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Van Halen review - Las Vegas 8/7

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Van Halen review - Las Vegas 8/7

I saw VH for the first time before “Van Halen” came out. A friend got free tickets 10 row to some new band playing in Pasadena. I was only 15 but my mom said ok because my friend was Mormon. OMG!!! We are 10 row floor for Van Halen- It was a religious experience – really! Sense that date I have seen every Van Halen show in Los Angeles except A festival with Black Sabbath and Boston in 1979 and VH3 tour. I have not counted but I have seen them well over 20 times. I know this band. I am equal on Dave / Sam deal. I will say at the end of the Dave era I was getting a bit bummed with the live shows so I saw Sammy as a nice change.

I went to Saturdays show. I will leave out the partying stuff but we were lit and a bit tired from the night before.

I had 4* package tickets that insured "first 20 rows". Picked up the tickets and got 12 row mikes side We all got shirts for free shirts also.

Before we went in we saw a group of about 20 guys wearing the same shirt. I looked and on the back it said something like “tour crew” and listed about 20 names the first being “Diamond Dave”???? I move to check the front and it says “Van Hagar 2004 Tour” then the next line is “Van Halen tribute band”. I don’t know about you but this group of trolls just looked like fools marching around looking at everyone thinking “were cool and you guys all suck”. WTF???

Shinedown opened and were cool. The sound was very bad and had me worried but these guys did far better then I expected for the reviews I had been reading. But the sound was so bad that I was sure that VH was going to be a big let down.

Lights go down and Eddie starts “noodling” around – BAM they start with YRGM!!! Did not expect that.

Mikes solo is the same joke as it always was but shorter. My buddies have always had fun with it by screaming “Michael Anthony – he wrote this”. But you have got to love this guy!

Had to pee so I missed most of Alex’s solo but did catch the end. I must say in the early years he was a weak drummer but man that is all changed. He was on all night. From my seat Michaels mic blocked my view of Alex. So whenever Mike was near it I could not see Alex (so I could not check him out much)

Eagles Fly (solo sammy song) is old to some (he played it as his solo for every show) but for some reason this song really moves me. I was getting teary eyed during it – WTF????

Eddies solo was – not his best. Sorry but this was great for a lot of people that might not know his solos of the past. It was the same as past years (riffs from other songs with noodling between). Just never really seem to move to the next level. Far from weak or bad just maybe average. Still its Eddie and I am fine with what I got.

Highlights were Humans Being, Seventh Seal and Right Now. I don’t know why but Right Now all the emotion of the night and the new video kicked me in the head. It was like the first show in 1977 here I am in almost the same seat as my first show all these years later. I cant describe the feeling except to say it was religious.

The set list was a let down but I was ready for it. I needed some 5150 or Cabo Wabo or some of the other non-radio hits that I like so much more but it was all good.

One thing- Towards the end of the set one of the Roth Army guys tossed his shirt to Sammy and Sammy did not read it and just put it on his head. I don’t know why but this really pissed me off. I am sure they were all high five-ing each other thinking, “Sammy is a fool he even put it on – Dude!” But I think it was just lame of them to bring their baggage into what was a cool vibe for 99.9% of us.

You Really Got Me
Humans Being
Up For Breakfast
Bass Solo
Somebody Get Me A Doctor
Its About Time
Drum Solo
Top Of The World
Why Can't This Be Love
Where Eagles Fly / Hallelujah
Seventh Seal
Best Of Both Worlds
Eddie Solo
Ain't Talkin' Bout' Love
Right Now



2nd Encore:

When It's Love

Have tickets for end of next week in Los Angeles
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I envision this band pulling a Who. Touring off the same old tired material for another 10 years.
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How many times did Sammy Hagar say "F**K"?
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No Dave means no Van Halen.
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No Dave means no Van Halen.
Oh boo hoo! No Dave wah wah! Deal with it. I'll be seeing them in Dallas next month!!!!
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I'm seeing them in Los Angeles next week. Looking forward to this show. I think if Dave was singing for them I would of past on this show. Dave's days ended after his first solo album. The guy should of layed off the powder, if he did, it would of been him on stage instead of Sammy. Hagar still knows how to rock unlike Dave who can't even remember the lyrics to the songs anymore. It really is sad because I loved early Van Halen. I'll just go see the Atomic Punks when I want early Van Halen, that singer of that cover band does a better Roth than the real Roth can now.
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Sammy Hagar, once again, has the world's most expensive backing band. :P
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Originally posted by snoogins
Oh boo hoo! No Dave wah wah! Deal with it. I'll be seeing them in Dallas next month!!!!
He is by not going to see Van Hagar...I had a decent time on this tour but it still is not VH that I knew...nothing wrong with that.
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