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Re: The 8th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Thread

2012 Goal: 100+ films; average run time 90+ minutes

Total 2012 Viewing Time: 208 hours, 59 minutes (136 items, as of 10/31/12 end) | Average Movie Length: 92.2 minutes

1ST = first time viewing [66%, 89 first time viewings]\ THEME = fits theme day \ SUBSET = a 31 film subset selection [completed all]

September 30 From Dusk [3 hours, 38 minutes; Criterion Crossover theme day]
1. Kuroneko (1968, 99 minutes) 4/10 - Kuroneko was a lot sillier than I expected but atmospheric and although enjoyable was inconsistent including some slapstick cheesiness mixed with musings about samurai philosophy, chivalry, and family. Supernatural elements were set-up then dropped and things over explained at times.1ST, THEME, SUBSET [Online streaming, Hulu Plus]
2. The Birds (1963, 119 minutes) 6/10 - gets off to a slow start, but the silent menacing birds are eerie around mid-point paying off with good tension and great imagery but ultimately disappointing due to pacing and unsatisfying close. 1ST [DVD, personal collection]

October 1 [6 hours, 6 minutes, Urban Horror theme day]
3. Vamp (1986, 93 minutes) 6/10 - cheap fun, pretty tame for a strip club vampire movie but some cool bloodsuckers and a modern buddy comedy spin. 1ST, THEME [Blu-ray, personal collection]
4. House of a 1000 Corpses (2003, 89 minutes) 5.5/10 - at times inventive but other times too strained to be shocking but comes across as awkward. It gets intense, good but not great, eliciting mixed reactions from grunting at unoriginal developments and over the top style flops or being pulled in by intense horrifying imagery strongest in the intro and final segments.[Blu-ray, personal collection]
5. Murder Party (2007, 80 minutes) 8/10 - smart, funny, and chaotic fitting an albeit under-appreciated modern horror classic. Murder Party was a great intro to the challenge with good energy, clever set-up, and tons of gore. It's amazing such a good movie was made without financing. THEME, SUBSET [DVD, personal collection]
6. The Manitou (1978, 104 minutes) 7/10 - simultaneously horrible and amazing in part because of how unashamed it approaches the evil native american tumor source material. Tony Curtis is great in The Manitou and it ends up being the most abstract absurd film yet this challenge. 1ST, THEME [DVD, personal collection]

October 2 [11 hours, 21 minutes; 1960s horror theme day]
7. Gutterballs (2008, 96 minutes) 6/10 - a mean spirited low brow horror slasher comedy that is hard to recommend but I enjoyed its explicit over the top tongue in cheek humor. [DVD, personal collection]
8. Two Thousand Maniacs! (1964, 87 minutes) 7/10 - more transparent and therefore ironic than I expected with some overblown southern stereotypes. The broadcasted plot adds a mildly humorous aspect to the film I enjoyed. The muted colors and worn look give a nice presentation. 1ST, THEME [Blu-Ray, personal collection]
9. Blood Feast (1963, 67 minutes) 5.5/10 - By reputation I imagined this was a pointless gorefest but despite some overacting it's played more seriously than I'd have expected with police procedural elements. The off color bright gore is dated so more time-capsule interesting than gross. It is mildly annoying that pivotal plot points are just resolve at times.1ST, THEME [Blu-Ray, personal collection]
10. Mill of the Stone Women [Uncut European Version] (1960, 96 minutes) 8/10 - Subtle suspenseful build up with good set design and direction that is artfully crafted and chilling. There is a nice dramatic depth and a strong psychological element making it easy to highly recommend.1ST, THEME [DVD, personal collection]
11. The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu (2009, 79 minutes) 4.5/10 - excellent premise but overly silly awkward humor and some aspects that seem cloned from better projects; too much teen comedy, too little lovecraftian horror. There's as much reference to fish rape as Lovecraft and horror elements feel downplayed at times but it's a clever and ambitious plot when not cheapened.1ST [DVD, personal collection]
12. Brainiac [aka Baron of Terror] (1962, 77 minutes) 3.5/10 - cheesy monster movie that has an interesting set-up then flounders with slow pacing despite it's short run time. Potentially cool monster is under utilized, perhaps to it's benefit due to obviously fake effects, and there are glaring plot holes.1ST, THEME [DVD, personal collection]
13. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948, 83 minutes) 8.5/10 - The mix of straight horror elements and slapstick comedy work well together and feel like 2 films staggering back and forth in a way respectful to the horror monster theme while still being Abbott and Costello centered. Nicely done. The blu-ray looks good.1ST, [Blu-ray, personal collection]
14. Night of the Living Dead (1968, 96 minutes) 7/10 - NOLD is a classic with great social commentary and "trapped in a house" plot lifted for many other films. It was good seeing it was a high definition video/audio bump but this viewing I was feeling distracted. THEME [Blu-ray (UK Network import), personal collection]

October 3 [11 hours, 28 minutes; Medical Horror theme day]
15. Human Centipede (First Sequence) (2009, 92 minutes) 3.5/10 - a memorable villain propels an interesting set-up with minimal characters and environment let down in part by obvious plot expectations. Much of this seems like an attempt to gross out audiences which makes me interested because although I prefer straight creepy atmospheric horror I can appreciate envelope pushing. HC does well for the first half given limited plot but too much a one trick pony.1ST, THEME [Blu-ray, personal collection ($5 at Best Buy)]
16. The Dentist (1996, 92 minutes) 4/10 - My wife use to love The Dentist but it's always struck me as a too cutesy a spin on discomfort with dental work to be an effective horror movie. Corbin Bernsen is great in the dentist role but the premise seems too simple/limited and the backstory feels awkward. THEME, SUBSET [Online streaming, Netflix]
17. Faceless (1987, 98 minutes) 4/10 - packed with european genre favorites and nods to earlier Franco films Faceless feels sterile and aside from the 1980s glam contrasted with some gore there's not a lot going for it. Although it fits the 80s climate (me, me, me generation) an emphasis on villains weakens the film because there are no sympathetic characters, however brilliant Brigitte Lahaie is in the henchman role.1ST, THEME [DVD, personal collection]
18. Stake Land (2010, 98 minutes) 7/10 - I enjoyed the somber tone to this movie but the vampires often behaved illogically, cool muted color scheme and sorrowful vibe. The mentor character seemed unrealistically suave but the punctuating moments of vampire chaos were fun.1ST, SUBSET [Blu-Ray, personal collection]
19. Hostel [Director's Cut] (2005, 94 minutes) 7/10 - Much better than I remember it being with enjoyable focus on characters that disband to tell a progressively more chilling story from each perspective. , [Blu-Ray, personal collection]
20. Cabin In the Woods (2011, 95 minutes) 9/10 - Excellent film that executes an ambitious plot in a funny and intense way. Good use of homages. I don't want to say too much but I heard good things and still this rocked my expectations. 1ST ,SUBSET [Blu-Ray, rental (Redbox)]
21. Chillerama (2011, 119 minutes) 4/10 - a really cool idea that I want to like more than I do but the execution is overly silly and jokes often not funny. The grindhouse anthology idea is brilliant and some concepts great but too much of it's 2 hour run time is mediocre. I understand it's intentionally silly to be campy lampooning cheap b-movies but maybe too much of it is going over my head. ,SUBSET [Online streaming, Netflix]

October 4 [6 hours, 18 minutes; Meta-Horror theme day]
22. Waxword (1988, 95 minutes) 7.5/10 - Spirited everything but the kitchen sink approach is a lot of fun if sometimes scattered. David Warner is top notch.1ST, THEME [DVD, personal collection]
23. The Theatre Bizzare (2011, 114 minutes) 8.5/10 - Anthology movie with some intense segments along with surreal absurd imagery with sizzling and brutal stories. Well executed and complicated.1ST, THEME [Digital download, Pirate Bay]
24. Igor (2008, 87 minutes) 3.5/10 - A CGI animated film that plays with Frankenstein conventions to be comical that I want to like more than I do, at times cutesy but I've never been able to get into it. The best part of Igor is being able to watch it with the family but even then there's other better horror themed cartoons., THEME [Blu-ray, personal collection]
25. The Monster Squad [Commentary with Dekker/Gower/Bank/Lambert] (1987, 82 minutes) 7.5/10 (movie), 3/10 (commentary) - A classic movie but the commentary was kind of blah. I was expecting a really cool "we were in Monster Squad!" upbeat energy but although conversational the commentary is pretty limited to on-screen observations aside from some occassional background from Dekker., THEME [Blu-ray, personal collection]

October 5 [5 hours, 43 minutes; Exploitation/Horror theme day]
26. Pieces (1982, 85 minutes) 6.5/10 - Pieces doesn't mess around, it's cheap and gets right to the point, almost artistic in it's trashiness with a weak plot to bookend the dismemberment and leering camera scans of (mostly clothed) women. A perfect "so bad it's good" giallo styled sleaze-fest complete with silly red herrings where the best parts are not the extremes it shows but the loosely connected "plot" between.1ST, THEME [DVD, personal collection]
27. Last House on the Beach (1978, 90 minutes) 3.5/10 - Mean spirited and violent wasting no time getting to the point but poor acting (or dubbing) and no build up hurt the premise which eventually fizzles. It feels phoned in and boring within the first 20 minutes never to recover with outdated "shocks" and little plot. Some elements, like nunsploitation, feel randomly thrown in. If you watch the first 10 minutes and the last 20 you've seen most of it.1ST, THEME [DVD, personal collection]
28. Blacula (1972, 93 minutes) 7.5/10 - Much better than the silly name suggests with a conflicted suave vampire running around modern day urban sprawl, there's some cool vampire effects and a Blacula is played a lot more seriously than the name suggests. 1ST,, THEME, SUBSET [Digital download, TorrentSearch]
29. Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (1988, 75 minutes) 6/10 - Fun spirited tomfoolery that was much better than I expected with a detective story theme and comical gratuitous chainsaw posturing. Sleazy but funny (sometimes the humor is awkward b-movie off and other times worth a laugh). 1ST,, THEME [Digital download, Pirate Bay]

October 6 [6 hours, 2 minutes; Exploding Heads theme day]
30. Rubber (2010, 82 minutes) 7/10 - The definitive exploding head movie. Because it seems challenging, unclear, and random Rubber is an interesting movie that I interpret as being an absurd satire geared towards insulting viewers in a playful manner. Everyone should see Rubber at least once, even if they don't like it, for it's wild inventiveness. THEME, SUBSET [Blu-Ray, personal collection]
31. Touch of Death [aka Quando Alice Ruppe Lo Specchio] (1988, 86 minutes) 7/10 - Black comedy serial killer film with good irony and some outdated elements that work but perhaps not as intended.1ST, THEME, SUBSET [Online streaming, YouTube]
32. The Phantom Carriage (1921, 106 minutes) 7.5/10 - Good imagery and a more intense plot than the synopsis lets on.1ST [Blu-Ray, personal collection]
33. One More For the Fire: The Legacy of 'Night of the Living Dead' (2008, 88 minutes) 7/10 - Spirited documentary about Night of the Living Dead complete with set revisits and stories about production and reception with some good information.1ST [DVD, personal collection]

October 7 [8 hours, 41 minutes; Scream Queens theme day]
34. Return of the Living Dead (1985, 91 minutes) 7/10 - a zombie black comedy classic. THEME, SUBSET [Blu-Ray, personal collection]
35. The Leopard Man (1943, 66 minutes) 6.5/10 - Atmospheric with a cool implied villain, at times slow but full of charm and mystery.1ST [DVD, personal collection]
36. The Ghost Ship (1943, 69 minutes) 5.5/10 - Nautical character driven horror that while interesting is one of the weaker Val Lewton entries for my taste feeling too pedestrian with less atmosphere.1ST [DVD, personal collection]
37. The Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror XXIII [2012, S24E02] / Bob's Burger - Full Bars [2012, S3E02] / "HIT Favorites Halloween Spectacular" [2008] (96 minutes combined w/o commercials) [unrated]/10 - I really enjoyed Treehouse of Horror XXIII and it was fun watching it with my daughter. Bob's Burger - Full Bars was an ambitious follow-up that worked and got us into the season. Afterward my 4 year old daughter wanted to watch more Halloween cartoons so we found "HIT Favorites Halloween Spooktacular" on Netflix. This was Barney, Thomas the Train, Bob the Builder, etc halloween episodes that say what you will were fun on a childlike level and were a blast with the kid.1ST [Television, Fox]; [Online steaming, Netflix]
38. Prom Night (1980, 89 minutes) 5/10 - Maybe it's my old Echo Bridge DVD but much of Prom Night seems soft focused with close-ups on actors feeling misframed and empty as if few people are standing in an abandoned/lifeless background. The broken glass pattern that runs through the movie is creepy and overall it's not as bad as I had heard. Not great but an enjoyable "bad" slasher film.1ST, THEME [DVD, personal collection]
39. The Revenant (2009, 110 minutes) 7.5/10 - a gritty and ambitious dark buddy comedy horror film I am surprised has gone un-noticed with dark/brutal overtones mixed with occasional low brow humor that is overall rewarding and somber.1ST [DVD, RedBox rental]

October 8 [5 hours, 12 minutes; Remake/Sequel theme day]
40. Mother's Day (2010, 112 minutes) 7/10 - Rebecca De Mornay is sizzling playing against otherwise generic characters. The mom theme played semi-serious is comedic yet tense in the remake but at times the film feels too busy. The action keeps up throughout the near 2 hour play time with admirable pacing and there are great feminist undertones.1ST, THEME, SUBSET [DVD, Redbox rental]
41. Night of the Living Dead (1990, 92 minutes) 7/10 - the more emotional acting is a nice touch and I prefer gold club assault Barbara to the pacifist original. The remake is a lot of fun albeit un-necessary THEME [Blu-Ray, personal collection]
41b. Joe Bob's Drive-In Theater 12/09/92 - Night of the Living Dead Reunion Film Introduction (1992, 12 minutes) [unrated]/10 - Reunion panel that acts as an extended introduction to the original NOLD with Savini commenting on imperfections in the original. [Online streaming, youtube]
42. Arcane Sorcerer [aka L'arcano incantatore] (1996, 96 minutes) 7.5/10 - whimsical and stylish magician film filled with wonder and subtle build-up. The dark arts versus science versus church political background is rich and lends itself well to the feeling of mystery and wonderment. I can see why this made Guillermo Del Toro's top 5 horror films list.1ST, [Digital download, Pirate Bay]

October 9 [4 hours, 25 minutes; Zombie theme day]
43. Big Tits Zombie (2010, 73 minutes) 6.5/10 - live action anime slapstick splatter fest with clever sight gags that was energetic and fun at times overly silly but with some cool kills oozing personality.1ST, THEME [Digital download, Pirate Bay]
44. Hotel Transylvania [2D] (2012, 91 minutes) 6.5/10 - at times uninspired (like a Mad Monster Party rip-off) but energetic with vibrant humor filling out a party movie with one liners and music but little substance beyond cutesy homages. A lot of fun for a family friendly horror film.1ST [Theater, Regal Cinema]
45. Deadgirl (2008, 101 minutes) 5/10 - depraved and intense but for the wrong reasons and barely a zombie movie. Parts of the plot are ambitious suggesting social commentary with a interesting play on the undead as a tangential catalysis for interpersonal conflict. Rewatching Deadgirl didn't illuminate any overlooked content but was slightly less shocking. THEME [Online steaming, Netflix]

October 10 [6 hours, 49 minutes; Rubber Suit Creatures theme day]
46. Loreley's Grasp [aka When the Screaming Stops] (1976, 85 minutes) 5.5/10 - 1970s style, girls boarding school, cool monster, footage showing the monster's perspective sneaking up on girls, cheesy gore sets... there's a lot Loreley's Grasph has going for it and I enjoy the sense of mystery surrounding the creature, although part of me wishes it had more screen time. 1ST, THEME [DVD, personal collection]
47. Humanoids From the Deep (1980, 80 minutes) 7/10 - Although sleazy at times there is a great atmosphere and the last third of the film can not be beat. The humanoid creatures are effective creepy monsters. THEME [Blu-Ray, personal collection]
48. Mantango (1963, 89 minutes) 7.5/10 - Creepy slow burn Asian film that is much better than I expected. The build-up is superb and plot memorable with sort of a horror Gilligan's Island.1ST, THEME [Digital download, Pirate Bay]
49. Grave Encounters (2011, 92 minutes) 6.5/10 - Given the hype I was ultimately disappointed. The actors run around yelling profanity rather than emoting. GE is unoriginal but at times creepy playing out like a Blair Witch Project remake without the mystery set inside an abandoned hospital adding elements from other better films sprinkled in as jump scares. Less subtle but amusingly staggers between creepy and unintentionally silly.1ST [Online streaming, Netflix]
50. Creature From the Haunted Sea (1961, 63 minutes) 2/10 - laborious pacing and uninspired "humor" sink a potentially clever plot.1ST [Online streaming, YouTube]

October 11 [6 hours, 23 minutes; Arthouse theme day]
51. Fascination (1979, 82 minutes) 7/10 - dreamlike with interesting black/white color scheme that seems thematic. Subtle film with good build-up and some iconic imagery hurt by a twist that seems elusive.1ST, THEME, SUBSET [Blu-Ray, personal collection]
51b. Fascination Deleted Scenes (1979, 16 minutes) [unrated]/10 - Extended sex scenes shot and preserved in the event Fascination needed to be sold as a softcore film.
51c. Eurotika! - Virgins And Vampires (1999, 25 minutes) [unrated]/10 - made for TV retrospective about Jean Rollin's career and output that covers some of the political background such as upheaval of horror market from legitimization of explicit pornography.
52a. Deathbed: The Bed That Eats - Introduction by George Barry (19xx, 6 minutes) [unrated]/10 - Interesting background about Deathbed of the writer/director discovering some following for his forgotten 70s film during the 1990s while surfing the web and eventual DVD release. [DVD, personal collection]
52. Deathbed: The Bed That Eats (1977, 77 minutes) 6/10 - surreal dreamlike film with a plot that seems to be a creative workaround to justify a bed digesting stuff in clouds of yellow fizz. Worth seeing.1ST, THEME [DVD, personal collection]
53. The Beyond (1981, 87 minutes) 7/10 - Great random movie with an effective soundtrack but watching it this time it felt slow in the middle. The blu-ray audio/picture quality is great. THEME [Blu-ray, personal collection]
54. Count Yorga, Vampire (1970, 90 minutes) 5.5/10 - mediocre vampire movie with charismatic male actors and inconsequential female characters, not great but not bad... just plain.1ST, SUBSET [Online streaming, Netflix]

October 12 [4 hours, 44 minutes; Killer Robot theme day]
55. Class of 1999 (1990, 99 minutes) 5.5/10 - reminds me of the Terminator movies, in a good way, and has a fun dated feel hurt by some anti-climatic moments. With a cast that includes Pam Grier and Malcom McDonald there are a lot of missing opportunities and the villains are under utilized.1ST, THEME, SUBSET [DVD, personal collection]
56. Chopping Mall [aka Killbots] (1986, 77 minutes) 6/10 - Cheesy killer robot film that is a lot of fun. Sort of like Dawn of the Dead without the social commentary but with killer robots. THEME [DVD, personal collection]
57. The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967, 108 minutes) 7/10 - excellent set designs with a whimsical spin on vampire mythos played comedically.1ST, THEME, SUBSET [Digital download, Pirate Bay]

October 13 [8 hours, 44 minutes; Teen Screams theme day]
[Personal Airplane Terror Mini-Marathon: Items 58-60]
58. Altitude (2010, 90 minutes) 7/10 - Although it's hard to suspend disbelief due to some forced plot points Altitude reminds me of Frozen and moves from social tension to gonzo creature horror effectively with enough twists throwing in everything but the kitchen sink to entertain for the run time.1ST, THEME, SUBSET [Blu-Ray, personal collection]
59. Final Destination (2000, 98 minutes) 6/10 - I am impressed with the adversary being vague non-specific death and the creative kills. Too much of the first third is just set-up and revisiting FD1 I recall Sole Survivor as feeling more timeless. There's an unbelievably magical plot epiphany but overall enjoyable THEME [Blu-ray, personal collection]
60. Quarantine 2: Terminal (2011, 86 minutes) 3/10 - A let down compared to the [Rec] origin with unoriginal contrived plot often relaying on narration (rather than cinematic) to reveal major plot points. Parts of it had potential but were under-developed.1ST [Online streaming, NetFlix]
61. The Gate (1987, 85 minutes) 7.5/10 - Nightmarish goblin film that comes across in a authentic way and is a blast. I wasn't sure how The Gate would hold up on repeat viewing but enjoyed it even more this time than the first. THEME [DVD, personal collection]
62. La Leyenda de la Llorona (2011, 75 minutes) 7/10 - Figured this one would be a good compromise with the kids, but was pleasantly surprised to find an atmospheric cartoon with a creepy ghost story along with tons of Halloweenish gags.1ST [Online streaming, Netflix]
63. All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006, 90 minutes) 4.5/10 - artistically filmed with better cinematography and competent acting/dialog but felt predictable and many of the kills seemed to happen just off screen/frame. The first half is better than average but it flounders in the end. Some of it feels like there is more implied so it might benefit from rewatch.1ST, THEME [Blu-Ray, personal collection]

October 14 [9 hours, 52 minutes; Subterranean theme day]
64. The Boogens (1981, 95 minutes) 7/10 - lived up to the hype. It's a bit slow to get started but the forbidden mine shaft theme combined with ethereal slasher vibe worked to give a good sense of mystery. Shots seem to leer over scene facilitating a somber suspenseful lull.1ST, THEME [Blu-Ray, personal collection]
65. Buried (2010, 95 minutes) 7.5/10 - sizzling catastrophic thriller held back only by some forced plot aspects and over the top political themes but made with great style and an experimental approach that works overall. THEME, SUBSET [Blu-Ray, personal collection]
66. Marebito (2004, 92 minutes) 5/10 - pretension, nonsensical, and overacted film with a phantasmagorical feel that works up a surreal vibe despite some recycled plot and flaws. Not worth a recommendations but there are precusors to what might have been a great fantasy horror set-up.1ST, THEME [DVD, personal collection]
67. C.H.U.D. [Cannibalistic Underground Humanoid Dwellers] (1984, 88 minutes) 5/10 - Despite some pacing problems the CHUD creatures are great and the urban underground theme is atmospheric. With a film like this if only they would have toned down the political commentary and social conflict to ratchet up the creatures earlier on it could have been a lot better. THEME [DVD, personal collection]
68. The Snowtown Murders (2012, 119 minutes) 7/10 - A violent true crime slow burn film with gritty art design and setting that work well. At times accents are to thick to understand. 1ST [Online streaming, Netflix]
69. Forget Me Not[aka Revenge of the College Ghost] (2009, 103 minutes) x/10 - Plain unenthusiastic ghost story that uses slasher conventions with limited success and reminds of better films without much merit. The ghost is horribly familiar and generic. The forgetful character gag has some potential that is under-utilized but for "teen horror" this is probably better than average, which isn't saying much.1ST, SUBSET [Online streaming, Netflix]

October 15 [2 hours, 35 minutes; Frankenstein theme day]
70. Frankenhooker [Henenlotter/Bartalos Commentary] (1990, 85 minutes) 6/10 - Frankenhooker has hit of miss segments and is even more fun if you're familiar with the source material. The commentary is spirited pointing out cameos, MPAA cuts, use of real life hookers in parts, etc. THEME, SUBSET [Blu-Ray, personal collection]
71. Frankenstein (1931, 70 minutes) 8/10 - the blu-ray is a revelation with cavernous depth highlighting a classic film. THEME [Blu-ray, personal collection]

October 16 [3 hours, 26 minutes; Nazi theme day]
72. In a Glass Cage (1987, 110 minutes) 7/10 - well directed with piercing moments of silence composing a sizzling slow burn serial killer film. At times stretched but poetic, intense, and unique. 1ST, THEME [Blu-Ray, personal collection]
73. The Keep (1983, 96 minutes) 6/10 - director Michael Mann disowned this movie because the studios re-edited it and changed the ending. The Tangerine Dream soundtrack is great, dated but weighty. The film has some great ambiance and set-up but perhaps reading about the editing problems makes me feel the film is mis-paced at times too slow then suddenly feeling jumped ahead. The plot is generally nonsensical and unimportant aiding to a nightmarish feel. Great creature. It feels like this could have been a much better movie.1ST , THEME [Online streaming, Netflix]

October 17 [4 hours, 27 minutes; Apartment theme day]
74. The Toolbox Murders (2004, 95 minutes) 3/10 - Butchers Toolbox Murders by adding oddball red herrings and although there is a better sense of paranoia early on many of the characters come off as too goofy/comedic and the last half struggles. THEME [DVD, personal collection]
75. The Toolbox Murders (1978, 93 minutes) 6.5/10 - Sleazy with over the top murder sets with an interesting killer and tense finale. THEME [Blu-Ray, personal collection]
76. Creature From the Black Lagoon (1954, 79 minutes) 8.5/10 - I don't think The Creature gets as much respect as Dracula/Frankenstein/Wolfman films but it's my favorite Universal Monster. [Blu-Ray, personal collection]

October 18 [4 hours, 59 minutes; Norway theme day]
77. Noroi: The Curse (2005, 115 minutes) 4.5/10 - Overly long with disjointed set-up that doesn't really feel like it gets going until about an hour in but picks up enough to be an enjoyable clone in the found footage sub-genre. Although creepy at times Noroi lacks subtlety and flaunts set design or themes to the point of becoming cartoonish parody.1ST, SUBSET [Digital download, Pirate Bay]
78. Saint Nick [aka Sint] (2010, 87 minutes) 4/10 - better than an evil Santa Claus movie should be thanks to subdued presentation but too slow build-up and lack of actual evil Saint Nick stall the movie.1ST, THEME, SUBSET [Online streaming, Netflix]
79. Cold Prey [aka Fritt Vilt] (2006, 97 minutes) 7/10 - a good modern slasher film throwback. The killer is mysterious and film tense. The artic setting is atmospheric but it does take some time to get going. 1ST THEME [DVD, personal collection]

October 19 [6 hours, 40 minutes; Slasher/Giallo/Killer theme day]
80. Profondo Rosso [aka Deep Red, Italian Cut] (1975, 126 minutes) 8/10 - Crazy giallo with an insane ending, psychics, and a memorizing soundtrack. The Italian cut seemed slower in pace to me than I remember the US cut being. THEME, SUBSET [Blu-ray, personal collection]
81. Cold Prey 2[aka Fritt Vilt II] (2008, 90 minutes) 8/10 - reminiscent of Halloween 2 with the hospital setting and much better than Cold Prey 1. The pacing is more intense and slasher seems more diabolical. I like to continuous follow-up to the story in the original. 1ST THEME [Digital download, Pirate Bay]
82. Cold Prey 3[aka Fritt Vilt III] (2010, 98 minutes) 5/10 - Serviceable but overly familiar gritty style backwoods slasher prequel that explains too much without really explaining anything. It feel like it has more in common with Wrong Turn than the previous films despite some clever plot connection seeded from Cold Prey 2. 1ST THEME [Digital download, Pirate Bay]
83. Hatchet (2006, 84 minutes) 3/10 - Hatchet is a chore to watch and a film I want to like more than I do. The first two thirds feels like amateur comedy padding to a thirty minute horror movie. [DVD, personal collection]

October 20 [7 hours, 08 minutes; Bela Lugoise/Bram Stoker theme day]
84. Dracula (1931, 75 minutes) 5/10 - Bela Lugosi's Dracula stare is effective but I think I've seen too many Bram Stoker's Dracula adaptation it's burnt me out on them. Also, the mid section is slow lacking atmosphere.1ST, THEME, SUBSET [Blu-ray, personal collection]
85. Island of Lost Souls (1932, 70 minutes) 7.5/10 - a rich film full of biblical overtones and interesting themes. THEME, SUBSET [Blu-ray, personal collection]
85b. YourMovieSucksDotOrg Best Under-rated Horror Films (2012, 16 minutes) [Unrated]/10 - Entertaining commentary about under-rated horror movies including The Host, May, Poulterygeist, and others. I was hoping to stumble on some gems but nothing unheard of. , [Online streaming, YouTube]
86. White Zombie (1932, 69 minutes) 7.5/10 - the atmosphere is great with a compelling sense of mystery. THEME, SUBSET [Online streaming, YouTube]
87. The Asphyx (1973, 99 minutes) 7/10 - pleasantly surprised me with tense dark twists despite some plot holes and wonky sci-fi methods.1ST SUBSET [Blu-ray, personal collection]
88. The Burning (1973, 99 minutes) 6.5/10 - great villain with some colorful kills that lives up to it's hype despite some slow parts.1ST [Online streaming, Netflix]

October 21 [9 hours, 49 minutes; Apocalyptic theme day]
89. The Dead (2010, 105 minutes) 7/10 - meditative cinematography with slow moving zombies and political commentary worked to elicit a poetic/thoughtful horror vibe.1ST, THEME, [Blu-ray, personal collection]
90. Lake Mungo (2008, 87 minutes) 7.5/10 - haunting film that feels elusive and deep despite wooden acting and tactics that should feel stale but don't. It feels like I'll have to watch Lake Mungo again to understand it's depth better.1ST, SUBSET [Online streaming, Netflix]
91. Daybreakers (2009, 98 minutes) 7.5/10 - Intelligent films that turns playfully distorts movie conventions, much better than the Blade rip-off I was dreading.1ST, THEME [Blu-ray, personal collection]
92. The Demon [aka El Demonio] (1963, 94 minutes) 7/10 - Ambiguous and subtle film with scenic Italian backdrops and a very secular neutral twist to possession with obvious influence on Exorcist.1ST [Online streaming, YouTube]
93. Audition (1999, 115 minutes) 7.5/10 - Superb film with good pacing and mystery that shows director Miike's ability to switch styles from dramatic to tense but remains vague enough to invite viewers to fill in pieces with their imagination. I previously saw the R-rated VHS but think the unrated cut is more effective. [Blu-ray, personal collection]
94. Final Destination 2 (2003, 90 minutes) 6/10 - Much more interesting than the first with a greater mythology about death and more inventive kills. [Blu-ray, personal collection]

October 22 [2 hours, 39 minutes; Richard Matheson theme day]
95. Trilogy of Terror (1975, 72 minutes) 6/10 - Lukewarm and dated anthology film saved by the last story.1ST, THEME, [Digital download, Pirate Bay]
96. The Last Man on Earth (1964, 87 minutes) 7/10 - Bleak and complex story that has some pacing issues but redeemed by the ending and compelling overall themes. THEME, SUBSET [Online streaming, Netflix]

October 23 [6 hours, 07 minutes; Asian horror theme day]
97. Bad Biology (2008, 84 minutes) 3.5/10 - Over the top movie that is interesting for it's graphic approach to explicit subjects and modern biological horror bend but fails to live up to potential, instead seeming juvenile, and at times too similar to Brain Damage. I think there should be more "sex horror" movies (like this or Teeth) because sexuality is so taboo it's interesting to see it combined with horror, although I would prefer they be handled more seriously.1ST , [Blu-ray, personal collection]
98. A Tale of Two Sisters (2003, 115 minutes) 7/10 - Loaded with twists although some of the set-up feels awkward. I love the elusive plot that seems to constantly morph with developments and seems to have enough depth to benefit from further viewings. THEME, SUBSET [Online steaming, Netflix]
99. Frankenweenie (2012, 87 minutes) 6/10 - Frankenweenie made my 4 year old cry because despite being lukewarm for most it's run time with some clever cutesy homages the ending is more gutsy and in your face than I expected. Enjoyable but you could do better if you're going for CGI family friendly horror. 1ST [Theater, Regal Cinema]
100. Excision (2012, 81 minutes) 6.5/10 - awkward teenage plot that plays out like a suburban satire with some fantasy gore imagery leading up to a pay off ending. Intelligent script but I can't decide if the psychosexual musings are just played for shocks of if there is more depth. 1ST [Blu-ray, personal collection]

October 24 [2 hours, 56 minutes; Grave robbing horror theme day]
101. Monster House (2006, 91 minutes) 7/10 - I think I enjoy Monster House more each time I see it; it's started to become a Halloween-time tradition in my house so maybe the festivity of it adds a lot.. [Blu-ray, personal collection]
102. I Sell the Dead (2008, 85 minutes) 5/10 - I want to like I Sell the Dead more than I've been able to enjoy it. The acting feels wooden and it comes across too scattered with an over emphasis on characters who are not very complicated. It gets points for being ambitious. THEME, SUBSET. [Blu-ray, personal collection]

October 25 [3 hours, 08 minutes; Camp Fire horror theme day]
103. The Forest (1982, 85 minutes) 2/10 - turns an interesting plot involving ghosts and killers into a painfully boring stretch.1ST, THEME. [Blu-ray, personal collection]
103b. The Addams Family - Jack and Jill and the Beanstalk / Festerman Returns / Hand Delivered [S2E3] (1993, 22 minutes) [Unrated]/10 - The Addams Family cartoon is a lot of fun with dated animating and strong characters.1ST, . [Television, Boomerang/Cartoon Network]
104. Hellraiser: Revelations (2011, 75 minutes) 5/10 - Better than I expected but the new Hellraiser seems off and although the gore starts earlier none of the characters are easy to connect with. 1ST, THEME. [Blu-ray, personal collection]

October 26 [1 hours, 41 minutes; Ghost/Supernatural theme day]
105. The Innkeepers (2011, 101 minutes) 7/10 - Intense eerie ghost story that gave me the chills the first time and was effective on this viewing too.THEME, SUBSET. [Blu-ray, personal collection]

October 27 [7 hours, 09 minutes; Anything goes theme day]
106. Entrails of a Virgin (1986, 72 minutes) 7/10 - Highly entertaining sleazy softcore riff on Evil Dead that surprised me with it's absurd sexuality and menacing sex demon creature. It's not for everyone but I enjoyed it.1ST , . [DVD, personal collection]
107. Twins of Evil (1971, 87 minutes) 7/10 - Atmospheric but some devices seems too predictable/transparent, would have more more effective with more subtlety.1ST , . [Blu-ray, personal collection]
108. Tales of Terror (1962, 89 minutes) 5.5/10 - Poe's stories are great but have been weakened by becoming overly familiar so ToT is hard to judge, not great and I'd have never expected Vincent Price to weigh down a film but his presence central to each story meshed things together.. [DVD, personal collection]
109. Revenge of the Creature (1955, 82 minutes) 5/10 - Creature alternated from being more brutal and transparently rubber than the first installment. There are some good scenes but ripped off from King Kong and the film never feels cohesive.1ST . [DVD, personal collection]
110. Dreamscape (1984, 99 minutes) 7/10 - Nightmarish thriller with over the top set designs and environments that propel this good guy versus it all conspiracy film.1ST . [Online streaming, Netflix]

October 28 [7 hours, 42 minutes; Road Terror theme day]
111. The Brood (1979, 92 minutes) 6/10 - Clever premise that is well executed and intelligent. Although less enjoyable on subsequent viewing.. [DVD, personal collection]
112. Blood Car (2007, 76 minutes) 4.5/10 - Clever premise is totally ignored resulting in a lukewarm comedy about sexual obsession. 1ST THEME, . [DVD, personal collection]
113. Nightmare Castle (1965, 101 minutes) 4.5/10 - overly slow with set designs that were unconvincing but saved by a strong first third and last segment. The score was effective and sinister helping this film along.1ST . [DVD, personal collection]
114. Chopper Chicks in Zombietown (1989, 90 minutes [including 4 minute intro]) 4/10 - Simultaneously wooden and overly silly never fully committing to the chopper chicks or zombies. There are fleeting moments of good chopper chick angst and the nocturnal imagery is cool but overall too fleeting. Zombies seem like an after-thought1ST, THEME . [DVD, personal collection]
115. Dead of Night (1945, 103 minutes) 7/10 - eerie british anthology film with varied themes some more memorable than others and a unique wrap-around story. 1ST , SUBSET. [Digital download, Pirate Bay]

October 29 [11 hours, 01 minutes; Werewolf theme day]
116. Werewolf Shadow [aka La Noche de Walpurgis] (1970, 94 minutes) 4/10 - Overly slow at times with unconvincing plot devices and a premise that is under utilized.1ST, THEME . [DVD, personal collection]
117. Return of the Werewolf [aka El Retorno Del Hombre-Lobo] (1981, 92 minutes) 9/10 - atmospheric film with good pacing that doesn't lull and throws in all sorts of creatures... vampires, Bathory, werewolves... but works very well. I expected to suffer through a slow grainy YouTube mess but it sucked me in. 1ST, THEME . [Online streaming, YouTube]
118. An American Werewolf in London (1981, 97 minutes) 8/10 - Great special effects and setting carry American Werewolf in London while sometimes the plot it a bit forced but that doesn't make the ending any less effective.1ST, THEME . [Blu-ray, personal collection]
119. Exorcism [aka L'éventreur De Notre-Dame] (1975, 97 minutes) 7.5/10 - sleazy fun, Jess Franco's leering gaze and wooden acting make him an effectively creepy character.1ST . [DVD, personal collection]
120. The Man and The Monster[aka El Hombre y El Monstruo] (1959, 78 minutes) 7/10 - Strong performances carry an interesting werewolf spin that captures the anger and envy werewolves embody, better than I expected.1ST, THEME . [DVD, personal collection]
121. Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman (2000, 77 minutes) [Unrated]/10 - it's fun to see a modern update of Alvin and the Chipmunks but Abbot/Costello they are not so a lot about it felt dull. 1ST, THEME . [Online streaming, Netflix]
122. Mahakaal: The Monster (1993, 132 minutes) 4.5/10 - bollywood Nightmare on Elm Street rip-off, generic bollywood singing and frolicking mixed with blatant NOES theft resulting in less than ideal result. 1ST . [DVD, personal collection]

October 30 [12 hours, 08 minutes; Satanic/Demonic theme day]
123. Jennifer's Body (2009, 102 minutes) 4/10 - Takes too long to get interesting then relies on fun but weak pivotal plot device and inconsistency; why did no one warn me?1ST, THEME . [Blu-ray, personal collection]
124. The Pyx (1973, 108 minutes) 5/10 - Unique narrative structure and interwoven music make with strong performances make this otherwise slow film interesting. Some of the plot was initially confusing.1ST, THEME . [Online streaming,]
125. Paranormal Activity 4 (2012, 95 minutes) 5/10 - Serviceable but doesn't contribute much new to the mythos and Paranormal Activity's found footage angle is getting stale. I think a lot of people don't like the PA films is because there is a lot of build-up.1ST, THEME . [Theater, AMC]
126. Sinister (2012, 110 minutes) 6/10 - Tense and scary but also unoriginal, it is a fun addition to the horror genre especially considering recent trends but generally forgettable.1ST, THEME . [Theater, AMC]
126b. The Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror I [S02E03] (1990, 23 minutes) [Unrated]/10 - Vintage Simpsons were better, even this original Treehouse of Horror which sticks more closely to parody of seasonal conventions (before Harry Potter)., . [Digital download, iTunes (free code from Starbucks)]
127. House By the Cemetery (1981, 87 minutes) 5/10 - somehow simultaneously slow and gory for most of it's run, but the ending is memorable. [Blu-ray, personal collection]
128. Curse of the Demon (1957, 95 minutes) 7/10 - not very subtle but fun and seems unlike anything else from the 1950s. Great demon effects. 1ST, THEME [DVD, personal collection]
129. Funny Games (1997, 108 minutes) 4/10 - an interesting experiment to avoid glorifying violence and play with genre conventions but although the structure is interesting the film did not strike me. 1ST [Online streaming, Netflix]

October 31 [9 hours, 31 minutes; Involves Halloween theme day]
130. Night of the Demon (1988, 90 minutes) 7/10 - a fun Halloween party movie with corny one liners however dated it's getting. NotD takes it's time but once it gets going it can't be beat. THEME . [DVD, personal collection]
131. Night of the Demon 2 (1994, 95 minutes) 7.5/10 - superior to the original with quicker pacing and a larger scale although the campy elements might not be for everyone. 1ST THEME . [DVD, personal collection]
132. The Curse of Frankenstein (1957, 84 minutes) 7/10 - more complicated spin on Frankenstein with richer themes and more focus on humanity involved that pays off.. [Digital Download, Pirate Bay]
132b. Frankenstein (1910, 13 minutes) [Unrated]/10 - .. [Online streaming, YouTube]
133. Adding Up Misc Viewings - previously included on list as items 41b (12 minutes), 51b (16 minutes), 51c (25 minutes), 52a (6 minutes), 85b (16 minutes), 103b (23 minutes), and 126b (23 minutes); total of 121 minutes.

134. Halloween (6): The Curse of Michael Myers (1995, 88 minutes) 7/10 - Maybe it's nostalgia because this is the first Halloween I saw in theaters but I never understood the dislike for this installment, I think the mythos needed some background and although the Boogeyman comparison is silly the pacing is good. Myers isn't as central in this one but he shows up effectively and seems eerie/menacing.. [DVD, personal collection]
135. Dreamworks Spooky Stories Volume 1.1 + 2 [Scared Shrekless (1.1), Night of the Living Carrots, B.O.B.'s Big Break, The Button of Doom, The Pig Who Cried Wolf (2011, 113 minutes) [Unrated]/10 - Fun and polished CGI cartoons although much of volume 2 seems to consist of general cartoons not seasonal or spooky. The Monsters Vs Aliens Night of the Living Carrots and Scared Shrekless are great.. [Online streaming, Netflix]
136. The Blair With Project (1999, 82 minutes) 7.5/10 - Eerie and effective supernatural found footage that puts more recent attempts to shame. The focus on forest background and subtle eerie developments keep this flowing but it remains vague enough for creepy mystery.. [Blu-ray, personal collection]
136b. The Blair With Project Alternate Endings (1999, 6 minutes) [Unrated]/10 - Not different enough to add much impact but curiosities.. [Blu-ray, personal collection]

Favorites: Cabin In The Woods, Theatre Bizzare, Mill of the Stone Women, Mother's Day, Cold Prey 2, The Asphhyx, Night of the Werewolf, Entrails of a Virgin
Disappointments: Kuroneko, Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu, Last House on the Beach, C.H.U.D., Forget Me Not, Bad Biology

Formats Viewed - 38 DVDs | 49 Blu-Rays | 17 NetFlix Instant | 9 Online Streaming | 13 Downloads | 4 Theatrical

Decades - 25 from 2010s | 27 from 2000s | 9 from 1990s | 21 from 1980s | 13 from 1970s | 12 from 1960s | 3 from 1950s | 3 from 1940s | 1 from 1930s | 1 from 1920s | 0.125/16 minutes from 1910-1890s

Checklist (84/84 completed):
Watch a film starring:
-X- Angela Bettis -or- Raine Brown - The Toolbox Murders (2004, Angela Bettis)
-X- Caroline Munro - Faceless
-X- Danielle Harris - Stake Land
-X- Joan Crawford -or- Peter Lorre - Tales of Terror (Peter Lorre)
-X- John Agar - Revenge of the Creature
-X- Kane Hodder - Chillerama
-X- Lina Romay (R.I.P.) - Faceless, Exorcism
-X- Max von Sydow - Dreamscape
-X- Michelle Bauer - Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers
-X- Oliver Reed - The Brood

Watch a film composed by:
-X- Bernard Herrmann - The Birds
-X- Ennio Morricone - Nightmare Castle
-X- Pino Donaggio - Arcane Sorcerer [aka L'arcano incantatore]

Watch a film directed by:
-X- Amando de Ossorio -or- Paco Plaza - Loreley's Grasp (Amando de Ossorio)
-X- Brian De Palma -or- Roman Polanski - Fearless Vampire Killers (Roman Polanski)
-X- George A. Romero - Night of the Living Dead
-X- Jacques Tourneur -or- James Whale - The Leopard Man (Jacques Tourneur), Curse of the Demon (Tourneur), Frankenstein (James Whale)
-X- Kazuo 'Gaira' Komizu -or- Takashi Shimizu - Marebito (Takashi Shimizu), Entrails of a Virgin (Kazuo 'Gaira' Komizu)

Watch a film with make-up effects by:
-X- KNB Effects (Howard Berger / Robert Kurtzman / Gregory Nicotero) - Hostel
-X- Germano Natali -or- Carlo Rambaldi (R.I.P.) - The Beyond (Germano Natali)
-X- Rick Baker - An American Werewolf in London

Watch a film written by:
-X- Jimmy Sangster - The Curse of Frankenstein

Watch a film in each of the following sub-genres / types:
-X- *3-D Film - Hotel Transylvania [in 2D], Creature from the Black Lagoon [in 2D], Frankenweenie [in 2D]
-X- Anthology Film - Chillerama, Trilogy of Terror
-X- Appears on BFI's 100 European Horror Films List - Mill of the Stone Women
-X- Appears on Video Nasties List - Blood Feast, The Beyond, The Burning, House By the Cemetery, Night of the Demon, Toolbox Murders
-X- Based on a Novel - The Birds [from "The Birds" by Daphne De Maurier], The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu [based on H.P. Lovecraft mythos]
-X- Cannibalism - Blood Feast, C.H.U.D.
-X- Cinematic Titanic / Horror Host / MST3K / RiffTrax - Bill "Chilly Billy" Cardille (Pittsburgh Radio/TV personality) in One More For the Fire: The Legacy of 'Night of the Living Dead,' Joe Bob Briggs Night of the Living Dead '90 reunion/introduction
-X- Comedy / Spoof - Murder Party, The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein
-X- Distributor / Studio: Synapse Films - Frankenhooker, Twins of Evil, Entrails of a Virgin
-X- Documentary - One More For the Fire: The Legacy of 'Night of the Living Dead'
-X- Extraterrestrial - Waxwork, I Sell the Dead
-X- Film and at Least Two of its Sequels - Cold Prey
-X- Film and its Remake - Night of the Living Dead (1968 + 1990); The Toolbox Murders (1978 + 2004); Frankentein (1910) + Frankenstein (1931) + The Curse of Frankenstein (1957) [remakes?]
-X- Found Footage - Grave Encounters, Noroi: The Curse, Lake Mungo, Paranormal Activity 4
-X- Frankenstein - Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, Frankenstein, Frankenhooker
-X- Ghost / Haunting - Kuroneko, Grave Encounters, The Innkeepers
-X- Giallo - Deep Red
-X- J-Horror - Matango, Audition, A Tale of Two Sisters
-X- Killer / Evil Animal - The Birds, The Leopard Man
-X- Killer / Evil Child - Cold Prey 3, The Brood
-X- Killer / Evil Doll - Trilogy of Terror
-X- Made-for-TV Movie - Trilogy of Terror
-X- Monster / Creature Feature / Godzilla - Humanoids From the Deep, Brainiac, Chillerama, Creature from the Black Lagoon
-X- Mummy - Waxwork, The Monster Squad
-X- Musical / Rock ‘n Roll Horror - Chillerama
-X- Nazi - The Keep, In a Glass Cage
-X- Psychological - Mill of the Stone Women, In a Glass Cage, Excision
-X- Rape / Revenge - Kuroneko, Gutterballs
-X- Slasher / Psycho / Homicidal Maniac - Gutterballs, Pieces, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, Cold Prey
-X- Takes Place in Space - The Manitou
-X- Takes Place on a Holiday - The Phantom Carriage (New Year's Eve), Saint Nick (December 5, Netherlands "Christmas"?)
-X- Takes Place on or Under the Sea - The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu, The Ghost Ship, Matango
-X- Vampire - Vamp, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, The Revenant, Daybreakers
-X- Werewolf - Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, Waxwork, Monster Squad
-X- Witchcraft / Satanic / Religious - Brainiac (aka Baron of Terror)
-X- With Commentary - The Monster Squad [Director Dekker with Monster Squad Gower/Bank/Lambert], Frankenhooker [Director Henenlotter with effects guy Bartalos Commentary]
-X- Zombie - Night of the Living Dead, Return of the Living Dead, Big Tits Zombie, The Dead

Watch films in at least three formats:
-X- First format, Online Steaming, Kuroneko (on Hulu Plus), The Dentist (NetFlix).
-X- Second format, DVD, The Birds, Murder Party, Cold Prey.
-X- Third format, Blu-ray, Vamp, Two Thousand Maniacs, Cabin In the Woods.
Fourth format, Television, Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror XXIII, Bob's Burger - Full Bar
Fifth format, digital download, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, Blacula.
Sixth format, theater, Hotel Transylvania, Frankenweenie, Sinister

Watch films in at least three languages:
-X- First language, Japanese, Kuroneko, Matango, Marebito
-X- Second language, French, Mill of the Stone Women, Fascination.
-X- Third language, Spanish, Brainiac (aka Baron of Terror)
Fourth language, Norwegian, Cold Prey 1-3
Fifth language, Korean, A Tale of Two Sisters

Watch one film from every decade of film history:
-X- 1890 - 1919 OPTIONAL - Frankenstein (1910)
-X- 1920 - The Phantom Carriage (1921)
-X- 1930 - Frankenstein (1931)
-X- 1940 - Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948), The Leopard Man (1943), The Ghost Ship (1943)
-X- 1950 - Curse of Frankenstein (1957), Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954)
-X- 1960 - Kuroneko (1968), The Birds (1963), Two Thousand Maniacs (1964), Night of the Living Dead (1968)
-X- 1970 - The Manitou (1973), Loreley's Grasp (1976)
-X- 1980 - Vamp (1986), Faceless (1987), Waxwork (1988)
-X- 1990 - The Dentist (1996), Night of the Living Dead (1990), Frankenhooker (1990)
-X- 2000 - House of 1000 Corpses (2003), Murder Party (2007)
-X- 2010 - Stake Land (2010), Cabin In the Woods (2011), Mother's Day (2010), Hotel Transylvania (2012)

Watch a film for each rating:
-X- G - Creature From the Black Lagoon (re-rated G in 1972), Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman
-X- PG - The Manitou, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, The Leopard Man
-X- PG-13 - The Birds
-X- R - Vamp
-X- X / NC-17 - House of 1000 Corpses (NC17),
-X- Unrated - Kuroneko, Gutterballs

Attend a live event (convention, play, haunted house, ghost tour, etc.):
-X- (insert event). OPTIONAL - Boo Zoo at the Houston Zoo on 10/28/12, Trick 'R Treating on 10/31/12

Venture Into the Literary World:
-X- Read a Horror Novel or Novella (insert title). OPTIONAL - H.P. Lovecraft - "From Beyond"

Theme Nights (32/32 complete; unofficial Criterion/Nov 31 included):
-X- 09/30: Criterion Crossover - Criterion Collection Horror - Kuroneko
-X- 10/01: Cessation City - Urban Horror - Vamp, Murder Party, The Manitou
-X- 10/02: Peace, Love & Dismemberment - 1960's Horror Cinema - Two Thousand Maniacs, Blood Feast, Mill of the Stone Women, Brainiac, Night of the Living Dead
-X- 10/03: The Doctor is In ...sane - Medical Horrors - Human Centipede (First Sequence), The Dentist, Faceless
-X- 10/04: Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge, Kill Kill - Meta Horror Films - Waxwork, Igor, Theatre Bizzare, The Monster Squad
-X- 10/05: Gruesome, Greasy, Grindhouse Sleazy - Exploitation Horror - Pieces, Blacula, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, Last House on the Beach
-X- 10/06: Movies That Mess With Your Head - "Exploding Head" Horror - Rubber, Touch of Death
-X- 10/07: Day of the Pissed Off Woman - Scream Queens - Return of the Living Dead (Linnea Quigley), Prom Night (Jamie Lee Curtis)
-X- 10/08: The Ultimate Pointless Cash Grab Blood Feud! - Remakes Vs. Sequels - Mother's Day (2010 remake), Night of the Living Dead (1990 remake), Prom Night II
-X- 10/09: Dawn of the Decaying - Zombie Films - Big Tits Zombie, Deadgirl
-X- 10/10: Sweaty Asses Scaring the Masses - Rubber Suit Horror Films - Loreley's Grasp, Humanoids From the Deep, Matango, Creature From the Haunted Sea
-X- 10/11: Avant-garde, Surreal & Without Mass Appeal - Arthouse Horror Films - Fascination, The Beyond, Deathbed: The Bed That Eats
-X- 10/12: When Metal Meets Flesh - Killer Robots / Evil Technology - Class of 1999, Chopping Mall
-X- 10/13: Angst-Ridden with Blemishes Hidden - Teen Screams - Final Destination, The Gate, Altitude
-X- 10/14: Buried Alive and Itching to Survive - Subterranean Horror - The Boogens, Buried, Marebito
-X- 10/15: Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Frankenstein / Mad Doctor Films - Frankenhooker, Frankenstein (1931), Curse of Frankenstein
-X- 10/16: Die You Nazi Bastards! - Third Reich Terrors - In a Glass Cage, The Keep
-X- 10/17: Rent's Overdue & So Are You! - Apartment Horror - [Both] The Toolbox Murders (1978, 2004)
-X- 10/18: Viking Decapitation Via Windmill - NetherHorror Vs. Norwegian Horror - Saint Nick (Netherlands), Cold Prey (Norway)
-X- 10/19: It Slices, Dices & Guts You Like a Fish - Slashers / Giallos / Serial Killers - Profondo Rosso, Cold Prey 2-3
-X- 10/20: Bela...Bram. Bram...Bela. - Bela @ 130 & Bram @ 165 - Dracula (1931; Bela & Bram), Island of Lost Souls (Bela), White Zombie (Bela)
-X- 10/21: The Earth Died Screaming - Apocalyptic Horror - The Dead, Daybreakers
-X- 10/22: The Last Man on Earth is Not Alone - Cinema Inspired By Richard Matheson - Trilogy of Terror, The Last Man on Earth
-X- 10/23: The Asian Buffet ofAS Tantalizing Terrors! - Korean / Thai / J-Horror / Indian / Chinese / Philippine / Indonesian - A Tale of Two Sisters
-X- 10/24: Some Folks Have a Strange Idea of Entertainment - Grave Robbing Horror - I Sell the Dead
-X- 10/25: It was a Dark and Stormy Night... - Campground Tales - The Forest
-X- 10/26: For God's Sake, Get Out! - Supernatural / Haunted House / Ghost - The Innkeepers
-X- 10/27: Mass Marathon of the Damned 3: Battery Acid Tea - Entrails of a Virgin, Tales of Terror, Revenge of the Creature
-X- 10/28: On the Highway to Hell - Road Terrors - Blood Car
-X- 10/29: Lychanthrope Lunacy - Werewolves & Were-Creatures - Werewolf Shadow, Night of the Werewolf, An American Werewolf in London, Man and Monster, Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman
-X- 10/30: The Demented Debauchery of Devil's Night - Demonic Possession / Satanic - The Pyx, Paranormal Activity 4, Sinister
-X- 10/31: All Hallows Eve Hellfest - Halloween Related - Night of the Demons 1-2, Halloween: Curse of Michael Myers

Subset Films (32/32 complete, optional included):

-X- 09/30: Kuroneko (1968) on 09/30/12 after dusk
-X- 10/01: clckworang - Blacula (1972) on 10/05/12
-X- 10/02: orlmac - The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967) on 10/12/12
-X- 10/03: Dimension X - The Dentist (1996) on 10/03/12
-X- 10/04: arw6040 - The Cabin in the Woods (2011) on 10/03/12
-X- 10/05: NoirFan - Count Yorga: Vampire (1970) on 10/11/12
-X- 10/06: Trevor - Touch of Death (1988) on 10/06/12
-X- 10/07: riotinmyskull - Return of the Living Dead (1985) on 10/07/12
-X- 10/08: DEEveeDEE3 - Mother's Day (2010)
-X- 10/09: cwileyy - Deadgirl (2008) on 10/09/12
-X- 10/10: Screwadu - Creature from the Haunted Sea (1961) on 10/10/12
-X- 10/11: Mister Peepers - Dead of Night (1945) on 10/28/12
-X- 10/12: LJG765 - Class of 1999 (1990) on 10/12/12
-X- 10/13: indiephantom - Forget Me Not (2009) on 10/14/12
-X- 10/14: edwardnortonfan - Buried (2010) on 10/14/12
-X- 10/15: SterlingBen - Frankenhooker (1990) on 10/15/12
-X- 10/16: Viewaskewbian - Chillerama (2010) on 10/03/12
-X- 10/17: rbrown498 - Noroi: The Curse (2005) on 10/18/12
-X- 10/18: terrycloth - Saint Nick (2010) on 10/18/12
-X- 10/19: Bladz - Deep Red (1975) on 10/19/12
-X- 10/20: BobO'Link - White Zombie (1932) on 10/20/12
-X- 10/21: SethDLH - Stake Land (2010) on 10/03/12
-x- 10/22: shellebelle - The Last Man on Earth (1964) on 10/22/12
-X- 10/23: ororama - A Tale of Two Sisters (2003) on 10/23/12
-X- 10/24: tarfrimmer - I Sell the Dead (2008) on 10/24/12
-X- 10/25: Darth Maher - Lake Mungo (2008) on 10/21/12
-X- 10/26: Chad - The Innkeepers (2011) on 10/26/12
-X- 10/27: Undeadcow - Fascination (1979) on 10/11/12
-X- 10/28: jmsmath - Rubber (2010) on 10/06/12
-X- 10/29: Darkgod - Night of the Werewolf (1981) on 10/29/12
-X- 10/30: J. Farley - The Pyx (1973) on 10/30/12
-X- 10/31: Gobear - Murder Party (2008) on 10/01/12
-X- Bonus: Theatrical - Hotel Transylvania on 10/09/12; Frankenweenie on 10/23/12; Paranormal Activity 4 on 10/30/12; Sinister on 10/30/12
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