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Re: The 9th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Thread

2013 Horror Movie Challenge
☼= First Time Viewing

Just a heads up, descriptions will probably contains spoilers in movies. I also hit every theme for theme night on it's given night. There is a chance I may not get that list up before the deadline, but I did complete it if you go down the list.

September 30
1.Rosemary's Baby

It had some good scares, especially the rape scene, but it seemed more of a drama than horror for most of the film. It's probably an era thing, as that's how a lot of movies were done back then, but it didn't really have me creeped out. And no idea why Dr. Hill didn't do anything for Rosemary and allowed the other doctor to manhandle her. Again, probably a generation thing, but it more or less seemed like he was in on it as well. At the end she just went with it and didn't fight it was kind of disappointing. Another thing, Rosemary should have had Guy taste the dessert when she said it tasted funny. Just seemed like something most people would do when their spouse or significant other doesn't believe them. It was well acted, just left a bit more to be desired.


I wish there was more Kevin Spacey in the film. The man is a genius and played his role to a perfect T. He stole the scene in every shot he was in. The film dragged here and there, but the ending was amazing. You could feel Spacey toying with Brad Pitt and playing with each and every one of his emotions throughout the car ride and during the end. I know I saw the ending before, I just don't think I've ever watched it from beginning to end. I've never seen The Usual Suspects and know he won Best Supporting Actor for that role, but he should have gotten more than just MTV's Best Movie Villain for this role. A must watch just for Spacey.

October 1
3.The Terror

This was a decent film was some good acting, but the middle was just kind of uninteresting. It had some cool spooks and twists to it and the beginning and end was entertaining, but the middle just watered it down for me. It's a must watch, though, to see a very young Jack Nicholson act with Boris Karloff. I'm sure there are better movies with the two together (maybe The Raven) but it's still worth a watch if you skip the middle.

4.The Birds

It's a long two hour film. I understand why it is a classic, but I like more scares, less story and drama in my horror films. Forget the first half and just watch the birds chase the children or poke people to death and you have a great film. Random ending, though. Scary part is, once the movie ended, the birds outside got louder and won't shut up now =/

5.They Live

I'm a sucker when it comes to anything Piper. From his wrestling, to his appearance on It's Always Sunny, I love everything about him. It helps that when I met him, he's always a very down to Earth and fun guy that loves his fans. Even had him get me in his sleeper finisher. I always enjoyed this film and it had some great one liners, an awesome fight scene (though cheesy), and an interesting story. It's easily a must watch film and I just wish Piper got more movie roles as he can really act and bring some star power to a film.

6.Dead Hooker in a Trunk

It's the first time I actually finished this film. The beginning always just throws me off because I'm a Christian and I just am not a fan of scenes which make Christian men into such pussies and little bitches. I'm fine with watching people worship Satan and the church being evil, but something strikes a nerve with how religious men are shown as weak and cowards. Anyways, that aside, I wanted to enjoy the film. The Soska Sisters are really sweet (met them in Florida) and down to Earth. I did like American Mary as well, outside a couple of small things. And this movie is different than most films. However, the realism in this film just killed it for me. I know horror films you have to stretch the realism and just go with it, but if a woman gets her hand cut by a chainsaw and then gets that arm taken completely off by a fast storage truck, I expect her to pass out in shock or at least see blood just flow from her shoulder. And can a bat or wooden two by four really can an eye out and not make the person black out for hours, yet when her sister hits her, she is out cold? Just things like that can take me out of a movie. It's an ok flick, the Soska's are drop dead stunning, but there's a lot left to be desired in this film.

7.Greystone Park

This was another movie I wanted to like, even with the "Inspired By True Events" tagline. It had an interesting plot and there was some story to it. However, the random flashbacks, the Rob Zombie like visual images that didn't fit with the film, it was way too dark at times to see anything, and it seemed like it wanted to be too much like The Blair Witch Project just made it unbearable at times. There was some nice scares here and there, but nothing worth wasting 83 minutes for. Just because your dad makes great films (Oliver Stone) doesn't mean you can nor should you use him in your films either.

October 2

I've probably seen this before, but don't really remember. This was a really strong 7+, until it got to the end. I normally don't like werewolf films and this was a reason why. The horrible CGI and fight scenes just damaged the film. It was a fun ride leading up to the end, though. Some nice jump scenes, a young Jesse Eisenberg, and I do like Christina Ricci. Why Shannon Elizabeth is listed at the top of the DVD, no idea since she is hardly in the film. I also like the wrestling scene with Jesse and Milo Ventimiglia, who I'm a fan of. They had some good chemistry together and had some good laughs throughout the film. It's a good movie, if you can get past the last 20 or so minutes of bad CGI, story, and dialogue. Just wasn't a strong way to end what is otherwise a fun movie.

9.Little Shop of Horrors (1960)

This may have been my favorite film so far. Lots of laughs and good fun with some funny spooks. It kept my entire attention and was a great watch. The only thing that bothered me was the call girl. I get why she did the things she did, for the comedy, but knowing a thing or two about call girls, they usually go after guys with money and can afford them. Clearly the main character was broke and couldn't afford her. Otherwise, a great film with a great cast.

10-12.Rose Red

If I watched it in segments, I may have rated this higher. It's just hard to watch a long story like this and be truly invested the entire time with a so-so cast. I loved Kimberly J. Brown in the film and a couple other actors, but otherwise, it was hard to invest in everyone as they were pretty dull. The movie did have some good scares and effects, which is a major plus, and some cool backstories, but it seemed to drag here and there. Not the best King miniseries, but decent enough for a one time view.


This movie still holds up a bit after all these years. One of the classic Halloween films for kids. I feel in love with Kimberly K. Brown in The Babysitter's Club and grew to love her even more in this film. However, I'm not a big fan of the mother in this film. There's a pretty cool villain and some funny gags in this one, but they should have had a stronger actress play the mother. Still, a good one for the kids and it's good for a few laughs.

14.HalloweenTown II: Kalabar's Revenge

I felt this was a big stronger than the first film in this series. There were more scares in this one and the villain had a bigger role, which was nice. There was a few dull moments, like the lost house, but when the Halloween party turned the humans into monsters, that was a big highlight in the film and made up for it. I wish there was more time on that scene. Another good film for the kids to watch.

15.Halloweentown High

This was a fun movie with some neat characters, but it wasn't scary at all, not even a few cool jump scenes like the last movies. They could have made the Knights really scary in this film instead of flashes of brief power and fear. As for a story and characters, I thought it was good, but rated low because it wasn't scary. Good actors, though, and good ideas, so it is worth a watch with the kids. Looking for a good kid's scare, I'd stay away. Sad this is the last film of the series with Kimberly J. Brown.

16.Return to Halloweentown

First off, the movie cover doesn't even look like the two main "stars" of the film. Second, the way they made Marnie such a dimwit and weak was baffling. This was not the Marnie we grew up with. I have no idea why they went and decided to recast, but the more I see of Sara Paxton, the more I question if I actually like her now. She was just awful and the writing was trash. They should have just had Sara play Marnie's younger sister in this film and be about her, instead of a brief mention of her and don't show her. Would have made a lot more sense. Add on the fact that Dylan is now using magic and then falls for these dumb girls when that wasn't his character in the past 3 films is strange. And the grandmother, you would think would warn Marnie about what she will encounter. This was just awful and ruins the fun out of the other 3 films. They tarnished Marnie and I'm very sad to have wasted my time on this.

October 3
17.Piranha 3D

This was actually a pretty fun movie. It had some nice kills, cool cameos, and hot women, all the stuff you could ask for in a horror movie. There was a WTF moment when the main character was watching porn and his mom kept walking in. He would get pissed and his mom would just smile and she knew what he was doing, at least you could sense that. It's like she wanted to catch him or something. Granted, the mom was hot, but it was pretty creepy. Otherwise, it's enjoyable. Story doesn't make a ton of sense, but if you like good kills and naked women, this is the movie for you.


I actually wanted to hate this movie, because of all the hype it got. However, it seemed like a regular low class horror film and I have no idea how it got so much hype...until the end. Yes, we all know Tara Reid isn't the best actress and is a kind of an airhead, but I found her to be ok in this film. Random story, but we all want something original in Hollywood and they gave it to us. This actually would have been rated a bit higher if they didn't bring us such a shitty ending where the guy gets swallowed by a shark, uses his chainsaw to cut said shark open, and somehow, it's the same shark that had swallowed one of the girls in that pack and now she is alive. Yes, I know horror movies aren't really believable to begin with and yes, this was a crazy idea of a movie, but that whole scene just left a bitter taste in my mouth in an otherwise semi enjoyable film. I mean, it had a zombie/last days of Earth feel to it, just could have had a better ending.

19.Dark Skies

This was a pretty decent film. I remember watching it in theaters and thought it was ok, but had a long debate about aliens with my friend. That aside, watching it again, some of the scare scenes still hold up and it is a frightening tale if you believe that aliens have already come and are just toying with us just because. There's a few good scares and the ending does have a nice little twist to it and isn't terrible. The kid screaming into the walkie talkie is a nice touch. It's worth a watch if you haven't seen it and looking for a good alien abduction movies.

20.The Black Waters of Echo's Pond

I'm starting to wonder if Danielle Harris just jumps onto just about any horror movie just because she's now a "Scream Queen" and wants to be paid. I loved her in the Halloween remake and in other TV shows prior, but this is just one film that she should have stayed away from. It picks up very slowly and while it does have a nice premise (board game that messes with your mind), the characters are not likable and are just plain douchebags. It finally starts to get interesting and enjoyable towards an hour into it and the buff Donald Glover lookalike is fun to watch when he turns evil. Some of the deaths are nice and I was starting to enjoy it, even with some awful acting, but the ending killed it once again for me. The whole, did this happen, did this not just happen effect is way overdone and then he turns evil all of a sudden? Maybe he's living his own nightmare for the car crash he caused. Who knows. No idea how this was enjoyed in film festivals, but I would stay far away from this piece of shit.

October 4
21.Dream House

I saw it in theaters and really enjoyed it. First time seeing it again and thought it still holds up. I know the ending is a bit out there, but if you don't know the story and saw the trailer, it's a nice and twisted story. I don't know why it gets so much hate and just because it had a questionable ending, why the stars decided to not promote it (did the end get a rewrite or something?). But it is somewhat believable and worth a watch at least once.

22.Dementia 13

Crap. This movie did not hold my attention at all, was kind of confusing, and just not interesting. Seemed like a two hour film that just wasted my time. Stay far away from this. Watching this may actually cause dementia.

23.Creep Van

It had an interesting plot. Think of someone on Craigslist who lists a car online, you go to check said car out at shady location, guy kills you while checking out the van. Sadly, I bet it is true (think I read about it in the paper or saw it on TV actually). So it's believable and the main guy doesn't have a car and is 20 something, which is something I can relate to. However, the acting is pretty poor and the main story should have been the guy selling the car setting for his next victim, not following around Campbell, the one actor in the film. Had they just focused on the car owner, it could have been better.

24.American Mary

I respect the Soska Twins and love Katharine Isabelle. The way the film looks is amazing and top notch stuff compared to a lot of indy films I've seen. However, there isn't much depth to the characters. Katharine shows sign of humanity after her first operation and one can tell she wants nothing to do with cutting people open. Why she is seeking a degree as a surgeon is a big question mark, but she seems to know her shit and is a very smart woman (girl power). But it's really hard to like any of the other characters in the film, which is something the Soskas' really need to work on in their next film, See No Evil 2, as well as character development. As Katharine continues on this path of body modification, something she didn't really like to begin with, her character really doesn't develop and basically shuts down at the end. One could point to the rape scene, but there isn't enough screen time for her character to break down and transition into a revenge type person. And when her Nana died, there is what, maybe 5-10 seconds of sadness and that's it. Otherwise, it's a good movie to get a look inside a different lifestyle and see how they do it. And I do believe the Soskas' know their shit on this because they have great respect towards body modification and the free spirit.

25.Dementia 13

I wanted to like this, but I just couldn't. From the stupid sex scene of AnnaLynne losing her V card (hello, can the guy not notice without protection the girl is on her period or when he pulls out not notice the blood there? Or even so, usually when a girl loses her virginity, she bleeds, so he had to expect that. Or even while going down, does he not see the blood? Ugh.) to the ending (why does she shave her head to perform surgery and why all of a sudden she magically understands what she did was wrong?). I'm surprised Ariel Winter and Malcolm McDowell took part in this and they should have had more screen time. Basically it was a mentally ill teenage girl that got turned on by blood. If I wanted to watch a deranged woman, I'd stick with May.

26.She Gods of Shark Reef

After the first couple of good films in Roger Corman Horror Collection with The Little Shop of Horrors and The Terror the rest have sucked, with this being the worst. Not interesting at all, boring story, and horrible actors. No idea why this trash was added to the collection.


This was a fun movie. Not as great as I've heard, but still fun to watch. I really enjoy Jeffrey Combs and the evil teacher. Wasn't a huge fan of Bruce Abbott, but he did remind me of another Bruce...Bruce Campbell. There were some dull moments throughout the film and the ending was kind of dumb (should the girl really have died when the corpse was choking her?). But overall, brought some laughs.

28.The Evil Inside

Lala Hensley (really Hannah Ward, but I can see why she named herself different in this film) was a stand out in this film, especially at the end. This movie had The Ward feel to it (especially the ending). Most of the characters weren't likable, besides I believe Sarah (Lala) cousin. Otherwise everyone else was dull. But if you can muster the hour of crap, the end was pretty interesting and a nice twist to watch. Otherwise, stay far away.

October 5
29.Paranormal Asylum

Interesting story, being that of the ghost of Typhoid Mary, but that's about it. Save for the cute girl in the movie, it's hard to save this. It was funny when Typhoid Mary spits out the recipe for the food she made, but I don't think this movie was supposed to have laughs in it. Again, interesting idea and an ok twist, but not much likable characters and awful acting. One thing I'm learning from indy films...acting is hard to come by.

30.Apollo 18

I heard the movie was bad, but I had to check it out. Turns out, it was average, not horrible, but nothing amazing. Had some nice bumps and was interesting at points, but then other times it was boring and the story dragged. As reviews have said, though, the closing minutes are really good and if you can make it through it, it is worth a watch. Just really hate how the Weinstein brother came out and said this was a real movie, they found the footage, etc. seeing as the government would have killed and taken measures to make sure nothing like this would ever come out.


Another interesting story (theme of the day, it seems). Friends get locked into a steam room/sauna (based on a true story). I can see how it can be scary because one can easily get locked in (it's a fear for people) and the heat can make people go crazy. Plus, seeing Scout Taylor-Compton in her bikini/underwear is always worth the price of a movie. Sadly, whatever charm she had in Halloween is gone in this movie and the acting from everyone gets annoying and the plot doesn't go anywhere. I've only seen one movie (Buried) where the film is actually good in one set location for an extended period of time and that holds the attention of the audience. This one, not so much. But if you are a fan of Scout, check it out.

32-33.Bag of Bones

This one was yet another interesting story and could have been really good. Had a good ghost story and I've heard the book was really good. However, Pierce Brosnan simply overacts a bit too much in the film, his relationship with a new lover is questionable and has no time to develop, and I just wasn't a fan of the way his wife just died like that or even the lover. Plus, they changed a couple of key plot points from book to movie which the book did way better. Still, a decent ghost story, but left more to be desired from.

October 6

A disturbed man comes back and starts attacking people who made fun of him during school. I mean, in today's time, they usually make their attack during school, not years later. But eh, what can you do. A couple of creepy moments, but nothing to really make you stick with the film and it jumps around a bit which makes it hard to follow. Does start off good, though. But once he gets the girls, it's lost that intense feel.

35.Twisted Sisters

Film was made overseas, but it's in English. Sadly, nothing really interesting happens. Crazy twin sister cuts off penises because you find out later uncle raped her. Attacks twin who was separated from family because she "cried too much" and crazy sister upset that her twin had a perfect life. Yeah...could have been so much better. Actress Fiona Horsey was good, though, and you couldn't really tell she was playing both parts, so I will give them credit for that.

36.The Others

I've seen it before when I was younger, but feel asleep because I didn't appreciate films like this. Now a bit older, it still had some dull moments, but because I knew the twist, I could pick up on little hints. The only thing that made me angry was when the father came home and mentioned about "that one day" you couldn't hear any of that scene. I had the TV on blast and I could barely hear it. It's a key plot too because when you knew the twist, you start to put the pieces together. And why they decided it's their house at the end and not want to go to Heaven or whatever it is you do after death, kind of puzzling. Mother still wants to torture her children to make them live a life as a ghost and haunt poor children.

37.The Lords of Salem

Listened to the Director's Commentary as I was interested in listening to his take on the film as I saw it twice in theaters. Didn't really get too much out, besides Dee and Patricia fought a lot on set and I already knew about the budget and death of an actor. I still like the film and it has the best sound track I have ever heard. Change of script and money issues kind of ruined the ending, but at least I heard what he had in mind for the scenes. Still some strange WTF moments, but it is a strong film for most of the movie and I liked the style of it.

38.The Dead

Slow and boring. Had some cool kill moments and you did wonder what was going to happen at times, but it just dragged on and on. Just not worth the time.

October 7
39.Hocus Pocus

I remember watching it as a kid and getting a kick out of it and this movie, even after all these years, is still fun to watch. Nothing amazing or ground breaking, but a good watch to remember your childhood and to watch with the kids. Has more laughs than scares and I do enjoy the crazy witches.

40.Scary Movie

Even after all these years, this movie is still comedy gold. If you weren't born in this era, you probably wouldn't enjoy it, but if you enjoyed the 90's movies, this is a nice treat. It's a shame that the Wayans' decided to stop doing these movies as this could have been an amazing franchise. The cop character was a bit too much for me, but otherwise, a real enjoyment.

41.Dracula (Spanish Version)

This was a nice scare and longer than the American version, which is good and bad. It gives more story and character development, but it does drag a bit here and there. This is a must watch every Halloween year. It's a shame they don't have horror actors like these anymore.

October 8

I did enjoy this a point. The cop was pretty annoying and there were some strange moments in the film, but it does make you think. There is a clear difference between the first and second parts of the film, but it is nice that the director left it open for the viewer to decide the fates. Probably doesn't have much for a second viewing, but worth a watch at least once.

43.Scary Movie 2

I've always been a fan of the Scary Movie films with the Wayans' Brothers and part 2 still has some good comedy to it. Not as strong as the first, but a nice nod to the horror films and pop culture. Bummer they used some of the same gags from the first film, but there's some good laughs in this one. Always worth a watch once in a while.

44.Scary Movie 3

First film without the Wayans' and it just wasn't that good. Read an article saying they left, but just saw a video stating otherwise, so not sure what the real deal is. Anyways, this movie is easily to pass over. Best one is the first. Others not even worth the time.

45.Dracula (Original)

Bela Lugosi is an amazing actor. It's a shame this movie didn't get the run time as the Spanish version as I would have loved to see more of Bela's expressions. It's got the right jumps and scares as well as an interesting story with a great cast. You just can't make movies like these anymore.

46.Madhouse (Original)

I seem to remember seeing this before, but I just can't seem to remember when and where, so I'm sure it might be the first time I watched from beginning to end. This film started off good and I love a Vincent Price film (not another actor like him today). He was creepy and loved the Dr. Death character. However, while the red herring line was funny, the ending was pretty strange and pretty much made the movie a joke. Wish they tied it up better as it was an enjoyable movie.

October 9

I always enjoy this film. It's got some creepy images and death scenes, which is always a plus in my book. The story isn't too bad and the acting is pretty good. It does drag a bit here and there, but it's worth a watch. And the ending isn't so bad, either.

48.House Hunting

This is a pretty good independent horror film. It's got some creepy moments and the acting isn't terrible, like a lot of independent films. The story flows and while it doesn't make a lot of sense why it is happening (think The Blair Witch always landing in the same spot) it is creepy if you suspend your disbelief. Worth at least a watch.

49.Cannibal Holocaust

When it says "Most Controversial Movie Ever Made" they weren't joking. Now, I'm ok with the rape scene because we saw a lot more in I Spit on Your Grave but the killing of animals were pretty vicious and extreme. I can understand snakes and spiders, but they just went to town on a turtle which was hard to watch. Seeing as this was made in 1980, I still consider I Spit on Your Grave a bit more extreme (would love to see both films with Eli Roth and let him tell me why Cannibal Holocaust was more disturbing and shocking). I guess maybe because it was filmed like a true story, I'm not sure because I wasn't born around that era. However, it isn't for the weak of heart and I did like how at the end, they got what they deserved. Worth a watch or two if you can stomach the violence and rape.

October 10
50.What Lies Beneath

A little long and the acting wasn't as strong as it could have been, but it is a good story. Kind of crazy ending and it kind of didn't flow with the rest of the movie, but I did enjoy watching Michelle Pfeiffer. Harrison Ford seemed to be phoning it in at times, though. Still, it's worthy of a watch.

51.Dust Devil

Watched this for theme day and was disappointed. Story just dragged on and on, without making a whole lot of sense. It had a decent ending and an ok beginning with Dust Devil having sex with some chick and then snapping her neck, but other than that, I really don't remember too much of the movie. Hopefully we won't have this theme pop up again for a long time.

October 11

I really enjoy Matthew McConaughey and thought the movie had a surprisingly good twist. And while the movie cover doesn't stick to the mind or name of the film, once I got into it, I remember watching this before. It's got good suspense and an interesting story of being able to see people for who they really are. Always love those movies where people are super religious and kill the "bad" people.

53.The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia

This movie isn't bad...but it isn't good either. It's just bleh and was basically a movie to kill time. The acting isn't really horrible and there's an ok story to it. It's just not as compelling as the first film. Story kind of goes all over the place, but if one watches a biography of the whole history, there's a better chance to understand things.

54.The People Under the Stairs

I'm really shocked Wes Craven directed this and not someone of ethnicity. There's a lot of slapstick humor in this (especially if you lived in bad neighborhoods before) but the scare factor isn't all there as it's more comedy than horror. So, if you are looking for a good comedy with a couple of jump scenes, this is your movie. If you hate comedy in your horror or don't like racist jokes and stereotypes, stay far away from this one.

October 12
55.28 Days Later

I really liked how they made the people infected with "Rage" into all out beasts in this film and how the military turned into pricks and rapists. The acting wasn't great, though, and the story did drag. Still worth a watch for what it is.


I really enjoyed this film, even with some random cast members. It was a nice throw back to old school horror as there were old 80's horror actors and they had a crazy ass bad guy that just won't go down. Could have used a better leading man actor, but I enjoyed Tamara Feldman in this film. Such a shame that she didn't make the sequels. Also enjoyed the cliffhanger ending.

57.Hatchet II

I liked how Tony Todd had a bigger role in this film and he was quite enjoyable, but I missed Tamara in this. Danielle Harris is a really good actress, but felt Tamara did a better job. Some cool kills in this film, like the previous one, but just wasn't as good in my opinion.

58.Hatchet III

Really enjoyed this film and thought Danielle Harris did a better job in this. Wasn't a fan of Caroline Williams in this, though, and felt she kind of ruined the film. Did like how the Asian guy that was killed in the previous film shows up and makes a job about how they all look alike. This series always brings the goods in kills, but just didn't deliver like the first one.

59.The Woman in Black

This was a really interesting ghost story and had some chills, but the acting and pacing just didn't click. Daniel Radcliffe did not bring in a strong performance in this one and made the movie drag. I saw a sneak peak of this one and it put me to sleep, so I wanted to give it another try. There's a good story in this, but the delivery just wasn't there. Such a shame too as it could have been so much better.


I wasn't expecting an urban film with the cover and story, so I was quite shocked to watch the film and find out that it takes place in an urban neighborhood with ethnic teenagers. It had some laughs, Killjoy is a funny clown, but it was way too low budget with horrible acting to take seriously. If you enjoy really bad films that are good, this may be one of them.

61.Killjoy 2

This one was even worse than the original. I did enjoy Debbie Rochon, which was about the only thing good about the film. I'm sure Debbie has other films which are much better, so give this movie a hard pass.

October 13
62.Killjoy 3

This was easily the best out of the trilogy (though I know there is a fourth). A lot better acting and supporting cast with this one. Wish the single friend showed a bit of skin (love the Snow White complexion) but what can you do. Didn't like the ending and how they tied it together with the first film, but up until that point, it was enjoyable.


64.Puppetmaster II

65.Puppetmaster III

66.Puppetmaster IV

67.Puppetmaster V

67.5The Walking Dead 3.16

68.The Walking Dead 4.1

October 14
69.Something Wicked This Way Comes

October 15
70.Children of the Corn

71.Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice

72.Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest

73.Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering

74.Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror

October 16
75.John Carpenter's The Thing

October 17
76.When a Stranger Calls

77.Children of the Corn 666: Isacc's Return

October 18
78.Children of the Corn: Revelation

79.Children of the Corn: Genesis


81.5ive Girls

October 19
82.Silent House

83.Would You Rather

84.John Dies at the End


October 20

87.Invasion of the Body Snatchers

87.5:The Walking Dead 4.2

October 21
88.5:Village of the Damned (1960)

89.5:Curse of the Puppetmaster

90.5:Retro Puppetmaster

October 22
91.5:Puppetmaster Legacy

92.5:Repo! The Genetic Opera

October 23
93.5:The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

October 24

October 25
95.5:Scream II

October 26
96.5:Scream III

97.5:Scream IV

98.5:Land of the Dead

October 27

100:The Walking Dead 4.3

101:In Their Skin

October 28
102:Grave Encounters

October 29

October 30
104:The Exorcist

October 31
105:The Nightmare Before Christmas

106:A Charlie Brown's Halloween (Wildcard)

107:The Last Exorcism

108:Behind the Mask
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