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Re: The 14th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Threa

Orange Title - Denotes first-time-ever viewing

Caution: Spoilers may follow!

Last year's tally: 41 films; 23 first-time viewings

This year's goals: watch a minimum of 31 films, with at least 20 first-time viewings; if I have time, attempt to complete Theme Nights and Subset lists, and take a shot at the Checklist


Note: This film is not counted in my totals, as it was watched outside the actual month of October. I consider it to be a sort of pre-Challenge warm up.

XX Dressed to Kill (1980) (DVD) - A call girl sees a woman murdered in an elevator, and now the killer's after her. This twisty film from Brian De Palma was a huge hit, despite (or because of?) the controversy it generated. For De Palma neophytes, it's a good starting point into his body of work.


1. Lifeforce (1985) (Streaming--Google Drive [Alyxstarr's link]) - The crew of a spaceship investigating Halley's Comet finds a derelict spacecraft in the comet's tail and three humanoid creatures in the spacecraft. The crew brings the creatures back to earth, only to find out that they're space vampires. All hell breaks loose, Tobe Hooper loses control of the narrative, and it all eventually ends. I saw this in its theatrical run, and I hated it then. As it turns out, I still dislike it a whole lot. The only thing that perked me up this go 'round was spotting a Prefab Sprout poster in the background of one of the scenes near the end. It's just an awful film.


2. Blue Sunshine (1977) (DVD) - Jeff Lieberman's follow-up to the flawed but interesting Squirm concerns a rash of murders committed by bald people. What do the words "blue sunshine" have to do with the killers, and how is a political candidate involved? This film ultimately has more questions than answers, and the end is rather anticlimactic. Otherwise, it's a fun little thriller that would make a great basis for a cable TV show along the lines of The Following or True Detective.


3. Blood Beach (1980) (Streaming--Google Drive [Alyxstarr's link]) - A giant worm-like creature is killing people on a California beach, sucking them down through the sand. John Saxon is the police chief who's in charge of finding and stopping the monster. Burt Young's character and that of the shopping cart lady are EXTREMELY annoying. Fairly clever low-budget nonsense is fun, but it was bested ten years later by Tremors.


4. Down (The Shaft) (2001) (Streaming--Showtime via Hulu) - Down is a dumb yet entertaining movie about a killer elevator. I suppose that if one is dead-set on making a film about a killer elevator, this is probably the best anybody could expect. It's doubly-strange that this is, in fact, a remake of the director's own 1983 film, The Lift. Let's be honest--isn't one killer elevator film enough? For more madness from director Dick Maas, check out his Saint (aka Saint Nick), the most mean-spirited Christmas movie that you'll ever see.

5. The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016) (Streaming--Showtime via Hulu) - The body of an unidentified young woman found at the scene of a mass murder is brought to a coronerís office for a routine autopsy to determine who she was and what caused her death. As the coroner soon finds out, the autopsy is anything but routine. Iíd heard good things about this film, and it didnít disappoint me. I figured out a few of the filmís twists before they occurred, but that didnít detract from its entertainment value. From the director of Trollhunter.


6. Kwaidan (1964) (Blu-ray) - I really hate it when Iím out of step with a filmís critical reception. It makes me feel like Iím just not ďgettingĒ what others are getting. Case in point: Kwaidan. Because Iím rather fond of Japanese cinema, I figured that Iíd love Kwaidan, so I put it in, expecting to be blown away by its sheer awesomeness. The first story was rather lackluster, but the cinematography and art direction were great, so I felt that I could cut it a little slack. I mean, itís an anthology film, and anthology films tend to build, right? So the second tale commenced, and I really quite liked itóagain, great cinematography, art direction, etc. And then the story ended left me hanging. It was like Iíd been treated to the first two acts of a play, and then the third one had been forgotten. Still, I enjoyed it, even if it felt unfinished. And then came the third story, ďHoichi the Earless,Ē which should have been a separate film due to its length. It just went on, and on, and on, and I thought that I was going to lose my mind if it didnít end soon, but it didnít, and Hoichi just kept on singing and playing his biwa, and it just wouldnít end until, finally, FINALLY, of course, it did. The last story added insult to injury, in that it was based on an incomplete tale. Why would you make one of four stories in your over-three-hours-long anthology film an INCOMPLETE one, of all things? I didnít even want to start watching it, since I knew that whatever I invested in it would be tossed out with the abrupt non-ending. So, I really didnít like Kwaidan, but I can appreciate it for its cinematography and art direction.


7. Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror (1981) (DVD) - A bunch of people spending the weekend at a house in the countryside get eaten by zombies. This Italian film was an unauthorized sequel to Lucio Fulci's Zombi 2 (aka Zombie in the US), which was, of course, an unauthorized sequel to George Romero's Dawn of the Dead, which was known as Zombi in Italy. Burial Ground is one of the more idiotic zombie films from that era, but it's lively and has some of the most grotesque-looking zombies ever to (dis)grace the screen. Not only are they grotesque, they've also mastered the art of using tools. One of them is even able to throw a metal spike with astounding accuracy from a distance of at least thirty or forty feet, which is definitely something one doesn't see in most other zombie films. It's not a good film, but it sure is enjoyable.

8. Nightmare City (1989) (DVD) - I first saw this film on Continental's VHS, which had been retitled City of the Walking Dead to cash in on the zombie craze of the early '80s. Prior to tonight's viewing, I remembered practically nothing about it...possibly because I never actually finished watching the tape. Still, to be fair, I'll count this as previous watch. As to the plot, an unidentified airplane makes an unscheduled stop at an airport, and radioactive zombies spill out of the plane, killing everyone on the tarmac. They then run amok in the city, creating more zombies. Can our hero Hugo Stiglitz save the day, or at least save himself and his wife? This is the type of film that's great to put on when you've had a rough day at work and don't want to think too hard.


9. Dr. Cyclops (1940) (DVD) - It's kind of hard for me to believe that I've never seen this film, but I hadn't until tonight. Albert Dekker plays a scientist who has discovered the secret to shrinking people and animals. He works in the middle of the jungle so that others won't know what he's up to, but he's also there because he's found a plentiful supply of uranium, which he needs for his shrinking process. Unfortunately, his eyesight is bad, so he sends for some experts to help him, but he ends up shrinking them when they get all up in his business. Fun film from Paramount is notable for being the first horror/science fiction film to be shot in three-strip Technicolor. From the director of King Kong.

10. It Came from Outer Space (1953) (Blu-ray 3D) - I watched It Came from Outer Space in 3D for the first time tonight, and itís totally changed my opinion of the film. In the times that Iíve watched the movie flat, I found it to be fairly boring. In 3D, though, itís a thing of beauty, with more depth than probably any 3D film that Iíve ever seen. There are very few pop-out moments, but the astonishing depth more than makes up for it. From now on, Iíll only watch this in 3D.


11. Hereditary (2018) (DVD) - Hereís another film that a rewatch under different circumstances has caused my opinion to change. I saw this opening weekend early this summer, and I found it to be underwhelming and more than a bit confusing. Over the last few weeks, Iíve read a lot about it and seen some explanatory YouTube videos about it, and I think that those have helped me to understand the film better and appreciate it a lot more. Maybe watching it at home helped as well; since itís such an intimate film, the more intimate viewing experience might have a lot to do with my increased enjoyment of it. Then again, maybe itís one of those films that just takes multiple viewings to catch everything thatís been layered into it. Whatever the reason, I count myself as a fan now. Better late than never, I suppose.

12. The Messengers (2007) (Blu-ray) - A family moves from the big city to a farm in North Dakota to raise sunflowers. Once there, the oldest child (Kristen Stewart) starts seeing ghosts. The Pang brothers (of The Eye fame) direct their first English-language film, but the PG-13 rating that the film was saddled with keeps things fairly mild. There are an awful lot of jump scares, however.


13. The Zero Boys (1986) (Streaming--Amazon Prime) - A paintball team and their assorted girlfriends go to the woods to celebrate a paintball victory. On the way out, one of the girls (Kelli Maroney, who really should look into buying a good bra) sees a woman running in the distance. When they get to where she saw her, thereís no sign of herÖbut there is a recently-deserted cabin. Being lunkheads, they decide to party there for a while. Unfortunately, the folks who had left the cabin come back, and the paintballers et al. find themselves fighting for their lives. Not bad for its budget, The Zero Boys is a fun trip back to the mid-eighties, but itís no classic. The ending is particularly unsatisfying, but thatís the way they ended movies back then.

14. Forbidden World (1982) (Streaming--Amazon Prime) - A space cowboy ďfixerĒ gets called to a distant planet to help out some scientists in a research station. You see, theyíve created a new life form, and itís escaped, and itís constantly morphing into other forms and killing them, one by one. This may be the most blatant Alien rip-off that Iíve ever seen, but itís mindless fun by virtue of the fact that itís a blatant Alien rip-off. So in addition to the often gooey monster, weíve also got two good-looking women scientists who walk around the science labs in high heels and arenít afraid to get nekkid (both individually and together) AND weíve got a fairly icky way of destroying the monster, which youíll just have to see for yourself. Itís only 77 minutes long.


15. Happy Death Day (2017) (Blu-ray) - Iíd heard good things about this film, and I wasnít disappointed. Itís essentially a remake of Groundhog Day with a slasher twist. Itís not even remotely frightening, but it IS pretty funny in parts. The bitchy sorority sister Danielle (Rachel Matthews) has one of the funniest lines Iíve heard in a long while. I laughed so hard that I had to pause the disc to pull myself back together. I loved it, and I canít wait for the sequel that should be out next year.

16. You'll Find Out (1940) (DVD) - This film has a lot going for it: a trio of the worldís biggest (at the time) horror starsóBela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, and Peter Lorre; a secluded, mysterious mansion; a raging thunderstorm that knocks the only bridge to the house out, effectively stranding everyone there; and sťances. It also has Kay Kyser and his band and Ish Kabibble, which may or may not be a selling point. Personally, I love seeing radio stars of the Ď30s and Ď40s in movies, so I enjoyed this a lot. However, a little bit of Kay and Ish goes a long, long wayÖand itís essentially their movie (and not Bela, Boris, and Peterís), since itís a sequel of sorts to Thatís RightóYouíre Wrong, the Kay Kyser Bandís first starring feature. The plot has to do with Kay and his band performing at a birthday party at the aforementioned secluded, mysterious mansion, with the birthday girl seemingly the target of a killerÖor SOME killers, as the case may be. If youíre not put off by Kay and Ish and all the singing, you can have a pretty good time with this lightweight film.

17. It Lives Again (1978) (DVD) - As the ads said, the Itís Alive baby is backÖonly this time there are three of them. If youíve seen the first film, this is more of the same from Larry Cohen. I didnít like the first one very much, but this one went down a lot easier, probably because the rubber mutant babies werenít shown nearly as much in this one as they were in the original film. If you liked the first one, you should definitely give this one a shot.


18. Cujo (1983) (Streaming--Google Drive [Alyxstarr's link]) - Pretty good adapatation of Stephen Kingís novel about a loveable Saint Bernard who gets bitten by a rabid bat and turns into a killer. Itís pretty odd that Iíd never seen this film before, but Iíd heard so much about it that I never really felt the need to watch it. The performances are all really, really good, but the dog actor was GREAT. I wasnít particularly fond of the freeze-frame ending, however. Iím surprised that this hasnít been remade yet.


19. A Quiet Place (2018) (Blu-ray) - Taking place a few years in the future, A Quiet Place focuses on a familyís day-to-day struggle against creatures that kill and devour anything that makes noise. After a pre-title sequence wherein the youngest member of the family gets killed by these creatures, the film skips ahead almost a year and settles into showing how the family copes with having to be quiet all the time. And thatís the whole setup. Of course, they DO make noise, and of course the creatures hunt them, and of course there are heroic gestures on all of the family membersí partsÖbut I was left strangely uninvolved for the entire movie. It's kind of like when you meet a new person and you take an immediate dislike to them for no discernible reason--that's the way that I feel about this film. This was my second viewing, and I've felt the same way about it both times. I really, really can't put my finger on why I don't like it...but I don't like it.


20. Inside (2007) (DVD) - Wow, but this film is intense! Part of the wave of French films that came out in the late aughts that were hyper-gory and nihilistic, Inside is the tale of a pregnant woman whoís attacked in her house by a woman who wants to steal her unborn baby. And, really, about 90% of the film takes place in her home, with her trying to defend herself from this crazy woman. I normally donít have a problem with gore in films, but this one is the rare exception that made me squirm. Itís exceptionally well-made, but I canít really say that itís enjoyable. Iím glad that Iíve seen it, but Iím probably never, ever going to watch it again. Iím not prone to nightmares, but I wonít be surprised if this one rears its bloody head in my dreams tonight.

21. Succubus (1969) (DVD) - This is, as far as I can tell, only the second Jess Franco film that Iíve ever seen (Kiss Me, Monster, also starring Janine Reynaud, is the other one). Iíve read that this is pretty atypical for Franco, and itís certainly quite different from Kiss Me, Monster, so I donít want to judge Francoís entire output on two filmsÖbut so far, Iím not a fan. Succubus is the longest 76 minutes that Iíve spent in years; I tried and tried, but I couldnít for the life of me discern a plot anywhere in the film. It was originally rated X, but unless the copy I saw was heavily edited, I didnít notice anything that really should have earned it that rating...but then again, I didnít think that Midnight Cowboy deserved an X either, so maybe Iím not the best judge. Succubus is easily the worst first-time viewing that Iíve experienced for the Challenge this year. Unless youíve got a major jones for Reynaud and/or are a big Franco fan, youíd probably be best off doing a load of laundry instead of watching this film.


Theme Nights


--- xx/xx: wildcard - any horror theatrical showing (2018)
-X- 09/30: The Criterion Collection Crossover - Dressed to Kill (1980)
-X- 10/01: The 50th Anniversary of Night of the Living Dead - Lifeforce (1985)
-X- 10/02: Studies in Terror - Blue Sunshine (1977)
-X- 10/03: Jawsploitation - Blood Beach (1980)
-X- 10/04: Elevator Horrors - Down (The Shaft) (2001)
-X- 10/05: Horror Anthologies - Kwaidan (1964)
-X- 10/06: Zombies - Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror (1981)
-X- 10/07: Universal Monster Movies - Dr. Cyclops (1940)
-X- 10/08: Atmospheric Horror Fims - Hereditary (2018)
-X- 10/09: Cheesy Ď80s Horror Flicks - The Zero Boys (1986)
-X- 10/10: Bloody Birthday Parties - Happy Death Day (2017)
-X- 10/11: Dogs, Bogs, and Logs - Cujo (1983)
-X- 10/12: Apocalyptic Horror - A Quiet Place (2018)
-X- 10/13: The European Passport to Terror - Inside (2007)
--- 10/14: Rocktober Blood: The 100 Greatest Horror Film Soundtracks - The Blood on Satan's Claw (1971)
--- 10/15: IMDB Highest-Rated Horror - Peeping Tom (1960)
--- 10/16: Slashers / Giallos / Serial Killers - Terrifier (2017)
--- 10/17: Blood on the Beach - Who Can Kill a Child? (1976)
--- 10/18: Modern Horror Films - Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008)
--- 10/19: The Horrors of USAís Up All Night - The Toxic Avenger (1984)
--- 10/20: Ď80s Video Companies Spotlight: Prism Entertainment - Evil Toons (1992)
--- 10/21: Vampires - The Lost Boys (1987)
--- 10/22: Chronological Horror Years Faceoff: 1943 /1968 / 1993 - Son of Dracula (1943) / Fangs of the Living Dead (1968) / The Washing Machine (1993)
--- 10/23: Horrorspondents: Youíre on the Air! - Tenebre (1982)
--- 10/24: Werwolves / Were-Creatures / Full Moon - Silver Bullet (1985)
--- 10/25: Video Nasties 35th Anniversary - Antropophagus (1980)
--- 10/26: Frankenstein / Mad Doctors - Dr. Caligari (1989)
--- 10/27: Mass Marathon of the Damned - Maximum Overdrive (1986)
--- 10/28: Supernatural / Quiet, Soft / Seances - Marrowbone (2017)
--- 10/29: Mind Games - Brainscan (1994)
--- 10/30: Demonic Possession / Satanic / Witchcraft / Hell - Demon Wind (1990)
--- 10/31: Halloween-Themed - Sleepy Hollow (1990)
--- 11/01: Horror Comedies Crossover - Dave Made a Maze (2017)

31 Films Subset


--- xx/xx: wildcard - any horror theatrical showing (2018)
-X- 09/30: group vote - Dressed to Kill (1980)
-X- 10/01: Chad - Lifeforce (1985)
-X- 10/02: ororama - Blue Sunshine (1977)
-X- 10/03: indiephantom - Blood Beach (1980)
-X- 10/04: Gobear - Down (The Shaft) (2001)
-X- 10/05: hbsvb - Kwaidan (1964)
-X- 10/06: Darkgod - Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror (1981)
-X- 10/07: shellebelle - Dr. Cyclops (1940)
-X- 10/08: mallratcal - Hereditary (2018)
-X- 10/09: TheBigDave - The Zero Boys (1986)
-X- 10/10: Elliot57 - Happy Death Day (2017)
-X- 10/11: orlmac - Cujo (1983)
-X- 10/12: arw6040 - A Quiet Place (2018)
-X- 10/13: Bladz - Inside (2007)
--- 10/14: Trevor - The Blood on Satan's Claw (1971)
--- 10/15: Shack - Peeping Tom (1960)
--- 10/16: Mondo Kane - Terrifier (2017)
--- 10/17: DaveyJoe - Who Can Kill a Child? (1976)
--- 10/18: PCBreakdown - Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008)
--- 10/19: jacob_b - The Toxic Avenger (1984)
--- 10/20: SterlingBen - Evil Toons (1992)
--- 10/21: tarfrimmer - The Lost Boys (1987)
--- 10/22: numbercrunch - Son of Dracula (1943) / Fangs of the Living Dead (1968) / The Washing Machine (1993)
--- 10/23: JAX036 - Silver Bullet (1985)
--- 10/24: SethDLH - Tenebre (1982)
--- 10/25: WillieMLF - Antropophagus (1980)
--- 10/26: clckworang - Dr. Caligari (1989)
--- 10/27: Darth Maher - Maximum Overdrive (1986)
--- 10/28: jholmes - Marrowbone (2017)
--- 10/29: Undeadcow - Brainscan (1994)
--- 10/30: alyxstarr - Demon Wind (1990)
--- 10/31: cwileyy - Sleepy Hollow (1990)
--- 11/01: group vote - Dave Made a Maze (2017)

The Checklist


Select 10 actors:

--- Lauren Ashley Carter -
-X- Brian Cox - The Autopsy of Jane Doe
--- Jamie Lee Curtis -
--- Peter Cushing -
--- Bruce Davison -
-X- Boris Karloff - You'll Find Out
--- Christopher Lee -
--- Helga Linť -
-X- Bela Lugosi - You'll Find Out
--- Elina Madison -
--- Burgess Meredith -
--- Sam Neill -
--- Michael J. Pollard -
--- William Shatner -
--- Oliver Reed -
--- Anita Strindberg -
-X- Dee Wallace - Cujo
-X- Naomi Watts - Down (The Shaft)
--- Caroline Williams -
--- Ray Wise -

Select 5 recently deceased:

-X- Umberto Lenzi - Nightmare City
--- Ulli Lommel -
--- Peter Wyngarde -
--- Jack Ketchum (Dallas Mayr) -
--- Alf Humphreys -
--- Dorothy Malone -
--- John Gavin -
--- Ren Osugi -
--- Lewis Gilbert -
--- Debbie Lee Carrington -
--- R. Lee Ermey -
--- Verne Troyer -
--- Michael Anderson -
-X- Janine Reynaud - Succubus
--- Jerry Maren -
--- Derrick O'Connor -
--- Tab Hunter -
--- Shinobu Hashimoto -
--- Margot Kidder -
--- Robert Dix -
--- Jacqueline Pearce -
--- Donnelly Rhodes -
--- Fenella Fielding -
--- Pasquale Buba -
--- Al Matthews -
--- Gary Kurtz -

Select 2 film composers:

--- Philip Glass -
-X- Joseph LoDuca - The Messengers
--- Paul Ratajczak -
--- John Williams -

Select 5 directors:

--- Alexandre Aja -
--- Mario Bava -
-X- Larry Cohen - It Lives Again
-X- Jesķs "Jess" Franco - Succubus
--- Lucio Fulci -
--- William Malone -
--- Sergio Martino -
--- Hideo Nakata -
--- Roman Polanski -
--- Jee-woon Kim -

Select 2 makeup effects artists:

--- Nigel Booth -
--- Screaming Mad George -
--- Steve Johnson -
--- Stan Winston -

Select 2 producers:

-X- Larry Cohen - It Lives Again
--- Bryan Foy -
--- Michael Hertz -
-X- Jeanette Volturno - Happy Death Day

Select 2 writers:

-X- Dan O'Bannon - Lifeforce
--- David Cronenberg -
--- Dennis Paoli -
-X- R.J. Robertson - Forbidden World

Select 30 of the following sub-genres / types:

-X- *3-D Film - It Came from Outer Space
--- Agoraphobia -
-X- Anthology Film - Kwaidan
-X- Appears on The 50 Best Horror Movies Youíve Never Seen - Inside
--- Based on a True Story -
-X- Based on a Novel - Lifeforce
--- Cannibalism -
--- Cinema Inspired By: H.P. Lovecraft -
--- Cinematic Titanic / Horror Host / MST3K / RiffTrax -
--- Classic Hammer Films -
--- Comedy / Spoof -
-X- Criterion / Masters of Cinema Version Film - Kwaidan
--- Cryptid Cinema -
--- Death by: Explosion, 2 -
--- Director or Writer Cameo in Own Film / Film Adaptation, 2
--- Distributor / Studio: Code Red -
--- Documentary -
--- Drunk Horror -
-X- Extraterrestrial / Takes Place in Space - Forbidden World
--- Film From Someone Else's List You've Never Seen -
--- Film From TCM's October Schedule -
--- Film Title Drop -
--- Flashback Horror -
--- From a Basis Gogos Painting -
--- Found Footage -
--- Frankenstein -
--- Ghost / Haunting -
--- Giallo -
--- Ouija Board -
--- K-Horror -
-X- Killer / Evil Animal - Cujo
--- Killer / Evil Child -
--- Killer / Evil Doll -
--- Made-for-TV Movie -
--- Mummy -
-X- Musical / Rock Ďn Roll Horror - You'll Find Out
--- Nation of Origin: Thailand -
--- Nazi -
--- Prom -
--- Psychological -
--- Rape / Revenge -
--- Scarecrows -
--- Slasher / Psycho / Homicidal Maniac -
--- Takes Place in a Hospital -
--- Takes Place on a College Campus or High School -
--- Takes Place on a Holiday -
--- Television -
--- Three Installments in a Franchise -
--- Vampire -
--- Werewolf -
--- Witchcraft / Satanic / Religious -
--- Wilhelm Scream -
--- With Commentary -
-X- With Two or More Horror Legends - You'll Find Out
-X- Zombie - Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror

Watch 1 w/commentary from the "Masters of Commentary":

--- Joe Bob Briggs -
--- John Carpenter -
--- Larry Cohen -
--- Joe Dante -
--- Herschell Gordon Lewis -
--- Tim Lucas -
--- George A. Romero -
--- Guillermo del Toro -
--- David del Valle -

Watch films in at least three formats:

-X- First format, (DVD), (Blue Sunshine).
-X- Second format, (Blu-ray), (Kwaidan).
-X- Third format, (Streaming), (The Zero Boys).

Watch films in at least three languages:

-X- First language, (Japanese), (Kwaidan).
-X- Second language, (French), (Inside).
--- Third language, (insert language), (insert title).

Watch 3 films that you've never seen before that:

--- Stars an Arquette (Rosanna, David, Patricia, Richmond, Alexis) -
--- Features music by a rock band -
-X- Was made in the 1960s - Kwaidan
--- Features an investigation by Ed and Lorraine Warren -
--- Was written by Stephen King -
--- Features snow -
--- Has the words "Don't" in the title -
--- Was directed by David DeCoteau -
--- Stars Brinke Stevens -
--- Takes place at a strip club, 2 -
--- Features a nun or priest -

Select 6 decades of film history:

--- Pre-1930 -
--- 1930 -
--- 1940 -
--- 1950 -
-X- 1960 - Kwaidan
-X- 1970 - Blue Sunshine
-X- 1980 - Lifeforce
--- 1990 -
-X- 2000 - The Messengers
-X- 2010 - The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Select 3 from the following horror film tropes:

-X- Jump Scare - The Messengers
--- No Cell Coverage -
--- The Abandoned Place -
--- The Vengeful Spirit -
--- Death By Sex -
--- The Final Girl -
--- Flickering Lights -

Select 1 from the "Chronological Horror Years Faceoff":

--- 1943 (75th) -
--- 1968 (50th) -
--- 1993 (25th) Ė

Select 1 from the following anniversaries:

--- 25th Anniversary of Vincent Price's Death -
--- 50th Anniversary of Night of the Living Dead -
--- 100th Birthday of Evelyn Ankers -
--- 200th Anniversary of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, 2 -

Select 4 ratings:

-X- G - It Came from Outer Space
--- PG -
-X- PG-13 - Happy Death Day
-X- R - It Lives Again
--- NC-17 -
-X- X - Succubus
--- Unrated -
--- M -
--- GP -

Attend a live event (convention, play, haunted house, ghost tour, etc.):

--- (insert event). OPTIONAL

Venture Into the Literary World:

--- Read a Horror Novel or Novella (insert title). OPTIONAL
--- Read a Horror Comic Book or Graphic Novel (insert title). OPTIONAL
--- Read a Horror Magazine (insert title). OPTIONAL

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