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Re: The 9th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Thread

1st = first time viewing
Tm = theme day item

September 30 (after dusk) [Criterion Crossover theme night]
1. Goke, Body Snatcher From Hell (1968) [DVD] 1st Tm 5/10 - great visuals but also a bit preachy.
2. The Living Skeleton (1968) [DVD] 1st Tm 3.5/10 - atmospheric but gets bogged down in having too many twists and excessive genre bending.
3. Cronos (1994) [Blu-Ray] Tm 8.5/10 - Cronos is a classic and watching it in high definition for the first time was a blast.

October 1 [1963, 1988 Anniversary theme day]
4. Wicked Lake (2008) [Blu-ray] 1st 4.5/10 - really tedious for the first half but the final part of it is fun, it's like a pro-feminist film directed by undersexed men.
5. Bad Dreams (1988) [DVD] 1st Tm 4/10 - a surreal film that falls apart in the last segments.
6. Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Meyers (1988) [Blu-ray] Tm 4.5/10 - what did they do to Michael Meyers?
7. Human Centipede II: Full Sequence (2011) [Online Streaming, Netflix] 1st 3/10 - a clever idea that seems to go nowhere and focuses more on gross outs at the cost of plot.
8. Happy Birthday To Me (1980) [Blu-ray] 1st - 7/10 a fun slasher movie with inventive kills and a great finale.
9. Black Sabbath [Italian Cut] (1963) [DVD] Tm 6/10 - a classic for many but I found the stories inconsistent with the second one being too content rich for the time.
10. The Possession (2012) [Blu-ray] 1st 7/10 - despite some familiar elements it's a lot of fun; like a modern jewish Amityville Horror with actual creepiness.

October 2 [Made For TV theme day]
11. Don't Go To Sleep (1982) [Online Streaming - YouTube] 1st Tm 5.5/10 - filmed like an unassuming family drama so much of the suspense focuses is on children that it almost parodys family friendly tv entertainment to a chilling effect with some gutsy twists.
12. Killer Tongue (1996) [DVD] 1st 2/10 - Even appreciating oddball humor, camp, and fantastic cinema I failed to understand Killer Tongue.
13. The Funhouse (with Joe Bob Briggs segments from YouTube)(1981) [Blu-ray] 1st 7.5/10 - the horror is slow going but it oozes carnival atmosphere and free spirited good times so much it's fun anyway and the suspense ratchets up when it needs to.
14. Hatchet (2007) [Blu-ray] 6.5/10 - I used to dislike Hatchet because it seemed to take forever to get started and bog down in flat "humor" but this time around really enjoyed it, great practical effects.
15. Hatchet II (2010) [Blu-ray] 1st 7/10 - Hatchet II felt a lot more targeted than the first with more action.
16. Hatchet III (2013) [Blu-ray] 1st 4/10 - the flat humor returns and it felt like they struggled with deciding on how to "end" the series, a lot felt like a rehash of part 2.
17. Devil Dog: Hound of Hell (1978) [Blu-ray] 1st Tm 3/10 - Kudos to them for making a satanic dog movie but the script was slow and a lot (too much) like those satanic kid movies.
18. Omen IV: The Awakening (1991) [DVD] 1st Tm 5.5/10 - The too familiar plot still carries a good bit of tension. After watching Devil Dog: Hound of Hell and Omen IV: The Awakening it's amazing to me how many Omen re-treads there are. I think I basically watched the same movie twice as I had seem before with The Omen (and it's remake).

October 3 [Aquatic theme day]
19. The Reef (2010) [Online Streaming, Netflix] 1st Tm 6/10 - The Reef was really atmospheric with great wave splashing sound effects and quality photography that gave me the sense of being stranded in an open sea, filmed with real sharks was a bonus too.
20. Island of the Fishmen (1979) [Digital download] 1st Tm 3.5/10 - Potentially cool but under-utilized fish creatures in a movie that draged a bit too much into mild adventure fantasy with fleeting interesting imagery.
21. Grace (2009) [Blu-ray] 1st 3/10 - a surreal potentially cool concept with slow execution but nice gore and queasy blood effects.
22. Room 237 (2012) [Online Streaming, Netflix] 1st 2/10 - stupid/random theories about a movie were enough to make my IQ drop 5 points.

October 4 [Body Horror theme day]
23. Society (1989) [Digital Download] 1st Tm 8.5/10 - really fun absurd social commentary with cool practical effects.
24. American Mary (2013) [Blu-ray] 1st Tm 5/10 - stylish with interesting visuals but seems too in-authentically "extreme" at times, fun in a pop culture type of way but feels overly serious for the content.
25. Hellboy: Sword of Storms (2006) [Blu-ray] 1st 5.5/10 - a fun movie to watch with the kids with some creative monsters that reminders me a little of the old Ghostbusters cartoon.

October 5 [Based on a True Story theme day]
26. Texas Chainsaw 3D [in 2d] (2013) [Blu-ray] 1st 6/10 - much better than I expected despite retconing the series, the leatherface character is diminished but it has good tension and takes ambitious steps with the series.
27. The Texas Chainsaw 2 (1986) [Blu-ray] 1st 5/10 - I liked the more slapstick approach making the family look more oddball and eccentric therefore more menacing but Bill Mosley was a bit too over the top. Clever homages to the original.
28. Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III [Uncut] (1990) [DVD] 1st 4/10 - duller and smaller scale with even less convincing oddity and elements that are becoming predictable but it keeps points for trying to keep with the mythos and some iconic swamp/trailer imagery.
29. A Haunting In Georgia [Made-For-TV Pilot/Movie] (2004) [DVD] Tm 4/10 - the A Haunting series is a guilty pleasure of mine but ...In Georgia features a story that feels too hoaky and isn't one of the stronger stories.
30. A Haunting In Conneticut[Made-For-TV Pilot/Movie] (2002) [DVD] Tm 5.5/10 - this scared me when I first saw it but it must not hold up as well on repeat viewings.
31. The Mummy (1932) [Blu-ray] 1st 8/10 - much different than I expected with more mystery, subtlety, and atmosphere than it would have been if Karloff just chased people around in toilet paper.
32. Daddy I'm a Zombie (2011) [DVD, Redbox] 1st 5/10 - surprisingly dark for a cartoon with gothic visuals and some great environments, fantasy set-up often involving few characters exploring a sweeping dead/muted environment can feel dry at times but gets points for playing things more serious than slapstick/cutesy.

October 6 [Splat Pack theme day]
33. The Lords of Salem (2013) [DVD, Redbox] 1st Tm 4.5/10 - Zombie's absurd visuals seem to work well with the hallucinatory storyline here and the unashamed campiness was great. Some things are over-exaggerated a bit too much to the point of seeming like a dream-like parade of sometimes relevant hit or miss imagery rather than a plot.
34. Mama (2013) [Blu-ray, Redbox] 1st 7/10 - The most scared I've been so far this challenge. It's an inventive take on hauntings with some creepy moments despite a tendency to over-reveal.
35. 11-11-11 (2011) [Netflix Streaming] 1st Tm - 6/10 - a silly premise that feels preachy at times but also conveys an effective paranoia in being so focused on "coincidences" often involving dimly lit rooms with hallucinatory imagery.
36. Spider Baby or, The Maddest Story Ever Told [Director's Cut] (1968) [DVD] 1st 8.5/10 - a fun mix of cartoonish humor and creepy antics.
37. The Rape of the Vampire (1968) [Blu-ray] 1st 4.5/10 - ultimately satisfying but could have been better, it's very disjointed and busy but with some of Rollin's trademark imagery and a fury of interesting ideas under-developed.
38. Devil (2010) [Blu-ray] 1st 6/10 - better than I expected with good pacing and a satisfying ending but probably not one with great replay value.
39. V/H/S/2 (2013) [DVD, Redbox] 1st 7.5/10 - a fun anthology film tribute to low budget movies with some creepy and over the top segments.

October 7 [Black & White theme day]
40. Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933) [Online streaming, YouTube] 1st 4.5/10 - overly familiar now due to being ripped off by so many subsequent films but has some interesting mystery elements.
41. House of the Wolf Man (2009) [Digital downlaod] 1st Tm - a faux black/white movie homage set as completion to the "House of..." Universal monsters crossover line that is painfully slow moving and stiffly acted wasting a potentially cool premise despie some interesting meta-horror aspects (that fall flat).
42. The Black Sleep (1956) [Netflix streaming] 1st Tm 5/10 - a hyper mad scientist frankenstein derivative with fun set pieces and light gore propels to a satisfying end but some subplot felt forced.
43. Blood Diner (1987) [DVD] 1st 4.5/10 - a clever sequel/remake to H.G. Lewis' Blood Feast movie with hit and miss humor that is often too slapstick/oddball for my taste but with a fun cartoonish energy.

October 8 [Peter Crushing theme day]
44. Necronomicon: Book of the Dead (1993) [Digital download] 6/10 - a fun Lovecraft homage with gruesome effects even if the anthology segments feel streamlined/abbreviated at times.
45. Cassadaga (2011) [Digital download] 1st 6/10 - a ghost mystery that is at times slow with interesting imagery and a cool ghost/villain. Worth seeking out due to the slow moving tension of special effects and plot with interesting psycho-sexual elements. Like a cross between Pieces with Stir of Echoes.
46. The Blood Beast Terror (1968) [Blu-ray] 1st Tm 4/10 - The Blood Beast Terror had some pacing problems but the outdoors zoological vibe was nice and when it did show up the "blood beast" was a cool creature.
47. The Vampire Lovers (1970) [Blu-ray] 1st Tm 4/10 - moody and atmospheric but also overly familiar and slow.

October 9 [Jungle / Ape theme day]
48. Devil Hunter (1980) [DVD] 1st Tm 4.5/10 - overly long with some sloppy production but also hypnotic with soft wide shots of jungle landscapes or tribal randomness without much dialogue (even limited plot). Slow but interesting in it's exploitative and frequently first person perspective composition, a cheesy shamelessly exploitative fever dream with a cheap looking villain.
49. Shakma (1990) [Netflix Streaming] 1st Tm 3.5/10 - an unintentionally funny monkey movie that was slow moving.
50. The Flesh Eaters (1964) [DVD] 1st 6.5/10 - the black and white cinematography works well to create a seemingly peaceful locations shattered by a unexpected/subtle terror with amusing practical effects.

October 10 [Western / Indian theme day]
51. Eyes of Fire (1983) [Youtube Streaming] 1st Tm 7.5/10 - atmospheric period setting with cool imagery with unique horror elements that I really enjoyed.
52. The New Daughter (2009) [Blu-ray] 1st Tm 8.5/10 - surprisingly good movie with unexpected twists that's genuinely creepy.
53. Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011) [Blu-ray] 1st 6/10 - subtle psychological tension carries it with a nice ambiguity. [Wild card #1]

October 11 [Comedy theme day]
54. Severance (2006) [DVD] Tm 4/10 - slow to get started and a misfire in blending together workplace comedy elements it has some clever antics at times but takes "forever" to get going.
55. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992) [Blu-ray] Tm 5/10 - a fun pop culture early 90s time capsule with good build-up.
56. Zombiegeddon (2003) [DVD] 1st Tm
57. Hotel Transylvania (2012) [Blu-ray] Tm 6/10 - loud and kinetic fun to watch with the kids that has some cute homages to classic monster movies.

October 12 [Decapitation theme day]
58. Ghost Ship (2002) [Blu-ray] Tm 7/10 - a guilty pleasure film with near constant action and despite a generic script and unconvincing sets is a blast to watch. Totally under-rated.
59. John Dies At the End (2012) [Netflix Streaming] Tm 7/10 - clever and funny, oddity that comes across as suspension and plays out like a good mystery. Interesting story structure.
60. Torture Garden (1967) [DVD] 1st 5.5/10 - a broad assortment of streamlined but amusing anthology stories framed by an
awkward wrap-around.

61. Thunder Cops (Operation Pink Squad 2) (1987) [DVD] 1st 7.5/10 - a fun spectacle filled with cartoonish antics but surprisingly well written to convincingly justify each madcap twist.

October 13 [Killer Doll theme day]
62. Child's Play (1988) [Blu-ray] Tm 6.5/10 - bold execution with some satire and a good finale.
63. Child's Play 2 (1990) [Blu-ray] 1st Tm 3.5/10 - the most unconvincing sequel ever, better defines the doll character but poor set-up.
64. Child's Play 3 (1991) [Blu-ray] Tm 4.5/10 - some clever scenarios and more polished but still falls short.
65. The Mummy's Hand (1940) [DVD] 1st 3.5/10 - really slow going leading to an atmospheric conclusion.
66. Dolls (1987) [YouTube Streaming] 1st Tm atmospheric, creepy, and gruesome... much better than I expected, well executed.
67. Bride of Chucky (1998) [Blu-ray] Tm 5.5/10 - a clever sequel filled with originality.
68. Curse of Chucky (2013) [Blu-ray] 1st Tm 7.5/10 - a nice surprise with some great fan nods... slathered in dimly lit atmosphere and tension with a touch of black comedy.
69. Seed of Chucky (2004) [Blu-ray] Tm 2/10 - obnoxiously filled with fleeting pop culture references and poor attempts at comedy, elements of self-reference are nice but not when they overshadow substance. Self-reference was cute when New Nightmare or Scream did it but is now old.

October 14 [Family Friendly theme day]
70. Ghostbuster (1984) [Blu-ray] Tm 8/10 - classic horror comedy
71. Trilogy of Terror (1975) [YouTube Streaming] Tm 5.5/10 - a tame anthology film that has some interesting ideas and an unforgetablec climax.
72. Malevolence (2003) [Netflix Streaming] 1st Tm 5/10 - dimly lit low budget film but with some clever twists.
73. Paranorman (2012) [Blu-ray] Tm 6/10 - slow at first but has some great effects and works as a kids appropriate zombie film.

October 15 [Farm theme day]
74. Children of the Corn: Genesis (2011) [Blu-ray] 1st Tm 5/10 - sometimes strained and absurd but creepy and better than I expected (but probably not as good as a Children of the Corn movie as it could have been).
75. Let's Scare Jessica to Death (1971) [DVD] Tm 6/10 - atmospheric and ambiguous with slow pacing contributing to some pacing deficiencies but has a thoughtful plot.
76. The Town That Dreaded Sundown (1971) [Blu-ray] 1st Tm 4/10 - more of a police procedural with a cool docudrama feel but not as great as had been hyped to me.

October 16 [Ice theme day]
77. Devil Times Five (1974) [DVD] 1st Tm 1.5/10 - vile filth that makes little sense... guy acting retarded... extended slow motion sepia colored kill segment... there's a nun... swinger guy... blah blah blah...
78. Jack Frost (1997) [YouTube Streaming] Tm 4/10 - surprisingly competent but gets carried away with feeling too clever, an absurd concept that is played seriously and comes across not funny or scary but just cutesy... the world needs more cute horror movies. Jack Frost works better as "anti-Christmas" angst than as standalone horror.
79. Phantasm II (1988) [Blu-ray] 8/10 - I love the Phantasm series, it's too bad the excellent theme song from 1 doesn't reappear but the ethereal imagery and road trip vibe of the second are a lot of fun. Too bad not more high definition Phantasm exists.
80. Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet The Wolfman (2000) [Netflix Streaming] 4/10 - hand drawn animation that's refreshing with some nods to the classic Wolfman film but also a tad dry and straightforward for my taste in children's cartoons.
81. The Fog (1980) [Blu-ray] 6/10 - atmospheric with a unique narrator and plot structure that ultimately feels awkward despite the excellent imagery.

October 17 [Telephone theme day]
82. The Caller (2011) [Netflix Streaming] 1st Tm 6/10 - some played out story conventions but with a genuinely creepy advesary and something unconventional for the horror genre.
83. 976-EVIL II (1992) [DVD] 1st Tm 2/10 - the first 976-EVIL is a guilty pleasure of mine, but this sequel is an abomination... the villain is unlikeable (but not enough to be effective) and it squanders the potentially interesting horrorscope "hotline theme" with thin characters no one cares about taking anything interesting about the first film (character driven lust for approval/power) and gutting it.
84. Vampirella (1996) [Digital download] 1st 2/10 a mid-90s glam comedy that has some cute intentionally campy segments but is overly long and although looking the part the Vampirella actress' limited acting ability stints the film.

October 18 [Telephone theme day]
85. Vampires in Havana (1985) [YouTube] 1st Tm 8/10 - a frantic madcap enjoyable adult cartoon with some social commentary humor, much more fun than I expected it to be.
86. Seven Women For Satan (1976) [DVD] 1st Tm 4/10 - slow moving gaudy castle segments intersected with half naked girls and their psychedelic dancing, ripe with cliches but more enjoyable than it sounds.
87. The Ghost Ship (1943) [DVD] 1st Tm 6/10 - a subtle and unique horror movie.
88. Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary (1975) [YouTube] 1st Tm 8/10 - a modern vampire tale that starts off with 70s style erotic horror featuring some creative sight gags, sex, and soap opera style setups but then things really get wild with an intelligently written script and an interesting anti-hero.

October 19 [Psychotronic theme day]
89. Mystics in Bali (1981) [DVD] 1st Tm 4/10 - I like the ethnic folklore vibe and unique adversary but aside from some far out effects the movie seemed slow at times.
90. Hausu (1977) [Blu-ray] Tm 7/10 - I like the frantic energy with cartoonish spook imagery and hallucinatory elements that work surprisingly well for a live action zany comedy.
91. Frogs (1972) [DVD] Tm 7/10 - amphibians versus southern bourgeoisie in a film that seems to get more surreal and interesting each time I see it.
92. Return of the Living Dead 3 [R-rated cut] (1993) [DVD] 7.5/10 - a great zombie movie with tons of twists and a unique focus on a sympathetic villain character that features a over the top finale.
93. Wizard of Gore (1970) [Blu-ray] 1st Tm 5/10 - HG Lewis continues to surprise me, this is dreamy original film with an interesting magician that works well even if it feels like they couldn't figure out how to get past a cool initial premise. Some of the gore effects were intense (I expected corny/dated).

October 20 [Vampire theme day]
94. Dracula [Commentary with David J. Skal] (1931) [Blu-ray] Tm - an interesting historical commentary discussing Stoker's novel, theatrical/play history, Universal Studios politics, sexual under-tones, creative processes, techniques used, etc. Having begun to feel burnt out by adaptations of Stoker's Dracula a detailed commentary pointing out the background was refreshing.
95. Ganga & Hess (1973) [Blu-ray] 1st Tm 5.5/10 - a modern urban "vampire" story with some unique tribal music that centers of melodrama filled with 1970s relics along to compliment the intense dramatic elements.
96. Frankenweenie (2012) [Blu-ray] 1st Tm 6/10 - a clever homage that has some pacing problems with a slow start but really gets wild.
97. Sundown: The Vampires in Retreat (1989) [DVD] 1st Tm 6/10 - a dated but action packed vampire comedy with a spirited showdown.

October 21 [ESP theme day]
98. Scanners II: The New Order (1991) [Blu-ray] 1st Tm 7.5/10 - an over the top spectacle that doesn't shy away from telekenetic fury, fast paced and fun.
99. Island of Lost Souls (1932) [Blu-ray] 5/10 - I like the biblical references and the existential undertones but it didn't hold up as well for me on this third viewing.

October 22 [ESP theme day]
100. Murder Rock: Dancing Death (1984) [DVD] 1st Tm 4/10 - an eccentric giallo filled with 80s spandex, odd dance numbers, red herrings, spandex, an unusual murder weapon, and spandex.
101. The Devil's Carnival (2012) [Netflix Streaming] 1st Tm 3/10 - overblow pageantry but ultimately shallow with sing-songy talking instead of actual musical range.
102. Scream (1996) [Blu-ray] 1st 4.5/10 - Light hearted but some of the self-reference and parody isn't as clever as they thought and many of the characters are obnoxious.
103. The Baby (1973) [Netflix Streaming] 1st 5.5/10 - slow at times but toys with viewers preconceptions and has a really unique premise along with interesting feminist under-tones.
104. The Dunwhich Horror (1970) [Netflix Streaming] 1st 6.5/10 - an atmospheric mix of out dated psychedelic effects and eerie horror.
105. The Monster Club (1981) [Blu-ray] 1st Tm 7/10 - a fun casual anthology film with diverse stories and a lively cast clad in cheap costumes intersected with 80s pop music.

October 23 [Class Warfare / Occult Detective / Evil Families theme day]
106. Strigoi (2009) [Netflix Streaming] 1st Tm 5.5/10 - a moody dry comedy mystery based on possible Romanian mythology vampires involved in a quirky land battle.
107. Insidious Chapter 2 (2013) [Theatrical] 1st 2.5/10 - sometimes creepy in a cheap haunted house way, this sequel destroys all the eeriness of the first replacing it with campy twists, unfunny humor, and rips off a number of other better movies.
108. Carrie [remake] (2013) [Theatrical] 1st 7/10 - a serviceable remake that broadcasts some of the themes more explicitly and while straight forward was fun with what seemed to me a better ending.
109. The Howling (1981) [Blu-ray] 8/10 - I love The Howling with it's mystery feel, dated/nostalgic environment, and werewolf insanity. The pacing and reveal are really good with nice practical effects.
110. Cast A Deadly Spell (1991) [YouTube Streaming] 1st Tm 4/10 - compelling acting with a fun noir vibe, unique premise, and interesting effects; the film felt limited (there aren't that many characters/locations) at times and the YouTube quality wasn't very great.

October 24 [Slasher / Killer theme day]
111. Psycho III (1986) [DVD] 1st Tm 6.5/10 - a cool direct continuation from II with great acting and a script that stays true to it's roots.
112. The Prowler (1981) [Blu-ray] 1st Tm 5/10 - an atmospheric slasher with some gory kills but limited cast and some predictability.
113. Mr. Hush (2011) [Netflix Streaming] 1st 2/10 - unmenacing characters attempt to torment a wooden actor who barely emotes by responding with poker faced profanity through a horribly slow paced run time that doesn't have much plot to begin with giving away any twists in the beginning then just poorly trudging along.
114. Dread (2009) [Netflix Streaming] 1st 3/10 - moody and angst filled with brief scenes alternating from place to place, it takes some liberties with the source short story that weaken the material and the pretentious existential elements ultimately miss. The short story is so much better.
115. Resolution (2012) [Netflix Streaming] 1st 7.5/10 - a clever premise and unique story that I enjoyed in it's cryptic nature.
116. Three On a Meathook (1973) [YouTube] 1st Tm 3/10 - featuring some of the most unconvincing love stories ever on film padding out it's already short run time with fluff and slow pacing towards a lukewarm conclusion.
117. House on Haunted Hill (1959) [Netflix Streaming] 1st 4.5/10 - showy with an interesting plot gimmick but dated.
118. Dead In Tombstone (2013) [DVD Redbox] 1st 6/10 - kinetic and fast pasted thin action fluff with light horror elements. [Wildcard #2]

October 25 [Horror Mystery theme day]
119. House of Mortal Sin[aka The Confessional] (1976) [DVD] 1st 4/10 - slightly subpar in being so transparent for a horror thriller.
120. Twixt (2011) [DVD Redbox] 1st Tm 5.5/10 - a seemingly average story that is competently produced with a huge emphasis on dream imagery with a complicated final act.
121. Phenomena (1983) [Blu-ray] Tm 6/10 - unique premise with too slow buildup to some typical giallo kills then what must be the most absurd yet awesome climax in cinema history.
122. World War Z [Theatrical/PG13 cut] (2013) [Blu-ray] 1st 3/10 - a magical political thriller than wastes it's zombie theme showing moments of tension but is too often unintentionally funny and the superman hero character contributes to an ending that is unsatisfying. "Mother nature is a serial killer."
123. In the Mouth of Madness (1994) [Blu-ray] 8/10 - a favorite of mine with hallucinatory imagery, Sam Neil, David Warner, and some great twists.

October 26 [Remake/Sequel/Franchise theme day]
124. The Last Exorcism Part II (2013) [Blu-ray Redbox] 1st Tm 6.5/10 - doesn't fit as a sequel much better than I'd heard. Demon possession themes are played well in a social context; creepy with some eerie imagery.
125. Halloween 2 (1981) [Blu-ray] Tm 6.5/10 - I love continuous sequels. The hospital location is cool and they really delve into the lore in this one but lulls a little in the middle.
126. Final Destination 5 (2011) [Blu-ray] 1st Tm - 6/10 gruesome kills with in your face but fake CGI 3D style and some nods to earlier installments in the franchise while .
127. Amityville 3-D[in 2D] (1983) [Blu-ray] Tm 4/10 - I love how this deviates from the previous films and although it's not great, I enjoyed it's formula despite unmemorable characters.
128. The Masque of the Red Death (1964) [Blu-ray] 1st 6.5/10 - great abstract plot with colorful imagery if not a little overly long for the content with some odd additions to the original story, the masque seems a bit more limited that in the text but a fun film.
129. Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) [Blu-ray] 7/10 - classic stop motion techniques give NBC a timeless feel with eccentric characters that are at their best when the holidays really clash.
130. The Awful Dr Orloff (1962) [DVD] 1st 4/10 - people tell me Orloff is one of Franco's more accessible films and I found much of it to be more traditional with some absurdity but also dry at times.
131. The Wizard of Gore[R-rated cut] (2007) [DVD] 1st - 4.5/10 - Chrispin Glover puts on a good show and the "alternative rock" image is fun, with the Suicide Girls stealing the show, but also lacks the charisma of the original with a much weaker ending. The DVD transfer is really dark and foggy.

October 27 [Home Invasion theme day]
132. The Collector (2009) [Blu-ray] 1st Tm 6/10 - gruesome and kinetic with a memorable villain. Good use of setting.
133. The Collection (2012) [Blu-ray] 1st 4.5/10 - less suspenseful and more action oriented fleshing out the villain more but otherwise not near as good. Might be better suited as a link to a follow-up, or the previous, film than a standalone film.
134. Requiem For a Vampire (1971) [Blu-ray] 1st 5.5/10 - slow moving and nonverbal with tons of nudity and many of Rollin's trademarks.
135. Lady In Black (2012) [Blu-ray] 1st 7/10 - surprisingly creepy and atmospheric despite the mis-cast main character and some cliche effects. Haunted house ghost movies are my weakness and this one got me, even though I know it wasn't one of the better ones.
136. In Their Skin (2012) [DVD] 1st Tm 4/10 - a masterful subtle yet tense first half smashed to bits by a really weak last part with under-developed themes but some great character emphasis. They had a great well executed idea then stalled out, but worth seeing.

October 28 [Ghost/Supernatural theme day]
137. Sadako (2012) [NetFlix Streaming] 1st Tm 6/10 - a brilliant idea for a 3D movie, much of it felt hammy instead of eerie but once it picked up I couldn't look away. The attempts to veil known/obvious plot points reminded me of those silly Tomie movies with it's dark comedy and casual disregard for series mythology in favor of pulp cheap style - I'm glad to see the Ringu films go on, but wish they'd at least agree on some sort of canon. I like where they took the Sadako character.
138. Grave Encounters (2011) [Netflix Streaming] Tm 4/10 - tries some unusual/gutsy things while horribly botching the effects with poor actors whose idea of emoting is to endlessly scream profanity.
139. Shock [aka Beyond the Door II] (1977) [DVD] Tm 5.5/10 - not as great as the first time I saw it but a nice psychological ghost thriller with good ambiguity and creepy family dynamics, it's gorier than you'd expect.
140. The Apparition (2012) [Blu-ray] 1st Tm 3.5/10 - overly vague with fluffy atmospheric scares that wasn't as bad as I negative reviews suggested, not original but an enjoyable mediocre time killer.
141. Atrocious (2010) [Netflix Streaming] 1st Tm 9/10 - a suspenseful Spanish found footage movie with great pacing, creepy atmosphere, and memorable twists.
142. The Pact (2012) [Netflix Streaming] 1st Tm 3.5/10 - a mystery thriller with some lurid aspects but was too dramatic and for my eerie ghost seeking mood. I've heard great things about The Pact but failed to appreciate it.
143. Manhattan Baby (1982) [DVD] 1st Tm 6/10 - under-rated, a unique premise with great Egyptian theme that isn't as lurid as Fulci's other material but was more fantastic and mysteriously supernatural. It's an ambitious and refreshing premise that is aimlessly executed. Great soundtrack.
144. The Cabinet of Dr Caligula (1920) [Netflix Streaming] 6/10 - too bad expressionism is dead, the dark slow frame rate cartoonish over-exaggeration is a cool style. The carnival abstract plot seems more detailed than many movies today.
145. Death Ship (1980) [Blu-ray] 1st Tm 4.5/10 - slow going and sterile on the most brightly lit abandoned ship ever but once it gets going things there are some cool bits, it's hard to mess up a haunted ship movie and this comes close but... it's a haunted ship movie with talented character actor, George Kennedy, so pulls it off - barely.

October 29 [Zombie theme day]
146. Outpost: Black Sun (2012) [Blu-ray] 1st Tm 8/10 - well paced and atmospheric focusing on mystery with plot based nazi zombie mythology. Not short on flying bullets but doesn't resort to popcorn fluff action and contains the sort of boisterous antics you'd expect from the basis, much more serious in tone than you'd expect.
147. Love Bites (2001) [DVD] 1st 7/10 - stylish and subtle with much better execution that the pretentious DVD case lets on. It has a simple but memorable "theme song."
148. The Flesh And The Fiends (1960) [Online Streaming, Daily Motion] 1st Burke and Hare seem to be surprisingly popular characters for a movie, here with a greater emphasis on a questionable doctor player with vigor by Crushing.
. Pontypool (2008) [Netflix Streaming] Tm 5.5/10 - a novel premise and narrative experiment ultimately feels boring with random plot revelations, not horrible but it doesn't live up to the hype.
151. Rammbock [aka Berlin Undead] (2010) [Netflix Streaming] 1st Tm 6/10 - intense, people trapped against zombies never gets old and there's a cool urban feel to this movie, it starts with a bang and has good pacing with a dramatic focus.

October 30 [Demon/Satanism theme day]
152. Night of the Demons 2 (1994) [Blu-ray] 1st Tm 6.5/10 - bigger than the original with more absurd antics and some nods to the original. I prefer this sequel despite it's corniness.
153. Antichrist (1974) [DVD] 1st Tm 3/10 - I knew it was a cheaply made exorcist knock-off but I expected some lurid sleaze or gung ho amplification of the theme going in, that was not the case - this was really a cheap and not very suspenseful knockoff.
154. Dark Side of the Moon (1990) [YouTube Streaming] 1st Tm 6.5/10 - a VHS era blend of familiar elements with a twist that's surprisingly fun from the dated styles and technology to the large scale outer space horror.
155. Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go To College (1991) [DVD] 1st 3/10 - cashes in on the sex comedies of the 80s by adding Ghoulies to the raunchy blend of undersexed rebelliousness that sounds much better than it actually is, too slapstick for my taste. Much of the action seems staged for comic book style freeze frames (even though it's continuous) than actual film and ultimately fails at pulpy homage.
156. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) [Blu-ray] 5.5/10 - the depraved white trash angle is tiresome with a lame attempt at origin explanation but I love the extended chase scene and R Lee Emery really steals the show. Whatever happened to Jessica Biel?

October 31 [Halloween theme day]
157. Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982) [Blu-ray] Tm 7/10 - fast paced and much more fun than I expected with a great trick 'or treat vibe and really eerie conflict.
158. Nightmares [aka Stage Fright] (1980) [DVD] - 2/10 - boring with some fleeting lurid/gory shots, probably the least suspenseful giallo I've ever seen. The theater/play location is a smart device for a movie but tedious here.
159. The Convent [R-rated Cut] (2000) [DVD] Tm 7.5/10 - I love The Convent, it's gutsy silly derivative but well made muck with a lot of energy.
160. Monster House (2006) [Blu-ray] Tm 5.5/10 - every year I watch Monster House with the kids, it's a fun movie but probably not fun enough for a yearly tradition.
161. La Leyenda De La Llorona (2011) [Netflix Streaming] Tm 4.5/10 - a zany cartoon that I first found whimsical and enjoyably over the top but this second viewing didn't hold up as well, it seemed too absurd but is a good watch around the kids.
162. Prince of Darkness (1987) [Blu-ray] 7.5/10 - a surreal theme with slasher and supernatural elements that works well.
162. Le Manoir du diable (1896) | Le Monstre (1903) | Frankenstein (1910) [Wildcard #3]

November 1 [before dawn]
163. [Rec] 3: Genesis (2012) [Netflix Streaming] 1st - not as great as the first two but a reasonable "zombie" movie with style. Fun and kinetic if not a missed opportunity to build more on the [Rec] series.

117 first time viewings (72%)
Decades: 1890s=1 | 1900s=1 | 1910s=1 | 1920s=1 | 1930s=4 | 1940s=2 | 1950s=2 | 1960s=11 | 1970s=20 | 1980s=32 | 1990s=23 | 2000s=23 | 2010s=44
Formats: Blu-ray=71 | DVD =47 | Digital Download=6 | Online Streaming=37 (Netflix Streaming=25 / YouTube=11 / DailyMotion=1) | Theater=2

Current Favorites: The New Daughter, Atrocious, Dolls, Thunder Cops, Eyes of Fire, Spider Baby, V/H/S/2, Happy Birthday to Me, Mama, The Last Exorcism Part 2, Outpost: Black Sun
Disappointments: Killer Tongue, Hatchet III, House of the Wolf Man, Shakma, Island of the Fishmen, Devil Times Five, Vampirella, Mr. Hush, The Pact, The Antichrist (1974)


Checklist [Completed]:
Select 10 actors [Done, 20/20]:
-X- Angus Scrimm - Phantasm II
-X- Asia Argento - Love Bites
-X- Boris Karloff - Black Sabbath, The Mummy
-X- Bruce Campbell - Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat
-X- Bradford Dillman -or- Donald Sutherland - Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Donald Sutherland)
-X- Brinke Stevens - Zombiegeddon
-X- Conrad Veidt -or- Dwight Frye - Dracula [1931] (Frye), Cabinet of Dr Caligari (Conrad Veidt)
-X- Dee Wallace - The Lords of Salem, The Howling
-X- Elisha Cook Jr. - House on Haunted Hill [1959]
-X- Elissa Dowling - Dread
-X- Fay Wray -or- Edward Van Sloan - Mystery of the Wax Museum (Fay Wray), Edward Van Sloan (The Mummy)
-X- Ingrid Pitt -or- Virginia Wetherell - Vampire Lovers (Pitt)
-X- Ivan Rassimov -or- Robert Quarry - Shock (Rasimov)
-X- Jefferey Combs - Necronomicon: Book of the Dead
-X- Jessica Cameron - Mr Hush
-X- Karen Black (R.I.P.) - Trilogy of Terror
-X- Katherine Isabelle - American Mary
-X- Ray Milland - Frogs
-X- Tina Krause - Zombiegeddon
-X- Tony Todd - Hatchet 1-2, Final Destination 5

Select 2 film composers [3/3]:
-X- Alan Howarth - Phantasm II, Halloween II
-X- Hans J. Salter - The Mummy's Hand
-X- Marco Beltrami - Scream, World War Z

Select 5 directors [9/9]:
-X- Bert I. Gordon -or- William Girdler - Three on a Meathook (Girdler)
-X- Brian Yuzna - Society, Return of the Living Dead III
-X- Dan Curtis -or- Pete Walker - Trilogy of Terror (Curtis), House of Mortal Sin (Walker)
-X- Dario Argento - Phenomena
-X- Freddie Francis - Torture Garden
-X- Jess Franco (R.I.P.) - Devil Hunter, The Awful Dr Orloff
-X- Mario Bava - Black Sabbath
-X- Stuart Gordon - Dolls
-X- Tobe Hooper - The Funhouse, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
-X- Wes Craven - Scream

Select 2 make-up effects artists [3/3]:
-X- Amalgamated Dynamics -or- Rob Bottin - The Fog (Bottin)
-X- Jack Pierce - The Mummy
-X- John Chambers -or- Joe Blasco - Halloween II (Chambers)

Select 2 producers [3/3]:
-X- Dino De Laurentiis - Halloween II
-X- Joel Soisson - Children of the Corn: Genesis
-X- Val Lewton - The Ghost Ship (1943)

Select 1 writer [2/2]:
-X- Dardano Sacchetti - Manhattan Baby
-X- Richard Matheson (R.I.P.) - Trilogy of Terror

Select 30 of the following sub-genres / types [Done, 40/41]:
-X- *3-D Film - Texas Chainsaw 3d [viewed in 2D], World War Z [viewed in 2D], Amityville 3-D [in 2D], Sadako [in 2D]
-X- Anthology Film - Black Sabbath, V/H/S/2, Necronomicon, Trilogy of Terror
-X- Appears on BFI's 100 European Horror Films List - The Awful Dr Orloff
-X- Appears on Video Nasties List - Devil Hunter
-X- Based on a Novel - Trilogy of Terror, Necronomicon: Book of the Dead, Dracula, Masque of the Red Death
-X- Cannibalism - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Devil Hunter, Three on a Meathook
-X- Cinema Inspired By: H.P. Lovecraft - Necronomicon: Book of the Dead, The Dunwhich Horror, In the Mouth of Madness
-X- Cinematic Titanic / Horror Host / MST3K / RiffTrax - Joe Bob Briggs' MonsterVision segments with The Funhouse
-X- Comedy / Spoof - Severance, Zombiegeddon, Buffy the Vampire Slayers
-X- Criterion / Masters of Cinema Version Film - Cronos, Island of Lost Souls
-X- Death by: Chainsaw - Hatchet II, Texas Chainsaw Massacre II
-X- Distributor / Studio: Shout! Factory / Scream Factory - The Funhouse, Halloween II, Howling, Fog, Masque of Red Death
-X- Documentary - Room 237
-X- Extraterrestrial / Takes Place in Space - Goke, Body Snatcher From Hell, Killer Tongue
-X- Film and at Least Two of its Sequels - Hatchet 1-3 (on 10/2/13), Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 + Chainsaw Massacre 3D + Leatherface: TCM 3 on 10/5/13
-X- Film and its Remake - Wizards of Gore - 1970 + 2007
-X- Found Footage - Atrocious, V/H/S/2, Grave Encounters
-X- Frankenstein - House of the Wolf Man
-X- Ghost / Haunting - The Pact, A Haunting in Georgia, Cassadaga, The Apparition, The Possession
-X- Giallo - Murder Rock: Dancing Death, Phenomena
-X- J-Horror - Sadako
-X- Killer / Evil Animal - Devil Dog: Hound of Hell (Dog), The Reef (Shark)
-X- Killer / Evil Child - Omen IV: The Awakening, Grace
-X- Killer / Evil Doll - Child's Play series, Dolls, Trilogy of Terror
-X- Made-for-TV Movie - Devil Dog: Hound of Hell, Omen IV, A Haunting In Georgia
-X- Monster / Creature Feature / Godzilla - Island of the Fish Men, Ghoulies III
-X- Mummy - The Mummy, The Mummy's Hand
-X- Musical / Rock n Roll Horror - The Devil's Carnival, Murder Rock: Dancing Death, The Monster Club
-X- Nation of Origin: Spain - Cronos, Daddy I'm a Zombie, Atrocious
-X- Nazi - Outpost: Black Sun, Death Ship
-X- Psychological - John Dies At the End, Wizard of Gore [remake], Shock
-X- Rape / Revenge - American Mary
-X- Slasher / Psycho / Homicidal Maniac - Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Meyers, Happy Birthday to Me, Malevolence, House of Mortal Sin
-X- Takes Place on a Holiday - Omen IV: The Awakening (Christmas), Jack Frost (Christmas)
-X- Takes Place on or Under the Sea - The Living Skeleton, Death Ship
-X- Vampire - Cronos, Vampire Lovers, Dracula, Love Bites, Vampires in Havana
-X- Werewolf - House of the Wolf Man, Alvin & the Chipmunks Meet The Wolf Man
-X- Witchcraft / Satanic / Religious - Wicked Lake, Devil Dog: Hound of Hell, The Lords of Salem, Prince of Darkness
-X- With Commentary - Dracula [Commentary by David J. Skal]
-X- With Two or More Horror Legends - Hatchet (Kane Hodder, Robert Englund, Tony Todd, John Carl Buechler, Danielle Harris)
-X- Zombie - Daddy I'm A Zombie, World War Z, Rammbock, Pontypool

Watch films in at least three formats [3/3]:
-X- First format, (DVD), (Goke, Body Snatcher From Hell, Manhattan Baby, V/H/S/2, etc).
-X- Second format, (Blu-ray), (Cronos, Scanners II, Dracula, etc).
-X- Third format, (Online streaming), (Human Centipede II: Full Sequence, The Pact, Three on a Meathook, etc).
-X- Forth format, (Theatrical), (Insidious Chapter 2, Carrie [remake]).

Watch films in at least three languages [3/3]:
-X- First language, (Japanese), (Goke, Body Snatcher From Hell, Hausu, Sadako).
-X- Second language, (Spanish), (Cronos, Atrocious).
-X- Third language, (Italian), (Black Sabbath).
-X- Fourth language, (French), (The Rape of the Vampire, Requiem For a Vampire).
-X- Fifth language, (German), (Rammbock aka Berlin Undead).

Select 8 decades of film history [Done, 13/13]:
-X- 1890 - Le Manoir du diable (1896)
-X- 1900 - Le Monstre (1903)
-X- 1910 - Frankenstein (1910)
-X- 1920 - The Cabinet of Dr Caligula(1920)
-X- 1930 - The Mummy (1932), Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933), Dracula (1931), Island of Lost Souls (1932)
-X- 1940 - The Mummy's Hand (1940), The Ghost Ship (1943)
-X- 1950 - The Black Sleep (1956), House on Haunted Hill (1959), The Flesh and the Fiends (1959)
-X- 1960 - Goke, Body Snatcher From Hell (1968), The Living Skeleton (1968), Spider Baby (1968), Black Sabbath (1963)
-X- 1970 - Devil Dog: Hound of Hell (1978), Island of the Fish Men (1979), The Antichrist (1974)
-X- 1980 - Happy Birthday to Me (1980), Halloween 4 (1988), Bad Dreams (1988), The Prowler (1981), The Howling (1981)
-X- 1990 - Cronos (1994), Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III (1990), Scream (1996)
-X- 2000 - Wicked Lake (2008), Hatchet (2007)
-X- 2010 - Cassadaga (2011), The Possession (2012), Carrie (2013), Insidious Chapter 2 (2013), Twixt (2011)

Select 4 ratings [8/8]:
-X- G - The Blood Beast Terror
-X- PG - Daddy I'm a Zombie
-X- PG-13 - The Possession, World War Z
-X- R - Happy Birthday To Me
-X- X / NC-17 - Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III
-X- Unrated - Black Sabbath
-X- M - The Dunwich Horror
-X- GP - Let's Scare Jessica to Death

Attend a live event (convention, play, haunted house, ghost tour, etc.):
-X- Monster's Museum of Houston (@ The Childrens Museum of Houston). OPTIONAL

Venture Into the Literary World:
--- Read a Horror Novel or Novella (insert title). OPTIONAL

Future checklist ideas: Bijou Phillips, Bruce Dern or George Kennedy, Crystal Lowe, Christopher Doyle, Giovanni Frezza or Chlo Grace Moretz, Fabio Frizzi, remove M/GP ratings

Subset Films [Completed, 31/31]:

-X- 09/30: - House on 10/19
-X- 10/01: Bladz - Black Sabbath (1963) on 10/1
-X- 10/02: Undeadcow - Don't Go to Sleep (1982) on 10/2
-X- 10/03: arw6040 - The Reef (2010) on 10/3
-X- 10/04: Darkgod - American Mary (2012) on 10/4
-X- 10/05: islandclaws - The Town That Dreaded Sundown (1976) on 10/15
-X- 10/06: terrycloth - The Lords of Salem (2012) on 10/6
-X- 10/07: Mondo Kane - The Black Sleep (1956) on 10/7
-X- 10/08: ororama - The Flesh and the Fiends (1960) on 10/29
-X- 10/09: Darth Maher - Shakma (1990) on 10/9
-X- 10/10: J. Farley - Eyes of Fire (1983) on 10/10
-X- 10/11: SterlingBen - Killer Tongue (1996) on 10/2
-X- 10/12: alyxstarr - Severance (2006) on 10/11
-X- 10/13: Dick Laurent - Trilogy of Terror (1975) on 10/14
-X- 10/14: tarfrimmer - ParaNorman (2012) on 10/14
-X- 10/15: rbrown498 - Let's Scare Jessica to Death (1971) on 10/15
-X- 10/16: Trevor - Jack Frost (1997) on 10/16
-X- 10/17: DaveyJoe - The Caller (2011) on 10/17
-X- 10/18: The Man with the Golden Doujinshi - Return of the Living Dead III (1993) on 10/19
-X- 10/19: Chad - John Dies at the End (2012) - on 10/12
-X- 10/20: Dimension X - Vampires in Havana (1985) on 10/18
-X- 10/21: SethDLH - Scanners II: The New Order (1991) on 10/21
-X- 10/22: Gobear - The Devil's Carnival (2012) on 10/22
-X- 10/23: cwileyy - Blood Diner (1987) on 10/7
-X- 10/24: shellebelle - Scream (1996) on 10/22
-X- 10/25: Doc Moonlight - Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933) on 10/7
-X- 10/26: indiephantom - Psycho III (1986) on 10/24
-X- 10/27: jacob_b - In Their Skin (2012) on 10/27
-X- 10/28: clckworang - Grave Encounters (2011) on 10/28
-X- 10/29: riotinmyskull - Pontypool (2008) on 10/29
-X- 10/30: ntnon - The Possession (2012) on 10/1/13
-X- 10/31: mrcellophane - The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) on 10/26

Theme Nights [Completed, 31/31]:

-X- 09/30: Criterion Crossover - Criterion Collection - Cronos, Goke the Body Snatcher, The Living Skeleton
-X- 10/01: Chronological Horror Years Faceoff - 1963 (50th) Vs. 1988 (25th) - Bad Dreams (1988), Black Sabbath (1963), Halloween 4 (1988)
-X- 10/02: Cathode Ray Tube: Retina of the Mind's Eye - Made-for-TV Horror Movies - Don't Go to Sleep, Devil Dog: Hound of Hell
-X- 10/03: Just When You Thought it Was Safe... - Aquatic Horror - The Reef, Island of the Fish Men
-X- 10/04: Disease, Decay, Mutilation & Mutation...It's No Vacation - Body Horror - Society, American Mary
-X- 10/05: Inspiration Courtesy of Life's Depravities - "Inspired By True Events" Horror - A Haunting In Georgia, A Haunting In Connecticut
-X- 10/06: A Bit of the Old Ultra-Violence Nine - The Splat Pack - The Lords of Salem (Rob Zombie), 11-11-11 (Darren Lynn Bousman)
-X- 10/07: Blood Doesn't Always Run Red - B&W Horror Films - House of the Wolf Man
-X- 10/08: The Gentleman of Horror Turns 100 - Peter Cushing Centennial - Vampire Lovers, Blood Beast Terror
-X- 10/09: The Monkey Did It! - Killer Monkeys / Gorillas / Jungle Horrors - Devil Hunter (jungle). Shakma (monkey)
-X- 10/10: Native Curses Bring On the Hearses - Native American / Horror Westerns - Eyes of Fire (western), The New Daughter (cryptic indian mounds)
-X- 10/11: Well Hello Mister Fancypants - Horror Comedies - Severance, Zombiegeddon, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
-X- 10/12: Headstrong and Ahead in the Game of Afterlife - Death By Decapitation - Ghost Ship, John Dies At the End, Thunder Cops
-X- 10/13: Burn It! Send it to Hell! Toys That Play w/ YOU - Killer Dolls / Puppets - Child's Play, Child's Play 2, Child's Play 3, Dolls
-X- 10/14: Light on Gore, Yet Enough to Piss the Floor - Family-Friendly Horror - Ghostbusters, Paranorman
-X- 10/15: Old MacDonald Is No Saint; Farmville It Ain't - Harvest Horrors - Children of the Corn: Genesis, Let's Scare Jessica to Death
-X- 10/16: Slippery When Wet. Deviously Psychotic? You Bet! - Ice Terrors - Devil Times Five, Jack Frost
-X- 10/17: When a Stranger Calls From Inside the House - Telephone Terrors - The Caller, 976-EVIL II
-X- 10/18: Some T&A, Innuendo or Not-So-Gentle Foreplay - Erotic / Sexy Horror Films - Seven Women For Satan; Mary Mary Bloody Mary
-X- 10/19: BatShitCrazy Insane...Exact Opposite of Plain - Psychotronic Horror Films - Mystics in Bali, Hausu, Frogs
-X- 10/20: Tru Blood and Glitter-Free Since 1734 A.D. - Vampires (Happy B-Day, Bela) - Dracula [1931], Ganga & Hess
-X- 10/21: Reading Minds 1 Blood-Curdling Scream At a Time - Psychic Abilities / ESP - Scanners II: The New Order
-X- 10/22: Singing in the Rain While Inflicting the Pain - Musical / Rock 'n Roll Horror - The Devil's Carnival, Murder Rock: Dancing Death, The Monster Club
-X- 10/23: Tyrannically Thrown Together Threesome of Terrifically Tantalizing Terrors -
Evil Families -or- Class Warfare -or- Occult Detectives - Strigoi (class warfare), Cast A Deadly Spell (occult detective)
-X- 10/24: They Slice, Dice & Gut You Like a Fish - Slashers, 2 / Giallos / Serial Killers - Psycho III, The Prowler, Three on a Meathook
-X- 10/25: Mysterious Order of the Hallucinating Horrornauts - Mystery Horror Films - Twixt
-X- 10/26: Mass Marathon of the Damned IV -Icons -&- Sequels: The Prequel - The Last Exorcism Part II, Halloween II, Final Destination 5, The Wizard of Gore (2007, remake)
-X- 10/27: Privacy Invaded. Retribution Contemplated. - Home Invasion Horror - The Collector, In Their Skin
-X- 10/28: They're Here and They're Clear - Supernatural / Haunted House / Ghost - Sadako, Shock, Atrocious, Grave Encounters, The Apparition
-X- 10/29: Pop Culture Phenoms That Can't Take a Hint; Employed By Sprint - Zombies - Outpost: Black Sun
-X- 10/30: Demented Debauchery of Devil's Night Redux - Demonic Possession / Satanic - Prince of Darkness [planning Antichrist (1974), Night of the Demons 2]
-X- 10/31: Something Good Will Eventually Go Here - Halloween Related - Halloween III: Season of the Witch, Monster House, La Leyenda De La Llorona
-X- Bonus: Theatrical - Insidious Chapter 2, Carrier [remake]
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