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Undeadcow's October Horror Movie Challenge 2011

* = first time viewing (70% or 82/116 items)
+ = theme night selection

October 3 (10 hours, 58 minutes watched) [Cult favorites theme night]
01. Cropsey * (2009, 84 minutes) 7.5/10 Documentary paralleling lunatic campfire stories to real life disappearance of kids in 1980s New York. Mixes themes of satanism and insane murderers with the news sensationalism in a framework tributing horror legends. Portrays modern social angst surrounding treatment of I'll people after deinstitutionalization and although not creepy it weaves a mythos surrounding community superstition similar to the Blair Witch movies. Format: DVD; public library.
02. Santa Sangre * + (1989, 123 minutes) 8.5/10 Aside from the striking imagery and well integrated music score this had some great themes. The ending was a little disappointing but overall well worth checking out. Format: Online streaming; Netflix.
03. Popcorn * + (1991, 91 minutes) 4/10 I don't understand the fanfare surrounding Popcorn. The homages to William Castle and Phantom of the Opera were cutesy but this film didn't have clever enough gags to be as playful as it is so comes across weak. Format: Online streaming; Netflix.
04. The 7th Victim * (1943, 71 minutes) 7/10 Val Lewton's reputation for building suspense continues here. For a satanic thriller the devil material is downplayed but the emphasis on understanding mortality has some depth. Format: DVD; personal collection.
05. Frogs * + (1972, 91 minutes) 6.5/10 Although I never understood the appeal of this film having seen it I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. It's got an odd blend of campiness blended with a potentially cool but misfired reptilian horror theme (shades of Lovecraft). Format: Online streaming; Netflix.
06. Troll 2 * + (1990, 95 minutes) [Unclassifiable]/10 Some interesting surrealism that fades into non-sense with the fantasy angle being too ill concieved. Not sure how to comment on a movie like Troll 2. The wooden acting is amazing. Format: Online streaming; Netflix.
07. Scanners * + (1981, 103 minutes) 8/10 Didn't really feel like a horror movie but good pacing with sci-fi action and suspense.Format: DVD; personal collection.

October 3 (7 hours, 34 minutes watched) [Viral/Infection theme night]
08. Rabid [aka Rage] + (1977, 91 minutes) 6.5/10 The themes of addiction and emotional need are great and ambitious but the fim feels unpolished. Format: DVD; personal collection.
09. The Last Man on Earth * + (1964, 86 minutes) 8/10 Good theme use to convey loneliness and isolation with using flashbacks to strengthen the backstory. Format: Online streaming; Netflix.
10. The Ring Virus * + (1999, 108 minutes) 7/10 Very surreal if you've seen all the other movies with mild but amusing differences from the other J-horror and US remake. Format: DVD; personal collection.
11. Monster House (2006, 91 minutes) 7/10 One of the kid, I admire Monster House's spirit but it falls trying to develop an origin story and evil house romantic subplot. Format: DVD; personal collection.
12. [Rec] * + (2007, 78 minutes) 8.5/10 Good suspense with logical but unpredictable progression but a little slow to start. Format: DVD; personal collection.

October 3 (7 hours, 41 minutes watched) ["JawsPloitation" theme night]
13. Piranha * + (1978, 94 minutes) 7.5/10 Better than I expected with awesomely fake fish but more emphasis on human suspense than ecological terror. Format: DVD; personal colletion.
14. Piranha+ (2010, 88 minutes) 7/10 Part music video, part horror movie. More of a sequel than a remake with some good energy and gore. Format: DVD; personal colletion.
15. Orca the Killer Whale * + (1977, 92 minutes) 7/10 A killer whale revenge movie set complete with hammy scottish accents that is as good as it could have been although a bit too much of a Jaws clone (shadows of Moby Dick and Frankenstein).Format: Online streaming; Youtube.
16. Creature * (1985, 97 minutes) 4/10 Bland darkened set design with no viable "creature" appearance till the last section and unmotivated acting. Never did I think I'd end up liking a killer whale movie more than an Alien rip says the evil alien brain slug.Format: Online streaming; Netflix.
17. Puppetmaster * (1989, 90 minutes) 7/10 Much better than I expected despite the corny script. Looking forward to checking out the sequels, made possible by $5 Walmart bin.Format: Online streaming; Netflix.

October 4 (4 hours, 49 minutes watched) [1970s theme night]
18. The Mighty Peking Man [aka Goliathon] * + (1977, 87 minutes) 4/10 Despite having one of the most amazing veiled sex analogy in the world this came across as a bland rip-off right down to the giant monkey swating planes. Apparently giant monkey = horror. Blah.Format: Online streaming; Netflix.
19. Vampire Circus * + (1972, 87 minutes) 7/10 Much better than I expected, on the face of it Hammer Horror films look so classical they seem bland but so far they've delivered. Lulls a little in the middle but a spirited eccentric film.Format: Online streaming; Netflix.
20. Picnic at Hanging Rock * + (1975, 115 minutes) 7.5/10 Subtle and dramatic with good suspense. This ended up being much better than I expected. The world needs more victorian horror movies.Format: DVD; rental (Vulcan Video).

October 5 (4 hours, 40 minutes watched) [French theme night]
21. The Horde * + (2009, 90 minutes) 7.5/10 Fast paced and gruesome zombie movie with good energy and a lot of fun but perhaps too gritty with unlikable characters. Format: Online streaming; Netflix.
22. Repulsion (1965, 105 minutes) 9/10 Suspenseful and paced british film; Roman Polanski is a master and this is one of his best.Format: DVD; rental (Vulcan Video).
23. The Grapes of Death + (1978, 85 minutes) 8/10 Long gaps of film with limited dialogue and wide atmospheric landscape cinematography create a lyrical and surreal zombie film. The insert booklet compares this with Night of the Living Dead but as classic as Romero is I find these contaminated humans turning into zombies creepier. Is the blind girl suppose to be metaphoric or just a cheap plot vechicle?Format: DVD; personal collection.

October 6 (5 hours, 21 minutes watched) [Video Nasties theme night]
24. The Most Dangerous Game * (1932, 63 minutes) 9/10 Remarkable film with good suspense and characters.Format: DVD; Personal collection.
25. Calling Dr Death [Inner Sanctum Mysteries]* (1943, 63 minutes) 6.5/10 Decent horror mystery with shadows of the Tell-tale Heart. Good retro stylings. I think I would have liked it even more if The Most Dangerous Game hadn't rocked me just before.Format: DVD; personal collection
26. Dead & Buried * + (1981, 94 minutes) 7.5/10 Atmospheric with a chilling ending; altogether a very different film that benefits from multiple viewings.[/COLOR] Format: DVD; Personal collage.
27. I Spit On Your Grave (Commentary track with Joe Bob Briggs) * + (1978, 101 minutes) 8.5/10 I Spit On Your Grave always seemed dated to me but the Joe Bob Briggs commentary was worth-while. He discusses point of view within the film and cites some of the critical reactions. He expounds on the feminist qualities of the film to flesh it out more. A worth-while commentary. The commentary makes rape/revenge seems like an art form.Format: DVD; Personal collage.

October 7 (4 hours, 27 minutes watched) [British horror theme night]
28. Malabimba the Malicious Whore (Uncensored) * (1979, 97 minutes) 5.5/10 This caught my attention because it's going out of print and looks crazy. In reality the supernatural is downplayed and the sexuality is startling against the otherwise mundane plot. Interesting ending.Format: DVD; rental (Vulcan Video).
29. Asylum * + (1972, 88 minutes) 5.5/10 Spirited anthology film but falters with hit or miss stories and the asylum theme doesn't work for me. Started off strong with the first story then lulls. Format: DVD; rental (Vulcan Video).
30. The Curse of Frankenstein * + (1957, 82 minutes) 7/10 Hammer Horror nails it again. Suspenseful Frankenstein retelling with a strong Dr Frankenstein character and the power struggles he gets into with mentor and wife. Format: DVD; rental (Vulcan Video).

October 8 (6 hours, 38 minutes watched) [Action horror theme night]
31. Torso * (1973, 85 minutes) 6.5/10 Very stylized giallo with some absurd red herrings. Enjoyable but irredeemable. Format: DVD; rental (Vulcan Video).
32. Daughters of Darkness (1971, 100 minutes) 7/10 The subtlety in this movie is great and the setting with minimal characters creates a sense of concentrated intimacy. I still don’t understand the “mother” subplot and some of the death scenes are oddball but it doesn’t under-estimate the viewing. Format: DVD; personal collection.
33. From Dusk Till Dawn + (1996, 108 minutes) 7.5/10 Crazy genre bender that doesn’t pull any punches with stylized violence and has machismo to spare pulling off a vampire strip club. Format: DVD; personal collection.
34. John Carpenter’s Vampires + (1998, 108 minutes) 5/10 When I first saw this film (in high school) I really enjoyed it but that hasn’t held up. James Woods is the least convincing hardened vampire hunter ever. Worth it for an absurd non-sense scene where a vampire rips apart people at a hooker party financed by the Vatican and an ambitious attempt at a horror western. Format: DVD; personal collection.

October 9 (7 hours, 53 minutes watched) [Asian horror theme night]
35. Snake Woman’s Curse * + (1968, 85 minutes) 6/10 Slow paced ghost revenge story with some good imagery shadowed by the director’s other film, Jigoku. Some of the social commentary was a little too transparent. Format: DVD; personal collection.
36. Onibaba + (1964, 103 minutes) 6.5/10 Atmospheric film fueled by human drama with some subtle supernatural elements. None of the characters adding to the barrent atmosphere and tension. Format: DVD; personal collection.
37. Wild Zero * + (2000, 98 minutes) 7/10 Filled with rock star attitude and cheap effects. Format: DVD; personal collection.
38. Bubba Ho-tep (2002, 92 minutes) 3/10 Has oddball cult potential but most of the humor comes across as too juvenile. After getting it for $3 at Big Lots and now somehow watching it 4 times I’ve gotten my money’s worth but I think it becomes more painful after every viewing. I wish Coscarelli would give up on a Bubba sequel and focus on Phantasm 5 (which is not even rumored). Format: DVD; personal collection.
39. Premonition * + (2004, 95 minutes) 8/10 Surreal psychic ghost story with excellent twists and plot development. This sat on my shelf for years because the plot seemed bland but it delivers in execution. Format: Online streaming; Netflix.

October 10 (8 hours, 01 minutes watched) [Euro horror 100 theme night]
40. Suspiria + (1977, 98 minutes) 9/10 Classic film with vibrant colors and eerie score building whimsical mystery. Excellent eurohorror despite some cheap plot devices and a rushed ending. Format: DVD; personal question.
41. Inferno * + (1980, 106 minutes) 7/10 Disjointed film that relies on strong musical score and elaborate murders to create tension. At times slow but generally effective. Format: DVD; personal question.
42. Mother of Tears * (2008, 102 minutes) 6/10 Ambitious follow-up to Suspiria/Inferno that starts promising but collapses under an awkward story about good witches versus bad witches. Epic scale and promising themes but ineffective execution. Format: DVD; personal collection.
43. Hour of the Wolf + (1968, 90 minutes) 7.5/10 A ghost(?) movie that pulls the viewed into the ethereal world with the characters and uses the interaction to mirror internal conflict. Good imagery and surrealism leaving a feeling of depth. Format: DVD; personal collection.
44. Dead End * (2003, 85 minutes) 6.5/10 Creepy but cliched parody propelled by expressive character actors and cheap skits. Surprisingly scary despite the over acting. Format: Online streaming; Netflix.

October 11 (4 hours, 32 minutes watched) [Werewolf theme night]
45. The Beast Within + (1982, 98 minutes) 7.5/10 I remember first seeing this on TNT as part of Joe Bob Briggs' Monstervision so maybe the late night cable memories bias me towards liking Beast Within. Part backwoods slashes, part creature film results in a dark film. Format: Online streaming; Netflix.
46. Dog Soldiers + (2002, 105 minutes) 8.5/10 Tense action horror with claustrophic blockaded house plot. I've seen it several times before and it holds up well. Format: DVD; personal collection.
47. The Wolf Man * + (1941, 69 minutes) 7/10 Interesting scientific rationalism versus emotional mysticism subplot. Out of all the Universal horror films this one seems more eccentric with gypsies and pentagrams along with a passive and unaware monster. Format: Online streaming; Netflix.

October 12 (4 hours, 55 minutes watched) [Stephen King theme night]
48. Sauna * (2008, 83 minutes) 8/10 Cerebral horror film with interesting themes/imagery and some apparent depth that seems impenetrable. This is one I'll want to catch again and give more thought.. Format: DVD; rental.
49. Children of the Corn + (1984, 92 minutes) 8/10 The parody of religion and youth is interesting and the film has a slow creepy pacing but is at times too slow. There's a character in here who helps fill the lack of creepy red headed kids in horror films and Linda Hamilton seems very young in this film. I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought it would although it has not aged well. Format: DVD; personal collection.
50. Creepshow + (1982, 120 minutes) 4.5/10 Fun anthology film and although the homage to EC Comics is charming the stories generally come up short. My favorites are The Crate and the bug segment. Leslie Neilson in a serious role is confusing. Format: DVD; personal collection.

October 13 (6 hours, 14 minutes watched) [Found footage theme night]
51. Night of the Blood Beast (Mystery Science Theater 3000) * (1958 (film) / 1996 (MST3K episode); 97 minutes) 2/10 I want to like the concept but I mostly find MST3K boring rarely becoming more than cutesy. I resolve to never again watch MST3K having already wasted too much of my life on that. Night of the Blood Beast was a slow film but with a cool b-movie monster. Format: Online streaming; Netflix.
52. [Rec] 2 * + (2009, 85 minutes) 8.5/10 Amazing follow-up to [Rec] with intense pacing that follows immediately after the original with it’s near end plot twist. Because the creatures and backstory are presented differently the sequel remains fresh weakend only by an awkward plot point involving night vision near the end. Format: DVD; rental (Redbox).
53. Trollhunter * + (2010, 103 minutes) 7.5/10 Creative film in a different subgenre than has become a staple, Trolls. Clever plot devices but some of the mythology felt rocky (various types of trolls, chasing Christians, etc). Does an admirable job of reaching a climatic peak for a film about Trolls, a topic that in itself seems less menacing. Format: Online streaming; Netflix.
54. The Stepfather * (1987, 89 minutes) 7/10 Mundane story made interesting with existential questions. I remember seeing the Stepfather movies in with rentals as a kid and I always though the premise of an evil stepfather would make for a poor horror film. O’Quinn’s acting and a strong script pulls it through. Format: DVD; rental (Vulcan Video).

October 14 (3 hours, 1 minute watched) [Supernatural/ghost theme night]
55. The Legend of Hell House * + (1973, 95 minutes) 7/10 Colorful film with who-dunit elements surrounding a haunted house. Sometimes lacks subtlety (4 psychics is a bit overkill) but generally interesting. Format: Online streaming; Netflix.
56. Pumpkinhead + (1988, 86 minutes) 3.5/10 The Pumpkinhead monster shows potential but the film is trash. The hillbilly folklore elements are interesting but I know Lance Henrickson is a better actor than he shows here and most of the movie is kids running around acting oblivious. How did this end up with 3 sequels? RIP Stan Winston. Format: DVD; rental (Vulcan Video).

October 14 (6 hours, 6 minutes watched) [Comedy theme night]
57. The Golem * (1920, 91 minutes) 6.5/10 Silent film with elaborate sets and an obvious influence on Frankenstein. Like with Trollhunter it’s good to see ethnic mythology turned into a horror film. Although The Golem is not frightening it has a unique historical political feel and despite it’s age is refreshingly original (not many clay monster films out there). Format: Online streaming; Netflix.
58. Poultygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead * + (2006, 103 minutes) 6.5/10 Insane gore with clever commentary and biting humor in an intelligent film disappointed by too often resorting to poop jokes. The first third of the movie is slow and filled with in-your-face disgusting gags but the last third of the film is a great campy gore-fest with funny creatures and plot. There are some inspired touches like the use of broadway style musical interludes. Format: BluRay ; Personal Collection.
59. Cannibal Girls * + (1973, 84 minutes) 6.5/10 Ivan Reitman before Ghostbusters + Eugene Levy before American Pie = slow thriller with my favorite ending so far this challenge. Format: DVD; rental (Vulcan Video).
60. House (aka Hausu) * + (1977, 88 minutes) 7.5/10 Visually complicated surreal film that is stylish and elaborate but makes little sense. Amazing imagery often so absurd to be cute but with a feminine point of view that feels panicked. Odd slow romantic feeling music that clashes with the on-screen images. The insert book accurately points out the director’s fascination with schoolgirls and that the characters get progressively more nude as the film progresses so there’s a sleazy undercurrent. Format: DVD; rental (Vulcan Video).

October 16 (7 hours, 18 minutes watched) [Italian horror theme night]
61. Kill Baby Kill + (1966, 80 minutes) 7/10 This was my introduction to Mario Bava last year and on second viewing it holds up well. Knowing the plot helps pull out more material intended for subtle set-up. I love the over-the-top set design. Format: DVD; personal collection.
62. Planet of the Vampires * + (1965, 86 minutes) 6/10 Dated and slow but well executed with set-up that foreshadows Alien and Lifeforce. Nice twist ending. Format: Online streaming; Netflix.
63. Lisa and the Devil * + (1976, 92 minutes) 8/10 Hallucinatory and hard to follow but delivers the goods. At times it feels disconnected but other times creepy; often subtle and leaves it to the viewer to figure out what is going on. Format: DVD; personal collection.
64. Nude for Satan * + (1974, 82 minutes) 3.5/10 Despite the eye catching title this film is non-sense salvaged only by pop culture psychology guesses at the meaning behind everything. There is a disappointing lack of Satan, cheesy wardrobe, and the worst spider effects ever. Format: DVD; personal collection.
65. The Prophecy (1995, 98 minutes) 7.5/10 The Prophecy has always been a guilty pleasure for me. Quirky characters with a balance between one side versus another not often seen in horror movies so there’s a sense of epic conflict (not just another disposable teenage victim, worthy religious battle). The native American bit is silly… but it’s got the guy from Re-Animator. Format: DVD; personal collection.

October 17 (4 hours, 31 minutes watched) [Anthology theme night]
66. The Prophecy II (1998, 87 minutes) 8/10 Better pacing and plot than the first Prophecy movie without so much wordy explanation. Format: DVD; personal collection.
67. Tales of Terror * + (1962, 89 minutes) 6/10 Lack of subtlety left this feeling muted and the use of the same actors in each skit hurt establishment of character. Maybe Poe has become too over-exposed to remain scary/tense. The first segment was the best. Format: DVD; personal collection.
68. Haunting at the Beacon* + (2009, 95 minutes) 6.5/10 Twisted ending with a nice spin on ghost mythos. The build-up is creepy although not always original. Format: Online streaming; Netflix.

October 18 (6 hours, 03 minutes watched) [Fanchise/iconic theme night]
69. Dracula: Dead and Loving It (1995, 88 minutes) 2.5/10 Misses more than it hits, but I have a disability that prevents me from thinking Mel Brooks is as hilarious as others seem to regard him. Remarkably faithful to the source for a spoof. Format: Online streaming; Netflix.
70. The Video Dead * (1987, 90 minutes) 6/10 Cheap fun with good atmospheric zombies. The zombie behavior is slapdash but the idea of an evil TV is great and Video Dead knows how to have fun. Format: Online streaming; Netflix.
71. Children of the Corn * + (1987, 90 minutes) 7/10 I enjoyed Children of the Corn more than I thought I would. I didn’t think I had seen this before but remember I had. Format: DVD; Personal collection.
72. A Nightmare on Elm Street * + (2010, 95 minutes) 2/10 Ineffective remake that tries too hard to explain the Freddy store. New Freddy is less animated but comes across stiff not creepy. Even for a remake there’s not a lot of originality in this one. I took off points because it makes me sad to see what could be a great franchise die; even the crappy Christianity mythos wasn’t as bad as this. Format: DVD; Personal collection.

October 19 (3 hours, 06 minutes watched) [Slasher/Giallo/Serial killer theme night]
73. Bay of Blood * + (1971, 84 minutes) 5.5/10 Surely more significant historically than I can relate too but a generally effect slasher prototype. Format: DVD; Personal collection.
74. American Psycho + (2000, 102 minutes) 7/10 I love the stylization in American Psycho and the twist ending. Christian Bale is strong in this role and the 80s localization is a fun touch. Format: Online streaming; Personal collection.

October 20 (4 hours, 35 minutes watched) [Vampire theme night]
75. Hellboy: Blood and Iron * + (2007, 75 minutes) 7/10 Gets crazy with so many villians taking advantage of the animated presentation. Weak plot but good presentation. Format: Online streaming; Netflix.
76. Thirst * + (1979, 93 minutes) 9/10 So far Thirst is my favorite first time viewing this month. The mean spirited psychological gags come across with dark humor and there is a lot of psychological bends in this film. Although dated it’s a depraved and original film with a fresh take on vampires. The medical plot point is creepy and graphic driving home the thrill. Format: DVD; personal collection.
77. Dracula (Spanish Version0 * + (1931, 104 minutes) 5/10 I think I’m getting burnt out on Bram Stoker presentations so don’t think I was able to appreciate this on it’s own merits. Format: Online streaming; Personal collection.

October 21 (3 hours watched) [Apocalyptic theme night]
78. Night of the Comet + (1984, 95 minutes) 7.5/10 Popcorn fun movie that is a nice diversion from genre convictions. I love the playful style and 80s feel of this movie. Between this and Sole Survivor director Thom Eberhart doesn’t get the credit he deserves (especially not after “inspiring” the acclaimed Final Destination and 28 Days Later which blatantly rip off his films); note to self: Check out Naked Fear (Eberhart’s other/recent horror film). Format: DVD; Personal collection.
79. The Zombie Diaries * + (2006, 85 minutes) 3/10 A forgettable bore, maybe I’m getting burnt on too many horror movies but Zombie Dairies blows. Format: DVD; Personal collection.

October 22 (5 hours, 16 minutes watched) [Zombie theme night]
80. White Zombie * + (1932, 69 minutes) 7/10 Cartoonish and playful environment with diabolical over-the-top villain focused on human drama in a love triangle. Spirited film with good energy. Format: Online streaming; Netflix.
81. Aaah Zombies!(aka Wasting Away) * + (2007, 90 minutes) 5.5/10 Based on a clever gag premise that is not interesting enough to carry a whole film. The humor is off being too silly to be funny and not dark enough for black comedy. Format: Online streaming; Netflix.
82. Equinox… A Journey Into the Supernatural * + (1967, 71 minutes) 6/10 Interesting precursor to the Evil Dead films with dated but interesting stop motion effects. At times disjointed but always well paced as assorted supernatural forces attack 4 “teens”. Format: DVD; Personal collection.
83. The Strangers * + (2008, 86 minutes) 6.5/10 Tense films that is only effective because the villians are given unrealistic license making suspension of disbelief hard at times (even for a horror movie). Out of all the movies based at a cabin in the woods this is good at conveying a sense of trapped isolation. Format: DVD; Personal collection.

October 23 (6 hours, 26 minutes watched) [Gothic/atmospheric theme night]
84. Lady in White * + (1988, 112 minutes) 7/10 Good sense of mystery with a “Christmas Story” kids viewpoint vibe. Format: DVD; rental (Vulcan Video)
85. Brain Damage * (1988, 84 minutes) 7.5/10 Original and unique film that addresses addiction. The ending is good but out of nowhere. Format: DVD; rental.
86. Who Can Kill A Child? * (1976, 107 minutes) 8/10 Much better than I expected although a bit preachy at times. This out does Children of the Corn as the definitive evil children movie. At least one very inventive memorable death. Format: DVD; rental.
87. Carnival of Souls(Directors Cut) + (1962, 83 minutes) 8/10 Ethereal film with creepy tone but lulls a bit in the middle. Format: DVD; personal collection.

October 24 (5 hours, 48 minutes watched) [Mutant theme night]
88. It’s Alive * + (1974, 91 minutes) 8/10 I’ve always heard good things about It’s Alive and was expecting some sleazy oddity about a killer baby but instead found something with more depth about a father trying to manage the fallout of mutant birth. A nice positive surprise. Format: DVD; personal colletion.
89. It Lives Again * + (1978, 91 minutes) 7.5/10 Deserving follow-up to It’s Alive with more evil babies tries to one up the original but loses some of the subtle mystery/drama about the first. The gag of rarely showing the creature worked well in the first but in the second comes across more strained in the second which has a more action vibe. Format: DVD; personal collection.
90. Mad Monster Party? (1967, 94 minutes) 5.5/10 The animation and design are great but a lot of the gags fall flat. For a “family” move it’s great but very corny. Format: DVD; personal collection.
91. Scooby Doo Camp Scare! (2010, 72 minutes) 5/10 Surprisingly entertaining for a Scooby Doo movie, although classic they have become unoriginal and dull. Good production quality and a variety of madcap setup involving 2 monsters. I rated it lower because Scooby Doo is great but it’s plot format is wearing thin and it’s not my style. Format: Online streaming; Netflix.

October 25 (2 hours, 49 minutes watched) [Vincent Price theme night]
92. Theater of Blood + (1973, 104 minutes) 9/10 Theater of Blood is a colorful fast film with a lot of wit and well honed character performances. It is sleazy and brutal but cultured. Format: DVD; personal collection.
93. Dreamworks Spooky Stories (Scared Shrekless, Aliens Vs Monsters: Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space, & The Ghost of Lord Farquaad + (2009, 65 minutes) 6.5/10 Colorful clever novelties that spoof classic horror movies with popular CGI cartoons, more fun that it sounds. Format: Online streaming; Netflix.

October 26 (3 hours, 06 minutes watched) [Splatter theme night]
94. Black Belly of the Tarantula * + (1971, 89 minutes) 4.5/10 A cool premise that is ruined by slow clinical pacing focusing on a frustrated police officer. Format: Online streaming, Netflix.
95. Nightmare (aka Nighmares in a Damaged Brain) * + (1981, 97 minutes) 6.5/10 Did not live up to the hype as a lost horror gem but for a serial killer movie has an interesting lead and some good splatter. A lot of the psychological fantasy elements come off strained. Format: DVD, rental.

October 27 (1 hours, 53 minutes watched) [Psychological theme night]
96. Psycho II* + (1983, 113 minutes) 8/10 A worthwhile follow-up to the Hitchcock classic pulling off a near impossible feat. Interesting in that it's so character driven which is unusual for a horror movie. Format: DVD, personal collection.

October 28 (6 hours, 29 minutes watched) [Witchcraft theme night]
97. Burn, Witch, Burn* + (1962, 90 minutes) 9.5/10 Energetic witchcraft film with constant plot movement filled with a lot of macabra content for the running time. So far the best film I've seen this month. Format: Online streaming, Netflix.
98. Lorna the Exorcist* + (1974, 81 minutes) 8/10 Propelled by a strong lead actress in an unrelenting role this sleazy filth is an entertaining Faustus twist. I was not expecting the nudity to be so explicit but the fake lesbian scenes are funny. Format: DVD, rental.
99. Dr Renault's Secret* (1942, 58 minutes) 3/10 Dated premise that too much resembled a poor man's Frankenstein. Format: DVD, rental (library).
100. Fiend Without a Face* (1958, 74 minutes) 5/10 Overlong set-up takes too long to get to the amazing paydirt stop motion creature effects which almost redeem the film entirely in being so awesome but too little too late. Fast forward to the end.[/COLOR][COLOR=Gray] Format: DVD, rental (library).
101. The Bleeding House* (2011, 86 minutes) 5/10 Clever gutsy premise with some effective although low budget poorly acted execution. Format: Online streaming, Netflix.

October 29 (5 hours, 42 minutes watched)
102. Amusement* (2008, 85 minutes) 3/10 Lazy effort with ineffective nonsensical gore for cheap shocks neutered due to awkward set-up heavily cloning better films. Format: Online streaming, Netflix.
103. The Possession of David O'Reilly* (2010, 87 minutes) 7.5/10 Great premise with tense supernatural action. Format: Online streaming, Netflix.
104. 13 Ghosts* (1960, 85 minutes) 6/10 Gimmicky but surprisingly good. I enjoyed the quirky ghosts and liked this better than the remake. Format: DVD, library.
105. Paranormal Activity 3* (2011, 85 minutes) 5/10 Faithfully follows the .mythos of the first two and found footage gimmick to a fault impairing the pacing by limiting set-up and stretching plausibility of homemade taping. Once it picks up after a boring first half it adds a nice touch to the franchise while remaining tense and cryptic. Format: Theater screening, Cinemark.

October 30 (10 hours, 48 minutes watched) [Demonic/Satanic theme night]
106. The Exorcist (The Version You've Never Seen) + (1973, 132 minutes) 7.5/10 Although probably not as horrifying to me today as it was when it first came out I admire the artistry and seriousness in how the supernatural is presented and compared with science versus religion. Format: DVD, personal collection.
107. The Brain That Wouldn't Die * (1962, 82 minutes) 8.5/10 Although lacking subtlety and too preachy I loved the themes of fidelity and search for cosmetic beauty. A slightly sleazier but still tame bend on Frankenstein. Format: Online streaming, Netflix.
108. Deathdream (1974, 88 minutes) 7/10 Amazing ending but got off to a slower start. Andy is an awkward character, perhaps intentionally. Format: DVD, personal collection.
109. The Prophecy III: The Ascent * + (2000, 84 minutes) 5/10 Popcorn action horror mis-step that distills an epic heaven/hell battle down to a two man conflict and downgrades Christopher Walken to a supporting role; why? Format: DVD, personal collection.
110. The Prophecy (IV): Uprising * + (2005, 88 minutes) 3/10 Awkard plot devices result in assorted characters narrating the plot along without much immediacy (for example a major plot point comes via reading line for line online chatroom dialogue). There is no viewer surrogate or attempt to engage other than to assume the material is cool enough on it's own to compell viewing; not sure I can work up the nerve for the follow-up. Format: DVD, personal collection.
111. Satan's Blood * + (1978, 82 minutes) 8/10 Amazing film that although slow to start ratchets up the tension in an atmospheric and rewarding way; much better than I thought it would be twisted with graphic gore and softcore sex. Format: DVD, personal collection.
112. Monsters Inc (2001, 92 minutes) 4.5/10 Light hearted and playful but for some reason never struck a cord with me. Format: DVD, library.

October 31 (6 hours, 05 minutes watched) [Halloween setting theme night]
113. Halloween 4: The Retun of Michael Meyers * + (1988, 88 minutes) 5.5/10 .More large scale than the original two involving more characters but it felt like Meyers had less of a presence. The ending was great but not original. Format: DVD, personal collection.
xxx. The Haunted Castle (1986) / The Black Imp (1905) / Frankenstein (1910) * + (1896-1910, ~16 minutes) -/10 . I think the older turn of the centure movies would be more interesting presented with documentary information or more historical context. The Black Imp was one of the more interesting films I've seen from 1900s. Format: Online streaming, Youtube (Haunted Castle, Black Imp) & (Frankenstein 1910).
114. Trick 'R Treat * + (2007, 82 minutes) 5.5/10 TrT is a mediocre movie propelled by strong seasonal/Halloween dressing and good story overlap. Format: DVD, personal collection.
115. Hell Night * + (1981, 101 minutes) 4.5/10 Maybe by this point I’ve become jaded but aside from Linda Blair and the awesomely strange Victorian dress this one lulled along at times falling back on some slasher conventions but never really shining. It was never fast paced enough to be interesting and the actors were not good enough to keep it floating. I might need to re-watch this to see if I can appreciate it more Format: Online streaming, Netflix.
116. Near Dark (1987, 94 minutes)8x/10 A horror classic that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Kathyrn Bigelow has done some promising things here and with Point Break that should have given her Academy Award considerations years ago. The main character is a little whiny and there is a magical plot turn that stretches a bit but good pacing and epic scale. Format: Online streaming, Netflix.

Total Content Watched: 175 hours 37 minutes; 116 films (90.83 minute average run time)
Film Count By Decade*
1920 = 1 | 1930 = 3 | 1940 = 4 | 1950 = 2 | 1960 = 15 | 1970 = 21 | 1980 = 20 | 1990 = 9 | 2000 = 26 | 2010 = 7
Film County By Format*
DVD 75 | Online Streaming = 38 | Blu 2 | Theater 1
[color=grey]* If evidence of tally miscalculation, lazy approximations were made.

Overall Favorites: Santa Sangre, Sauna, Thirst, Wild Zero, Burn Witch Burn, Most Dangerous Game, Lorna the Exorcist, Satan's Blood, The Brain That Wouldn't Die.
Disappointments: Paranormal Activity 3, Popcorn, Bubba Ho-tep, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Pumpkinhead, Amusement, The Prophecy: Uprising

Checklist [100% complete]:
Watch a film starring:
-X- Barbara Crampton -or- Barbara Shelley - Puppetmaster (Barbara Crampton)
-X- Doug Bradley -or- Sid Haig - The Prophecy (IV): Uprising (Doug Bradley)
-X- Hazel Court - The Curse of Frankenstein
-X- Klaus Kinski - Creature
-X- Lance Henriksen -or- Ken Foree – Pumpkinhead, Near Dark (Lance Henriksen, both)
-X- Lon Chaney Jr. -or- Lon Chaney Sr. - Calling Dr Death (Lon Chaney Jr.); The Wolf Man (Lon Chaney Sr.)
-X- Michael Gough – The Legend of Hell House
-X- Ron Perlman -or- Tom Atkins – Creepshow (Tom Atkins), Hellboy: Blood & Iron (Ron Pearlman)
-X- Ted Raimi -or- Reggie Bannister – Bubba Ho-tep
-X- Vincent Price - The Last Man on Earth

Watch a film composed by:
-X- James Bernard – Curse of Frankenstein
-X- Simon Boswell – Santa Sangre

Watch a film directed by:
-X- David Cronenberg - Scanners, Rabid
-X- Jean Rollin - The Grapes of Death
-X- John Carpenter - John Carpenter's Vampires
-X- Sergio Martino -or- Riccardo Freda - Torso [Sergio Martino]
-X- Terence Fisher - The Curse of Frankenstein

Watch a film with make-up effects by:
-X- Dick Smith - Scanners [Special Make-up Effect Consultant]
-X- Tom Savini - Creepshow, Deathdream

Watch a film in each of the following sub-genres / types:
-X- Anthology Film - Asylum, Creepshow, Tales of Terror
-X- Appears on Video Nasties List - I Spit On Your Grave, Dead & Buried
-X- Based on a Novel - The Last Man on Earth, Tales of Terror
-X- Blue Underground - Dead & Buried, Daughters of Darkness, Suspiria, Inferno.
-X- Called "Attack of ..." - Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead (aka Poultrygeist: Attack of the Chicken Zombies)
-X- Called "Day of ..." - I Spit On Your Grave (aka Day of the Woman)
-X- Called "Night of ..." – Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead, Burn Witch Burn (aka Night of the Eagle)
-X- Called "Return of ..." - Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Meyers
-X- Called "Revenge of ..." - I Spit On Your Grave (aka The Rape and Revenge of Jennifer Hill)
-X- Cannibalism – Cannibal Girls
-X- Documentary - Cropsey
-X- Extraterrestrial - Creature, Wild Zero
-X- Film and at Least Two of its Sequels - Three Mothers Trilogy (Suspiria/Inferno/Mother of Tears), The Prophecy I-III
-X- Film and its Remake - Piranha (1978) --> Piranha (2010)
-X- Frankenstein - The Curse of Frankenstein
-X- Ghost / Haunting - Monster House, Legend of Hell House, Dead End
-X- Giallo – Torso, Black Belly of the Tarantula
-X- Horror Host (Count Gore De Vol, Elvira, Joe Bob Briggs, etc.) - I Spit On Your Grave (Commentary with Joe Bob Briggs), Brain Damage (Zacherley), Theater of Blood with Monstervision intermissions (not counted on list)
-X- J-Horror - Snake Woman's Curse, Onibaba, Hausu
-X- Killer / Evil Animal - Frogs, Piranha, Orca the Killer Whale
-X- Killer / Evil Child - Children of the Corn (1986), Kill Baby Kill, It’s Alive, Who Can Kill a Child?
-X- Killer / Evil Doll - Puppetmaster
-X- Made-for-TV Movie - Children of the Corn
-X- Monster / Creature Feature / Godzilla - Troll 2, Trollhunter, Mighty Peking Man, Creature
-X- MST3K / RiffTrax / Cinematic Titanic – MST3K: Night of the Blood Beast
-X- Mummy – Bubba Ho-tep, Mad Monster Party?
-X- Musical - Wild Zero (starring and filled with music by Guitar Wolf, a japanese rockabilly band), Poultrygeist
-X- Rape / Revenge - I Spit On your Grave
-X- Slasher / Psycho / Homicidal Maniac - Popcorn, American Psycho, Bay of Blood
-X- Silent Film – The Golem
-X- Spoof / Comedy – Bubba Ho-tep, Hausu, Cannibal Girls, Poultrygeist
-X- Takes Place in Space - Creature
-X- Takes Place on a Holiday - Dead End (Christmas Eve), Lady in White (Christmas)
-X- Takes Place on or Under the Sea - Piranha, Orca the Killer Whale
-X- Vampire - Rabid, The Last Man on Earth, Vampires, Thirst, Hellboy: Blood & Iron
-X- Werewolf - The Beast Within, Dog Soldiers, The Wolf Man
-X- Witchcraft / Satanic / Religious - The 7th Victim, Burn Witch Burn, Suspiria, Inferno, The Prophecy, Satan's Blood
-X- With Commentary - I Spit On Your Grave (Commentary with Joe Bob Briggs)
-X- With the Words "Living Dead" in the Title – Kill Baby Kill (aka Curse of the Living Dead)
-X- Won an Academy Award (any category) - The Exorcist (1973 Best Sound, Best Adapted Screenplay)
-X- Zombie - [Rec], Wild Zero, White Zombie, Aaah Zombies!

Watch films in at least three formats (Blu-ray, DVD, streaming, etc.):
-X- First format, DVD; Cropsey, Scanners, Rabid.
-X- Second format, Netflix streaming; Santa Sangre, Trolls 2, Frogs.
-X- Third format, BluRay, Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead.
Forth format, Theatrical, Paranormal Activity 3.

Watch films in at least three languages other than English:
-X- First language, Korean; The Ring Virus.
-X- Second language, Spanish; [Rec].
-X- Third language, French; The Horde, The Grapes of Death.
Forth language, Japanese; Snake Woman's Curse, Onibaba.

Watch one film from every decade of film history:
-X- 1890 OPTIONAL - The Haunted Castle (1897)
-X- 1900 OPTIONAL - The Black Imp (1905, aka Le Diable Noir)
-X- 1910 OPTIONAL - Frankenstein (1910)
-X- 1920 – The Golem (1920)
-X- 1930 - The Most Dangerous Game (1932), Dracula (1931, Spanish Version)
-X- 1940 - The 7th Victim (1943), The Wolf Man (1941), Dr Renault's Secret (1942)
-X- 1950 - The Curse of Frankenstein (1957), Fiend Without a Face (1958)
-X- 1960 - The Last Man on Earth (1964), 13 Ghosts (1960), The Brain That Wouldn't Die (1962)
-X- 1970 - Frogs (1972), Rabid (1978), Asylum (1972), Grapes of Death (1978), Thirst (1979)
-X- 1980 - Santa Sangre (1989), Scanners (1981), The Beast Within (1982), Psycho II (1982)
-X- 1990 - Popcorn (1991), Troll 2 (1990), The Prophecy (1995)
-X- 2000 - Dog Soldiers (2002), Cropsey (2009), Monster House (2006), Wild Zero (2000)
-X- 2010 - Piranha (2010), Trollhunter (2010), Paranormal Activity 3 (2011)

Watch a film for each rating:
-X- G - Monsters Inc
-X- PG - Frogs, Monster House, Legend of Hell House
-X- PG-13 - Troll 2, Mighty Peking Man
-X- R - Popcorn, Dog Soldiers, From Dusk Till Dawn, [Rec] 2
-X- X / NC-17 - Sanga Sangre, American Psycho, Lorna the Exorcist
-X- Unrated - Cropsey, The Last Man on Earth, Nude for Satan

-X- Venture Into the Literary World (optional): Dagon by H.P. Lovecraft (short story), House: The Housemaidens by Chuck Stephens (critical detail on Hausu in Criterion Collection booklet).

Theme Night Participation - 31/31 [100% participation]

-X- 10/01: Don't Drink the Koold-Aid! - Cult Horror Films - Santa Sangre, Frogs, Popcorn, Troll 2, Scanners
-X- 10/02: Down with the Sickness - Infection / Epidemic / Viral - Rabid
-X- 10/03: One Good Ripoff Deserves Another - JawsSploitation - Piranha (1978), Piranha (2010), Orca the Killer Whale
-X- 10/04: Dawn of the Disco - 1970s Horror Cinema - Mighty Peking Man, Vampire Circus, Picnic at Hanging Rock
-X- 10/05: Inside Them Faceless Frontiers - French Horror Films - The Horde, The Grapes of Death
-X- 10/06: Condemned to VHS Hell! - Video Nasties - I Spit On Your Grave
-X- 10/07: Bloody Tea & Crumpets - Hammer / Amicus / Ealing / Black and Blue - Asylum, The Curse of Frankenstein
-X- 10/08: Supercharged Zombie Go Boom! - Action Horror - From Dusk Till Dawn, John Carpenter's Vampires
-X- 10/09: The Asian Buffet of Tantalizing Terrors! - Korean / Thai / J-Horror / Indian / Chinese / Philippine / Indonesian - Snake Woman's Curse, Onibaba, Wild Zero, Premonition
-X- 10/10: Passport to Bloodcurdling Terror! - BFI's 100 European Horror Films - Suspiria, Inferno
-X- 10/11: Full Moon Madness - Werewolves - The Beast Within, Dog Soldiers, The Wolf Man
-X- 10/12: Hail to the King, Baby! - Cinema Inspired by Stephen King - Children of the Corn (1984), Children of the Corn (2009)
-X- 10/13: Don't Go Lookin' for Trouble. Trouble will Find You. - Found Footage – Trollhunter, [Rec]2
-X- 10/14: Oozing Ectoplasm Euphoria - Supernatural / Haunted House / Ghost – The Legend of Hell House, Pumpkinhead
-X- 10/15: Meat's Meat, and a Man's Gotta Eat - Comedy / Spoof Horror Films – Poultrygeist, House (aka Hausu), Cannibal Girls
-X- 10/16: Bavas, Argentos and Fulcis, Oh My! - Italian Horror Films – Kill Baby Kill, Nude for Satan, Planet of the Vampires, etc
-X- 10/17: Once, Twice, Three Times the Lacerations - Horror Anthologies – Tales of Terror
-X- 10/18: Franchise Fantástico - Icons of Horror - Nightmare on Elm Street, Children of the Corn
-X- 10/19: It Slices, Dices & Guts You Like a Fish - Slashers / Giallos / Serial Killers - Bay of Blood, American Psycho
-X- 10/20: A Reel Cinematic Suckfest! - Vampire Films - Hellboy: Blood & Iron, Thirst
-X- 10/21: It's the End of the World As We Know It - Apocalyptic Horror – Night of the Comet, Zombie Diaries
-X- 10/22: Mausoleum Mayhem, Gangrene Brainstem! - Zombie Films – White Zombie, Aaah Zombies!
-X- 10/23: Atmosphere, Castles and Fog Machines - Gothic Horror – Lady in White, Carnival of Souls
-X- 10/24: The Freaks Come Out at Night - Mutants – It’s Alive, It Lives Again
-X- 10/25: The Master of the Macabre Centennial - Vincent Price Filmography – Theater of Blood
-X- 10/26: eXtReMeLy Disturbing Depravity - Splatter / Gore – Nightmares in a Damaged Brain, Black Belly of Tarantula
-X- 10/27: Freudian Fragments and Monster Mindfucks - Psychological Horror – Psycho II
-X- 10/28: That Sly Come-Hither Stare - Witchcraft – Burn, Witch, Burn
-X- 10/29: Mass Marathon of the Damned 2: Electric Chainsaw Blues - Amusement, Possession of David O'Reilly, 13 Ghosts, Paranormal Activity 3
-X- 10/30: The Demented Debauchery of Devil's Night - Demonic Possession / Satanic - The Exorcist (The Version You've Never Seen), The Prophecy III, The Prophecy (IV): Uprising, Satan's Blood
-X- 10/31: All Hallows Eve Hellfest - Halloween Related - Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Meyers

Movie Subset Participation - 31/31 [100% complete]

-X- 10/01: Bladz - Santa Sangre (1989)
-X- 10/02: coyoteblue - [Rec] (2008)
-X- 10/03: rbrown498 - Orca: The Killer Whale (1977)
-X- 10/04: orlmac - Frogs (1972)
-X- 10/05: Darkgod - The Horde (2009)
-X- 10/06: Mister Peepers - Dead & Buried (1981)
-X- 10/07: mallratcal - Vampire Circus (1972)
-X- 10/08: Screwadu - Goliathon [aka The Might Peking Man](1977)
-X- 10/09: tarfrimmer - Premonition (2004)
-X- 10/10: Undeadcow - The Grapes of Death (1978)
-X- 10/11: Gobear - Dog Soldiers (2002)
-X- 10/12: Trevor - Creepshow (1982)
-X- 10/13: Chad - Trollhunter (2010)
-X- 10/14: J. Farley - Sauna (2008)
-X- 10/15: SterlingBen - Poultrygeist (2006)
-X- 10/16: BobO'Link - Kill Baby, Kill (1966)
-X- 10/17: kyleblack - Asylum (1972)
-X- 10/18: shellebelle - Pumpkinhead (1988)
-X- 10/19: takingchase - The Stepfather (1987)
-X- 10/20: shadokitty - From Dusk till Dawn (1996)
-X- 10/21: nezumi - Night of the Comet (1984)
-X- 10/22: Mondo Kane - Deathdream (1974)
-X- 10/23: MinLShaw - Hour of the Wolf (1968)
-X- 10/24: Cool Ghoul - Dr. Renault's Secret (1942)
-X- 10/25: Doc Moonlight - Theater of Blood (1973)
-X- 10/26: SethDLH - Black Belly of the Tarantula (1971)
-X- 10/27: clckworang - Repulsion (1965)
-X- 10/28: NoirFan - Burn, Witch, Burn! (1962)
-x- 10/29: terrycloth - Amusement (2008)
-X- 10/30: dcrw6 - The Possession of David O'Reilly (2010)
-X- 10/31: riotinmyskull - The Lady in White (1988)
-X- 10/xx: bonus theatrical screening - Paranormal Activity 3 (2011)

2010 October Horror Challenge List - 193 hours, 32 minutes (average length: 91 minutes) | 127 items total
2009 October Horror Challenge List - 108 items total

List Finalized
Horror Challenge: 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 | Criterion Challenge: 2012, 2011, 2010

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