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Re: The 13th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Threa

First-Time Viewing: 33 | Blu-Ray: 16 | DVD: 12 | TV: 20 | Streaming: 36 | Commentaries Listened To: 1

1920: 1 | 1930s: 1 | 1940s: 1 | 1950s: 3 | 1960s: 8 | 1970s: 15 | 1980s: 16 | 1990s: 11 | 2000s: 7 | 2010s: 21


Sep. 30
1. Cat People (1942)-DVD-**** I finally opened my unwatched Val Lewton boxset to watch Cat People. One of the finest horror films of the 1940s, Cat People relies upon atmospheric direction and acting to create a sense of unease in this story of a woman who may be a were-panther who kills her victims when she is emotionally aroused.--With commentary.
2. Cronos (1993)-Blu-Ray-**** Guillermo Del Toro's first film is shows the promise of a talented, young director. Cronos contains several of the themes of his later films: a child in danger, brutality vs kindness, the persistence of the past. Is it just me, or are his films in Spanish better than his English films?

Oct. 1
3. The Boy (2016)-TV-*** Lauren Cohan (Maggie from The Walking Dead) carries this film about a nanny hired to look after a doll. The twist is easy to figure out from the beginning of the film, but the execution is so well done that it's an enjoyable watch.
4. Spontaneous Combustion (1990)-Streaming-** Tobe Hooper's directorial career was on its downward trajectory when he wrote and directed this movie, starring Brad Dourif as a schlemiel who develops the ability to set people on fire with his mind, courtesy of parents who had been nuclear test guinea pigs in the 50s. I enjoyed this despite its flaws.
5. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1987)-TV-** Dennis Hopper saves this movie. I'm not a fan of the TCM franchise, but Hopper gives this film his own brio.
6. The Mutations (1972)-Streaming-** Donald Pleasence plays a mad scientist who uses his students as guinea pigs to test his theories on joining plant and animal tissue. The movie also features a nearly unrecognizable Tom Baker (the 4th Doctor) as the deformed henchman from a local carnival who kidnaps the victims, and terrific Michael Dunn, the dwarf actor best known for playing Dr. Loveless in The Wild, Wild West. I was all set to love this flick--mutations! mad science!--but this was just tedious, bits of horror interspersed with melodramatic overacting. You'd think a film set in the Swinging London of the early 70s would be better lit and more colorful, but the movie is monochromatic. There's also a subplot involving the other people who are exhibits in the carnival that's straight out of Freaks and adds nothing to the film.

Oct. 2
7. The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971)-Streaming-***** From the moment Felix Mendelssohn's "War March of the Priests" plays as Phibes makes his grand entrance, I am transported to 1920s London. The film boasts an impressive cast of British character actors led by the immortal Vincent Price as the mad organist Anton Phibes who wreaks terrible vengeance on the medical team that failed to save his late wife.
8. C.H.U.D. (1984)-Streaming-*** I haven't seen this movie in years, but it holds up pretty well. The CHUDs themselves aren't used too much, which is good because the costumes would look silly if they were shown in full.

Oct. 3
9. Amer (2009)-Streaming-*** For the life of me I can not figure out what the point of this movie is. The cinematography is gorgeous, and it has style, but no real narrative. It's 3 short films featuring the same character in childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Something something death, something burgeoning sexuality yada yada yada.
10. The Belko Experiment (2016)-Streaming-***If you need catharsis after a rough day at the office, this is the film for you. So much about this movie makes no sense--why are so many Americans working in a business in Bogota, why did they not get the implants independently checked by an American doctor, and so on.
11. House of Wax (1953)-Streaming-***** Vincent Price is fantastic as the deranged sculptor who molds wax figures on the bodies of his victims. I'm still steamed my Blu-Ray won't play.

Oct. 4
12. Mad Monster Party? (1966)-DVD-** Some childhood memories are best left alone.
13. Monster House (2006)-DVD-****At first, I was a little dubious about watching this, but it turned out to be a terrific FTV. A house owned by an irascible old man turns out to be inhabited by a malevolent spirit that likes to eat people. The character animation isn't great, but the house itself is a masterpiece; a carpet as a tongue, windows for eyes , floorboards that turn into jagged teeth. Even though this is a kid's movie, I would not show this to younger children.

Oct. 5
14. The Werewolf (1956)-Streaming-** Being the 1950s, this movie has what the trailer calls an "Atom Age Werewolf!"; instead of being triggered by an ancient curse or a bite, this poor schmuck was transformed by a pair of scientists who wanted to create a lifeform that could survive nuclear war. Also because it was the 1950s, there's no gore. Instead, you get sage-looking men standing over an unseen corpse and saying, "only an animal could tear out a man's throat like that." When we do eventually see the werewolf in full wolfiness, the makeup is pretty good.
15. Last Shift (2014)-Streaming-**** I picked this at random on Netflix ans was pleasantly surprised by its quality, despite a low budget. A rookie cop on her first shift finds herself under siege by the spirits of Satanic cult members. It's like an extended Masters of Horror episode that plays like a cross between Assault on Precinct 13 and Session 9.
16. Bad Moon (1996)-Streaming-**** Great subset pick! I really enjoyed this werewolf flick with the always fun Michael Pare.

Oct. 6
17. Jinn (2014)-Streaming-*** A man discovering that he is the legatee of an hereditary vendetta by a jinn. Nothing here is new--ancient curses, madmen who are more then they appear, a sacred weapon and the hero is, of course, The Chosen One. Still, impressive production values, and some good action scenes.
18. Candyman (1992)-DVD-**** An enduring horror classic with a haunting Philip Glass score and racial themes that are even more acute in an age when America has been overrun by white supremacists.

Oct. 7
19. The Void (2016)-Streaming-***** You don't often find terrific Lovecraftian horror, but this is a genuinely scary movie.
20. Hellraiser (1987)-DVD-***** When I saw this in the theater 30 years ago, i was knocked out, and it still works for me today. Christopher Young's Gothic horror scare adds to the atmosphere.
21. Hellraiser II (1988)-DVD-*** A step down from the original but still worth watching.

Oct. 8
22. Contracted (2013)-TV-* What a disappointment. A young woman is roofied and raped at a party and then begins to disintegrate. We are supposed to see the lead character as a victim, but she was whiny and unpleasant, so I really couldn't identify with her as she begins to transform, and the movie ends when it finally starts getting interesting.
23. I Survived a Zombie Holocaust (2014)-TV-**** A New Zealand film crew making a zombie film finds itself in the center of a real zombie apocalypse. While this comedy/horror hybrid is nowhere near as good as Shaun of the Dead, it definitely kept my interest--and the muscle-bound action hero's nude scene was excellent..
24. Train to Busan (2016)-Blu-Ray-*****
This is tied with The Witch as my favorite FTV from last year. Train to Busan is a white-knuckled thrill ride with an emotional core story about a workaholic father trying to reconnect with and protect his young daughter from carnivorous zombies. I bought it at Best Buy today, even though it's on Netflix.
25. The Girl With All the Gifts (2016)-Blu-Ray-*****
A novel take on the zombie theme, the human race has been nearly wiped out by a fungal infection that turns people into what the movie calls "hungries," but children born with the infection retain their intelligence and ability to function as humans despite having the urge to eat people. This is a beautiful, delicate film about love, and I expect Sennia Nanua, who plays the lead character, is going to become a major star.

Oct. 9
26. Humanoids from the Deep (1980)-Streaming-*** Directed by Barbara Peeters. Fish hyped up on growth hormones turn into monsters that eat dogs and then humans. Vic Morrow plays a racist fisherman who blames a First Nations rival for the killings, and Doug McClure plays his standard good guy role. Overall, it's an OK film, but just didn't grab me.
27. Raw (2016)-Streaming-** I feel a bit cheated. Raw was supposed to be a shocker that makes its audience throw up from fear, but it's just a run-of-the-mill story about a veterinary student who discovers she has cannibalistic urges.
28. Child's Play 2 (1990)-TV-**** Terrific sequel. I have to wonder why Chucky continues to try to possess Andy's body when he could take over anyone he pleased. Why not go for a grown man instead of a child? Or if it has to be a child, Chucky could have just grabbed anyone with much less fuss.

Oct. 10
29. Yongary (1967)-Streaming-* The brutal reign of South Korean dictator Park Chung-Hee was paradoxically responsible for the nation's economic development into a world power, but it also sponsored this truly awful Godzilla knock-off.
30. Berserk (1967)-DVD-*** A camp classic that stars Joan Crawford in her Norma Desmond fright mask makeup period as a ringmaster/ proprietor of a seedy circus wandering Britain's provinces whose acts keep getting murdered. Enter Ty Hardin as the hunky trapeze artist who is Crawford's love interest, despite being half her age, and Judy Geeson as Crawford's delinquent daughter.
31. Highway to Hell (1991)-Blu-Ray-**** I bought this during the last Kino sale and it's a satisfying watch, despite its flaws. The production values resemble the end product of somebody saying "hey kids, let's put on a show", and there are several celebrity cameos including Ben Stiller and a ridiculously young Gilbert Gottfried as Hitler.

Oct. 11
32. The Screaming Skull (1958)-Streaming-* Incredibly tedious mashup of Rebecca and Gaslight
33. The Skull (1965)-Blu-Ray-*** Peter Cushing plays an antiques collector who acquires the skull of the Marquis de Sade and hilarity ensues. The screenwriter didn't do his homework on de Sade's life or work; here he is portrayed as an occultist who wrote about black magic and whose skull exerts an evil influence on its possessor.

Oct. 12
34. The Awakening (1980)-TV-** Charlton Heston is an Egyptologist who excavates a lost tomb holding the mummy of Queen Kara, a sorceress, and at the same instant his newborn daughter draws her first breath. Fast forward 18 years, and the spirit of the dead Queen is possessing the young girl and things get a little incesty with Heston who is obsessed by his discovery. The movie has few scares and isn't interesting except for the gorgeous location filming in Egypt.
35. Bubba Ho Tep (2002)-DVD-**** Bruce Campbell brings his special charm to every role he plays, and here is Elvis, wizened and at the end of his road in a Texas nursing home. Together with Ossie Davis, who might be JFK, he fights a mummy that is killing the other nursing home residents. This movie just gets everything right.

Oct. 13
36. Friday the 13th (1980)-TV-** Nearly 40 years on, Ft13 isn't really shocking. There's no investment in the characters, so we don't feel anything when Mrs Voorhees kills them. The practical effects still look fantastic.
37. Friday the 13th Part II (1981)-TV-*** Slightly more fun than the first one, but none of the characters are interesting or memorable.
38. The Black Cat (1934)-Streaming-***** Karloff and Lugosi created the roles of Dracula and Frankenstein's Monster, but in my opinion they were never better than their performances as deadly enemies in The Black Cat. Lugosi plays a doctor made bitter and emotionally fragile by his experiences as a POW in WWI when he was betrayed by his commanding officer, played by Boris Karloff, now an architect who has married and killed Lugosi's wife and plans the same fate for his daughter. Edgar J Ulmer's direction creates a creepy and darkly erotic atmosphere, in which Lugosi and Karloff use a young newlywed couple as pawns in their game of vengeance.

Oct. 14
39. Child's Play 3 (1991)-TV-**** Although this slapdash sequel is not altogether satisfying, Brad Dourif's vocal work always makes Chucky worth watching. This time he's searching for a new body at a military school where poor Andy has to save a fellow cadet from Chucky's "Hide the Soul" game.
40. Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016)-TV-***** Terrific FTV. I haven't yet watched the first film, so the after the credits scene was lost on me, but this movie was seriously creepy, and Henry Thomas grew up hot.
41. Dawn of the Dead (1978)-DVD-**** RIP George Romero. DotD is an epic zombie film that has stood the test of time. Yes, the makeup looks simplistic now, but Romero understood that the real threat to human survival isn't the zombies, but other people. I'm glad I bought the Anchor Bay Ultimate Edition way back when because the movie isn't available for purchase or rental anywhere now.
42. One Dark Night (1982)-Streaming-* It was a real struggle to stick with this dull flick about sorority girls staging an initiation in a mausoleum where they raise a psychic who devours human energy. Painfully boring until the last 20 minutes when it finally started getting scary.

Oct. 15
43. The Uncanny (1977)-Streaming-**** Ailurophobes beware! Peter Cushing plays an author who pitches a book proposal about feline evil to a publisher (Ray Milland) by telling him three tales of cats wreaking vengeance upon miscreants. I really enjoy these British anthology flicks because the level of acting and atmosphere is so much higher than American films.
44. Tales of Halloween (2015)-Streaming-**** Excellent Halloween-themed anthology. The stories are short enough that none of them last too long, and there's a suitable amount of gore and blood.

Oct. 16
45. Prophecy (1979)-Streaming-**** I saw this in the theater back when it was first released, and the scary, wet mutant bear still scares me. Wisely, the film makers don't show the killer monster bear too much, but just enough for its appearance to be shocking. This movie is a genuine 70s time capsule, incorporating abortion, pollution, and Native American rights, which were hot topics 40 years ago. Robert Foxworth plays an idealistic doctor who takes a job in Maine to help Native Americans whose rights have been tramples by a lumber company that has been pouring deadly chemicals into the water and discovers the horrific mutagenic effects of mercury poisoning on the local wildlife. It's odd to recall how the EPA changed America for the better, and how far we have reversed our progress of 40 years in the last 9 months.

Oct. 17
46. Gargoyles (1972)-Streaming-**** Terrific made-for-TV movie about an anthropologist and his daughter being chased by gargoyles who want to keep theri existence secret.
47. The Evil (1978)-Streaming-*** The movie's set-up starts out great-a psychiatrist and some friends set out to remodel a house he just purchased, and scary things start happening--but the end is completely WTF--Victor Buono as the Devil?
48. The Devil's Bride (1968)-TV-**** One of my favorite Hammer films, The Devil's Bride reminds me somewhat of Curse of the Demon, with an evil sorcerer using black magic against a group of friends in a battle of good vs. evil. If Warner releases another Hammer horror set on Blu-Ray, I hope they include this.

Oct. 18
49. The Stranger Within (1974)-DVD-**** The ABC Movie of the Week produced some memorably scary flicks. Barbara Eden plays a woman who becomes pregnant although her husband has had a vasectomy. She develops cravings for coffee, salt and raw meat and starts reading books with her hands. Terrific movie with a downer ending typical for the 70s.
50. Dawn of the Dead (2004)-Blu-Ray-*** The first 8 minutes are gangbusters-zombie apocalypse on steroids. The screenplay makes the mistake of adding too many characters so that we don't get to know them well enough to mourn them when they get eaten. The zombie pregnancy would have worked better if they had been willing to go for the gore, and maybe not show the baby because it looks ridiculous.
51. The Asphyx (1972)-Blu-Ray-***** Oscar Wilde wrote, "In this world there are only two tragedies. One is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it." In this Hammeresque film, a Victorian scientist discovers a spirit called an "asphyx" that comes to people at the time of their death. He finds that he can achieve immortality by imprisoning his asphyx, but things go horribly wrong. Everything in this movie works-the script, the direction, the acting. This is a top-notch horror film, and I'm surprised it isn't better known.
52. Needful Things (1993)-Blu-Ray-***** Despite its negative ratings from critics, Needful Things is IMO one of the more successful Stephen King adaptations. Great cast and a terrific story, although not as dark as the novel.

Oct. 19
53. A Ghost Story (2016)-Streaming-**** Not as much a horror film as a profound study of depression and grief.
54. The Other Side of the Door (2016)-TV-**** An expat American mom in India loses her son in an accident. Her housekeeper tells her about a deserted temple in a forest where she can bring back her son to say goodbye, but under no circumstances can she open the temple door to let him in. Hilarity ensues.
55. Repo the Genetic Opera (2008)-Streaming-***** I absolutely love this rock and roll fable.

Oct. 20
56. Hunted (2015)-Streaming-** Emo vampire boy tries to make a normal life for himself. Really didn't care for this one.
57. The Monster Project (2016)-Streaming-**** A couple of amateur film makers advertise for real monsters to appear in a film. Things go badly.
58. The Brides of Dracula (1960)-Blu-Ray-*** Definitely 2nd-tier Hammer. It's an enjoyable film and Peter Cushing is excellent as Van Helsing, but David Peel as the lead vampire just doesn't have Christopher Lee's star quality.
59. Nosferatu (1922)-TV-**** I could easily believe Max Schreck was a real vampire; his performance is that creepy.

Oct. 21
60. Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987)-Blu-Ray-**** The high point of the series as teens in a mental hospital fight Freddy in their dreams. Freddy gets off one-liners but he stops just short of self-parody.
61. Day of the Dead (1985)-Blu-Ray-**** Romero made this film as a criticism of Reagan's America, where people had lost faith in institutions and themselves. I wonder what movie he would have made about Trump.

Oct. 22
62. Residue (2017)-Streaming-*** Lovecraft Noir. A private detective comes into possession of a book that draws him into other dimensions. There's a lot here to like, but the lead actor (who is also the producer) is so listless a presence that it is difficult to care about his fate.
63. Twins of Evil (1971)-DVD-*** Middling Hammer vampire flick that takes boobs and blood to a new level.
64. The Mummy (1999)-TV-**** The high point of Brendan Fraser's career. A rousing spectacle that should have been the template for Universal's current failed reboot of their Dark Universe films
65. Bride of Chucky (1998)-TV-*** Forgettable sequel clearly ripped off from Bonnie and Clyde, although Jennifer Tilly is entertaining as Chucky's moll, Tiffany.

Oct. 23
66. 28 Days Later (2003)-DVD-**** Superlative zombie film that really feels post-apocalyptic as we see Cillian Murphy wandering alone in an empty, garbage-strewn London. The quick cuts in the action scenes amp up the visceral terror of the grotesque, drooling zombies. The one drawback is the crappy camcorder-style image-I wish Boyle hadn't chosen the Dogme 95 stripped-down style to film this.
67. Here Alone (2016)-Streaming-**** This is similar to a movie I watched for the 2014 OHMC, Dead Within, another film about a woman surviving alone in the woods after the collapse of civilization during the zombie apocalypse. That film examined the mental disintegration caused by a long bout of solitude, whereas this movie is about survival at all costs.

Oct. 24
68. Children of the Night (2016)-Streaming-**** A Buenos Aires news reporter is lured to an orphans home to investigate the deaths of children, but it turns out that it's a shelter for child vampires, who are being stalked and killed by a gang of vampire hunters. The movie's sympathies are entirely with the vampires, and when the squad of human vamp killers are wiped out, we cheer the gore and carnage. Some of the themes in this film made me extremely squeamish, but it was an excellent FTV overall.

Oct. 25
69. MST3K: The Horror of Party Beach (1964)-Streaming-***** The movie is horrible, not-to mention racist, but it's a top-notch MST3K ep.
70. MST3K: Hobgoblins (1986)-Streaming-** Even with Mike and the bots, this was painful.

Oct. 26
71. Cat People (1982)-Blu-Ray-**** Even though Paul Schrader's direction strips away the atmospheric horror of the Val Lewton original in favor of gore, the movie still works today, not least because of Natassia Kinski's unearthly beauty.
72. Night of the Living Dead (1968)-DVD-**** For today's George Romero theme, I had to watch the film that spawned an entire new horror genre. Nearly 50 years later, it still retains the power to shock. I suspect Criterion is going to release a 50th anniversary Blu-Ray next year, seeing that Janus Films has been exhibiting a new 4K remaster around the country
73. H.P. Lovecraft's Necronomicon: Book of the Dead (1993)-Streaming-**** Solid anthology film with a wraparound showing Lovecraft stealing the Necronomicon from sinister monks. The gooey creature effects in each story were excellent, apart from the animated bat-monsters in the last story.
74. Anarchy Parlor (2015)-TV-* Hostel, but with tattoos. Pro-tip: If you find yourself in Eastern Europe and a hot girl invites you to a party with free drinks, decline, or else you'll be killed and skinned so a tattoo artist can create ugly portraits on your skin and sell them.

Oct. 27
75. The Conjuring 2 (2016)-TV-***** As frightening as the first film, The Conjuring 2 follows the Warrens as they attempt to exorcise a demon tormenting a British family.
76. The Brotherhood of Satan (1971)-Blu-Ray-**** I absolutely love this movie, despite its glaring flaws. Strother Martin's performance as the leader of the Satanic coven is an absolute hoot.

Oct. 28
77.5. The Paul Lynde Halloween Special (1976)-Streaming-***** This blast from the past is my Halloween tradition.
77.5. The Haunted History of Halloween (2005)-Streaming-***** I wish The History Channel would drop their lowest-common-denominator "reality shows" and bring back informative docs like this one.
80. House of Dark Shadows (1970)-TV-** Dan Curtis really didn't understand that TV doesn't look good on film. The movie is entertaining and has a few good scenes, but the screenplay just replicated the soap opera.
81. Split (2016)-TV-***** M. Night Shyamalan made a good movie, who knew? James McAvoy's performance as the multiple personalities is amazing.
82. SNL Halloween (2017)-TV-***** The highlights are the Kellyanne the Dancing Clown and David S Pumpkins sketches.

Oct. 29
83. The Night Stalker (1972)-streaming-**** The TV-movie that introduced the great Carl Kolchak.
84. The Night Strangler (1973)-Streaming-**** The sequel to the The Night Stalker is not quite as iconic a film, but it has an interesting villain (a Civil War-era doctor discovered immortality through killing young women for their hormones every few decades)
85. The Norliss Tapes (1975)-Streaming-*** An investigative reporter looks into the story of a sculptor who made a pact with a demon. This one is drab and really could have used Darrin McGavin.
86. The Thing (1982)-Blu-Ray-****** Today Carpenter's version of the Thing is considered a genre classic and the original has been largely forgotten, but 35 years ago it was trashed by critics who compared it to Howard Hawkes's film (yes, the credit is Christian Nyby, but Hawkes really directed it), amd it bombed at the box office.

Oct. 30
87. Evilspeak (1981)-Streaming-*** I can't call Evilspeak a good movie, but it is fun to watch. Ron Howard's ugly brother plays a misfit cadet at a military school who communicates with the spirit of a Spanish Satan cultist who gives him the power to kill his enemies, with the help of some demonic pigs.
88. Fright Night (1985)-DVD-**** Still holds up 30 years later

Oct. 31
89. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Once More With Feeling" (2001)-Streaming-****Joss Whedon first showed his songwriting chops with this episode that he expanded in Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog./ Adam Ruins Everything, "Adam Ruins Halloween" (2017)-Streaming-****Adam Conover busts some myths about All Hallows Eve./It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" (1966)-Streaming-****I got a rock.
90. The House That Wouldn't Die (1970)-Streaming-**** Barbara Stanwyck and Richard Egan get involved with spirits. Ir's such a shame that we don't have vehicles for washed-up movie stars these days.
91. Fright Night (1985)-Streaming-***** The 2nd best vampire film of the 80s after Near Dark
92. Hell House LLC (2016)-Streaming-**** Don't invite demons into your Halloween hell house
93. Poltergeist (1982)-TV-***** There's no way Spielberg didn't direct this.
94. The Old Dark House (1932)-TV-**** I had never seen this before. I think it was a lost fil, but really fun and weird, without actually being scary
95. Rosemary's Baby (1968)-Blu-Ray-***** A triumph of writing, direction, and acting, proving that you can make a scary film with no blood or effects.
96. The Cabin in the Woods (2012)-Blu-Ray-***** Joss Whedon wrote the perfect Halloween film.

THEMES: Complete

-X- 10/01: Farewell Texas Gentleman Who Took the Chainsaw That Extra Mile, You Directed Poltergeist; We Know Your Style! - R.I.P. Tobe Hooper: Spontaneous Combustion
-X- 10/02: Radioactive Materials Produced from Industrial Waste, These Slimy Carcinogenic Poisons Will Give You Superpowers to Fly to Outer Space! - Slime, Goo & Toxic Waste Horror: The Abominable Dr. Phibes
-X- 10/03: It Slices! It Dices! It Circumcises! - Slashers/ Giallos / Serial Killers: The Belko Experiment
-X- 10/04: Produced Carefully One Frame At a Time, These Two-Dimensional Abominations Are Nightmare-Fueled Versions of Modern Day Pantomime. - Animated Horror: Monster House
-X- 10/05: Straitjackets Unhinged; Crazies On the Fringe! Holy Crap, It's Societal Collapse! - Werewolves / Were-Creatures On A Full Moon: The Werewolf
-X- 10/06: Enchanted Forests, Men with Hooks for Hands, A Ghostly Woman Residing in the Mirror ...It All Goes Hand In Hand. - Folklore, Urban Legends & Fairy Tale Horror: Jinn
-X- 10/07: Mindfuckery of Lynchian Dream Logic Style with Hallucinogenic Head Trips that Beguile - Nightmares & Dreamscapes / Hallucinations & Drug Trips: Hellraiser
-X- 10/08: Viruses! Plagues! Outbreaks! Walking Corpses that are Undead! Call In the Military; Shoot 'Em in the Head! - Zombies:I Survived a Zombie Holocaust
-X- 10/09: From Scream Queens to the Final Girl, These Deadly Women Will Make Your Nightmares Unfurl! - Day of the Woman: Female Directed Horror Films: Humanoids from the Deep
-X- 10/10: Chronological Horror Years Faceoff - Chapter 5 - 1967 (Gold) Vs. 1992 (Silver) : It Survived: Berserk
-X- 10/11: Dusty Decaying Bones in Rat-Infested Paris Catacombs - Skull & Bones: The Skull
-X- 10/12: Some Poor Sap in the Museum's Egyptian Wing is Lying Dead ...Never Remove the Cursed Sarcophagus Amulet From the Mummy's Ancient Rotting Head. - Mummies: The Awakening
-X- 10/13: It's That Annual Event At Camp Crystal Lake When Teens Get a Little Perverse ...Meanwhile Crazy Ralph Politely Reminds Everyone You're All Doomed; There's a Death Curse! - Unlucky Charms - A Celebration of Friday the 13th: Black Cats / Broken Mirrors / Ladders / F13 Films Friday the 13th: Uncut
-X- 10/14: Intestinal Annihilation with a Little Arterial Spray, Add Some Gory Depravity & Blood Spatter... It's All In a Day! - Splatter / Gore: Dawn of the Dead
-X- 10/15: Once, Twice, Three Times the Lacerations - Horror Anthologies: The Uncanny
-X-10/16: Print Media is Slowly Decaying. Two of the Big Dogs Unfortunately Won't Be Staying. - R.I.P. Fangoria / Video Watchdog: []bProphecy[/b]
-X-10/17: Friends, Frenemies or Just a Figment of the Imagination: The Devil's Bride
-X-10/18: Expectant Mothers Carrying the Antichrist; Their Freakishly Mutated Offspring Presumably Won't Play Nice! - Pregnancy Horror: The Stranger Within
-X-10/19: Ectoplasmic Entities Materializing at Night. Strong Yet Suspenseful Emotional Frights. Summoning the Dead by Candlelight. - Supernatural / Quiet/Soft / Seances: A Ghost Story
-X-10/20: Bela's Blood Sucking Bloodbath Birthday Bash Bonanza Extravaganza! - Vampires: Hunted
-X-10/21: R.I.P. VCR: You're Officially Belated, But Your Kick-Ass VHS Video Cover Art Will Never Be Outdated! - 1980s Video Companies Spotlight: Media Home Entertainment / Video Stores: Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
-X-10/22: Manufactured Tulpas from Unearthly Dimensions Or Maybe Evil Twin Siblings Just Hanging At Local Horror Conventions? - Evil Twins & Doppelgangers: Twins of Evil
-X-10/23: Tonight's Forecast Calls for a 100% Chance of Unadulterated Fright! - It Was a Dark and Stormy Night...: 28 Days Later
-X-10/24: Now Boarding: Your Ticket to Sun-Drenched Terror! - Coffin Joe's Caribbean, Mexican & Central/South American Cruise to Port Oblivion Featuring Hispanic Icons: Children of the Night
-X-10/24:10/25: The Shittiest, Cheapest Movies Mankind Ever Sprung; Some So Bad, They're Good ...Others are Killer Tongue! - IMDB Lowest Rated Horror: The Horror of Party Beach
-X-10/24:10/26: Goodbye Godfather of the Modern Living Dead & Social Commentary Guru of What Needed to Be Said. - R.I.P. George A. Romero: Night of the Living Dead
-X- 10/27: Hello Friends, Welcome to the 100th Anniversary of Antonio Bay! We're Murderous Ghost Mariners from A Leper Colony ...Yeah, We Can't Stay! - Small Town Horrors: The Brotherhood of Satan
-X-10/28: Binge-Watch Parties From Beyond the Grave & Benighted. Beware! There's a Catch; Pray You're Not Invited! - Mass Marathon of the Damned 8: Horror Parties: House of Dark Shadows
-X-10/29: Electronically Produced Via Keyboard from the Bowels of Hell... This Retro Futuristic Music from Beyond Is the Proverbial Death Knell. - The Synth of Fear: The Thing
-X-10/30: Evil Witches Cast Their Spell, Runaway or Discover the Demon-Infested Layers of Hell! - Devil's Night Debauchery: Demonic Possession / Satanic / Witchcraft / Hell: Evilspeak
-X-10/31: Halloween Evokes the Spirits of the Dead, Tread Lightly or Experience a Decapitated Head! - All Hallows Eve Horrifically Hideous Hellfest / Samhain: An Evening of Celtic Horror: Hell House LLC


-X- 09/30: group vote - Cronos (1993)
--- 11/01: group vote - Arachnophobia (1990)
--- xx/xx: wildcard - any horror theatrical showing (2017)

-X- 10/01: Dick Laurent - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)
-X- 10/02: shellebelle - C.H.U.D (1984)
-X- 10/03: ororama - Amer (2009)
-X- 10/04: clckworang - Mad Monster Party? (1967)
-X- 10/05: Darkgod - Bad Moon (1996)
-X- 10/06: hbsvb - Candyman (1992)
-X- 10/07: Gobear - The Void (2016)
-X 10/08: arw6040 - Train to Busan (2016)
-X-10/09: jacob_b - Raw (2016)
-X- 10/10: nezumi - Yongary, Monster from the Deep (1967)
Highway to Hell (1992)
-X- 10/11: rbrown498 - The Screaming Skull (1958)
-X- 10/12: Trevor - Bubba Ho-Tep (2002)
-X- 10/13: tarfrimmer - Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981)
-X- 10/14: Chad - One Dark Night (1982)
-X- 10/15: Mondo Kane - Tales of Halloween (2015)
--- 10/16: Bladz - Martyrs (2008)
--- 10/17: mallratcal - Pin (1988)
--- 10/18: numbercrunch - Seeding of a Ghost [Zhong gui] (1983)
--- 10/19: pacaway - Under the Shadow (2016)
--- 10/20: Shack - Ganja & Hess (1973)
-X- 10/21: The Man with the
Golden Doujinshi - Day of the Dead (1985)
--- 10/22: Undeadcow - +1 (2013)
--- 10/23: TheBigDave - Dolls (1987)
--- 10/24: alyxstarr - Alucarda (1977)
-X- 10/25: WillieMLF - Hobgoblins (1988)
--- 10/26: PCBreakdown - The Crazies (1973)
--- 10/27: DaveyJoe - Messiah of Evil (1973)
--- 10/28: SethDLH - The Initiation (1984)
--- 10/29: Darth Maher - The Fog (1980)
--- 10/30: SterlingBen - Witchtrap (1989)
--- 10/31: cwileyy - Ghostwatch

Checklist: Complete

Select 10 actors:Completed
1. -X- Kevin Bacon: Friday the 13th: Uncut
2. -X- Doug Bradley: Hellraiser
3. -X- Peter Cushing: The Skull
4. -X- Brad Dourif: Spontaneous Combustion
5. -X- Ethan Embry: The Devil's Candy
6. -X- Boris Karloff: Mad Monster Party
7. -X- Brea Grant: A Ghost Story
8. -X-Bela Lugosi : The Black Cat
9. -X-Christopher Lee: The Devil's Bride
10. -X-Meg Tilly: One Dark Night

Select 5 recently deceased actors -or- directors: Completed
1. -X- Adam West: One Dark Night
2. -X- George A. Romero: Dawn of the Dead
3. -X- John Heard: Cat People
4. -X- Jay Thomas: C.H.U.D.
5. -X- Tobe Hooper: Spontaneous Combustion

Select 2 film composers:
-X-John Carpenter: The Thing
-X-Daniel Licht: Bad Moon

Select 5 directors:Complete
--- Dario Argento -
-X-Don Coscarelli: Bubba Ho Tep
--- David DeCoteau -
-X-Mike Flanagan: Ouija: Origin of Evil
-X-Tom Holland: Fright Night
--- Mary Lambert -
--- Jean Rollin -
-X-Steve Miner: Friday the 13th Part 2
-X-James Wan:The Conjuring 2
--- Adam Wingard -

Select 2 makeup effects artists: Completed
-X-Patrick Baxter: The Void
-X-Jason Collins: Tales of Halloween

Select 2 producers:Completed
-X- Bradley Fuller: The Purge: Election Year
-X- Roy Lee: The Boy

Select 2 writers:Completed
-X- Robert Bloch: The Skull
-X- H.P. Lovecraft: Necronomicon: Book of the Dead

Select 30 of the following sub-genres / types:Completed
1. -X- *3-D Film: House of Wax
2. -X- Anthology Film: The Uncanny
3. -X- Based on a Novel: The Girl With All the Gifts
4. -X- Cannibalism: Raw
5. -X- Cinema Inspired By: Edgar Allan Poe: The Black Cat
6. -X- Cinematic Titanic / Horror Host / MST3K / RiffTrax: Yongary
7. -X- Comedy / Spoof: I Survived a Zombie Holocaust
8. -X- Death by: Fire: Spontaneous Combustion
9. -X- Extraterrestrial / Takes Place in Space: Tales of Halloween
10. -X- Film From TCM's October Schedule: The Devil's Bride
11. -X- Ghost / Haunting: Ouija: Origin of Evil
12. -X- Giallo: Amer
13. -X- K-Horror: Train to Busan
14. -X- Killer / Evil Animal: The Uncanny
15. -X-Killer / Evil Child: Ouija: Origin of Evil
16. -X- Killer / Evil Doll: Child's Play 2
17. -X- Made-for-TV Movie: Gargoyles
18. -X- Monster / Creature Feature / Godzilla: Prophecy
19. -X- Mummy: The Awakening
20. -X- Musical / Rock ‘n Roll Horror:Repo the Genetic Opera
21. -X- Slasher / Psycho / Homicidal Maniac: Friday the 13th
22. -X- Takes Place on a Holiday: Tales From Halloween
23. -X- Takes Place on or Under the Sea: Humanoids From the Deep
24. -X- Three Films in a Franchise: Child's Play 2/3/ Bride of Chucky
25. -X- Vampire: The Hunted
26. -X- Werewolf: Bad Moon
27. -X- Witchcraft / Satanic / Religious: The Uncanny
28. -X- With Commentary: Cat People
29. -X-With Two or More Horror Legends: The Black Cat
30. -X- Zombie: Contracted

Watch 1 w/commentary from the "Masters of Commentary":Complete
--- Joe Bob Briggs -
-X- John Carpenter: The Thing
--- Larry Cohen -
--- Joe Dante -
--- Tim Lucas -
--- Guillermo del Toro -
--- David del Valle -

Watch films in at least three formats:Completed
-X- TV, Contracted.
-X-DVD, Candyman.
-X-Streaming, The Mutations.

Watch films in at least three languages:Completed
-X- Spanish, Cronos
-X- Korean, Train to Busan
-X- French, Raw

Watch 3 films that you've never seen before that:Complete
--- Stars a Barbara (Steele, Crampton, Hershey, Shelley) -
--- Features music by Richard Band -
-X- Was made in the 1950s; The Werewolf
-X- Features a Disembodied / Possessed Hand: The Cabin in the Woods
-X- Was written by Jimmy Sangster: The Brides of Dracula[/b]
--- Features a solar eclipse -
--- Has the words "It" in the title -
--- Was directed by David Cronenberg -
---- Stars Michelle Bauer -
-X- Takes place at a cemetery: One Dark Night
--- Features an actor who played Michael Myers, Jason, Freddy, Pinhead, or another pop culture horror killer in a different role -

Select 8 decades of film history:Completed
--- 1890 -
--- 1900 -
--- 1910 -
-X- 1920: Nosferatu
-X- 1930: The Black Cat
-X- 1940 -Cat People
-X- 1950: The Werewolf
-X- 1960: The Skull
-X- 1970: The Prophecy
-X- 1980: One Dark Night
-X- 1990: Child's Play 3
-X- 2000: Bubba Ho Tep
-X- 2010: Ouija: Origin of Evil

Select 1 from the "Chronological Horror Years Faceoff":
-X- 1942 (75th): Cat People
-X- 1967 (50th): Berserk
-X- 1992 (25th): Candyman

Select 2 from the following anniversaries: Complete
--- 100th Birthday of Santos -
-X- 15th Anniversary of The Rondo Hatton Awards: The Cabin in the Woods
-X-20th Anniversary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: "Once More With Feeling
--- 25th Anniversary of The Sci-Fi/SyFy Channel -

Select 4 ratings:Completed
-X- PG: The Asphyx
-X- PG-13: Ouija: Origin of Evil
-X- R: The Evil
-X- Unrated: Dawn of the Dead

Attend a live event (convention, play, haunted house, ghost tour, etc.):
--- (insert event). OPTIONAL

Venture Into the Literary World:
--- Read a Horror Novel or Novella (insert title). OPTIONAL
--- Read a Horror Comic Book or Graphic Novel (insert title). OPTIONAL
--- Read a Horror Magazine (insert title). OPTIONAL

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