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A Flirtation if You Will

Old 04-12-08, 07:15 PM
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A Flirtation if You Will

It was supposed to be a quick date. Really just stopping in to say hello. A flirtation if you will. He knew it was a bad idea to go at all. It never worked out the way he intended. He had made a clean break two years ago. Cold turkey. It was the only way he told himself. Yet, as far away from his mind as he tried to put it, it uncomfortably crept back into his conscience every little while.

Why not, he thought? Just stop by. See what had he missed. Nothing more. Nothing more.

But weíve all been there havenít we? Thinking that the liason will be innocent. When if we really looked at ourselves in the mirror, looked deep into our souls, we would find the truth. Not that he needed to look that deep. He knew the answer without even asking the question.

It was wrong wasnít it? Anything you have to hide from your wife is wrong. He knew that. And this. This having to pay for a little entertainment. Everybody does it right? Thatís what he told himself anyway. But this poor, lost soul didnít seem to have any self respect. He spent hours. . . days. . . weeks trying to find out how to get his fix for as pathetic a sum as possible.

Once he entered The House, he knew he should never have come. He should have turned and walked out right then. But he couldnít. He saw the delights that lay before him and his heart beat faster. The rush was coming back, and he knew he could not temper it. The only question know was how far would he go? How many? How much excess could he afford and endure before he was spent (both figuratively and literally).

And then he saw it. A thing of beauty unlike anything he had seen before. He had many daliences in the past with many sweet and pretty things, but none like this. No, this one was special. So special that no one would even speak her name. This one evoked pure carnal desire.

He lept on it like a lion ravishing a gazelle, and he could not let go. Money mattered no more. His wife would surely know the truth now, there was no hiding this unrepentent fulfillment of desire. Every time he tried to walk away, he left only briefly before returning again and again for more and more satisfaction.

Now, many think he was saved only when this special one disappeared as quickly as she arrived. But alas, no. He had had his fill. What caused him to walk away was when he gazed across his conquests from the many years prior and came to realize that there were more than 100 beauties he had yet to unwrap with anything other than his eyes.

It had come time to leave The House once more. . .

And with that I bid you all adieu. It was fun while it lasted, but it is time for me to go. I will see you all in another year or two.

(we are still talking about DVDs right? Right???)
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Originally Posted by dogmatica
He's looking for a literary agent.
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My first thought.....

By the end of paragraph:

1 -

2 -

3 -

4 -

5 -

6 -

7 -

8 -

9 -

10 -

Buy your wife some and maybe you won't get from The House forever.

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Sorry guys. Bored last night and was lamenting about my reutrn to CH (aka The House) and how I really just revisted the board for the first time in a couple of years with no intention of getting back in the game ( thus the flirtation) but knowing I would anyway.

And then there was THE code (the one no one would speak of - hehe). And I got sucked back in and couldn't stop (ordering of course).

Then last night I looked at all the DVDs sitting on my shelf still in the shrink wrap (aka unwrapped beauties) and decided I really did need to take another break.

I need to stop ordering and start watching.

Hopefully you all caught all the double-speak and innuendos and realized I was talking about my DVD addiction. What else would I have been talking about???
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I thought you were high. Eloquent, but oh so high.
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This is about "THE CODE" right?
if so then well done...A bit much but well done nonetheless.
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Originally Posted by chris_sc77
This is about "THE CODE" right?
if so then well done...A bit much but well done nonetheless.
Yep. It was about THE CODE. I got sucked back in big time by it.
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We have The House and The Code. I just wish The Code to get back in The House were reactivated.
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Hey, I thought your post was pretty entertaining.
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Originally Posted by avoiceoreason
Yep. It was about THE CODE. I got sucked back in big time by it.
It was beautiful that code...I think I will cast my vote in the upcoming election based on who pledges to reinstate THE CODE back into THE HOUSE....
Also has there ever been an IN MEMORIAN thread dedicated to a sales code before on this site...just curious.?
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Originally Posted by jhester
Hey, I thought your post was pretty entertaining.
Likewise. This is a tough crowd here!
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You wrote what I've been thinking. I'll be curtailing spending going forward. I have WAY too many movies and shows I haven't watched and it's starting to bum me out a bit more than I expected!
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