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Re: The 13th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Threa

My goal: No number, but I have about 28 unwatched Blu-rays/DVDs (some I've seen the movie, but haven't watched since I got the disk), so I'll concentrate on those. I got a really late start on this, so see if I can at watch one a day.

☼ = First time ever viewing
+First time watching the disk
Ratings out of 5

1. Lord of Illusions, Directors Cut (1995)+
I love this movie even though some of it's cheesy. Good story and I'm kind of in love with Famke Janssen in it. ****

2. ☼Planet of the Vampires (1965)+
Looked like it was made for about $1.98, which was jarring at first (especially all the open spaces in the ship, and some of the acting was awful, but it was pretty good anyway, and seemed like it really influenced some later movies. ***

3. ☼The Cabin in the Woods (2012)+
Some things I liked, but didn't really gel that well for me. **

4. ☼The Uninvited (1944)+
Not really very creepy, but not bad either. ***1/2

5. The Evil Dead (1981)+
Still good and creepy. ****

6. Army of Darkness, Director's Cut (1992)+
Good stuff. First time seeing director's cut in non-crappy version, so that was cool. ****1/2

7. ☼Night Breed: Director's Cut (1990)+
First time seeing this version. Overall, it was better than the released version, and really good job on restoring it. ****1/2

7. ☼The Legend of Hell House (1973)+
It was ok, not great. **

8. Evil Dead (2013)+
Pretty decent remake. I wish there'd been a sequel (in addition to the TV show). ***1/2

9a. ☼Stranger Things - "Chapter One: MADMAX" (2017)
9b. ☼Stranger Things - "Chapter Two: Trick or Treat, Freak" (2017)

10a. ☼Stranger Things - Chapter Three: The Pollywog (2017)
10b. ☼Stranger Things - Chapter Four: Will the Wise (2017)

11. ☼The Babysitter (2017)
I mostly watched this because the school scenes (all 2 or so) were filmed at my high school, but it turned out to be entertaining. ***1/2

12. The Innocents (1961)+
Creepy. I like how they don't really give things away. ****1/2

13a. ☼Stranger Things - S2 Chapter Five: Dig Dug (2017)
13b. ☼Stranger Things - S2 Chapter Six: The Spy (2017)

13a. ☼Stranger Things - S2 Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister (2017)
13b. ☼Stranger Things - S2 Chapter Eight: The Mind Flayer (2017)
14a. ☼Stranger Things - S2 Chapter Nine: The Gate (2017)
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