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  1. Don't Cry Too Much Kids: Creed is No More
  2. Any John Cale gurus?
  3. Biggest Music Mistakes (aka: what took you so long)
  4. favorite VELVET UNDERGROUND album?
  5. Very Best Of ZZ Top: Rancho Texicano due June 15th!
  6. LA people: sonic youth at the troubadour
  7. The Cure and Black Eyed Peas on Pepsi Smash WB tonight...
  8. Will Men At Works "Two Hearts" ever be reisued
  9. Bob Seger Discussion
  10. Anyone like sarah Hudson?
  11. For those who hate Headbanger's Ball...
  12. Song Help: "Because You Loved Me Best"
  13. 5 favorite Marilyn Manson songs...
  14. Robert Johnson's Son Gets His Due
  15. Ice Cube...The Man, The Rapper, The Movie Star, The Sellout?
  16. I need songs!!
  17. why do audio tapes play at different speeds in different cassette decks?
  18. What the hell is "ska" music???
  19. cureosawa festival dates/venues announced
  20. AC/DC Experts - a ? for you
  21. The Gloria Record has "broken up"
  22. Am I the only one who still likes Anthrax?
  23. Keane: 'Hope & Fears' - thoughts?
  24. Derek Frigo RIP
  25. Thoughts on Van Halen Reunion Lineup
  26. largest CD Purchase you've ever made
  27. Songs that embody you're feeling right now
  28. Linkin Park - Yay or nay?
  29. What's your Wilco Mix?
  30. EuroTrip Karaoke of Scotty Doesn't Know - FUNNY
  31. Melissa Auf Der Maur's new album. Anybody heard it yet?
  32. What bands do you recommend
  33. 50 Cents' "In Da Club" ringtone is the first to go PLATINUM!
  34. Any more Ramones reissues?
  35. My ears are bleeding - Jessica Simpson "Angels". Shocking
  36. Best Rolling Stones Album pt 2, the Virgin years
  37. Help Me Make The Ultimate Classic Rock Ipod List
  38. Setlist from first Rush show ****SPOILERS INSIDE****
  39. Share the Love for George Michael - Patience?
  40. Which Pop star will have the most successful movie career?
  41. What is the best Music club deal?
  42. Should I see a free Psychedelic Furs concert?
  43. Music from the OC: Mix 1
  44. How rare is this Beatles item?
  45. avril lavigne ~ "Under My Skin"
  46. R.I.P. Bradley Nowell - 8 years ago today. :(
  47. Need help identifying an oldies song!
  48. So... how many bands have you seen Live?
  49. Phish calling it a day???
  50. ORBITAL's last album and tour - US dates?
  51. Anyone else going to Madonna?
  52. Is Slipknot any good?
  53. Favorite Concert Moments
  54. Which artist has eluded you in concert?
  55. Hewlett's Daughter by Grandaddy - What's it about?
  56. Best Rolling Stones album pt 1 the ABKCO years
  58. The Cardigans and Liz Phair touring together this summer
  59. "Simple man" by shinedown, anyone know where to find it?
  60. anyone like BLACKALICIOUS?
  61. you know that a song is overplayed when?
  62. Saw a great show last night!! Never guess who....
  63. Hassel the Hoff!
  64. Looking for suggestions of Christian Rock music.
  65. Honky Tonk Women, Stones, question
  66. song on xm radio (sounds like train?)
  67. what cd's are youbuying this week 5/25?
  68. Does outkast sound alittle like chicago?
  69. Name this song for me please
  70. Tomahawk - Mit Gas - Whoa. (Mike Patton is amazing)
  71. New Alanis album
  72. New Sonic Youth- "Sonic Nurse" due on June 8
  73. What is the name of these two songs?
  74. PJ Harvey "Uh-huh-her" June release in US
  75. Van Halen Best of Both Worlds (2 disc set) coming 07/20
  76. anime that inspired no doubt video "ex girlfriend"?
  77. best rock song covers according to guitar one magazine
  78. just letting all of dead heads out there its a wave your flag tour season.
  79. New R & B song think R Kelly?
  80. Anyone hear the new Skinny Puppy CD? Thoughts?
  81. Interesting show on CMT last night
  82. Happy Birthday, Pete Townshend
  83. New Morrissey album is excellent
  84. Any Judas Priest/Halford fans?
  85. New Matthew Good Album?
  86. This Week's CDs -- What's Playing? (5/17-5/21, et al)
  87. Ever been to a concert at Turner Field?
  88. Two Dream Theater DVDs coming on 6/29
  89. DISCO, Yay or Nay ?
  90. Todd Rundgren: Help a true star out
  91. New Phish Single, LOL!
  92. The "Death Cab For Cutie" Thread
  93. Comparing 3 Electric Guitars: Opinions?
  94. Midi Song Request
  95. Alice Cooper Tour 2004
  96. Baaad Music!!!!
  97. what cd's are you buying this week 5/18?
  98. Help! Name this song (hip-hop edition)
  99. Von Bondies - Pawn Shoppe Heart Anyone have it?
  100. What are the best SHORT songs?
  101. Billboard: Petty Gets Busy On New Album, Live Set
  102. Elvis comback 68' special and aloha from hawaii deluxe editions june 22!
  103. New Rush album coming 5/29
  104. Patti Smith, free concert in Hoboken NJ this Sun. 5/16
  105. Charlatans (UK) 'Up at the Lake' - US release?
  106. Which "Time Bomb" song do I want?
  107. Ben Folds Summer Tour dates
  108. Anyone know what Kevin Cadogan (ex 3EB guitarist) is up to?
  109. Incubus Bootlegs for sale on their site, proceeds go to charity
  110. led zeppelin best of for a friend, how are these tracks?
  111. Question about Vans Warped Tour
  112. VH1 Top Ten Metal Moments
  113. Barry White
  114. Who do you consider to be the greatest voice of all time?
  115. SACD edition of Sigur Ros' () - what happened?
  116. New Big Star Hybrid SACD Out, Anyone Buy It?
  117. Morrissey "You Are the Quarry"
  118. New Beatles Mix
  119. ID a song - Barilla pasta ad
  120. Anyone know this song?
  121. What is the best place to buy music merch online?
  122. album that sounds the best?
  123. Recommend Some Jazz
  124. Trent Reznor to release monophonic, chordless NIN album
  125. Donnie from Enuff Z'Nuff
  126. How did you get into music?
  127. Anyone know that song in the new HP commercial?
  128. How many people have been to 924 Gilman?
  129. Where does everyone buy "rare" music items?
  130. please help me find a muppet song!
  131. Toshiba sd4900 and Flaming Lips dvd problem
  132. Well, Tapeworm is dead
  133. Party Boy from Jackass, What is that song called?
  134. Help me get into Radiohead!
  135. Evanescience
  136. Best site for DVD-Audio Info?
  137. Curiosa Festival...wow
  138. Oldies song help.
  139. Whoa! There's Henry Rollins!
  140. Songs that start with the same effects?
  141. Which "Big 3" punk pioneer do you like the most
  142. Bands who need to grow up lyrically
  143. Great movie starting songs
  144. How should I organize/label all my unlabeled CDs?
  145. Your favorite "lost albums"?
  146. what CD's are you buying this week 5/11?
  147. Place to find downloadable digital sheet music?
  148. get your ramone name here!
  149. Most "average" rock bands
  150. does Edwin Birdsong - Cola bottle baby = Daft punk - Harder, Better, Faster,Stronger?
  151. Who are the most influential musicians of modern music?
  152. 'Travis at the Palace' Region 2-6 DVD release.
  153. What's your best makeout music?
  154. please help me with assemble a mix tape for my graduation
  155. Looking for depressing songs [merged]
  156. Velvet Revolver Touring & Play L.A.'s KROQ Weenie Roast [VR & others on live stream]
  157. New Iggy Pop!
  158. the SARS concert in toronto, on dvd soon????
  159. Listening to Floyd's Echoes...
  160. Who knows/likes groups "Glass Tiger" and/or "Strange Advance"?
  161. I need help! Zig & Zag - "The Christmas Number One"
  162. driving music poll!!!!
  163. New Queensryche DVD anyone have?
  164. Any updates on the reissues of the Foo albums?
  165. I miss the Dismemberment Plan
  166. 'Rings' Music on 9-Disc CD Collection
  167. On Your Stereo: 5/2 - 5/9
  168. What's on the John Mayer EP at Best Buy?
  169. New Slipknot video "Duality"
  170. Help Name This Country Song
  171. the Sleepy Harrison
  172. Songs about unrequited love
  173. reminder: new cure song to debut on Leno tonight.
  174. Looking for song
  175. Need Help! Name This Early 80's Group (or) Album
  176. ever double dip on music?
  177. The Lesser Of Evils: Help Me Choose Three Free Concerts
  178. blink-182 - Yay or nay?
  179. The white girl from Black Eyed Peas
  180. Hey Joe Cover from "The Dreamers"
  181. Jim Carroll Band
  182. what cd's are you buying this tues. 5/4?
  183. HELP: Sheet Music or Accompaniment CD
  184. The Best of The Pixies - Wave of Mutilation (5/4)
  185. Iron and Wine--Our Endless Numbered Days
  186. Madonna, The Re-invention Tour
  187. Anyone listen to H.I.M. (no, not a Christian band...)?
  188. Scorpions 3 CD set coming May 25th
  189. May/June 2004 New Release List Thread
  190. Favorite Manic Street Preachers Album
  191. All-time greatest 3-album streak by an artist?
  192. The furthest you've travelled to see a band?
  193. Anyone here a fan of Boney M?
  194. The Week's CDs (4/26-30)
  195. Want to have a Platnum Selling album..? Do what Prince is doing...
  196. Prince Mini-Concert on MTV, MTV2, BET, VH1 & VH1 Classic this Wednesday
  197. The 2004 singles thread
  198. What song is this?
  199. My Bands first CD.
  200. Summer Rock Mix
  201. David Bowie invites fans to bootleg his music
  202. New Evergrey CD 4/27
  203. Guided by Voices calling it quits
  204. Early Grammy Predictions
  205. New Kiss tour
  206. Jack White produced new Loretta Lynn album
  207. Question about new D12 Album
  208. Can anyone help me ID a popular dance/techno song?
  209. Help! Need Help ID'ing a popular dance/techno song!
  210. Austin City Limits Festival....band clues.
  211. the amazing DEERHOOF
  212. Snow Patrol
  213. Seventies singer-songwriter classics?
  214. Who sings this song, Im gonna go to witchita
  215. What is your favorite rendition of Hava Nagila?
  216. latest CURE news (tour, reissues + new album)
  217. Prince vs. Michael Jackson:who will history find the better musician?
  218. Green Day's bill joe NOT dead
  219. Movie Music & Henry Mancini...
  220. anyone here like Godspeed You Black Emperor?
  221. Orbital to break up!
  222. Sevendust - Southside Double Wide Acoustic Live 5/4/4
  223. Video Killed The Radio Star - question on cassette compilations
  224. New Marillion out!
  225. Worst Prince/O+> songs
  226. Who is the most influential musician in history?
  227. Phil Collins - Serious Hits...why no "Everyday"?
  228. Shane MacGowan Assaulted in London Pub
  229. Athenaeum broke up :(
  230. Is D'Angelo working on anything?
  231. So, Bjork is working on a new cd and...
  232. Will we have a Scrubs season 2 soundtrack?
  233. farewell Boy Hits Car
  234. Need help with a song - Running through a forest with no pants!
  235. Will there ever be a Prince Box Set?
  236. Ghostface Killah - The Pretty Toney Album
  237. Watch Out!! New Fear Factory CD comes with 1 of 2 different DVDs!
  238. song from a 90's movie help?
  239. Brian Eno to produce the next New Order album
  240. Our Lady Peace DVD Recall Reason?
  241. Anyone like Eyedea and Abilites?
  242. New Prince Album -- "Musicology" -- Thoughts? Opinions?
  243. Has anybody read Paste Magazine (AAA, alt-country, indie)?
  244. Artist/Song ID help: song I heard on O.C. - "Gotta find a way to leave somehow..."
  245. Blender's top 10 worst songs in the history of music!
  246. Any HELIX fans out there?
  247. Everytime (video) - Brit. Spears
  248. Immaculate Collection from madonna, how "altered" are the songs?
  249. listen to the new WILCO album now!
  250. BRMC left their label