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Who would form your HOLY TRINITY of music?

Old 08-13-04, 03:04 PM
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Who would form your HOLY TRINITY of music?

So, I got to thinking of narrowing down my favorite singers and bands to form what I have been calling my Holy Trinity of music, you know, a stock answer when the question "What type of music do you like" or "Who is your favorite singer" comes up. I've narrowed it down into catagories and then over all (so, you know, not like this is REALLY narrowing down or anything):

1) Tori Amos
2) Joni Mitchell
3) Indigo Girls

1) Bob Dylan
2) Tom Waits
3) Bruce Springsteen

1) Queen
2) The Beatles
3) The Smiths

1) Bob Dylan
2) Queen
3) Bruce Springsteen

Man, that was tough!

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Old 08-13-04, 03:25 PM
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I made up my own categories, based on the type of music.

1. Reel Big Fish
2. RxBandits
3. Less Than Jake

"EMO" (oh, how I hate that term)
1. Thursday
2. Brand New
3. Thrice

1. Thelonious Monk
2. Miles Davis
3. Dave Brubeck

1. Bob Marley
2. The Clash
3. Pink Floyd

1. The Postal Service
2. Sigur Ros
3. Radiohead

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Old 08-13-04, 05:07 PM
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Elvis Costello
The Velvet Underground
The Clash or Big Star (depending on the day)
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Old 08-13-04, 05:17 PM
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My holy trinity (if they formed a band)

Keith Jarrett
Miles Davis
Buddy Miles
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How's this for three corners of a triangle...


Smaller triangle (honorable mention):

Harry Connick, Jr.
Del Amitri
Violent Femmes
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Old 08-13-04, 06:06 PM
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After listening to A Love Supreme one and a half times on the way to and from work today, I feel like saying:

John Coltrane
McCoy Tyner
Elvin Jones
(no offense to Jimmy Garrison, but the three above were together a bit longer before he joined).

My personal Holy Trinity of rock bands:

The Jam
Gang of Four
Mission of Burma (or Wire)


Can (or swap in Faust)

This is kind of hard...
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Old 08-13-04, 07:18 PM
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Nine Inch Nails
Pink Floyd
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Old 08-14-04, 03:02 AM
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i'll use categories created by you people:

1) Tori Amos
2) Sleater-Kinney
3) Annie Lennox (Eurythmics)

1) Robert Plant
2) Eddie Vedder
3) Tom Waits

1) Led Zeppelin
2) The Band
3) The Clash

1) The Beatles
2) Led Zeppelin
3) Bob Dylan

1. Herbie Hancock
2. Miles Davis
3. John Coltrane

1. Radiohead
2. Adam Ant
3. Devo
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Old 08-14-04, 08:45 AM
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I like FatTony's way of doing things:

1. Opeth
2. (old school) Metallica
3. Iced Earth

1. Finch
2. From Autumn To Ashes
3. Straylight Run

1. Tupac
2. Eminem
3. Biggie
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Old 08-14-04, 01:22 PM
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The Beatles
The Cure
Iron Maiden
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Old 08-14-04, 03:52 PM
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Black Flag
Circle Jerks
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First Three Artists that came to mind were:

Fela Kuti
Velvet Underground

Another Great Trinity in my mind:

Don Cherry
Captian Beefheart
Spacemen 3

I try to imagine what a combination of either of these groupings would sound like.
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Black Sabbath
Depeche Mode
Skinny Puppy

(alphabetical order)
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Motley Crue
The Darkness
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Nine Inch Nails
Pink Floyd
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Pearl Jam
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I would break them up a little differently.

Song Writers:
Matthew Good
Sarah Mclachlan
Todd Rundgren

Pat Methany
Bill Evans
Mike Oldfield

Porcupine Tree
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Old 08-20-04, 11:34 AM
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If I picked three overall (because I'm too lazy to break it down further):

Tom Waits
Ben Folds/Ben Folds Five
Emmet Swimming
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Old 08-20-04, 12:05 PM
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Tori Amos
Save Ferris (We miss you! Hurry up with your solo album Monique!!!)

This has been my top 3 for years. Others sneak in from time to time, but it always reverts to these 3 being my favorites.
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Hmmm....I guess mine would be:

Bob Marley
Jimi Hendrix
Frank Sinatra

Next tier would be:
Public Enemy
The Beatles
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Milli Vanilli

Oh wait a minute, you're looking for the Holy Trinity aren't you?
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Elementary school:
Michael Jackson: Thriller
The Miami Vice soundtrack
Police: Synchronicity

Jnr. High
The Cure
The English Beat
Echo and the Bunnymen

High school
Minor Threat
Sonic Youth
New Order

My Bloody Valentine
Meat Beat Manifesto

Big Star
Roxy Music
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Rolling Stones
Johnny Cash
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Iron Maiden
Iced Earth
Fear Factory

I had to break the rules and do 4, because Queensryche and Iron Maiden are a tie.
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