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  1. Recommend GC games
  2. Anyone play Star Fox Assault yet?
  3. God of War demo disc.... OMG!!
  4. Getting an xbox/halo2/live any deals?
  5. The Shield game
  6. Need help from someone in the UK (Defender of Grayskull PS2)
  7. anyone else think GBC died too fast?
  8. Anyone have an extra 2mo. sub to XBOX Live?
  9. Anyone have "Bionic Commando: Elite Forces" for Game Boy Color?
  10. Who needs emulators when you have JAVA
  11. SFIII fans, prepare to be amazed
  12. How to take World of WarCraft Screen Shots?
  13. Last day espn nfl 2k5 is online?
  14. TFC2 for Half-Life 2?
  15. KOTOR II or Mercenaries??? Which should I choose??
  16. i wish gba games would go to sleep in ds
  17. Retro Game Challenge #27 (1/30-2/6) We finally get to play Tempest!
  18. With Pelican Leather Glove...should GBA SP close all the way?
  19. Final Fantasy Dear Friends Concert
  20. Ah! Dreamcast Memories!!!!
  21. Castlevania : Curse Of Darkness (PS2) Q4 2005
  22. How's "Grand Theft Auto Advance"?
  23. What SNES game is this?
  24. Can we please stop with the "2K_" game titles?
  25. Nintendo DS, GBA SP, or wait for PSP??
  26. "Animal Crossing" accessing NES classics?
  27. Any good PC multi player flight simulators?
  28. Idea if allowed Mod's: Sticky for Hosted Severs
  29. Fear and Respect
  30. Hot deal: Metal Gear Solid 3 for $20 at KB Toys B&M
  31. What are the +'s and -'s to GBA SP?
  32. It's that time again: name that sleeper game that everyone should be playing but isnt
  33. whats with all the console threads? where are the PC game threads?
  34. New system on the way, what games to try?
  35. Gamecube: Little Mac in Fight Night 2 + Super Punch Out!
  36. Namco v. Capcom RPG announced <not 56k friendly >
  37. Videogame tattoos... (MAY INCLUDE MATURE CONTENT)
  38. Whats going on with GT4?
  39. Bryan "Kidhype" Smith of RetroGaming Radio dies
  40. Now's your chance to get Katmari Damacy: $15 at Best Buy B&M
  41. What size is the headset mic port on XBox Live?
  42. Any More Games Like "Crimson Skies" for XBox?
  43. Anyone play Growlanser Generations?
  44. Phantom Dust, and Dai Senryaku VII coming to the XBox any interest?
  45. So, it seems some are "too cool" for this forum
  46. Second Sight deal at ebgames.com
  47. Sega officially out of the sports game
  48. Nintendo Revolution Features (?)
  49. My Xbox Has Eaten My Halo 2?????
  50. Recommend some good action GBA games for a long flight.
  51. Are any Otters into online gaming?
  52. Take-Two strikes back with MLB
  53. WarioWare: Twisted - 3/21/2005
  54. Retro Game Challenge #26 (1/23-1/30)
  55. build your own mame setup?
  56. Ghost Recon 2 - Ps2 or Xbox
  57. How is "Astro Boy: Omega Factor" for GBA?
  58. Why the shortage of XBOX consoles in stores?
  59. How do you turn OFF the stupid green triangles in Rome Total War
  60. SSX 3 ... anybody else playing this?
  61. Star Wars:EMPIRE at War Strategy game: NICE pics
  62. Have you played Mercenaries??
  63. Review site that lists playtime?
  64. BBV New Release Day?
  65. Star Wars:KOTOR -- I can't believe how.....
  66. Gamecube Aspect Ratios, Resident Evil 4 and Progressive Scan?
  67. videogame clearance @ dvdempire
  68. Ques: GBA Backyard Baseball '06 is out in March. Any deals?
  69. Fried my Xbox, what to do? Also any sales on Xbox systems?
  70. Holy crap, I suck at Warcraft 3
  71. is it crucial to play ratchet and clank in order?
  72. anyone try the punisher
  73. ID Checks for Mature games?
  74. halo 2 live question
  75. How anal are you about the condition of your games?
  76. OXM #41 (Feb)
  77. Sega strikes back!!
  78. Questions about Oddworld Stranger
  79. EA buys ESPN exclusivity Rights for the next 15 years
  80. .01 guide mark down at Best Buy YMMV
  81. Electronic Arts, ESPN hook up in exclusive 15-year deal
  82. Best RPG (console) in 2005
  83. Have you drastically reduced playing video games?
  84. Retro Game Challenge #25 (1/16-1/23)
  85. New Markdowns on Recent Games at Best Buy
  86. Have any of the classic PC games been ported?
  87. Men of Valor - Xbox - $19.99 at BB, misprice?
  88. Anyone own a pinball machine?
  89. Official Playstation Magazine?
  90. Gamecube owners: Wavebird + Metroid Prime $15.99 K-Mart B&M
  91. March looks Hot for XBOX- thoughts?
  92. Corrupted save files
  93. Perhaps the weirdest case yet of video games invading real life
  94. CC Sony XBOX Headset
  95. NPD Top 100 Software sales for December 2004
  96. Logitech MOMO wheel - PS2 compatible?
  97. U.S. Army Threatens Game Cheaters
  98. Narc (ps2/xbox) $19.99
  99. magazines XBN and GMR no more
  100. dvdprofiler type program for videogames?
  101. re: Want to get Xbox live but don't have internet/computer
  102. Star Wars: Empire at War
  103. Mercenaries - do you like to blow things up?
  104. From the creators of Ragnarok, a new MMORPG
  105. Resident Evil: Wesker's Report II for US?
  106. Game Instruction Manuals
  107. Do you finish your games??
  108. I hate online gaming!
  109. EA takes over another sports league
  110. Hot chick into WOW. I was shocked
  111. Want to get Xbox live but don't have internet/computer
  112. Man, a Playboy Game?
  113. Can U.S Halo 2 players play against UK Halo 2 players?
  114. Finished Knights of the Old Republic - Question (Spoilers)
  115. MGS3 Food Question
  116. Retro Game Challenge #24 (1/9-1/16)
  117. How many Dvdtalkers are still doing Dial-up?
  118. The 1/Only PSP Discussion Thread (No silly behavior allowed)
  119. What are the "must haves" and the rare collectibles, on ANY SYSTEM?
  120. PSP to launch this spring in the US
  121. Halo 2 Non-Clan Member List?
  122. Half-Life 2 eBay problem...what would YOU do?
  123. How is the storyline in San Andreas?
  124. Batman Begins
  125. Resident Evil 4 Intro movie is up for download!
  126. Is the RE4: LE Tin exclusive to GameStop?
  127. Mario Hits Dance Dance Revolution
  128. Is DS for me if I just want to play single player games casual?
  129. Anyone know what will be on Capcom Compilation game?
  130. Any game stores accept Paypal as payment?
  131. Is Resident Evil 4 like a typical 3rd person action game?
  132. PSP battery can be triple!!
  133. The Resident Evil 4 thread
  134. Need recommendations for a good PC Pinball game
  135. The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap!!
  136. nintedo ds and sp power interchangeable?
  137. S-Video on N64
  138. Anyone running L J Z on Tapwave Zodiac 2?
  139. My XBox Live subscription expires in three weeks. What do I get?
  140. Age of Empires III
  141. XBOX Live renew question.
  142. LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth
  143. Suck my yellow balls, Mr. Ballmer!
  144. Lineage II - 49 cents @ Microcenter
  145. Halo 1 now- Ok to play Halo 2 on-line only?
  146. Good wireless solution for online PS2 gaming?
  147. The end of Nintendo in the hardware business.
  148. Mario + others in NBA Street v.3!!
  149. A Question About the XBOX Version of ESPN NHL 2K5
  150. xbox as a dvd player
  151. so does Oddball (halo 2) suck or what?!
  152. halo 2 stats are back!
  153. i don't like the official World of Warcraft forum... any others you recommend?
  154. Is there a game based on the "24" TV series?
  155. LOL....Ninja Gaiden is hard as @#%$!!!!
  156. Castlevania DS pics
  157. The Hobbit Need Help
  158. Best price point for games
  159. Gamestop exclusive GC Resident Evil 4 Tin preorder
  160. Is anyone still playing City of Heroes?
  161. Questions about wireless gaming...
  162. Need help finding an arcade style shooting game for Xbox...
  163. Once the new Sony PSP comes out, when will prices drop on Gamecube games?
  164. Retro Game Challenge #23 (1/2-1/9)
  165. help! xbox live lost my Halo 2 stats!!
  166. Get On Da Mike for Xbox?
  167. Preorder Sony PSP at Gamestop $50 down
  168. xbox live question
  169. Know of any good video game price search engines?
  170. ESPN NHL 2K5 for PS2...How do you get instant replays after every goal?
  171. Need PS2 Memory Card HELP! (re : Formatting cards)
  172. Guncon 2 support on LCD TVs?
  173. Best Under the Radar games of 2004
  174. Are generic memory cards as good as the originals?
  175. What games should I finish first?
  176. Fable: How long before it gets fun??
  177. XBOX - Greg Hasting's Tournament Paintball
  178. Help On Tracking Down the Best XBox System Deal
  179. Thoughts on Battlefront?
  180. Does the new "Wavebird" for Gamecube have rumble function?
  181. MechAssault 2?
  182. Point of the Gamecube BBA?
  183. Interesting news about Revolution controller
  184. Power Player???
  185. Anybody want to whip my rear end in NFL2K5?
  186. Suggestion for first XBOX Live Game
  187. TRU B&M: 70% off some games
  188. Can you check your Xbox Live stats online (for every game)?
  189. Any Real, Simulation ESPN 2K5 XBOX Leagues?
  190. Xbox Metal Slug 3 OOP?
  191. MMORPG Talk
  192. Need controllers for Xbox
  193. Can Xbox Read DVD+RWs?
  194. Grand Theft Auto (XBOX) Double Pack...sound question....help me
  195. KILLZONE -- Don't believe the reviews!!!
  196. Anyone Playing DOA Ultimate?
  197. Prince of Persia sucks!
  198. Anyone get PLAY magazine?
  199. What games are you looking forward to in 2005?
  200. Nintendo DS at Blockbuster?
  201. Xbox: Need For Speed 2 - $ 7.96 Shipped!
  202. Logitech Cordless Headset for Xbox...no sound?
  203. Graphics? I don't need your stinkin' graphics!
  204. Retro Game Challenge #22 (12/26-1/2)
  205. Need Help Setting Up XBOX Live...
  206. Will I like "Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes" (Gamecube) if I loved "Eternal Darkness"?
  207. So what games/systems did you get for X-Mas?
  208. Star Wars: Republic Commando for XBOX
  209. Returning Videogames without a receipt?
  210. Scarface only for XBOX?
  211. Canceling XBox Live
  212. X-Box Live setup question...
  213. How can I find this tetris clone?
  214. Any Gamecube game that comes close to "Eternal Darkness"?
  215. OXM January 2005
  216. Just won an X-Box Halo edition, have a few questions
  217. GTA2 Free DL from Rockstar
  218. LCD TV's safe for video games?
  219. best "Greatest Hits" for PS2?
  220. Ghost Recon 2 $19.99 at Kmart???
  221. Wavebird Controller: Whose Technology is it?
  222. I've almost had it with PC Gaming...please help.
  223. GTA 2 downloadable now.....
  224. Mario Kart DD Price cut soon??
  225. Circuit City 20% Off Video Game Software & Accessories
  226. 24 - TV Series Game
  227. EA REEEEJECTED by the NBA
  228. Half-life 2 demo available
  229. EA buys substantial share of Ubisoft. Act deemed "HOSTILE"
  230. Does the X-Box read in DVD-R?
  231. Half Life 2 - Collector's Edition is $64.99 at Gamestop
  232. ESPN College Hoops , Help me Score!
  233. Resident Evil 4... 2 for $30? (Best Buy ad)
  234. Best Kart Racer for Xbox?
  235. Halo 2 Single-Player Vs. Riddick
  236. New PS2's overheat?
  237. Retro Game Challenge #21 (12/19-12/26)
  238. halflife 2 offline or stopping updates?
  239. Xbox live wireless question
  240. Please sign this petition: EA Sports Taking the NFL
  241. Where should i sell or trade a GBA SP?
  242. IGN's Games Of The Year Awards Now Up
  243. viewing point totals on Halo 2 (Live) ?
  244. Gamecube Holiday Bundle w/$15.00 coupon and Mario Double Dash $99.88 shipped
  245. Xbox DVD remote question.
  246. Games that remind you of Christmas
  247. Is Microsoft going to do anything with High Heat?
  248. So how is Burnout 3 - Takedown for everyone?
  249. GTA: San Andreas for the Xbox in June '05
  250. Dragon Quest VIII Coming to AMERICA!!!