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Old 05-06-12, 10:01 PM   #1
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Blown Speakers - Need New ones - help!

Hi there -

I have a Sony STR-DH800 ( ) and about a year ago, I installed temporary and very cheap Panasonic cubes at all 6 pts of my 7.1 system in my movie room. There is no doubt that at least some of these cubes are blown. I knew when I bought them that they wouldn't last.

I am totally inept at understanding how many watts each speaker should get or can take. I want the system to kick ass at high levels of sound without worrying that they will blow out. I mainly use the system for movie watching and am tired of having to adjust volume down in anticipation of action moments in a movie.

I'm not made of money, but can someone suggest a cube speaker to me that can handle what I need? I'm not averse to buying one speaker every 3-4 months at prices of $100-$150 each if I have to... I'm also looking for a new center and sub.

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Old 05-07-12, 12:35 AM   #2
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Re: Blown Speakers - Need New ones - help!

There's an old saying which I think I can adapt...
You can have high volume, low distortion (aka no broken speakers), or cheap equipment. Pick any 2.

But one way to get more volume is to get more efficient speakers. Look for that rating, the higher the better. Klipsch may be an answer, for instance.
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Old 05-07-12, 04:17 AM   #3
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Re: Blown Speakers - Need New ones - help!

I like Klipsch Speakers and have heard some good sounding NHT and Energy ones.

Energy used to have a Take system that was not too expensive. It is possible they have a 7.1 version of it now.

I tossed one sample idea out there that was $400 for a 5.1 system

Added a Klipsch one that was under $300 for a 5.1 set.
Klipsch RF-3II- Front and Surrounds
Klipsch RC-35 Center
Energy S10.2 Subwoofer
Denon 2802

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