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Re: The 9th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Thread

Mrs. Beebs and I are back for another year of new and classic horror. I don't expect to make 100 this year, but should still do better than the last two years. Image above is a little homage to my past header images.

October 5th
001. Carrie [1976] This DePalma version from the 70s is a great movie. It is a little dated at times in how the movie is constructed and some of the music. But from mid-point on, this one is still an amazing horror movie.
002. Hellboy I love the light-hearted nature of the Hellboy movies. These are good fun. I saw this one originally in Gruman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, CA. World's Loudest Theater.
003. Hellboy 2 I hope they have a third entry in the franchise, because this one is as good as the second one. Excellent support cast, light-hearted action spectacle. Spectacular.

October 6th
004. Lost Boys This is such a flashback. Still, this one holds up well. It is not overly slick, which I think is a benefit to this movie. Movies from this period tend to be like extended music videos.
005. The Pact new! This is a new one. Spooky house story, with a genre mash-up twist in it. Nice mood and pacing. A suprise, really.
006. The Presence new! The best part about this one is the ghost-to-ghost banters and rules of haunting talk. Almost makes the movie. Almost.
007. American Psycho I love this movie, but not sure about the Genesis stuff. What's wrong with Invisible Touch? It's a masterpiece, everyone knows that. Best. Rock. Album. Ever.

October 8th
008. Sleepy Hollow S1E03/S1E04 new! Great new horror series. Love it so far.

October 10th
009. Simpsons Treehouse of Terror XXIII/XX/XXIV/Brooklyn 99 Halloween Episode new! Rounded out three new-to-me Simpson Treehouse episodes with a Brooklyn 99 Halloween episode. I really wish they put out a Treehouse collection, I would total snag it and marathon that stuff this time of year.

October 11th
010. Evil Dead [2013] new! I actually like what they did with this one. I prefer this one to the original, actually.
011. Cloverfield JJ Abrams monster destroys New York movie mashed up with a found footage tropes. I like it, it movies along quickly and has nice turns and twists along the way.

October 12th
012. Edward Scissorhands (at the drive-in) My local drive-in in Newberg, OR recently won a digital projection conversion from the Honda contest. Amazingly, they showed Edward Scissorhands this year during challenge... best drive-in revival yet. Saw Gremlins there in September, too early for the challenge... missed by a week. Darn.

October 13th
013. Walking Dead S3E1/S3E2 new! I've been holding off watching season three of the Walking Dead for this challenge. This season was excellent, and flew by.
014. Walking Dead S3E3/S3E4 new!
015. Walking Dead S3E5/S3E6 new!
016. Scream of Fear new!
017. The Factory [2012] new! Something of a yawner, Cusack's choice in scripts has descended dramatically in the last decade. It seems like since the The Raven a few years ago, he's taking just about anything Nick Cage didn't get to first.

October 18th
018. Walking Dead S3E7/S3E8 new!
019. Walking Dead S3E9/S3E10 new!
020. Walking Dead S3E11/S3E12 new!

October 19th
021. V/H/S new! New horror anthology. This installment is missing anyone you might care about.
022. The Caller new! Twisty little evil phone caller movie with some very nice fantastical touches.
023. Walking Dead S3E13/S3E14 new!
024. Walking Dead S3E15/S3E16 new!
025. X-Files Humbug/Clive Buchman's Final Repose - Some of my favorite episodes from the classic creepy sci-fi horror show.
026. X-Files Blood/The Host
027. The Purge new! Some nice but ultimately predictable twists in this one. Still, it flies by thanks to the tense filmmaking and excellent cast.
028. Near Dark I keep coming back to this one. The bar scene is worth the entire movie. Also, it's sorta cool seeing three Aliens cast members in a movie of the same vintage.
029. ParaNorman This one is growing on me with this second viewing.
030. Tremors A go to end-of-the-night movie for me. I've watched this creature feature every challenge and it never gets old.

October 20th
031. The Thing Another one that never gets old. This original from Carpenter is worthy of any and all praise.
032. Scream Witty slasher is still good today. Picked this up for my collection and will likely have it in rotation for each challenge.
033. Grave Encounters new! I found this one really creepy, even if the twists and turns here are classic tropes from the genre.
034. Grave Encounters 2 new! Significantly less successful than the first, but still has some good scares and some nice twists in it once it gets going.
035. Rosemary's Baby

October 21st
036. Wallace and Grommit: Curse of the Wererabbit I wish this was movie that was around when I was kid. It would have been my favorite.

October 22nd
037. The Collection new! The opening here was brilliant. The rest of the movie turns into something that seems more derivative of other recent horror movies.

October 23rd
038. The Awakening new! Another 'who is the ghost' movie. Well made with excellent mood and pacing, I think.

October 24th
039. Aliens I could watch this movie again right now. So good.

October 26th
040. The Tingler A classic Castle gimmick fright fest. More charming than most even with the campy effects.
041. Walking Dead S4E01/S4E02 new!
042. The Conjuring new! Super creepy new movie that had me anxiously on the edge of my seat for most of the film.
043. The Children new! Killer county kids. I like deadly kid films... they are the ultimate innocent turned monster flick.
044. The Mummy [1999] I really enjoy this light action epic retelling of the Mummy. Still a treat even with the aging CGI effects.
045. The Mummy Returns [2001] Not nearly as good as the first reboot, but it still has some great action set pieces and big spectacle sequences that make the 2 hours fly by.
046. Carrie [2013] new! This new remake is a little flat. There is minor updates to today, but other items are left in circa 1975. Creepy-carrie is not so creepy. The movie does do a much better job with the motivation and high school rationalizations of the lead girls here. Their actions are much more believable and understood in this version than any others.
047. Frailty Big flip in the third act makes this movie. The validation that comes at the very end works better but is still unnecessary.

October 27th
048. From Hell This one always makes me want to see the better Sleepy Hollow with Depp. Still, this one is fun movie to revisit every few years, when you vaguely remember the twists.
049. X-Files S6E01/S6E02
050. X-Files S6E03/S6E04
051. Dance of the Dead new! Fun zombies munch on teenagers movie. Not something I'd likely revisit, though.
052. Identity Well-crafted serial killer twister with a big flip in the second act. Still enjoyable after having seen this one more than a few times.
053. Riding the Bullet new! Although this one has a definite Stephen King feel to it, I'm not sure it's movie material. It felt like a Lifetime movie.

October 29th
054. Jaws Creature feature with a killer shark, well-played Mr. Spielberg, sir, well-played.
055. The Exorcist The grandpappy of modern horror movies. From a normal happy, well-to-do home to horror beyond belief in about 40 minutes. Instead of coyly suggesting supernatural elements, this one puts it in your face... and convincingly without a single CGI shot. About the weakest element of the whole movie is the head twisting scene, but it blasts buy in the amazing third act of this classic.

October 30th
056. Frankenweenie This one continues to grow on me after each viewing. The level of detail and creature-feature tie-in density is amazing in this movie. I continue to notice more and more references to horror flicks.
056.5. Walking Dead S4E03 new! Ended my challenging with a new Walking Dead episode.

List is finished.

Totals and Highlights
2013 - 56.5. Amazingly, almost exactly half of this total (28.5), were new to me. Top new movies for me, Grave Encounters and The Collection. The opening of the collection is excellent and make the movie for me.

Previous Years
2008 - 104
2009 - 97
2010 - 79
2011 - 54
2012 - 47
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