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Re: The 10th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Threa

****List Completed****

Standouts: Nightbreed DC, Sexy Killer, Devil's Business, Here Comes The Devil, Whip + The Body, Babysitter Wanted, Body Bags, The Carrier, Hatchet for the Honeymoon, Afflicted, Bio-Zombie
Duds: 23:59, The Loved Ones, Nurse, Little Deaths, Bad Milo, Entrails of a Beautiful Woman, Burial Ground, Iron Rose, Laid to Rest 2, Jekyll + Hyde Portfolio

1st = first time viewing [131 total, 74%]
Tm = theme day item [121 total, 68%]
Sbst = subset film [all 31]

September 31 [Criterion Challenge Crossover theme night] (3 hours, 11 minutes watched)
01. The Uninvited (1944, 99 minutes) 4.5/10 Straight forward ghost story that lags in the finale with some disposable mystery twists. Interesting effects for a film of it's age. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm Sbst
02. The Brood (1979, 92 minutes) 6/10 Intelligent film with a great premise steeped in 1970s pop psychology complete with full body padded winter jumpsuits as a plot device. Format: Steaming [Hulu]. Tm Sbst

October 1 [Kitchen/Bathroom location theme night] (7 hours, 29 minutes watched)
03. Stalled (2013, 84 minutes) 6.5/10 Energetic indie zombie film filled with fun awkward humor that lulls in the middle but makes good use of budget and location limitations. Format: Steaming [Netflix]. 1st Tm Sbst
04. Little Deaths [Unrated] (2011, 94 minutes) 2.5/10 Anthology film with segments too random seemingly designed towards some nonsensically fantastic but grisly and disjointed twist ending. Format: DVD. 1st
05. Day of the Animals (1977, 98 minutes) 6/10 Unique movie that feels too character centered at times squandering the premise but overall enjoyable.Format: Blu-ray. 1st
06. Bad Milo (2013, 84 minutes) 3.5/10 Low brow premise that I'd hoped would be salvaged by as a unique creature feature but it felt too limited in scope and ended up feeling like an overly long lukewarm joke. Format: Steaming [Netflix]. 1st Tm
07. Curtains (1983, 89 minutes) 5/10 Not a bad horror mystery film but also not as epic as it's reputation suggested, a creepy killer and scenic winter backdrop but with some slow spots. Format: Blu-ray. 1st

October 2 [Summer theme night] (6 hours, 14 minutes watched)
08. The Carrier (1988, 99 minutes) 6.5/10 An awesome 'so bad it's good' gem with gutsy execution and cheesy one liners topping off it's intentionally campy vibe.Format: DVD. 1st Sbst
09. Piranha 3DD (2012, 83 minutes) 4.5/10 Initially too much filler with disjointed pale humor character back stories but eventually takes a really gutsy approach that I enjoyed even if it wasn't as spectacular as the first. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
10. Club Dread [Unrated] (2004, 104 minutes) 3/10 One dimensional characters bog down the inconsistent film with unfunny over the top gags and too little suspense. Great premise (killer during outdoor festivities) but worst killer ever. Format: Digital download. Tm Sbst
11. Sleepaway Camp (1983, 88 minutes) 7/10 Much better with good suspense capturing the feel of summer camp.Format: Blu-ray. Tm

October 3 [Dreams/Hallucination theme night] (6 hours, 56 minutes watched)
12. Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987, 97 minutes) 2/10 This film nearly killed the NoEM franchise in my opinion by over explaining Freddy's origin and awkwardly shoehorning Christianity into the mythos. Disjointed despite the nods to the original and one of the best kills in the franchise. Format: Blu-ray. Tm Sbst
13. The Bloodstained Shadow [aka Solamente Nero] (1978, 109 minutes) 7/10 Dry in places but a well done giallo film with effective musical score, frequent kills, and mystery steeped in atmosphere and well paced. Format: DVD. 1st
14. Jacob's Ladder (1990, 116 minutes) 6/10 Unsettling and mysterious, well made but not as impenetrable and ballsy as I'd imagined from reputation, nice emotional focus. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Sbst
15. Bio-zombie (1998, 94 minutes) 7.5/10 Amoral slacker buddy comedy with creative kinetic energy that's as worthy a successor to Dawn of the Dead as any; really a fun movie. Format: Digital download. 1st Sbst
16. Escape From Tomorrow (2014, 94 minutes) 4.5/10 Great premise but aimless for too long coming across more as a clever gimmick but with a nice psychological bend (thanks to some cheap CGI). Great experimental film vibe and style but not enough substance.Format: Streaming [Netflix]. 1st Tm

October 4 [Comedy/Teen theme night] (10 hours, 7 minutes watched)
17. All Cheerleaders Die (2013, 89 minutes) 5.5/10 A bunch of vacant character flake around for the first third before an insane war of the genders starts up. Awkward at times but gets intense and fast paced. Format: Streaming [Netflix]. 1st Tm
18. The Comedy of Terrors (1963, 84 minutes) 5/10 Never a "laugh out loud" film but some clever ideas. Took me a while to get use to the dialogue seeming so "proper," enjoyable how everything came together. Peter Lorre is a stand out and some smart Shakespeare references. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm Sbst
19. A Bucket of Blood (1959, 66 minutes) 6.5/10 Light hearted enough to be fun with a nice ironic humor and gruesome premise. Dick Miller really carries the show with his desperate needy/whiny character. Format: Streaming [YouTube]. 1st Tm Sbst
20. The Hands of Orlaf (1924, 113 minutes) 5.5/10 Initially I feared it'd just be two hours of a guy making funny faces towards his hands but HoO turned into a surprisingly complex mystery with some depth. Format: Streaming [Netflix]. 1st
21. Scooby Doo: Frankencreepy (2014, 74 minutes) 5/10 Scooby Doo is sure getting "meta" with self parody. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
22. I Was A Teenage Zombie (1987, 91 minutes) 6.5/10 Unpolished indie with tons of heart and a great soundtrack. Format: Streaming [Hulu]. 1st Tm Sbst
23. Leprechaun Origins (2014, 90 minutes) 3.5/10 Disposable - not as horrible as reputation seems but not something I'd recommend prioritizing. An atmospheric setting and some bits of mythology were nice but overall generic without clear connection to predecessors. Format: Blu-ray. 1st

October 5 [Deserted Island theme night] (6 hours, 37 minutes watched)
24. The Most Dangerous Game (1932, 63 minutes) 7/10 A personal favorite. Format: DVD. Tm
25. Cabin Fever: Patient Zero (2014, 91 minutes) 7/10 Not "scary" but it was a hard hitting body horror splatter film that exceeded my expectations despite some flaws. Format: Streaming [Netflix]. 1st Tm
26. Come Out and Play (2012, 87 minutes) 4.5/10 Forgetable too similar to it's originals except for adding gore which doesn't help when the actors show such a limited range. Format: Streaming [Netflix]. 1st Tm Sbst
27. 23:59 (2011, 78 minutes) 1/10 Horrible filth, generic movie that reminds me of the better movies it rips off and fails. Format: Streaming [Netflix]. 1st Tm
28. Scooby Doo on Zombie Island (1998, 78 minutes) 6/10 Better than average Scooby Doo. Format: DVD. 1st Tm

October 6 [1964/1989 anniversary theme night] (7 hours, 16 minutes watched)
29. Buried Alive (by Darabont) (1990, 93 minutes) 4.5/10 Cheesy fluff, forgetable but rich with 90s atmosphere and revenge. Format: Digital download. 1st
30. The Mummy (1959, 88 minutes) 6/10 Tense with early Hammer formality with elaborate set design but over-explains the plot perhaps by necessity because some devices stretch things. Format: Digital Download. 1st
31. The Tomb of Ligeria (1964, 81 minutes) 7/10 Eccentric and unique with a slow moody style propelled by Vincent Price's effective characterization. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
31a. Curious George: A Halloween Boofest (2013, 58 minutes) -/10 Festive and fun to watch with the kids; creepy enough for a kids movie. Format: Streaming [Netflix]. 1st
31b. Toy Story of Terror (2013, 22 minutes) 4.5/10 Fun but didn't stick with the Halloween theme for too long. Format: Blu-ray. 1st
32. Death Spa (1989, 88 minutes) 5/10 A cheesy throw back, not good or bad but fashionaly corny. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm

October 7 [Original song theme night] (9 hours, 1 minute watched)
33. Suck (2009, 91 minutes) 6.5/10 Creative character driven horror comedy; takes some liberties with vampire mythos and has some slow spots but light hearted and over the top. Tons of fun music cameos. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
34. Stage Fright (2014, 89 minutes) 4/10 Much more musical drama focused than horror creating some pacing problems in a seemingly overdue concern for modern horror musical. Format: Streaming [Netflix]. 1st Tm
35. Edgar Allen Poe's Buried Alive (1990, 92 minutes) 4/10 Ultimately disappointing, one of the worst endings every but shot with unique cinematography (like looking upward). Some cool hallucinatory visuals but the plot crumbles before long. Format: Digital download. 1st Sbst
36. Satan's School For Lust (2002, 65 minutes) 1/10 Despite the constant softcore eyecandy this was incredibly boring; I can't say I was disappointed because my expectations were never high but what a crappy "movie." Format: Digital download. 1st
37. Phantom of the Paradise (1974, 92 minutes) 7/10 Creative with lots of energy and complicated characters. Literary references abound despite some campiness. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm Sbst
38. Friday the 13th VII: The New Blood (1988, 112 minutes) 5.5/10 Dated fashion victims highlight the telekinetic gimmick which takes things "too far" but features some great Jason imagery. Format: Blu-ray. ] Sbst

October 8 [Werewolf song theme night] (8 hours, 24 minutes watched)
39. The Howling (1981, 91 minutes) 8/10 Epic werewolf classic with good mystery/tension in an atmospheric setting with a psychological focus and crazy special effects. Format: Blu-ray. Tm Sbst
40. Ginger Snaps (2000, 108 minutes) 7.5/10 Rich characterization with humor and sexual subtext keep this modern werewolf classic going to an amazing finale. Format: Blu-ray. Tm
41. Curse of the Devil (1977, 84 minutes) 6.5/10 Moody spanish werewolf film that's slow on the werewolf but has a sense of formality that's amusing. Format: DVD. 1st Tm
42. Cannibal Holocaust (1980, 96 minutes) 8/10 Visceral filth but hard hitting and intense enough to be redeeming, could have done without the animal cruelty but overall an amazing film to evoke and challenge viewers. Format: Blu-ray. 1st
43. Silent Hill (2006, 125 minutes) 6/10 With some emotional themes and surreal vibes Silent Hill is one of the best video game movie adaptations, some of the acting is hammy and effects dated - not quite scary but committed to fantasy that is largely effective (not sure if it works because of the video game roots trying to create some specific faithful images or despite them).Format: Blu-ray.

October 9 [Food service theme night] (13 hours, 42 minutes watched)
['Give Rob Zombie a Chance' Mini-Marathon]
44. Lords of Salem (2012, 101 minutes) 5.5/10 Despite it's 'trying too hard' visuals and Moon's awkward acting I've grown to enjoy Lords of Salem more for it's attempts at atmosphere using darkened colors, ambient music, and telling a sweeping faux-historical tale in very limited apartment complex setting. Format: Blu-ray.
45. Halloween [Unrated] (2007, 121 minutes) 2.5/10 Gets off to a ridiculous start with forced attempts to make everyone look depraved before improving to a paint by numbers standard with some merit but too little too late. Boo to Loomis becoming a buffoon. Format: Blu-ray.
46. Halloween II [Director's Cut] (2009, 119 minutes) 5.5/10 Much improved from the first with vague psychoanalytic justifications invoking some hallucinatory imagery and better tighter pacing. Zombie still writes awkward dialogue and there's little reason to care about the characters. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
47. The Gore Gore Girls (1972, 81 minutes) 2.5/10 Ghastly killings/gore and an eccentric detective propel the movie but not enough that it doesn't lull at times; HG Lewis has impressed me with some better than expected gems like Bloodfeast, Two Thousand Maniacs, etc but not so much with Gore Gore Girls, which despite some humor seems too aimless. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
48. Without Warning (1980, 89 minutes) 6/10 Low rent precusor to Predator that's surprisingly atmospheric and cheesy fun with unique special effects and a classic alien look feeling like a bridge between cold war era classic scifi and gory 80s outer space fare. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
49. The Woman (2011, 103 minutes) 5.5/10 Odd premise that seems restrained for a Jack Ketchum story much of the way (depraved none the less) it's methodical pacing with solid soundtrack gives it a slow burn feel rife with subtle social commentary. Bettis is way under utilized and questionable misogynistic themes seem there just to shock at times, evocative but forced though still worth seeing. Format: Streaming [Netflix]. 1st Tm
50. Monster Club [with Katarina's Nightmare Theater] (1981, 104 minutes + 7 minutes Katarina segment) 7/10 A guilty pleasure with infectious music and silly framing storyFormat: Blu-ray. Tm
51. The Vampire Lovers (1970, 91 minutes) 7/10 Sinister with ironic drama letting the viewers watch the vampire seduction unfold. The Carmilla story never gets old and the straight forward more playful nature of early 70s Hammer was refreshing after some of the filth I'd watched just before. Format: Blu-ray. Sbst

October 10 [Sex theme night] (7 hours, 10 minutes watched)
52. Shivers [aka They Came From Within] (1975, 87 minutes) 5/10 Sharp with cool idea for a horror but unpolished and with some uneven pacing (parts feel more like vignettes rather than a connecting movie); worth seeing but given the prices out of print DVD fetched I don't think it lived up to the hype. Nice mature theme/focus. Format: Streaming [Netflix]. 1st Tm
53. Entrails of a Beautiful Woman (1986, 68 minutes) 3/10 Pinku film that's more mean spirited and less fun that the first 'entrails' movie slowly moving along until a finale so epic it's worth watching but not enough to justify all the filler proceding it, softcore flesh filled as it may be. Format: DVD. 1st Tm
54. Satan's Baby Doll (1982, 86 minutes) 6.5/10 Remake of Malabimba the Malicious Whore; hammy with over the top actoring and more schlock but it's pacing was better and supernatural themes more pronounced the the original... eurosleaze worth seeing for those inclined even if it's "cheaper." Format: Digital download. 1st Tm
55. Sexy Killer (2008, 85 minutes) 7/10 Fast paced self referential meta horror with a lot of energy that outsmarts Scream but falls back on some safe genre conventions so while fun and uniquely directed not entirely originalFormat: Digital download. 1st Tm
56. Oculus (2013, 104 minutes) 4/10 Predictable and while scary sticks to overly familiar horror staples. The mirror idea is really great but doesn't seem to do enough with the premise. Format: Blu-ray [Redbox]. 1st Sbst

October 11 [Fangoria cover story theme night] (8 hours, 16 minutes watched)
57. The Funhouse (1981, 96 minutes) ?/10 Fun homages with casual pacing giving the vibe of kids hanging out until things get more heated maybe too far into the film. Format: Blu-ray. Tm Sbst
58. Shaun of the Dead [Commentary w/ Pegg + Wright] (2004, 100 minutes) 4/10 I'm not often a fan of commentary tracks and this didn't change my bias even if it had constant chatter and some interesting background comments. Format: Blu-ray.
59. Amityville 3-D (1983, 105 minutes) 4.5/10 Subdued film with a mediocre unfolding and bang up ending. I enjoyed it more when I was younger but the effort at ironic horror without a lot of gore or sleaze is appreciated as something different more along the lines of the first Amityville. Format: Blu-ray. Tm
60. Little Shop of Horrors [Director's Cut] (1986, 103 minutes) 7/10 Classic horror comedy musical holds it's charm and the director's cut ending is so epic. There's some awkward less funny humor surrounding dentistry in the middle but otherwise a standout film. Format: Blu-ray. Tm
61. Hotel Transylvania (2012, 92 minutes) 4.5/10 Tartakovsky has a kinetic sense for animated direction lampooning classic horror tropes, very nice for a "kid's movie" but gets dull on repeated viewings. Format: Blu-ray.

October 12 [Cemetery theme night] (6 hours, 7 minutes watched)
62. Neon Maniacs (1986, 91 minutes) 5.5/10 Thick with 80s culture a non sequitur sequences of hallucinatory creatures are too pedestrian to pull off the incoherent mess of a plot ultimately feeling random not surreal. Fun stuff but feel like a missed opportunity for what could have been a 'wtf!' masterpiece.Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
63. Iron Rose (1973, 80 minutes) 4/10 Surreal but at times too aimless, I love the morose metaphysical aspects and while this is probably necessary to the film it felt too slow and aimless. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
64. The Quiet Ones (2014, 98 minutes) 5/10 Supernatural whodunit that's dry and generic in places, picks up for the ending but feels too restrained to be as much fun as it could be despite glimpses of promise. Format: Blu-ray [Redbox]. 1st
65. Here Comes The Devil (2012, 98 minutes) 7/10 Tense supernatural mystery with some reflection on sexuality, aging, and parenthood, really eerie and well executed. Format: Streaming [Netflix]. 1st Sbst

October 13 ["Before they were stars" theme night] (6 hours, 10 minutes watched)
66. Leprechaun (1993, 92 minutes) 3.5/10 Overly silly with some moments that work really well in spite of the over the top villian approaching an ideal mix of comedy and horror but often going too far towards comedy. I think I've only watched piece of Leprehaun before... and maybe it's work better if people just watched the first 5 minutes and last 20 minutes.Format: Blu-ray. Tm
67. Baby Sitter Wanted (2008, 93 minutes) 7/10 Sinister but subtly funny tongue in cheek film that starts out generic enough, which I think is an intentional spoof but played so straight it's tense then goes in a really different direction with enough gusto and serious execution it excells. Format: Digital download. 1st
68. Nosferatu in Venice [aka Prince of Night, aka Vampire in Venice] (1988, 90 minutes) 3/10 Potentially great scenary but the inconsistent plot, overweight vampire, and lack of tension dismiss the film whose only redeeming traits are some imagery and hit/miss attempts at atmosphere. Format: Digital download. 1st Sbst
69. Casper's Scare School (2006, 78 minutes) 2/10 Low rent CGI tv movie; good to watch with the kids but wow has CGI come a long way. Format: Streaming [Netflix]. 1st
70. Mimic 3: Sentinel (2003, 77 minutes) 4/10 Inconsistent overacting from some characters drag the movie that uncomfortably rips off Rear Window attempting to sustain a mystery that should be obvious to anyone with any familarity to the series [fail]. Picks up for a too little too late latter half. Format: Streaming [Netflix]. 1st Tm Sbst

October 14 [Motorbike theme night] (9 hours, 29 minutes watched)
71. Rabid (1977, 91 minutes) 5.5/10 Unique moody twist on vampire conventions that evolves similar themes from Chronenberg's earlier Shivers on a larger scale but falls back on overly familiar genre devices even if they are well executed. Format: DVD. Tm Sbst
72. Afflicted (2013, 86 minutes) 7/10 Wildly original buddy found footage horror film, better to watching without knowing much about it other than that it is well paced and tense. Format: DVD [Redbox]. 1st
73. The Possession of Michael King (2014, 83 minutes) 6.5/10 Over the top movie that despite some hamminess ends up eerie and intense; doesn't pull any punches. Format: DVD [Redbox]. 1st
74. Wer (2013, 93 minutes) 5.5/10 Handled with an odd shaky cam perspective that gives me a headache and it's much of it's initial mystery is telegraphed but taking a subdued forensic approach builds up some tension and just when I had written Wer off it gets amazingly heated once pretense is shed. There's a lot of subtle foreshadowing that is well done despite inconsistent pacing. Format: DVD [Redbox] . 1st
75. Race With The Devil (1975, 88 minutes) 5.5/10 Pulls off a feeling of paranoia combined with machismo for a defiant 1970s feel sort of like Rosemary's Baby got mildly psychedelic. Format: Blu-ray. Tm
76. Only Lovers Left Alive (2013, 123 minutes) 6/10 Moody character drama with slow pacing but rich with a casual musical vibe that works even if it's not the typical horror movie. Format: DVD [Redbox]. 1st

October 15 [Asian theme night] (4 hours, 47 minutes watched)
77. At Midnight I Will Take Your Soul (1964, 84 minutes) 4/10 Coffin Joe is a potentially great horror icon but not a very capable or sympathetic persona for the viewer to relate with skewering this movie despite a telecasted and cliche but never old ending device. Format: DVD. 1st
78. The Host (2006, 119 minutes) 6/10 Despite some awkward humor The Host is tense with nicely staged dramatic settings. Excellent cinematography carries the film and the more I watched the humor versus horror aspects gave it a surreal vibe. Great imagery. Format: Streaming [Netflix]. Tm Sbst
79. Genocide (1968, 84 minutes) 4.5/10 Filled with wild twists a campy insect horror film that under uses the insects in what is more a wtf political thriller, still waiting for an epic bug movie. Format: DVD. 1st Tm

October 16 [Retail theme night] (7 hours, 37 minutes watched)
80. The Dead Hate the Living! (2000, 90 minutes) 6/10 A fun spirited meta horror movie that's one of Full Moon's better movies despite hammy acting and genre homages that try too hard. Format: DVD. Tm
81. Into the Mirror (2003, 114 minutes) 4.5/10 Brilliant idea for a movie, I love the haunted mirror idea and while it makes for some hallucinatory gags the overall execution unravels as a slowly paced police mystery with supernatural undertones. Format: DVD. 1st Tm
82. The Blob (1988, 95 minutes) 6.5/10 Fun update with create lighting and creature effects filled with dark scenes to contrast a pink blob and a great epilogue. Format: Blu-ray.
83. Hellboy: Blood & Iron (2007, 75 minutes) 5.5/10 Detailed horror creatures fill the feature and it's fun seeing such an attempt at eeriness in a cartoon but ultimately there is too much that things feel disjointed with werewolves, harpies, vampires, ghosts, bathory references, plus even more. One of the more memorable horror cartoons in recent years with a hand drawn style that I prefer to junky CGI. Some segments feel thrown in for Hellboy to bang around a ghoul or two and while fun weaken the "plot." My 6 year old really enjoyed it. Format: Blu-ray.
84. Intruder (1989, 83 minutes) 5.5/10 Gory whodunit with oozing murder set pieces. Format: Blu-ray. Tm Sbst

October 17 [Evil parents theme night] (11 hours, 17 minutes watched)
85. Mother's Day (1980, 90 minutes) 5/10 Despite the silly acting and potentially brilliant but campy execution of the premise Mother's Day keeps a surprisingly good sense of tension once things get going. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
86. Doppelganger (1993, 104 minutes) 6/10 Drew Barrymore's acting is the worst part, cool premise of a sexual doppleganger with 90s atmosphere and some wild imagery. It's a thriller, not wait it's horror, no a thriller, no horror - genre bending conventions with the most amazing psychadelic ending yet. Format: Digital download. 1st Tm
87. I Was a Teenage Werewolf (1957, 76 minutes) 3/10 Seemingly a slice of the time feature focused on juvenile delinquency with a werewolf theme; too dated considering other modern werewolf movies featuring too little werewolf and a really simple premise. Format: Digital download. 1st
88. The Loved Ones (2009, 84 minutes) 2/10 Cheap torture shocks without clear motivate having characters that are too demented to be believed in the absence of story structure or suspense. Some of the contrast between 'normal' youth and abnormal is mildly interesting but altogether the film goes on way too long without substance for what might have made a novel short film. Format: DVD. 1st Tm
89. Julia's Eyes (2010, 118 minutes) 6/10 Tense but directed from a perspective that gives a feeling of limited vision or being closed in but despite some clever visuals the "twist" still doesn't make much sense to me. Format: DVD. 1st
90. You're Next (2011, 95 minutes) 6.5/10 Tense neo-slasher film that's not afraid to have fun regardless of the brutality and gore. Format: Blu-ray.
91. Dracula 3D (2002, 110 minutes) 3.5/10 A mesmerizing blend of wooden acting, cheap effects, and overly bright scenery that offers something different to the Dracula story creating a surreal retelling. Format: Streaming [Netflix]. 1st

October 18 [1980s video theme night] (8 hours, 49 minutes watched)
92. A Virgin Among the Living Dead (1980, 90 minutes) 6.5/10 A surreal fever dream of a movie slower moving than I anticipated but with a poetic feeling of longing and isolation and the heroine intermingles with specters of her family. More emotional and realistic than some of the schlock I've watched. Watching the embedded zombie segments was jarring and took away from the artistry, will watch the non-zombied original cut next time. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
93. Werewolf Woman (1976, 98 minutes) 6.5/10 Ballsy and exploitative with a refreshingly explicit connection between werewolfs and sexual repression complete with some dated 70s soundtrack/style and psychoanalytic explanations. The more I think about it the more I appreciate the subdued approach to the werewolf theme with emphasis on sexual uncertainty and anxiety. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
94. Spider Baby (1967, 84 minutes) 6/10 Zany with an eccentric premise and ironic humor. Format: DVD. Tm
95. The Thing From Another World (1951, 87 minutes) 5.5/10 Straight forward alien film with some good visuals and unique alien design, not as paranoia inducing at the remake but nice for the era. Format: DVD. 1st
96. House on Haunted Hill (1959, 75 minutes) 6/10 Jumps right to the mystery but there are so many characters none are well defined initially but once things get going there are nice twists even with some inconsistencies. Format: Blu-ray. Sbst
97. Mad Monster Party (1967, 95 minutes) 7/10 Classic that seems to get better each time I watch it; there's so many classic monsters and the corny humor is fun. Stop motion animation never gets old. Format: DVD.

October 19 [Slasher/giallo theme night] (9 hours, 17 minutes watched)
[1981 Slasher Double Feature]
98. Graduation Day (1981, 96 minutes) 5.5/10 Dated but energetic with frequent kills but few characters somehow leaping from mediocre to an unforgettable totally redeeming conclusion. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
99. Nightmare (1981, 97 minutes) 6/10 Gory and surreal with flashback scenes, a confused killer, and medical subplot. Format: Blu-ray. Tm
100. Jack's Back (1988, 97 minutes) 5/10 An inventive thriller with a nice focus on characters despite some gimmicky twists. Format: Streaming [Netflix]. 1st Tm Sbst
101. Night Tide (1961, 86 minutes) 5.5/10 Unique topic with an enigmatic design but some of the pivotal relationships seem unconvincing. Format: Blu-ray. 1st
102. Teen Wolf (1985, 92 minutes) 4.5/10 My 6 year old pointed out a werewolf and said it was her favorite so wanted to watch a werewolf movie, this one seemed safe and I remember enjoying it when I was younger. Holds up well as a comedy. Format: Blu-ray. Wild Card #1
103. Final Exam (1981, 89 minutes) 5.5/10 Ackwardly paced with some cheap gimmicks but a focused killer, odd focus on characterization for much of the movie with a seemingly misplaced killer that's effective when present. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm

October 20 [Vampire/apocalyptic theme night] (7 hours, 20 minutes watched)
104. Vampyros Lesbos (1970, 90 minutes) 6.5/10 Psychadelic with groovy soundtrack and depicting the sexual victim of a vampire in a way that really works sheding some of the inhibitions and subtlety of the vampire genre. Hip framing and backgrounds sometimes seem dated but fun. Format: DVD. 1st Tm
105. Bloodwork (2012, 96 minutes) 5.5/10 Slow to start with some campus humor but once things get going is a twisted modern horror movie with crazy gore and medical horror emphasis. Could use some trimming for pacing but once things start going haywire it's a nice ride. Format: DVD [Redbox]. 1st
106. Dracula II: Ascension (2003, 85 minutes) 6/10 Dracula 2000 is a guilty pleasure of mine and this is a fair continuation from it featuring a macho priest on a mission and updates vampire movies to the modern era interjecting science and profiteering. Numerous plot twists and backstabbing move this plot along as scientists argue over Dracula. Format: Blu-ray. Tm
107. It Came From Beneath the Sea (1955, 79 minutes) 4.5/10 Great monster special effects but has a lot of filler. Everyone is so concerned about radiation. Format: Blu-ray. 1st
108. Dracula III: Legacy (2005, 90 minutes) 4/10 Squanders the momentum of prior films by fast forwarding to the future and losing track of the tension between some characters sidelining plot threads to focus on a sci fi tinged apocalyptic road trip, which sounds a lot cooler than it comes across in this disjointed mess. Jason Lee works as a poor man's Blade priest figure but otherwise a disposable film that could have been much better given prior installments. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm

October 21 [Planes/trains/automobile theme night] (7 hours, 55 minutes watched)
109. Christine (1983, 110 minutes) 7/10 Stylish anti-hero car movie, surprisingly effective. I seem to enjoy it more each time I watch it. Format: Blu-ray. Tm Sbst
110. Devil's Due (2014, 89 minutes) 4/10 Feels unoriginal and the found footage theme gives a disjointed feel jumping only from horror segment to horror segment dulling character development or emotional toll when it's most needed. Format: DVD [Redbox]. 1st
111. The Sentinel (1977, 92 minutes) 6.5/10 Religious melodrama with theatrical presence the likes of which aren't common today. Not necessarily scary, and getting dated, but really great twists. Format: Digital download. 1st
112. Raw Meat (1973, 87 minutes) 5/10 Theatrical with an odd emphasis on revealing the villains using leering scans of their environment and not holding out for suspense. Format: Digital download. 1st Tm
113. Terror Train (1980, 97 minutes) 6.5/10 Oddball but fun slasher using a lot of gimmicks, costumes on a train. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm

October 22 [Evil kids theme night] (6 hours, 33 minutes watched)
114. Ghost Son (2007, 97 minutes) 4.5/10 Unique attempts at an horror movie using Africa and spiritualism as a stage by Lamberto Bava but unconvincing chemistry between the leads dulls impact and some of the motives feel awkward despite the promising plot. Format: DVD. 1st Tm
115. Dark Water (2002, 101 minutes) 4/10 Slow pacing keeps things lulling along with an apparition that's not very scary most of the time and staging with over the top muted colors (grey walls everywhere) is more eyerolling than atmospheric. A taunt ending salvage things a little. Format: Digital download. Tm
116. The Uninvited (2009, 87 minutes) 5/10 Despite being typical as a remake with too many over used plot devices it's a lot more enjoyable than I expected. Format: Blu-ray. Tm Sbst
117. The Other (1972, 108 minutes) 7/10 Deceptively bright set in a rural community with 1970s familiarity but mean spirited and dark underneath The Other was a taunt movie. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm

October 23 [Mario Bava / William Castle theme night] (4 hours, 17 minutes watched)
118. Hatchet For the Honeymoon (1970, 88 minutes) 6.5/10 Told from the perspective of a killer with nice character driven motives aided by good imagery and cinematography. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
119. Whip and the Body (1963, 87 minutes) 7/10 Atmospheric with a rich ghost/love/revenge story; really moody and abstract. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
120. Five Dolls For An August Moon (1970, 82 minutes) 3/10 Psychedelic mod vibe aside the plot was slow without characters that feel generic with corny motives. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm

October 24 [Zombie theme night] (12 hours, 20 minutes watched)
121. Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror (1981, 85 minutes) 3/10 Nice gore but little plot aside from character set up. Some of the bad campiness is fun but feels too intentionally comedic combined with the cheap zombies that it's jarring. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
122. Resident Evil (2002, 100 minutes) 4.5/10 Slow hokey start leads to moments nicely paced frenzy towards the end, too much video game posturing and unconvincingly staged action early on. Format: Blu-ray. Tm
123. Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004, 94 minutes) 5.5/10 Great urban post apocalyptic feel with some nice plot twists; held back by insertion of a boss character that was over emphasized and an boss in unconvincing pivotal twist. Nice pacing and scene staging, much better than I remembered even giving a convincing backstory to the outbreak. Format: Blu-ray. Tm
124.Resident Evil: Extinction (2007, 94 minutes) 3.5/10 Apocalyptic wasteland Mad Max style feels like it's over-exaggerated setting too far and the road trip saga feels aimless. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
125. Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010, 97 minutes) 5/10 Long slow motion music infused combat sequences fill Afterlife and the 3D shooting helps action scenes stand out (even in 2D). After a while the Resident Evil films have a nice extended story hanging out in an undead world feel that is nice even if the individual movies are disposable standalone. Afterlife felt like it had more video game homages to good effect. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
126. Resident Evil: Retribution (2012, 96 minutes) 4/10 Action abounds but despite some clever editing devices (rewinding slow motion action, etc) the films gets a little too meta ultimately retconning earlier installments and further mocking plot by setting up and entirely disposable setup. Although it ends with a bang too much feels like filler until the inevitable next installment. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
127. Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz (2013, 87 minutes) 5.5/10 Gritty war horror movie with unconvincing russian elite versus early zombie prototypes in a prequel that's more fun than you'd expect from a low profile third installment of an off series even if much of that tends to focus on the humans with zombies secondary. There are a lot of references to the series even if the action is transparent enough. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
128. Frankenweenie (2012, 87 minutes) 5/10 The final half of Frankenweenie is some of the greated family friend horror animation in recent years chock full of references to classic Frankenstein, Vincent Price, etc. Format: Blu-ray. Tm

October 25 [Drive-in features theme night] (5 hours, 57 minutes watched)
129. The Abdominable Dr Phibes (1971, 94 minutes) 5.5/10 Inventive murders adorn this psychadelic gem with a creepy villain but some uneven pacing with comedic relief cops that lull things a bit. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm Sbst
130. Dr Phibes Rises Again (1972, 89 minutes) 6/10 Great ending across an Egypt backdrop with a rivalry that's more immediate than the first even if there are fewer inventive kills. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm Sbst
131. The Fly (1958, 94 minutes) 6.5/10 Flashback framing device works well creating a good sense of mystery even when it's obvious the outcome, which is executed in an unexpected manner. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
132. Return of The Fly (1959, 80 minutes) 4/10 Takes too long to get going with a bit of filler and ends up as straight forward creature piece that while enjoyable seems like it could have been better. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm

October 26 [Supernatural or quiet horror theme night] (7 hours, 23 minutes watched)
133. Silent House (2011, 86 minutes) 3.5/10 Tricky camera angels distort what should be obvious and while there is some tension ultimately things come across as far too generic despite the single take camera appearance. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
134. Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones [Extended Cut] (2014, 100 minutes) 4.5/10 Obnoxious characters get caught up in the least subtle Paranormal Activity yet with the most odd confusing ending yet; they keep making these movies hinting at a promising mythos then refusing to advance the story much beyond cheap scares. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
135. Absentia (2011, 91 minutes) 6/10 Unique and creepy films that gets better as it moves along despite some amateurish acting in places. Format: Digital streaming [Netflix]. 1st Tm
136. House of Frankenstein (1944, 71 minutes) 5.5/10 Hodge podge of Universal Studio monsters that hints at more than it delivers but with some nice references and build up. Format: DVD. 1st
137. Legend of Hell House (1973, 95 minutes) 6/10 Over the top haunted house supports a supernatural mystery film without limits. Format: Blu-ray. Tm
138. Scooby Doo: The Legend of the Witch's Ghost (1999, 77 minutes) 7/10 Impressive for a cartoon full of energy with frequent twists and a cool villain. Format: DVD. 1st Tm

October 27 [Anthology theme night] (11 hours, 32 minutes watched)
139. Two Evil Eyes (1990, 120 minutes) 5.5/10 Dated with Argento's segment being awkwardly gory. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
140. Body Bags (1993, 91 minutes) 6.5/10 Gory fun anthology film with an epic wraparound segment. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
141. Night Train to Terror (1985, 98 minutes) 5/10 Anthology with three movies trimmed down to disjointed highlights within a framing story. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
142. Annabelle (2014, 98 minutes) 6/10 Subtle in handling the doll segment resulting in good tension even if parts of the plot are telegraphed. Format: Theatrical. 1st
143. Dracula Untold (2014, 97 minutes) 5.5/10 Better than I expected for a Dracula origin movie while not scary has some fair imagery and characterization even if I think it ultimately gives Dracula inconsistent characterization. Format: Theatrical. 1st
144. Exists (2014, 86 minutes) 5/10 Good for a found footage movie about bigfoot despite some obnoxious characters, from the director of Blair Witch Project it shows good range. Format: Theatrical. 1st
145. The House That Dripped Blood (1971, 102 minutes) 7/10 Spirited assortment of horror anthology stories with casual fun twists that more poke subtle fun tha chill. Format: DVD. Tm Sbst
145a. Magic Schoolbus [S1E8] - In a Haunted House (1994, 30 minutes) -/10 Cartoonish diversion with the kids. Format: Online Streaming [Netflix]. Tm Sbst

October 28 [Masked killer theme night] (9 hours, 11 minutes watched)
[Mythical lost cuts found again double feature]
146. Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers [Producer's Cut] (1995, 96 minutes) 6/10 Curse has been a guilty pleasure of mine and works well as a semi-epilogue to earlier films looking at characters surrounding the events and adding a Myers origin tale. The producer's cut didn't seem substantially different to be but I liked the altered ending less. Format: Blu-ray. Tm
147. Nightbreed [Director's Cut] (1990, 120 minutes) 8.5/10 Epic monster slasher action movie that well exceeded my expectations with great imagery and pacing. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm[+6 minute introduction]
148. Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2 [Unrated] (2011, 93 minutes) 1.5/10 Horrible waste with little plot outside of some awkward workplace dark comedy that demystifies the killer and stalls despite some gory kills, it looks like it was shot on an undecorated sound stage. Attempts to expand the killer are overly ambitious and backfire. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
149. The Redeemer: Son of Satan (1978, 84 minutes) 5.5/10 Moody with an odd pacing at times venturing into randomness but with a great abstract/theatrical killer. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
150. Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein (1999, 78 minutes) 5/10 Alvin et al pal around with the monster and slapstick the doctor, better than I thought it'd be and a nice throwback to fun loving saturday morning cartoons. Format: Blu-ray. 1st
151. Die Monster Die (1965, 80 minutes) 5.5/10 Slow with some unusual themes and a cool monster. Format: Blu-ray. 1st

October 29 [Creature feature theme night] (16 hours, 33 minutes watched)
152. Rats: Night of Terror (1984, 97 minutes) 4.5/10 Braindead cheese fun on a cartoonish level with machismo apocalyptic ravagers versus rats. The unassuming threat versus over the top characters worked even if everyone was shallow. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm Sbst
153. Q the Winger Serpent (1982, 93 minutes) 5.5/10 Makes the most of a lower budget focusing on character drama than the epic monster. Good chemistry between the two leads with some nice aerial perspectives but drags in places. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
154. Nurse (2013, 84 minutes) 2/10 Crass with a poor lead actress and her over acting piercing through the sleek cinematography and promising plot to drag down the experience. Nurse could have worked with more subtlety but the forced irony and cutesy "humor" is a dealbreaker. Format: Blu-ray. 1st
[Maniac Cop double feature]
155. Maniac Cop 2 (1990, 90 minutes) 6.5/10 Takes some time getting there but one nice bit of action carnage. Format: Blu-ray. 1st
156. Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence (1993, 85 minutes) 4.5/10 Slower moving falling to slasher conventions; Maniac Cop is back but why? Format: Blu-ray. 1st
157. Jekyll and Hyde Portfolio (1971, 77 minutes) 2/10 Amateurish and slow with little plot and odd emphasis on dissecting frogs and faux science after some disposable kills. Not as lurid as I'd hoped. Format: Blu-ray. 1st
158. Return to House on Haunted Hill (2007, 81 minutes) 3/10 Generic with forced plot devices but some decent gore. Many lines are cringe worthy and the backdrop is a generic concrete. Format: Blu-ray. 1st
159. Nekromantik (1987, 75 minutes) 7/10 Surreal and darkly comedic with abstract social commentary that doesn't pull any punches with the gross outs. A bit over the top but a lot better than I expected. Format: Blu-ray. 1st
160. Dolls (1987, 78 minutes) 6.5/10 Well paced creepiness skewering haunted house conventions. Format: Blu-ray.
161. Ghostbusters II (1989, 110 minutes) -/10 Ghostbusters II is a nostalgic classic that pulls off a great underdog comeback with some cartoonish ghost hunting and a great plot about emotional slime, even the evil painting is great... no way to give it any sot of objective rating. Format: Blu-ray.
162. Orphan (2009, 123 minutes) 5.5/10 Initially slow but builds into an enjoyable thriller. Format: Blu-ray. 1st

October 30 [Diabolic theme night] (9 hours, 29 minutes watched)
163. The Devil's Business (2011, 69 minutes) 7/10 Taunt with good characterization while there are some dumb personality choices overall a nice slow burn with some depth. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
164. Witchboard (1986, 98 minutes) 4.5/10 Not as awesome as I'd hoped with an unexpected slasher vibe although supernaturally driven. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
165. Witchboard 2: The Devil's Doorway (1993, 98 minutes) 4/10 Cheesy and dated without as much tension. Hard to believe the same guy did Night of the Demons. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
166. Witching and Bitching (2013, 112 minutes) 6/10 Unique movie with a lot of comedy and fantasy elements that opens with a bang. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
167. Girly [aka Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny & Girly] (1970, 102 minutes) 6/10 Formal and rigid at time playing it straight about a zany family, sort of like a nursery rhyme - unassuming but dark. Format: Blu-ray. 1st
168. Island Claws (1980, 90 minutes) 3.5/10 Slow beating the viewer over the head building a premise that's obviously the selling point delivers too little too late. Format: Blu-ray. 1st

October 31 [Halloween theme night] (7 hours, 32 minutes watched)
169. Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982, 98 minutes) 6/10 Cartoonish set up that works as a dark homage to the season. Last year I really enjoyed H3 but this year it felt more hit or miss. Format: Blu-ray. Tm Sbst
170. Night of the Demons (2010, 96 minutes) 5.5/10 Kinetic patry movie that tries too hard to feel festive but is cheap fun despite cringeworthy generic set. Format: Blu-ray. 1st Tm
171. Dead Shadows (2012, 75 minutes) 6.5/10 Despite some cheap CGI and a slow start to a shorter film there was enough mayhem to satisfy even if it didn't seem original enough. Format: Blu-ray. 1st
172. Monster House (2006, 91 minutes) 6/10 A seasonal favorite with the family, I think it does well capturing the sense of childhood wonderment and discomfort surrounding the creepy house down the block. Format: Blu-ray. Tm
173. Claiming items 31a + 31B + 143a, totaling over one 2 hour run time item
174. Idle Hands (1999, 92 minutes) 4.5/10 Cool premise but awkward teen comedy is distracting for much of the run time. Format: Blu-ray. Tm

November 1 [Dead before dawn] (4 hours, 5 minutes watched)
175. Lake Placid (1999, 85 minutes) 5.5/10 A fantasy adventure Jurassic Park sort of movie with occasionally cheap CGI, better than I expected due to personality characterization but falls back on a lot of stereotypes. Format: Blu-ray. 1st
176. Nail Gun Massacre (1985, 85 minutes) 4.5/10 A sleazy fever dream of a movie, aimless and amateurish with a darkly humorous premise. Format: Blu-ray. 1st
177. Slumber Party Massacre II (1987, 75 minutes) 3/10 Slow then hammy then gory then overly cartoonish - too uneven with a killer so over the top he's not effective and a twist that's very predictable. Format: DVD. 1st

Checklist [Completed minimum]:
Select 10 actors [Done - 17/20]:
-X- John Agar -or- Donald Pleasence - Edgar Allen Poe's Buried Alive + The Monster Club [Pleasence]
-X- Adrienne Barbeau -or- Carolyn Purdy-Gordon - Two Evil Eyes [Barbeau], Dolls [Purdy-Gordon]
-X- Bruce Campbell -or- Bill Moseley - Babysitted Wanted [Moseley], Intruder [Campbell]
--- Barbara Crampton -or- Phil Fondacaro -
-X- Jamie Lee Curtis -or- Jill Schoelen - Terror Train [Curtis]
-X- Peter Cushing -or- Christopher Lee - The Mummy (Lee + Crushing)
--- Larry Drake -or- Michael Ironside -
-X- Lisa Langlois -or- Lynn Lowry - Shivers [Lynn Lowry]
-X- Suzi Lorraine -or- Sara Paxton - Satan's School for Lust [Suzi Lorraine]
-X- Christopher George -or- Kevin McCarthy - Graduation Day [Christopher George]
-X- Jeff Goldblum -or- Christopher Walken - The Sentinel [Goldblum]
--- Anthony Hopkins -or- Anthony Perkins -
-X- Boris Karloff -or- Bela Lugosi - The Comedy of Terrors + Mad Monster Party [Karloff]
-X- Jordan Ladd -or- Tiffany Shepis - Night of the Demons [Shepis, remake]
-X- José Mojica Marins -or- Paul Naschy - Curse of the Devil [Naschy], At Midnight I Will Take Your Soul [Marins]
-X- Malcolm McDowell -or- Julian Sands - Suck, Halloween 1+2 [McDowell]
-X- Ray Milland -or- Vincent Price - The Uninvited [Ray Milland], Tomb of Ligeria + House on Haunted Hill [Price]
-X- Andrew Prine -or- Robert Z'Dar - Lords of Salem [Prine], Maniac Cop 2-3 [Z'Dar]
-X- Michael Ripper -or- Thorley Walters - The Mummy (1959) [Ripper]
-X- John Saxon -or- Barbara Steele - Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors [John Saxon], Shivers [Barbara Steele]

Select 2 film composers [Done -3/4]:
-X- John Frizzell - Return to House on Haunted Hill
-X- Claudio Simonetti - Dracula 3D
--- Howard Shore -
-X- Frank Skinner - House of Frankenstein

Select 5 directors [Done, 9/10]:
-X- Dario Argento -or- Lucio Fulci - Dracula 3D [Argento]
-X- Mario Bava -or- William Castle - House on Haunted Hill [Castle], Hatchet for the Honeymoon [Bava]
-X- Lamberto Bava -or- Umberto Lenzi - Ghost Son [Bava]
-X- Larry Cohen -or- Don Coscarelli - Q the Winged Serpent [Cohen]
-X- Roger Corman -or- David DeCoteau - Bucket of Blood [Corman]
-X- Ruggero Deodato -or- Herschell Gordon Lewis - Cannibal Holocaust [Ruggero Deodato], Gore Gore Girls [Lewis]
-X- Kiyoshi Kurosawa -or- Hideo Nakata - Dark Water [Nakata]
-X- Tom Holland -or- Steve Miner - Lake Placid [Miner]
--- The Pang Brothers (Danny & Oxide) -or- Takashi Miike -
-X- Ti West -or- Adam Wingard - You're Next [Wingard]

Select 2 make-up effects artists [Done - 2/4]:
-X- Roy Ashton - The Mummy
--- Greg Cannom -
--- Robert Hall -
-X- Dick Smith (R.I.P.) - The Sentinel

Select 2 producers [Done 4/4]:
-X- Jason Blum - Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones
-X- Herman Cohen - I Was a Teenage Werewolf
-X- Sam Katzman - It Came From Beneath the Sea
-X- Guillermo del Toro - Hellboy: Blood & Iron

Select 1 writer [Done - 3/3]:
-X- Robert Bloch - The House That Dripped Blood
-X- Charles B. Griffith - A Bucket of Blood
-X- H.P. Lovecraft - Die Monster Die

Select 30 of the following sub-genres / types [Done]:
-X- *3-D Film - Piranha 3DD, Amityville 3D, Dracula 3D
-X- Anthology Film - Little Deaths, The Monster Club
-X- Appears on BFI's 100 European Horror Films List - Cannibal Holocaust
-X- Appears on Video Nasties List - Nightmare
-X- Based on a Novel - The Howling
-X- Cannibalism - Cannibal Holocaust
-X- Cinema Inspired By: Stephen King - Christine
-X- Cinematic Titanic / Horror Host / MST3K / RiffTrax - Katarina's Nightmare Theater on The Monster Club
-X- Comedy / Spoof - Stalled, The Comedy of Terrors, Suck
-X- Criterion / Masters of Cinema Version Film - The Uninvited, The Brood
-X- Death by: Decapitation - Piranha 3DD, Escape From Tomorrow, Bloodwork
-X- Distributor / Studio: Something Weird Video (R.I.P. Mike Vraney) - Gore Gore Girls
--- Documentary -
-X- Extraterrestrial / Takes Place in Space - Without Warning, The Blob
-X- Found Footage - Cannibal Holocaust, Afflicted, Possession of Michael King
-X- Frankenstein - House of Frankenstein
-X- Ghost / Haunting - The Uninvited, 23:59
-X- Giallo - The Bloodstained Shadow
-X- J-Horror - Dark Water
-X- Judges of Face Off (Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neil, Neville Page or Patrick Tatopoulos) - Silent Hill [Patrick Tatopoulos]
-X- Killer / Evil Animal - Day of the Animals, Piranha 3DD, Island Claws
-X- Killer / Evil Child - The Brood, Come Out and Play
-X- Killer / Evil Doll - Dolls
-X- Made-for-TV Movie - Buried Alive (by Darabont)
-X- Monster / Creature Feature / Godzilla - Bad Milo, Leprechaun
-X- Mummy - The Mummy (1959)
-X- Musical / Rock ‘n Roll Horror - Suck, Phantom of Paradise, Stage Fright
-X- Nation of Origin: Mexico - Come Out and Play, Here Comes the Devil
-X- Nazi - Little Deaths [Mutant Tool segment], Outpost: Black Sun
-X- Psychological - The Brood, Jacob's Ladder
-X- Rape / Revenge - Entrails of a Beautiful Woman
-X- Slasher / Psycho / Homicidal Maniac - Curtains, Graduation Day, Nightmare
-X- Takes Place on a Holiday - Stalled [Christmas Eve]
-X- Takes Place on or Under the Sea - The Most Dangerous Game, It Came From Beneath the Sea
-X- Three Installments in a Franchise - Resident Evils
-X- Vampire - Nosferatu in Venice, The Monster Club, Only Lovers Left Alive, Vampyros Lesbos
-X- Werewolf - Ginger Snaps, The Howling, Curse of the Devil, Werewolf Woman, Wer
-X- Witchcraft / Satanic / Religious - All Cheerleaders Die, The Lords of Salem, Devil's Business
-X- With Commentary - Shaun of the Dead [Pegg/Wright commentary]
-X- With Two or More Horror Legends - Comedy of Terrors [Vincent Price, Boris Korloff, Peter Lorre, Basil Rathbone]
-X- Zombie - Stalled

Watch films in at least three formats [Done]:
-X- First format, Blu-ray, The Uninvited.
-X- Second format, Digital streaming, The Brood + Escape From Tomorrow.
-X- Third format, DVD, Little Deaths.
Forth format, Theatrical, Annabelle + Dracula Untold.

Watch films in at least three languages:
-X- First language, Chinese, 23:59.
-X- Second language, Spanish, Curse of the Devil + Sexy Killer + Here Comes the Devil
-X- Third language, Japanese, Entrails of a Beautiful Woman + Genocide.
Forth language, Italian, Satan's Baby Doll + Whip & The Body.
Fifth language, French, Iron Rose.
Sixth language, Korean, The Host + Into the Mirror.
Seventh language, German, Vampyros Lesbos + Nekromantik.

Select 8 decades of film history [Done]:
--- 1890 -
--- 1900 -
--- 1910 -
-X- 1920 - Hands of Orlaf (1924)
-X- 1930 - The Most Dangerous Game (1932)
-X- 1940 - The Uninvited (1944), House of Frankenstein (1944)
-X- 1950 - The Thing From Another World (1951), A Bucket of Blood (1959), The Mummy (1959)
-X- 1960 - The Comedy of Terrors (1963), Tomb of Ligeria (1964), Mad Monster Party (1969)
-X- 1970 - The Brook (1979), Day of the Animals (1977)
-x- 1980 - Curtains (1983), The Carrier (1988), Cannibal Holocaust (1980), Nightmare (1981)
-X- 1990 - Buried Alive [x2] (1990)
-X- 2000 - Club Dread (2004), Silent Hill (2006)
-X- 2010 - Stalled (2013), Leprechaun Origins (2014)

Select 4 ratings:
-X- G - Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein
-X- PG - The Uninvited, Day of the Animals
-X- PG-13 - The Quiet Ones
-X- R -The Brood
-X- X / NC-17 - Jekyll and Hyde Portfolio
-X- Unrated - Little Deaths, The Comedy of Terrors
--- M -
-X- GP - Abominable Dr. Phibes

Attend a live event (convention, play, haunted house, ghost tour, etc.):
--- (insert event). OPTIONAL

Venture Into the Literary World:
--- Read a Horror Novel or Novella (insert title). OPTIONAL

Theme Night Participation - 31/31 [100%]

-X- 10/01: Better Crypts and Mortuaries - Bathrooms & Kitchens Edition - Stalled, Bad Milo
-X- 10/02: Mosquito Bites & Outdoor Frights - Summer-Themed Horror Films - Piranha 3DD, Sleepaway Camp
-X- 10/03: Nightmares & Dreamscapes - Dreams, Hallucinations & Drug Trips - Nightmare on Elm Street 3, Jacob's Ladder, Escape From Tomorrow
-X- 10/04: Hilariously Maniacal Acne-Ridden Mashup - Horror Comedies & Teen Screams - All Cheerleaders Die, The Comedy of Terrors, A Bucket of Blood
-X- 10/05: Gilligan's Island It Ain't; Isolation & Death Await - Deserted Island Horrors - Come Out And Play, The Most Dangerous Game, 23:59
-X- 10/06: Revenge of the Chronological Horror Years Faceoff! - 1964 (50th) Vs. 1989 (25th) - Death Spa (1989), Tomb of Ligeria (1964)
-X- 10/07: Soundtracks In the Key of Death - Horror Films w/ Original Songs - Suck, Stage Fright, Phantom of the Paradise
-X- 10/08: Lascivious Lychanthrope Lunacy (Werewolves / Were-Creatures) On A Full Moon - The Howling, Ginger Snaps, Curse of the Devil
-X- 10/09: What's On The Menu? You, Of Course! Foodservice Industry Terrors - Gore Gore Girls, Halloween 2, Without Warning, The Monster Club
-X- 10/10: Innuendo, Demonic T&A, Some Prostitutes & A Dash of Not-So-Gentle Foreplay - Lesbians, Brothels & Sex Demons - Shivers, Entrails of a Beautiful Woman
-X- 10/11: Print Media is Dead...Alive...Kicking & Screaming - 35 Years of Fangoria Covers - The Funhouse, Little Shop of Horrors, Amityville 3-D
-X- 10/12: Die In Agony. Rest In Pieces. - Graveyard Horrors - Neon Maniacs, Iron Rose
-X- 10/13: Embarrassment Level Exceeded; IMDB Entry Deleted - Before They Were Stars - Leprechaun [Jennifer Aniston], Mimic 3: Seninel
-X- 10/14: Vroom! Vroom! Decapitation, Mutilation, Death & Doom! Motorcycle Horrors - Rabid, Race With The Devil
-X- 10/15: Laden with MSG; Your Insides Will Bleed! The Asian Buffet of Tantalizing Terrors! - The Host, Genocide
-X- 10/16: Slashing More Than Just Prices! - Retail Establishment Terrors - The Dead Hate the Living!, Into the Mirror, Intruder
-X- 10/17: Intertwined Deadly Domestic Dispute: Parental Units - Demented Dads & Bad Mothas - Mother's Day, Doppleganger, The Loved Ones
-X- 10/18: Some Defunct, But the Terrors Continue To Run Amok - 1980's Video Companies - A Virgin Among The Living Dead, Werewolf Woman, Spider Baby
-X- 10/19: It Slices! It Dices! It Circumcises! - Slashers / Giallos / Serial Killers - Graduation Day, Nightmare, Jack's Back
-X- 10/20: Blood Sucking Freaks of the Apocalypse - Vampires & Apocalyptic Horror - Vampyros Lesbos, Dracula II: Ascension, Dracula III: Legacy
-X- 10/21: Demise & Dispair By Land & By Air - Planes, Trains & Automobiles - Christine [Automobile], Raw Meat [Train], Terror Train
-X- 10/22: Intertwined Deadly Domestic Dispute: Killer Offspring - Sibling Rivalry - Ghost Son, The Uninvited
-X- 10/23: Mario's Castle of Gimmicks & Gothic Gore The 100th Birthday Celebration of Mario Bava & William Castle - Whip & The Body, 5 Dolls For An August Moon, Hatchet for the Honeymoon
-X- 10/24: Mausoleum Mayhem; Gangrene Brainstem! - Zombies - Burial Ground, Resident Evils, Outpost 3
-X- 10/25: Mass Marathon of the Damned 5 - Drive-In Double Features: It's Alive! - Abdominal Dr Phibes
-X- 10/26: Ectoplasmic Delights; Strong Emotional Frights - Supernatural & Quiet / Soft - Silent House, Absentia, Legend of Hell House
-X- 10/27: Once, Twice, Three Times the Lacerations - Horror Anthologies - Two Evil Eyes, Night Train to Terror, House That Dripped Blood, Body Bags
-X- 10/28: Identities...Conceal! Depraved Homicidal Maniacs Always Kill! - Masked Killers - Halloween 6, Nightbreed, Laid to Rest 2
-X- 10/29: Monsterama. Monsterpalooza. Monsteritis. - Creature Features - Rats: Night of Terror, Q the Winged Serpent
-X- 10/30: Demented Devil's Night Debauchery - Demonic Possession / Satanic / Witchcraft - The Devil's Business, Witchboard 1 + 2, Witching & Bitching
-X- 10/31: All Hallows Eve Horrifically Hideous Hellfest - Halloween Related - Halloween III, Night of the Demons, Idle Hands

Movie Subset Participation - 31/31 [100%]
-X- 10/01: mightysparks - Stalled (2013) [on 10/01]
-X- 10/02: The Man with the Golden Doujinshi - The Carrier (1988) [on 10/02]
-X- 10/03: Darkgod - A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987) [on 10/03]
-X- 10/04: PCBreakdown - Club Dread (2004) [on 10/02]
-X- 10/05: rbrown498 - Come Out and Play (2012) [on 10/05]
-X- 10/06: ntnon - The Comedy of Terrors (1963) [on 10/04]
-X- 10/07: Gobear - Phantom of the Paradise (1974) [on 10/07]
-X- 10/08: ororama - The Howling (1981) [on 10/08]
-X- 10/09: Trevor - A Bucket of Blood (1959) [on 10/04]
-X- 10/10: clckworang - The Vampire Lovers (1970) [on 10/09]
-X- 10/11: Chad - The Funhouse (1988) [on 10/11]
-X- 10/12: indiephantom - Buried Alive (1990) [on 10/07]
-X- 10/13: Mondo Kane - Mimic 3: Sentinel (2003) [on 10/12]
-X- 10/14: Bladz - Rabid (1977) [on 10/14]
-X- 10/15: tarfrimmer - The Host (2006) [on 10/15]
-X- 10/16: therja - Intruder (1989) [on 10/16]
-X- 10/17: DaveyJoe - The Brood (1979) [on 9/30 after dusk]
-X- 10/18: nezumi - I Was a Teenage Zombie (1987) [on 10/04]
-X- 10/19: J. Farley - Jack's Back (1988) [on 10/19]
-X- 10/20: SethDLH - Vampire in Venice (aka "Prince of Night") (1988) [on 10/13, aka Nosferatu in Venice]
-X- 10/21: Darth Maher - Christine (1983) [on 10/21]
-X- 10/22: shellebelle - The Uninvited (2009) [on 10/22]
-X- 10/23: cwileyy - The House On Haunted Hill (1959) [on 10/18]
-X- 10/24: coyoteblue - Bio-Zombie (1998) [on 10/03/]
-X- 10/25: Dimension X - The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971) / Dr. Phibes Rises Again (1972) [on 10/25]
-X- 10/26: arw6040 - Oculus (2013) [on 10/10]
-X- 10/27: Undeadcow - The House That Dripped Blood (1971) [on 10/27]
-X- 10/28: shadokitty - Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988) [on 10/07]
-X- 10/29: SterlingBen - Rats: Night of Terror (1984) [on 10/29]
-X- 10/30: Melmoth - Here Comes the Devil (2012) [on 10/12]
-X- 10/31: jacob_b - Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982) [on 10/31]
-X- 00/00: Theatrical - Annabelle, Dracula Untold, Exists

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