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Re: The 6th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Thread

* = First time viewing (64% or 81/127 films)

October 1 (4 hours, 51 minutes)
[Criterion Collection Marathon]

1. Häxan* (1922, 104 minutes) 6/10: Funny & whimsical "documentary" about witchcraft, exceeded my expectations with its mockery of inquisition/witchcraft. This benefits from good attention to detail and excellent special effects especially considering the age (bite me CGI). The sensationalism is cheap fun but either lacks depth or has become cliché until the last chapter (1/7th) switches suddenly to dismissive (overly simplistic) explanation. I'm curious about the commentary. DVD (Personal collection)
2. Sisters* (1973, 92 minutes) 7/10: The plot structure is unique in that this is a mystery where from the beginning it's shown who the murderer is. The narrative is told either from a third party reporter who enters and exits the murder's environment or in flashbacks (both suggesting voyeurism, maybe a comment on popular news media). I enjoyed the surrealism as the move progressed with thick stylization getting more deliciously complex and there's some fun homages. DVD (Personal collection)
3. Flesh for Frankenstein* (1973, 95 minutes) 3/10: The acting is wooden and having read the insert essay I still think the metaphor of "sex without emotions" is unrealistic and framed in messy incoherent plot (and is not visually intriguing enough to pull off style over substance). This film might benefit from further viewings though it came across as too academic and not much fun. Online streaming (Netflix)

October 2 (4 hours, 19 minutes)
4. Eyes Without a Face* (1960, 90 minutes) 6/10: Good visuals with a mask that supposedly influenced Carpenter's Halloween. Eyes Without a Face holds the viewer in an uncomfortable struggle with most of the tension being isolated small scale social struggle so it's more of a slow burn. Music in the film often seems more whimsical than suspensful but I understand the director did not consider this to be a horror film. DVD (Personal collection)
5. The Cat and the Canary* (1927, 82 minutes) 4.5/10: Fun silent film that reminds me of Scooby Doo with parts Nightmare on Elm Street. Though I enjoyed it a lot of this seems to have been ripped off so much a lot of this film seemed familar. DVD (Netflix)
6. Night of the Dribbler* (1990, 87 minutes) 0/10: Picked the most unanticipated film I could find to crash from my Criterion spree. This film is a rancid attempt at horror comedy, even more worthless than I suspected. DVD (Personal collection)

October 3 (7 hours, 36 minutes)
[Nature Horror Theme Night]

7. Skeeter* (1993, 95 minutes) 3.5/10: I rated this movie higher not because it's good but because it's entertainingly bad early 90s cheese and I caught it in the right mood but otherwise I'm not sure it's recommended for casual viewers. I really enjoyed the giant plastic monster mosquitoes. Am I the only one who can't watch William Sanderson without thinking of Daryl from that Bob Newhart show? DVD (Personal collection)
8. Kingdom of the Spiders* (1977, 97 minutes) 7/10 : It took me some time to get use to the country atmosphere of the film but eventually found that part of the appeal. I didn't expect to enjoy it (preferring supernatural horror) but ended up having a good time. The film starts off slow but builds up. DVD (Personal collection)
9. The Black Cat* (1981, 92 minutes) 5/10 : Good Poe homage that pulls from several stories with nice atmosphere using foggy settings, cat's eye camera tactics, and a few gruesome deaths. The corny way Fulci overuses eye close-ups is amusing. I've read some bad reviews about this movie but am glad I caught it. DVD (Personal collection)
10. Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005, 85 minutes) 4/10 : Most of the humor falls into cutesy rather than funny but an enjoyable diversion for "family movie night." It was nice to take a break from more serious movies. Curse of the Were-Rabbit had several fun homages to American Werewolf in London and King Kong. DVD (Netflix)
11. Zoltan, Hound of Dracula* (1978, 87 minutes) 1/10 : Painfully boring movie; I think it could have shown some promise but the plot was too ackward and the visuals not strong enough. The coolest part of the movie seems to happen within the first 5 minutes and downhill from there. I had trouble sitting through this one. I wonder if all Albert Band directed movies are this lame. DVD (Personal collection)

October 4 (4 hours, 21 minutes)
[Satanic Cult Theme Night]

12. Black Candles * (1982, 82 minutes) 2/10: Not that I have anything against gratuitous nudity but does it really have to be justified with such a pointless plot? The bestiality scene was shocking though awkward. I hear José Ramón Larraz, who directed and later disowned this film, is hilariously profane on the Vampyres commentary so might check that out later. DVD (Personal collection)
13. Satánico Pandemonium (aka La Sexorcista)* (1973, 90 minutes) 7/10 : I heard good things about this film but it was better than expected with some good imagery about a nun's temptation by the devil. Intelligently executed nunsploitation (however oxymoronic that might sound). This film my first exposure to Mondo Macabro's catalog so I'm looking forward to checking out Satan's Blood and Assault! Jack the Ripper also under their banner. DVD (Personal collection)
14. Exorcism (1974, 89 minutes) 3/10 : Paul Naschy's characters are smug to the detriment of his films. Exorcism comes across like a slow paced tame Exorcist rip-off soap opera. Interestingly the DVD has clothed variants of the scenes with nudity. The non-nude scenes were in the original theatrical release. DVD (Personal collection)

October 5 (3 hours, 32 minutes)
15. Call of Cthulhu (2005, 47 minutes) 6.5/10 : Clever film based on Lovecraft mythos that's a nice homage to silent movies. Very surreal with a lot of flashbacks and dream sequences. Online streaming (Netflix)
16. Horror Hotel* (1960, 75 minutes) 5.5/10 : Enjoyable with a lot of fog and a creepy vibe. The style was nice but I felt the plot could have been a little more complex or the twists a little more subtle. Christopher Lee is barely in the film. The ending was really hockey. DVD (Netflix)
17. Dead Snow (aka Død snø)* (2009, 90 minutes) 4/10 : Although the film flaunts nazi zombies in it's marketing they don't really show up until over 45 minutes in so the first half is a slasher tease. ...but once the nazi zombies kick in things go for broke and the film really shines. If the pacing had picked up earlier Dead Snow would be a horror classic, as is it's a rental. DVD (Netflix)

October 6 (5 hours, 22 minutes)
[Mutant Theme Night - Evil Fish Triple Feature]

18. Octaman* (1971, 79 minutes) 3.5/10 : That Octaman creature is awesome! The movie is cheesy but fun and doesn't waste any time getting to the point, good bad movie with nice pacing. The night time swamp scenes were fun and effective. Online streaming (Netflix)
19. Piranha [2D Version]* (2010, 88 minutes) 4/10 : Piranha is a fast paced fun party video with lots of t&a and fast paced editing. Very enjoyable film but it lost points for CGI cheapness and there are a lot of weak plot points especially with the last 5 minutes going downhill. The underwater first person shots are very well done and pulled me in. The underwater skinny dipping scene is worth the price of admission alone. Theater
20. Creature From the Black Lagoon (1954, 79 minutes) 7/10 : I've always thought The Creature was an under-rated Universal monster and that the first film in the trilogy is gold. DVD (Personal collection)
21. Salvage* (2008, 76 minutes) 6/10 : Unexpectedly good low budget release. There's a lot of mystery creating a nice tension and a good sense of ironic humor. I'm surprised I haven't heard this movie mentioned more since it's a good modern film. DVD (Netflix)

October 7 (3 hours, 53 minutes)
22. Black Devil Doll* (2007, 73 minutes) 1/10 : A one line joke that goes on too long and is not as clever as the writers seemed to think it was. It's not suppose to be good but it delivers what it promises including trashy one-liners and puppet sex. The film is briefly amusing but you could save 70 minutes and just watch the trailer. DVD (Personal collection)
23. Valerie and Her Week of Wonders* (1970, 77 minutes) 5.5/10 : Interesting Czechoslovakian film about a girl coming to womanhood using vampires/witches as metaphors for lust and control. Surreal arthouse vibe with good imagery. I think this would benefit from multiple viewings. DVD (Personal collection)
24. Sick Girl* (2007, 83 minutes) 3.5/10 : Gruesome film with highly stylized editing and an interesting bright quality to the film but wooden acting. Violence can be effective as a tool for creating tension but Sick Girl starts and stays violent disintegrating the plot and feeling more like a serious of gratuitous sketches than a narrative. Over the top but some scenes are enjoyably shocking. The film is lukewarm but leads up to a scorching ending. There's some interesting commentary about war and family. DVD (Personal collection)

October 8 (1 hours, 57 minutes)
[Masters of Horror double feature]

25. Sick Girl [Masters of Horror 1.10]* (2006, 60 minutes) 4.5/10 : Enjoyable segment but comes across more as a romantic comedy than a horror film at the start but has a very memorable ending (one of the bests closes yet this challenge). It's freespirited and original. Watching this made me realize how much I appreciate Angela Bettis's eccentic characters. I think Misty Mundane's talents are under utilized. Bonus points for avoiding CGI. DVD (Personal collection)
26. Deer Woman [Masters of Horror 1.07]* (2005, 57 minutes) 3.5/10 : Nice police procedural elements with a good sense of humor in parts but crawls a bit in the middle and lacks suspense. DVD (Personal collection)

October 9 (5 hours, 57 minutes)
[Hammer Horror marathon]

27. The Gorgon* (1964, 83 minutes) 3.5/10 : Much more a mystery than I expected with an unusual twist ending. I wish they would have included the Gorgon creature in more of the film but maybe that would have trashed the atmospheric slow burn and Hammer vibe. Strange twist on the medusa creature. Television (TCM)
28. The House That Dripped Blood* (1970, 101 minutes) 6/10 : Hammer anthology film about several horrors occurring in one house. This was one of the most pleasent surprises of the challenge so far, very well done. The tales weren't horrifying but lighthearted fun. DVD (Personal collection)
29. Horror of Dracula (1957, 81 minutes) 5/10 : A good spin on the Dracula mythos with excellent set pieces. Christopher Lee is menacing as Dracula. I would have rated this higher if the plot was not over-familar (thought Hammer's changes were delicious). DVD (Personal collection)
30. Dracula Has Risen From the Grave (1968, 92 minutes) 5.5/10 : Dracula plays a much smaller on-screen role in this film which seems more character driven. There's a lot more dramatic humor in this outing that doesn't necessarily pay off but the bloodshot vampire eyes are an improvement. The priests versus dracula angle was thicker and had a nice flare to it contributing to more of an adventure feel early on. The ending was a bit silly but overall a fun ride. DVD (Personal collection)

October 10 (4 hours, 40 minutes)
31. Black Rainbow* (1989, 103 minutes) 3/10 : This film has a lot of commentary about the mundane activities of the living (versus afterlife) which is interesting. Starts off slow with poor acting but towards the end things get surreal and hits in the gut. Parts seem disjointed and cast occassionally seem to act out of character or change motives. DVD (Netflix)
32. Smash Cut* (2009, 86 minutes) 3/10 : Campy tribute to HG Lewis gore films that features Sasha Grey and fake gore galore. Successful in part because it doesn't take itself seriously with tongue in cheek humor and has a clever plot obviously made by horror fans. Not menacing or creepy but full of corny horror comedy. DVD (Netflix)
33. Monster House (2006, 91 minutes) 5/10 : At times seems insincere riffing too hard on a Goonies/Monster Squad vibe but once the movie finds it's heart things get pretty sweet. The house backstory is corny morbid but the show is altogether a lot of fun. It's nice to see a modern horror comedy with some fire. Yes, it's a sell-out commerical vechicle but Monster House also has a lot of fun while it's at it (take note PG-13 teen horror). DVD (Personal collection)

October 11 (4 hours-)
34. Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy* (2010, 240 minutes) 7/10 : Believe the hype, this documentary is a lot of fun. I wasn't planning on staying up late to finish this but there's a lot of good material and it's pretty fast paced. At 4 hours the feature is epic but probably the most fun I've had this challenge so far. DVD (Netflix)

October 12 (5 hours, 41 minutes)
[Elm Street spree part 1: 1984-1987]

35. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984, 91 minutes) 6.5/10 : Classic film with nice surrealism. There's some nice depiction of teen angst (though the mother is poorly acted). It's interesting they portray Freddy's backstory in the first installment so it seems more natural and not contrived. DVD (Personal collection)
36. A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge (1985, 87 minutes) 6/10 : NoES 2 has always been a guilty pleasure for me. They do an effective job of making Freddy menacing again by adding more psychological thriller twists (it's not just an outside dream force but physical threat from the inside). I know it was panned for bringing Freddy 'into reality' but that overall theme is effective. I appreciate the attempt at being meaningful but the homoerotic undertones are a bit much and a stronger hero would have made the film more solid. DVD (Personal collection)
37. House of Dracula* (1945, 67 minutes) 5/10 : Universal Studios film bringing together Dracula, Wolf Man, and Frankenstein but wisely focuses on a plot involving a doctor stuck between the creatures. There's even a hunchback nurse thrown in for good measure. Good fun. DVD (Personal collection)
38. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987, 96 minutes) 2.5/10 : I think this is were the Elm Street series really starts botching things. This incarnation has more inventive kills but the plot about kids in an asylum is corny, the added backstory is nauseating, and the ending totally changes the Freddy character from what came before. The 80s flavor is delicious and the film gets points for having a pop rock theme song. DVD (Personal collection)

October 13 (12 hours, 12 minutes)
[Crystal Lake campaign part 1: 1986 - 2009]

39. Freddy Vs. Jason (2003, 97 minutes) 3/10 : I really want to love this film but can't because the script force feeds the plot (at times characters just narrate plot over and over) and there's not enough tension. This is the most beautifully filmed episode of the series and it's great to see these two titans take each other on. DVD (Personal collection)
40. Jason X (2001, 91 minutes) 5.5/10 : This film is one of my guilty pleasures and is much better than it has any right to be. Inventive kills, corny humor, far out premise that delievers. Favorite kill: Cryogenic face smash. DVD (Personal collection)
41. Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday [Unrated Cut] (1993, 91 minutes) 2/10 : Nonsensical twist on the Friday the 13th series, discouraged... it seems like a poor riff on the Halloween franchise. I'm surprised this is the filth New Line generated when they first acquired the F13 franchise. Aspects of the film could have been good if the plot wasn't mush. DVD (Personal collection)
42. Friday the 13th VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989, 100 minutes) 4.5/10 : I was never fond of F13 8 but this viewing was really enjoyable (maybe anything would be after Jason Goes to Hell). If you can get over the face that it's not going to delivery on the New York promise it's not a bad film. Fun slew of kills with little/no plot. DVD (Personal collection)
42. Friday the 13th VII: The New Blood (1988, 88 minutes) 3.5/10 : They had to up the ante with this one by throwing in telekenesis and a grief subplot which gives it some points for cheesy desperation. I've never favored this movie but found it better on this viewing. The unmasked Jason scenes are great and I've always liked the ending. DVD (Personal collection)
43. Friday the 13th [Killer Cut]* (2009, 106 minutes) 3.5/10 : I'm sure they made the teen Jason fodder even more obnoxious in this incarnation than before. ...and the ending cannot be tolerated. There's some effective tension with more glamourious kills. That there is a prelude is nice. DVD (Personal collection)
44a. What's New Scooby Doo? [TV] - Lighthouse of Fright [3.01]/Go West, Young Scooby [3.02]/Wrestle Maniac [3.03]* (2005, 66 minutes) -/10: Being too young for Friday the 13th exposure my daughter wanted to watch cartoons so I caved and threw in this Scooby Doo set (which I have only because it was $1 & knew she would like). It's soothing to know Scooby Doo is still around but either the newer episodes are not very good or I'm just too old to appreciate them (which is why I didn't give a rating). I am reluctant to count this but will be stingy and do it for now. [Note: 44 item count completed on 10/27] DVD (Personal collection)
45. Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986, 86 minutes) 4/10 : After 'A New Beginning' this is a bit of a disappointment plot wise but has always been one of my favorite F13 movie. For some reason watching it this time around didn't do as much for me. The opening scenes are excellent and the paintball stuff is fun. DVD (Personal collection)

October 14 (12 hours, 40 minutes)
[Elm Street spree part 2: 1988-1994]

46. A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988, 99 minutes) 4/10 : This film has some more inventive nightmares and I really appreciate the continuity of being a direct sequel to the Dream Warriors (even if DW did suck). The nightmare scenes in this one seem more epic (apparently parts were influenced by asian action films) but the ending is a let down. DVD (Personal collection)
47. A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (1989, 89 minutes) 5.5/10 : The "dream child" angle is an excellent idea that is not fully utilized. The ending sequence is one of the most nightmarish in the series and very well done with the closing being nonsensical but thematically meaningful. I've always hated the cartoon sequence but all together this is one of my favorite NoES films although there are dry spots. I would be interested in seeing the uncut edit. DVD (Personal collection)
48. Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991, 105 minutes) 2/10 : This filth makes me angry, it's a total waste of film. The loose plot is inconsistent with the series and filled with lame appeals to pop culture and slapstick. If that's not enough there's poor acting and some of the worst kills in the series... and the play on Dream Child is aweful. If I thought it'd be worth the passion I'd make it my mission to ride the world of Freddy's Dead but think I'd father just forget the whole thing. DVD (Personal collection)
49. New Nightmare (1994, 112 minutes) 6/10 : Clever script that builds on but dismisses the mess caused by Dream Warriors and Freddy's Dead to refresh the franchise with some nice tongue in cheek playfulness. For a time it feels like the script is being cute but things get more intense with a nice payoff. The Freddy incarnation is the most menacing one yet. DVD (Personal collection)
[Crystal Lake Campaign part 2: 1982-1985]
50. Friday the 13th [V]: A New Beginning (1985, 92 minutes) 6/10 : I want to hate this film but I can't. The continuity with Tommy is nice and it's got a good a psychological thriller approach. The mid-part of it is a nice extended nighttime chase sequence. From a narrative standpoint I think this film has more plot potential than other F13 movies but a lot of it is incomplete. I applaud the gutsy twist at the end and film-makers not being married to franchise convictions. Some of the auxillary actors are a little too over the top for my tastes. Some may disagree but this is an 80s slasher classic. DVD (Personal collection)
51. Friday the 13th [IV]: The Final Chapter (1984, 91 minutes) 3/10 : The kids in this one are more obnoxious and I think they're trying too hard with the young Tommy character but the ending really sizzles. I'm not as into the sex comedy elements which seemed to drag the film for the most part although I understand this installment has the most nudity of the franchise. DVD (Personal collection)
52. The Haunted World of El Superbeasto* (2009, 77 minutes) 2.5/10 : I wanted to like this film and some of the humor is cutesy with references to horror classics but overall it's just a series of bad sex jokes. I appreciate the adult nature of the cartoon but short of overblow cartoon tits and profanity Superbeasto doesn't have much going for it. Online streaming (Netflix)
53. Friday the 13th Part III (1982, 95 minutes) 4/10 : A worthy follow-up that stays true to the spirit of the first film (stalker at a camp) complete with cabins and laterns. I always thought the bikers seemed tacked on but they up the cheese factor. The very end twist on the original is good fun. DVD (Personal collection)

October 15 (12 hours, 8 minutes)
[80s Cheese theme night]

54. Friday the 13th Part II (1981, 87 minutes) 3/10 : It's great how the early Friday the 13th films really capture the summer camp feel, the series looses this after part III. I've always hated how readily part II dispatches with leftover strands from the original and the child psychology bit is dull. F13 2 drags in the middle. Relative to other entries this film feels like it's trying to find it's ground by sticking to slasher conventions other installments abandon. DVD (Personal collection)
55. Fear No Evil* (1981, 99 minutes) 2.5/10 : I'm not sure if the plot was a series of dreamy sequences strung together in a way to make the viewer think or just nonsensical mush. Not a lot of character development or action but some surreal imagery. Overall I couldn't get into Fear No Evil and it felt like a wasted opportunity. DVD (Netflix)
56. Against the Dark* (2009, 94 minutes) 3.5/10 : Enjoyable in a campy brain dead straight to video way. Abandoned building sceanery where occassionally a badly made up vampire/zombie pops up so the camera can jiggle and key music until we're convinced the characters have escaped. I kept expecting Will Smith to pop out for an I Am Legend cross-over. AtD gets points for attempting to be atmospheric with shadowy buildings and limply trying to be existential but loses face for under utilizing Steven Seagal. DVD (Netflix)
57. Witchery* (1988, 96 minutes) 3/10 : That the Shriek Show release over-matts the aspect ratio is annoying. Linda Blair, cheesy synch music score, David Hasselhoff, haunted house... ends up being mostly boring with an occassional gruesome kills (one spoiled on the poster). The sneakiness of the bewitched house is entertaining and there's something to be said about attempted use of shiny jewlery to be horrifying. DVD (Personal collection)
58. Don't Go Into the Woods [...Alone!]* (1981, 82 minutes) 2.5/10 : I've been wanting to check out this infamously bad backwoods slasher and it is as mindnumbingly random as I had heard. It kind of makes me giddy in that everything seems like everything's playing a joke on the viewer. I think it's a stream of consciousness project. Horrifying it's not but points for surreal weirdness and being so bad it's good. DVD (Personal collection)
59. Black Roses* (1988, 84 minutes) 4.5/10 : A playful satire on the controversy around heavy metal in the 80s. There's some good build up with awesomely rubbery effects. DVD (Personal collection)
60. Buried* (2010, 95 minutes) 6/10 : Creepy thriller with a nice sense of dread and some over the top (but not off the mark) political commentary. There's some great tension in this one and a unique narrative structure. It's nice to see something inventive theatrically (especially when it feels like horror showings are limited this season). Theater
61. House on Sorority Row* (1983, 91 minutes) 5/10 : Parts seemed derivative but it gets deliciously weird towards the end. Nice imagery with 80s party at a sorority house and takes advantage of slasher clichés. DVD (Personal collection)

October 16 (6 hours, 27 minutes)
[Asian horror theme night - Ringu marathon]

62. Ringu (1998, 96 minutes) 7/10 : Creepy horror film that's probably the scariest film I've seen yet this challenge. Unsettling and edge-of-your-seat even on multiple viewings. The weirdness of the video tape is menacing and it's got a nice atmospheric vibe. It's too bad the 'evil phone call' bit had been ripped off time and again. I prefer the supernatural ESP aspects of the japanese film (versus remake). DVD (Personal collection)
63. Rasen (aka The Spiral)* (1998, 97 minutes) 3.5/10 : Regretably seems to be a vechicle to explain the Ringu event. This sequel gets really caught up in scientific explainations early on then goes for broke on the supernatural as times goes by. At times it feels like they're just throwing otherworldly stuff in to see what sticks. The ending was unexpected and surreal with a twist that seems to have some potential but burns out too quickly. Overall a pail successor. DVD (Personal collection)
64. Ringu 2* (1999, 95 minutes) 3/10 : Ringu 2 ratchets up the scares thrashing the story from Rasen [ackwardly Ringu 2 is a replacement sequel erasing Rasen]. This outing focuses more on the ethereal Sadako and survivors effected by her "curse" but still tries too hard to explain things. The pacing is more consistent than Rasen with more effective scares but I liked the Ringu 2 plot less. DVD (Personal collection)
66. Ringu 0: Bâsudei* (2000, 99 minutes) 2.5/10 : Not being satisfied spoiling the tension with inconsistent sequels to bend over backwards explaining the supernatural Ring phenomena someone made a psychological thriller prequel (there's even a Carrie homage). On principal alone Ringu 0 should never have happened; nevermind the romanic subplot trash. However, it's possible they did the best they could with what they had. There's some decent imagery and it's worth seeing but feels like a fan fiction piece trying to cater to the popularity of the original. DVD (Personal collection)

October 17 (5 hours, 9 minutes)
67. Frankenstein (1931, 70 minutes) 7.5/10 : Singeing classic that tackles ambitious themes. Good set designs and pacing. Has not lost it's impact over time despite being over-parodied. DVD (Personal collection)
68. Bride of Frankenstein (1935, 75 minutes) 6.5/10 : I enjoyed the more sympathetic take on the Frankenstein monster. Bits of this one are more playful but it better captures the fallout from the monster. DVD (Personal collection)
69. The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (1949, 68 minutes) 4/10 : Fun take on the Legend of Sleepy Hallow with a lot of set-up time and characterization. DVD (Netflix)
70. Dark Night of the Scarecrow* (1979, 96 minutes) 7/10 : Well executed made-for-TV film that took me by storm keeping a nice tension up to a climatic and memorable ending. Lives up to the hype. DVD (Netflix)

October 18 (9 hours, 17 minutes)
71. Tourist Trap* (1979, 90 minutes) 6.5/10 : Plays out like a cross between House of Wax and Texas Chainsaw Massacre twisting through 90 minutes with strong visuals and schlocky plot. Cheap disturbing fun that felt claustrophobic with dark visuals and confined characters. More intense than I expected. DVD (Netflix)
72. Header* (2006, 89 minutes) 1.5/10 : Don't waste your time, not that I have anything against sick trash but this one was no fun. It's a one trick pony that plays out way too soon and isn't clever to begin with. DVD (Personal collection)
73. Virgin Witch* (1972, 88 minutes) 2.5/10 : Shamelessly sexploitative horror film that is otherwise bland plot about two sisters chancing upon a coven of witches. The ending picks up but is mostly forgetable. DVD (Personal collection)
74. Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated* (2009, 96 minutes) 4/10 : Cartoon mash-up using different animators and animation styles to recreate Night of the Living Dead. The idea is brilliant but much of the animation seems cheap and ineffective depending overwelmingly on still drawings. It's a surreal take on the original movie and worth watching but not as awesome as I expected it to be. DVD (Netflix)
75. Mad Monster Party?* (1967, 94 minutes) 6.5/10 : Rankin Bass claymation mash-up with Universal Horror movies and Boris Karloff that is a lot of fun. The humor is corny at times but it doesn't get more "halloween" party than this. DVD (Netflix)
76. Sorority Row* (2009, 101 minutes) 3/10 : I was curious to see this after enjoying the original (which was good but not great). The kills are more brutal but the characters more obnoxious in the 2009 film. They took a decent slasher from the 80s and made it into a generic 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' clone erasing the most effective plot points. At best the remake it lackluster. DVD (Personal collection)

October 19 (5 hours, 52 minutes)
77. Dracula: Pages From a Virgin's Diary* (2002, 77 minutes) 5/10 : Black and white silent movie rendered ballet adaptation of Bram Stroker's Dracula that I enjoyed more that I expected too. At times the silent movie astetic and fast cuts lull the film but the experimentalism is refreshing considering how old countless Dracula adaptations can get. There's some unexpected commentary on xenophobia and economics. Online streaming (Netflix)
[Mario Bava marathon]
78. Kill Baby... Kill!* (1966, 85 minutes) 7.5/10 : Eerie mystery with stunning visuals and taunt suspense. I enjoyed the frequent plot twists and some of the sleazy development. Every time the film seemed to be petering out something happened to gear things up. DVD (Personal collection)
79. Baron Blood* (1972, 98 minutes) 4.5/10 : Atmospheric film that I did not enjoy as much as I hoped too. The plot isn't as strong is it could be and the villian/setting seem under utilized. The ending has a good twist but for most of the film seems like an extended tease. I understand the importance of subtlety but just wasn't into this one. DVD (Personal collection)
80. Shock (aka Beyond the Door II)* (1977, 92 minutes) 8/10 : My favorite viewing so far this challenge. At first I was ready to write this off but then the slow burn kicker pulled me in. There's some nightmarish imagery in this film starting early with subtle taunts erupting into full fledged supernatural holocaust. The psychological aspects of this film are intense. Highly recommended. DVD (Personal collection)

October 20 (5 hours, 42 minutes)
81. Demons [Audio commentary with director Lamberto Bava, make-up artist Sergio Stivaletti, & journalist Chris Curci]* (1985, 88 minutes) 3/10 : Found the commentary on a favorite film to be limited (but I don't frequently enjoy commentaries so this might bias me). There's a language barrier with Lamberto Bava and Curci seems to have to constantly prompt him. At times Lamberto seems annoyingly arrogant. I wish the effects discussion had been more comprehensive but there's some good insight about the creative process behind the planning of the film and demon design. Longer periods of silence exist in the middle. DVD (Personal collection)
82. The Eye Creatures (aka Attack of The Eye Creatures)* (1965, 80 minutes) 1.5/10 : Aweful movie I saw on netflix instant streaming that is not very redeemable even in a cheesy way. Seems like a cheap attempt to rip off The Blob featuring rural teenages versus otherworldly creatures & the establishment. The effects are briefly entertaining but not spirited or frequent enough to be fun for long. There's a men in black subplot that is probably the most interesting part of the film. The human characters are poorly acted generalities. Online streaming (Netflix)
83. Black Sabbath* (1963, 92 minutes) 6.5/10 : Mario Bava anthology film with his trademark strong visuals and slow paced eerieness along with a nice sense of fun (you can't beat that ending). My favorite segment was A Drop of Water. DVD (Personal collection)
84. Midnight Movie* (2008, 82 minutes) 3.5/10 : Ended up being better than I expected despite lukewarm acting and less than original ideas. Going into it I didn't expect to like the film but it was a lot of fun to watch, good but not great. I appreciated the emphasis on supernatural and quality slasher elements that seem missing from more recent horror outings. The killer is cheesey but that seems tongue-in-cheek. DVD (Personal collection)

October 21 (3 hours, 19 minutes)
85. Zoo* (2005, 119 minutes) 4.5/10 : J-horror anthology film containing hit & miss segments. I found 2 of the 5 segments to be effective and thought provoking but the others were worth watching (at least) once. DVD (Personal collection)
86. The Deadly Spawn* (1983, 80 minutes) 5.5/10 : Great creature effects with nice references to science fiction and horror standouts. Nice basement setting and some hilarious tongue-in-cheek jokes. There's some really awesome set pieces and design that really help propell the film. I want to rate this movie higher but parts of it dragged. DVD (Netflix)

October 22 (4 hours, 42 minutes)
87. Paranormal Activity 2* (2010, 91 minutes) 6.5/10 : The slow parts are even slower but once things speed up it gets heavier than last year's outing. The plot is thicker weaving a 'paranormal activity' mythos. Even though on principle I still think it's a sequel that never should have happened it turned out the best it could have. Theater
88. Saw [Uncut Edition] (2004, 103 minutes) 6/10 : Surprisingly this one holds up better than I thought on multiple viewings. There's a nice sense of tension and great twists. The score really helps propell the film. Maybe I'm desensitized but I didn't find it to be as bloody as hyped. DVD (Personal collection)
89. Penguins of Madagascar: I Was a Penguin Zombie* (2010, 88 minutes) 2.5/10 : A kids TV show so I'll go easy but doesn't live up to the potentially awesome premise. This contains a series of episodes with some nice variety of horror - zombies, possessed cars, hauntings, time travel. It is refreshing to see creepy 'family oriented' content reminiscent of Scooby Doo. DVD (Netflix)

October 23 (4 hours-)
90. Bandh Darwaza (aka The Closed Door)* (1990, 145 minutes) 6/10 : An bollywood/indian adaptation of Dracula with a fairly menacing monster but some drag from a love triangle dramatic subplot. I've never seen any bollywood films before but this mix of horror ambiance and musical is funny. Even though it was made in the 90s it's got a weird 70s vibe because of the lower production values. DVD (Personal collection)
91. Saw II [Uncut 'Special Edition'] (2005, 95 minutes) 3/10 : The worst Saw movie ever. I've always hated the group of people trapped in a house approach and found the victim characters unrealistically brutal making it hard to suspend disbelief. There are some redeeming thematic concepts and links in the franchise but as a stand alone it's weak. The traps are more cringe-worthy. DVD (Personal collection)

October 24 (9 hours, 36 minutes)
[Saw double feature 1: 2006-2007]
92. Saw III [unrated 'Director's Cut'] (2006, 121 minutes) 6/10 : Saw III is my favorite of the series, the interplay is more clever and I love it's theme (don't want to spoil). This seems to me to be one of the most thought out items in the franchise. The kills are also more inventive. DVD (Personal collection)
93. Saw IV [Unrated Director's Cut] (2007, 95 minutes) 4/10 : Ackward because it propells seemingly minor characters into the spotlight with little recap. It's also annoying how they try to explain Jigsaw's backstory. However, points for continuing the franchise although forced. DVD (Personal collection)
[Critters marathon: 1986-1992]
94. Critters* (1986, 82 minutes) 4/10 : Better than I expected with suspenseful pacing and fun creature effects. Good 80s cheese bounty hunter and pop rock theme song. The Critters themselves could have used more screentime but I guess that was part of the suspense. DVD (Personal collection)
95. Critters 2* (1988, 95 minutes) 5.5/10 : Cheesier and more fun than the first one with more critter creature time. Critters 2 has an ackward comedic tone and could have benefited from being more "out there." It struggles between low key horror, western, comedy, and science fiction rather than whole heartedly one or the other and suffers for it. Someone finally made an Easter horror film. The more it simmers the more I like this movie despite it's flaws (I've changed my rating 3x now); Critters 2 alone is worth the cost of the '4 Film Favorites' set. DVD (Personal collection)
96. Critters 3* (1991, 83 minutes) 2/10 : A real bore especially after the prior film, the characters are wooden and the critters spend half the film in a room by themselves raiding a random pantry. Total disappointment. DVD (Personal collection)
97. Critters 4* (1991, 100 minutes) 2.5/10 : Only slightly better than Critters 3 with a lot of tired space drama that makes the critters seem more like a random subplot than the core of the film. Critters in space had a lot of potential but is totally wasted. Brief parts of the film were fun. DVD (Personal collection)

October 25 (0 minutes)
xx. [No challenge content watched]

October 24 (3 hours, 1 minute)
98. The Witches (1990, 91 minutes) 6.5/10 : I have fond memories of seeing this movie when I was much younger and found it still lived up to my enthusiasm. Angelica Huston is spot on as a witch and there's some great transformation effects. I wish this was avaliable in widescreen format. DVD (Personal collection)
99. The Grapes of Death* (1978, 90 minutes) 7/10 : Score one for slow zombies, this film has a nice restrained pace that is refreshing after eplieptic zombie overload favored in more recent films. There's more emphasis on atmospheric tension with, for example, and blind girl wondering through corpse filled vineyards. The production values are lower (which I think added to the charm of the film) and some of the acting is poor. Genius title. I'm hoping to catch more Jean Rollin films this week. DVD (Netflix)

October 27 (9 hours, 8 minutes)
100. I Sell the Dead* (2008, 85 minutes) 6/10 : An unending slew of horror adventure gags that seems disconnected a times but is overall a lot of fun. Lots of gruesome twists in a free wheeling light hearted styles with thick atmosphere. DVD (Netflix)
[Phantasm marathon: 1979-1998]
101. Phantasm (1979, 88 minutes) 7/10 : Nightmarish imagery with an iconic soundtrack and good cinematography. I wish more horror films had the immediacy of Phantasm hoisted by strong continuious visuals without need to rationalize everything. I can't think of any other film to compare Phantasm too. "This thing's not going to leak on my ice cream, is it?" DVD (Personal collection)
102. Phantasm II* (1988, 97 minutes) 6.5/10 : Surprisingly effective continuation with dreamy sequences that remain eerie but natural without caving to narrative explanation. I like the roadtrip vibe and action elements which keep the intstallment fresh. I remember seeing the embalming part of this as a kid and being really scared. It's petty but the tallman is more clearly supernatural in this film which makes sense but degrades his character slightly (I preferred his ambiguity in the first movie). The ending was predictable. DVD (Personal collection)
103. Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead* (1994, 91 minutes) 5/10 : Now Phantasm gets weird... but I enjoyed the ethereal vibe that continues to pump through this installment. The spheres really fly in this one and it's got a much more madcap cult oddity vibe that's more cheesy fun than out-right creepy (this is a disappointment after the 1st 2, but still effective and probably a necessary change). There are some nice plays on fantasy versus reality but this one felt more like a spin-off than a proper sequel. DVD (Personal collection)
104. Phantasm IV: Oblivion* (1998, 90 minutes) 5.5/10 : By the forth movie I've really started to enjoy the constant surreal endings and twists of the series (I think even the worst Phantasm is better than the more popular Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday the 13th sequels). Oblivion is the most otherworldly and epic feeling of these films and I really enjoy the sense of abandonment/isolation this film harbors with every scene being desolate. DVD (Personal collection)
105. And Then There Were None* (1945, 97 minutes) 4.5/10 : Polished murder mystery film with 10 strangers invited to a house where they get killed one by one. Apparently they changed the ending from Agatha Christie's book. This film was not bad but parts of it seemed ackward and a lot of the action happened off camera. DVD (Netflix)

October 28 (15 hours, 14 minutes)
[Jean Rollins double feature]
106. Shiver of the Vampires* (1971, 90 minutes) 4/10 : Caught a washed out 35mm print at theather. This was a mind boggling mix of gothic imagery (so of which is spot on) and exploitation with some especially poor actors (2 vampires) and bad wardrobe (bloodsuckers in polyester bell bottom decour). Some of the intentionally cartoonish segments slowed the film which could have been shorted was effective overall. The core plot about a couple being pulled apart and into vampirism is interesting and there's some good contrast desiring death versus seeking a fulfilling life. It was fun to see but I'm not sure how often I'd revisit. Theater
107. The Living Dead Girl* (1982, 86 minutes) 5.5/10 : This movie reminded me a lot of Frankenstein. Although there's a toxic zombie french girl who craves blood the film's crux is morally complex character drama. Some of the interactions seem un-natural but the existential themes they lead too are compelling. DVD (Personal collection)
[Hellraiser marathon]
108. Hellraiser (1987, 94 minutes) 6/10 : One of the cool things about Clive Barker is that he starts off with intense gruesome/gothic imagery then twists it into a compelling story. Early on the intensity becomes pedestrian making gruesome segments less creepy lulling into false "desensitization" before things start to sizzle with cat & mouse chases between Frank, cenobites, and Kirsty. I never understood Clare's motive (presumably all consuming lust but it's not convincing) so early segments seem more sensory than logical. Parts of Hellraiser suffer are overly ambitious but it's reputation as a horror classic is deserved. DVD (Personal collection)
109. Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988, 99 minutes) 4.5/10 : I hated Hellbound on first viewing but liked it much better this time. The asylum setting is cheesy and the girl who can solve puzzles a bit forced so the plot could have been more thought out. Otherwise it works as a fantasy film with horror elements. The vengence of the cenobites and unexpected return of characters carry over nicely from the first film. As a menace the doctor pails in comparison. I wonder how much was influenced by Nightmare on Elm Street III: Dream Warriors which is similar and filmed a year earlier (although Hellbound is a much better film). DVD (Personal collection)
xxx. Meaningless Placeholder to Complain About Hellraiser III's Out of Print Status
110. Hellraiser [IV]: Bloodline (1996, 86 minutes) 2.5/10 : As a serious stand alone film Bloodline is lackluster but as a tacked on appendage to a franchise it's mildly interesting. I hate origin stories and for a moment this one seemed more epic with period demon segments, modern day lore, and even exoskeleton sci-fi pagants. However, instead of living up to this potential Bloodline instead shoves a watered down Pinhed down our throats (he didn't play chase, talk your ear off, or call anyone a "victim" in the first two). I would love to see the proper 'director's cut' edit. DVD (Personal collection)
111. Hellraiser [V]: Inferno (2000, 99 minutes) 5.5/10 : I loved this the first time I saw it and think it holds up well. Hallucinatory detective story about a corrupt cop on the trail of a child kidnapper. It's not big on the Hellraiser mythos, which is haphazardly tacked on. This installment feels like a cheap cable movie but I appreciate the trippy imagery and frantic story. It's a fun ride but there are some cheap shots and it's not for everyone. DVD (Personal collection)
112. Hellraiser [VI]: Hellseeker (2002, 89 minutes) 4/10 : Similar in style to Hellraiser: Inferno but less effective (maybe because I viewed them back-to-back) since plotpoints are lack subtlety and the imagery is more subdued. Ashley Laurence/Kirsty is under-utilized although the story around her appearance adds depth to this film (but her character could have been meatier). At least this didn't just parading around Pinhead for 2 hours and his appearance(s) are effective. Inferno is an overly ambitious film. DVD (Personal collection)
113. Hellraiser [VII]: Deader* (2004, 88 minutes) 3/10 : Even better than I thought it would be but not great due to some nonsensical devices. One good thing about the Hellraiser franchise is that it remains subtle and despite the Pinhead advertising on all the DVD covers sticks to stories rather than creatures. The play on underground culture seems off but is an effective progression of the mythology. Part of the Hellraiser material seems forced (because it was since the script was adapted to be a Hellraiser film) but overall effective. Worth seeing as part of the franchise but not as a standalone film. DVD (Personal collection)
44b. The Real Ghostbusters ["Citizen Ghost"] (1980s, 22 minutes) : Nostalgic fun [Count item 44 concluded from 10/13] DVD (Personal collection)
114a. The Simpsons ["Treehouse of Horror" X-XII] (1996-2000, 66 minutes [22 minutes each x 3]) : THoH XII - The parodies are less halloweenish lampooning 2001, Harry Potter, and gypsies. Still fun but not as good as it could have been. Where did Kang & Kodos go?!? | THoH XI - the hansel and gretal parody was good and the dolphin end segment is the best out of X-XII. It's good to see Kang & Kodos hosting. | THoH X - My favorite was the 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' parody but an overall strong showing with Y2K horror fun enjoyable "Desperately Seeking Xena." [Count item 114 concluded on 10/28/10] DVD (Personal collection)
115. Hellraiser [VIII]: Hellworld* (2005, 95 minutes) 1.5/10 : Someone turned Hellraiser into a video game cyber punk thriller and thought it was a good idea?!? ...but wait, they just teased it would be a video game cyber punk thriller but instead it's a slasher based around teens partying in a mansion (how did they get from video game to teen party). Nails in the coffin. Rather than wasting time with the video game nonsense they should have constructed a home video edition of the Lament Box that literally kills you when you watch it, that would have been more pleasant that Hellworld. DVD (Personal collection)

October 29 (2 hours, 6 minutes)
114b. Short item mix [Shameless checklist grab across 108 years]* (1901-2009, 41 minutes total):Revenge of the Roadkill Rabbit (1999, 11 minutes) - cutesy puppet movie about reanimated roadkill. It was a nice change of pace but not great being too short for the premise and more of a quick gag. | Toonsylvania - Baby Human [episode 01.04 segment 1] (1997, 8 minutes) - fun TV show slapstick similar to Animaniacs with classic monters (mad scientist, hunchback, etc); not avaliable on DVD | Une Nuit Terrible (1896, 1 minute) - short silent film with early spider animation | Le Vitrail Diabolique (1911, 7 minutes) - short silent film with nonsensical sight gags featuring a magician versus a devilish imp. | Les Trésors De Satan (1901, 3 minutes) - short silent film about a troublesome haunted coffin | Day of the Cabbage (2004, 10 minutes) - short film featuring talking vegetables versus a giant cabbage monster, odd but clever. | Ghoultown - Mistress of the Dark music video (2009, 5 minutes) - rockabilly tribute to Elvira, will have to check out more Ghoultown tunes [Count item 114 concluded from 10/27/10] Online streaming (Youtube)
116. Silent Night, Deadly Night* (1984, 85 minutes) 6.5/10 : It's filth and takes some acrobatics to set-up the homocidal Santa plot but despite my low expectations turned out to be a blast. This movie is probably about as perfect as a killer Santa movie could have been, surprisingly effective and really haunting to see a homicial st nick. DVD (Personal collection)

October 30 (9 hours, 29 minutes)
[Basket Case trilogy marathon]
117. Basket Case (1982, 91 minutes) 5.5/10 : Awesome cheapie film with bad creature effects and poor acting but a lot of schlocky spirit. In tribute to this film's New York vibe I think the best way to describe this movie is cheese pizza, it's junk but delicious. The oddity of Basket Case alone is reason enough to view it. Henenlotter has done some highly entertaining unique stuff and this is the film that got him started. DVD (Personal collection)
119. Basket Case 2* (1990, 90 minutes) 4.5/10 : Not particularly terrifying but a parable about acceptance when you're a plain vanilla guy living in a world of freaks. Clever for twisting convention. Basket Case 2 plays out more like a feel good movie than the murderous creature film that might have been expected after the first movie. The far out nature of this film takes some time to settle in and some of the commentary seems a bit too explicit but it's madcap fun and gets points for being a ballsy very different feature. I'm still now sure how I feel about it all. DVD (Personal collection)
120. Basket Case 3 (1992, 90 minutes) 3.5/10 : It's always annoying when films are released in only butchered fullscreen ratio. I really liked Basket Case 2 because it was different and original, while Basket Case 3 follows suite it may be too much of the same. It takes guts to pull off a monster school bus sing-a-long but BC3 seems almost too random. The more I try to give the Basket Case sequels my rating the more I realize how unclassifiable they are. I wanted to like this more than I did and it's my least favorite Henenlotter. DVD (Personal collection)
121. Mystery Science Theather 3000: The Robot Vs Aztec Mummy [Episode 02.02]* (MST3k episode length/date: 1989, 98 minutes) 2/10 : It was fun seeing a MST3k episode since it's been so long but this one was hit or miss. I chose it because I'd been curious about the Aztec Mummy but wow was that one lame. The only half-way cool part was a brief showdown between the cheesy robot and the mummy but otherwise a total waste of time on it's own. Online streaming (Netflix)
[Nosferatu double feature]
122. Nosferatu, a Symphony of Horror* (1922, 93 minutes [18fps]) 7/10 : Creepy effective movie with one of the best movie monsters of all time. Great imagery and the theme of black death was genius. DVD (Personal collection)
123. Nosferatu the Vampyre* (1979, 107 minutes) 8/10 : Even better than the original due to effective cinematography and Herzog's compositions. The themes of isolation and consequent plague death were more clear and effective with thematic imagery further emphasizing the undercurrent. Kinski as Dracula took some getting use too and he was good but overly familiar. DVD (Personal collection)

October 31 (6 hours, 34 minutes)
124. Igor* (2008, 87 minutes) 3/10 : Cutesy film with classic monster sheen although the script seemed promising it just didn't seem to flow very well with a lot of stuff that seemed like just random padding. Buschemi's bunny character was the best part of the whole film. DVD (Netflix)
125. Return of the Living Dead (1985, 91 minutes) 7/10 : A classic that holds up well even on multiple viewings. DVD (Personal collection)
126. Rosemary's Baby (1968, 136 minutes) 7/10 : I hadn't seen Rosemary's Baby for a while but really enjoyed it this time around. Even knowing the plot points it's effective due to strong acting and good pacing. DVD (Personal collection)
127. Attack Girls' Swim Team Vs The Undead* (2007, 80 minutes) 3/10 : Cheap excuse to show nude japanese "schoolgirls" and random bloody gore with a lot of phallic symbology. This is the most exploitative film I've seen all month with camera angels of dialog that are really just upskirt panty shots. I liked it better than I make it sound in a very low budget sleazy way but hope to never see it again. DVD (Netflix)

List Finalized
Total watching time: 193 hours, 32 minutes (average length: 91 minutes) | 127 items total
Average rating: ~4.61/10 (I tried to grade hard) | Highest score: 8 | Lowest score: 0

Standouts: Nosferatu the Vampyre, Kill Baby... Kill!, Critters 2, Tourist Trap, Kingdom of the Spiders, The House That Dripped Blood, Haxan, Sisters, Satánico Pandemonium, Salvage (2008), Dark Night of the Scarecrow, Ringu, The Grapes of Death.
: Fear No Evil, Dead Snow, Black Devil Doll, Header, Ringu sequels, Sorority Row, Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated, Saw II, Hellraiser: Hellworld
Regrets: Watching all Friday the 13ths except the first; missing the last 3 Saws; not catching first time viewings of Xtro, Lo, Deathdream

Formats: 73% [93 items] DVD (Personal collection) | 17% [22 items] DVD (Netflix) | 5% [6 items] Online streaming (Netflix) | 3% [4 items] Theater | 0.7% [1 item] Television | 0.7% [1 item] Online streaming (Youtube)

Checklist completed:

Watch one film from every decade of film history.
-$- 1890 - Une nuit terrible (1896)
-$- 1900 - Les trésors de satan (1901)
-$- 1910 - Le vitrail diabolique (1911)
-$- 1920 - Haxan (1922), The Cat and the Canary (1927)
-$- 1930 - Frankenstein (1931), Bride of Frankenstein (1935)
-$- 1940 - House of Dracula (1945), The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad (1949)
-$- 1950 - Creature From the Black Lagoon (1954), Horror of Dracula (1957)
-$- 1960 - Eyes Without a Face (1960), Horror Hotel (1960), Black Sabbath (1963), The Gorgon (1963), etc.
-$- 1970 - Sisters (1973), Flesh for Frankenstrain (1973), Kingdom of the Spiders (1977), Shock (1977), etc.
-$- 1980 - The Black Cat (1981), Black Candles (1982), Black Rainbow (1989), Friday the 13ths, Nightmare on Elm Streets, etc.
-$- 1990 - The Witches (1990), Skeeter (1993), Jason Goes to Hell (1993), Ringu (1998), etc.
-$- 2000 - Call of Cthulhu (2005), Dead Snow (2009), Jason X (2003), Salvage (2008), Sick Girl (2007), Saw (2004), etc.
-$- 2010 - Piranha [2D version] (2010), Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy (2010), Buried (2010), Paranormal Activity 2 (2010)

Watch a film for each rating:
-$- Unrated (pre-MPAA) - Haxan, Eyes Without a Face, The Cat and the Canary
-$- G - Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
-$- PG - Kingdom of the Spiders, Octaman, The House That Dripped Blood, Monster House, The Witches
-$- PG-13 - Horror Hotel
-$- R - Sisters, Skeeter, The Black Cat, Zoltan Hound of Dracula, etc
-$- NC-17 - Saw [uncut DVD, lists as originally receiving NC-17 rating], Saw II [unrated DVD, originally rated NC-17 before appeal], Saw III [uncut DVD, originally rated NC-17 per imdb]
-$- X (not porn; several horror films were rated X) - Hellraiser II (uncut DVD, origianally rated X), Flesh for Frankenstein (uncut stream; originally rated X but re-rated R in 1992 per imdb), Black Devil Doll (unofficially 'rated X')
-$- Unrated (post-MPAA) - Night of the Dribbler, Black Candles, Exorcism (1974), Salvage (2008), Sick Girl (2007)

Watch films in at least three formats (DVD, BD, HD DVD, Laserdisc, TV, online, UMD, theater, iPod, etc).
-$- First format, DVD, Haxan, Sisters, Skeeter, etc.
-$- Second format, Online streaming, Flesh for Frankenstein, Call of Cthulhu, Octaman.
-$- Third format, Theater, Piranha [2D version](2010).
-$- Fourth format, Television, The Gorgon.

Watch a film starring:
-$- Basil Rathbone -or- Glenn Strange - House of Dracula (Glenn Strange)
-$- John Saxon -or- Danny Trejo - A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriots, New Nightmare (all with John Saxon); Haunted World of El Superbeasto (Danny Trejo)
-$- Paul Naschy -or- José "Coffin Joe" Marins - Exorcism (1974, Paul Naschy)
-$- Donald Pleasence -or- John Carradine - House of Dracula (John Carradine)
-$- Clint Howard -or- Michael Berryman - Smash Cut (Michael Berryman), Haunted World of El Superbeasto (Clint Howard)
-$- Bill Moseley -or- Keith David - Against the Dark (Keith David); Haunted World of El Superbeasto (Bill Moseley)
-$- Dick Miller -or- David Warner - Toonsylvania - Baby Human [episode 01.04] (David Warner)
-$- Udo Kier -or- Barbara Steele - Flesh For Frankenstrain (Udo Kier)
-$- Tony Todd -or- Brad Dourif - Critters 4 (Brad Dourif)
-$- Linnea Quigley -or- Debbie Rochon - Silent Night, Deadly Night; Return of the Living Dead (Linnea Quigley)

Watch films in at least two langquages other than English.
-$- First language, Swedish, Haxan [Swedish intertitles]
-$- Second language, French, Eyes Without a Face, The Grapes of Death
-$- Third language, Spanish, Satánico Pandemonium, Exorcism (1974)
-$- Fourth language, Italian, Black Sabbath, Baron Blood

Watch a film in each of the following subgenres/types:
-$- Vampire - Zoltan Hound of Dracula, Valerie and Her Week of Wonders, House of Dracula, Black Sabbath
-$- Frankenstein - Flesh for Frankenstein, House of Dracula, Frankenstein (1931), Bride of Frankenstein
-$- Werewolf - Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, House of Dracula
-$- Mummy - Mad Monster Party
-$- Ghost/haunting - Monster House, Witchery, Kill Baby... Kill!
-$- Witchcraft/satanic/religious - Haxan, Black Candles, Satánico Pandemonium, Exorcism (1974)
-$- Zombie - Dead Snow, Fear No Evil, Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated, The Grapes of Death
-$- Slasher/psycho/homicidal maniac - Night of the Dribbler, Friday the 13ths, House on Sorority Row, etc.
-$- Monster/creature feature/Godzilla - Skeeter (envirotoxin mosquitoes), Octaman (mutant octopus), Creature From the Black Lagoon (Gill Man), The Gorgon
-$- Documentary - Haxan, Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy
-$- Musical - Black Roses, Bandh Darwaza (aka The Closed Door)
-$- Spoof/comedy - Smash Cut
-$- Revenge - Dark Night of the Scarecrow
-$- Killer/evil doll - Black Devil Doll
-$- Killer/evil animal - Kingdom of the Spiders, Zoltan Hound of Dracula, Piranha (2010)
-$- Killer/evil child - Ringu 0, Shock
-$- Giallo - The Black Cat (1981)
-$- J horror - Ringu, Rasen, Ringu 2, Ringu 0, Zoo
-$- MST3K/rifftrax/CT - Mystery Science Theather 3000: The Robot Vs Aztec Mummy [Episode 02.02]
-$- film and its remake - Friday the 13th (2009) -> Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981), House on Sorority Row -> Sorority Row
-$- based on a novel - The Black Cat (1981, based on several Edgar Allen Poe tales), Call of Cthulhu (based on H.P. Lovecraft's cthulhu mythos)
-$- directed by Fred Olen Ray or Frank Henenlotter or Ti West - Basket Case 1-3 (Frank Henenlotter)
-$- won an Academy Award -- any category - Rosemary's Baby (1968 Best actress in a supporting role, Ruth Gordon)
-$- silent film - Haxan, The Cat and the Canary, Call of Cthulhu
-$- Criterion version film - Haxan (spine #134), Sisters (spine #89), Eyes Without a Face (spine #260)
-$- with commentary - Demons [Audio commentary with director Lamberto Bava, make-up artist Sergio Stivaletti, & journalist Chris Curci]
-$- film and at least two of its sequels - Nightmare on Elm Street franchise (all 8 with Robert Englund), Friday the 13 (all 12), Ringu/Rasen/Ringu 2/Ringu 0, Saw I-V, Critters 1-4, Phantasm 1-4, Hellraiser 1-2/4-7, Basket Case 1-3.
-$- anthology film - The House That Dripped Blood
-$- appears on video nasties list - Flesh for Frankenstein, Don't Go Into the Woods
-$- hosted by Elvira - [/size]Ghoultown: Mistress of the Dark music video (?, features Elvira)[/size]
-$- takes place on a holiday - Sick Girl (2007, Christmas), Critters 2 (Easter)
-$- takes place in space - Jason X, Critters 4, Hellraiser: Bloodline
-$- takes place on or under the sea - Octaman, Creature From the Black Lagoon, Piranha [2D version](2010)
-$- animated film - Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, Monster House, Haunted World of El Superbeasto
-$- called "Day of ..." - Day of the Cabbage (2004, short film)
-$- called "Night of ..." - Night of the Dribbler, Dark Night of the Scarecrow, Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated
-$- called "Return of ..." - Return of the Living Dead
-$- called "Revenge of ..." - Revenge of the Roadkill Rabbit (1999, short film)
-$- called "Attack of ..." - Attack of the Eye Creature
-$- with the words "Living Dead" in the title - Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated
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