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Re: The 14th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Threa

(Only) My 2nd October Horror Movie Challenge!

I'm still somewhat new to the horror genre. I'm learning to face my fears hehe. My goal is to watch as many new movies/shows as possible!

*indicates first time viewing

October 1st

1. Hocus Pocus (1993)
I'll be honest, I didn't want this to be my first (title of my sex tape). But I really needed a kid friendly movie and I'll watch this more than once cause it's a fave, so why not?

October 2nd

2. Ghostbusters (1984)*
I'm including this movie as a first time view because I had only ever seen bits and pieces while channel surfing over the years. Listen, you smell something?? That's the smell of me watching this every October in the future.

3. Marrowbone (2017)*
This was a wonderful watch. Hulu has this listed under "Scary as Hell" and I did not get that vibe. Definitely spooky, but I never got the scared sweats. Has a nice little twist and if you possess emotions this will give you the feels. Also, loved that it took place in the 60s(?) and was filmed in Spain. Neato mosquito.

October 3rd

4. Truth or Dare (2018)*
I liked it! Reminded me of something you'd see on MTV though. Or am I only making that comparison because that Teen Wolf guy is in this?

October 4th

5. Live Event: The Haunted Old City Jail Tour in Charleston, SC
Walking through a building built in 1802 that still had the original jail doors was so cool. But I spent $30 for a guide to tell me crappy ghost stories for 30 minutes. I'd rather eat glue than do that again.

October 6th

6. Cabin Fever (2002)*
This was pretty gross but Ryder Strong got me through it.

7. Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead (2009)*
I was on a bachelorette weekend so me and 5 other girls could not stop laughing at this awful movie. Are we sure this shouldn't have been a comedy?

October 8th

8. Halloween (1978)
There is so much I love about this movie, it's always fun to watch. Gearing myself up for the direct sequel that comes out this month! Will probably shat myself if I watch it in a theatre but I think it's worth it.

9. The Shining (1980)*
I always feel so proud to say that I've been to the hotel that Stephen King used as inspiration in his novel. While the hotel in this movie isn't the actual Overlook Hotel in Colorado, the interior looks almost identical. Anyway, I liked how random and weird everything was in this movie. Oh, and I wanna pet Danny's hair. SO CUTE.

10. Castle Rock S1 E9*
This is the episode where it finally starts answering some questions you had. A lot of "a-ha!" moments but still not enough to completely figure things out.

10. Castle Rock S1 E10*
More questions answered, however a good bit was still left unknown. Overall I really enjoyed this show, but I really had to make sure I dedicated uninterrupted time with zero distractions to keep up with all of the things.

11. Casper (1995)
I grew up watching this movie over and over and over but it's been many years since I've seen it. Hit me right in the emotional gut. I'M NOT CRYING YOU'RE CRYING.

12. What We Do in the Shadows (2014)
Watching this for a second time was needed because I swear it was so much funnier than I remembered. I wanna be the human friend of all the vampires!

October 9th

13. Coraline (2009)*
This provided an unsettling amount of a child's version of scary. Whoops, guess my son will have nightmares about a human spider made of needles, having your mouth sewn shut, and parents with buttons for eyes.

October 10th

14. The 'Burbs (1989)
I used to LOVE watching this in my younger years. I realize now that it's kind of annoying, but I just can't let this one go without having been watched this season. #sentimentalvalue

October 11th

15. Child's Play (1988)*
Yet another movie where a 6 year old boy suffers significant trauma. He will spend a lifetime in recovery and will never trust red heads again. And I'm talking about the actor, not the character he plays.

16. Piranha (1978)*
If I were a young adult in 1978 and had a sleepover with my girlfriends to watch this, would it have freaked us out? Well, you know what they say. Piranha out in the day, stay away. Piranha out at night, stay away.

October 12th

17. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
What I'm about to tell you may offend you. I was never weirdly obsessed with this movie like my peers were/are. Sure, it brings back childhood memories and it's dark and awkward and has a couple of good songs, but eh, I realized this year that I could still live my life if I never watched it again. Oh hey, is the dog's name Zero because he has zero tolerance for child abuse?

October 14th

18. Ghostbusters II (1989)*
Okay, this was funny. Just like the first one. Bill Murray may be ugly but my golly he is a talented crater-face! No judgment, I am also a victim of scarring acne that resulted in bullying.

October 15th

19. The Skeleton Key (2005)*
I really appreciate Kate Hudson branching out of her typical role. While it's slightly predictable, it still provided me with plenty of surprises and I loved it. That ending though!!!

October 18th

20. The Haunting of Hill House S1E1: Steven Sees a Ghost*
20. The Haunting of Hill House S1E2: Open Casket*
21. The Haunting of Hill House S1E3: Touch*
21. The Haunting of Hill House S1E4: The Twin Thing*
22. The Haunting of Hill House S1E5: The Bent-Neck Lady*

October 19th

22. The Haunting of Hill House S1E6: Two Storms*
23. The Haunting of Hill House S1E7: Eulogy*
23. The Haunting of Hill House S1E8: Witness Marks*

October 20th

24. The Haunting of Hill House S1E9: Screaming Meemies*
24. The Haunting of Hill House S1E10: Silence Lay Steadily*
This show was amazeballs. I couldn't stop watching it... hence my 3 day binge. The only thing that threw me off was how everyone kept talking about how scary this was. I braced myself for nonstop spooks, but this show screamed family drama waaayyyy more often than the scary screams.

25. The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014)*
A True Blood homie was in this and used one of my favorite words, "shat!" Ok I get it, no one cares, actors frequently show up in more than one place. Back to the review. This didn't keep my attention very well but I'm not sure if the movie is to blame for that. Perhaps I'll try it again someday.

26. Sleepaway Camp (1983)*
Ummm should I be embarrassed to say that I LOVED this!?! I have never seen so many men in crop tops, so many WTF moments, and so much weirdness! The language was hilarious and I felt awkward or uncomfortable about 65% of the time. Most of what I saw would NEVER be allowed in a movie these days so therefore, it was perfect! Dear Santa, I want this movie for Christmas.

October 21st

27. The Conjuring (2013)
I would marry Ed Warren right in the butt. The cinematic version of him, not the lying arsehole that takes advantage of the mentally ill. But seriously, what is my obsession with handsome men in their 40s?

October 22nd

28. Halloween (2018)*
I didn't just enjoy this, I enjoyed the shit out of it. It was an awesome direct sequel and it sheds some light on how a traumatic event can impact your entire life. Also, I won't be able to get that Halloween theme song out of my head for at least 32 hours.

29. Let Me In (2010)*
I'm a sucker for vampires. Boing! Okay, so how's this for irony.... the bully in this movie is the same dude bringing awareness to prevent bullying in 13 Reasons Why. You think he felt badly for filming this movie and had to correct his moral compass 7 years later?

October 25th

30. Wish Upon (2017)*
Another PG-13 horror film for the win! Sometimes I need an easy watch that doesn't make me jump or vomit and this was golden. Pretty good story with a couple of Final Destination twists that kept my attention. This movie allowed me to soil my plants without soiling my pants.

October 27th

31. The Monster Squad (1987)*
It's official, I want to be in a monster fan club after watching this. Honestly, I could use the extra knowledge in that field. I know more Snapchat hacks than what's on a menu for a Vampire. Wait, do they really only drink blood?????

32. Idle Hands (1999)*
Idle Hands? More like Homicidal Hands. I guess I would have thought this was funnier back when I was a pothead and ate Cheetos for breakfast. I didn't hate this, I just didn't LOVE it. Not bad for a $5 bluray and Seth Green is the best at being a loser.

33. The Boy (2016)*
Dolls are spooky and Brahms was no different. Such a weird story! However, the jump scares were wonky and the ending was shit. I can't say that I want to watch this again, but I don't regret spending my time on this one either.

34. It Follows (2014)*
I seriously can't figure out what time period this movie was meant to take place in. I spent more time questioning things like, "why are all the cars from the 90s but everyone has newer cell phones?" than worrying about the naked, incontinent stalkers wearing merkins. The acting was annoying and the ending was shit.

October 31st! Happy Halloween!

35. The Return of the Living Dead (1985)*
I always find myself surprised when I watch movies that were made near the year of my birth. I'm slowly letting go of the idea that my generation is the only one that's funny, nasty and full of foul language. Also, why the shit was there a naked woman roaming around this entire movie? Not trying to get all feminist here, but goddamn at least make her role worth something other than nudity. We are more than just a pair of tits, OKAY? I mean, be proud and show them off if you want to, but don't settle for 100 bucks to present your hot bod to a bunch of trump supporters.

36. Trick 'r Treat (2007)*
I had no clue what was happening. And then I realized it's just Game of Thrones: Halloween Night. Each group of misfits celebrate in their own way and it's glorious. I will watch this every year from now on. It's the perfect ending to my Halloween season.

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