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Re: The 13th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Threa

My Fifth Horror Challenge
*= first time watching
Counting Method: 2 hours of Television Content = 1 item

My goal is 31.

Potential List:

Stranger Things Season 2
Supernatural Season 13
The Mist Season 1
The Walking Dead Season 7 - Finish
The Walking Dead Season 8
Insidious: Chapter 3
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
The Babysitter
The Blair Witch Project
The Boy
The Purge: Election Year
The Shallows

October 1
.5. The Walking Dead - Ep. 7.14 "The Other Side"*
1. The Walking Dead - Ep. 7.15 "Something They Need"*

October 2
2. Eloise (2017)*
Creepy more than scary though there was a nice twist.
Body Count - 3

October 3
2.5. The Walking Dead - Ep. 7.15 "The First Day of the Rest of Your Life"*
3. The Walking Dead - Season 8 Preview Special"*

October 4
4. The Darkness (2016)*
This movie manages to make Kevin Bacon unlikeable. I'm not sure there has ever been a more boring horror movie.
Body Count - 0

October 5
5. The Messengers (2007)*
Very smart POV in this one. I liked the twist.
Body Count - 4

October 6
6. Resident Evil:Retribution (2012)*
As weird and as confusing as ever, but also as entertaining as ever.
Body Count - 7 (Best guess, not counting zombies)

October 7
7. The Purge: Election Year (2016)*
I loved this so much. Horrifying and brutal and super creepy because this could so easily be reality especially with the way things are now.
Body Count - 80
8. Krampus (2015)*
An odd but enjoyable movie. The gingerbread men were the best part.
Body Count - 2

October 8
9. Insidious: Chapter 3 (2015)*
I liked getting to see how the film crew came to work with Elise. I jumped a lot and it was really creepy at points. The part with Quinn's mom was also really emotional.
Body Count - 1
10. The Shallows (2016)*
Some of the worst acting I've seen. I'm so glad I didn't see this at the theaters. I'm glad Steven Seagull survived though. And I now know how versatile a surf top is.
Body Count - 3

October 9
11. The Other Side of the Door (2016)*
Well that was depressing. Not very scary and just not that good. Plus they killed a dog so they suck in my book.
Body Count - 3

October 10
12. 1408 (2007)*
This was both sad and creepy. I love John Cusack and he's as likable as ever in this movie.
Body Count - 0
13. From Within (2008)*
I have mixed feelings about this one. Neat premise and some good actors but not amazing but it was a more creative story. The lessons I'm taking from this one are :
Small town church people are dangerous.
If you think someone is a witch they probably are.
Adults in horror films are either evil or useless.

Body Count - 15

October 11
13.5. Teen Wolf - Ep. 1.1 "Wolf Moon"*
14. Teen Wolf - Ep. 1.2 "Second Chance at First Line"*

October 12
14.5. Supernatural - Ep. 13.1 "Lost and Found"*

October 13
15. Supernatural - Ep. 12.22 "Who We Are"

October 14
15.5. Teen Wolf - Ep. 1.3 "Pack Mentality"*
16. Teen Wolf - Ep. 1.4 "Magic Bullet"*

October 15
17. The Babysitter (2017)*
Utterly bizarre and really funny. Loved the one guy's Friday the 13th sound effects.
Body Count - 8

October 16
17.5. Teen Wolf - Ep. 1.5 "The Tell"*
18. Teen Wolf - Ep. 1.6 "Heart Monitor"*

October 17
19. Happy Death Day (2017)*
This movie was smart and a lot of fun. I laughed and jumped and tried to figure it out. It was like a big fun puzzle.
Body Count - 18

October 18
19.5. Teen Wolf - Ep. 1.7 "Night School"*
20. Teen Wolf - Ep. 1.8 "Lunatic"*

October 19
21. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016)*
This move was a bit of a letdown. The premise was good and since it was the last in the series I wanted to enjoy it more. I think bringing back less of the characters from previous films was a mistake. I've now seen all the films in this franchise.
Body Count - 33
21.5. Supernatural - Ep. 13.2 "The Rising Son"*

October 20
22. Teen Wolf - Ep. 1.9 "Wolf's Bane"*

October 24
23. The Final Destination (2009)*
This was pretty awful. I know the FD movies aren't high cinema or anything but they're usually more enjoyable that this. It was so bad that at first I honestly thought it was a knock off of the franchise. The acting was pretty bad and it was all just pretty dumb.
Body Count - 56
23.5. Teen Wolf - Ep. 1.10 "Co-Captain"*
24. Teen Wolf - Ep. 1.11 "Formality"*

October 26
25. Silent House (2011)*
Well that was depressing. It was creepy and it made me jump twice but it was definitely not my kind of horror movie.
Body Count - 1

October 27
26. Mama (2013)*
That was an odd movie. I always wonder how they explain all this to people. - "Well our kids therapist is dead, our aunt is dead and so is one of the kids. But it was all a ghost so no worries!" And yes, let's let the semi-feral child choose to go with the ghost and die. And why wouldn't the ghost want the little girl to live to make up for her own child's death? Yes, I'm talking logic with ghosts here but that just bugged me.
Body Count - 4
27. Supernatural - Ep. 13.3 "Patience"*
27.5. Stranger Things - Ep. 1.1 "The Vanishing of Will Byers"
28. Stranger Things - Ep. 1.2 "The Weirdo on Maple Street"
28.5. Stranger Things - Ep. 1.3 "Holly, Jolly"
29. Stranger Things - Ep. 1.4 "The Body"
29.5. Teen Wolf - Ep. 1.12 "Code Breaker"*

October 28
30. Stranger Things - Ep. 1.5 "The Flea and the Acrobat"
30.5. Stranger Things - Ep. 1.6 "The Monster"
31. Stranger Things - Ep. 1.7 "The Bathtub"
31.5. Stranger Things - Ep. 1.8 "Upside Down"
32. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016)*
Fun and entertaining. Awesome clothes and seeing Matt Smith was a hoot.
Body Count - 57
32.5. Stranger Things - Ep. 2.1 "Madmax"*
33. Stranger Things - Ep. 2.2 "Trick or Treat, Freak"*
33.5. Stranger Things - Ep. 2.3 "The Pollywog"*

October 29
34. Stranger Things - Ep. 2.4 "Will the Wise"*
34.5. Stranger Things - Ep. 2.5 "Dig Dug"*
35. Stranger Things - Ep. 2.6 "The Spy"*
35.5. Stranger Things - Ep. 2.7 "The Lost Sister"*
36. Stranger Things - Ep. 2.8 "The Mind Flayer"*
36.5. Stranger Things - Ep. 2.9 "Gate"*
37. Final Destination (2000)
I saw this awhile ago but I'm not sure I ever saw the beginning. The way the deaths happen are crazy. I really like Ali Larter.
Body Count - 292

October 31
38. The Boy (2016)*
Definitely weird. I would have been out of that house the moment I saw the doll. The pretty English boy lived so all is well.
Body Count - 4
39. As Above, So Below (2014)*
Neat concept and good acting but it was odd. Definitely creepy and I'm impressed I could make it through a movie set in catacombs.
Body Count - 6
40. The Blair Witch Project (1999)*
This is why I don't go camping. This was surprisingly good. It was really nerve wracking. The oen that started it all with found footage.
Body Count - 3

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