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  1. Do Promo CDs contain the full album?
  2. Do you listen to Black Metal?
  3. Songs you like from a genre you don't normally like.
  4. "new york " song????? need help
  5. wtf?! - Ramones and the Pathfinder
  6. Skinny was born in a bathtub
  7. Well, now I'm a Napster beta tester.
  8. Covers you think are better than the Original
  9. Travis
  10. Songs that give you goose bumps
  11. Need help identifying song- Viva la Viva
  12. This week's Open Letter to a Band from DTSC
  13. Any news on the upcoming Counting Crows album?
  14. When is the next round of the Costello remasters comming out?
  15. Candlebox?
  16. Are Music Critics useless?
  17. What teenie-bopper pop singers/groups do you recommend?
  18. CD creator Philips blasts labels over protected discs
  19. New Alanis Morissette Album = Pretty Good
  20. Need help finding lirics of "It's Raining Men"
  21. CD recording...help please
  22. Vanilla Sky Soundtrack
  23. Weekly Charts 01/26/02 Creed #1 ALBUM (8 weeks straight), Usher #1 SINGLE
  24. The official Guided By Voices appreciation thread
  25. Wilco's "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" new release date
  26. Has anybody seen these Bjork concerts?
  27. Need Help about name of a song...PLEASE
  28. Anybody else excited about Tom Waits' new CD's?
  29. Did anyone get the al.one cd?
  30. Adam Ant admitted to mental hospital
  31. 4PLAY finally on tour!! do you like them? who is your favorite???
  32. Rock-n-Roll Hall-of-Fame?
  33. Carbon Leaf
  34. Nelly Furtado-- Your Thoughts?
  35. Today's CDs (1/16)
  36. Anyone ever heard "Party Hard" by Andrew W.K?
  37. Miles Davis fans- recommendations?
  38. Best/Favorite Smashing Pumpkins Album
  39. mi sei apparso come un fantasma (Songs:Ohia)
  40. First Leg Dates of Dave Matthews Band Tour are Up
  41. Name ANY artist and their best album (at least 3+ albums)
  42. has the ERA of ROCK/MUSIC LEGENDS gone for good ?
  43. Creed Tour 2002
  44. Pardon my ignorance- MP3
  45. Best Buy CD price changes 1/14/02
  46. In the past year what cd has been in your cd player the most?
  47. Concert listing help!
  48. Song IDs needed
  49. Is the Vanilla Sky ST any good?
  50. Elvis Costello & Lucinda Williams on CMT
  51. requiem for a dream remix.. anybody know?
  52. - from the creator of the favorite smith lyrics thread comes . . .
  53. Who else is disappointed about this...
  54. How many scores/soundtracks do you own?
  55. The Rock Soundtrack
  56. Songs you like from bands you hate......
  57. Anyone else picking up NIN: And All The Could Have Been on the 22nd?
  58. Christian Artists/Bands you like
  59. Statler Brothers To Quit The Road
  60. Favorite Rolling Stones album?
  61. Esquivel dies
  62. Traveling Wilburys
  63. I Am Sam Soundtrack / Beatles discussion
  64. Gorillaz announce US Spring Tour Dates
  65. Weekly Charts 01/19/02 Creed #1 ALBUM (7 weeks straight), Usher #1 SINGLE
  66. A.I. DVD Audio Soundtrack:Which B&M has best price ???
  67. CD Player questions
  68. Admit it, who likes Barry Manilow?
  69. What ever happened to that band, Metallica?
  70. Who Really Likes Macy Gray Anyway?
  71. An open letter to Creed
  72. What song that is popular now are you SICK of hearing?
  73. Best Pink Floyd Album
  74. Should I buy Love Love Straw's album for $50?
  75. Anyone gonna go see Soulfly/Static-X?
  76. 'Feeder' Drummer dead at 33
  77. Spin Magazine's Top 50 Bands of All Time
  78. Unbelievable deal
  79. Bands that quit at their creative/commercial height
  80. Anyone like The Strokes?
  81. New Nate Dogg album/opinions
  82. Non-Ozzy Black Sabbath alumni solo albums.... [inc. Iommi's latest]
  83. If there is only one reason to watch the AMA's tonight.
  84. Will we see a new Fiona Apple CD soon?
  85. BMG buy 1 get 3 free code (?)
  86. Anyone get Aerosmith's Box of Fire?
  87. Five for Fighting - Superman
  88. Need Help Identifying This Song! URGENT! :)
  89. Nirvana Boxset?
  90. What if they region coded music CDs?
  91. Need to know who sings this song...
  92. Which album are you waiting for in 2002?
  93. The official new Rush album and upcoming tour thread.
  94. My 5 Greatest Rock & Roll Albums Ever!
  95. Julian Cope
  96. Recently must have concert DVD
  97. Best/Favorite Bjork Album
  98. XM Satellite Radio Users
  99. unknown classic rock song....can someone help?
  100. WinMX question.
  101. who sang the original version of moon river?
  102. Is this a D.C. Talk song??
  103. Sigur Ros fans?
  104. What music gets you in the mood to post in the Other forum?
  105. Random thing that amuses me......
  106. Change in the Forums....
  107. Can someone name all the live releases by Black Sabbath?
  108. Do You Like Garth Brooks?
  109. Weekly Charts 01/12/02 Creed #1 ALBUM (6 weeks straight), Nickelback #1 SINGLE
  110. viva hate rerelease with bonus tracks...
  111. Former EMF bass player ZAC FOLEY dead
  112. Grammy Award Nominees- U2 Lead the Way
  113. CLUTCH & System of a Down U.S. Tour!
  114. CHRISTIAN Music Artists who hit it big when they went Secular
  115. Best/Favorite Led Zeppelin Album
  116. Wanted=Unknown Hip hop
  117. favorite smiths lyrics
  118. refer me
  119. Today's CDs (1/3)
  120. Where are they now?
  121. Tower of Power
  122. Alternative Nation vs. 120 Minutes and MTV Alterantive
  123. Does Faye Wong really speak English?
  124. DTSC's CDs
  125. Favorite 2pac albums & songs
  126. MTV New Year's 2002
  127. I swear I was at a Spinal Tap show...
  128. Ben Folds 5 Sessions at W.54th DVD on sale now
  129. Jonathan Fire*Eater
  130. song id, the song in the Splashdown game's commercial
  131. Question about U2: Elevation Tour DVD
  132. What's Creed's "My Sacrifice" about?
  133. Help!! Need free karaoke songs for school project
  134. Are Lead singers THAT important for a band's success?
  135. Encores at concerts: silly?
  136. anyone unable to connect to Morpheus?
  137. KISS/Aerosmith tour in 2002?!?!?
  138. Favorite Dream Theater Album
  139. early to mid 90's alternative rock one hit wonders
  140. Favorite Wu-Tang cds
  141. DTS vs DVD-A
  142. Ever see "Singers & Songwriters" collection on TV?
  143. Help with mini-disc setup
  144. Pink and Shakira: They actually have talent!
  145. Need help with CD Music
  146. Are you too critical of music?
  147. Do you dislike grunge more than me?
  148. Wu Tang: Iron Flag. Thoughts?
  149. Trance music search - post your recommendations
  150. DVD-Audio Set-up Help Needed
  151. New J. Lo song "Aint it funny" about P. Diddy?
  152. When did that artist or band jump the shark?
  153. System Of A Down frontman records solo album
  154. Weekly Charts 01/05/02 Creed's #1 for 5th Weeks Straight!
  155. Behind the Music: Beck
  156. "Black" Metal on DVD?
  157. Future of Music?
  158. How Many of Q Magazines Top 50 Albums of 2001 do you have
  159. Article: CD Prices Slashed as Napster Blues Play On
  160. Best/Favorite Bikini Kill Album?
  161. Tool Salival Question
  162. How many of the 2001 top 100 CD's do you have
  163. Is there any hacks out there for CD-ROM drives to bypass this Enhanced CD garbage?
  164. Need help from Phish fans please!
  165. a POLL for fans (not casual listeners) of The Red Hot Chili Peppers...
  166. Would-be *great* albums ruined by lousy production...
  167. Mariah Carey To Receive Walking Papers From EMI?
  168. Help! I think I'm becoming an 'Nsync fan!
  169. Old CD's now available on DVD...
  170. Download Live Concerts to CD - DAT to CD quality
  171. Is there *anyone* here who listens to John Frusciante?
  172. Bands who have gotten worse over the years... when did you stop buying their albums?
  173. One FINAL question about CD recording
  174. Need help finding a certain song
  175. Linkin Park
  176. Ever wanted to sing along with and understand the lyrics in heavy metal songs?
  177. Concert for NYC
  178. Video Collections on DVD
  179. cd recording..oh god, please help me!
  180. What cds did you get for Christmas
  181. What's your favorite song on the radio now?
  182. What songs would be good for a classic rock compilation?
  183. Are there any awesome sounding Big Band CD's out?
  184. First pro review of Queen's "A Night at the Opera" DVD-audio
  185. What are your top 10 favorite bands
  186. Dream Theater Fan Club
  187. Best Rush Album?
  188. Best/Favorite Pearl Jam Album
  189. Is that Dee Snider doing Pizza Hut voiceovers?
  190. Introduction/ Favorite Concert DVD's
  191. Anyone here like the band Ocean Colour Scene?
  192. Pitchfork's Year End List Out
  193. Help me ID this song
  194. Weekly Charts 12/29 Creed Weathered another week at #1
  195. Best/Favorite Nirvana Album
  196. LOTR:BBC Radio Prodcution
  197. Got any good gigs lined up?
  198. January/February New Release List
  199. Favorite Milli Vanilli album?
  200. Whats the name of this song?
  201. Who has the Motorhead DVD?
  202. Best/Favorite Stray Cats Album
  203. Best/Favorite Sleater-Kinney Album
  204. Tell me how you liked these DVD's.
  205. Best/Favorite Cure Album
  206. Big Country's Stuart Adamson Gone
  207. Best/Favorite Cure Album
  208. Sopranos Season II episode 8, need song name (???)
  209. Favorite Depeche Mode album
  210. Got the new Clinic...
  211. Best/Favorite Radiohead Album
  212. Depeche Mode-Freelove DVD Single-Ripoff?
  213. Great sale at musicforce for christian music fans
  214. Stevie Ray Vaughan Films?
  215. Civil war music?
  216. New Britney Vegas Concert...
  217. Verizon Commercial Song
  218. DTS CD's
  219. Song ID help (DJs especially)
  220. Sting's "Bring On the Night"- when will we ever see it?
  221. Trans-siberian Orchestra DVD- I'd like to hear your opinions
  222. Has anyone had a chance to look at the new Journey DVD?
  223. Best U2 Album
  224. Bowie quits record company!
  225. DVD-A/SACD initial software to get?
  226. Very rare Clapton MP3
  227. Songs that stop you in your tracks.
  228. What is the point of techno?
  229. Hotel California in 5:1...WOW
  230. Fans of Gruppo Sportivo, Monochrome Set, Reivers, Rezillos/Revillos, Plastic Bertrand
  231. Any Dickheads here?
  232. best Clash album
  233. Great Death Cab For Cutie deal
  234. Queen DVD's, what do you want?
  235. Ramones, Tom Petty & HB, Talking Heads in Rock Hall of Fame!!!
  236. Your top-ten best SOUNDING albums of all time!
  237. shakira and why the music business in America sucks a**
  238. Best songs to "Bah Humbug!" perky Christmas folks?
  239. Gabriel catalog/reissues [merged]
  240. Favorite MTV Pop Act
  241. I need help identifying this song from ~1997, sounds like an Irish folk song, but...
  242. Any hockey fans that can help me name this tune?
  243. Weekly Charts 12/21 Creed Makes it 3 weeks at #1
  244. new De La Soul album: any opinions?
  245. Stateside release of Super Furry Animals latest album!!
  246. Prince rocks...
  247. Nirvana members seek to oust Courtney Love
  248. What happened with jarre's egypt concert?
  249. Is Smashing Pumpkins DVD 5.1 or 2.0?
  250. Shakira sucks!