her that it was the horror movie with the two hot girls in it… I’m sure that didn’t sell it to her, but she agreed that it was a great little gift of a movie. And that’s what makes this so awesome. I went in not expecting anything (but maybe you’re standard teen PG-13 fair) and got a really enjoyable ride. As soon as things start wrapping up in the last quarter of the movie, you really see how genius it is. Not the most original story, but its execution is marvelous. This film was a real joy to watch. I wanted to watch it again as soon as it ended, but I’ll have to wait until November 1st for that… I'm glad I didn't know this was a loose remake of
A Tale of Two Sisters
Maybe that’s why I enjoyed it so much. I wasn’t expecting it.

October: 3
4. Dead People (iPod Touch – 1973 – 90 Min – Color) IMDB *
"Do you like Wag-ner?"
Here we have a zombie film that is made in the style of 1970’s action flicks, like Death Wish. It’s an all right movie, nothing that really stands out. It’s a shame, because there are some great images and characters here, but nothing too interesting happens. I think the filmmakers were dealing with more talent than the writers could handle. Again, I was a little fuzzy on the plot. Couldn’t really figure out why people were becoming zombies. Biting didn’t seem to be the cause, and I never got if it was an airborne illness or not. Either way, this was at least amusing to watch; if for nothing else there are some memorable images and deaths.
5. Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (TV/SyFy – 2007 – 93 Min – Color) IMDB *
"I never had sex with a pig in my life!"
Well, for me the only thing good about Wrong Turn was Eliza Dushku. And the only good thing about Wrong Turn 2 is Henry Rollins. I’ve followed Henry for many years, and though I prefer him in his punk rock setting, he has a lot of fun here, and it shows in his screen time. He does deliver the most elaborate, confusing survivor/reality show directions I’ve ever heard. I think my biggest problem with this franchise is I’m really not too fond of hillbilly, backwoods killer types as the enemy. Maybe I don’t get it, but it seems like a gimmie for a plot device. A limitless amount of stories can involve a “wrong turn” and meeting up with some unfavorable killers. Seems too easy to me. I guess Texas Chainsaw really set the standard pretty high, and everything afterword doesn’t live up to it. Another problem I have was watching this movie on SyFy. I have finally accepted the new logo, but now I’ve found that I’m really annoyed with the silent swear words. I enjoy the inventive ways that TBS and TNT, etc. use replacement swears. Here there’s really nothing to laugh at. It’s just censorship without any imagination. I say at least see this for Henry, because in the end, punk rock and horror movies really go hand-in-hand.

October: 4
6. Headless Horseman (TV/SyFy – 2007 – 87 Min – Color) IMDB *
"This bridge isn’t safe, Seth. Let’s go back."
So here is “Sci-Fi’s” (production company) re-telling of the legend of the Headless Horseman. Not too bad for what it is. Again we have the backwoods killer types, but with a little bit different approach. My biggest gripe with this is the Horseman character is not very convincing or really very scary. Yeah, he has some creepy hands-moving gags, but when he walks or rides his horse, he seems about as interested in the movie as the Key-Grip must have been. But there are some great decapitations here. I think this is the first time I’ve seen a bear trap and car trunk take off heads (now both in the same film!). There’s also a cool musical part that is very reminiscent of Angelo Badalamenti and Twin Peaks. I like the overall story for this, and I think the “Hell” hole is a pretty cool idea, even though it just comes across as an evil toilet. Not too bad for what it is. And it’s always good when my favorite girl of the bunch survives!
7. Death Tunnel (TV/SyFy – 2005 – 97 Min – Color) IMDB *
"No…I make YOU sick."
More like bored to death tunnel.
8. Automation Transfusion (DVD – 2006 – 75 Min – Color) IMDB *
"I think you’ve had enough to eat for one day."
First of all, did that zombie teen really rip a baby from that girl’s womb and eat it? I think that might be why I love this movie so much. Sure, that scene is pretty disturbing, but the fact it was shown gives it a real gorilla filmmaking type quality. I’ve read many terrible reviews for this movie, and I was apprehensive in actually watching it, but I got to tell you that this was a very enjoyable ride, and for a zombie movie, real good stuff. Now you have to know this isn’t a big-budget horror film, and the zombies don’t lurch around, they run and fight with a super strength they’ve been awarded in their re-animated state. That’s cool with me, I like all types of zombies, as long as they eat people, they can act however they want. Great kills, great energy, great watch. Though I can see why the ending is so controversial.
I think it would have been more effective if they left off the “To Be Continued” line. I would have been satisfied if it just ended where the screen went black. Kind of feels like a cop-out the way it is now. I’ll have to watch the sequel.

9. Dead-Alive AKA Braindead (DVD – 1992 – 97 Min – Color – New Zealand) IMDB *
"You got…the bite!"
I’ve never had a chance to watch this before, but I’ve always been interested in the cover. I didn’t realize that Peter Jackson was so into the demented puppet thing when he made this, ‘cause boy does it show. Not that the puppets are all that bad, they are mostly effective. Tons of gore, but the blood and guts are so ridiculous that it’s hard to take any of the killings serious. This is obviously supposed to be some sort of comedy or spoof of horror. And I think New Zealand has some whack ideas of what’s funny (or maybe that’s Mr. Jackson). Well, my absolute favorite part is the zombie that gets her head stuffed with a lit light-bulb, that continues to glow her hole (pun intended) head orange throughout the second half of the movie. No matter how bad (gory) things got on screen, I had “Light-bulb Head” to look forward to seeing. Other than that, not too sure I really got this one. I think it was worth seeing, but not sure if I can really recommend it; especially that whole ear falling into the custard scene. That was tough to watch (and this coming from the guy who actually liked the baby eating in movie #8). This does have to be seen to be believed.

October: 5
10. Le notti del terrore AKA Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror (DVD – 1981 – 85 Min – Color – Italy) IMDB *
"I loved your breasts so much, Mama…"
Darn you, Chad! I think I’m scarred for life. For some unknown reason I figured your pic of weird kid Michael couldn’t be as disturbing on film as it looked in your post. Yeah, I was pretty far off on that assumption. Anyway…
Other than the “kid,” this is an outstanding zombie movie. My hats off to Rosario Prestoeino and Mauro Gavazzi for some top-notch zombie masks and make-up FX. This is how zombies are supposed to look. That Italian Fulci style really sets the standard, and this carries it well (hence the alternate title of Zombie 3. I think the pacing of this film was pretty well done as well. I was interested the whole time. And for once, a zombie puts a human into a table saw! Way to go undead!
11. Flesh Eater: Revenge of the Living Dead (DVD – 1988 – 88 Min – Color) IMDB *
"Did you hear that? Somethin’s in here."
I had very high hope for this film when it started off. The mood is set with a great fall-season feel featuring a hayride and tons of leaves in the woods. A farmer finds a stone pentagram in the ground, and there’s great 80’s synthesizers peppering the soundtrack. Then it kind of gets difficult to watch with the actors saying their lines like it was for the first time. It gets rather irritating after a bit. The blood FX are pretty good, but the acting is just horrendous. And I don’t mean bad horror-movie acting, I mean just bad acting. Emily Haggins did a better job directing dialogue at the age of 12 than this director did. Oh, but at the 44 minute point we get a bonus: Topless zombie girl! Most of the bad acting is forgiven now. Well, actually, it gets worse…
12. Zombie Holocaust (DVD – 1980 – 84 Min – Color – Italy) IMDB *
"You must have a pretty sick sense of humor to be able to laugh during anatomy class."
Here is another one of those movies where the title doesn’t exactly live up to what I’d expect. It does remind me a lot of another zombie film, by a much more competent director. No zombies show up until the 49 minute point, but there are plenty of cannibals to tide you over until zombie time. The story moves pretty slow, and I wasn’t that interested most the time. Good blood FX and gore, so that’s always a bonus—to include death by boat propeller! There is a part near the last quarter of the film where the blond lead gets some flowers painted on her nude body. That was definitely worth getting to the end for. Maybe I had too many good zombie movies in a row, that this one kind of slowed things down to a crawl. Zombie–crawl, that is…

October: 6
13. House of 1,000 Corpses (DVD – 2003 – 89 Min – B&W, Color) IMDB *
"The boogeyman’s real, and you found him."
This is the most disappointing movie I’ve watched in a very long time. Maybe I should have seen it a little closer to when it came out. There must have been too much time for it to get built up in my head as something great. I appreciate Rob Zombie’s music and his love for all things horror, but this thing is just terrible. I’ll chalk it up to his practice at making a feature length picture. Funny, if you took all the talking out, and cut the film and half, and then put White Zombie over the soundtrack, you’d have a great music video. That’s my biggest problem with how this movie was done: too many MTV style gimmicks. I don’t like being shown screen FX for the sake of screen trickery. If it has no effect on the story, and the characters don’t experience those FX, then there’s no purpose for them to be there except for show. That’s great for a music video. Not so great for a movie. I will say that the Alice in Wonderland homage toward the end was cool. But I never watched the clock as much as I did for this film.
14. The Devil’s Rejects (DVD – 2005 – 109 Min – Color) IMDB *
"Sir, you think we’re gonna die here today?"
Well, I had to give Rob “Z” another chance. Turns out that was a good choice on my part. This film is a 100 times better than Corpses. The directing is more refined, the story more enthralling, and it plays more like a movie than a music video. I also think this stands fine on its own, doesn’t necessarily have to be a sequel. In fact, I may pretend the first film doesn’t exist, and just enjoy this for what it is. I had a lot of fun with this. My only complaint is it feels a tad long. Also, it seems a little too self aware at the end with the copious amounts of extended slow motion scenes.
15. How to Make a Monster (DVD – 2001 – 91 Min – Color) IMDB *
"You wanna make it in this world you gotta be PFD…Programmed For Damage."
This is a fun little entry in the Creature Feature series. The film is light and enjoyable. Nothing terrific to see here, but it was a good, easy break from all of the drama that I’ve been watching. The blood is good, the creature is effective, and the characters are just cheesy enough to be likeable. And there’s nothing like a bunch of geek-speak to make a movie feel like it really knows what it’s talking about. No problems there—just enjoy the ride.
16. Wicked Lake (DVD – 2008 – 95 Min – Color) IMDB *
"You know what happens to little girls who don’t answer when they’re spoken to, don’t you? They go to hell."
There are four reasons to watch this. Five if you count the blue car.

October: 7
17. Wishmaster (DVD – 1997 – 90 Min – Color) IMDB *
"If you can’t beat ‘em, burn ‘em baby."
This film was released the same year I was getting settled with a new job and a new baby, so you can imagine I was a little distracted from what was going on theatrically. When I finally popped this baby in, not knowing anything about it, I about fell to the floor when I saw the names pop-up on screen: KANE HODDER – TONY TODD – ROBERT ENGLUND – Are you kidding me? Well, yeah, actually it was a joke. It turns out everyone but Englund gets about one minute or less of screen time. I didn’t even notice Hodder, I had to research him on IMDB to figure out who he played. Oh well, I figured if all of these men were active in one movie, the world would have skipped an axis spin. I guess it’s good that didn’t happen. Anyway, the film wasn’t so bad. Felt more like a late 80’s piece. The idea is great, but the delivery not so much. The blood and gore is there, just a little boring to get to it. There’s a great part in the beginning where someone gets the “Lando” in carbonite treatment. That was pretty funny. My biggest problem with the plot was the fact that if you’re held responsible for possibly unleashing a hell on Earth, why are you so concerned with how your sister is doing?
18. Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies (DVD – 1999 – 96 Min – Color) IMDB *
"Your soul, and a pack of cigarettes."
Well, Jason went to space, and Freddy invaded video games, why not have Wishmaster in a jail? I actually liked this one better than the first. The main reason is that I really enjoyed Andrew Divoff. He was a lot of fun to watch, and he brought some great one-liners to the Wishmaster universe. There’s nothing ground-breaking here, in fact the plot holes are not even funny to laugh at. By my math, he was still about 600 souls short before he was supposed to start on those critical three wishes. Like before, the idea is decent, but there just wasn’t enough story to work with. Worth a watch for Divoff, for sure.
19. Vampyr – Der Traum des Allan Grey (DVD – 1932 – 77 Min – B&W – France/Germany) IMDB * 31 Films Subset
"The blood!"
I am absolutely in love with this film. The framing is perfectly crafted and executed. Every moment is art, each scene a tapestry of film eye-candy. And we’re talking real sugar in that candy, none of that high-fructose stuff. The “angel” hotel sign really set the mood from the beginning. I also think the lighting was wonderful. Even with the difficulties this film has faced through the years, it is quite evident that great care was taken in the cinema photography. Great shadow play as well, and the backwards shoveling was a real treat. And bravo on the soundtrack! This film is a genuine masterpiece.
20. La lupa mannara AKA Werewolf Woman (DVD – 1976 – 98 Min – Color – Italy) IMDB *
"You were obscene!"
Loved the way this started off, then it turned into something I wasn’t expecting, a real exploitation, revenge type horror story. The werewolf scenes are well done, and I loved the elongated animal nipples. Never saw that detail used before in a female werewolf. Not attractive, but a nice touch, and I suppose more “realistic.” The first blood scene is a great treat, and the rest of the gore delivers pretty effectively. A+ for the ambush/backseat/car killing scene. There’s a headlight, full moon trick that was cool the first time it’s shown, but turns gimmicky with subsequent uses. Good story, worth watching.

October: 8
21. The Reaping (DVD – 2007 – 99 Min – Color) IMDB *
"I’m so lucky."
I think AnnaSophia Robb is a great child actress, so I was really looking forward to seeing what she could bring to a horror movie. Of course it turns out that she has little screen time ‘till the very end, but she does a good job playing the creepy, mystery girl as the story moves along. I enjoyed watching this, but it is evident that the movie makers wanted it to be much more special than it ends up being. There’s an underlying “message” feeling in the subtext, but nothing substantial works itself out. I was kind of expecting a Signs moment, but that didn’t happen. The story is good, the effects are good, and the overall atmosphere and locale make this worth watching. I wish it could have delivered more on the message point. I’m just a sucker for that type of stuff.
22. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (DVD – 2003 – 98 Min – Color) IMDB *
"We did not go to Mexico to buy pot."
I know that I’m in the minority here as being a big fan of remakes. My only caveat is that if it is a remake of an established franchise killer (like Leatherface, for example), than the film makers need to honor that monster, not completely re-in vision him (as I have heard being done of M. Myers by Rob Zombie). But this film does a great job at not only paying respect to Leatherface, but to the original movie vision as well. This version has a great feel to it, and though it is not a frame-by-frame remake, it has some nice elements that remind you of the original. On its own, this stands up well. The film is fun, well made, and really bloody. Who knew that R. Lee Ermey was a great horror actor? I guess that makes sense. Of course I have to mention this movie is maybe most famous for Jessica Biel running around in a white tank-top. No problems there. She also does a fantastic job of showing pure horror and peril—downright ugly at times, if you can believe that.
23. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (DVD – 2006 – 96 Min – Color) IMDB *
"Ladies love a man in uniform."
So, this next film presents a burning question: Can the new TCM series be successful without Jessica Biel? Most assuredly, yes. This movie was a great watch. Though not a remake, there are moments here that are fond reminders of what we love so much about the story. This really caught me off guard. I wasn’t expecting a good film. Not only that, this puppy is brutal. This is a no-holds barred slaughter fest. And all the laughs are saved for our favorite man in uniform, R. Lee Ermey. I know that a problem with this film is the fact that the slaughterhouse is closed, yet is most definitely open (or functioning) in the 2003 film. I’m just going to chalk that up to the time between stories, and maybe something happens for it to open back up. I guess we’ll see, hopefully.

October: 9
24. Flesh For the Beast (DVD – 2003 – 89 Min – Color) IMDB *
"This isn’t the first time I’ve been sucker-punched in the line of duty."
This is one of those movies that you have to know is “bad” going in. I don’t mean that it is technically a bad movie, but it has an apparent limited budget and is very independent oriented. As I’ve stated with previous movies in this challenge, I really get a kick out of these low budget horror-fests. It brings me back to the ground-breaking power and notion of The Ramones, in that you don’t have to have talent to have fun. Do what you want to do, make what you want to make, and be the best at it you can be. That’s the feeling I get with this film. It has obvious flaws, but the story and the FX are solid and fun to watch. One problem I had was the first character that was killed. I liked him a lot. He should have stuck around longer. But I guess he was the strongest, so maybe it was smart for him to go first.
25. Reazione a catena AKA Bay of Blood (DVD – 1971 – 84 Min – Color – Italy) IMDB *
"Gee, they’re good at playing dead, aren’t they?"
It is usually a guarantee when you are watching a film made by the Italian horror “factory,” you’re going to get something great. Mario Bava of course is one of the legendary directors of the land and era, and this effort really shows off his sense of style over substance. This plays as a mystery, but don’t let that fool you. There’s great blood, and the kills are memorable. So memorable, in fact, that I believe Jason Voorhees had this in his “how to be a slasher” video library. I give props to Mario Bava in his successful effort to create and set the standard for slasher movies to follow. This is the original Friday the 13th.
26. Quella villa accanto al cimitero AKA House by the Cemetery (DVD – 1981 – 84 Min – Color – Italy) IMDB *
"Mommy, why does that girl keep telling me I shouldn’t go there?"
I think too many people get wrapped up in the Bob kid for this film, and over-look how awesome it is. This really is my favorite Fulci movie. The story is great, the images are effective and the kills are visceral and well crafted. This is an Italian horror master at the top of his game. My favorite element is the manikin vision, and how it is revisited later in the film. The kids are creepy, but that shouldn’t over-shadow the film itself (though it is the main subject). Very rarely does a film actually give me goose bumps. This one delivers on that unsettling level that really makes me feel uncomfortable. The part where the kids talk to each other across the street, without raising their voices, that was a great effect. This is a classic.
27. Blood and Chocolate (DVD – 2007 – 98 Min – Color – UK/Germany/Romania) IMDB *
"I won’t let you be my fault."
About 5 minutes into this I thought I had made a terrible mistake. I was looking for something a bit like Ginger Snaps, but failed to research this much, other than to confirm its horror status on IMDB. I thought for certain that I was tricked into some young-adult love story. But I stayed with it, and I’m glad I did. I know nothing of the book or the story, but I felt the movie was pretty good. It does play heavy on the forbidden love subject, but I don’t mind that. The script is good and the outcome plays well. I kind of like the myth that was built for these werewolves. There is also some great blood (though not much of it) and good action sequences. It just took forever for me to get interested in it.

October: 10
28. Deadtime Stories (iPod Touch – 1986 – 93 Min – Color) IMDB *
"I have to press the cat and vacuum the ceiling."
This is worth watching to get to the last story, which I enjoyed the most. The others are pretty blah; in fact I don’t even remember them while typing this. Really, this is just a cheesy mid-80’s rip-off of Creepshow style films. It does have the longest opening credit sequence I’ve ever seen. I mean ever seen.
29. The Return (DVD – 2006 – 85 Min – Color) IMDB *
"Sometimes I think if I keep moving forward, nothing can catch me."
Long start to this film. And I mean loooong start. But, in trade, you get fantastic atmosphere and very apt directing. This is a beautiful film to watch, and there is plenty of time to get comfy in the story. This has a great Asian horror feel to it, though it is not a remake. But the suspense is taught, and the story intriguing. I don’t personally subscribe to the belief of how the film ended, but I have no problem with the subject matter being used in the story. Also, a minor point, but the car accidents in the film are very well done, especially the one with Sarah M. Gellar on the bridge.

October: 11
30. Inner Sanctum: Calling Dr. Death (DVD – 1943 – 63 Min – B&W) IMDB *
"Not murder, Doctor. You haven’t the courage."
Great, moody piece for the Inner Sanctum series. It takes it’s time getting anywhere, but that builds the mystery and suspense. Lon Chaney, Jr. is great in carrying the story. I love the outcome of this; I didn’t even see it coming as it did.
31. Inner Sanctum: Weird Woman (DVD – 1944 – 63 Min – B&W) IMDB *
"You got the little silver hand from the car cushions."
Ahh, there’s nothing like some good-old voodoo to set the mood. And throw in a disturbed, young lady of society, and you get a great ride. The ending to this movie has got to be seen. Not that it’s ground-breaking stuff, but it’s perfectly orchestrated and well executed. It’s really the pretty box on top of a well wrapped film.
32. Inner Sanctum: Dead Man’s Eyes (DVD – 1944 – 64 Min – B&W) IMDB *
"So, you’re determined to be the martyr, heh?"
This is probably one of the first of many eye-swap stories to come. Of course, this one is done very well. The idea is great, and the film is good, just nothing real gripping. I did really enjoy the operation montage. And then we get a little taste of Metallica’s “One” video, with the B&W and bandaged eyes. The initial eye injury is also a great scene. Lon Chaney, Jr. is great at showing true horror when needed.
## Veggie Tales: Where’s God When I’m S-Scared? (DVD – 1994 – 30 Min – Animated) IMDB *
This is the first official Veggie Tales video, and it is a lot of fun. “Tales From the Crisper,” what a great segment title. And Frankencelery—how can you not love a character like this? Maybe this is not scary horror, but a lot of fun. Family fun, at that.
33. Dellamorte Dellamore AKA Cemetery Man (DVD – 1994 – 105 Min – Color – Italy/France/Germany) IMDB 31 Films Subset
"This is my business. They pay me for it."
I think this is the 10th or so time I’ve watched this film, and each time is just as enjoyable as before. I think this can be considered as the pinnacle of Michele Soavi’s film career. And I applaud him for stepping (mostly) away from film and concentrating his efforts elsewhere. He could of easily had made a crap-fest after this, but instead looked to other creative ventures. There’s just too much to be said about this film. The images, the writing, the directing, the actors, it’s all wonderful to take in. Some of my personal favorites: The statue wings as they appear behind certain characters; the crow eating out of the statue head; the way a certain female character falls in slow-motion after being shot; the leaves. Also, there are some crazy ideas online of what the underlying meaning of this film is, and what exactly is happening on screen. I just enjoy it for what it is; I don’t need a key to the puzzle. But that’s what’s great about cinema, the freedom to interpret.
## Death Is Beautiful: Michele Soavi Directs Dellamorte Dellamore (DVD – 2006 – 28 Min – Color) IMDB *
A great look into the history of Soavi’s directing career, and how it came to be. I never knew he worked so closely with the Italian horror legends, so this was quite the eye-opener for me. It also provided some great “industry” information. Well worth watching. And though it is spoiler-warned in the opening, I didn’t really find anything to warrant it. Really made me want to watch The Church again.

October: 12
34. Inner Sanctum: The Frozen Ghost (DVD – 1945 – 61 Min – B&W) IMDB *
"It’s all done with mirrors."
This is a great piece with a good, creepy undertone. Lon Chaney, Jr. really plays this character well, and you can tell he is truly horrified by the powers he believed that he has. The museum here reminded me a lot of the wax museum. My attention was held the whole time.
35. Inner Sanctum: Strange Confession (DVD – 1945 – 62 Min – B&W) IMDB *
"My brain was in his head."
There’s nothing too groundbreaking here, but it is an enjoyable story. It kind of goes slasher-style towards the end. The reveal of whose initiating the killings is great. The film is a good, moody offering for Inner Sanctum.
36. Dead Silence (HD DVD – 2007 – 92 Min – Color) IMDB *
"I don’t have a full tank of gas!"
I learned a very important lesson with this movie: Always, I mean ALWAYS, remember to lower your expectations. This film was agonizing to get through. There wasn’t even a cute girl to help me through it. Just bad. However, there was a slight reprieve when I got to the end and was treated to Johnette Napolitano singing Who’s Holding You Now? Oh, well.
37. Inner Sanctum: Pillow of Death (DVD – 1945 – 66 Min – B&W) IMDB *
"By the way, just for the record, what is your real moniker?"
Good lead-in to Death Bed. Only problem here was there wasn’t a pillow possessed by an evil spirit that killed everyone that came to visit it. Other than that, this was a good story. But now that I’m at the end of the Inner Sanctum films, I can’t help but sound like Lon Chaney Jr. narrating inside my head anytime I think to myself.
38. Death Bed: The Bed That Eats (DVD – 1977 – 80 Min – Color) IMDB 31 Films Subset
"Too bad the bed doesn’t fear YOU."
Ahh, my legacy. There’s an endless amount of comments that can be made about this film, but the visuals really stand on its own. Yeah, it is no-budget, student style, and you get the feeling that the director knew this would probably never be seen, but that’s all part of the charm. There is a story here, but adding to the weird plot the SFX and visual trickery is really well done for what it is. And the simple soundtrack really adds to the atmosphere. More of a laugh fest than an Oscar contender, but that’s fine with me. It’s a fun movie to watch, and that’s all that matters.

October: 13
39. The Descent (DVD – 2005 – 100 Min – Color – UK/USA) IMDB * I Lost My Daughter Double-Feature! Pt. 1
"There’s nothing left to be afraid of. I promise."
What a surprise this was! I thoroughly enjoyed this film. This is the first movie that I did a spit-take during. No kidding. Coffee everywhere… Not really a scary moment, but that darn “jump” music gets me every time, and I wasn’t expecting it. I really got into the characters here, and the setting, etc. The ending was just amazing, and the crawling up the bones scene was awesome. Truly artistic vision. My one complaint is I kept getting the girls confused. I’d say there were too many, but victims were needed. Maybe some were just too similar. I can’t wait to watch this again.
40. Silent Hill (DVD – 2006 – 125 Min – Color – Canada/France/Japan/USA) IMDB * I Lost My Daughter Double-Feature! Pt. 2
"Mother is god in the eyes of a child."
Another surprise watch for me. I played the video game a couple times on the original PS, and I think this movie version compliments it well. Eerie, scary story and some intense scenes. I think this is the most successful movie made from a video game, and it works really well. The ending is kind of bleak, but it’s fitting. Good quality, creepy entertainment.
41. The Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots (Internet/Archive – 1895 – 1 Min – B&W) IMDB WC #1
". . ."
It still amazes me how effective this short is. There’s not much to it, but it works surprisingly well for the time. I can’t imagine what the viewers thought when this was first seen. I’m sure it really set town gossip ablaze.
42. Chaudron infernal, Le AKA The Infernal Golden Pot (Internet/Archive – 1903 – 1 Min – Color, Hand-tinted – France) IMDB WC #2
". . ."
Words cannot describe how awesome this short is. There’s so much that happens in such a small amount of time. Very impressive. This is a perfect example of imagination and how cinema can really set your mind free. This has the effect of a two-hour epic, all in less than a minute.
43. Frankenstein (Internet/Archive – 1910 – 16 Min, 12 Min Footage – B&W, Tinted) IMDB WC #3
". . ."
One of the best versions of this masterpiece story. The emotion here just overflows, and you get a real sense of dread and human consequence. I commented last year on how realistic the monster transformation is, and I still hold to those comments. This is what I’d expect a monster made from pieces to come out like. Maybe it’s not the body-parts sewn together version, but it’s creepy and effective. Great SFX.

October: 14
44. Tarantula (DVD – 1955 – 80 Min – B&W) IMDB *
"I aint lookin’ for medical advice, Joe. Just company."
What a treat of a monster movie. This plays on a popular fear of arachnids, and boy does it exaggerate it. What I like most of this is the clever use of the real spider as the monster. There was also a good, legitimate plot that actually made sense. I was hooked the entire time. And when the spider is napalmed, that’s just a classic monster scene. Good and creepy.

October: 15
45. Fear Itself: Something With Bite (DVD – 2009 – 44 Min – Color) IMDB *
"If you’re a good man, then you’re a good dog."
This is one of the Fear Itself films I missed during the original airing. This is also one of the ones I enjoyed the most. It’s nice to have a horror film that plays almost as a sitcom, with things working out relatively well in the end. It’s also a cute love story. Wasn’t expecting that with a werewolf theme, but it’s here. And the lead actor, vet, great character. I could have watched him for a full two hours. Just a nice guy to spend time with.

October: 16
46. Fear Itself: The Sacrifice (DVD – 2008 – 44 Min – Color) IMDB
"Get ready for the ride of your life."
The sisters in this installment are nice to look at, and that’s about all. The story plays well, and the locations and shooting are great, but the legitimacy of peril just didn’t hold for me. The reason for the family and settlers sticking around—to protect the world—didn’t really make sense. There were plenty of times when things could have been turned around, plenty of opportunities to end what was happening. But it was kept simple. I wouldn’t call foul on plot holes, just didn’t seem like the writers really cared to address the finer details. Good blood and fun to watch, and time-wise, you’re not really giving up a whole lot.
47. Alligator (DVD – 1980 – 91 Min – Color) IMDB * 31 Films Subset
"You know, if this keeps up, I’m gonna open a spare parts shop."
I can’t believe I hadn’t seen this before. The opening was very familiar, reminded me of Faces of Death. The real gem here was Robert Forster. He is already a well established cop/grit actor, and he plays that type-cast perfectly here. Every detail was perfect, even down to how his apartment was laid out. I loved the alligator itself. It did a good job of looking fake and cheesy, but also passed as a believable monster at the same time. Great close-ups and tracking shots. In the last quarter I kind of lost interest as to who was doing what, but by that time it didn’t really matter. It just turned into a Jaws/seek-and-destroy story. Nothing wrong with that, though.

October: 17
48. Friday the 13th (Blu-ray Disc – 2009 – 106 Min – Color) IMDB *
"What – ‘cause I’m black I can’t listen to Green Day?"
I had high hopes for watching this, as a lot of diehard Friday fans claim this is just as good as a legit sequel. Well, it may be well made, but it’s just too different for me. It doesn’t really capture the magic of Jason the way the countless follow-ups did. Sure, the whole Jason as a body-invading critter from Jason Goes to Hell was ridiculous, but it followed the formula none-the-less, and it felt like a Friday film. This just felt like any modern horror movie, whose killer just happened to have the name Jason. I guess it’s good, but I just can’t accept it yet. Maybe a subsequent viewing is required.

49. The Mole People (DVD – 1956 – 77 Min – Color) IMDB *
"Archaeologists are underpaid publicity agents for deceased royalty."
Really fun Universal monster film. This kind of had the feel of a Star Trek TOS ep, with the exploration plot, but it worked well to hold my attention. I enjoyed the “Mole” creatures, and the notion of slave/abuse is just subtle enough you don’t feel like you’re preached at. Best part for me was the end, I truly didn’t see it coming.
50. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charley Brown (DVD – 1966 – 25 Min – Color) IMDB WC #4
"I thought little girls always believed everything that was told to them."
Classic. Enough said.
## Wizards of Waverly Place – 2.03 – Halloween (HDTV/Disney – 2009 – 22 Min – Color) IMDB *
This show is surprisingly well written for being a Disney-factory product. We watch this as a family, and there’s never any inappropriate content. The adults are actually treated pretty well (and can even act!). This Halloween ep did not disappoint. I cracked up with Selena Gomez’s character wearing an orange shirt with “Costume” sprawled across the front. That’s genius writing right there! This show is a rare treat for young and old, and I highly recommend checking it out. It may not have a Hannah or a Spears, but it’s got heart and a heck of a lot of talent.
## Celebrity Ghost Stories – 1.01 – Carrie Fisher, John Waters (HDTV/Bio – 2009 – 30 Min – Color) BIO
Carrie Fisher recounts a disturbing story about a gay friend of hers dying in her bed (with her sleeping there), leading to more disturbed thoughts than scared ones. However, the one about John Waters is a must-see. His story practically explains the rest of his life as an artist, and he’s a good story-teller as well. I didn’t care much for the rest of the show. Who can compete with John Waters about anything in the first place?
51. Låt den rätte komma in AKA Let the Right One In (DVD – 2008 – 115 Min – Color – Sweden) IMDB * 31 Films Subset
"EN person vem döda barnen är ja skicklig av tagande den gångtunnel två stationen - A person who kills children is certainly capable of taking the subway two stations."
Everything good you’ve ever heard about this, well, it’s true. Most of my impressions I posted in the 31 Films Subset, as it’s kind of hard to go into detail with this without having to spoiler everything. I will say that this is not just a straight-forward vampire tale. It’s a coming of age, growing-up story. This is the plot that takes the forefront of the story. It’s not a bad thing; in fact, the notion of manifesting adolescence into a child-like monster is brilliant. I’ll be watching this a couple more times to really take it all in.

October: 18
52. Zombieland (Alamo Drafthouse Cinema/Movie Theatre – 2009 – 87 Min – Color) IMDB * 31 Films Subset
"You almost knocked over your alcohol with your knife."
This is about what you’d expect from the trailers. All of the male leads were a lot of fun to watch, and did a great job with the characters. That being said, all of the female leads (or maybe all the females) were terrible. It’s like they weren’t even trying, or cared in the first place. The titles and “rules” that kept popping up were annoying as well. Fun watch, I just wasn’t as satisfied as I’d hoped.
53. Premature Burial (DVD – 1962 – 81 Min – Color) IMDB *
"Madness is the only sane answer to my problem."
I was a bit disappointed in this. The story was good, and the acting decent, but it just didn’t grab me. The sets were badly constructed and the over-all film was just boring. I was impressed by the costumes, but that was about it. There’s a sort-of surprise at the end, but didn’t really care by the time I got there. I did enjoy the story, though.
## The Simpsons – 21.04 – Treehouse of Horror XX (HDTV/Fox – 2009 – 22 Min – Color) IMDB *
I believe The Simpsons have been in a bit of a funk as of late, and this Treehouse ep shows that a little bit. But over-all it was fun and mostly fun to watch.
54. Oneechanbara: The Movie (DVD – 2008 – 80 Min – Color – Japan) IMDB *
" 従って、何人かのゾンビを殺したい気がしなさいか。So, feel like killing some zombies?"
Bikini-clad chick with a sword? Looks cool to me. The styles/animations of the film were good, if sometimes distracting. I really like the sword reflections. This was a lot of fun, and short enough that I didn’t get bored with it.

October: 19 -tober!
55. The Edge of Hell AKA Rock ‘n Roll Nightmare (DVD – 1987 – 83 Min – Color – W/ Commentary) IMDB Rock n Roll Triple-Feature! Pt. 1
Commentary: “We shouldn’t talk through the songs."
This movie may explain my obsession with Death Bed. When I first saw this, I was just blown away. It’s a bad movie, but it elevates bad to a level of wonder and humor that has since been unmatched. I love the rubber demons. And Thor will always rock. Great to watch with commentary.
56. Black Roses (DVD – 1988 – 90 Min – Color) IMDB * Rock n Roll Triple-Feature! Pt. 2
"You are the Black Roses – the flowers of evil!"
Not as fun as the previous film, but still cool. More puppet effects, but a little better done. I like how the Black Roses band pulls the ‘ol trick the parents routine. Classic.
57. Trick or Treat (DVD – 1986 – 98 Min – Color) IMDB * Rock n Roll Triple-Feature! Pt. 3
"Rock’s chosen warriors will rule the Apocalypse."
Love it. Fastway rocks.
58. Flight of the Living Dead (DVD – 2007 – 89 Min – Color) IMDB *
"Megan rhymes with vegan."
A simple zombie film, but gets the point across pretty well. Some good gore. I love the shaking of the plane, sounded so realistic. Maybe too realistic.
59. X (DVD – 1963 – 79 Min – Color) IMDB *
"The exact combination of hormones and enzymes is to be determined by analysys."
Kind of disappointed with this, but it was worth a watch. I love the blood eyes, and the ending was fitting.
60. Fear Itself: The Spirit Box (DVD – 2009 – 44 Min – Color) IMDB *
"Turtles ate her eyes."
Standard FI material. This was actually more entertaining than I was expecting. Just proves that evil teen girls really are the scariest thing out there.

October: 20
61. Blood: The Last Vampire (Blu-ray Disc – 2009 – 87 Min – Color – Hong Kong/Japan/France) IMDB *
"Be wolf, or be gone!"
This was cool to watch. Nice to see an Asian-style/based film that was in English.

October: 21
## King of Queens – 4.06 – Ticker Treat (DVD – 2001 – 22 Min – Color) IMDB *
Poor Deacon, trying so hard to accept his kid’s gayness. And of course, poor Arthur.
62. R.L. Stine The Haunting Hour: Don’t Think About It (DVD – 2007 – 87 Min – Color) IMDB *
"For a minute I forgot we were in the middle of a nightmare."
Great to watch with the kids. Way scarier than I was expecting.

October: 22
63. Fear Itself – In Sickness and in Health (DVD – 2008 – 44 Min – Color) IMDB
"No death…no parting."
I didn’t like this the first time I saw it, and I kind of did this time. But I’m still confused about parts. I think it needed a little finer editing to tie up some loose ends.
64. Fear Itself – New Years Day (DVD – 2008 – 44 Min – Color) IMDB
"Did I do something stupid last night? I can’t remember."
This is my fav zombie material. I think it’s a lot of fun, and the lead actress is great to watch.
## Recipe For Fear (DVD – 2008 – 5 Min – Color) IMDB *
Simple making of. Worth a watch.

October: 23
65. From Dusk ‘Till Dawn (Blu-ray Disc – 1996 – 108 Min – Color) IMDB
"I’m a mean mm, mm servant of God."
This is kind of like Grindhouse part one. I love the first half, love the second half, love these guys for producing a fun, entertaining film.
66. The Dark (HDTV/SyFy – 2005 – 93 Min – Color – Germany/UK) IMDB * I Lost My Daughter Double-Feature! Bonus!
"S.O.S. – Save ourselves."
Good watch, surprised I liked it so much. Annoying, but fitting ending, though.

October: 24
67. The Brain Eaters (TV/AMC – 1958 – 60 Min – B&W) IMDB *
"What you’re hearing now is the cause of his death."
This was kinda spooky for the year it was made. Great fun.
68. Return of the Living Dead (TV/AMC – 1985 – 91 Min – Color) IMDB
"Brains… More brains!"
69. Comedy of Terrors (DVD – 1963 – 84 Min – Color) IMDB *
"I have my heart set on Black."
Wow, this was so boring. I think Roger Corman must have invented fog-porn. It’s almost dumb how much there is in his earlier movies.
70. Friday the 13th Part III: 3-D (DVD – 1982 – 95 Min – Color/3-D) IMDB 3-D Triple-Feature! Pt. 1
"The quiet can fool you. It fooled me."
First time I watched it in 3-D. Not too bad, not too good. Surprisingly, the natural elements stood out the most (like the hay). I’ll go 2-D next watch.
71. Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare(DVD – 1991 – 89 Min – Color/3-D Segments) IMDB 3-D Triple-Feature! Pt. 2
"Every town has an Elm Street!"
At least I got a little break from the two-color glasses.
72. My Bloody Valentine (Blu-ray Disc – 2009 – 101 Min – Color/3-D) IMDB * 3-D Triple-Feature! Pt. 3
"Shoot him and he won’t move!"
Last time I have a 3-D marathon. Is there such a thing as eye-cells? I think I lost some with this movie.

October: 25
73. The Haunted Palace (DVD – 1963 – 87 Min – Color) IMDB *
"Look – the Burning Man. Isn’t that quaint?"
Out of all the Corman films I saw for the challenge, I liked this the most. Took me a while to figure out this had nothing to do with Edgar Allen Poe. I prefer Lovecraft anyway.
74. MST3K: Werewolf (DVD – 1996 – 110 Min – Color) IMDB *
Commentary: "So they put suspected werewolves in the neo-natal ward, huh?"
Thank god for MST3K. This movie was insanely bad.
75. Masters of Horror – Sick Girl (DVD – 2006 – 60 Min – Color) IMDB *
"I thought maybe we could go see a movie later, but I looked in the paper and it’s just all horror and talking monkeys."
Misty Mundae. ‘Nuff said.
## Wizards of Waverly Place – 3.01 – Franken-Girl (HDTV/Disney – 2009 – 22 Min – Color) IMDB *
Cool story. Fun, family affair.

October: 26
76. Final Destination (DVD – 2000 – 98 Min – Color – USA/Canada) IMDB * Mix-Up Monday Pt. 1
"You’re still next!"
I liked the more recent films a little more. But this is still cool to watch.
77. Evil Dead: II (DVD – 1987 – 84 Min – Color) IMDB Mix-Up Monday Pt. 2
"Baby, I ain’t holdin’ your hand."
Funny stuff, big chin, evil never stops laughing.
78. Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence (DVD – 1993 – 85 Min – Color) IMDB * Mix-Up Monday Pt. 3
"I love the smell of fresh plasma before breakfast."
Kind of slow, and not much gore, but a great cameo/part for Robert Forster (of Alligator fame).
79. Land of the Dead ( - of the Dead Pt. 4) (DVD – 2005 – 97 Min – Color – Canada/France/USA) IMDB * Mix-Up Monday Pt. 4
"Put some flowers in the graveyard."
Zombies and Romero. Didn’t disappoint.
80. The Beast Must Die (TV/AMC – 1974 – 93 Min – Color – UK) IMDB *
"One of our guests is a werewolf, and I know it."
Cool story, great Blaxploitation-style horror movie. And the Werewolf break – how awesome.
81. Doctor X (TV/TCM – 1932 – 76 Min – Color (Two-strip Technicolor) IMDB *
"Look at the tube!"
Best surprise of the year for me. I loved this.
## Food Network Challenge: Horror Cakes (HDTV/Food Network – 2009 – 44 Min – Color FOOD *
Bloody cakes… Mmmm…
## Castle – 2.06 – Vampire Weekend (HDTV/ABC – 2009 – 44 Min – Color TV Squad *
The first 2 minutes of this are the best I’ve ever seen on TV. Firefly rules.

October: 27
82. The Midnight Hour (VHS – 1985 – 94 Min – Color) IMDB
"Novocain? No, no, no. It’s over-rated."
Fun to watch every year.
83. Ghost Town (HDTV/SyFy – 2009 – 90 Min – Color) IMDB *
"Do you know how un-horny I feel right now?"
Well, for a SyFy/Sci-fi made film, this was pretty entertaining. I was into it the whole time, and the story was great to follow. I’m opposite of most people. I actually was annoyed by the western part in the beginning, and got more interested with the 80’s style horror theme that we ended up with. Cheesy kids dying are always fun.

October: 28
84. Lake Dead (HDTV/SyFy – 2007 – 90 Min – Color) IMDB *
"You equalize this."
Okay movie. Not much to it, but worth the watch.
## Monsters vs Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space (HDTV/NBC – 2009 – 22 Min – Color) IMDB *
Animated fun for the whole family!
## Halloween Block Party (HDTV/HGTV – 2009 – 44 Min – Color) HGTV *
Make your house scary, or at least cool.

October: 29
85. Fear Itself: The Circle (DVD – 2009 – 44 Min – Color) IMDB *
"Trick or Treat."
Most annoying FI I’ve ever seen.

October: 30
86. Feast (HD DVD – 2007 – 95 Min – Color) IMDB *
"Of all the bars to be stuck in."
I like Henry Rollins. I don’t like Feast. Maybe it’ll grow on me.
87. Fear Itself – Community (DVD – 2008 – 44 Min – Color) IMDB
"It really is a lovely community."
Like a horror version of The Truman Show. But with sexier girls.
88. Fear Itself – Spooked (DVD – 2008 – 44 Min – Color) IMDB
"Why are you so bad?"
Cool cop + horror show. One of the better FI offerings.
89. Fear Itself – Chance (DVD – 2009 – 44 Min – Color) IMDB *
"It’s time for you to take what you deserve."
I was bored with this. Made me miss Freaky Links.
90. Gruesome Twosome (DVD – 1967 – 72 Min – Color) IMDB *
"Apple-dumpling, I’ve been through bloody murder and that’s a fact."
Like Jess Franco, just Beach Boys instead of Jazz.

October: 31
91. Puppet Master (TV/AMC – 1989 – 90 Min – Color – Italy/USA) IMDB
"They’re eating her, then they’re going to eat me!"
Great puppet FX, not the best storyline. Cool film and series, though.
92. Troll 2 (HDTV/MGM – 1990 – 95 Min – Color) IMDB *
"I had no choice but to kill them. It was a small price to pay to live forever."
The Troll movie about Goblins. Okay, then.
93. Halloween (DVD – 1978 – 91 Min – Color) IMDB
"The evil is gone."
What we have here is a classic. Period.
## Halloween Unmasked 2000 (DVD – 2000 – 28 Min – Color) IMDB
Great little DVD doc of the making of Halloween. This is short, but hits all the important facts that you want to know. Jamie Lee; the Shape; the mask; it’s all here. Sure, there are longer, more in-depth specials out there, but this quenches the thirst perfectly fine.
94. Amante del vampiro, L' AKA The Vampire and the Ballerina (8mm - 1960 - 10 Min, CUT from 85 Min feature – B&W – Italy/USA – Short) IMDB WC #5
". . ."
Great, silent show. Just the clack-clack-clack to keep me company.
95. Castle Films: Creature from the Black Lagoon (16mm - 1954 - 8 Min, CUT from 79 Min feature – B&W – Short) IMDB * WC #6
"(glub . . . glub)"
It’s great to watch real film for a change.
96. Fear Itself – Echoes (DVD – 2009 – 46 Min – Color) IMDB *
"Pretty scary for a freakin’ metaphor."
Cool set-up, execution. I liked this one. But were there half-sleeve tats back in the 20’s?
97. Hostel (Blu-ray Disc – 2005 – 94 Min – Color) IMDB
"We can’t rail a girl that’s in a coma."
It took me a couple viewings to accept the lead male characters. They came off a little harsh and annoying the first time. I think they’re perfect now. And they serve the story well. This is one of my favorite series of films, Eli Roth did an awesome job coming up with such a great, crazy story.
98. Hostel II (Blu-ray Disc – 2007 – 93 Min – Color) IMDB
"This is not like going to a whore house – you can’t just bail out."
This sequel is better in some ways than the original. We know what’s going on, so there’s an added layer of action/suspense being able to see behind the scenes of the operation. We get to the killing a little fast here, and that’s good, because there are some very entertaining, if not revolting kills. Argento would be proud. And the final scenes, they all add up to a terrific and very appropriate ending. I just wish that the last male victim would have been shot after the, uh, trim.
99. The Monster Squad (DVD – 1987 – 82 Min – Color) IMDB
"Sean, please don’t die."
Great family Halloween affair. As was mentioned for a bit in the discussion thread, this does not feature a cameo of the Invisible Man. What’s the deal there? I think that’s the only monster not featured here. Anyway, great humor, great fun, and great special FX. The best part of this movie is that it taps into that imagination spark of a kid. And what’s better than when your young imagination actually coming true? You can’t beat that.
100. Scared Stiff (LD – 1987 – 83 Min – Color) IMDB *
"These are called diskettes..."
It’s too hip these days to reserve #100 for something special, so I decided on this golden gem…of crap! This does not offer anything very special, but if you can get through the mindless drivel of boring visions and talking and entirely uninteresting plot, you’ll get to some great make-up FX. Best part is the dude that unzips his head and reveals his brain! What a way to end the challenge. Nothing beats unzipped brains! - ‘till next year!


DVD = 70
HD DVD = 2
Blu-ray Disc = 7
VHS = 1
LaserDisc = 1
8mm Film = 1
16mm Film = 1
Cinema/Movie Theatre = 1
Internet = 3
iPod Touch = 2

Total Watched = 100
Total Approx Min Watched = 8399
Total Approx Hrs Watched = 140

I'll get you next year, pesky checklist...
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