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Re: The 14th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Threa

2018 Horror Movie Challenge

List is FINAL

Total films viewed = 105 Goal was over 100
First time viewings = 86 (81.9%)
My Ninth Challenge

Completed Theme Nights

By media: DVD (49), Blu-ray (42), Streaming (11), TV (Recorded) (2), In Theater (1)

By decade: 1930s (3), 1940s (7), 1950s (1), 1960s (7), 1970s (18), 1980s (30), 1990s (15), 2000s (15), 2010s (9)

Goals this year: More than 100, Complete theme nights

2017 Total: 132
2016 Total: 102
2015 Total: 83
2014 Total: 60
2013 Total: 90
2012 Total: 88
2011 Total: 105
2010 Total: 104

* = First Time Viewing
Theme Night Film
Media if not DVD

October 01
01. Curse of the Screaming Dead aka Curse of the Cannibal Confederates (1982)* (Toxie's Triple Terror #1)
Deer hunters and their girlfriends disturb a Civil War graveyard next to a ruined church and cause the corpses of tormented soldiers to rise from their graves. Surprisingly watchable. Poor acting, clunky dialog, and grease paint zombies are balanced by an attempt to make the characters interesting and very good use of sounds, especially the screaming of the undead and some really disgusting noises during the one gory gut munching scene. The exploding zombie heads are cool too. 4.5/10
02. The People Who Own the Dark (1976)*
Survivors of an atomic blast are besieged in their villa by other survivors who were outside and blinded by the explosion. Spanish production has an OK script with some improbabilities but lots of tense moments. The dubbing isn't bad in this cut US version. 6/10
03. Stragglers (2004)*
A group of people are trapped in a cabin by an unseen force and can't remember how they got there and continue losing their memories as they try to escape. Told in disjointed flashbacks, a lot of yelling dominates the first half of the film and the flashbacks are frequently interrupted by bursts of audio and visual static. It's unpleasant to watch. The story emerges very slowly and there are some unexpected revelations at the end but it's unclear whether the payoff is worth it. Most of the acting is OK but maybe not strong enough to carry the somewhat convoluted story. 3.5/10

October 02
04. Leprechaun 3 (1995)* (Leprechaun The Complete Movie Collection) Blu-Ray
The leprechaun continues to search for gold that he carelessly loses, this time in Las Vegas. Fun entry in the series which is again carried by Warwick Davis. I got a few laughs out of this although it started out kind of slow. Loved those Las Vegas street scenes. 5/10
05. Dark Water (2002)* Blu-Ray
After a recently divorced woman and her six year old daughter move into a shabby, old apartment strange things begin to happen, often related to water. Gradually paced with a nice build up of creepiness. The actresses playing both the mother and daughter do a good job and the soundtrack is very effective. 7/10
06. The Devil's Backbone (2001)* (Trilogia de Guillermo del Toro) Blu-Ray
During the Spanish Civil War a boy arrives at an orphanage and discovers it is haunted. He tries to find out who the ghost is and what it wants. More than a ghost story though, this is about human relationships, greed, and revenge. Not particularly scary for the most part but everything works together very well. 8/10
07. Vampyr (1932)*
A student of the occult finds himself in a remote village where he discovers a woman who is falling under the influence of a vampire. Full of eerie, sinister images it takes a while for the story to really start and it is told in an almost dream like way. There is one particularly effective scene in which we see a coffin's journey to the cemetery from the corpses point of view. 6/10

October 03
08. Blood Beach (1980)* Streaming YouTube
LA police and the Harbor Patrol try to solve a series of mysterious disappearances from a popular beach. Good monster movie although we get to see precious little of the beast. John Saxon adds a touch of class in a minor roll making up for some annoying characters and dumb dialog. There's a good suspenseful scene and another that is grisly and a little shocking. 6/10
09. Devil Fish (1984)* Streaming Amazon
A giant prehistoric shark with tentacles goes on a rampage off the Florida coast. Tasty bit of Italian cheese directed by Lamberto Bava. The monster looks good although the shark part doesn't move all that well. The attacks are well done and there are a couple of exciting parts near the end although the final plan to get rid of the beast seems a little lame. 6/10
10. Warlock (1989)* (Warlock Collection) Blu-Ray
A warlock is saved from execution in 1691 and is sent to the twentieth century to gather the three pats of a power and dangerous book of black magic. His would be executioner follows. The two male leads and the soundtrack are good. Everything else is OK in this OK movie. 5/10

October 04
11. The Cat O' Nine Tails (1971)* Blu-Ray
Two reporters, one retired and now blind, investigate a series of murders that follow a break-in at a genetic research institute. The two leads (James Franciscus and Karl Malden) have a good chemistry in this intriguing and occasionally bloody mystery. I didn't quite understand the motive for all this but that's a minor complaint. 6.5/10
12. Visiting Hours (1982)*
A psychotic killer targets a female broadcaster and then a nurse at the hospital where the journalist was taken after an unsuccessful attack. Very good movie full of tension filled scenes that often had me on the edge of my seat. The cast all does a good job especially Michael Ironside as the murderer. Sometimes it seems like things are just too easy for the psycho and the police force is the lamest thing this side of Imperial Storm Troopers. 7/10
13. Hostel Part II (2007)* Blu-Ray
Three teenage girls on a road trip in Europe fall into the clutches of the human torture organization. More plot and less torture (I think) than the first one but I just don't care for this kind of movie. 4/10

October 05
14. Kwaidan (1964)* Blu-Ray
Four Japanese horror tales all set in 1900 or earlier. Deliberately paced, visually spectacular, quite long but engrossing for the most part. No huge scares but some real creepiness at times. I thought the longest story went on a bit too long. 7/10
15. Vengeance of the Zombies (1995) (The Paul Naschy Collection) Blu-Ray
A mysterious masked figure kills women and then uses voodoo to raise them as his slaves. Could it be the Indian mystic? Entertaining but a bit of a mess plot wise with revelations coming out of left field fast and furious as the end draws near. Some of the killings are bloody and some are kind of odd (death by soft drink can?). Soundtrack is a mix of pop and jazz that doesn't quite fit the film. 5/10
16. Night of the Scarecrow (1995) Blu-Ray
An evil spirit inhabits a scarecrow and begins killing members of the most prominent family in a farming town. Solid action horror movie has unusual kills some of which are kind of gross and most of which are bloody. Fast paced movie. I didn't realize I'd seen this before. I did but only remembered a few things. 6/10

October 06
17. Hellbound: Book of the Dead aka Cadaver Bay (2003)* (Hostile Hauntings)
A woman commits murder to get an ancient book that supposedly can raise the dead but it doesn't seem to work. Surprisingly decent movie has a story that goes in interesting directions, some really creepy scenes, and good monster makeup. Low budget for sure but some creativity is shown. 6/10
18. Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror (1981)* Blu-Ray
A professor removes a stone seal and unleashes hordes of the living dead which then lay siege to a large villa. Pretty standard Italian zombie movie with a few little twists to add an extra dose of sleaze. One of the women is actually pretty useful at killing zombies. 5/10
19. Witchery (1988)* Blu-Ray
A witch traps a select group of people in a dilapidated hotel on a remote island in order to do something which is never revealed so a lot of horrible things happen to people for no particular reason. You'd think a movie with David Hasselhoff and Linda Blair would have something going for it. You'd be wrong. 4/10
20. Sea Beast (2008)* (Syfy Mega 6 Pack - Maneater Series)
Amphibian creatures with Predator type camouflage terrorize a coastal community. Way above average SYFY movie has good looking monsters, good action and characters if a somewhat standard plot. There is also a female teenage character who does not just cower and whimper but takes on the creatures with the best of them. 6.5/10

October 07
21. Dr. Cyclops (1940) (Classic Sci-Fi Ultimate Collection Vol. 2)
A scientist, working secretly in the jungle, discovers how to shrink living creatures. Better than I recalled. There's a nice SF pulp feel to the whole thing and the effects hold up even today. Love the look of the technology and Albert Dekker is great as the mad scientist. 7/10
22. The Strange Case of Doctor Rx (1942)* (Universal Cult Horror Collection)
A newly wed detective tries to track down Dr. Rx, a serial killer targeting known criminals who were declared innocent by a jury. Only minor horror elements in this crime comedy. There is a lab scene and Mantan Moreland helps but Lionel Atwill is not used enough. Shemp Howard plays a bumbling police detective. OK for what it is. 5/10
23. The Invisible Man Returns (1940) (Universal Classic Monsters Complete 30-Film Collection)
A scientist uses his brother's invisibility serum to save his best friend from the gallows. Vincent Price does a fine job even though his face isn't seen most of the time. He has a great rant about the power of invisibility at one point. 6/10
24. Amityville 3-D (1983) (The Amityville Horror Trilogy) Blu-Ray
A reporter for a skeptics magazine buys the Amityville house and tragedy ensues. Entertaining but nothing special or very scary. Another movie I've seen before but this one seemed all new to me. Not very memorable I guess. 5/10

October 08
25. Sleep Tight (2011)* Streaming Amazon
A concierge in an apartment building is never happy and although he acts like a nice person he is constantly trying to make others feel the same way - especially a pretty young woman who is always upbeat. This is the creepiest thing I've seen in a while with a couple of cringeworthy scenes. It's all about violating the sanctity of the home and trust in others. 7.5/10
26. Lake Mungo (2008)*
After a teenage girl drowns while on an outing with her family strange things are seen in the family's home which lead to the unearthing of secrets kept by the girl. Told as one long documentary the feel of which is well captured. Absorbing to the end but I was left feeling a little unsatisfied. Spooky rather than outright scary. 6.5/10
27. The Unseen (1980)*
A TV reporter and her crew are forced to stay overnight at an old house owned by a quirky guy who runs a museum but something is lurking in the basement of the house. Pretty standard plot up to a point. There is a twist to the lurker but it's unclear if it's a good thing or not. No scares and almost no suspense until the end which turns out rather predictable. 5/10

October 09
28. Street Trash (1987)*
the owner of a sleazy liquor store finds some well aged hooch behind a wall that causes people to melt (or explode) when they drink it. The melting effects and the blood drenched finale still hold up. Not supposed to be taken seriously but not really funny this can be mean spirited, chaotic, or puzzling but it was mesmerizing in a jaw dropping way. 5/10
29. Night of the Demons (1988)*
On Halloween a bunch of teen stereotypes go to an abandoned funeral parlor in the middle of nowhere for a party. Demonic possession follows. Good makeup and pacing in what is basically a series of stalkings and chases. Not all of the acting is that good and it seems like there should have been more scares. 6/10
30. The Stuff (1985)* Blu-Ray
A handful of people try to stop the spread of a delicious, addictive dessert product that is sweeping the nation. Well done story has an Invaders From Mars vibe with jabs at advertising and big business. No mention of what The Stuff is, the focus is on rooting out it's origin and avoiding the authorities who have been compromised. Solid effects, good cast and fast paced. 6.5/10
31. Nightmare Weekend (1986)* Blu-Ray
A woman uses her boss's technology and computer programs to change people into homicide maniacs with really, really ugly faces. And oh yeah, there's a hand puppet that can interface with the computer. WTF? Most of the story is at the beginning and end. In between are several tastefully done softcore love making scenes - kind of like in an Emanuelle movie. Not a good movie but kind of fun. 4/10

October 10
32. The River: Legend of La Llorona (2006)* (Hostile Hauntings)
A kidnapper has a car accident, his victim escapes, and he is forced to get a room where terrifying events occur. The story has some interesting points but beyond all the ultra low budget problems the movie is poorly made. Despite having the sound cranked way up some lines were impossible to make out, some scenes were too dark, and the pacing is poor. 3/10
33. Happy Death Day (2017)* Blu-Ray
A stuck up sorority girl begins to relive her murder on her birthday and tries to change to outcome. Very fun movie with a fine looking killer, some excitement, a few chills, and good acting by all concerned. Fast paced and clever. 8/10
34. Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)* (Christmas Survival Double Feature)
A child sees his parents killed by a man in a Santa Claus suit and then goes to a Catholic orphanage, out comes a deadly rampage. OK slasher movie with lots of axe work but some other methods as well. Only one or two are really memorable. The look of the slasher wasn't particularly effective. 5/10

October 11
35. Devil Dog Hound of Hell (1978)*
A puppy, half dog all demon, is taken in by a family and quickly begins to influence most of the clan. Very good TV movie so no outright blood and guts but there is a well done, growing feeling of strangeness within the family. Good cast carries this off well and there is a good deal of suspense as the story goes on. 7/10
36. Zombeavers (2014)* Streaming Amazon
Chemical waste turns beavers into zombie-like killers who terrorize six people on vacation in the woods. Not as funny as I hoped. I got a few laughs, most right at the beginning. Still, an OK action horror movie with some nudity and gore and one or two nice twists. Good zombeaver song over the closing credits. 5/10
37. Muckman (2009)*
The disgraced host of a monster hunters type TV show tries to make a comeback by sending a crew to get footage of the real Muckman. Not a top production and maybe a little stupid this is still a lot of fun. I got more laughs out of this than from many horror comedies and there is an interesting monster suit and a cool looking stop motion creature. 7/10

October 12
38. The Terror Within (1991)* (Roger Corman's Cult Classics Double Feature)
In the aftermath of a biochemical disaster, a hand full of humans living in an underground facility have to battle a mutated creature that has gotten into the lab. Starts out promising but ends up just OK. The acting is fine, the monster isn't anything special, there are some suspenseful stalking scenes, and the plot channels [b]Alien{/b] quite a bit. 5/10
39. Warlock The Armageddon (1993)* (Warlock Collection) Blu-Ray
The Warlock is reborn in order to gather six stones which will allow Satan to enter this world. He is opposed by two young druid warriors. I liked this better than the first one. The Warlock is harder and more sinister and the story is better. Some effects are still pretty cheesy but one at the end is particularly good. 5.5/10
40. Witchboard 2 (1993)* Blu-Ray
A young artist moves into an old apartment and discovers a ouija board in the closet which immediately begins sending her messages when she tries it. Pretty good ghost story mixed with a murder mystery. The characters are appealing for the most part and the pacing is spot on with a bit of blood thrown in for spice. 6/10

October 13
41. Sheitan (France) (2006)*
Three young toughs and one of their girlfriends accept an invitation from another girl to go to her home in the country where they find things much stranger than in the city. Intense, very creepy and disturbing. A feeling of unease begins as soon as they arrive in the country and continues to grow. The grinning face of the housekeeper Joseph will stay with me a long time. 7.5/10
42. Mark of the Devil (Germany) (1970)*
An apprentice witch hunter begins to doubt his master after the woman he loves is imprisoned for witchcraft. Good story with quite a few grim, bloody torture scenes. 5/10
43. Night of the Devils (Italy) (1972)*
A man's car breaks down deep in the woods and he takes refuge with a family that seems terrified by something in the night. Well done with a good cast. Sometimes slow moving but often atmospheric with some bloody scenes which get more frequent near the end. 6/10

October 14
44. Phantasm (1979) (Phantasm 5 Movie DVD Collection)
A man, his teenage brother, and their friend investigate mysterious happenings at a local cemetery while also trying to stay alive. Very nice buildup and then lots of creepy craziness. Good sets, especially the mausoleum, and effects. I forgot how outrageous the silver ball's first appearance is. 6.5/10
45. Suspiria (1977) Blu-Ray
A young American ballet dancer goes to a top academy in Germany and after a series of bizarre events discovers a terrible secret. Visually spectacular with a great soundtrack, sets and lighting but some of the acting is unconvincing. Several violent deaths but sometimes the blood looks like paint and ruins the effect. Atmospheric and stylish with an exciting finish. 6.5/10
46. The Shiver of the Vampires (1971)* Blu-Ray
Newlyweds go to an old castle where the wife's two cousins live but they have been turned into vampires. Great sets, with indoor spaces full of bizarre artifacts and the outdoor scenes quite spooky at times. The vampires look like English mods of the time and the soundtrack could have come out of Haight-Ashbury. Lots of random acts of nudity too. 7/10

October 15
47. Boogeyman 3 (2008)*
A college student begins to see a horrible figure and terrible events after witnessing the death of her best friend. Strong supernatural killer story has an interesting take on the Boogeyman. Several small jumps, suspenseful moments, and creepy kills. 6/10
48. Peeping Tom (1960)*
A study of a killer who is obsessed with cameras and films his victims as they die trying to instill the maximum amount of fear that he possibly can. Carl Boehm is excellent as the creepy killer and also does a good job in the man's more human moments which results in some feelings of sympathy for the murderer. Almost no blood but the killings are intense. 7.5/10
49. Grave Robbers (1989)* (BCI Crypt of Terror: Horror from South of the Border Vol. 1)
A Satan worshipper who was killed hundreds of years ago is accidentally revived by some tomb robbers and goes on a bloody rampage looking for a virgin who can bear the son of Satan. OK but nothing special. Lots of killing and blood and screaming, oh lots and lots of screaming. The monster and special effects are both pretty good. 5/10
50. Dead Space (1991)* (Roger Corman's Cult Classics Double Feature)
In a research lab on another planet a virus starts to grow and mutate and turns into an big ol' monster. After a pointless space battle this seemed like it might be OK but quickly turned stupid, stupid, stupid. Creature was kind of interesting but poorly done. Moderately entertaining. 4.5/10

October 16
51. The Dorm That Dripped Blood aka Death Dorm (1971)* Blu-Ray
A group of students cleaning out a dorm scheduled for demolition are spooked by a creepy guy who keeps appearing as some of the students start disappearing. A mixed bag. Some good stalking scenes helped a lot by effective bgm and cinematography but there are some improbabilities (even for a slasher flick) that ruin the moment. The finish is too drawn out for my taste. 5/10
52. The Case of the Bloody Iris (1972)* (Anchor Bay The Giallo Collection)
A series of bloody murders take place in and around a particular apartment complex committed by a masked figure wearing yellow rubber gloves. Good giallo with a fair mystery and starring Edwige Fenech. Need I say more? 6/10
53. Damien: Omen II (1978)* (The Omen Collection) Blu-Ray
Damien grows older but is still a little devil. Good cast but simple plot. Someone suspects the truth or may interfere and they die a horrible death. Repeat. Some elaborate killings. 5/10

October 17
54. Horror House on Highway 5 (1985)* Blu-Ray
Students are assigned a project about a Nazi scientist who helped develop the V2 and who fled to America after the war. They run into a killer wearing a Nixon mask and then things start to get strange. Weird movie, very low budget that doesn't always make sense but I liked it. I got several laughs out of it and in general thought the insanity was a lot of fun. 5.5/10
55. Who Can Kill a Child? (1976)*
A couple go to an isolated island for a quiet vacation but when they get there they find the village almost deserted with only children around. Good movie with a slow build up which kept me interested as the suspense grew. I found the main characters slightly annoying at times. Once things were clearer there was some action and the end made the movie for me. 7/10
56. Sleep Disorder (2005)* (Hostile Hauntings)
A cameraman intentionally kicks some flowers on a grave and begins having nightmares and visions of a lady in black. Just awful. The descent into madness story was beyond both the script and the lead actor. Full of cruddy camera tricks that added nothing. Seemed to go on forever. 2/10

October 18
57. Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008) Blu-Ray
A doctor who repossesses organs for a medical company is also a loving but over protective father to his daughter. Sets, songs, story, and acting all score high for me. Anthony Stewart Head is great as the doctor but all the acting and singing is very well done. 9/10
58. Kill List (2011)*
Two ex-soldier hitmen take a job for three killings that quickly turns more dangerous and stranger than they could have imagined. Intense, often violent, full of twists and turns, starts out by showing us the domestic lives of the protagonists but then gets much darker. Not really a fun film but very well done. 8/10
59. The Power (1984)* Blu-Ray
An Aztec idol seduces people with power and then destroys them causing problems for a reporter and three high school students. Nicely done with not a lot of gore but enough suspense to keep my interest and some good monster makeup. Low budget but the acting is fine as is the script. Something a little different. 6.5/10

October 19
60. The Toxic Avenger (1984)* Streaming Amazon
A pathetic and dim witted wimp is turned into a strong and heroic monster by toxic waste. OK. I got a few laughs out of this and there was some well done gore but I found myself losing interest towards the end. Much of it was too dumb in the wrong way for me. 5/10
61. Raiders of the Living Dead (1986)*
A reporter, working on an unspecified story, battles zombies with the help of two kids with laser guns and an old guy with a bow and arrow. No, really. This is more like my cup of schlock. A Sam Sherman fix up of a Brett Piper film so a little disjointed but there are some great locations used and the acting is adequate. The story is a bit bizarre and there are some nice spooky scenes. Nifty song under the credits. 6/10
62. Jaws 2 (1978)* Streaming Amazon
Four years later Amity has more shark problems. Chief Brody is on the job but typically no one believes him. Moves too leisurely at times but there is some nice ocean photography both above and below. Shark attacks aren't that scary. The end is exciting if sometimes improbable. 5.5/10

October 20
63. The Jitters (1989)* Streaming YouTube
A Chinese shop owner is killed by a gang terrorizing the area and he returns to life as a hopping vampire. Passable action-horror movie has good looking vampires and one good transformation scene but it gets a little too silly for me at times. James Hong is the best part of the movie with some funny lines. 5/10
64. Satan's Blade (1984)*
A killer with a big knife terrorizes vacationers at a ski resort. Low budget but pretty good. The acting is often lacking and there is a slow build up in the main part of the story but it all works. Gore isn't excessive for this kind of movie. The soundtrack is strange but effective - pleasant at times and almost old fashioned during some stalking scenes. Killer's identity surprised me but made sense. 6/10
65. The Girl in Room 2A (1974)*
After a brief stint in jail a woman finds a room in an old house whose inhabitants make her uneasy and she discovers that previous occupants of her room have either disappeared or gone insane. Good tense thriller with a strong horror component. Fast paced with some nice creepy scenes and lots of lovely women. 6.5/10
66. Shocking Dark (1989)* Blu-Ray
In the future an elite military unit is sent underground to find out what happened to a group of scientists who were trying to save Venice from massive pollution. Lots of traipsing around in an industrial plant full of pipes and tanks and the like. Good looking but almost immobile monsters. Channels Alien in most of the movie, then takes a hard turn into Terminator territory. Cheesy and fun. 5.5/10

October 21
67. The Ape Man (1943) (Sons of Kong)
After experimenting on himself a scientist turns into a half man half ape creature and needs human spinal fluid for a cure. Above average cheapie B movie has Bela Lugosi in good form as the scientist and a classic man in a gorilla suit as his partner in murder. Played straight for the most part and lots of fun. 6/10
68. Night Monster (1942) (Universal Horror Classic Movie Archive)
A series of murders take place in and around an old mansion owned by an old, crippled man. Way above average old dark house story with Bela Lugosi as a butler and a generally strong cast. Classic Universal atmosphere with good use of fog and shadows and a very interesting ending. 7/10
69. Dracula 2000 (1989)* (Miramax Wes Craven Series)
A powered up Dracula goes to New Orleans to find a woman like him. Interesting take on Dracula reveals his true origin. Gerald Butler as Drac was OK but looked too pretty and lacked the last bit of menace. A few jump scares and some spooky scenes help and the end goes all Buffy. 6.5/10

October 22
70. Phantom of the Opera (1943)* (Universal Classic Monsters Complete 30-Film Collection)
A cloaked, masked figure terrorizes the Paris Opera. Colorful with lots of spectacle and music but precious little horror. The catacombs under the opera building are nifty but not seen for that long. The mask removal scene is OK but not really scary in these times. The cast is fine. 5/10
71. Yokai Monsters: Spook Warfare (1968)
A Babylonian vampire demon takes over a magistrate in Japan and local spirits try to defeat the invading beast. OK, there are some nice eerie sets and the demon looks fine but some of the local spirits look just fair. I had trouble getting into this since there's not really much suspense or tension. 4.5/10
72. Cronos (1993)* (Trilogia de Guillermo del Toro) Blu-Ray
An elderly antiquities dealer accidentally finds a strange device that seems to make him immortal but someone else is looking for it. Well acted, great characters, and a fascinating story almost poetic at times. 8/10

October 23
73. Videodrome (1983) Blu-Ray
One of the owners of a small, sleazy cable TV station becomes interested in a show called Videodrome which features pure violence. Twisted but interesting even if videotape technology is now old fashion. The graphic images are still powerful and the message is still valid even if I don't get everything that happens. 7/10
74. They (2002)* (Miramax Wes Craven Series)
After a childhood friend commits suicide in front of her, a psychology student begins to experiences night terrors like she did as a child. Very good, lots of spooky scenes and full of tension and without a whole lot of gore. The acting is good and the creatures are done very well, never fully seen but with hints of otherworldly shapes. 7/10
75. Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 (1987)* (Christmas Survival Double Feature)
Ricky, the brother of the original Santa Claus killer is also unstable and prone to deadly rampages. Almost half of the movie is scenes from the first film. The rest is not your average slasher movie. Told mostly in flashbacks, Ricky is more of a serial killer than a slasher. There are some unusual deaths and Ricky is very compelling in a psycho kind of way. 5/10
76. The Fall of the House of Usher (1960) (The Vincent Price Collection) Blu-Ray
A man goes to his fiancee's home to see her only to find that her strange bother won't let her leave the house. Vincent Price is great as the brother and the sets are very well done. Some atmospheric scenes set the mood of decay that builds to a spectacular finish. 6.5/10

October 24
77. Cry of the Werewolf (1944)* with Svengoolie (2018)* Recorded from TV
A gypsy princess who is also werewolf tries to prevent her mother's tomb from being desecrated. Not outstanding but the acting is OK and the story is interesting and a little different and there are some nifty underground tunnels. No solid transformation scene. The Sven stuff is entertaining and bountiful. 5/10
78. Hard Rock Zombies (1985)* Streaming YouTube
Four rockers go to a town where rock and roll has been outlawed and end up staying at an old house full of strange and dangerous people. Good music and crazy good fun, with some bizarre twists and truly weird bits. I don't always like movies that don't make a whole lot of sense but this one hit at the right time. 6/10
79. Shrunken Heads (1994)*
Three young teens are murdered when they oppose a neighborhood gang but their spirits are revived as shrunken heads by a voodoo priest. Decent effects, acting, and a fun almost comic book type story makes for one of the better Full Moon productions I've seen. 6/10

October 25
80. Antropophagus aka The Savage Island (1980)* Blu-Ray
A group of tourists find themselves stranded on a remote island off the Greek coast that has a strangely deserted village and something terrible lurking in the shadows. Nice buildup and some great locations and sets. 7/10
81. Hunchback of the Morgue (1995)* (The Paul Naschy Collection II) Blu-Ray
After she dies, a hunchback who loved a young girl is seduced by a doctor who promises to bring her back to life in exchange for help with his experiment. Wonderfully strange movie with a mad doctor,killings, an acid pit, just a touch of Lovecraft and a pinch of sleaze. 6/10

October 26
82. Frankenstein 1970 (1958) (Karloff and Lugosi Horror Classics)
The last of the Frankensteins rents his castle for a movie shoot in order to obtain an atomic reactor so he can continue his experients. Great start but rest of the film isn't as good. Karloff's performance is a bit melodramatic but he pulls it off and it makes the movie for me. The creature is basic but it works, there's a nice lab set and the rest of the cast is good. 5.5/10
83. The Island of Lost Souls (1932) Blu-Ray
A man is stranded on an island inhabited by a doctor and the frightening results of his experiements. The entire cast is good but Charles Laughton is great as the imperious Dr. Moreau. The beast makeup is outstanding for the time and still holds up. The story is well paced and there are some really creepy moments. 8/10
84. Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (1969) (Hammer Horror Collection) Blu-Ray
Dr. Frankenstein needs information from a former collaborator who is mad and in an insane asylum. Good looking, well acted story with a different take since there is no creature per se but there is the victim of a brain transplant running around. Peter Cushing is excellent as the obsessed doctor. 6/10
85. Dr. Orloff's Monster aka The Mistresses of Dr. Jekyll (1964)* (The Orloff Collection)
Dr. Jekyll murders his brother and turns him into a robotic killer using ultrasonic devices invented by Dr. Orloff. The robot doesn't look that impressive and it's unclear why some of the killings take place but there are some nifty scenes in dark streets and there is a great looking old castle where Jekyll lives. 5/10
86. Frankenstein (1931) (Frankenstein Complete Legacy Collection) Blu-Ray
I like this great movie more each time I see it. Of course the "birth" of the monster is the highlight but there are many other compelling scenes. 10/10

October 27

87. Xtro II: The Second Encounter (1990)*
A project to explore a parallel dimension brings a terrible creature into an underground research facility. Think Alien clone here. The monster was only fair looking, the characters were often stupid, and I got antsy after about an hour because I had no idea why people were doing what the did. Also, I didn't get the ominous final scene. 4/10
88. Strays (1991)* with Joe Bob Briggs on Monstervision Recorded from TV
A couple and their young daughter movie into a remote house in the forest that is surrounded by feral cats. Pretty lame although good for a few laughs. Somehow frogs or slugs can be made to seem menacing but not cats. They can claw through doors and it seems the only way to fend them off is to douse them with water. Good thing JBB was along for the ride. Movie gets 4/10
89. The Beast Within (1982)*
A sixteen year old teenager, the product of a rape, begins to suffer glandular changes that doctors cannot explain. Although the basic premise doesn't make any sense the movie is well done with some bloody kills, suspenseful moments, and a very messy transformation sequence. It is also a mystery to find out just what is going on. 6.5/10
90. Puppetmaster (1989)* (Charles Band's Puppetmaster Collection)
Psychic researchers attend the funeral of a colleague but aren't sure why exactly they were called there. Good movie, better plot than I expected. The puppets are very well done. 6/10

October 28
91. Warlock III The End of Innocence (1999)* (Warlock Collection) Blu-Ray
A college student goes to see a house she has inherited accompanied by some friends and while there they meet an imposing man who claims to be an architect. Starts out with a haunted house vibe but then moves more into the Warlock mold. The warlock is even more sinister here and his magic is more subtle. I liked this the best of the three in the series. 6/10
92. The Woman in Black (2012)* Streaming Amazon
Sometime in the mid 1900's a lawyer is sent to an isolated village to go over legal papers in an old house shunned by the locals. Excellent. Daniel Radcliffe does a great job in a movie fill of atmosphere and chills. Best night in a haunted house I've seen and I really liked the end. 9/10
93. It Comes at Night (2017)* Streaming Amazon
In a post apocalyptic world a family who has created a relatively safe environment for themselves decides to allow another family join them. Very tense movie, even from the start and it keeps getting more and more intense. Extremely well acted and although the story is not always entirely clear I was still totally immersed. 8/10
94. Zombie 3 (1988)* Blu-Ray
When a biological weapon goes bad, a disease spreads which kills people and then turns them into flesh eating zombies. OK, it's the walking dead vs. the military. These zombies are cunning, move like normal humans for the most part, and don't need to be shot in the head to be killed. Makeup is pretty good and not as much gut munching as in some. 5/10

October 29
95. Green Room (2015)* Streaming Amazon
A band is trapped in a roadhouse dive after seeing the aftermath of a murder. Good movie with constantly building tension and fine acting all around. 7/10
96. God Told Me To (1976)* (The Larry Cohen Collection)
A police detective notices that each perpetrator of a series of mass murders claims that "God told me to" when asked why they did it. A very strange but fascinating movie with a good cast, especially lead Tony Lo Bianco, and a strong story which may go just a little astray when some explanations are made. 6.5/10
97. Night Tide (1961)* Blu-Ray
While on leave a young sailor meets and falls in love with a strange young woman who has an obsession with the sea. Almost poetic or dreamlike at times but also just a little bit run down and seedy due to the location scenes on an ocean-side amusement area in Santa Monica. Just a little real horror but also a feeling of growing unease. 6/10

October 30
98. Mark of the Witch (1970)* Blu-Ray
A college student is possessed by a witch when she and her classmates perform a ritual found in an old book. Low budget with OK if somewhat puzzling story and uneven acting. Some are adequate but the lead actress doesn't have the chops to be consistently convincing. Entertaining enough. 5/10
99. Demon Wind (1990)* Blu-Ray
A man and a bunch of his friends go to a wrecked farmhouse to try to find out what happened to his grandparents and why his father abandoned him after visiting the same place. Wild mix of elements from several kinds of horror stories kept me guessing and entertained. The acting was adequate and the makeup effects good if a little samey after awhile. 6/10
100. Puppetmaster II (1990)* (Charles Band's Puppetmaster Collection)
Andre Toulon is raised from the dead by his puppets to brew a new batch of the fluid which keeps them alive which requires human brains to make. Fun, but the story isn't as good as the first movie but we do get some background on how the puppets came to be. 5/10
101. The Devil's Business (2011)* Blu-Ray
Two hitmen break into a home in order to ambush their target but some of the things they find there are very unsettling. Well done, very spooky at times. Slow start allows us to get to know the characters which makes what happens more intense and frightening. Billy Clark as the old pro is especially good. 7/10

October 31
102. Hellions (2015)* Blu-Ray
A teenager who has just found out that she's pregnant is terrorized by trick or treaters on Halloween night. Lots of tension and some interesting design and color choices but somehow the whole thing never really jelled for me. 5/10
103. Halloween (2018)* In theater
Michael Meyers escaped detention after forty years and Laurie Strode has been preparing all that time to take him on. Lots of suspenseful moments but few real scares. Luckily the biggest a-holes die first. Some interesting takes on the characters presented. 7/10
104. Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970) (Hammer Horror Collection) Blu-Ray
Dracula takes revenge on three men who killed one of his servants by using their children against them. OK, not particularly scary or atmospheric but a little bit different. Needed more Christopher Lee. 5/10
105. The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971) (The Vincent Price Collection) Blu-Ray
A man targets nine medical people for murder since he blames them for the death of his wife. Some interesting if improbable deaths. I appreciated the humor more this time than before. 6/10


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